Guess what happened

by Jefftaur

Imagine my surprise yesterday when my housemate came home four-legged!

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Imagine my surprise yesterday when my housemate came home four-legged! I can remember the moment with crystal clarity, hearing four sport flops being kicked off one by one, two, three, four. I didn't think much of it at first, just figuring company, until I heard that unmistakable rhythm of four bare feet slapping against the smooth tile floor, moving one body—a boytaur body—forward, a rhythm I'm intimately acquainted with from my own four-legged days.

The thought of my housemate's cute, tan, bare feet multiplied sent an instant flush of blood to all three of my cocks and I jumped up onto my own six bare feet and was quickly padding down the hallway—my feet slapping in six-legged rhythm—to see if my vision was real.

I rounded the corner and froze when I saw him. He was standing there, silently still, stretching his arms wide, eyes lazily closed, a blissful expression on his face… and four bare feet on the floor! His four lean, tanned legs were shown off by his short, shiny blue four-legged athletic shorts, which also nicely hugged his cute hind ass. The toes of his hind feet were wriggling slightly as he let his head roll back with a contented sigh, and I knew why… he was enjoying the sweet kiss of the cool tile floor against the smooth soles of his new hind feet.

I shuffled slightly on my six feet and he opened his eyes, smiling even wider when he saw me standing there. He opened the hands of his outstretched arms in a gesture of self-display. “What do you think?”

“You look awesome!” I replied, and meant it, wholeheartedly.

He let his arms drop to his sides and looked down, wriggling all twenty of his toes. “I kinda like it, too,” he said, looking back up at me with a grin.

Constantly distracted from eye contact by his four beautiful feet, I sputtered, “Why did you—”

He laughed. “Well, you've been so happy with your six legs… and you look awesome with 'em! I just wasn't sure if I was ready for it, y'know… but, man, I'm already glad I did it,” he said, letting his head roll back again as he shuffled his four feet around a bit, “I just wish I'd done it sooner.”

I privately agreed, but said aloud, with a grin and a raised eyebrow, “How 'bout if I help you break in those new feet?” I pretended to crack my knuckles.

He grinned back and we quickly headed for the couch, the slapping of his four bare feet changing to a soft shuffle as he stepped from the tile to the large, thick rug before the couch, stopping for a moment to enjoy the new sensation on his four soles.

He still wasn't moving by the time I got all six of my own feet onto the carpet. “Move it,” I said, playfully shoving him forward. He laughed and quickly moved his two right feet to try to catch himself, but his four legs got tangled and his boytaur body fell with a loud thump into the soft cushions of the couch.

“I'll get you for that!” he exclaimed, grinning as he tried to untangle his four legs and stand again. But his four feet kept catching on one another and his other legs, and he fell back, on his hind ass, into the depths of the couch.

I quickly moved forward on my six feet and grabbed his two front feet from his tangle of feet and legs, lifting them up to my chest to keep him pinned there. “Now,” I said, with mock severity, “stay there until I'm done with you.”

The corner of his mouth twisted in a wry smile as he docilely complied, letting his boytaur body relax, his front feet unflexing and becoming lazily heavy in my hands as he no longer tried to pull them away. His hind feet slid forward on the carpet until the toes kissed those of my front feet.

“That's more like it.”

I quickly knelt on all six knees and contemplated the foursome of feet before me, two in my hands, two resting lazily on the soft carpet. My housemate's four feet are nicely tanned, with twenty perfectly rounded toes and four beautifully smooth soles. I let his right front foot rest in my lap while I took his left in both hands and began to gently knead the flesh with my fingers, exploring each and every minute, wonderful detail of his foot, knowing there were three more just like it yet to come.

At first, he just lay there quietly, head rolled back and four legs splayed out, as he enjoyed my ministrations. But then, slowly, his other three feet became jealously active as they awaited their turn. The toes of his hind feet began to stroke back and forth across my front knees, and his right front foot began to squirm in my front lap, further exciting my hardening front cock.

Before he drove me to complete distraction with that one foot, I freed his other front foot from my grasp and lifted his right front foot from my lap, applying my meticulous massage to every inch of it, exploring its now-familiar shapes and contours, a handsome mirror-image of the foot I'd just been studying. Meanwhile, his hind feet began to work their way up under the hem of my T-shirt, and soon they were teasingly playing over my taut abs as they flexed and unflexed continuously, my breathing becoming deeper and more ragged with each teasing brush of smooth hind-foot heels, soles, and toes across my torso.

