Eight-armed human spider

by Josh Dugan

It's worth considering the extra fee charged by the warlock who runs the Halloween store to turn one of these skeleton novelties into a gloriously handsome guy who is literally all long, beautifully muscular arms and other provocative appendages.

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I liked the eight-armed human spider who had appeared when the enfleshment spell was cast.

I'd bought the spider as a Halloween skeleton novelty at the magic shop, all life-size human bones and skull, eight skeleton arms for legs along the side of his skeleton rib cage. Even though it was just a skeleton, I thought it was hot, because of the way it was made into spider form using eight long arms. I liked the eight long skeleton arms and the eight skeleton hands that dangled from the eight skeleton wrists. And it was cool that the guy who owns the magic shop, who is a warlock and likes me, promised to do an enfleshment spell if I wanted.

I'd had the human skeleton spider about a week when I called the magic shop owner and accepted his offer.

And sure enough it had come true. I found a beautiful, gossamer, nearly invisible web with its own evanescent light, clear up to the rooftop, cathedral-like in its finesse, and there, suspended from a single gossamer thread, was my now fully-enfleshed eight-armed human spider, all beautiful in the amazing light, and even at first glance incredibly lovely of body, in the eight-armed muscularity of his surpassingly beautiful form. He was first of all gorgeous, with a sensitive, beautiful face, with sweet eyes full of humor and intelligence. He was mobile and athletic. Quite athletic, actually, with the eight powerful sets of deltoid muscles bursting from eight huge shoulders along the sides of his magnificently muscled torso, eight eye-poppingly muscled long, handsomely shaped arms all along his flanks. As part of the eight beautiful arms, eight strong, gentle long-fingered hands, which hung there heavily from his eight strong wrists as he held himself and his eight muscular arms in mid-air, suspended by the nearly invisible silver thread of web.

He smiled at me as I offered him a handshake; he seemed to realize how boning it was for me to then be offered three more right hands to shake, each wonderfully strong and gentle, lithe, agile, beautiful. In fact, it boned him all along his underside. Did spiders have so many genitals? A whole row of them, right up the middle of his abs, and so beautiful. They were getting bigger and heavier as he enjoyed it as I started getting lost among all these big dangling arms of his. I hadn't let go of his handshake, and in fact I had all four of his beautiful right hands gently holding onto my right hand as I stood there, entranced and amazed at his handsomeness among such an excess of beautiful, amazing-looking arms.

I couldn't imagine how I could be so forward with a complete stranger, but I had to run my left hand along his beautiful, masculine face and through his beautiful, thick soft hair. His eyes closed with pleasure as his head turned and twisted, enjoying the feel of my hand in his hair, my right hand still in the absent-minded clasp of his nice right hands. He was all muscle! All muscle and arms, beautifully dangling big, long-muscled arms. God they were beautiful arms, and so many of them! Sort of like swimmer's arms, only bigger somehow, well-defined, nicely veined along the forearms, big, rounded biceps and deltoids, and his big, muscular torso was very masculine and beautiful, rippling with muscle, interesting in that his huge shoulders repeated themselves along his powerful flanks. His skin was perfect, tawny and supple over his huge muscles. Along his handsome, muscular abs from his backmost arms to his rib cage, his beautiful, deliciously beautiful penises likewise repeated themselves, radiating warmth as they hung heavily in a row up the middle of his spectacularly muscled abs.

He loved me admiring and feeling his abundance of muscular beauty as he and his eight huge, perfect arms hung there from his invisible thread of web, loving to be touched. He was obviously made to be admired, a most beautiful male creature in his eight incredibly masculine arms and in his beautifully muscled body. His broad swimmer's back tapered to a waist with beautiful buns of steel, oddly yet provocatively formed into powerful deltoid shoulder muscles for his hindmost “legs,” which were, again, actually these gorgeously developed long, beautiful male arms, brothers to the beatiful pairs of arms on his shoulders and flanks. The arms on his flanks, as I've mentioned, also had these powerful shoulders, the beautiful big deltoid muscles, and along with all the eight of his arms, fabulously developed triceps, biceps, forearms, strong wrists, and these big, smooth, loose, agile strong athletic male hands. Eight of them. All of them relaxed, at ease, sort of paying attention to me as I enjoyed massaging his scalp, his hair thick and soft as he smiled, eyes closed, loving my touch.

The hands that weren't gently holding mine were kind of relaxing near me, hanging heavily from their wrists, nicely veiny as they hung there, relaxed, and so handsome, their long-muscled arms hanging heavily from their massive shoulders, the many long-muscled arms sometimes gently bumping into each other or into me. This forest of big, muscular dangling long arms was so amazing to see, and I found myself squeezing his big biceps along one side of him, with my left hand and then, with a final rub of his scalp and a squeeze of his beautiful neck, I smoothed my right hand along his chest and then along the biceps of his arms on his other side. He liked that, too, sort of bringing all his arms foreward to be squeezed, enjoying his big muscles felt and squeezed by my hands. He craned his muscular neck down to watch me squeeze the arms along his side, then raised it back up so his beautiful face could beam at me with a huge smile, enjoying my amazement at his beautiful plethora of big, long arms and beautiful hands.

I couldn't help but hug him; he was all huge shoulders and a huge confusion of beautiful arms and hands, with his wonderful smile; I was engulfed in warm beautiful arms, lost among big, beautiful hands, nuzzled by his beautiful face, and he actually laughed a gentle warm laugh as I squeezed him with my hug and as he returned my hug carefully, gently, so as not to overpower me with his eight awesome arms. He smelled so nice, so athletically male and warm! He kind of let himself lower onto me by releasing a bit more of his web in back, and buried as I was in his beautiful embraces I was so aware of the beauty of his chest, torso and back, feeling the amazing heat of his now fully aroused genitals burning between us along his stomach and chest, hot and hard against me as we hugged.

I think he sensed me stagger a bit; he weighed a ton, it seemed, a wonderful ton of muscle and beauty, so he lightened himself on me by raising himself back up a bit on his invisible thread of web. I felt a hand gently brush my cheek, and I realized my eyes had been closed; he was searching my eyes, seeming to ask if it was ok with me for him to take me up with him. The hand that had brushed me pointed up and his eyes asked me, his face gentle with an expectant smile. Now it was my turn to laugh gently, and I found myself burying my lips in his, kissing him for all I was worth, finding new power in my hug as I embraced him with a strength and spontaneity I had never known.

And then, how I could relax! Big, gently powerful arms all around me, nestling me among them, and he returned my kiss; he kissed beautifully, my body lost in his arms, my hardon hot against his, more of his hardons hot against me as all eight of his hugely muscled arms gently held me, and I could feel the ground fall away from my feet as he pulled me higher and higher into the air, into his crystalline web of silver and light, safe and close to him and lost in his eight arms and our one love.

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