Foot friends

by Josh Dugan

To please his foot-loving BF, Tom decides against becoming a centaur, and instead grows four of his beautiful feet—and wristfeet too.

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Tom smiled his teasing, knowing smile, as he sat naked the bed with his legs tucked under him.

“What?” I asked, interested. He was beautiful and he knew it, and loved to flirt. He loved to be outrageous—and he was sexy enough that he could get away with anything.

“I'm thinking of becoming a centaur,” he said. “Imagine how cool I'd be with a stallion's huge body and with four legs.”

“No way,” I replied, “you'd have hooves, and that means you'd have to live without your beautiful feet.” That struck a nerve, because while Tom was beautiful as a dancer, his feet were his pride and joy. They were a little too large, but muscular and graceful, and he left them bare whenever he could.

“What if I kept my feet?” he smiled. “I could have four of them, two in the back and two in the front. I'd kinda like that!”

“You could try,” I said. “But that's a lot of work just for four feet. Why not just be four-legged but human? You could still fit in the room. And you wouldn't have to drink the whole bottle of transformation juice.”

He eyed the bottle that his beautiful hands had been turning over restlessly. “I do like my legs,” he said thoughtfully. “It would be nice to have four of them, and I'd still have my own feet plus two more. I could go for that.”

“I'd like that too,” I said, feeling aroused at the thought of Tom with four feet. His feet were so beautiful—they were big and warm and handsomely shaped. Four of them would be awesome! My mind pleasantly reeled trying to imagine him nakedly relaxing on four of his beautiful legs.

He glowed as he looked at me with affection—he was turned on, too. “You like my feet, don't you,” he said.

Yes, I nodded, blushing.

“I think four legs is as far as I would want to go,” he said, “but if you'd like, I could try changing my hands to feet as well, so you'd have more feet to enjoy.”

“Ohhhh,” I said, involuntarily. The images flashed in my mind, Tom's sleeves rolled halfway back on his smoothly muscled forearms, big and beautiful feet hanging heavily from his strong wrists. If I held his hands, I would be holding his big, sexy male feet. I could kiss them, he could place them on my shoulders lazily as we talked, he might hold a handsome big toe to his lips as he shushed me before sharing a confidence. I could picture them slapping on a steering wheel as he drove, or hanging languidly out the car door as he sat cursing the traffic on a hot day.

“Look!” he said, wiping his lips as he capped the bottle. Looking up from my reverie, I was stunned and my hardon became huge. The bottle fell with a plop onto the bed, and it was a foot that wiped his lips—nice! A great, big good-looking foot, just like his others—his five others!

“My god!” he said, laughing, aroused, trying to untangle the four legs and the big feet that got in each others' way. We both laughed—it was funny as he was on his hands and knees, only the hands were feet! It was easier for him that way, and the big front feet dug into the bed as they faithfully steadied him. He rolled over onto his broad back, laughing, holding the feet up appraisingly and rubbing them together, while the four legs felt among themselves for comfortable positions.

“Wow, you are awesome!” I said. I meant it, too.

He was getting really hard, a huge hardon between each pair of legs. “I'm so horny!” he said, and I climbed over him and kissed him full on his beautiful, aroused lips. There they were, on my burning cheeks, his huge, sweet feet as he framed my face with them, gentle on my face as I kissed him.

I grabbed him by the wrists and pulled, enjoying the swell of his beautiful feet from his wrists, and I pulled him as he smiled, into a seated position.

I let go of his wrists and he balanced himself with the feet on his arms as he practiced crossing both pairs of legs, one pair of crossed legs above the other.

It looked so cool to see him with four of his beautiful legs. He liked it too.

We both noticed his boners—two of them!—because he had a boner between his hind legs as well as between his front legs. He was amazed at having two of them. He was feeling them, hardly believing they were both real.

It was sexy because he was feeling them with the big, beautiful feet on his wrists, which was so erotic his boners got amazingly hard and huge, purple and intensely engorged.

My eyes felt like they were dilated from the pleasure of seeing Tom exploring his new boners with such big, smooth feet on his wrists. He let one of the beautiful feet warm itself on his two boners, and he the other foot smooth itself on the soles of his other four feet that were hanging out the sides of his four crossed legs.

That was a new feeling for him—I could see it register with him—the feeling of a foot at the end of his arm touching a foot at the end of his leg—sole to sole. “They're the same size,” he smiled. “Even though the feet on my wrists feel much bigger, and like they weigh a ton.”

I couldn't help but grab the both of them, wrapping my hands around both of them, feeling these two beautiful male feet with their beautifully sculpted soles kissing each other. Sure enough, although all Tom's feet are big, beautifully big, the foot on his wrist was every bit as big and heavy as the four feet on his four legs.

