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Double dream feat

by Ziel

Aidan awakes from a surprisingly realistic dream to find things aren't quite how he remembered them. For starters, his dingy dorm room has been replaced with a reasonably sized apartment… an apartment he seems to share with his best friend. But stranger things are in store for Aidan as the morning unfurls.

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Aidan knew he was dreaming. He was trapped in that strange half-awake lucid state where he knew everything going on around him was fake, but he desperately wished it was real. The longing was so palpable it made his heart ache, but even as he pleaded with the dream world to stay with him, he could feel the memories slipping away even as he lived out the moment. The sights and sounds blurred and blended until all that remained was the aching in his chest.

Aidan awoke to the smell of bacon cooking in the other room. Even in his half-awake stupor he found it strange. For starters, he lived alone, and his small dorm room didn’t even have a kitchen. It didn’t even have a hot pad to cook stuff on! As he slowly came to his senses, he realized that this was definitely not the dorm he had fallen asleep in. The large, plush, king-sized bed was a far cry from the narrow, stiff little slab they called a bed back in the dorm room.

Aidan propped himself up in bed. Even before he sat all the way up, he knew something was off. His legs felt so sluggish and heavy. It was almost as if they were pinned down by something heavy. The pressure of the massive object weighing down on his legs had caused his legs to fall asleep on him, and now his legs felt like they were full of sand and made of radio static. Something was definitely off, but he chalked it up to the heavy blankets that covered his body and focused his attention on the smells and sounds coming from the other room.

“Hello?” Aidan called out to whoever might be in the other room.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” came the reply. Aidan recognized the voice of his buddy Derek immediately, but there was something odd. The voice sounded like it came from multiple places at once. It was almost like there was an echo coming from the other room, but instead of fading out with each iteration, the greetings were just as clear each time.

Aidan was just about to throw off the covers and hop out of bed when his pal Derek poked his head in from the other room. “Don’t get up. We’ll bring your food to you,” he said. Something about the comment struck Aidan as odd. ‘We’? Was there someone else there with them?

Aidan didn’t have time to think too much about it though because Derek was already striding over towards the bed to serve him his breakfast, and there was something about Derek that made Aidan immediately forget everything he had been thinking about. With the exception of a lacy apron that barely reached down to his thighs, Derek was completely naked!

Derek seemed to notice Aidan gawking at him. “Like what you see? We picked it out just for you, Master,” Derek said saucily. What Derek said made Aidan do a mental double take, and not just because of the second usage of the word “we”.

“M-master!?” Aidan sputtered.

“Yes. You are our master and we are here to serve you,” Derek explained with a devious smirk playing at the corners of his lips.

Something about hearing his buddy call him master drove Aidan wild. Aidan had never in his wildest dreams imagined a scenario where anyone—let alone Derek—would treat him like that, but here he was, lying back in a plush bed being treated to breakfast by one of the hottest guys he had ever met who seemed intent at serving Aidan at every beck and call.

Aidan’s mind was racing. He wasn’t sure what to focus on first. Should he push the issue? Part of him was curious, but part of him didn’t want to risk ruining the fantasy. For all he knew this was some prank being played on him by his pal… but if it was a prank, what a smoking hot prank it was! Derek’s toned, tanned body was openly on display. The small apron left nothing to the imagination. Derek’s toned pecs poked out the sides of the apron giving Aidan a clear view of those hot pecs and cute nipples. Aidan could even catch a glimpse of Derek’s heavy balls dangling below the lower hem of the short apron. Aidan found himself staring at the bottom of Derek’s apron, hoping to catch a glimpse of something else, but the object of Aidan’s fixation didn’t seem to hang as low as Derek’s nuts.

“Looking for something, Master?” Derek asked impishly.

