Practical FX

by MuscleMonkeh

 A special effects movie mogul, used to getting his own way, tries to muscle an especially gifted young producer into working for his production company.

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“You’re not getting it. It just doesn’t work that way.” Randall Packer found himself sitting across the desk from one of the most powerful horror film producers in Hollywood. Mister Barinjian had created a horror movie renaissance with titles such as Blood Coven, Moonstalkers, and The Hungry Flesh. The desk reflected the strength of the executive whose name rested on it. It was large, heavy, and built to handle the weight of the deals that were made on it.

“Mr. Packer… Randall… Let me get straight to the point. I know of your unusual ability and how it applies to the ‘special’ effects in your films.” Barinjian looked squarely at Randall as he poured water into a tumbler. He set down the carafe. He leaned forward and offered the glass to the younger producer and sometimes actor. His eyes narrowed a little, measuring Randall’s reaction as he took the glass. Satisfied he had read the young man correctly, he continued.

“My nephew was part of your crew for Muscle and the Beast II. The man on man stuff isn’t my thing, personally; but the creature effects were incredible. I probably wouldn’t have believed what he told me coming from anyone else.” He tented his fingers. “I really think it would be a shame to keep talent like that hidden away in gay porno when you could be reaching a wider audience. I could take magic like that and really make you a lot of money. I could also help you legitimize your acting career.”

Randall drank from the glass and set it on the cowhide coaster waiting on the desk. “As I was saying, Mister Barinjian, there is a reason I only use my special effects for adult entertainment.”

The producer reached up to adjust his collar and discovered that it was already unbuttoned. It still felt tight to him. He briefly reached down, contemplating undoing another button to open up his shirt more. It would not be the first time he had used a little “charm” to convince someone to come around to his terms. It was also late summer, Southern California style. The office was warmer than usual.

Randall examined the strong angles of the executive’s face. “I don’t know how much your nephew told you,” he said. “I will certainly have my human resources director talk to him about the confidentiality agreement he signed. He may be facing legal action.”

He continued, “Let me explain. My ability is specifically empowered by desire. Sexual desire. And mostly mine. But that erotic energy spills over to everyone involved in the scenes we film. I can draw on that and use it to physically manipulate other people to bring my sexual fantasies to life… pretty much anything I might imagine.”

A thin layer of sweat had appeared on the executive’s forehead. He reached for the button on his shirt again, “I hope you don’t mind. The office climate control doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the temperature in the late afternoon. I should have scheduled our meeting for a cooler time of day.”

“Not at all,” Randall replied as he sat back in his chair. He wanted to make sure the executive was comfortable. “In fact, why don’t you just take your shirt off completely. I wouldn’t mind seeing what you have under there. I see pretty much everyone I work with naked sooner or later, anyway.”

Mister B raised an eyebrow at Randall. “That sounds like you might be more interested in working together than you let on.”

Randall quickly replied, “We’ll see. I just noticed your frame when I first came in. It’s a habit I picked up as a producer of adult entertainment. Just take it off. We’re both adults here and negotiations always go better when both parties are comfortable.”

He didn’t know why, but Randall’s logic seemed to make sense. He stood up so he could continue to unbutton his shirt, untucking it from his pants as he went along. That accomplished, he pulled it off his arms and tossed it on the desk.

Randall was right. He took good care of his body. He spent his time in the gym. They were both professional adult men. There was no reason he shouldn’t be able to go shirtless on a warm afternoon in his own office.

The executive flexed his muscles a little as he leaned forward on his desk displaying his dominance. He was confident he could convince this younger man to lend his talent to a couple key projects he had lined up. He tapped the intercom on the phone, bringing up his secretary’s line. “Janice, please cancel the rest of my appointments this afternoon. I think I’m having a breakthrough with Mr. Packer here and don’t want to be interrupted as we hash out a deal. Could you also call Rosalind and let her know to push our dinner plans back an hour.”

