Double-dick party

by Joey

The thing to do is double down on the hors d'oeuvres.

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It was the first double-dick party I had ever been to. Most of the guys were in their late teens and early 20’s. It was kind of like a fraternity party. I guess it really was a fraternity. I think you had to be pretty good-looking to get in. Guys were standing around eating and talking, laughing and having fun. Nobody wore shirts, and I liked all the slender waists and broad shoulders. Everyone was barefoot, wearing either shorts or sweats. They looked nice, and the party was warm with the pleasant tones of healthy young male voices and guys relaxing in each others’ company.

The guys around the huge platter of iced oysters on the half shell looked especially well-hung, from what I could see through their shorts and sweats. They were laughing and looking kind of aroused, feeding each other oysters. Apparently if you ate oysters on the half shell with comesauce and washed it down with beer, it gave you genitalia that were both enlarged and doubled.

I could tell it was working, just watching the guys around the oyster platter. Some of them blushed, laughing with pleasure as the guys around them would jostle them, trying to reach down to pull out the waistband of their sweats to get a better look at their double genitalia.

“It’s stuck, man!” laughed one of them, a well-built blonde youth, a surfer, no doubt. He was somewhat helpless to arrange his hardons, with a platter of oysters in one hand and his beer in the other. The other guys were laughing, gently reaching down to probe the obvious downward bulge that had crossed into the opposite pant-leg, imprisoned by its own size, while its brother penis freely pointed well up beyond the waistband, its huge head swollen and proud.

“Hey, don’t waste the comesauce!” another gorgeous guy said, trying to get extra sauce for his oysters.

“What’s comesauce?” I asked the guy next to me, tapping him on his smooth triceps to get his attention away from several pairs of guys who were helping each other to get their double hardons to come.

“It’s just come,” he smiled, a beautiful white flash that took my breath away. “Two guys have to mix their come, and it’s hard to do, because it’s hard to control how hard you come, so sometimes guys shoot too much too soon, and it doesn’t get on the oysters, or it gets too much on them and starts spilling off. That’s why you see everyone licking their hands, trying to catch the spilled come. Mostly they try to use the oyster shells to scrape the splattered come off their hands or stomachs or chests and get it onto the oyster, and then get their boyfriend to come on the oyster also.” I felt a hand on my shoulder. It belonged to a beautiful Latino guy who was trying to get my attention. “Check out these two guys,” he said, indicating what appeared to be a couple of very handsome basketball players, both with shorts pulled down, aiming their double sets of horselike genitals expertly at the trays of oysters held by other guys.

“They’ve been to a lot of double-dick parties, and they’re masters. Check how their come goes on really thick and even, almost like decorating a cake.” He laughed, and so did the other guy and I. I squeezed the Latino guy’s hand on my shoulder, and his hand gave my shoulder a squeeze in return.

“Oh, fuck!” laughed one of the big, good-looking basketball players. “Who kissed me?”

“I did,” smiled a third broad shouldered giant, his arms around the basketball player. “Thanks, but you made me come all over the place! Not that I mind…” The oysters were saturated, and the guys holding the trays had no choice but to carefully lick the excess come from their wrists and forearms, trying not to upset the trays.

The trays of iced oysters disappeared as they were passed among the guys.

New guys kept arriving, arm in arm, walking in from the beach or sweating as they dismounted from bicycles. Somehow the word was out about the no-shirt no- shoes dress code, and oysters and comesauce were passed hand to hand as guys fed it to each other. Apparently the comesauce from the double-dicked guys worked best, so more and more guys started helping out with the comesauce as they became doubled and enlarged. It was actually pretty good, and the beer to wash it down was very good afterwards. I noticed more and more guys doing what my Latino guy and I decided to do, just to snuggle down together and suck each other down, one dick at a time, after we had shot several loads together making comesauce for the oysters the new guys would eat. I held my guy close to me, enjoying his beautiful torso in my arms as I kissed him, lips still salty from come.

We laughed as we looked around the room, now that everyone was pretty full and satisfied, still coming here and there. We looked like a bunch of seals sunning themselves on a rock, only it was all beautiful young guys with amazing double cocks, all resting together. It felt like the whole place was in love.

“We should host one of these,” I smiled to my Latino guy. “Why not!” he smiled back.

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