Aidan didn’t know what to say. He had been caught trying to catch a peek at his pal’s cock. Should he own up to it? Should he play it off? Neither option seemed like a good idea, but in the end, it didn’t even matter.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” Derek asked. He set the plate of bacon aside on a nearby table and then reached down and slowly lifted the bottom of his apron up. Aidan could do nothing but watch in awe as more and more of Derek’s big balls came into view. Now that he had a better view of them, it was amazing just how large they really were. Either enormous orb was the size of a softball! But it wasn’t long before Aidan found something else to fixate on. Soon, Aidan could see the base of Derek’s thick shaft slip into view. Aidan’s eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets as he saw just the base of Derek’s cock. It was thick! Impossibly thick! It was almost as thick as Derek’s wrist! And as Derek lifted his apron higher and higher, Aidan could see inch after massive inch of his huge cock spill into view. Soon it became apparent why Aidan hadn’t noticed Derek’s huge cock earlier. Derek’s apron had been tied around his midriff and with it, Derek’s massive hard-on had been pinned to his sculpted abs.

“Still need more, Master?” Derek asked playfully. Aidan didn’t even reply. He couldn’t. All he could do was gawk at his pal’s huge cock. Aidan had never in his wildest dreams imagined his pal could be so hung!

Aidan continued to watch in awe as Derek undid the knot in the back of his apron and then pulled the entire garment off leaving him fully nude. His massive cock was left to flop free for Aidan to see every last glorious inch of it. Now that Aidan could see the whole thing he was once again struck by how huge it was. As Derek’s rod stood straight and tall, Aidan could see that it poked up even past Derek’s belly button! His cock almost reached the top row of his sculpted six-pack!

“You look hungry, Master, but it doesn’t seem like the bacon will be enough for you,” Derek teased. He then wiggled his hips which caused his massive cock and heavy nuts to sway enticingly before Aidan’s eyes.

“That’s right,” Derek cooed. “We’ll give you something even better.”

There was the “we” again, but Aidan was too entranced by Derek’s cock to realize it. All Aidan could think about was how much he wanted that cock in his mouth or in his ass. He was transfixed on that fabulous dick as Derek strode steadily closer. Soon, Derek was so close that Aidan could practically taste that pre-drooling cock. Aidan sat up in bed and leaned forward to wrap his lips around his pal’s fantastic cock. It was so huge that Aidan had to open his mouth as far as it would go and still it was difficult for him to get it in, but he was not about to be deterred so easily. The feeling of his pal’s fat cock head rubbing across his tongue and the taste of his buddy’s pre was enough to make any discomfort of his jaw completely negligible. He leaned forward and took more and more of his pal’s cock into his mouth. He could feel his throat having to open wider to allow his buddy’s enormous cock to slide deeper and deeper, but that just added to the eroticism of the moment. Aidan could actually feel how deep down his throat his pal’s cock was digging, and he was amazed he could take it. Aidan had expected to barely be able to get the head it, but soon he was so deep down his best-friend’s rod that his chin was buried in Derek’s ball sack.

Aidan settled into a rhythm. He glided back and forth along the length of his pal’s massive cock. He would lean back so far that the puffy head of his buddy’s big dick filled his mouth and then once more then forward until he was once more face down in his pal’s crotch. It felt like heaven, and the soft massage of Derek’s fingers running through his hair just made the already amazing moment even more sensual. There was just one thing that was missing… As amazing as Derek’s cock was, there was still only just the one. Aidan’s hole felt so empty. A sense of longing filled Aidan. He hands reached around back and began to play with his own ass, but still it wasn’t enough. Even as he dug his fingers into his own tight hole he craved more.

“It looks to us like we need to give you even more,” came Derek’s voice, but somehow, even though Aidan had his chin buried in Derek’s balls, Derek’s voice was coming from across the room. Aidan was so shocked and confused that for a brief moment Derek’s amazing cock lost its allure. Aidan pulled back off Derek’s cock and glanced towards the voice he had just heard, and there was Derek, casually leaning against the doorframe leading to the other room.

Aidan’s jaw dropped. There was not one but two Dereks!? How was that even possible? His mind was racing. Was this a dream? That had to be it, but it felt so real. His jaw still ached from being open so wide to handle such a huge cock. He could still taste his pal’s cock and pre on his tongue. He could still smell the bacon on the plate across the room. There was no way this was a dream, but then how was this possible?

It was then that pieces of last night’s dream started to resurface. In it he had finally confessed his feelings for his best friend and Derek had enthusiastically returned his affections. The two of them had rolled in the sheets and kissed until dawn. Their cocks grinded against each other for hours, and yet Aidan had wanted more. He needed more, and as he begged whatever deity may be listening to grant him more, he could feel it happening. Derek had his arms wrapped around him and Derek’s fingers were running through Aidan’s hair, but there was another pair of hands. These hands reached down and gripped and groped Aidan’s bubbly butt.