He gave me his arm, extending it to me, the beautiful big foot on his wrist. I held it, my hands loving the generous curve of the arch, the rich smoothness of the pads, the suppleness of the toes, the beauty of the top of the foot as it gently swelled from Tom's wrist. I couldn't help but massage it, pressing the arch and the front pad until the toes slightly spread, then pressing the heel. Tom's eyes closed. “That feels wonderful,” he said. He brought his other arm around, resting its wrist on my leg, its big heavy foot weighing down on my leg.

I let one hand feel one of his four feet that were hanging relaxed from his four beautiful crossed legs. It was amazing to feel that foot with one hand and to have my other hand holding its brother foot as it hung from Tom's wrist.

Tom was beautifully flushed with arousal as he surveyed his two beautiful boners, his four beautiful legs and his six beautiful feet. His lips were slightly parted. He was turned on by all of them.

He tried to clear his thoughts, giving his beautiful head a shake, and he locked eyes with me.

“I want to try walking on my four feet,” he said, giving my both his wristfeet to me so I could help pull him up onto his four beautiful feet.

I got up from the bed and pulled his warm wrists, my hands loving the feel of his wristfeet, as Tom uncrossed his front legs to stand up, also uncrossing his hind legs as he got all four of his beautiful bare feet on the floor.

I could see the discovery coursing through his features as his face lit up.

“That's nice,” he said. “Feeling the floor through four feet.”

He held his big wristfeet up to look at them, turning them slowly on his wrists as he stared at them with a boy's wonderment and a man's arousal, his beautiful face flushed with awe.

He put both wristfeet soles together, toes pointed heavenward. They looked huge, beautifully huge.

“Wow,” he laughed gently. “I think my prayers would be much louder through these.”

He took them apart from each other and reached them back over his hind legs, smoothing the wristfeet over them, over his beautiful buns, and then running the new feet along each others' arms, and then over his shoulders and chest. It was beautiful to watch the feet exploring his body.

“It feels so different to touch myself with feet,” he mused, “and to feel big feet up here on my chest. And to feel four of them on the floor.”

He felt his neck and hair with the feet, taking a few steps with his four legs. It was beautiful to see the four feet as they gracefully moved, the four soles rising from the floor and replanting themselves. He was able to move them with unconscious skill, his four nicely muscled legs working as a graceful team. Rather than looking to “busy,” the four legs looked good together. Tom's having four of everything, four feet, four ankles, four calves, four knees, four thighs, four hips, looked surprisingly natural, with a beauty that took my breath away.

I didn't blame him for being turned on my himself. He was obviously aroused by his wristfeet and by his four beautiful legs and feet. His arousal was especially obvious because of the size of his penises.

“I can feel my hind penis grinding against me,” he laughed. Sure enough, the beautiful penis between Tom's hind legs was huge; it crowded the buns of his front legs. “I'm going to rape myself,” he laughed. He unconsciously felt his huge front penis with one of the big feet on his wrists.

“You do look hot,” I said. “What do you think?”

“I think I'll take up bodybuilding,” he smiled, turning towards a floor length mirror nearby, striking a bodybuilder pose, all the more provocative on four legs, not to mention the two big feet on his wrists.

“Or maybe ballroom dancing.”

He experimented with rhytmic movement on his four feet, dancing on them to me, putting one large wristfoot on my shoulder and the other one in my grateful hand.

I held him; we danced to silent music, aware of the presence of his four legs the whole time. Yet were amazingly adept, the four feet finding themselves agile as well as beautiful.

He leaned against me, I against him. “I love being this way for you,” he said. I kissed him. I had to.

As he pressed himself to me, I felt Tom's front penis big and hot against me, and almost without knowing myself, I pulled him toward me, my arm pressed against the small of his back. I surprised myself by kissing him forcefully, squeezing him to me as we kissed, and I squeezed the beautiful wristfoot in my hand.

We kissed passionatly, my neck, shoulders and back caressed by his other wandering wristfoot, so large and so wonderful to feel against me. Only his four legs seemed to forget themselves, his four beautiful big bare feet stumbling, stunned by our kiss. I wanted them all, I wanted him, I wanted him to want me.

He groaned in mid kiss, and I knew we were going to come—and right then we did, hot come blasting between our bodies as we both came spontaneously, Tom's four beautiful feet slipping on come as come spurted from his hind penis glazing the floor. I felt myself coming hotly, soaking myself and Tom.

I held him gently afterwards, we held each other, me and my beautiful four-footed Tom, his heavy wristfeet holding my neck as he rested his forehead against mine while we our come still steamed.

He opened his eyes, his face still flushed and more beautiful than ever, and gave me another kiss. He smoothed my forehead with his wristfoot, and I turned my face up and kissed its handsome smooth sole, loving it against my face.

Tom looked into my eyes, his beauty melting me as always.

“Can you finish the bottle?” he said to me. “I want you this way, too.”

I squeezed him to me, turning with him tightly in my arms, making him sway from side to side as I cherished the feel of his beauty warm against me, making him giggle gently, his four beautiful feet dragged this way and that way a little on the steaming, come-soaked floor.

“You got it!” I replied.

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