by Brad Mercury

While working on his car, Eric finally decides to show his best friend the extras he can grow.

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Part 1 While working on his car, Eric finally decides to show his best friend the extras he can grow. (added: 1 May 2002)
Part 2
Eric does it again
Eric jacks off
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Part 1

Eric was working on his car. His waist and tan legs stuck out from under the front end of it as he banged around underneath the engine. He wore a raggedy pair of Vans on his feet, and as was customary with him, no socks. The banging stopped.

“Hey man, hand me that socket, will ya?” he shouted from under the car.

I sat near the toolbox as was customary and fished around inside it for the proper tool. I eventually found it. “Here ya go.”

A greasy hand extended from underneath the car and I shoved the socket into it.

“Thanks man,” he replied as he resumed working.

Eric and I had been friends and roommates for several years since we first met in the dorms. He always fascinated me with his casual attitude, and I was secretly attracted to him because of it. I was especially obsessed with his feet: He seemed to show them at every opportunity. The guy hardly ever wore shoes. When he did, he never wore socks. I always suspected there was something even more unusual about him than his casual attitude, and that it had to do with his feet.

His feet weren't especially large, about size 11, but they were perpetually tan and muscular, with long, almost finger-like toes. He picked up stuff off the ground routinely, grasping whatever object he needed or found interesting between or below those long toes. When he wasn't picking stuff off the ground, or walking, he often played with his toes, tapping his fingers on them, or cracking them like his knuckles.

“This damn starter,” he mumbled as he cranked on some bolt, shaking the car. “Ouch! Shit! Gimme a 14 millimeter wrench.”

I dug through the toolbox and produced the requested tool. “What's the matter?” I asked.

“Some engineer designed this damn thing with different size bolts just to be a pain in the ass.” Eric laughed. “At least they used metric.”

I stared at his feet, which he had now crossed. “Sounds like a typical engineer,” I said, “always trying to make things seem more complicated than they really are.” I started getting a boner, as I usually did about this time. I had assisted with many operations on the car: spark plugs, cv joints, oil changes, you name it. It gave me a great opportunity to look at Eric's feet without him knowing it, I thought.

I said, “They must've designed these things to be fixed by a fleet of people, or by one person with a buncha arms.” I had always fantasized that Eric would be able to grow more feet, but arms would stimulate me about as much and it was much easier to joke about having more hands than feet. I worked that into the conversation whenever I could and he would always laugh. This time was different.

“You know,” he said from underneath the car, “That's not a bad idea. Here, can you put this back in the toolbox for me?” his hand reached out with a wrench. I took it and stowed it in the toolbox. I looked back and he was trying, unsuccessfully, to kick off his shoes. “Uh, dude, could you take my shoes off?” This was a new one. and one that got me extremely hard. “Uh, sure,” I said and I slipped his shoes off and set them by the toolbox.

As he wiggled his toes, I felt precum oozing out of the tip of my dick. “Thanks man,” he said, “that feels awesome.” He stopped wiggling his toes and crossed his legs. That always got me off. I pictured him often sitting like that, his glorious feet prominently displayed at the center, growing pairs of arms like an Asian god.

After we both had a few beers I would ask him to take off his shoes and sit cross-legged. He usually would. I would thank him. He would shake his head, then I'd stumble back to my room and beat off.

I could hear him mumbling something underneath the car. His toes suddenly clinched and he became quiet.

“Ahhh,” he said, “Now I can get to work.” He unfolded his legs and went back to work. He seemed to work faster after that. He quickly got the old starter out and handed it to me. I took the new one out of its box and handed it to him. Then he banged and torqued and grunted away as I stared at his feet.

“Finished!” he proclaimed. I pulled my shirt down and tried to mentally deflate or hide my boner before he saw it. He unfolded his legs and started scooting out from underneath the car. “It's Miller time! I better…” he mumbled, then said, “Ahh, what the hell.”

He wiggled out from under the car. “Hey dude, what'd'ya think of my new accessories?”

I watched as he sqirmed out from the car and showed me four arms. “Pretty cool, huh?”

My jaw dropped open. He grinned and picked up his toolbox with one hand, the old starter with another, and his shoes with a third.

“Meet ya inside, dude.” he said and jogged into the apartment.

I sat behind the car on the pavement, confused and hard. I shook my head to snap myself back to reality. Then I ran inside the apartment.


Part 2

I shut the door and looked around the apartment. Eric yelled from the kitchen, “Sit down, I'm getting us some beers.”

I sat down on the floor.

