Feet up

by Josh Dugan

Seth’s four feet are a real turn-on.

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Seth was already home when I got there, relaxing in his briefs with his four big bare feet up on the coffee table. I couldn't get over how good-looking they were, which Seth understands; he knows his four big male feet turn me on.

He had his front feet resting together, his right front foot comfortably resting sideways in the nook between the big toe and the second toe of his left front foot, his handsome, hairy legs piled together, with the front legs in amicable intimacy resting on top of his back legs. He was already pretty boned through his underwear just looking at his four nice-looking feet—they turned him on as much as they turned me on, if not more. It was cool that he had them out and on display for me, as well as for himself. They sort of help keep the conversation going, as we like to say to each other.

How many people do you know who talk to each other with one with his feet on the table and the other one leaning on the table to be right there with the guy's feet? We do, all the time. We just talk about the stuff that happened during the day, but I'm turned on and resting on my elbows on the low coffee talbe with my face and shoulders kind of hovering around Seth's sexy foursome of feet, sometimes letting my lips and cheeks brush them as I look at them up close, or I'll let their slight clean tang arouse me as I pull the four of them together and bury my face in them, or pull up closer and plant the four of them on my chest and shoulders.

Seth just talks along with me about this or that, but he's got that gently aroused smile and he's boned and turned on to have me grazing among his four feet, he kind of lets them touch me or press against me, or one or the other of them will give a little press against me to emphasize something he's saying. But he knows the push is really to flirt with me, or to turn me on by subtly driving me nuts with the warm, large touch of his four beautiful feet.

My clothes end up on the floor and I'm sitting my naked buns on the laquered wood of the coffee table, facing Seth, and feasting my body on the teasing, beautiful touch of his four totally cool feet as they find nice places to touch on my chest, arms, legs, and my aching, foot-touch-aching boner. Ah, one of them plants its handsome warmth on the heat of my aching boner; I have two others with heels on my lap and toes on my abs, and another is up for a kiss and a cooling, sweet caress of my hot, arousal-flushed face.

My hands savor its shape and heft as I passionately hold it to my face, kissing its beauty, my arms greedily holding the three others to me; Seth is so turned on to have me feasting on the feel of his four nice legs coming at me with four such hot, handsome guy feet.

And I run my hands up his legs toward him, running my hands against the grain of his leg hair, along the four warm ankles, muscle-swelled calves, cool knees and warm swelling thighs, loving their smooth giant muscle and the warmth of the four of them clustered in a lazy tumble resting on my legs.

I'm like a yoga practitioner as I lean way forward while seated on the low coffee table with his four legs resting on my legs, my arms and hands reaching up to the muscle of his four hips, my upper body prone against his four legs and the sweet warm smell of his legs' skin savory in my nostrils. My face is on the slightly tickly hair of his beautiful front thighs and I burrow my face into his front legs, my hands burrowing themselves beween the couch and his hind legs.

The weight of my torso crushes his four big feet against one another between my legs and my abs, at the extreme of my forward reach. “Ow,” he says softly, and I'm pulling back to a sitting position, and I bring my hands back again, smoothing along giant thigh muscles, knees, the swell of calves and past the leg hair to the naked ankles of the four big warm relaxed feet all there for me.

I find the foot that was hurting and I kiss it and caress it, and the other three also crowd my lips as if jealous, and I gather all four of Seth's feet, gathering their respective legs by the calves, and lose my face, neck and shoulders in the beauty of the four gentle big feet, loving to touch them and them loving to touch me.

He'll do himself as I ravish his four beautiful feet; he’s good at letting them get me off, the four wildly beautiful feet working me, working my giant hardon, dazzling me with their array of gentle beauty. He'll enter himself, his hind hardon hot within his front legs' ass, and when I've glazed his four feet with my molten jets of hot come, I'll lick them off and work my way home to his front hardon as his four legs enfold me and buck and spasm around me as his front hardon explodes with come, soaking my face, hair, neck and shoulders, and the four legs will gratefully hold me once I've sucked him down.

Or I'll make love to his hind ass and to his hind hardon amid the sweet warmth of his four helpless legs, and then to his front ass and his front hardon. Or I'll pump his hind ass full of my hot come and suck his front hardon while pounding his hind hardon while he screams and spurts amid four rock-hard legs spasming around me as furniture crashes around us and cushions flatten beneath us. Or all of these and more.

We'll end up so torched out with spent orgasms and so melted together, and even with four feet he'll have as much trouble walking as I will, and that kiss and smile of his will turn me on again, and he'll nonchalantly have me pleasantly bothered and disturbed by the beauty of those four feet as they find their way to me and all over me again. It's only a while ’til we have to make love again, he and I and those four feet of his that I ache for.


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