David's Legs

David’s transformation

by Josh Dugan

The austere spirituality of David and his monastic students brings forth an abundance of limbs and wristfeet.

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David was practicing advanced meditation, meditating on the form of his body, sensitizing himself to channels of love. He made his mind as simple and sentient as a young innocent, to at once express the beauty of being alive and to feel and be receptive to goodness all around him. His body had transformed itself in his quest for purity, taking on athlete's spareness and beauty, and adapting itself to the symbolic quest for which he would prepare himself. To walk the many corners of the world and to pursue all ways at once, his body symbolically adopted many handsome feet, a graceful plethora of beautiful, powerful legs, upon which he sat, the many legs cross-legged beneath him, the beautiful feet nestled in peace among the long muscles of the many beautiful legs. As a near-Vishnu, his body adopted many long and graceful arms, of strength and pleasing form—but in symbolic deference to Vishnu, as a mark of humility and servitude his multiple arms bore not many hands but many large and beautiful male feet, the uppermost of which he touched to his lips as he chanted his mantra, eyes closed. His beautiful feet, humble servants and carriers of the body, would find their beauty in their service, their strength and grace deriving from their relentless work, the many beautiful feet of David which caressed and kissed the ground with every graceful step of their bare, gentle long soles, the handsome toes a row of subtle jewels crowning each magnificent foot. Of those large and beautiful male feet that were borne aloft by David's strong wrists, a deeper role would be required. They in their own way would be vessels of love, deliverers of a tender warm touch that transformed, sweet mediums of loving caresses that brought joy, in the humble yet magnificent form of the beautiful male foot.

Even in his own youth David would gather students, the finest and most gentle of youths, whose bodies would grow muscular and tall, nourished by their quest for love, and David-like in their transformation, whether in work or in ardent gentle love, expressing the consolation of gentle companionship and caring through the power and gentle warmth of their many beautiful, sensitive feet. Robed for ceremonies and processions, they would softly trod the monastary stones, warming them with the gentle radiance of their many-footed steps, and with exchanged kisses of their beautiful wristfeet and many-armed wristfooted embraces. Costumed for dramas and traditional festivities, they would live out and vividly portray the greates t heights of love and the worst betrayals, with many-footed skill and grace, entertaining each other and carrying on the cycles of devotion through the bitter cold of the darkest seasons. Smooth-muscled and tanned during the warm and sunny months, David and his students would celebrate the long days and warm nights unclothed, with wine and songs and endless loving, alive with love for each other, enwrapped in each other's beautiful arms and gently caressed by each other's many beautiful feet and wristfeet.

On such a night I had visited the distant monastary, aroused even in my dreams as I thought of David, longing for his visit to my room. I awakend to the warm, large feel of a beautiful foot on my chest, then several more all over me, and I felt his handsome weight pour upon me as his beautiful lips greeted mine in a loving kiss. I felt my own tall, powerful form scooped up lovingly in many long, gentle arms, caressing me with their giant, sweet wristfeet and holding my body comfortably in their gentle warm caress.

“Thank you,” David said, kissing me. I could not express my return thanks except by returning his wonderful kiss, and I pulled several of his large, beautiful warm wristfeet to my lips and kissed them, knowing he was mine and loving him for letting me be his.

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