I heard the refrigerator door close, then the sound of four beers being opened. Eric came walking out of the kitchen, a beer in each of his four hands. “Here ya go dude,” he said as he handed me a beer. “I figured you might need an extra one.” He sat down on the couch across the room from me and propped his bare feet up on the coffee table. He folded two of his arms and raised them up, his hands behind his head. His second right hand lifted a beer to his mouth, and he took a big swig. His second left hand rested on his crotch.

Dude…” I gasped, “what the hell…”

He swallowed his beer, then smiled and said, “Take it easy man. Don't freak out on me.”

“What do you mean, don't freak out? You're my best friend and you suddenly grow extra arms, which people aren't supposed to do. What do you expect me to do?”

“I kinda thought you'd react a little…uh…differently. They're cool, though. Don't ya think?” And he looked at his arms, then stared right at me and grinned. “Come on, man, you've been making jokes about this for three years. I know ya think this is cool…more than cool. But if you don't, I can always go back to two.”

“No.” I said quickly, “Don't do that.”

He took another big gulp of beer. “Kinda turns you on, doesn't it?” He asked, grinning.

I blushed, “Uhhh, no. I mean, kinda. Ok. Yeah, it does. How'd you know? Wait a minute…first tell me HOW.”

“You mean how I did this? One question at a time, man. First, you've been joking about this since I met you. And I've looked in the right place when you've joked about it, late at night, after a few beers. You had a big boner, dude.” He grinned widely.

He continued, “Second, I just can. After hearing your jokes for a few years, I decided it WOULD be cool to be able to grow extra arms. One night after I shroomed, my body felt all kinda rubbery. I wanted to be able to have extra arms. I got naked and sat on my bed (I always knew there was something cool about that) and I concentrated REAL hard. After a while, all of a sudden, I felt this surge of energy, kind of orgasmic like, and bingo, I had four arms. I don't know how it happened. It just did it. And I've gotten better at it since. Wanna see some more? I know ya do. You'd like to see feet and legs, right?”

I nodded silently and took a large gulp of beer.

“Thought so. Ok, man. Hang on. I gotta get prepared for this.” He finished his first beer and set the empty down on the floor. He stood up and removed his shorts, revealing his huge cock, standing about a foot erect. “Don't wanna screw up my shorts.” He said. He sat back down, naked, his feet again on the coffee table and his arms at his side. He looked at me and said, “How many?”

“How many?” I asked.

“Yeah, man, how many feet? Six enough?” He asked patiently.

“Damn, yeah.”

“Ok, six.” He sighed and closed his eyes. He took deep breaths, slowly at first, then faster. His dick stood at attention, and his right hand moved to it and gently massaged the tip, which was moist with pre-cum. One of his left hands massaged his thigh, the other his chest. His second right hand grabbed ahold of the armrest of the couch, tightly. I looked down at his feet. His toes wiggled quickly, then stopped. I looked up at his face. He grinned and said, “This feels so fucking awesome. Here ya go, six feet.”

I looked back to his feet. They had begun to stretch, to seem slightly out of phase, then quickly, all of a sudden, he had six of them.

“Dude! Can I suck on em?”

“Sure man, why do ya think I grew them? But you'll have your work cut out for you.” He grinned wider than I've ever seen, rolled his eyes back and tilted his head towards the ceiling as all his muscles tightened and he came. And as he did, he grew another six legs. We both stared at his twelve legs…twelve of the most awesome feet I've ever seen. As I leaned forward and gently started to kiss the toes on one of his feet, he leaned forward and kissed me and said, “This is just the beginning. Wait till you see what else I can do.”


Eric does it again

It was one of those gay rave parties in the desert, and someone was passing out some kind of herb. That's why there was such pandemonium, because it was some type of aphrodisiac love potion. Kevin and Rusty woke me up—the stuff had made me pass out.

“Check it out, man!” Kevin was yelling.

“Awesome!” Rusty said, looking outside the flap of our tent.

It sounded like a basketball game was going on outside, guys cheering and whistling.

Rusty and Kevin were passionately kissing each other by the time I got my shorts pulled on. I had to give then a double-take—they had been handsome before, but now they were beyond stunning, like rarefied male models, faces radiant and beautiful, lips and eyes to die for, and wonderfully muscular tall, tan male bodies. I had to push past their tanned interlocked torsos, wrapped in each others' long arms. Kevin's hand grabbed my shorts by the waist as I squeezed past.

“C'mon, man, this is so cool, join us, man!”

