Fly the airplane through the tunnel

by Josh Dugan

My friends heard about this stupid game on the internet where supposedly you end up with four arms, and of course they had to try it. Are they crazy?

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I don’t take risks. There are consequences. So I don’t do stuff when I see my friends doing it. It bugs me because they seem to have so much fun, but I was born to worry. What are the repercussions? What happens next? What are the unforeseen consequences?

So it really bothered me when we were all over at Jay’s house and he suggested a game that he had seen on a website called “fly the airplane through the tunnel”.

“I saw that,” shouted his friend Bill. “I don’t think it really is true.”

“What?” said Andrew. “What’s not true?”

“Well, if you’d seen the website you would know,” laughed Jay.

That’s when I left the room and went outside by myself. I was feeling so vexed.

They would all try it and they would all have fun doing it, and I would hate myself for not doing it, but dang it, I have to do what I think is best. If the whole world is jumping off a cliff, are you supposed to jump off, too? Are people so stupid? At the same time, why were they also relaxed and happy about it, and me so freaked out and irritated and on edge?

It was lonely outside, and I was torn between looking in, and or getting farther away. They would all be joining in soon.

And sure enough, I heard the whole room explode in laughter, and wows and whistles.

I cursed myself inwardly, hating the fact of the website and wishing it had never been invented. It was a ridiculous website anyway, and served no purpose. I’d written it off as a fraud or just a fantasy like you see all over the web, but you’d hear about pockets of interest here and there, rumors of guys who would had tried it.

I had worried that it was true, even though it’s ridiculous. If you ever see the website it shows the stupidest illustrations, guys imitating an airplane flying through a tunnel. The drawings and the photos illustrate the game, which is basically where you form a tunnel by putting your thumbs and index fingers together and then you fly the airplane through it, the airplane being your left and right arms where you put your hands together and point them through the tunnel.

Of course it’s ridiculous. The drawings are plain about it. You have to have four arms to do it, the implication being that if you did it you would have four arms, so obviously it was a kind of a bonehead fantasy. And even if you could do it, how would you live in the real world afterwards? It’s just bothered me to my core, so I simultaneously wrote it off as just a typical internet fantasy, but at the same time I had this tormenting underlying worry, and that’s what was getting me right now.

I had to look in. Because it was so hard to not pay attention. I mean I could hear my friends laughing and slapping each other on the back, and urging each other on. I allowed myself a glance through the sliding glass door, and sure enough, they had their shirts off, crowding around to see who would go next, shirtless because you have to be ready, and you don’t want this to happen with your shirt on. Jay had flown the airplane through the tunnel, apparently, and he was demonstrating for some of the guys how are make the tunnel and fly the airplane through it. Well, I was really upset and full of mixed intense emotions about it, hardly daring to look at Jay, and sure enough, he was smiling broadly, bare-chested and broad shouldered, flying his hands through the tunnel made by his other hands, a simple, fluid movement that looked really good on him, and suddenly there were some more whoops and laughs as a couple of the other guys in the crowd did the same thing, the room exploding in wowsers and amazement, with the new guys doing the same gesture flying their pair of hands through the other pair of hands that formed the tunnel, and looking really nice with their long foursomes of arms. They held them up for each other, for all to see, and you could see that everyone was amazed and breathless and envious. There was a lot to envy, because not only were their arms beautiful in sets of four, but it made them broader in the shoulders, taller and with better and more statuesque musculature.

I knew it was going to turn out this way. I was hating myself for not wanting this to happen, but at the same time I was just being driven crazy by the beauty of it, hating and envying of all the guys being so carefree and four-armed, and they were without a care in the world, as more and more of them joined in, even the onlookers draping each other with their four arms and laughing and encouraging the shyest of the guys, even the shy ones beaming as they did the simple airplane through the tunnel, resplendent with four beautiful long arms, so happy to be among the beautiful forest of handsome, draping, mutually enwrapped arms.