Aidan had been taken aback, but only for a moment. He had stared down at his now four-armed best pal, and in the moment, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Things didn’t stay like that for long though. Derek began to move, and as he moved, it began to get harder and harder for Aidan to comprehend what he was seeing. One set of arms seemed to be moving independently of the main body. It stopped seeming like Derek had four arms, and instead started to seem as if two Dereks were occupying the exact same space. Derek took a step back, leaving another Derek where he had just been standing a moment ago.

This was the point in the dream where Aidan had become completely aware that it was a dream, but he didn’t want it to end. He longed desperately for it to continue even as he felt himself starting to wake up. As Aidan slowly slipped back into consciousness he could feel the first Derek plant a kiss on his lips while the second Derek rested his head on Aidan’s shoulder, and in the last second of his dream Aidan was sure that he felt a third set of arms hug him from behind…

With his memories of the dream restored to him, Aidan still didn’t know how two Dereks had come to be in his home. Aidan had always been told that if you believe hard enough your dreams could become reality, but he always thought people were referring to things like making it as a movie star or landing your dream job—not multiplying your friend into your own personal brothel!

“We think it’s time the real fun began,” the second Derek said with a smirk as he eyed the still-covered lower half of Aidan’s body which was still had heavy blankets draped over it. Aidan wasn’t entirely sure what Derek had in mind, but Aidan had his hopes. As Aidan’s mind raced with lewd and lurid thoughts, however, nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. The first Derek reached down and flung the covers clear off of him leaving Aidan fully exposed for the twin Dereks to admire.

Aidan was once again shocked by what he saw. The weight that had been bearing down on his legs—the weight which he had assumed was from the blankets—was actually his own cock and balls! His package was enormous! His colossal balls were the size of yoga balls. His nut sack was as wide as the king-sized bed he was lying in! His cock was as wide as his shoulders and longer than his legs, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet! To say Aidan was confused would be an understatement. He couldn’t remember all of his dream, but he was sure he hadn’t had such a huge cock in it, but despite the shock and confusion he couldn’t deny how amazing it look, and that’s to say nothing about how it felt. His super-sized semi was overly sensitive. It felt fantastic to the touch, and there was so much of it. It was as if he had a whole second body that was bristling with pleasure from head to toe. He couldn’t wait to get some fun out of his newly enhanced cock.

Aidan could have sat there admiring his cock for ages, but the duo of Dereks had other ideas for him. The sidled up beside him, one on either side, and slipped a hand under his arms and helped him up onto his knees so that he was standing on his knees atop the mattress. Aidan was lost in bliss as both of his best friends licked and suckled at both napes of his neck at the same time. He would have been happy to stay like that for a while, but the duo was on the move in no time at all. The first Derek moved around to Aidan’s front, and the second moved around to the back. The first Derek stood up on the mattress. His huge cock was once again positioned for Aidan to suck on, and Aidan wasted no time in doing just that. His mouth and throat felt strangely empty without that massive cock deep inside of it.

Aidan was in heaven. Once again, his pal’s big cock proved to be the perfect thing for his mouth. The second his lips touched the tip of his pal’s huge dick, Aidan knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until Derek’s cock was once again balls deep down his throat, but Aidan had only just begun to enjoy once again having his buddies cock in his mouth when he was alerted to a new sensation around back. It seemed the second Derek wasn’t satisfied just being a passive observer. He had already tenderly wrapped his arms around Aidan’s torso and was lining up his cock with Aidan’s expectant hole. The second Aidan felt the tip of the second Derek’s cock pressing against his tight hole Aidan knew he needed to feel more of it. Fortunately, Derek had no intention of stopping so soon.

