Armfuls of feet

by James Fourlegs

Eric really pumps out feet for his lover.

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Part 1 Eric really pumps out feet for his lover. (added: 1 May 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

“Dude, I've got extra feet for you,” Eric said, his voice warm with promise. I had been asleep, the light comforter only partly covering me that warm morning, lying nude on my stomach, and my naked shoulder blades felt his warm prods to wake me up.”

“Mmmmmm, sounds nice,” I mumbled, instantly hard. I visualized his tall body, splendid with several pairs of flawless muscular legs and Eric's own especially beautiful big guy-feet, shifting expectantly, waiting for me to see and hold them. I guess I was starting to dream of them, because I awoke again to gentle warm pressure on my back, all over my back. It felt so good.

“Dude, wake up!” Eric said. “I've been doing more feet for you, and they're bigger and better looking. I think I'm in love with them myself.”

“Mmmmm,” I said, loving the thought. I was so warm and hard. Warm, gentle pressure was prodding my back. I felt a foot gently tousel my hair, the big toes lovingly combing it, the arch sliding over my scalp. I smiled, eyes closed. The friendly foot slid down over my ear and neck, resting with warm pressure on my shoulder. I could feel the big toes gently exploring my collarbone, then they smoothed under my chin, giving me a very gentle lift upwards to raise my head. I realized another foot was on my other shoulder, gently pressing my shoulder blade and muscles.

“Dude…” It was Eric's voice, soft and almost pleading. He was leaning over me, I could tell by the warmth radiating off his body, his long, naked male body, the body that my own body would love forever. I could feel the warmth of his breath as his lips brushed my ear.

“Please. I need you to help me have sex with my feet, dude.”

My hands slid through the sheets and blankets towards my shoulders, finding the big warm feet, grasping them. They really were big, firmly muscled to my touch but beautifully shaped. I love the shape of beautiful male feet. I was really aroused, and waking up wonderfully.

“Ok,” I said, eyes opening. I rolled over onto my back, and while I was doing that I felt all the prodding of my back lift lightly, and I felt something warm and gentle touching me in several places on my naked skin, tracing the shape of my body as I turned underneath them, lazily rolling myself over and looking up at my handsome Eric.

Eric's eyes were full of love, and he looked so sexy and aroused. He was trying to control himself, hold himself back, and he was being patient with me.

“Check it out, man” he said, his voice barely a whisper.

I also most started shooting hot molten cream on the spot, I was so lost in his touch. His beautiful male feet, graceful and poised, were now so large it was unbelievable, and they were touching me all over, prodding my chest and arms, resting on me, and a couple of the big handsome feet gently caressed my face and hair. They hung heavily from what were several pairs of Eric's longest, handsome arms, pairs and pairs of them.

Eric shifted his body as he sat on the bed, and partially sat on my legs as well, pressing them down into the mattress; it felt so nice having him heavy upon me! I noticed my legs were weighted where he had at least a dozen long, smoothly muscled legs warmly resting on me, and as he leaned forward to kiss me, the pressure from all the big feet on my chest and shoulders increased as he leaned forward on his several arms, pressing the big feet warmly into me, gently since the weight was spread through so many warm, giant feet.

They were beautiful.

I found my hands were massaging two of the enormous, handsome feet, and I could tell that those big sexy guys were relaxing in my squeeze, loving my touch upon then. Eric looked so relieved.

“I'm glad you love them too,” he said, sighing as he spoke. “I was hoping you would.” His beautifully broadened shoulders and muscles flexed slightly beneath his flawlessly tanned skin of his surfer-dude body. I moaned with pleasure, as the arms unconsciously worked the heavy feet at his wrists, the feet shifting on me, massaging me, working themselves into me. I loved it, and I was so hard!!

“I brought you more feet; I grew you as many as I could,” he said, a touch of pride in his voice. With some difficulty, he worked his arms in pairs, and reached behind him to pass me some big, freestanding feet, smooth across where the ankle would normally be. How long had he been there, working his magical body for me? His body was lightly shining with sweat, and there were piles of his huge, beautiful feet tumbled among the folds and rumples of the soft comforter on the bed.

“Ohhh…” I said, taking the big, warm guys gladly in my hands. They were so warm, heavy and friendly, alive with the love that made Eric grow them for me. They were so beautiful, so heavy! I held one of them in my hand, alternately tapping my chest with it and nuzzling its sexy toes, then making a heavy slapping sound with the foot as I patted it against my chest. “Dude, you're turning me on!” Eric laughed.

