Gentle touch

by Josh Dugan

 Beautiful David is happy to shape-shift to order.

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“I can be whatever you want me to be,” David told me late one night as we rested together. “You can have me any way you want me.”

I held him, his gentle tall body slender and sweet in my arms. “You know I have a thing for your arms and legs,” I laughed, feeling myself grow hard at the thought of him being willing to please me. He was already so beautiful that while being with him aroused me, it also left me feeling turned on that he would be willing to do special things for me.

“I liked the time you got drunk for me,” I said, and he laughed gently. “That was nice,” he said. “I thought so too,” I laughed. It had been so erotic to hold David's beautiful body while it was relaxed and somewhat clumsy, and to kiss his sweet, beautiful lips while they clumsily spoke to me. I would kiss them and feel them still trying to form words, as David's reactions slowed from the sweet wine, and he would be caught in slow surprise when his words were lost in my kiss.

He had laughed boyishly as he came up for air, gentle and slightly dizzy in the embrace of my aroused body.

He knew how it turned me on in an odd and arousing way when he was drunk, and it was so sweet of him to let his beautiful body become partly helpless for me. How I came in him, plunged into him, and enjoyed his warm, sweet, gentle gift, as the beautiful body shook with his quiet, drunken giggles!

At different times he had shape-shifted for me, as well. For some reason, this was incredibly arousing to me. His island ancestors had been of a priestly caste, and while no one in his family had either the talent or the inclination to carry out the traditions, David had been born with the magic.

The first time I discovered this was when we were alone together, and I was kissing his beautiful, long-fingered hands. They turned me on so much, and their touch was both warming and gently cooling at the same time. The fingers were strong and very gentle and sensitive, very fine and silken in their touch. “Hold on,” he said, his handsome nude body cross-legged on the bed with me. He gave his wrists a couple good shakes while his beautiful lips murmured a beautiful phrase, and suddenly the big hands hung relaxed at the end of them, two on each wrist. “How's that?” he said, holding the hands up and looking at them appraisingly, pleased. All I remember saying is “Wow”, and I grabbed the hands and kissed them, warm and gentle on my lips as they gently held my own hands. I buried my face in them as David laughed gently, and I came and came involuntarily, lost in his beautiful warm, gentle hands.

I could not stop staring at them, and David glowed with pleasure as I held them and kissed them.

We decided that it would be easier for him to use them if he had four arms as well. With a couple good shakes from the shoulders, he accomplished that, and we broke the new arms in with a wonderful, christening hug. “Mmmmm” I said, loving his strong four-armed hug around my muscular torso. “You'll have to take up piano,” I said. “I'd rather play you,” he laughed, hugging me tighter.

I guess I was pretty much always turned on after that. I loved the sight of the well-shaped, well-developed hands no matter what they were doing—massaging me, sometimes jerking me off, or just hanging provocatively at his smooth-flanked sides. I would hold his sweet body to mine, our massive hardons restless against one another, and pull the arms around me in a wonderful hug, while he swayed with the arousal of our kiss.

One night as we lay together, I idly looked at his beautiful, long body. “What about legs?” I asked. “Would you feel more balanced with four legs as well?”

“Oh…” he said, startled and seeming to swoon, as his comfortably relaxed penis began to swell. “You okay?” I asked. “Fine..” he said, flushing. “It's just such an erotic thought. I would love to have extra legs for you,” he said, his long-muscled legs smoothing against each other as his hardon grew.

It turned me on to see him turned on, and I liked finding a line of thought that was erotic to him. “You have such beautiful legs, and such handsome feet,” I said. “what if you had six of them?” He was hot, visibly swaying. “If I had six legs,” he said, “I'd wrap them around you…”

I don't know who was more turned on, David or me, but I kissed David's full, wonderful lips and felt them moving under my lips just as they did when he was helpless with wine, as they pronounced a gentle, loving phrase. His back arched and he moaned, and amid the shifting rustle of bedsheets I slid down his lovely male body and kissed his warm, powerful hardon and balls as his long legs raised themselves over my shoulders and caressed my ears with their sweet, wonderful inner thighs, while a second and third pair heavily and gently took their places wrapped around my back and my butt respectively.

I wanted to swoon and I felt my face red and hot with arousal against the warm sweetness of his silken, muscular, male-smelling thighs. I had no choice but to plunge my lips over his magnificent hardon as the lovely human male spider wrapped his strong, beautiful six legs around me. I sucked and feasted on him and his powerful jets of hot, molten come as the bed groaned with the weight of the extra legs, shifting gently around me, finding comfortable resting positions. I was nearly insane with so much of David's beauty surrounding me and holding my powerful body helpless in his loving grasp. Awakening from a deep and wonderful sleep, I was immediately aroused with the weight and warmth of David's handsome legs as they held me in his slumber. As I moved to get a better look at them, he awoke, and his beautiful penis swelled again. To my arousal and delight, beautiful penises swelled between the second and third pairs of legs as well. By the time I had sucked my way through the second exploding hardon to the third, I came again, feeling drunk with the powerful taste of his come. The coming of the last hardon turned him on so much that the front and middle hardons had become huge again, and I had to suck them down again, as well as the third again. Then David shifted on his magnificent team of legs and sucked me off again, and I came like I never came before.