I was leaving, not feeling sorry for myself, but kind of feeling sorry for myself anyway. I was glad to leave, but still bothered by what I could hear is I moved farther and farther away.

“Hey, Jay!” said one of the guys, “Check this out!”

“Yeah, that should work,” said Jay.

I was headed home, glad to be away from that crazy scene, hating myself anyway. Wanting to be one of them, but too much of a worry wart to ever allow myself the very thing that drove me most crazy and that I most wanted to do.

“Just stick your legs through the tunnel,” Jay laughed.

So they were doing it with their legs, too. I was out of there.

Since I’ve found it’s always helpful to take a nap when you are depressed, that’s just what I did. I must have been out for hours.

I awoke from my curled up position lying on my left side, to gradually become aware of the feeling of a warm form behind me and surrounding me.

As I gradually came to, I realized that the arm that I wasn’t lying on, my right arm, was resting on a long-muscled right arm that had me in a hug from behind. Not only that, but on top of my arm rested another long-muscled right arm, its hand resting on my hand, my right arm comfortably sandwiched between two beautiful long-muscled right arms.

This must be how six-armed Spiderman feels when he wakes up, I mused to myself, but in this case the two extra right arms weren’t mine. I went over in my mind the happenings at Jay’s place, confirming for myself that I had not added arms.

I leaned back against the warm form that held and surrounded me, turning my head to look over my right shoulder, and quite by accident brushing my lips against the lips of Jay, a surprising moment for both of us. I used the occasion to give him a nice deep kiss, which he returned. His breath was sweet with alcohol.

“Hey, sleepyhead!” he laughed, once we had both recovered from the kiss, comfortably adjusting his position and tightening his four-armed hug around me. I held his four arms against me, loving their length and their beauty and multiplicity.

“Sorry I left,” I said, resting my back against his chest as he rested his cheek against mine.

He laughed gently. “I’d say ‘no worries’, but it wouldn’t apply to you, because you’re just a worry-wart from start to finish.” He squeezed me gently with his four arms.

“If it helps,” he went on, “I did think of what you’d say when I warned the guys about adding too many legs. I told them: can you afford to feed the centipede? So most of them have only four legs.”

He lifted one of his right arms off my arm and reached back to get his phone, bringing it up to show me, confusing me with his many-handed operation of the phone. After all, I had just woken up, and it was hard to comprehend all of these nice hands as they held and pointed and swiped and clicked while also holding me.

“See? Here is Andrew. We somehow got ourselves down to the beach, and we buried him in the sand.”

The pictures showed a smiling Andrew, his beautiful face looking plastered, up to his neck in the sand, entirely buried except for four hands sticking up from the sand, a beer bottle in beach. Not to mention six handsome bare feet further down, dangling drunkenly from six ankles protruding from underneath the sand.

Other shots showed the guys staggering, posing together in groups, multiple arms around each other, multiple legs obviously clumsy and stumbling, several beer bottles in too many hands.

“What are they wearing?” I asked. Not that some weren’t wearing nothing at all, but nobody was wearing shorts or swim trunks.

“We had to improvise,” laughed Jay. “They wrapped their shirts around their multiple legs. See? I’m still wearing mine.” He raised up his three right legs, and sure enough, there was just enough coverage provided by the shirt, with the sleeves tied together.

“The only trouble is that there’s not enough room when I get hard, which I didn’t realize at first, because now I’ve got three boners, and they are really big. It’s my fault for adding so many legs, but I couldn’t resist the thought of having three.”

“Well why didn’t you say so?” I asked, my worries suddenly slipping away. “Let me have a look.”

“Gladly,” laughed Jay.

He swung his six legs forward, getting himself seated upon them, as well has he could, each pair more or less on top of on the pair beneath.

Six legs is a lot of legs, and they obviously occupy a lot of space and add up to quite a bit of weight, but for some reason that didn’t detract one bit from their masculine, muscular beauty. I couldn’t help but notice how much larger and longer and more abundantly muscled Jay’s six gorgeous legs had become.

