Dragon’s Horde: Lowered into the drink

by STrRedWolf

Be careful what you drink, because you may become the monster of your dreams before paying the price... your bar tab.

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The cartoons had started when a black wolf awoke. He had visited the Dragon’s Horde the night before, after a heavy work-out, for a bit of a night cap…. but he had forgotten how he got back home. Slowly he stirred… slowly opening his eyes. Damn hangover, he thought through the haze. Nnnngggh, it felt like his head was buried so deep into his body it popped out at his crotch. He stretched up, working out the kinks in a frame that filled the couch even though he was sitting on it… and tried to touch his head.

He tried. He found shoulders. No neck, no head. Just huge, beefy, mountainous shoulders… and another two pair of hands feeling them as well.

Something was off, he thought. He was looking at the television, with what looked like to be kneecaps in his vision… six of them. He decided that he needed to get up… and drink the Gatorade that was in front of him. A note was taped to one of them. He slowly focused and made out “Go look at yourself in the mirror before drinking.—Terry @ Dragon’s Horde.”

He looked around, and found beefy leg to the sides of his face. A new sensation that didn’t quite register yet. He felt around, finding the couch’s sides, and slowly lifted himself up onto his six paws. Slowly, he found his balance, and saw everything was of a lower perspective.

“Yeah, mirror,” he muttered. He grabbed one of the Gatorades and headed carefully to the bathroom. He found himself having to move sideways through each door and down a thankfully short hallway into the bathroom where a full-length mirror was there…

…where reality presented itself. The black wolf’s head had relocated to his crotch for good reason. His body was so inundated with muscle that it would have swallowed his head. His shoulder traps were bulging out so much, they were in danger of brushing up against all the door frames. Six monstrous arms had grown as well, and six beefed-up legs kept him upright. He felt his head, mrrrfing at the sensation of patting himself. Lifting it up, he saw his cock and balls, sitting right under and behind his head where his two pairs of rear legs began, hanging larger and heavier than they were before.

“Oooohhhh….” he said aloud. ”…that explains things.” He took a good hefty swig from the Gatorade, tails swinging around. He then turned to his side, examining how thick he had become. His chest had stacked up and bulged out into a double shelf, with his torso a thick column of muscle, his head easily nestled in his front legs, the rear four right behind. Three tails wagged as his shaft stiffened up, and pushed out past his muzzle and out a good foot and a half past his nose, thicker than a two liter bottle of soda.

“Josh,” he said to himself, “You’ve become a beautiful handsome monster, you cock sucker you.” He moved, massaging his cock, and relieved himself.

Afterwards, he looked at the note again, turning it over. On the back was a coupon for Gwen’s, and a number for “just transformed” service. His hangover was clearing and he said, “Yeah, nothing’s going to fit now. Breakfast, then I’ll call. I got a lot of adaptation work to do.”

Archie peaked out from the office to find Dan looking a bit worried… and he knew what was going on.

“Hey, Dan?” the double-headed, six armed doberman called with one of his heads. “Still worried about that drink you served to that black wolf?”

“Yeah,” Dan said, the dragon folding his six arms together. “I hope I didn’t throw a delayed Wilhelm here. I checked, granted, but…”

“What did you mix?”

“A Lowered Stryku with a Treypod, two Taurcents, two Octopods, and two Sune of Kits. I got this feeling that was what the guy wanted… and I think I made the Stryku a bit too strong.”

“You mean you recreated a MeanGreen?”


Cyren, a dragon so muscled up everything he wore had to be tailored, leaned out of the door and said “You recreated a MeanGreen?”

“I don’t know. I was mixing a Stryku… I think I tripled up an ingredient.”

“Okay, who was—”

That was when the door to the Dragon’s Horde opened, with Josh and Red, a triplicated-in-one-bod, stretched out, hypersized red wolf, entering in the pub. Dan noticed, and said, “Him! I’d recognize that black wolf… man, did I slip you a mickey.”