Janice’s voice echoed back through the speakerphone, “Yes, Mister B. I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you, Janice,” Mister B said before tapping the button again. He turned back to Randall. “Now… ahem,” he went on, clearing his throat to remove a touch of hoarseness. “Where were we, Mister Packer?”

“I believe you were getting more comfortable,” Randall smiled at the executive. “You know, you have a really great body. I obviously underestimated your negotiating skills. You are quite a bit more muscular than I originally estimated.” Mister B smiled as Randall went on, “I was also telling you that the ‘special effects’ you see in my movies are powered by my own personal eros. My sexual desire… What you see in my films is just a record of my fantasies. My fantasies just involve a bit more… fantasy than most.”

Mister B cleared his throat again, before turning over another glass and filling it with water. He quickly swallowed a gulp. Randall watched and smiled a little. More sweat had gathered on the executive’s brow.

“Please excuse me. I don’t usually react this strongly to the heat,” Mister B apologized, feeling the light touch of awkwardness. “It may be the big lunch from my meeting with Steinberg. I could totally let my belt out a notch. I can’t be doing too many lunches like that if I want to keep my body like this, though. You know, I could also set you up with a gig or two working on his films, too.”

“Thank you, Mister B, for the offer. I’m sure that would be swell, but I get the feeling you are not completely understanding me.” Randall paused before continuing. “You know, this is your office. I say if you need to let your belt out, let it out.”

“Thank you. I will.” The older man sucked in his abdomen and give his belt a pull. He released it and pulled the tongue from the buckle. His abdominal muscles swelled out further as he relaxed. They pushed against the waistband of his slacks and strained the buttons. He chuckled a little and flexed his tanned musculature for Randall. “You know, I should probably undo the pants, too, before I pop something.”

Randall smiled again and as he did, every muscle on the executive’s body flexed imperceptibly and grew a little. “I’d say something is going to pop, for sure. But I’m thinking it may be the seams on your slacks.”

Mister B looked down. “I’ll be damned, son. I hadn’t realized these were that tight.” He reached down and began undoing the button on the waistband. “I think these are tight enough that I may actually need some help with them.”

Mister B turned to Randall hopefully. “Would you mind giving me a hand?”

Randall grinned. He wasn’t sure if the executive was in on what he was doing, or was just obliviously overwhelmed by the magic. “I would love to. Would you mind if I called you ‘Daddy’?”

Mister B chuckled to himself. Daddy fantasies. So many of these young porn types had issues. “You go right ahead, ‘son’. Now come over here and help dad out of his trousers.”

Randall pushed himself out of the leather chair and moved around to the other side of the desk. Kneeling down, he ran his hands down Mister B’s right thigh. “Grab onto the desk, daddy, and lift your foot up. It will be easier to get your pants off if I take off your shoes.”

The movie producer shook his head a moment, trying to clear the heat out of it. Mister B looked down at the younger man on his knees in front of him and fought the urge to tousle his hair. Randall tugged at his foot and looked back up at him as if waiting. “Oh! Yes. Of course,” said Mister B as he leaned forward. He balanced himself with the desk and lifted his right foot.

Randall removed the right shoe. Then they repeated the process with the left foot. “Have you ever thought about competing as a bodybuilder, Mister B? I can’t believe how thick you are.”

Mister B unzipped the fly of his pants and put his thumbs in the waistband behind. He pushed down and paused, “This is where I’m going to need your help, young man.”

Randall grabbed the front of the pants with both hands and helped the massive Mister B work his pants down over his ass, then his thighs. As he leaned in to push the pant legs down over the roundness of the calves his face pressed into the tightly stretched crotch of the older man’s white cotton underwear. He breathed in, savoring the warmth and sweat. Mister B shook his head again and moaned a little.

“You look great, daddy,” Randall complimented him. Mister B had trouble focusing. Randall tugged at his foot, prompting him to lift it again. He carefully stepped out of the slacks bunched around his ankles. The young man by his feet steadied him with a hand on to his thick glutes. The other hand ran up over the hardness of his bulging abdominals. Randall rubbed his face and head against the white fabric in front of him, feeling the testicles growing under his touch.