“Were they this well developed?” I asked. I didn’t remember them having quite so much graceful, muscular swell.

He laughed. “Thanks, but I can’t take credit for them, as they seemed to have a mind of their own about their size and number. I only wanted four. But I couldn’t seem to fight off the thought of having six. It was like I was arguing with my own legs, me wanting four, and them wanting six. I decided it was crazy and ‘agreed’ to have six legs. It was so odd.”

I couldn’t help myself, reaching for them and running my hands over their long, muscular lengths, loving the swell of the thighs, all six of those beautiful thighs, the bulge of the many calves, and the shapely, majestic beauty of the six relaxed, gorgeous male feet.

Jay invited me to move in and lean back against his chest, sitting between his multiple left and right legs, opening his six legs to allow me to snuggle in among them, as I leaned back against what were now three very handsome, enormous hard-ons, and against his nice abs. It was also nice that he draped his four forearms over me, which I really loved, loving them holding me as my own arms rested on the beautiful multiple legs on either side of me.

Jay’s legs were warm and comfortable under my hands, and it was so nice to feel my arms resting on this beautiful, smoothly muscled sculpted pile of sleek, enormously beautiful legs.

I gave them a squeeze, and all six of them give me a little loving squeeze back, warming me with the gentle pressure of their acres of long, beautiful leg muscle.

“How was it that you were able to collect up your six legs and bring them over here,” I asked, “when Andrew could barely smile and hold up his four beers?”

“Andrew was a lot drunker than I was,” laughed Jay. “He couldn’t stand up, even with his six legs, and they are easily as muscular as mine. That’s one reason we buried him, although also it was hot to have those six beautiful feet of his sticking up from the sand, too stupid to walk but so beautiful to look at and worship. A lot of the guys couldn’t resist them. And it was quite a sight to see some of the guys kneeling on four knees, giving four-handed foot massages and worshiping all six of Andrew’s beautiful feet, and other guys having foot sex with them. Andrew was in foot heaven, and so were they.”

“Here is another video we took of Andrew,” he laughed.

One of his four hands reached for the phone, and a couple others of them helped with the locating of the video. And there was Andrew, handsome and obviously stupid with alcohol, but very beautiful upon his six muscular legs as they swayed beneath him, his own four arms likewise stupid and clumsy, his four hands hanging helplessly from their beautiful, drunken arms.

In the video, Jay was teasing him for being drunk.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” he teased, moving his four hands to and fro in front of Andrew’s beautiful, confused eyes as they tried to follow the four upraised index fingers Jay was moving back and forth in front of him.

Andrew laughed and swayed and tried to catch Jay’s four hands with the four of his. But he was too helplessly stupid and clumsy, not to mention turned on, his three big penises, hot and bothered and increasing crowded among his six drunken legs, the penises swelling at the sight of the four of Jay’s beautiful hands passing in front of him back-and-forth as Andrew tried to count the number of index fingers Jay held up.

While I was watching the video, I became aware that I could feel Jay’s three big boners swelling behind me, enlarging as they pressed against my back. Obviously, the video turned him on, and it turned me on, too. Damn.

“I don’t know why that is so hot, but you are both so sexy, with all those limbs,” I said.

“That’s the whole idea,” he smiled, setting the phone down and wrapping me in his beautiful multiple limbed embrace, as his lips found mine and dove in for a kiss.

Once we had recovered from the kiss, he gave me another squeeze and said, “Just a second,” swinging his legs around me to get up and jog the six of them over barefooted to where his shirt was hanging. “I just wanna see if this is going to be enough to wrap around me.”

It was amazing how his six legs filled the room as he stood there on them, their beauty and size almost too much to bear.

And it was even more amazing when I realized that I was still leaning against his three giant penises, with my arms still resting on his six enormously muscled, gorgeous legs.