“Heya!” Josh said, pawing in with headless tee-shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts accommodating his head and pulling off a three-in-one with its legs.

“Hey Dan!” Red called up. ”Kathy told me about Tani, but I guess I got Josh here… and he’s liking the look!”

“Yeah,” Josh added as they walked up to the bar. ”I’m nice and thick and huge and, hell, I bet the kids will scream at the sight if I go devilish.”

Dan motioned over to where the long legged seating was next to the bar, and said “Yeah, me and my boss Cyren was wondering what happened to you. I think I made your drink a bit too strong.”

“But I took it well. Man, how much beer did I drink?” Josh asked.

“You downed a good eight beers before we cut you off at closing time. Terry walked you home.”

“I think I remember that… two people were helping me I think.”

Two heads poked out from the kitchen door. ”Someone call me?” they asked in unison.

“Just mentioning you, Terry,” Dan answered.

“Okay,” Terry said with one head. He snaked an arm out the door and said, “Did that guy pay his tab?”

“Wait, are you—?” Josh turned and said.

“Yeah, there’s three of me.” Terry said. ”The other one is sick, and I’m kinda slow in the head today, so it’s two of me in the kitchen.”

“You need help inside there?” Cyren said.

“Yeah, another line chef or two. I’m barely able to keep up with orders.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Cyren replied before turning to Archie and nodding. Archie walked back into the office.

“A chef for this place?” Josh said.

“Correct,” Cyren said.

“I may have someone in mind.” Josh said, pulling out a large smartphone that looked small on him. ”Give me a minute and hand me a Coke…”

Cyren turned his head to the side and said, “Dan, you didn’t mix a MeanGrean. He’s too short.”

Officer Robert came in, off duty and in regular clothing… as regular as a nearly 12’ tall uber-muscled sabertooth bobcat could, fitting through the oversized doors.

“Rob!” Cyren said as the hulk of a feline plopped himself down on a reinforced stool. “Glad you could make it. Looks like you’re topping out.”

“I hope so. I had to get custom sunglasses now because my head’s expanding.”

“Yeah, the MeanGrean I gave ‘ya has some secondary effects. You get a bit of a neck as well. But here’s why I called you.” Cyren thumbed over to Josh.

“Trouble?” Rob said before turning, and noticing the headless shoulders.

“Oh hi!” Josh said, his head moving up slightly, and giving Robert a scare.

“Damn, I…”

“We’re fine, Rob.” Cyren said in a reassuring tone. “I needed you for a bit of comparison. You see, Dan’s going through med school…”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen him around the campus in the morning. I’m now working my patrols there at the Med and Tech college. Always morning classes.”

Dan came out from the supply room, saying, “Okay, the new keg is tapped and whoa… Officer, you’ve grown!” He was taken aback by Rob’s sheer size.

“Dan, this is the difference between a MeanGreen and a strong Styren,” Cyren started. ”MeanGreen adds structure. Styren just adds muscle.”

“I’d say. Must of added a ton of bone just to get that.”

“Plus, it makes sure never to swallow the head.”

Josh commented, “Makes me glad I got lowered, or else…”

Dan shuddered and said, “Don’t say it. I’m glad I mixed it that way too.”

“But I’ll be fine. Did I mention what my job is?”

“You didn’t,” Dan said as he moved behind the counter and washed up. ”Whatcha do?”

“Head headhunter. I run a job placement firm. Cyren, I called a few folks to come in and try out for kitchen staff, if you’re willing to open a few positions.”

Cyren hmmmed, stroking his muzzle, before saying “Yeah, let me talk with Terry. I hope they don’t mind triplets.”

“I gave them the warning. A couple are actually enthusiastic about it.”

“In that case,” Cyren grinned and turned. ”Archie! Check the budget! I’m hiring Josh’s company for finding kitchen staff!” And so more help was given to the staff and patrons of the Dragon’s Horde Inn.

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