It was sexy watching his foot-arms pass the big, heavy feet to me, since he had changed his hands to big, beautiful feet, he had to use pairs of arms to work his beautiful feet in pairs to grasp the big, heavy feet he was passing me. It was a little clumsy for him, I could tell, but he worked his big feet carefully to gently pick up all the heavy feet that were tumbled all over the bed and pass them one my one to me. It was wonderful watching all his long arms muscles flex as his multiple shoulders worked the pairs of arms to reach for feet and pass them to me, each big foot held between two other big, good-looing feet! I had to squeeze them all and kiss them. Mmmm, they were so awesome!

Eric was in heaven, knowing I loved all the arms, legs and all the beautiful big feet he had grown for me!! His smile was indescribable, so gentle and proud, his handsome face glowing with joy, and flushed with male arousal.

I loved the beautiful male feet, each one of them was Eric, and they were all so good looking. I had several pairs of the immense, beautiful feet in my arms, as I lay sitting in bed, my back against a pillow, leaning on the headboard of the bed. The soft comforter of the bed was loaded with huge, beautiful feet, as my handsome multiple legged foot-monster Eric worked his long beautiful arms in pairs, more handsome feet coming to me, passed from the beautiful, strong feet that gently worked from Eric's multiple wrists.

His multiple long legs rested heavily on me, splayed under his handsome body, so many fine hips and thighs warmly pressing upon me, the big handsome male feet splayed lazily among the legs and resting on each other. I was so turned on, and so was Eric!

“Nice, huh?” he smiled proudly, beaming as he held loads of the sexy, giant male feet in his arms, some of his arms reaching to caress the feet he held, the feet he had grown on his arms gently stroking and caressing the warm feet he held gathered up in his several arms. More of his feet leaned on my shoulders, and I, too, loved holding several of the big, beautifully shaped male feet cradled in my arms, kissing them. They were so warm and friendly, loving my kisses!

“Yeah, I gotta have sex with your feet, Eric!” I said.

“Mmmm, so do I, in the worst way!” he smiled, reaching his cheek down to caress the big, handsome feet.

It was going to be a great morning, and it started with my warm, naked Eric letting himself fall heavily on me, big bare feet tumbling happily everywhere, as we lost ourselves in our kisses and the joy and beauty of Eric's gentle, beautiful male feet!


Part 2

We had slept for hours after making love, and I had never known such wonderful sleep, nestled in Eric's muscles, his wonderful multiple arms and beautiful multiple legs.

I must have slept like a child, for when I awakened I realized Eric had gathered my naked body into his several arms, having changed the feet on his arms to hands again; of course, being Eric's, they were strong and beautiful, and I wished I had been awake to feel them carrying me, cradled in his many long-muscled arms as his teams of beautiful legs easily bore me along.

I had been kissed awake, and found we were in the temple of joy, Eric's favorite retreat. I felt refreshed from my deep slumber in his arms, and so at peace with him and myself. I smiled to myself, realizing that he had loaded me into his truck and driven me here, then carried me into the huge, darkly marbled temple.

I found myself comfortable and naked upon huge silken cushions in the middle of the vast, dark temple, and its deep recesses echoed Eric's mantras as he prayed and spoke. I loved to hear his voice and watch his lips move, and I loved to see him in the Lotus position.

“Peace of soul leads growth in soul and body,” Eric said. He was beautiful in the Lotus position, nude and radiant. Apparently there was something to the religious iconography of ancient India, more than symbolism. Eric had stumbled his beautiful feet upon it.

“The soul is the form of the body,” he said, lips parted and moving slightly in a rhythmic chant. He had been working on his body for me, delving deeper into the ancient spiritualism that inspired the Lotus position, and his body had become awesome, transformed by the love his male body bore me.

He held his graceful hands in the positions of prayer and repose, praying with four hands, the long fingers and palms joined, and another fifth pair of hands upraised, gently open to the heavens. The arms were long and full of graceful power, arms of love, ardent yet relaxed among themselves, his broadened shoulders slightly raising with his breathing rhythm as his beautiful lips formed the silent words of his prayer.

How slowly had his legs lengthened as he prayed, their profound male grace and beauty elongated in the powerful swell of calf and thigh, the gentle and elegant beauty of his handsome male feet a prayer in itself, feet that rested together among their partners, as slowly his legs lengthened and multiplied, folded beneath his beautiful nude body in its posed frame of multiple hands and arms.

The feet nestled comfortably among the folds of the legs like nestlings, and yet such was Eric's lightness of being that his spirit bore his body aloft, seated peacefully in mid-air, a foot or two above the satin cushion upon which he had been meditating.

