Late reunion

by LAComplex

Four pornstars pay a visit to their 250-foot friend and colleague, Collin Simpson, and trigger a world-changing growth spurt.

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“It’s cool of you guys to visit, but huh, I think you are a bit late to the party!” Collin boomed with laughter, his friends struggling to stand upright on his chiseled stomach. They felt uneasy for a second, realising just how precarious their situation was: Collin was lying down on the ground, softly masturbating his colossal cock, while they had climbed up on his upper body to get a closer look at his manly parts.

“Guess I grew quicker than you all expected, eh?” And what an understatement that was: his four porn ex-colleagues stood-up at not even a fifth the height of his erect cock, his thick pubes reaching up to their knees. The 35-foot monster loomed ominously behind them, engorged with blood, veins popping out, and precum dripping from its enlarged mushroom head. Even on Collin’s 250-foot bulky frame, it looked beyond obscene, almost grotesque.

“It—It’s … s—so … so fr—freakin’ large…” Trenton muffled, as he was staring wide-eyed at the building-size dick. “You bet little guy, it’s a fucking unit of a cock!” Their ears ringed with slight pain as Collin shouted; but they all remained mesmerised by his slow strokes. The way his cock moved was aberrant for such a large object: it must have weighed in excess of 30 metric tons, and yet their giant friend moved it around like a feather. All of the muscles he was packing were not definitely not just for show…

“Do you remember you guys used to beg me to wreck your ass with that monster?” Collin laughed again, and this time Devin tripped and fell to his knees, his faced burrowed in the giant’s pubes. The smell in there was potent, and Devin struggled to get back on his feet, feeling disoriented. “I couldn’t even try to fuck you anymore,” Collin kept on rambling, “you would just get crushed if I tried to give you as much as tip!”

They all wondered what it would be like; and honestly, most of them would have blindly accepted their fate, happy to die at the end of such a beautiful tool. Trenton remembered that barely three weeks ago—Collin then standing 10’ tall—he had been the last daring to take the then foot-long cock up his ass. He had felt it grow and tear through his hole, and after having cummed and orgasmed countless times, it took him a good two weeks to recover—but it had all been worth it. And now, even the biggest of dildos failed to stimulate him. Only Collin’s close and warm presence could get him to feel excited again.

Collin continued slowly stroking his cock, his friends not moving away from the base of his pubes, fixated on his dick. “Well, come on guys!” They all stood startled for a moment. “What have you been waiting for? You can touch you know! I will make you some room…”

Collin moved his hand higher up, so that it was only playing with the head of his cock. Though somewhat hesitant in their demeanour, his four friends did not need to be asked twice; they all moved towards the erect monster, eager to finally touch it. This was what they all had been dreaming of for weeks now—and then some, for none of them had expected to be dwarfed one day by Collin’s cock.

It was so thick that all four of them together couldn’t even circle half of it. They all felt incredibly pathetic next to this glorious shrine. As successful and desired pornstars, they had all thought of themselves as the epitome of virility. They were handsome, well-endowed, and super-athletic. Yet, even in their peak condition, they were forced to realise that next to Collin, they were little more than insects.

Humbled by the sheer size of the cock they were facing, they all slowly stepped closer, up until having it within arm’s reach. From up close, it seemed alive, every fire-hose sized veins pulsating as blood flew through the behemoth. Some of the veins were in fact nearly larger than they were, stretching Collin’s skin to its thinnest.

The warmth it emitted was unbelievable. Standing on Collin had felt like standing on an open-air furnace; now it seemed the furnace was getting even hotter, and they were all covered in sweat. The smell was equally engulfing, a virile funk composed of a foul sweat base intertwined with pungent notes of cum. In the immediate proximity of Collin, there was nothing else to smell; their own perspiration was completely erased.

As their tiny hands made contact with the holy phallus, an electric discharge went down their spine; never had they felt anything remotely close before. Collin’s tremendous sexual energy was flowing through them, and their brains were taken away by a maelstrom of emotions.

Here, they were nothing, and that massive cock was everything. The intricacies of their lives had collapsed into one singular point. There was no doubt or uncertainty anymore, for they had found their place in the grand scheme of the universe: here, as little meaningless half-beings whose task was as simple as keeping that cock hoisted high in the sky over them.

A door had opened in their minds, and they were now all devoted to their new God, Collin. All it had taken was mere seconds in close proximity with Collin’s sacred package. Jay instantly blew the largest load of his life as he felt the smooth and dense skin under his hands; but he was still starving for more, his sexual hunger instantly replenished.