Despite having a mouth that was filled to the brim with cock, a soft moan managed to slip past Aidan’s lips as he felt his other buddy’s big dick sliding into him. Aidan was no stranger to a little anal play, but this was more than he had ever experienced in more ways than one. Not only was Derek’s dick bigger than even the largest dildo that Aidan had in his collection, but Derek’s rigid cock also didn’t play by Aidan’s rules. Aidan normally took his time to slowly work his toys in before he really went to town, but Derek didn’t have that kind of patience. He plunged his huge cock deep into Aidan’s hungry ass. Aidan didn’t even have a chance to be shocked by the sudden intrusion. He was too busy writhing in ecstasy at the feeling of having that huge cock hit that sweet spot deep inside of him. It was as if Derek’s cock was the perfect size to please his eager ass.

Aidan couldn’t imagine anything being more amazing than how he felt at that moment. He could feel and taste his pal’s massive cock in his mouth and feel his other buddy’s big dick hitting that sweet spot deep in his ass. All the while he could feel the Derek in front of him gently running his fingers through his hair and feel the Derek behind him gently nuzzling and kissing the nape of his neck. Aidan was in such a state of bliss that he hardly noticed that his own colossal cock was being left unattended, but that didn’t last for long.

“It seems there’s just enough holes for us to fill,” came Derek’s voice. Even in his hormonal addled state, Aidan knew something was off. For starters Derek’s voice seemed to be coming from so far away despite the fact that both Dereks were balls deep inside one of Aidan’s cock-hungry holes, but it was a mystery for another moment. Aidan was too busy enjoying the situation to think on the matter, but one way or the other, the truth was revealed soon after.

“That’s right. Master has three holes to be filled,” the Derek who was balls deep in Aidan’s mouth concurred.

“And there are three of us,” the Derek behind Aidan added.

Now Derek knew he needed to see this. He managed to struggle against his own arousal and state of bliss long enough to glance towards the open doorway to his bedroom. There, standing in the doorway was a third Derek. This one was every bit identical to the two who were currently intertwined with Aidan—even down to the huge hard-on he was sporting! That solved one mystery. There were now three Dereks! But that didn’t answer the other question. What was this mysterious third hole they were alluding to?

Again, the answer soon became apparent as the third Derek strode up towards the foot of the bed. Even though the trio of two Dereks and an Aidan were nuzzling together towards the head of the bed, Aidan’s cock was so massive that it jutted out all the way towards the foot of the bed and even hung over the foot of the bed some! In fact, his cock was so huge that the puffy head of his fully-boned cock was completely off the mattress and was drooling pre onto the floor below as if begging for someone to take care of its needs too. Fortunately, the new Derek was more than happy to oblige.

Aidan was shocked at what he was seeing and what he was feeling. The newest Derek was lining his dick up against the slit of Aidan’s colossal cock. Aidan could actually feel Derek’s big dick teasing the lips of his humongous pre-drooling cock. Aidan had never in his life imagine slipping something into his cock—let alone letting someone else slip their dick inside of his—but now that he could feel the tip of Derek’s cock sliding into his own massive cock, Aidan knew he needed it.

It was something Aidan had never experienced before. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined it would feel so good, but as Derek’s thick dick slid deeper and deeper into Aidan’s own colossal cock. Aidan’s massive cock was soon filled to the brim with Derek’s dick. Aidan could feel Derek’s huge nuts slapping against the soft head of his own enormous cock. Having Derek’s big dick plugging up the inside of his overstimulated cock was so amazing that it actually felt like Aidan was in the throes of cumming, but he wasn’t shooting just yet. Still, Aidan knew it was only a matter of time before that changed. Having his three holes handled so amazingly by his three identical pals was too amazing for him to hold out.

No more words were shared. None were needed. The three Dereks seemed to know exactly what to do. They quickly settled into a rhythm. Each one plunged into their respective holes in unison and then pulled back in synch with each other. Aidan felt as if he was being fucked by one person from three angles at once, and the truth of the matter wasn’t that far off.

A part of Aidan wanted the moment to last forever—a large part of him at that, but it just wasn’t physically possible. The soft touches and the rough fucking from not one, but three identical versions of his best pal was quickly sending him over the edge. Even just one Derek filling a hole of his choice would have been a dream come true, but three of them was beyond Aidan’s wildest dreams! Aidan couldn’t get enough of the fat cock that was shoving its way down his throat. He loved every second of the huge dick that was having its way with his ass, and the thick dick that was filling his cock to the brim was even better than the other two combined!

