Donkey morning

by nixxin

The morning after the night before leaves a young man strangely changed…

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He woke up feeling hazy, with distorted memories of the night before. A bar. A hunky stranger in boots and leather – just his type – buying him drinks and talking for hours, kissing sensuously in a corner. How had he got home? He couldn’t remember. What was the guy’s name? No idea. He was alone in bed, naked. His unbuckled New Rock boots, bike jacket and skinny jeans were strewn across the floor.

His head felt sore, but he wasn’t sure if it was the usual hangover or something else – maybe he was coming down with a cold? He heaved himself out of bed and walked to the bathroom. In the mirror his bleary eyes took in his reflection: shaggy bed hair and heavy-lidded eyes, a few days of stubble. He turned on the cold tap, gave himself a good splash in his face and felt a bit refreshed. But when he looked again in the mirror he could tell something wasn’t right.

Were his lips bigger? They looked strange, as if slightly swollen by an allergic reaction or even cosmetic surgery. Was he imagining it? He looked closer. They were definitely bigger and more plump, and also slightly darker than they should be. Was he ill? He touched them with his fingers. They didn’t feel painful, but there was no denying their increased size and in fact as he looked they seemed to become even bigger and to protrude further out from his face. Starting to feel freaked out, he licked his lips and swallowed nervously.

That’s when he noticed his teeth. His teeth had grown! Shocked, he opened his mouth wide and stared at them. Every tooth in his mouth was bigger, and the front ones were twice their normal size. He closed his mouth in fright, not wanting to see them. He realised that the teeth were part of the reason his lips looked so strange – they were being pushed forward by his swollen teeth. As he watched, his lips inflated even more, and his whole jaw seemed to grow an inch bigger, starting to jut out from his face!

He ran away from the frightening mirror and started to pace his bedroom. This must be a dream! This wasn’t happening. When he went back to the bathroom his reflection would be normal again. But then he caught sight of his bulging mouth out of the corner of his eye. Scared, he ran his tongue over his teeth hoping they would feel normal but his tongue told him they were now enormous! He put his hands to his face, wanting to push his jaw back to where it should be, but it wouldn’t move.

Had the stranger done something to him? Spiked his drink or put a curse on him? All he could remember was being slightly surprised that such a hunk had taken an interest in him. He had been flattered and happy to be getting off with such a hot guy. He remembered sitting in the corner, his knee-high buckle boots rubbing toe-to-toe with the stranger’s tall doc martens, the feel of the stranger’s tight leather jeans, the touch of his hands as they caressed his face, his hair, his ears. The kissing: that long tongue and the firm bond of their passion as their leather jackets pressed against each other.

He touched his face again. His mouth was really protruding from his face, and something weird was happening to his nose as well. He went back to the bathroom mirror and nearly screamed in shock. His face was becoming a muzzle, his teeth were huge slabs pushing at his big flabby lips, and his nose was fusing into his jar, his nostrils moving down and to each side of his new snout-like features.

“Shit!” he said, but it came out weird. Deep and slurred. He tried again, but “What’s happening to me?” came out as something like “Wah-ee, ha-par ee, ooo hee?” as he found that his tongue had grown to match his big long mouth and teeth. He couldn’t talk like a normal person with this huge tongue, fat rubbery lips and slab-like teeth.

He scrunched his eyes closed tight and prayed. This had to be a dream! Wake up! Count to 3 and open your eyes and it will all have been a dream and your usual face will be looking back at you from the mirror. But when he opened his eyes, far from normality, his face had changed even more! His muzzle was now so big and long that when he touched it, it was bigger than his hand, in fact he could put two hands around it! It was also now covered in fine stubbly fur, and as he watched in horror the fur grew thicker and started to spread across his face, over his forehead and up to his hairline. The fur covered his neck too, and was creeping up his ears as well! Worse than that, something was happening to his ears as the fur took hold. They were growing! Before his terrified eyes they stretched up and up, growing more fur as they extended: twice their proper size. Four times. He put his hands on them in a vain attempt to halt their grotesque elongation, but they just kept growing until they were more than a foot long, sticking up from the sides of his head in freakish mockery.

He stood back from the mirror and stared in sheer disbelief at what he had become. Terrified eyes looked out from the fur covered face. A freakish tongue hung out over massive teeth and bulbous lips. His fat lips, now. His huge teeth. His long wet animal tongue. His black nostrils flared on either side of his muzzle, and before he could stop it, that inhuman tongue had swished out and licked around the nostrils and muzzle. Horrified, he flinched back, and in doing so felt his long furry ears twitch, expressing his alarm. He tried to move them again, and they obeyed his will. In fact they felt quite natural. Well, why wouldn’t a donkey have long furry ears that he could twitch at will? And a long furry muzzle? That’s what this nightmare had turned him in a man with the head of a donkey…

“You look good,” said a voice behind him. Terrified at the thought of being seen in this state of donkey freakishness, his first instinct was to hide. But there was nowhere to conceal himself. He looked up to see the hunky stranger from last night smiling at him, seeming not at all alarmed by his absurd appearance. The stranger was dressed just as before: big Doc Marten boots, leather bike jacket and jeans. He wanted to ask “What did you do to me?” but it came out of his weird new face as “Wah, Hee Ooh, Ooh Ooh Hee” and the stranger smiled again, seeming to enjoy the mangled speech coming from the ridiculous muzzle of this freak boy with his furry face and enormous donkey ears.

“Don’t you remember what I said to you last night?” said the stranger, stepping forward and putting a hand under his victim’s muzzle to gently stroke his long chin. But the donkey man was reluctant to speak again, knowing the sounds would be

inhuman and embarrassing.

“Don’t you remember what I whispered in your ear?” asked the stranger. One hand continued to stroke the freak’s muzzle, and the other felt along its long furry ear, massaging it. “The last thing I whispered in your ear was… hee haw”

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