Dragon’s Horde: Five-fold drunker

by STrRedWolf

One should always check for interaction warnings on medications they take… especially if they interact with the special drink shots served at the Dragon’s Horde.

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A dull light shone onto a couch loaded with passed-out fox, the result of a lost night… and all the fox did was snooze.

A cerberus feline came over and shook his heads at the sight. The fox had sprawled all over the couch, but achieved a new level of sprawl-age: Five heads rested on a nearby easy-chair, with their necks going into a widened pair of shoulders. Five rows of pecs followed, connected to five pairs of arms. A lengthy set of abs, a ten-pack, splitting into two and connecting to three columns sporting five legs each, giving ten sets of cocks and balls a good arrangement. Ten tails in two groups of five. A twenty-five limbed fox… passed out.

The nine-limbed, three headed feline then went into the kitchen, and looked at the K-Cup machine. He started a mug for himself and then pulled out the regular drip coffee maker. The feline cleaned it out, plugged it in, and set up a more powerful blend of coffee for the fox.

Once his coffee was made, the feline took a few sips, and looked at the fox again. From there, an evil idea formed in the felines head. He set his coffee down, knelt down by the fox’s fifteen feet, and proceeded to nuzzle them.

It felt good. Paws rubbing up against the muzzles of the feline, poking the paw-pads and toe beans, it made the feline triple purr loudly. He then started locking a paw, followed by another, and then a third.

The fox stirred awake, churring himself. A vulpine head opened his eyes, looking, and said, “Ughhh… dude… Peter… what…”

The feline purred, “Good morning-soon-afternoon. You got soft paws, Brian.”

“Yes… Ugh… help me locate something…” Brian said.

“Heavy hangover?” Peter said.

“Yeah…” another head of Brian’s said.

Peter gave three paws another lick, and then got up. He opened up the fridge, grabbed a six-pack of Gatorade, and closed it. Peter then walked back into the living room where he found Brian shifting to a more up-right position… before having to sit lengthwise on the couch. Holding all five heads in individual hands, Brian moaned, “What… what happened last night?”

“Drink first,” Peter said holding up open bottles of Gatorade. Brian grabbed all five bottles and drank them down. He then set them carefully down, and scratched all his heads.

“Okay, a bit better. Still need some headache powder but…” Brian said with all five heads.

“It’ll take a while,” Peter said. “You had a bender at the Dragon’s Horde… and then you drank all the booze and spirits that were in the house.”

“Yeah… did I take my ADHD meds?” Brian said.

“Since you returned? No.”

“Feels like I did. Or at least there’s more capacity to handle things. Maybe more multitasking? I dunno… I gotta hit the head.”

“Given what you got…”

“Feels like I gotta go twice over…” Brian said, getting up on his fifteen paws, and slowly making his way to the bathroom. The vulpine entered in, and closed the door.

Peter prayed that there would be no mess.

“Hey Peter?” Brian called out, five-fold.

Peter grimaced and yowled in triplicate “Yes?”

“I take back all the things I said about the conjoined toilets.”

“You didn’t…”

“Nah dude. Front only… but man, did I grow! I must have like foot… foot and a half of cock on all my cocks. And… shit, clothing. Nothing I have is going to fit.”

“I know a place.”

“How am I going to…?”

“They have a traveling tailor service. It’s what I used.”

“Yeah, give them a call. I’m going to get a shower…”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Todd, a beefy six-armed, six-paw drive hextaur of a fox, checked and double-checked the order he served the night before at the Dragon’s Horde. This cute fox only was supposed to be one-upped… but he cut him off after five beers and signs of deep intoxication. The fox didn’t like it, but he took the ride home… and yet the fox was back, four-upped, and looking snazzy, with Peter the reporter.

“Hmmm… this is weird,” Todd said. “Let me get the boss here.” He swung his hextaur lower body from one side to another, and trotted over to the office. A short chat later, an equally beefy dragon in a three piece suit came out.

“Peter, you know Cyren, right?” Todd asked.

“Of course,” Peter answered. “When I did the story when the bar was overloaded after that CCR concert. It’s how I got triplicated.”

“So what’s going on?” Cyren asked.

“This is Brian,” Peter said. “He turned into a twenty-five limbed fox.”

“Hi,” Brian said, five-fold.

“I mixed up only enough to double up and three leg him,” Todd added. “I have the order pulled up on the screen.”

Cyren went over and looked… “Brian… Ferrinter, Octopod, Cerya, in a pilsner… then four more plain pilsners… at least you paid your tab.”

Brian said “Yeah… don’t remember that. Don’t remember much after beer number three. Kinda wondering how I got home.”

“You asked I call a number for a ride,” Todd said. “It went to Peter’s cell phone. He picked you up.”

“Huh… must of been too drunk to use a ride share app.”

Cyren hmmmed and asked “You on any medications? Like for ADHD?”

“Yeah, was on some meds for ADHD because I couldn’t concentrate on anything,” Brian said with one head. Another head said “Well… up to today. Completely missed my schedule.” A third said “Feels like I got enough mental capacity to handle things now, though.” A fourth added “Got all my rental property finances taken care of, scheduled maintenance for them finally, hope I’m not too late with them.” A fifth said “Got some good headway on my next novel as well!”

“You manage property?” Cyren asked.

Brian said “Yeah, I amassed some rental properties and try to run them… heh, I saw I was turning a bit draconic. Maybe I’m hording properties.”

“Who’s your doctor?”

“Doc Greystone. Affiliated with the state hospital.”

“Good man. I’ll give him a call. Don’t take the meds anymore. It reacted with the shots… and possibly in a good way for you.”

“Tell me about it. Peter spent the morning rubbing all over my feet. All fifteen of them!”

“Tell me you didn’t like it,” Peter purred.

“Oh gawd, Peter does good paw massages…” Brian barked. “I may need to write some short stories about it.”

“Why don’t you tell me more about your stories,” Todd said, “while Doc Cyren settles things with your doctor?”

Cyren hehed, said, “Good idea,” and went back into the office. He knew full well a better life was in store to a new patron of the Dragon’s Horde.

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