“Ok, maybe I will, dude, but I wanna see what all these guys are doing making all this noise outside,” I said. It turned me on that Kevin grabbed at me.

A big handsome hand came at me as Rusty tried to grab me, too. I gave the muscular swell of his long arm a squeeze and lifted the flap of the tent. I didn't remember him being this built!

“God, I love this!” Rusty was laughing as he kissed Kevin and hugged him, one of his large, beautiful hands grabbing my arm. I realized it was a fourth tanned, long-muscled arm trying to pull me to him while he and Kevin were still feeling each others' elongated, broad-shouldered torsos with what I realized were extra pairs of arms and hands—wow, what was this stuff we'd taken?!?

“Wooo-hooooooooo!!” guys were howling, doing some kind of rodeo, it looked like; at least one of the well-muscled, bare-chested tall young guys was spurring his mount onward with a cowboy hat. A very sexy and handsome crowd of attractive tall, tanned young guys, shirtless, barefoot and some stunningly naked, blocked most of the view. I realized that most of them were making love or lost in embraces with each other.

They were looking deep into each others' eyes, talking to each other, their lips brushing each others' as they talked, lost in each others' beauty. Extra pairs of handsome young hands held their faces and shoulders; while they kissed, their beautiful bodies lengthened and broadened with muscle, standing on several pairs of long, masculine legs. Giant male genitalia swelled and lengthened in pairs and clusters, aching with arousal and dripping and running with the ooze of precum.

By the blaze of bonfires I could see their full lips, white teeth, brilliant smiles and lusty eyes, and laughter and moans of passion filled the night. Jeans, shorts and briefs were being kicked off all around as guys became aroused—it made them taller and lankier on their longer, more beautiful sets of four and six legs, their gorgeous male genitalia sprouting hugely everywhere, as the broad-shouldered boys struggled to hold each other with multiple arms while their legs and genitals multiplied, throwing them off balance as their new longer legs and larger handsome feet tried to free themselves from the confines of two-legged jeans.

Enjoying the feeling of squeezing between all these powerfully muscled sweating bodies of tall multilimb guys making love to each other, I realized that in the circle around the bonfire the rodeo was not with horses, but more of these stunningly handsome multilegged guys riding other multilegged guys, feet locked around the waists and among the legs of their multiply-aroused mounts, whooping and laughing and so beautiful in their tall, tanned sweating male bodies, bare feet and bobbing genitalia everywhere.

I couldn't believe how in love everyone was, these incredibly beautiful tall young guys kissing each other and loving to be held in each others' beautiful multiple pairs of arms, so aroused and excited by each other!

I was looking for Eric—I wanted him when his body began doing this awesome transformation. I found him sitting cross-legged, alone near the edge of the party, starting into the desert, one side of his mouth turned up in a crooked smile. “Eric! Dude! Did you take some of that stuff?” I asked enthusiastically as I walked toward him, my cock hardening further than I thought possible as I stared at the tanned form of a shirtless, shoeless Eric.

Eric turned his head slowly towards me, his long brown hair falling over his bare shoulders, still wearing that crooked smile.

“Yeah, man. That stuff? Pretty awesome buzz.”

I was puzzled. The herb which had transformed the bodies of a party of horny guys seemed to have had absolutely no effect on Eric. I had always dreamed of Eric's feet. I had dreamed of Eric growing more and more of his magnificent feet, sharing their masculinity, their stunning sexuality with me.

“Dude…did anything else happen?” I asked anxiously. “Didn't you see what it did to all those guys back there?”

“What're you talking about? Dude, you're drunk or stoned or something…” he replied slowly.

I stared at his feet, his awesome feet that I had dreamed he would multiply for me. My heart sank as I realized my dream would apparently not happen despite the miracle of transformation I had just witnessed.

“But you didn't see all those dudes? Eric, they grew extra legs and arms and cocks. It was fuckin' awesome, dude!”

Eric's smile widened as he looked straight at me and asked, “You think that's cool, dude? Extra legs and arms? That kinda thing?”

Desperately, with a twinge of guilt, I replied quietly, “Yeah, man. Don't you?”

“You think it'd be cool if I grew more legs, more feet?” he asked.

I looked down at his feet, then back up at his face. Eric smiled. He turned his body slowly around and slid his tanned, size 12 feet into my lap.

He gently grabbed my shoulders and pulled my face towards me. We kissed deeply. I felt his feet in my lap caressing me, growing heavier, warmer as the caressing increased, spread over the lower part of my body.

When we released, I looked down at his feet. There were six of them in my lap.

