Site Update 27 July 2019

Site Update: 27 July 2019

Hi folks! A long time ago I promised to continue “Hard to Hide”—you know, the one about the seminerdy Korean demo guy who finds a two-foot muscle dude in a drawer in a derelict motel. Such a tired trope, I know. I think the Avengers are using that plot in MCU phase 16. Anyway, when I vow to continue something I do sometimes deliver, honest to Pete, even if it’s years later and long after everyone’s given up on every trusting my promises ever again. So, here it is, parts 4 to 7 of “Hard to Hide”, hope you like. Now that I have a clearer picture of where this story is going I can definitely say that I’ll NOPE NOPE NOPE no promises! Maybe! That’s all I’ll say! I like the guys and I like the plotline so maybe! Case closed!

Ugh, I should wait until after I do the update to have that bottle of beer. So, that’s what’s going on. Next update is 10 August, and in the meantime, thanks for siting, and I hope you enjoy the visit. Or, yeah.

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