I was the student and the beloved, Eric my teacher and lover, generous in the love of his body for me. He prayed, loving me from within his mind and from within his loins, his spirit warming me as his body bloomed with the flower of his love, his hand, arms, legs and feet its fresh, beautiful petals.

His joy would dance on long legs, beautiful male dancer's feet, as Eric hovered silently, the legs sprang from him as he gave birth to them, beautiful mated pairs of legs leaping and turning, light as their feet kissed the marbled floors of the vast temple, Eric's legs running joyfully in virile youth, creating a stir of wind and the sound almost like the flutter of wings as the wonderful pairs of long legs whirled and blurred, their enormous sexual organs aroused, bobbing and swaying, the feet beautiful and nimble as they touched the floor so lightly.

I was in love, madly, drawing in my madness and love the legs to me, as many as I could reach my arms about I did, breathing in their fresh male tang, reveling in their affection—I was becoming embraced in them, as more piled on. I was kissing the feet, all of them, so long and beautiful, and all at once there was Eric upon me, many multilimbed Erics in front of me, in back of me, stupid and beautiful in his madness of love for me as well, kissing his own feet and legs did I, as he kissed me and kissed himself. We were one in love, in spirit and body, and thus would ever be.

I felt myself being pulled by the hand as several of Eric's beautiful hands caught my hands and arms. “Legs call me away,” Eric laughed, aroused as his legs were, the many multilimbed Erics laughing as the legs pursued them and drove their giant, beautiful penises into his anuses. The temple was echoing with his laughter and screams of joy as he made love to his legs and they made love to all of him, as his worshiped the many pairs of beautiful feet which he had grown and set free, only to have them come back to him and imprison him in their gentle muscular love. Aroused and beautiful, Eric's multiple legs deftly stepped among the orgiastic multilegged Erics and the wonderful pairs of legs mating with him, as he pulled me up and away, throught the laughter and love of men loving beautiful male feet and legs.

He was laughing, his beautiful huge feet slipping on come as his penises pulsed, virile and joyful, but many more beautiful feet stepped and caught his fall, bearing the two of us away, crazed and maddened with love and laughter. The laughter echoed behind us in the temple of joy, as I fled with Eric and his beautiful legs and feet, fleet upon the pavement, and immediately we were at his pickup truck. I got in the passenger side; Eric got behind the wheel, sitting high up towards the ceiling of the truck as it filled with so many pairs of his long, beautiful muscular legs, big feet everywhere, on the carpeting, on my lap, along the dashboard, and hanging heavily out the window, the beautiful feet smoothing themselves against each other, refreshed by the wind as others of Eric's feet deftly worked the gas pedal, clutch pedal and brake pedal, making room for each other among all the beautiful feet and the wonderful long-muscled legs.

I kissed so many of Eric's large, incredibly beautiful feet as more of them warmly nudged my neck and shoulders, and I raised my face from the feet I was kissing to bury it in more feet that poised to greet it as Eric laughted and drove. I realized he had legs around my shoulders and neck as the wonderful legs of love continued to sprout from Eric's fertile male body, and his many hands were strong, gentle and beautiful upon the steering wheel, the gearshift, the window sill, and upon each other as his many arms rested on legs, feet or each other, others of his hands holding mine. I squeezed them gently, they returned my squeeze with joy, some of them finding my achingly aroused penis and keeping it company. I moaned.

We finally pulled up at our destination, the beach, and tumbled headlong out the driver's door, as Eric's hands gently and powerfuly pulled me along; he wouldn't have me apart from him, his legs spilling out the truck, leaping from the interior, from the carpet, following us like a beautiful human male centipede running with us like a crowd of athletes, virile, male, very beautiful and sexy, Eric's proud torso riding upon the herd of legs like a cowboy at roundup, and the waters frothed and foamed as Eric's feet pounded the surf, its coolness refreshing them and his immense penises, which he and I sucked as we laughed. I realized that I was riding my own herd of legs, and we crazily veered out of the water up the sand dune, falling over and laughing like children, our big male bodies nude and aroused, loving each other and wild about our legs and feet. I held him, kissing him, feeling my many legs happily snuggled with Eric's herds of legs, and large, beautiful feet without number nestled with us as we kissed and fondled them, aroused and coming as we made love to them and to each other.

I felt my face framed in his many gentle hands, so large and comfortable on me, and I closed my eyes as he kissed me. His lips were wonderful on mine, and he smelled so nice, so young and male. I wanted to faint as his eyes locked with mine, and we kissed again. “Thanks for loving me,” he said.

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