I looked at Eric, astonished, overwhelmed. “I knew you tried some of that stuff…”I said.

“No, dude,” Eric said quietly. “I didn't. It wasn't that herb that made all those dudes grow. It was me…”

“I don't need a herb to do this,” he said, smiling at me. “My body keeps growing itself to please you. My body just adapts to contain my love, and the more I have for you, the more my body needs to grow for you.”

“I thought you might like seeing all your buds like that,” he added, a sparkle in his eyes to go with the lopsided smile.”

“Oh, man, Eric, I did! You are so fucking awesome!!”

He had become taller and more muscular just in the time since I found him, and as I relaxed in the realization that Eric was doing all of this, I let myself go with his flow. I found myself growing broader shoulders and another pair of arms (all my arms were becoming longer and more muscular, as well as my legs—sure enough, and it felt very sexy, I had four legs now!) “This is awesome, dude,” I told him. I was out of my mind over him.

He took the lighter road, as he always did. It was his style.

“Hey, check me out,” he laughed, surveying his longer, more muscular arms and legs, enjoying his new height.

“I'm a six-legged humantaur! Would a four-legged guy like a ride on me?”

I was in near-swoon feeling my four sweat-smoothed legs and multiple genitals sliding up over his beautiful six-legged hindquarters, and my own towering torso leaned against his, savoring his scent and the gentle feel of his four hands lifting me onto him and holding my legs and arms to him.

I was resting my face on his shoulders and neck. It felt so nice to be astride him, feeling my legs and genitals being jogged by the smooth motion of his six legs moving beneath me, carrying me along. We were heading towards the tent. The rodeo had died down as had the bonfire, and the gentle light of the flickering flames let shadows play upon the dozens of gentle muscular youths who lay together, entwined in their many pairs of long arms and legs. It was beautiful to see.

Already I could see our tent, piled high with the sleeping limbs of Kevin and Rusty, as their beautiful bodies slumbered together.

“I'd like to massage your feet,” I told Eric. “You're so awesome with six of them!”

“Done deal,” Eric said. “By the time we get to the tent, I'm gonna have even more for you!”


Eric jacks off

It was a warm afternoon, and I was feeling extremely horny. I liked being barefoot and shirtless, my jeans partly unzipped. I was looking for Eric. He'd been naked and aroused all day, and I could think only of him and his wonderful body. I enjoyed the feel of the cool tile on my bare feet as I moved along on them, approaching our bedroom where I'd heard him breathing deeply.

“What are you doing?” I asked Eric.

“I'm jacking off,” he said. He was awesome, his broad-shouldered body sprawled naked across the unmade bed, his legs lazily splayed, the big gorgeous male feet jealously touching each other, as if they didn't want to let each other go.

And he had a beautiful, waggling boner in his hand, growing bigger and waggling slower as it became huge. I was amazed at his beautiful sexuality, and I loved seeing him aroused (he knew I loved it, which is why he did it for me).

“What do you think of when you jack off?” I asked, getting hard myself, inside my jeans.

“You know,” he said, with a smile in his sexy voice. “Feet.” Eric was breathing deeply as he beat himself off, his huge boner growing as he became turned on.

“Extra feet, big feet, beautiful male feet, having several feet, falling in love with feet, being teased by feet, finding feet buried in the sheets, kissing big guy feet and loving them, making them multiply all over me,” he said.

His boner was bigger than ever as he talked about it, his eyes closed, his face beautiful in repose as his beautiful lips formed the words that portrayed his desires and dreams.

“Mmmm, four feet . .” he moaned with pleasure, and his beautiful feet became four, as his four naked legs sprawled in a beautiful male pile, all over the unmade bed.

“Eric!” I said, bone hard now—“Your feet! You have four feet, man!”

He slightly opened one lazy eye and looked at me, smiling. “Don't make me lose my concentration, dude; it's for you but I gotta keep my mind on it…”

He closed the eye and breathed deeply and gently, letting the four beautiful feet caress one another. He was imaginging feet, and I loved to hear his sexy male voice as he beat his big boner off, making it bigger and bigger. “… oh, big ol' feet, half a dozen big heavy good-lookin' male feet, big sexy feeet…”

He was gently but rhythmically beating his big boner, and the thing looked like it was loving it, still waggling, but getting into being bigger and heavier. It was a beautiful boner, and it got bigger as Eric breathed, hummed and sighed, saying, “big, beautiful feet…”

I had to fetch my own boner out of my jeans, and I started beating off, too—and wow—my boner had never been this big! It was almost as big as Eric's—and pliable and waggling as I beat it, growing and promising to grow bigger.

