Nelson’s sketchbook

by Josh Dugan

A sketchbook we’d really like to see.

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Living by the beach as we do, my friend Nelson has no lack of beautiful male models to sketch from, or he can just draw himself or me, for that matter. The beautiful bodies seem to languidly swirl about him, and they seem to be the very air he breathes.

And as luck would have it, they are happy to pose for his sketches anytime. And they all don’t always know exactly how the pictures will turn out. The nice thing is that Nelson has a pretty amazing imagination, and the things he does in his sketches make them even more amazing.

There’s one of these two blonde gods standing fairly close to each other at the beach and holding up their hands to each other, playing paper scissors rock. It’s a nice childish game that takes on a certain added beauty when both players are fully grown and beautifully muscled gods.

In Nelson’s sketch, the players decide to make things a bit more interesting by playing paper scissors rock with double sets of hands.

And there they are, concentrating intensely on their hands as they run two sets of paper scissors rock, playing the game kind of side by side, with a lot of handsome hands furiously changing poses and positions to make sure that they have the advantage.

Of course it makes for a lot of elbows and forearms, not to mention broadened, doubled shoulders and many closely spaced arms sliding all over each other, but the detail that Nelson captures very well is the handsome faces of the young men, as their handsome features become somewhat distracted and intense, trying to focus on the game while dealing with the reality of so many strong young male hands all over each other.

The sketches progress to show that the game gets kind of pleasant and pointless with the hands and arms becoming too many, with extra hands resting on shoulders, draping down torsos, and holding their corresponding partner’s extra arms and hands.

Some of the beautiful extra hands find their way into the boys’ hair and help tilt their heads and lips towards each other for a kiss as the boys become overwhelmed by the warm and weighty muscular plethora of surrounding arms.

Another handsome sketch series is of a beach couple, one seated on a beach chair and the other one seated in front of him on the sand, with the guy in front snuggled back against his friend’s legs and looking at his friend’s handsome feet.

The guy with the feet likes the attention his friend is giving them and, knowing how much he likes them, subtly repositions them now and then for his friend, kind of showing them off. It doesn’t take much, because the feet are really handsome. The guy with the feet smiles to himself as he enjoys their effect on his friend, and the feet themselves seem to enjoy getting his friend all confused and aroused about them.

Well, and the sketches catch this pretty well, the friend looking at the feet gets pretty flushed over time, and with near reverence he catches and kisses one of them, ravishing the one and then the other one, unable to stop looking at them as he holds the long, warm relaxed beauties in his lap.

Then in the next scene, the guy sharing his feet smiles and says hey, want some more?

And to the amazed confusion of his friend, there they are, pairs and pairs of the handsome feet, weaving back and forth in front of the amazed guy, his friend’s new legs comfortably crowding each other and happily surrounding him, leaving him pretty much gobsmacked by all his friend’s beautiful feet as they tease and caress him.

He’s pretty much grabbed as many of them as he can and is trying to press his cheek against them and kiss them as more of them muss his hair and embrace him with their tumbling, smooth beauty. Obviously, the guy who’s multiplying his feet is relaxed in the extreme, his head thrown back in laughter while he soaks his friend in hot jumping pulses of come from all of his exploding penises between all of his multiplying legs.


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