As close as Aidan was to blowing his load, it seemed the trio of Dereks were even closer. The first Derek had his hands gripping Aidan’s hair so forcefully it was as if he was shoving Aidan further down his cock than ever before. Aidan already had every last inch of his pal’s dick in his mouth and down in throat, but Derek seemed determined to eke out a few more millimeters just for good measure, and the other two Dereks were acting much the same. The second Derek had his arms wrapped tightly around Aidan’s torso as if giving him a tight bear hug. Sweat dripped from his brow and he moaned breathily into Aidan’s ear. He was shaking like a leaf from the sheer exertion of trying not to cum, and the third Derek was in much the same state. He had latched onto Aidan’s massive cock and had his arms wrapped around it while he continued to hump the slit of Aidan’s cock for all it was worth. With each pass, more and more pre seeped out from Aidan’s cock, and not all of it was Aidan’s.

Finally, the quartet reached a breaking point. Aidan could feel the trio’s cocks shuddering and lurching inside of them. They seemed to even twitch in unison. When the cock in his throat would give a buck so too would the ones in his cock and ass, but Aidan was too lost in ecstasy to think too hard on it. All he knew was that he was at the limit of his endurance, and it seemed the trio of Dereks were too.

It was hard to say who came first. The three Dereks seemed to cum in unison. Aidan could hear all three of them moaning at once. He could feel all three of their cocks lurching at the same time, and then he felt it. He could feel the warm, thick spunk flooding into his ass and throat. He could actually taste the jizz in his mouth, and he could feel something deep inside his cock which he could only assume was the thick ropes of cum from the third Derek splashing against the inside walls of his own massive cock.

No sooner had the trio begun to cum than Aidan also lost his battle with his libido. His massive cock lurched so hard that it nearly sent the third Derek sprawling. Had Derek not had a grip on Aidan’s cock he would have been sent falling flat on his ass, but the bucking of Aidan’s cock was nothing compared to what Derek had to weather next. A huge, thick spurt of jizz erupted from Aidan’s cock with enough force to send Derek skidding backwards. Derek knew when he was beaten. He didn’t even try to hold on and resist the deluge. He instead leaned back against the wall and let the warm spunk wash over him. Spurt after massive spurt coated him from head to toe.

Soon, all four of the friends were completely spent. The first Derek moved back, allowing his huge, semi-boned, steadily-deflating cock to slip free from Aidan’s mouth. The second Derek flopped back against the headboard of the bed, letting his own softening cock slide out of Aidan’s ass in the process. Once the two Derek’s cocks were once again completely out in the open, they began to maneuver even further. The first Derek crawled forward on the bed so that he was resting beside Aidan and began to gently nuzzle against the Aidan’s side. The second Derek shimmied his way to the side until he was on the side opposite the first Derek. Soon, Aidan found himself resting between the two Dereks. He was so spent from his mind-blowing climax that he felt like he could doze off at any moment, and the gentle nuzzling from the twin Dereks was further sending Aidan down the path of falling asleep. While the three friends rested there in the euphoric, post-coital state, the third Derek, still coated from head to toe in cum, crawled into the bed to join them, but unlike the first two Dereks, the third wasn’t so interested in cuddling up against Aidan. The third Derek was still fixated on the giant cock he had been fucking mere moments before. He curled up beside Aidan’s massive cock—a cock that was nearly as big as he was—and began to cuddle up against it.

Aidan glanced once more at the Derek on either side of him and then down at the one that was spooning his person-sized cock. Aidan still couldn’t believe what had happened. Even now that he had all three versions of his best friend nuzzling up against him, it was still hard to believe that this was real and not just another dream, but it felt way too real to just be a dream. The sensations were too intense. He could actually smell the shampoo his pals had used. He could feel the steady rise and fall of the Derek’s chests as they breathed in and out. If this was a dream it was the most real seeming dream he had ever had.

The quartet laid there for what seemed like ages. No one wanted to be the one to break the silence. Everyone was too happy and the situation was too peaceful for that. All they wanted to do was to bask in the afterglow for as long as possible. In the end, it was the Dereks who broke the silence. “It’s just like in our dream…” they murmured softly as they continued to nuzzle up against their pal.

4,723 words Added Jun 2018 10k views 5.0 stars (6 votes)

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