As the days passed I loved seeing him, his tall legs stately and elegant and so sexy as they walked in a gentle, arousing parade of shapely muscle and beautiful, beautiful feet. We laughed as he tried on his white terrycloth robe, the sleeves bulging with the burden of two long, graceful arms inside each one, and he looked something like a sexy centaur or centipede as the robe draped down his spine and out over the handsome extra hinds. I wished I had six legs too, to plunge my three hardons into his three handsome asses. I mentioned that to him, and we laughed again as his three hardons roused to the thought of it. “It's so confusing to walk like this!” he laughed, as his legs twitched uncomfortably with the burden of the three intrusive hardons bumping and knocking about among all the legs.

I took off the terrycloth robe and kissed his four hands, and before I knew it I was sucking his nipples as the handsome arms were around me again, and then we were in bed again, with his garden of hardons begging to come. I plunged my ass over his hindmost hardon and sucked his frontmost, pounding his middle hardon and my hardon with my hands. He screamed with pleasure, the powerful male legs spasming against me as his magnificent body bucked like a stallion.

He screamed as I screamed, multiple geysers of come erupting at once in my mouth, ass and hands. I could not stop coming, and neither could he, and finally I was able to catch my breath as we stopped pulsing. It was pleasant as we both lay there, exhausted, and I dutifully licked up as much come as I could from my hands and dick and his middle dick. It tasted so goood!

Sometimes he does other shape shifting for me, but I like him like this because it turns him on to do it for me. I came home once to find him drunk for me, and as an extra surprise he had spread himself out on the couch, with six pairs of legs clumsily sprawled in their long-muscled beauty along the cushions of the lengthy sofa. He was swaying gently, confused by the task of paring his nails, and I noticed the glorious array of eight handsome arms as he tried to manipulate an emery board among so many handsome, inept hands. I don’t think I ever stopped coming that night, and I'm certain he didn't. I had to finally stop sucking him down out of sheer delighted exhaustion and fullness, with yet more of his huge hardons remaining aching and unsucked, and we both laughed about it as we fell asleep, his wonderful limbs cocooning me in their male gentleness.

I awoke in the middle of the night, thirsty from all the come. As I returned from the kitchen, he looked at me and smiled gently, still tipsy. “Would you like me all legs?” he asked sweetly. Again, I don’t remember saying anything but “Wow”.

It wasn't then, but another time that he did that for me. I wasn’t prepared for the effect it had on me, but I'll never forget it. He did it for me once while I slept. It must have been my birthday or something special like that, because he went all out. I awoke in my accustomed favorite place, snuggled among all his beautiful legs. I guess the motion had awakened me, but I wasn’t sure what it was, and kept half-awakening and falling to sleep again. By the time I was fully awake, I realized that his beautiful legs were longer and larger than before. The handsome feet were huge and pendulous. And that's all there were—legs, feet, and, of course, penises, all huge and arousing. He was all legs, a beautiful wheel of large, beautiful legs.

At first it sort of freaked me out, while turning me on at the same time, and he must have sensed it, because several of the beautiful legs and feet gently held me and caressed me reassuringly.

I got up with difficulty because the plenitude of beautiful David-legs totally turned me on. I grabbed a couple of the feet and said, “Stand up, David, let's have a look at you.” I pulled against the feet and the rest of them struggled to coordinate.

Sure enough, the legs were taller—about six feet tall. He had arranged his legs in a wheel shape, kind of like the cover of the Dancing Wu Li Masters book, only with more legs and sexier. As I helped him to his, ahem, feet, I was astonished by his size and weight. About eight of the feet were on the floor at any time, the rest lazily riding each other up and over the top of the wheel, the topmost feet brushing the high ceiling of our bedroom, and the remainder of the leg pairs piled against each other down to those on the floor.

David could walk the legs or roll like a wheel, an erotic ferris wheel of huge, beautiful feet coming down to kiss the floor as their counterparts lifted off to sail over the top of the leg-wheel.

It was pretty odd but still beautiful, and as he stopped wheeling over to me, he grabbed me gently like a sexy sea anemone with a a half dozen handsome legs. I loved the feet as they held me, as all the others splayed in mid air or muscularly grabbed the floor.

I let the legs hug me close, and soon I was aware of the brooding warmth of the penises as they swelled. “Come on, David,” I said, incredibly hard now, and I led the beautiful leg-guy over to the bed and let the legs gently lower onto it. “I'm going to make you come, dude,” I said. The huge, beautiful legs held me gently, their manly odor so sweet and strong. It was going to be a long night's work.

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