Boytaur swim program

by Bud Boytaurbody

These swimmers can wear literally a pair of Speedos.

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“It's made us grow a lot closer,” Sean said, sitting in his two pairs of speedos beside his naked four-legged swim team partner Steve, throwing his arm over Steve's shoulder and giving his neck a squeeze. Steve's two large, smooth-soled wristfeet naturally reached for Sean's equally large, handsome wristfoot, as it dangled heavily and tantalizingly from the wrist of Sean's long, muscular forearm.

We were seated around a small judge's table at the side of the school's Olympic-sized pool. “It has made us grow closer,” Steve agreed, his wristfeet sliding their soles along the sole and the top of Sean's wristfoot, the toes combing the shapely soles. “The whole team.”

I had to agree, as Steve pivoted to swing his four legs over to rest on Sean's. I'd never seen a team of tall, beautiful swimmers as in love as this team was, and the wristfeet seemed a rallying point for all of them, as much as their four legs; their four legs and four feet were as beautiful and sexy as could be imagined.

The boys seemed lost in a world of wristfeet, their beautiful wristfeet always raching for the other's wristfeet, even as their four legs interlaced, the four feet smoothing themselves among each others' foursomes of legs and feet.

The swim team had recently (and enthusiastically) grown wristfeet, as part of their adoption of the full wristfooted boytaur physique, in the school's adoption of the new boytaur program in swimming. They had already become much stronger swimmers since becoming four-legged, and I was checking in to confirm for myself what I had heard from the board about the wild success of the boytaur swim program, which had also turbocharged the young mens' cohesiveness as a team and beyond. I was at the pool surrounded by dozens of muscular swimmers during a break from their endless hours of swimming practice, and this is why I was chatting informally with two of the incredibly handsome members of the newly wristfooted boytaur swim team.

Several pairs of the beautiful four-legged, wristfooted swimmers were massaging each other with their large, handsome wristfeet as they lay around the pool; several were making love, as the team members got used to their four-legged, wristfooted boytaur bodies.

“Notice how broad our shoulders are?” Sean said, unconsciously shrugging his own wide shoulders and running his huge wristfoot over Steve's shoulders and chest. Steve's wristfeet caught the wristfoot and clasped it to his powerful broad chest.

“Having these big feet on our wrists gives us such an improved stroke that our shoulders grow to accommodate it—not only muscle, but more bone and everything.”

A new pair of great big wristfeet landed on Steve's broad shoulders; Steve smiled and looked up over his shoulder at Adam, their owner, who kissed both boys' wristfeet as they offered them to him.

“Do you have time for sex with me?” Adam asked, not wanting to let go of Steve's and Sean's wristfeet, his own beautiful wristfeet holding the four of them with near reverence. “I've got two hardons that are aching to come.” His four long-muscled legs were squirming with desire, his four beautiful feet restless as his huge hardons ached, radiating heat.

It was the third sex break of the practice; far from sating their appetites, the profuse quantities of boytaur come that they fed and rump-fed each other merely made the boytaurs' bodies more pumped muscularly and more aroused sexually. However, swimming was easier after the sex breaks because while they remained temporarily spent, the boytaur's enormous sex organs allowed more fluid movement through the water than they did when they were gigantically aroused. After a sex break, the team could also focus for a while on their swimming, which would otherwise be interrupted with endless sexual intercourse among the hugely aroused, highly sexed boytaurs.

Steve and Sean rose wordlessly from the table, their huge penises bumping it and bumping their four legs as they struggled to clear their four legs from the chairs they had been sitting on. Obviously they were as aroused as Adam, and with a graceful exchange of wristfooted hugs and caresses the handsome boytaur swimmers were soon lost in powerful four-legged lovemaking.

I was satisfied that the team's wholehearted delight in the boytaur swim project proved that wristfootedness and four-leggedness not only added power and strength to their athletic performance, but that the boys' sexual satisfaction built a bond that most could only dream of, and I was glad that the second phase of their transformation was underway. In fact, amid the boys' groans and screams it was Adam whose voice signalled it first.

“Oh my god, I've got four wristfeet,” he said, holding what were now his four arms up to show Steve and Sean as they looked up from making love to his four-legged body. Four huge, beautiful wristfeet hung heavily from his four wrists, his new foursome of arms comfortably resting on one another. Sean and Steve were newly aroused all over again, kissing his four beautiful wristfeet as he laughed with likewise renewed arousal; they would be four-wristfooted in moments as well.

“How cool is that!”

As other swimmers' arms doubled and sprouted extra wristfeet, there was renewed fury of wristfoot worship, and we of necessity let the sex break go on for most of the hour.

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