David's Legs

Dream legs

by Josh Dugan

If the guy with the world's most beautiful legs could grow as many of them as his lover wanted, it would be kind of like this.

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David crossed his legs. I liked David’s legs. Just the word “leg” turns me on, because it reminds me of David’s legs. His legs are very long and smooth, but with the gentle swell of muscle under the firm, satin skin, with just a touch of silken hair. “You have such nice legs,” I told David. “Thanks,” he said. “It turns me on that you like them.” David and I would relax together for hours, before and after making love. He would rest his long, beautiful legs on mine, or fold them beneath him while sitting and talking to me. Sooner or later we always got to talking about his extraordinarily beautiful legs, and he would blush and become aroused, and let me enjoy their gentle warmth and beauty.

I would often dream about him, and in my dreams I would be relaxing with him and enjoying his gentle personality and loving the beauty of his legs. He was so generous with them because he loved me, and he let me savor their beauty.

“They’re yours to enjoy,” he would say, wrapping them around me. I only wish I had more of them for you to enjoy.” The first time he said that to me, I came on the spot. I was lying there with him and caressing the beautiful legs, and the thought that he would gladly sprout additional long, beautiful legs for me made me come, very hard. Any time I needed to come and David wasn’t with me, I would think of him saying that and visualize how nice it would be to see my handsome David with extra pairs of his long, beautiful legs added out of love for me, and I would come like a geyser.

I ache just thinking about him. He was very tall and beautiful, with a sweet, beautifully sculptured face, wonderful full and sensitive, intelligent-looking lips, and a tall, relaxed body. He moved gracefully, like a big cat, on his big, handsome feet. He was a natural athlete with an athlete’s endowment of body, and an athlete’s large-muscled, graceful long legs.

He loved it when I told him about my occasional dreams about him, and found it very arousing that I often dreamed of him with extra legs. I don’t know where the dreams came from, except that they were very loving and gentle dreams that seemed to express the generous nature of his sweet, strong love.

The extra legs would sprout seamlessly and perfectly from his handsome torso, as if he were a superior species of human, with extra legs in perfectly matched pairs in line behind each other. His tall back spine would simply arch out from his waist and connect several handsome bubble butts to each other, and each pair of extra legs would be a perfect and warm replica of the first, down to the splendid genitalia and the long-muscled thighs, calves and the beautiful, large feet.

The most wonderful thing about the legs was how natural they looked on David, even if he decided to please me more by making them longer or adding even more of them. I would come home to find him relaxing on the white sofa, long legs sprawled everywhere, and as I sat down beside him the legs would warmly begin to nudge and engulf me as he smiled and enjoyed my arousal.

I noticed that the more legs he had the more aroused he would be around me.

If I was near the rearmost legs, their genitalia would become aroused, and the legs would nudge or caress me with seeming innocence, yet I could sense their arousal and warmth.

“I seem to have lost control of my legs when they are near you,” David smiled, laughing and a little embarrassed as well as aroused. “They seem to be turned on when they are close to you.” Sometimes when I would meet David after being away from home, as he greeted me he would have trouble keeping the legs in line, especially when he had made them longer and taller for me, knowing my love for long legs. The extra legs would sidle sideways or towards me, their huge hardons urgent and aching.

“Please suck me down,” David would beg sometimes. “I can’t stand having all these hardons.” Even though we had built custom excercise machines to excercise his legs and expend some of their tremendous physical energy, it did not tire them as we had anticipated. It only made them more muscular and beautiful, and only enhanced David’s sexual apetite. I secretly felt a contrary delight, and didn’t want to suck all of David’s hardons down, if only to preserve David’s heightened arousal and desire, which I felt madly arousing.

I liked it when David was relaxing with his legs lazily crossed over each other or sprawled in pairs or clusters. It was so pleasant to nap among them, warmly and gently blanketed by their male beauty. I could not get enough of David’s beautiful legs.

It was nice sometimes when David would put himself under the influence for me, since he knew I found his beauty irresistable when he was somewhat numbed and confused by wine, his beautiful legs clumsy and stumbling.

“I like being this way for you,” his beautiful lips would say, sweet with wine, his eyes glazed and his body warm and glowing.

Sometimes I think David really could multiply his legs and gently surround me with them. It was in his nature to be beautiful, and the ease of his generosity made the impossible seem possible. If he could, he would certainly wrap as many beautiful legs around me as I wanted.The sweetness of his love certainly wouldn’t forbid it.

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