“How are you doing up there, daddy? I think I’m ready to take this to the next level.” Mister B grunted. He could only just acknowledge that he had heard Randall say something. His mind swam in a whirl of pleasures. He couldn’t ask the young man to stop or beg him to continue. He grabbed at the edge of the desk as an erotic wave washed over him. His muscles pulsed again. The pleasure throbbing intensely through his body. He felt like his head would explode.

Randall pulled down Mister B’s briefs, releasing the partly engorged cock. The executive’s balls were now the size of lemons, and pulled the skin tight on his scrotum. His cock hung in front of Randall. The egg-sized glans was lightly slicked with sweat and precum. The younger man gave it a lick and then opened his mouth, sucking the thick meat in and to the back of his throat. He felt the older man give a beast-like shudder and the big cock pulsed. He pulled back, stretching the penis, still not fully erect. It pulled out longer, tapering to a bit more of a point.

Randall let the cock slide along his tongue, then flop down as it fell away from his lips. Mister B shuddered again. Looking down at the boy before him, he seemed smaller. Even the desk felt less impressive under his massive body. He had never been so aware of how gravity pulled at his balls and cock. Randall pulled his underwear all the way down, and rubbed his face and head again into his cock and balls. He moaned again.

Reflexively, Mister B stepped out of his underwear and widened his stance to stabilize himself. Randall took this as his cue and ducked underneath his crotch, coming up behind the executive. He rubbed his hands over the massively muscular ass, running his thumbs through the crack. Again, the executive moaned. Randall pushed his face into the crease and inhaled the sweaty musk as the executive’s metamorphosis continued.

He pushed harder, reaching for the hole with his tongue. As he reached his mark, Mister B pushed back, spreading his glutes. Inviting better access. He felt his whole body swell further as the young man ground his face and tongue against the thick ring of anal muscle. His head and face throbbed with the heat. Sweat followed in rivulets down his back. It dripped into his crack, and ran down over Randall’s face and head, slicking the young man’s hair to his head.

“Mmmph, papa! I hope you’re enjoying this. I love your ass,” Randall said as he came up briefly for air. He reached under to grab the goliath man’s cock. “This is all going to get a lot better.”

He gave it a pull, stroking it. Mister B grunted and stretched his frame. His joints popped a little and his skeleton began to reconfigure itself. Slowly his skin darkened and slick black fur, shiny from sweat, began to spread across his body. A nob at the base of his spine slowly extended, growing into a tasseled tail. Randall dove in again, grinding his face into the deep hole between the beast-man’s massive glutes.

Mister B stretched his neck as the fur overcame his head and face. In a matter of seconds, his face began to push out. His whole body felt like a massive erection, peaking in his face, as it pushed out into the muzzle of a bull. As the fur reached his ears they stretched outward. Two lumps near his temples quickly became horns. Small at first, then longer.

Randall stood up behind him and turned the bullish executive around. With one hand, he stroked Mister B’s massive cock while the other traced over the hard torso. “I bet you need to cum so badly right now. Don’t you, daddy?” The bull-man snorted and sat back on the desk. With each stroke precum dripped over Randall’s hand. The minotaur’s cock stretched a little longer. It became a little more tapered. Redder.

Mister B stamped his foot in frustrated pleasure. Randall grinned as it clomped down with the sound of a hoof. His other hand traced down and fondled the testicles. They were each the size of a softball, maybe larger.

“Just stay there a bit, big guy. I think it’s time I got a little more naked myself.” Randall stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head. The bull in Mister B was mesmerized by the smaller man’s rippling torso and tight body. Randall bent down and removed his shoes, then pulled down his shorts and underwear together. The minotaur fixated on the round muscular ass… his bovine nostrils flared slightly, picking up the boy’s scent. He tentatively extended a hand and paused when he saw his thick fingers and horned nails. The boy was still bent over… he reached closer, almost touching the thick firm muscle.

