David's Legs

David’s six legs

by Josh Dugan

For the one he loves, David is happy to multiply his beautiful arms and legs, and and even to make them all pleasingly clumsy by getting himself tipsy.

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I had dreamed of David often, especially since I had told him how beautiful his legs were. And they were beautiful, long and smooth-muscled, with a gentle swell of calf and thigh.

We were madly in love, and I couldn't get enough of his wonderful legs.

“I would love it if you had six of these wonderful legs,” I said, as I rested my cheek on his sweet, smooth thighs. They radiated warmth from beneath the cool, firm surface of his skin, and I felt the long muscles twitch involuntarily. His wonderful penis stirred itself at the thought.

“If I had six legs, I'd wrap them around you,” he said, thoughtfully, becoming turned on.

“Mmmm,” I replied, really aroused, and nuzzling the beautiful pair of legs he offered me.

My dreams brought David to me on a graceful platoon of beautiful legs, a handsome human centipede quietly moving, with silken hips grinding against the legs pressed against them, only the final pair of hips naked and uncrowded by the press of legs.

I would playfully mount the graceful legs, feeling the gentle muscular bubble-butts and their gentle undulating motion beneath my own legs as I rode my beautiful David, holding onto his statuesque shoulders as he laughed and enjoyed my weight on his legs.

I awoke from my dream aroused and weighted heavily by David's wonderful, long-muscled legs as he slept, their male beauty gently clasping me. I was wonderfully surrounded by warmth and his arousing scent, and I felt myself stirred to full arousal. I raised my head from the thigh-pillow of one of David's lovely male legs, only to bump my cheek against another beautiful leg.

It gradually dawned on me that I felt warmth and beauty snuggled all around me as I woke up.

It was incredible—the legs had me surrounded and gently enwrapped—all six of them! Beautiful feet rested snuggled against mine, beautiful legs slumbered in a warm tangle among around my own legs as David's beautiful body slept in my arms.

It was so hard to move, and so hard to want to move.

I couldn't help kissing the big, graceful legs as I patiently lifted some of them from me, and I slid far enough forward to kiss my beautiful David's slumbering lips. They immediately came alive under my kiss, and as his dark, lovely eyes opened I knew he knew.

He smiled, hugging me with long, gentle arms, his beautiful hands everywhere on me!

“It wouldn't be balanced without the extra arms!” he laughed.

I reveled, my mind spinning as his beautiful hands held my face, long fingers combing through my hair, other gentle hands holding my shoulders and the third pair gently holding my waist and hips.

I grabbed the four big, handsome hands and kissed them, loving the wrists, the palms, the beautiful, long fingers. The arms lazily fell against me and each other, and with his third pair David pulled my waist hard against his.

“Oh, David!” I said, nearly swooning and burying my lips in his, lost in his arms and wanting his legs at the same time.

We kissed ardently, wordlessly, seeming to float in a world of male warmth and beauty as he gently surrounded and caressed me. From then on I could never take my eyes off him, the beautiful feet that casually stood on each other as he reached for items from the high shelves of the closet, the legs that enviably lay all over each other as he watched TV, the long, gorgeous arms that relaxed against each other, tucked three to a sleeve in his white terrycloth robe as he lay next to me as we passed the morning paper sections back and forth to each other.

He was a beautiful running partner, preferring to run barefoot, and I seemed to see the six athletic feet in slow motion as they beat the earth with their muscular beauty, raised up and lowered on the ferris wheel of his long-legged strides.

Together we would share the massaging duties, and my hands never tired of working the wonderful leg and foot muscles, as his six strong hands never tired of them either, or of massaging my own legs, for that matter!

In love we were welded together for hours at a time, for with his tremendous male energy and strength, he was easily aroused, and all three penises seemed to have no end of arousal—they were huge!

It was often hard to feel hungry at breakfast after feeding on his huge ejaculations, but with the slightest excuse I'd be back at his penises, wrapping myself among the wonderful six legs as he laughed and came some more!

I could not get enough of David's wonderful legs, and he used them beautifully as instruments of love, just as he endlessly pumped me full of his raging love. I was absolutely insane about him, and unable to leave the three magnificent penises alone as I worked them and sucked them down one after the other or all at once. It seemed that our bodies lived only for the nourishment of our awesome love as the days passed on into endless, aroused years.

Once, as an experiment, he got drunk for me, to see how well he could maintain his balance on his six beautiful legs. Happily, he needed me to hold him as his magnificent legs became clumsy, and with him stupid and beautiful in my arms I ravished his glorious body, his six wonderful arms and six glorious legs.

I came deep within his first ass as I kissed his numb, smiling lips, loving his sweet weight drunkenly upon me.

“I love you,” he smiled, heavily relaxed and very clumsy upon me. I kissed my wonderful David again, coming mightily deep inside his wonderful maleness.

“Thanks,” I said, when I had recovered somewhat from the powerful jolts of love that welded David and I together, for all time. “I love you, too.”

I held him and his wonderful body against me, and in my heart I meant what I said.

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