Though they were ever more conscious of their fragility and vulnerability, they felt energised by the immediate proximity of Collin’s cock, their own teeny weenie more erect than ever and their slim muscles tense with sexual eagerness.

“Guys, quick reminder that you are smaller than my goddamn fingers, so you are gonna have to give it all you can if you want me to feel anything!” Collin laughed, and his friends immediately executed themselves. How could they have thought that their minuscule hands were enough?

And so, they gave it really all they had. They embraced that wall of a cock with their entire body, massaging it with all their strength. “Hmmmmm, that’s sooo much better…” groaned Collin, as he felt his cock suddenly growing even more erect. Truth was, much like his friends below, he had never felt so sexually enthralled in his life.

He moved his hand to his boulder-sized balls, scratching them in delight. He couldn’t even see his tiny friends at work, his inflated pecs blocking the view; but simply knowing these fully grown men were going at it on his own-muscled body, his monster of a dong completely dwarfing them… That was pure ecstasy.

He brought one hand behind his head, flexing his ball of a biceps, revealing a densely populated armpit. “You guys are sooo good…” Collin observed between two deep groans, his entire body inhabited by renewed bliss.

As he opened his eyes to stare at his gigantic biceps—which, even without a pump, was the size of a 4-story building—he felt incredibly powerful. He was the very incarnation of strength, virility, sex, and beauty all packed in a single oversized package, far too much for any lilliputian human to comprehend or grasp in its full magnitude.

Throughout his hasty growth, he had always profoundly enjoyed comparing himself to his diminished surroundings; unfortunately, this had become harder in the last few days, for he seemingly had outgrown everything. This visit by his runty friends was proving far more enjoyable than he had expected…

As he repeatedly flexed his biceps for his own enjoyment, bringing renewed striations and veins to it, he felt as if he was at the solace of his existence. He had had increasing glimpses of what it felt like to be an all-powerful god in the past few weeks; but now, he felt closer to achieving that status than ever… And, with his four friends standing under his all-mighty cock, he felt this was the right time to take a leap of faith towards the next step of his existence.

He propped himself up a bit, allowing his gaze to go past his ballooned pecs, in order to see his little slaves at work on his cock. As he witnessed the tremendous size disparity between them and his body—they were even smaller than a slab of his abs!—it was hard not to blow a load right here on the spot.

“Holy fuck are you tiny,” his deep voice insulting them made Trenton blow another load. They had never felt weaker and smaller in their lives, and yet, they had never felt better either. They were all in euphoria, as if they had reached the promised land after countless years of wandering around.

Covered in cum—a bit of theirs, but mainly that regularly escaping Collin’s cock, for even a drop of that was more than they would produce in their lives—and sweat, they kept on going, showing no sign of fatigue. If anything, they felt more devoted to their tasks by the passing seconds.

Collin decided to gift them a quick little show. He brought his right arm as close as he could to his cock, and flexed his mountainous biceps. “Like the view little bugs?” He enquired, as they all turned their heads to face Collin’s upper arm. As he tensed his arm, and his biceps bulged into an impossible ball of raw muscles, they all blew another load in unison. It was a magnificent display, one that outdone the work of even the greatest artists of history, or the most stunning landscapes our Earth had—in fact, it was about to become one of such landscape…

“Heck, I’m so freakin’ huge!” Collin observed, staring at his biceps as it grew more and more pumped with every flex. His own grandeur was sending him too into a trance-like state; this was almost too much power to handle! He forgot his tiny friends for a second, engrossed by the way his immense biceps throned over his equals voluminous triceps, by the way it twitched with every of his movement, by the way his vein-covered forearms were increasing in size as more blood rushed to them… He was supremely powerful, infinitely better than the puny shrimps below him and yet…

He wanted more. From there on, it felt only natural to grow more, to have his body expand to an even more tremendous size, and his friends be reduced to an even lower plane of existence. “You guys should strap in, I think you are in for the show of your lives!”

Growing had become a second nature to Collin; he had been holding it back for many days now—not always succeeding—, enjoying his current size. But now was the time for more, much much more.

He flexed his biceps slightly harder, priming his body for growth. The sustained effort was almost immediately visible: his biceps did not peak, but simply kept on growing larger and larger, new muscles pouring into his frame. It was not just his biceps that was getting bigger: it was all of his body, as his skin stretched to accommodate the expanding bones and the bulging muscles.

This whole motion was accompanied by a low rumble, immediately noticed by his friends. If seeing Collin grow had always been an astonishing experience, standing on his ever-expanding body, surrounded by his broadening frame was even more disorientating. Everything around them was stretching longer and thicker, and they could feel under their hands Collin’s body swelling in size at a hastened pace.