A drop of drool fell from his lips and landed on Randall’s back. Mister B quickly pulled back as Randall stood up. The young man shook his shorts off his left foot and looked up with a wicked smile. “I know what you’re thinking about right now… after all, I control this fantasy. Don’t worry. We’ll get to that.”

The massive minotaur towered over Randall, and swayed a little… groggy. Or drunk on the sensations running through him. He leaned again on the desk and it groaned under his weight. Randall stood up and leaned forward, his mouth level with the minotaur’s dark leathery nipple. He took it in his mouth, leaning into the black fur. He sucked and worked the thick tip lightly with his teeth. Mister B grunted, shuddered and staggered from pleasure. A fresh spurt of lubrication oozed down his semi-bovine cock as it rubbed against Randall’s abdominals.

Randall reached up and grabbed one of the bullish ears, using it to pull the beast’s face down to his. He kissed the wet nose and lips but the bull resisted, confused. Insisting, Randall grabbed the other ear and pulled the minotaur’s face closer to his. He worked his tongue between the thick wet lips and bit at them playfully, working his way around the large mouth, until, succumbing to the pleasure in his ears and mouth, the bull opened his mouth and kissed back.

The massive tongue slid into Randall’s oral cavity, then to the back of his throat and further. He pushed against it letting it work as deep as it could into him before it retreated. The minotaur’s saliva was sweet, and warm. Randall sucked at the tongue, licked at it, playing and teasing to invite more.

Mister B collapsed to his knees as Randall tried to climb him seeking better access. He put one massive arm around the boy, stabilizing himself with the other. Slowly, he laid down and rolled onto his back, pulling the young man on top of himself. His hand slipped down to Randall’s ass where his thick finger gently slid down between the firm, strong glutes and found his hole.

Randall leaned into his grip on the bull’s head, and the bull grunted opening his mouth again and letting Randall hungrily work, sucking on the strong thick tongue. At the same time, he arched his back and pushed back on the minotaur’s thick finger, rubbing his anal ring against it. He spread his legs, wrapping them more around the massive abdomen.

The smaller man flexed his strong tight body. The back and forth motion of his hips worked his strong anal muscles around the minotaur’s thick finger. At the same time the bull’s penis, trapped between their torsos, rubbed next to Randall’s. Enormous amounts of bovine precum coated their bodies between them. Randall sat up, pulling away from the minotaur, both of them panting.

Randall slid forward along the slick fur-covered torso. Then back. And forward again. The minotaur groaned, the stimulation frustrating him further. He leaned forward, biting the bull’s left nipple again. The black furred torso arched upward lifting the beast-man’s ass off the floor. Randall grinned again and slid back down. This time his hole caught the pointed tip of the minotaur’s cock. He let his ass open up as he slid down, engulfing inch after thicker inch of the slick red penis. He sighed and smiled down at the beast he was riding. “Sit up, papa. This is where I let you get what you want.”

The minotaur pushed himself up, causing Randall’s weight to carry him down the rest of the thick shaft. The younger man gasped as the depth of the penetration took his breath away. The part of the minotaur that was still Mister B froze in panic. Randall chuckled. “Don’t worry big guy. This is my fantasy, remember. You can go all out. My body can take it.”

The glimmer of humanity left the huge beast’s eyes. What replaced it was unrepentant lust. The huge beast leaned forward onto his hands and knees, holding the young man against him. The huge frame shuddered as he grunted and pushed and pulled against the smaller, tight body. Saliva thickened and foamed around his mouth and he licked the boy’s neck. The big bovine testicles swung back and forth, knocking against Randall’s ass.

Randall pushed back against the beast. Sweat dripped off the minotaur, covering Randall with the scent of livestock. He clung on to the minotaur’s giant rippling body and let the unchained passion engulf him. With each thrust he let the beast that used to be a movie executive inch one step closer to release. He licked at the sweat coming off the furred hide and sucked hungrily at the monster’s oversized nipples. The minotaur pulled him tighter and pushed deeper.