“I have a feeling that your shirt is no longer enough,” I smiled, my delivery dry with mild sarcasm.

He looked up from where he was almost able to make temporary coverage out of the shirt for his six newly enlarged legs and three engorged penises, his four hands suddenly dropping the shirt onto the floor as he stared in surprise.

“Shit,” he said.

“That’s exactly what happened to Andrew. We kept finding more pairs of his feet coming up through the sand, more freestanding sets of his multiple legs, in sets of four and six legs. Guys were digging them up and wrapping them around their shoulders and running down to the beach with them to wash the sand off of them, and then fucking them, and Andrew was screaming with pleasure, come shooting everywhere from his penises and the penises on his extra sets of multiple legs that the guys were running around with. I’ll show you the video.”

I felt the six gorgeous Jay-legs around me squirm with unmistakable humor and delight, and I felt the unmistakable warmth of pre-come on my back from their three gigantic boners pressed up against me.

“I see what you mean about their having a mind of their own,” I laughed, squeezing them again, and enjoying them squeeze me in return.

“That felt good,” Jay said, as his six legs brought him back over to me.

“I swear, I am about to come any second now,” laughed Jay, climbing his six beautifully muscled legs onto where I was seated, nestled as I was among his original six giant long-muscled beauties.

It was kind of ridiculous, watching him try to struggle to get his six legs arranged as his absolutely enormous trio of penises bobbed and collided with each other and with his legs, getting totally in the way as he tried to get his many legs coordinated to settle down next to me, his legs cozily pressing themselves against the massively muscled original multiple set of his legs that comfortably surrounded and embraced me, my back sticky and comfortably warm with the running pre-cum of their three gorgeous hard-ons swollen against my back as I leaned into them.

My arms were loving to hold these enormously muscled, beautiful Jay-legs on either side of me, my hands reveling as they smoothed themselves all over these handsome piles of long, shapely leg muscles, relishing their beautiful shape and warmth, loving the way they gently held and pressed themselves against me on either side, as they surrounded me with their remarkable size and gentle muscular beauty.

Of their own accord, the big, beautiful feet from both sets of Jay’s multiple legs tangled familiarly with each other, interlaced, gorgeous and relaxed in the weight of each others’ company.

We were comfortably pressed together side-by-side, and I reveled as Jay threw two of his gorgeous, long-muscled arms around my shoulders, using his opposite arms to retrieve his phone and call up the video of Andrew that he had promised me. I grabbed the two of his hands hanging down from around my shoulders; they held onto my hand comfortably. On a whim, I pulled them to my lips and gave them a wonderful warm nuzzle and kiss as they gently squeezed my hand in return.

“Check this out,” said Jay, also returning my kiss with a sweet kiss on my lips, his other hands holding the phone for me to view and starting the video. I found I needed a moment to recover from his kiss, and to focus on the video. It was the oddest video I have ever seen.

There were way too many of Andrew’s tanned, beautiful feet sticking up from the sand; it was like they had been planted and now it was harvest time, literally, as Jay’s stumbling army of intoxicated, newly four-armed, naked friends massaged, kissed and fucked the many sets of Andrew-feet sticking up from the sand and, with their four strong arms, pulled them and their tanned, hugely muscled sets of legs up from where they were buried in the sand, to ravish and wrestle with them, enjoying them and making love to them.

The slightly jerky video suddenly panned to one side, revealing a strikingly beautiful naked, four-legged muscle boy at close range, kneeling in the sand on his four knees, his four hands pulling on one of the large, handsome Andrew-feet, bringing its muscular leg up from where it was buried in the sand, as he brought the foot to his lips, kissing and ravishing it.

You could see the same thing happening in the background all over the beach, with four-legged muscle boys pulling the gorgeous multiple sets of legs up out of the sand, tickling and wrestling with them, having sex with them, come shooting everywhere from the multiple giant hard-ons on the legs as Andrew’s voice screamed with pleasure off-camera.

