Making love with my 12-legged husband

by Dodeedo Loves Extras

 What are you to do when you come home to see your 12-legged bodybuilder of a husband working in the kitchen?

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“Hey, Hun! You’re home early!” said my loving husband off in the kitchen as I heard him speak in his most deep, manly and yet so eager voice.

I sighed a long sigh of relief as my eyes gazed into the most beautiful ass with lusciously thick thighs to boot. All attached to a pair of legs… followed by pair after pair of legs.

My beautiful husband was a handsome centaurpede. Not exactly; he hated when I called him that.

But you tell me what to call your hard-packed 12-legged bodybuilder of a man who walks around your house naked with 17 inch cocks all heavy and dangling off the floor, each drooling with precum as he struts side to side giving you the perfect view of him.

I didn’t even give my husband a chance to greet me properly. The first thing I did was drop my things, unbutton my shirt and immediately go over to his massive ass. I grabbed it with both hands as I rubbed his big glutes with both hands. I heard him moan in the other room.

“Babe! Not now, I’m trying to cook!” his deep voice rattled on as his legs quickly jerked and buckled before straightening back up.”

But I was lost in lust as I grabbed his ass again and again as I kissed and pressed my face on his ass. I loved everything about my husband.

Funnily enough, 15 years ago he swore he wasn’t into ‘normies’ like me when we talked over drinks at the four legged (and up) bar, but a couple of drinks later and some lip flop fucking and his opinion changed about me soon enough.

I snapped myself back to reality as I looked between his legs. His rear monster cock was aching for attention as I reached to grab it and slowly began to jerk it off. He was huge all over and his cocks were no joke. 17 inches of pure humantaur cock that was all mine to enjoy as I would spend so many hours sucking down his gigantic penises. They were all as beautiful as he was himself.

Each one of his cocks reacted the same way as I came under his last pair of legs and expertly guided his cock to my lips. His balls were each naturally the size of bowling balls as I felt them aching with my other hand.

Thank god we’d decided to move into his place and not mine. It took one night at my place to figure that out as he struggled; yet managed to waddle around my apartment with all his magnificent legs and gigantic dicks bumping and knocking into furniture and what not.

Still, he had to be thankful for how I’m able to take his meat as my lips stretched over his tool. I felt his legs buckle to my warm mouth engulfing his cock with ease.

He would call me “normie,” but he should have known something was just a little different about me when I’m able to swallow his monster cocks without any trouble.

I could hear him moan in the kitchen as I easily swallowed his cock up to his balls and fondled his large nut sac that carried his godly seed.

His legs quivered and buckled yet again as I throated him expertly.

We kept at it for at least half an hour. Half an hour of sucking his growing cock as his 11 other cocks were fully hard and precumming like crazy.

Him being well over 600+ pounds of massive hulking muscles was one thing. Him strutting around with six pairs of legs is another. Top that with huge monstrous cocks with the beautiful set of balls attached to each one and I was in heaven.

I finally stopped, but not after almost having to comically pop my jaw back in place as I certainly gave it a good stretch after finishing momentarily. A long stream of precum dripped off my lip.

The floors behind me were covered in massive quantities of my husbands’ seed as well. I quietly thanked myself that I had convinced my man to rip out the carpets and put something that will have more longevity in the long run.

A free hand rubbed my stomach now. It went from just an average pouch to looking like I was at least 9 months overdue as he wiggled and finally poked his head out from the other side of the kitchen.

“Why’d you stop, baby? You know I love it when you suck me down. You’re the only one who can take me,” he said, his Puerto Rican accent getting slightly thicker as he reached down with his massive muscles and began stroking his frontal cock in earnest. I instantly went back to sucking his cock as I was desperate and greedy to please him.

Immediately after putting my lips on his big brown shaft I was hit with another burst of precum, sweet as honey, and after taking it in my mouth for what felt like hours, I pulled out, turned around and guided his missile straight for my ass.

I moaned loudly for my husband as I felt him stretch me in ways I can never stretch as my asshole was gaping for his cock.

I held the pair of legs in front of me to brace myself as I felt his cock stretch and thicken as he buried his cock deep inside my bowels.

I heard him moan off from the side and he mumbled in Spanish as I watched him stroke his frontal cock which only made me want him more and more. His cocks were thickening in girth and length for every second he was in me.

My hands let go of his ankles and I began jerking him off with the cock in front of me as he began fucking me at the same time.

I moaned as my fat ass was already aching but I could do nothing but accept my husband’s size. I felt his cock push my stomach out with each thrust as I licked and tasted the cum leaking out of his cock.

With some effort, I managed to guide the cock in front of me at an angle where I could suck on it and that really made an impression on my husband. I felt him cream as the cock he was jerking instantly shot forth a heavy stream of his seed.

We fucked for hours as I was getting too huge with his precum. My average body was now looking like I was carrying a yoga ball as my midsection was massively swollen.

I loved it though and I loved my husband more as I felt his legs buckler and quiver. I could tell he was ready to bust.

He managed to give me a look as I he was heaving and I instinctively pushed my ass all the way down to the base. His huge ball sac slapped me on the ass once before him heard him groan loudly as one by one his cocks erupted in all their gorgeous splendor!

Eventually the last cock inside me erupted as well and I moaned his name loudly. My ass was flooded beyond compare as I desperately didn’t want to let his seed go to waste.

I looked in front as I couldn’t say the same about his other cocks. Various kitchen appliances, countertops, and cabinets were heavily coated in my husband’s cum. His cocks bobbed up and down and with each pulse, a new stream of cum shot out.

It took over half an hour before he finally calmed down.

I ended up passing out from being so sexually overloaded but I awoke later on our bed. My husband laid next to me, nearly engulfing me with all of his muscle and size.

“Took it like a champ, baby. Go back to sleep, hun, so I can go back to clean up.”

We made out for a second and he playfully jiggled my swollen midsection before kissing me deeply. He slid off the bed from the side and gave me a sexy look before leading himself out.

I always get the best view, I thought, as I watched his legs muscles work as perfect machine, his thick thighs rolling over and carrying his weight. I counted cock after cock already swelling up even though he’d drained them some time ago before his absolute wagon of an ass was the last thing I saw.

“Life is good,” I mumbled before closing my eyes, happily passing out again shortly after.


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