The bull’s grunts got deeper, resonating through the small body he crushed against him. The minotaur’s rhythm slowed down. Randall felt the bull’s penis swell inside him. The whole animal seemed to swell as it pushed its cock all the way inside the boy and pulled him as tightly as he could to his body. And then the satisfaction he was striving for came.

Slowly he began to release, the massive cock pulsing inside Randall with the long rhythmic heartbeat of large animals. Spurt after spurt, Randall could feel the thick bull cum filling his body. He buried his face in the massive pecs and let the minotaur’s heat, sweat, taste and smell overtake him. The bull continued to throb inside him, grunting deeply and emptying his pent up desire into the smooth muscular boy.

Gradually, the pulsing abated. The bull-man released the boy and let him slide off his cock underneath him. The great beast was too exhausted to get up. He remained on his hands and knees, panting and snorting as the sweat steamed off its body.

Randall climbed out from underneath the huge man-beast and stood up. His lean stomach distended a little from the volume of ejaculate he now had in him. He ran a hand along the powerful flanks of the minotaur, over the ass, and down the thick, hamstrings. The short black fur was wet and glistened with sweat. The minotaur smelled like sex.

Mister B continued to pant, head down as some of the humanity slowly came back to his eyes. He was aware of Randall moving around him toward the desk. He felt the young man’s hand tracing along his body. In the afterglow of his orgasm, that hand sent small shocks of pleasure through him as it followed along his muscles. Randall took the water pitcher and offered it to the panting bull. “Here. I imagine you might be thirsty after that.” Mister B, unable to speak, snorted his thanks as he took the pitcher and drank down the contents. He handed it back to Randall who put the empty container back on the desk.

“I hope you’re beginning to understand how this all works, now, big guy.” The handsome black minotaur shook his head up and down in a nod. Randall acknowledged his response, giving the nearest horn a light tug. He continued, “And this is where I tell you we’re not done, yet. In my work, as part of the ‘conditions’ of my talent, the scene can’t end until I also orgasm and I made sure that didn’t happen. I want to know that I have made my point.”

The young actor’s semi swollen penis, still covered in the minotaur’s sweat and precum, swung lazily in front of Mister B’s face. The bull-man was suddenly very aware of how erotically delicious it smelled. He could hear the young man still talking but the words faded into a blurred mumble as we watched the beautiful organ sway in front of him, moving from the field of vision of one eye, into view from the other and back.

He extended his neck out and reached with his tongue under the balls, drawing back along the shaft. The salty taste of pre and sweat stimulated more saliva. Drool trickled over his thick black bovine lips, down his chin. He reached out and grabbed Randall by the hips, drawing him tightly against his snout, sucking the beautiful cock into his mouth. Randall braced himself by grabbing the hungry minotaur’s horns. He began humping the big head. With each thrust he let his cock and balls swell a little bit more. The cock slowly back sliding deeper towards the back of the bull’s tongue. Mister B, the minotaur, nursed on Randall’s penis like a hungry calf.

Randall shuddered. As his cock grew, so did the number of nerves available to convey the warmth, wetness, and velvety muscle of the bull-man’s mouth. The wet nose rubbed against the firm bottom curve of his abdomen. Generous amounts of bovine spittle trickled over his scrotum and down his legs. Another near-orgasm washed over him as the beast pulled back. The withdrawal encouraged his cock to grow more, extending to the length of his forearm as if it were reaching for the warm mouth that was abandoning it.

Randall pulled on the horns, drawing the bull’s head to his face. He leaned in and half whispered, half growled in the big furry ear, “I need your ass. Now.”

The glossy black beast turned around. His tail twitched and raised a little to the side. Beneath it, a bodybuilder’s gluteal muscles spread to reveal the thick ring of anal muscle deep in the valley between them.

