David's Legs

David’s magic body

by Josh Dugan

Shape-shifting David can pump his four-legged magic into you.

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David was mad about me. I was mad about him, too. He could pour his body onto mine, and it felt like I was being drenched in fresh cream. His touch was light and cooling, and at the same time warm and relaxing.

What I hadn't known early on was the magic he had in his wonderful body. His beauty gave some hint of it, especially the sweetness of his smile and the dexterity of his long, slender limbs.

He never let on that he was magical until I discovered it in a moment of lighthearted wrestling on the bed. I had him pinned pretty good, but then he grabbed my wrists, so I was trapped. It took a moment for me to realize how he did it, because I had already grabbed his wrists. But how did he do it? It didn't make sense.

“Hey, let go!” I said. He let go of my wrists and I let go of his, and he rolled over on his back, smiling his beautiful smile as I straddled him with my knees. His hands hung there relaxed at the end of his arms—four of them! I was startled and kind of shocked—but also turned on! They were beautiful, sexy hands. But he only had two arms when we started wrestling.

“I'm magical,” David smiled, reading my mind. “Here, feel them, they're real,” he said putting his four hands in mine. They were warm and gentle—and strong. I had to kiss them. “I can shift my shape, but I only do it for the one I love,” he smiled.

“Wow,” I said. “That totally turns me on. I'm hard as a rock!”

“I hoped you would be,” David said. “I'm glad it turns you on, and it makes me hard, too!”

“Can you stay like that?” I asked David. “I'd love to make love to you like this!”

“Of course!” he said. “Anything for my love!”

I had to fuck him in the worst way! He lay on his back and parted his beautiful long legs to let me enter him, guiding me into him with his hands while his second pair held my shoulders. I held the arms that supported my shoulders, bending my neck down to kiss them. We rocked and groaned as I became more and more aroused inside his warm male ass, and his hardon grew huge and shiny as his chest and neck became flushed with arousal. “God, I wish I could suck you while I'm in you,” I said. “I'd love for both of us to come together!”

Between his heavy breaths, David smiled and said, “Grab me and pull me to your lips.” I looked at him doubtfully, but he smiled encouragement. I grabbed his beautiful cock in my hand and gave it a good pull—and with some resistance, it was able to reach my mouth—the thing actually stretched, making it even sexier, and the head and shaft grew larger in my grasp. It was wonderful in my mouth! And I was in him at the same time. I had to come so bad!

David was groaning and moaning, with tears in his eyes. “Please!” he gasped, “Let me come into you, too, while you're in me and you're sucking me!”

“Sure,” I said, breathing hard. “I'll swallow everything you've got!”

“Thanks,” David panted, “but I want to be in your ass too while you're in mine and while I'm in your mouth. I'll need to add a second pair of legs and a second cock to come into your ass—okay with you?” I was so turned on I couldn't speak. “Mmm-hmm” I hummed, around his huge cock in my mouth. “Oh!” he cried. “It feels good when you say mmm-hmm on my dick!” I laughed, but the next thing I felt was his second pair of legs, the thighs warm on my back and his second hardon going into my ass, smoothly torturing my ass and my prostate as I ached to come! And we came! Hot, wonderful come shot into my grateful mouth from David's first hardon, and I felt my ass distended and lubed with burning thick come from David's second hardon in me! I fucked his beautiful frontal ass and pounded my love and arousal into him for all I was worth, my whole body saying to David I love you, I love you, I love you!

We came and came, and came and came some more. I was exhausted but still aroused when we were through, as I lay on his beautiful chest, his gentle four arms holding me. I kissed David's beautiful lips. After a long, wonderful kiss I was incredibly turned on again. His eyes met mine.

“I've pumped my magic into you,” he smiled. “I hope you don't mind, but I did your first magic for you. Would you like to come again?” He indicated my legs by a look at them. I raised myself up a little and looked at my legs. Four of them lay there on David's four, with my first hardon and a new second one between the back pair of legs, both raging and aching to come. I kissed David again and worked my four legs, feeling my hardons huge and urgent. “Yeah, David,” I said, hornier than I have ever been. “This could go on all night!” As a matter of fact, it did!

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