“You better enjoy it while it last,” said Collin, now covered in sweat from the exertion of growing, “because if my cock dwarfed you before, it’s about to make you look downright microscopic!” He laughed again, flexing with renewed might. His growth accelerated, stepping into another gear, so much that his friends could visibly see his dick widening and his pubes lengthening past their knees.

Far from terrified, they accepted their funereal fates; and until death, they would serve that holy shrine of a cock, working as hard as they could to keep it standing strong.

To say that Collin’s height was skyrocketing would have been an understatement. Standing 250 feet tall before, he was blowing effortlessly past 500 feet with no end in sight. His pubes were now rising above his friends’ waists, entrapping them in close proximity with his expanding cock—which stretched in excess of 60 feet in length and was well on its way to 100 feet.

His body was slowly but surely plowing through everything that surrounded him, but he cared very little about that. The alarms, sirens, and cries for help were drowned out by his moans, and his friends had nothing else in mind than their jobs as little cock slaves.

Collin brought again his biceps in the vicinity of his friends, flexing it as hard as he could. He was struggling to find them in his expanding forest of pubes; but he could still feel them at work, at the very bottom of his cock, massaging it with their entire bodies. Even though this was some very minimal stimulation for a man of his sheer size, it was more than enough to keep his dick fully erect—knowing that these tiny pushes he was feeling on his skin were coming from fully grown men made him more aroused than ever. And he wanted nothing more than to keep on growing until the efforts of his micro-friends would become unnoticeable…

Finally, he found the four of them, half-buried in pubes, packed at the bottom of his monster of a cock. “Yoh! You are getting small fast!” Collin had indeed no idea of how big he was getting; he was barely aware of his surroundings, and his rapidly diminishing friends were his only point of reference.

Flexing his humongous biceps next to them, he realised just how superior he was to them now. These were guys in their prime that had spent a decade or two crafting their body to perfection, and who were widely regarded as virile idols; and yet, next to him, they amounted to nothing. Against the dramatic and chiseled backdrop that was his biceps and triceps they were barely noticeable, but a speck against this outstanding display of power. Collin’s biceps had now grown to be heavier than 10,000 men packed together—all raw muscle and pure strength.

I reckon it’s the size of a small hill by now,” said Collin, fascinated by his upper arm again. With every powerful flex, as the magnificent peak tensed up and reached its full-size, more size was pouring into him, and the four little slaves could feel their surroundings shifting and enlarging. Collin, much to his amusement, could actually see them shrink smaller and smaller with every flex, slowly disappearing in the thick jungle of pubes.

Seeing them diminishing that quickly—and knowing that it was actually him growing that quickly, adding dozens of feet in height with every single flex—was pushing him to the edge… But Collin refused to be done until any single human living on this planet was truly microscopic to him. Completely obsessed with his biceps, he wanted for it to be heavier than all of mankind packed together, not to be a small hill, but a glorious mountain.

Hope you midgets enjoyed it, because i’m about to make you fuckin microscopic!” Collin took a deep breath, his chest ballooning bigger and bigger, before continuing, “All bow before your new giant god!”

If Collin had been growing rapidly before, this was nothing compared to what was happening now. In fact, merely describing it as a renewed growth spurt was not doing it justice; it was a literal growth explosion. Standing 1000 feet moments before, Collin was now packing hundreds of feet at a time. For the thousands below running away for their lives, there was a noticeable shockwave blasting through the air, a clear signal of their imminent death.

The four brave cock-slaves immediately knew their existence was coming to an abrupt end soon. Collin’s growth was so rapid that the upward expansion of his groin area caused them to be thrown and forced to the ground, the acceleration too important for them to stand up. But to them, this was bliss; they stared up at the expanding cock above them, as they sank inexorably into the lengthening pubes.

What Collin felt was simply indescribable, inaccessible to mere puny humans. It was a complete pandemonium of emotions and sensations in his head; it was orders of magnitude beyond any orgasm one could feel. He felt suddenly aware of his entire mass, of every cubic-foot of muscle that constituted his godly stature, of every square-foot of stretching skin… Every cell of his body was screaming for more, pleading him in unison for more size, more strength, more power.

He had become hyper-conscious of every part of his body: he could feel his lats expanding to the size of mountains, inexorably crushing everything that crossed the path of their expansion. He felt puny humans—heck, entire buildings!—getting ran over and ground by his raw inescapable mass. He could feel the wind playing with his rock hard nipples, moving along the canyon in between his pecs and the landscape of his abs in complex patterns.