“Roll over… On your back,” Randall instructed. With surprising docility, the bull-man obeyed.

“Legs up.” And the massive legs came up, spreading open to the sides. Mister B wanted this boy in him. Not just his cock. He wanted to engulf and be filled by Randall’s entire body. The darkly skinned ring squeezed, pulling deeper, then relaxed. It pushed out, inviting, begging Randall to enter.

Randall let the heat of his desire wash over himself as he rubbed the head of his cock through the deep crevice, smearing it with precum. He let himself dribble more over the strong hole. He pushed the head of his dick against it. More precum squirted from his cock into the warm, wet anus. The minotaur’s tail swept up between his legs and slapped against his back as a large paw wrapped around his ass and pulled him closer.

He pushed back against the strong hand. “Daddy likes that? You want my cock, don’t you?” Mister B groaned and snorted.

Randall put his weight into his cock and leaned in. The beast grunted. The strong rings of muscle in the valley between his fur covered glutes relaxed. The bull-man brought his other hand around and grabbing the other side of Randall’s ass, he pulled the boy’s dick into his ass. As each inch slid in a shudder of ecstasy ran through him. His tail twitched again. The minotaur’s cock throbbed.

Randall reached forward and wrapped his hand around the thick pink minotaur penis where it disappeared into its sheath. Using it as leverage he began muscling his over-sized cock in and out of the bull-man’s ass. “Grab the water pitcher off the desk, Mister B.”

The bull let go of his ass and reached for the empty pitcher. “Put it here,” Randall commanded giving the bull’s long tapered cock a jerk.

As the pitcher came into place Randall gave his hips a strong thrust, digging the deepest into the bull he could. He grabbed the pitcher, holding it in place, as Mister B let go, suddenly overcome by the strongest orgasm he had ever had. The small, muscular boy drove deep into him. Randall’s thick cock drove home, unrelenting and irresistible in his guts. The strong little fucker maintained his grip on the beast-man’s hard cock like a cowboy riding a prize bull.

The sweating bull, the cum splashing, spurt after spurt into the pitcher as the massive cock spasmed in his hand… drove Randall over the edge. A wave of heat from the power involved washed over him and he came. He leaned forward, holding desperately onto the bull. The massive balls pressed against his abs, as sweat poured over his skin. His whole body hardened and released, dumping load after load of his own cum into the transformed executive.

Slowly, his orgasm subsided and he milked the last drops of cum from the bull into the pitcher which he set carefully aside before slowly withdrawing his cock from the spent animal man. His withdrawal elicited shudders and a deep groan from Mister B. The minotaur was already beginning to revert to a more human form.

“I bet you’re happy you took off your clothes now,” said Randall.

The less-bullish minotaur let out a grunt, still too spent to think straight.

“I think it’s safe to say, though, that we have a bit more of an understanding. Now, there’s just the matter of your nephew.”

There was a muffled squeal and a thump from one of the wood panels on the wall across the room. Randall wiped his dick, already returning to a more normal size. He grabbed the pitcher, nearly full of thick, pearly minotaur cum and walked across the room to the source of the noise.

“I wasn’t entirely unprepared for this meeting. I have people. And they were in here last night. We wired your office up with quite the array of hidden cameras. Your nephew was kind enough to ‘volunteer’ to man the monitors during our negotiations.”

Randall reached the opposite side of the room and pulled open the panel, revealing the closet behind it. Sitting on the floor, in his underwear, was a smooth young man with a surfer’s shaggy blond hair. His hands were tied behind his back and a ball-gag was strapped firmly in his mouth. He stared up at Randall, his eyes wide.

Randall looked down at Mister B’s nephew, a glint of mischief in his yes. “I do hope he did a good job. In the meantime, I’m sure you’re ready for a drink, aren’t you, pup?” Randall waved the pitcher at the pretty young man. “Lucky for you, I have the perfect refreshment fresh and ready for you.”

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