I was really aroused!

Then I noticed Eric's big feet all healthy and strong, big male feet, so relaxed and sexy, looking like they wanted to have sex with each other; now there were about ten of them, I was too turned on to count, a big pile of long legs belonging to Eric, and big relaxed male feet all loving to touch each other.

“Fuckin' awesome,” Eric smiled, eyes closed, “I've got feet on my chest, I love it…” and he did, a few big, heavy handsome free-standing feet all by themselves, weighing heavily on his chest and shoulders, a couple by his neck, as he beat his huge, growing hardon. Keeping his eyes closed, he turned his neck sideways and kissed the big feet lazily resting there, and nuzzled them with his lips and chin. He let the some of the big feet on his chest roll stupidly down between his torso and his arm, and squeezed the big guys affectionately against him with his arm, and they were loving it, looking so relaxed and sexy, glowing and muscular, such heavy, big good looking male feet, all over Eric.

Some of them were kind of tossed in among his legs, I noticed, as I beat my huge penis, wanting to come in the worst way, wild about the way he had extra “big ol'feet” comfortably tumbled in among the twelve male beauties lazily enjoying themselves from where they splayed at the ankles of his big, long tan legs. The legs themselves looked turned on, smoothing themselves against each other gently, rolling the extra feet among them as they moved, the big sexy feet tumbling and getting squished among the bountiful legs and the other big beautiful clumsily tumbling male feet.

“Ohhhh…” Eric moaned, doing his nipples with his fingertips. I noticed he had two nice hands doing his nipples while he beat off his giant dick with another pair of hands, his four long, tanned arms alternating the beatoff job with caressing and picking up stray big feet, to bring to his lips to kiss and nuzzle. He was beating his giant cock faster and faster, and I realized he now had one huge cock in each of his two jacking hands, while his other hands did his nipples and found big stray feet to grab and kiss.

He was moaning and groaning with pleasure, and so was I.

“Fuck, man, check out your feet,” Eric said to me mid-moan, sounding crazed and about to come. I was beating off and about to come, too, and I realized I was looking down at my own bare feet, six of them. They were really handsome, and huge! I couldn't believe they were mine! My jeans had naturally changed to accommodate my six legs. “Fuuuuuckkk!!” I said—“I looove itt!!!” I realized I could suck my dick, it was that huge now, and I had a couple more huge dicks sprouting, and found I had hands enough for all my dicks. Fuck! I was fucking out of my mind, loving this!!!

“Dude,” Eric said, flushed and sounding desperate, urgent, turned on—I'd never heard him sound like that, and it was giving me heart attacks, it was so sexy—“I gotta fuck these feet, fuck me while I fuck'em, wouldja please? Please?”

He knew I would—he'd rolled over on top of what was now a huge pile of gigantic, beautiful male feet and was plunging his penises among them—actually, he had several huge, gushing penises now, and his long muscled legs were sweating as they slid over each other, as he thrust his huge come-soaked dicks in among the flushed, sweating piles of beautiful, stupid male feet, fucking them as hard as he could, the feet loving it, loving being piled among each other, loving toppling stupidly among the long leg muscles as Eric groaned and screamed, soaking the huge pile of giant male feet with hot, reeking, delicious pungent glazed wads of come, as he screamed and groaned.

I realized I was groaning and screaming as I fucked Eric's bountiful gleaming come-glazed asses with my own plethora of gigantic jacking penises, while I greedily grabbed big stray warm beautiful feet and crushed them to me, kissing them insanely, loving their wonderful fleshy tang and their warmth against my face and body, and loving being among Eric's long, sleek-muscled legs, dozens of big beautiful feet seeming to press against me from underneath me and rain on top of me, Eric screaming beneath me, muffled and insane with pleasure, my face against his back, feet between my face and his back, kissing the feet, fucking Eric, Eric fucking himself and his feet, fucking myself, hot sloppy come steaming and oozing everywhere as more come spouted endlessly from endless penises buried among the delighted, sexy, come-soaked male feet. I was about to really explode almost painfully with orgasm when I felt Eric's lips against mine, tasting of come; he'd turned his chest beneath me and was kissing me, squeezing me with his four arms, kissing the hot, beautiful feet all around him and kissing me, coming like a madman.

I was coming, too, and I exploded. “I love you!!!!” It was screamed, and I realized it was Eric and I who said it. I kissed him, tasting our come and our tears. We must have come for hours.

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