He brought his freed left front foot up against my face, cupping it in an action as if the foot were at the end of caressing arm. I leaned my head into the contact, turning my lips to kiss the sole as the heel rested against my jaw and the ball of the foot cradled my ear, toes teasingly mussing my hair. I brought one hand up from his other front foot to grab this one again and bring the toes to my mouth, sucking a couple of them between my lips. He lurched, and as I glanced up, I saw two unmistakable bulges in his shorts, one between each pair of legs, the shiny material clinging tightly to his twin boytaur cocks as it tried vainly to keep them from bursting free.

At that moment, his hind feet made their way an extra inch up my torso, and I suddenly felt a set of toes brushing lightly over each of my nipples. I exploded with a lustful shout, and tore off my shirt in order to make room for adding an extra pair of muscular arms, grabbing one of those teasing hind feet between my new hands. I lost track of time as my world became his four feet and his four legs. Two of his feet were always in my grasps, as my four hands continued to explore every sexy detail and contour of his four feet. His other two feet roved over my bare, four armed torso, and my mind was awash with the sensations of light teasings by toes, firm nudges from heels, and smooth caresses from soles.

Almost without my noticing it, my four hands became wristfeet, mimicking the wild sexiness of the four feet they were massaging, now massaging not with fingers and palms but with flexing toes, stroking soles, and pressing heels. He let out a strangled, guttural cry, and began to furiously tug at the waistband of his four-legged shorts, without much success, as the material was plastered around his giant, rock-hard boytaur cocks. Abandoning my massaging duties, I reached up with my four wristfeet and hooked my wristfeet toes into the waistband of the shorts, pulling them firmly down his four legs, letting his two cocks, and finally his four feet, spring free.

He'd shucked his shirt much earlier, so his four-legged boytaur body was completely nude as he sat there, panting, his two towering cocks aching for release. I leaned forward into the welcoming embrace of his four legs, their soft hair and skin cushioning the hard muscle beneath. As I grasped each of his cocks between respective sets of wristfeet toes, he lifted his front legs and began to caress my bare back with his front feet, pushing my face down towards the head of his front cock, which I gladly welcomed between my lips, teasing it with my tongue even as I teased the shaft with the toes of one wristfoot while cupping his front balls with another. His hind cock began to buck between the cradling soles of my other two wristfeet.

Neither of us could last long. I moved the wristfoot cupping his front balls to tease the pucker of his front anus, circling and brushing over the entrance with my wristfoot toes before firmly pressing the big toe against and then into it.

His whole four-legged body stiffened as his twin cocks swelled with their imminent volleys of cum. His front legs and feet on my back clenched and held me tight, while his hind feet, suddenly flexing, finally worked their way under the waist of my six-legged shorts. The brush of hind-foot toes against the head of my bulging front cock sent me over the edge.

And then we were cumming, endlessly, me from my three cocks, and he from his two, the cum from his front cock exploding into my mouth, some escaping and tricking down his front shaft and among the toes of my wristfoot held there, and the cum from his hind cock shooting everywhere, coating the underside of my chin, his front balls, my other wristfeet, my chest and abs, and his four thighs. Finally, the volleys abated, and then stopped, and as he relaxed his front legs and let his front feet slide away from my back, I lifted my mouth from his front cock to draw in a few deep, unsteady breaths as his front legs slid down around my four wristfooted arms.

I lifted and then re-planted my two of my four wristfeet on either side of him on the couch and lifted my six-legged body up to share a long kiss with him, still sticky from his double load of boytaur cum. Our ten legs, my six and his four, rested together, our ten feet a confused, warm, sexy pile on the soft-carpeted floor.

“So…” I murmured, “you like having four legs?”

He smiled briefly and nodded, bringing his lips up to mine again to share the taste of his sweet boytaur cum.

When he pulled back again, I grinned and moved my six feet around a bit, caressing his four among them, toes brushing soles, heels brushing arches. “How about, a little later, I teach you some of my massaging techniques?”

“Or,” he said, smiling as he reached with his hands to unbutton and unzip my cum-soaked six-legged shorts, as his two cocks, having hardly softened at all, once again flushed with hardness under the touch of the two of my four wristfeet still buried in his four-legged crotch, “how about now?”

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