by Bud Boytaurbody

There's a reason why these are only sold in sets of four.

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We were at the beach, at the little gift shop, crowded with tanned boys in white or Hawaiian-patterned swim trunks or surf jams, and puka necklaces. It was fun and kind of nice that everyone was in the unofficial "uniform." Guys were laughing and punching each other and getting each other in headlocks as they horsed around with each other in the shop.

Caitlin was buying flip-flops.

"Can I just buy one pair?" he asked the boy at the counter, holding up the two pairs of flip-flops that were held together by a band.

"Those are foursomes," the counter boy smiled. He was also tanned and shirtless, in a puka necklace. He ran a hand through his hair and looked at the four flip-flops banded together as he explained. "Same price as a pair. You wear them in foursomes."

It didn't make sense to me, but Caitlin bought them and put them on as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world, which it apparently was, to him. He was leaning on the counter with his hands, and maneuvering to get his long, smooth feet into the flip-flops. I didn't mean to stare, but once he got them onto his front feet, he kept holding onto the counter and looking behind him, getting the other pair of flip-flops slid onto a second pair of his feet, on tanned hind legs that comfortably spilled out the hindquarters of his Hawaiian surf jams. Odd, I didn't remember him having four feet. I'm sure he didn't; I would have noticed. I looked again, and there they were, Caitlin's four feet, handsome in their four new flip-flops. He spread his front feet apart a little bit and reached one of his hind legs forward to check out its flip-flop, extending his hind foot forward between his two front feet, turning it from side to side a little, and then he pulled it back and stuck if forward outside his front legs, turning the hind foot this way and that on its ankle. Then he pulled it back and stood on it, bringing the other tanned hind leg forward, comparing its foot to his front feet, turning the hind foot side to side on its ankle, satisfying himself that all four of his feet looked good in their flip-flops. It boned me to see him that way, tanned and all.

But I noticed other tanned boys wearing foursomes as well, milling around in the shop and out on the beach. They were attractive boys, all the more so with four feet. As they walked about the little gift shop it was nice to see their long soles and arches as they moved their four feet about, fluid four-footed movement done with unconscious grace as they followed each other around. Most of them were wearing their foursomes, but some of them took them off to leave their four feet comfortably bare, and for when they left the shop, preferring their four feet barefoot on the sand. You could carry the flip-flops, all four together by using the band that came with them.

Lots of the boys hooked the four flip-flops by the band over the waists of their flowered swim trunks, to carry their foursomes when they wanted their four feet bare.

Caitlin's very tall friend Del had only just arrived, and came into the little thatched gift shop. He wasn't tanned yet, but his creamy smooth complexion highlighted his features and his long muscles. He had two legs. I know because I checked to make sure. Two very long basketball-player's legs, and he walked them up to the counter, towering gracefully over the counter and the counter boy. He hadn't seen Caitlin yet, so he also asked the counter boy if the flip-flops could be sold two at a time instead of four together. The counter boy smiled and gazed up at Del, who enjoyed being gazed up at by just about everyone. He was strikingly beautiful, his perfect face so handsome atop his long, gracefully powerful neck and towering smooth body. The counter boy had to catch his breath, but he explained, just like he did for Caitlin.

"So I wear them like this? How else would I wear four of them?" Del asked the counter boy, comically putting two of the flip-flops on the large, smooth hands at the ends of his long arms, and sliding his two beautifully oversized feet into the other two flip-flops.

"I suppose you could," the counter boy smiled up at him, flushed." Del smiled back, suddenly flushed also, then looked at his hands in the flip-flops. They were feet. Beautifully oversized, smooth feet, heavy on his wrists, filling the flip-flops. "Fuck," he said. He struggled to extract his huge new wristfeet from the flip-flops. He bent down and used his giant wristfeet to reach down and deposit the flip-flops on the floor, awkwardly because such huge feet, no matter how beautiful, are clumsy compared to hands. Leaning on his new wristfeet on the counter, he maneuvered what were now his four tall basketball player's legs to get his new hind feet into the second pair of flip-flops, and slid them into them. Everyone in the shop had gone quiet. They were all staring at this tall boyishly handsome giant, Del, and his new collection of huge, beautiful feet. He stood on four of them, and two of them now hung heavily, clumsily, at the end of his long arms. He giggled in spite of himself, boned at the sight of the two huge, beautiful heavy feet dangling helplessly from his wrists. Guys were moaning and laughing and holding each other as they watched Del getting turned on at the sight of his giant dangling wristfeet. He was also starting to become aware of how good it felt having four of his huge legs, four of his huge feet.

"Don't feel bad," smiled the counter boy. "Lots of guys do that on purpose." Sure enough, we noticed among the laughing tanned boys several with tanned bare feet hanging from their wrists, as well as being four-footed. "It helps them get their boners on," the counter boy smiled.

"You look good like that," one of the taller tanned boys near the counter said to Del, showing Del his tanned wristfeet. They touched their wristfeet together, tanned wristfeet on creamy white wristfeet, comparing the size of their soles. Del's wristfoot sole was a pretty good match for the tall tanned boy's, nice and long. They smiled and held both of their wristfeet against each others', enjoying the way they looked and felt together. You could tell they were getting their boners on.

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