More importantly, he could feel himself as a whole, as an impossibly monolithic unit of a God, a pure breed of power and domination. Nothing could stand in his way, nothing would be even willing to stand in his way; they would all submit to his greatness. To the inhabitants of the Earth, he was now everything that mattered.

Collin was now more than ten times taller than he had been before his growth spurt. His cock alone was probably larger than he used to be—and if it wasn’t, it would be in a matter of seconds. He had outdone himself as a giant, and was showing no sign of stopping. 2500 feet was only the beginning for him. He wanted more. A lot more. Forget about being a giant amongst giants; he wanted to be the biggest thing on this small planet.

He envisioned having immense biceps the size of Mt. Everest, prodigious bulging pecs the size of a country, wide feet that could grind millions to pulp in a single step… And a cock… A gargantuan obscene cock, constantly throbbing with excitement, dripping entire lakes of precum at all times… Even for his massive hands it would be too large to handle; it would be oversized, the ultimate symbol of true virility, dwarfing everything that there was to dwarf on this small rock of a planet…

And all of these were not aimless dreams; it was minutes away from happening, at most.

On that thought, Collin blew his load. Mt. Collin erupted with unprecedented amount of cum, spreading cum miles away from his dick. His body was traversed by tremors of pleasure, shockwaves of orgasm. The ground rumbled, a noticeable earthquake being registered just from him cumming. There was nothing else on his mind than pure pleasure, his ears ringing, his senses saturated; and cum kept on pouring out of his ever-expanding cock, unabashedly covering his stomach and legs.

The four blessed cock-slaves below blew their load along with Collin, experiencing an infinitesimal fraction of that pleasure extravaganza—but this was more than enough to send them into complete overload. They did not die crushed inadvertently by one of Collin’s oversized body-part, suffocated by his pubes, or drowned by his cum; they died of overwhelming pleasure, their neural circuitry annihilated by sensations mere mortals could not grasp.

As promised, Collin kept on growing and growing, to sizes no one would have thought even remotely possible. As he orgasmed, his growth explosion strengthened to impossible levels. Growing in excess of a 1000 feet per second, the whole scene looked impossible and fundamentally unnatural to an outside observer—but not many lived to tell the tale of it.

Millions died crushed under his ever-expanding body, unnoticeably reduced to pulp as they slipped under him. Millions more died simply as a result of the powerful shockwave that rocked our atmosphere and our soils, bringing entire cities down.

As the dust settled, and as cum stopped raining from the sky, the full extent of Collin’s growth could finally be quantified. He felt into a deep sleep, one that would last for many weeks, exhausted from the effort.

His body stretched for more than a hundred miles, his 19-mile feet bathing in the bay of Santa Monica, much of the San Gabriel mountains behind Los Angeles crushed to dust under his diamond quads, his head reaching almost half-way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. His biceps were indeed taller than Mt. Everest, and his pecs stretched for miles, having become the new unconquered summit of the world.

Throughout his sleep, his cock would often rise and erupt with tremendous amounts of cum. More than 30 miles in length, many would observe that when standing fully erect from his groin, it nearly breached the edge of space. Erect, it could be sighted from all of North America, and then some way into the Pacific.

Even while sleeping peacefully, Collin’s mere existence would bring disasters to the world. His respiration was perceived as a low rumbling throughout all continents, a constant and low droning of the ground. Even the slightest of his twitches put into motions absurd amounts of muscles, resulting in powerful earthquakes that brought further devastation to the West Coast.

Perhaps the strangest change was the smell of the air. Nothing smelled anymore on Earth, for Collin’s staunch was far too overpowering. A funky mixture of acrid sweat and potent cum, it overwhelmed the entire world, penetrating every breathable space.

Of course, it got stronger closer to Collin. There were reports that units sent close to his feet had never come back, as they described in their last radio communications that they felt committed to worshiping these reeking soles for the rest of their lives. His armpits, the right northern one fully accessible as his hand rested under his head, were impossible to approach—one would simply suffocate. This did not deter worshippers from the entire world to make the trip, hoping to get a chance to lick the glorious pits.

No one attempted to fight their new God; pictures and videos were more than enough to send anyone into crazed devotion.

The world started preparing for his awakening, millions of pilgrims assembling in Colorado to meet their God as it would eventually wake-up. Mountains of gifts were assembled, and preparations were made to offer him an insufficient but symbolic feast of food.

The entire world had stopped, awaiting for His awakening and the beginning of a new era. No one knew if Collin would prove to be a merciful God, or an immense one. Truth was, no one cared; for Collin was their one and only pervading God and they shall serve Him even at the expense of their measly lives.

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