The video jerkily panned over and zoomed in to show Andrew screaming and moaning in ecstasy, still buried in sand up to his neck, his four strong tanned, drunken hands weakly flailing on their wrists sticking up from the sand, having dropped their four beer bottles the few inches to the soft sand below, his beautiful drunken face gasping for breath and then clenching his teeth as he screamed drunkenly in the agony of his ejaculations, his own and those of the multiple huge penises on his many sets of legs being dug up from the sand.

“Holy shit,” I said.

“No kidding,” giggled Jay.

It was at that point that we gradually became aware that we had been hearing a kind of phoomp-phoomp-phoomp at the door, sort of like someone or something was gently pushing or bumping against it.

Jay’s two hands gave my hand a final squeeze before letting go of it, and his other two hands coordinated themselves to put down the phone.

He gently lifted his pair of arms off from around my shoulders, and, getting his six giant, muscular legs to coordinate themselves, he gently untangled them and their many feet from his original six legs, among which I blissfully nestled. I allowed myself to settle back into them with a further gentle push against the three giant hard-ons, which made them swell up further in return, and earned me a very nice squeeze from the six warm, beautiful Jay-legs.

“Damn, that felt good,” Jay moaned, pausing for a moment.

“What was I doing?” he laughed gently.

Once he got his six handsome legs to work together to help get him stood up, he then walked them barefooted over to the door, opening it with one of his four hands.

And there it was.

Both of us had to stare, wordlessly, processing what we saw.

It barely registered with us at first, but there was no time, because in the time it took us to gape and catch our breath, in stumbled what we gradually realized was obviously a thoroughly drunken set of Andrew’s six tanned, beautiful, magnificently muscled legs, about to fall over, just astonishingly beautiful to behold in their muscular, tanned multilegged glory, even as they threatened to fall over in a gigantic drunken pile of glorious leg muscle and multiple tangled feet.

Judging by the sand on their multiple toned asses, Andrew’s six legs looked like they had fallen down onto the sand several times already at the beach.

The amazingly tanned, muscular parade of them stumbled in, their six beautiful tanned feet clumsily tripping over each other, their three pendulously enormous penises bobbing and swaying, bumping into each other and colliding among themselves and among the Andrew-legs as the they gradually engorged to full arousal in the increasingly crowded space among the heavily muscled, weaving legs.

It’s hard to describe the amazement that we felt at the sight of these six gigantically beautiful tanned, hugely muscular, drunken Andrew-legs as they swayed and staggered, trying to catch themselves, so erotically attractive and beautiful as they awkwardly tried to keep their balance and to keep their magnificently beautiful feet from stepping on each other, some of them slipping slightly on the drooling trail of pre-come from the three gigantic dongs that dangled among them.

“Oh my god,” breathed Jay at length.

“They must have followed me here,” he said, his own three giant dongs boning anew at the sight of them, as his arousal over took his surprise.

“Lots of them were wandering drunkenly all over the beach once they were dug up,” he said, “every bit as drunk as Andrew himself, all of these sets of drunken Andrew-legs stumbling and falling all over themselves at the beach.

“From what you probably realize from the video, most of the guys were probably too busy fucking them to notice the rest of them, including this set that seems to have wandered after me.”

“Wow,” I said, reaching for them as they stumbled towards me, causing me to gasp involuntarily at their size and beauty at such close range. I used the knee of one of the top Jay-legs surrounding me as a handhold to pull myself forward slightly to reach out with my other hand, gently holding grasping the enormous aroused penis in at the front of the Andrew-legs, and I gently pulled them towards me.

The penis grew ridiculously huge in my grasp, and I could see its other two mates behind it engorging as well among the muscles of all the tanned naked legs, their heat radiating towards me as they slowly walked themselves in my direction on their six magnificently drunken feet.

“Come to Poppa,” I said.

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