No-weight workout

by Josh Dugan

Stuck at home with no weights? There’s plenty you can still do to improve your body.

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Here is a selection of practical no-weight workouts that may be performed at home. Fitness experts agree that regular workouts provide gains in muscle tone, size, cardiovascular condition and appearance.


Stand upright with arms reaching forward, and lower down to a squatting position before rising again. Perform as many repetitions as you can before becoming winded. If you are just starting out, few reps are fine, and you will be able to increase the number as you continue over time.

As you advance and gain strength, try this variation. To improve balance, start with one leg reaching forward, lowering yourself down and raising up again. Repeat with the alternate leg reaching forward.

As you grow more proficient with practice, raise two legs on the same side, lowering yourself down and raising up again. Repeat, raising the two legs on your other side. For example, start by raising both left legs and lowering yourself on your right legs, and then switch to raise both right legs and lower yourself on both left legs. Novices may wish to steady themselves using a chair for balance, but regular practice will increase both your balance and coordination.

As you advance you may raise opposite front and hind legs, repeating after switching the alternate legs. If you start with your front left leg and right rear leg raised, switch to you right front leg and left rear leg raised.

As your workout capacity and strength increase over time, increase the number of leg pairs. Advanced mode: Perform as a leg wheel, gradually rotating fresh legs to the floor to extend the benefits to the full wheel of legs.

Core Strength

Sit on the floor with front legs stretched forward and hind legs stretched backwards. Raise your arms overhead and gradually bend forward to reach for your front ankles, pulling gently on them to stretch your spine.

Release your front ankles and with arms upraised, resume upright posture, and lean backwards until you are lying on your hind legs, again reaching for your hind ankles and pulling gently on them before releasing them and returning to the starting position. Repeat.

As you become more limber, you will be able to grasp the toes of your front feet rather than the ankles for a further stretch, as well as being able to grasp the heels of your hind feet on the rearward stretch.

Penis Stretch

Using one hand, grab your penis by the shaft and pull up to a full overhead stretch, returning to the starting position before switching hands. Your resistance will increase as your penis hardens, giving a good workout to your delts and biceps, and improving your grip.

As you advance, perform with both arms, alternately or both at once, each hand grabbing a penis and raising to a full overhead stretch before returning to the starting position.

Over time, the resistance will increase as you add repetitions and rate of speed and your penises become stiffer. Reset by sucking down both penises before starting over again.

Leg Wheel Climb

Perform with a leg wheel partner or double yourself into a leg wheel.

Indoors: Have the leg wheel “jog in place,” that is, rotate his legs forward without rolling forward. Before starting, step onto a pair of his knees while reaching for another pair of his knees higher up. Have him start slowly, rotating his wheel of legs, and climb from the knees you have started with, as he rotates. As you develop your balance and coordination with him, gradually increase the speed of your climb as he increases the speed of his rotate in place, giving both of you an excellent leg and cardio workout. As you gain in strength over time, you may use additional arms and legs to multiply the benefits.

Outdoors: Choose an area with plenty of soft lawn, to allow the leg wheel to roll rather than to rotate in place, taking advantage of the outdoor space. You will be able to climb faster over time as you increase in strength and coordination, and as an added benefit, your leg wheel can work on giving his legs a good overall tan.

Be sure to have regular sex breaks with your leg wheel, at intervals during your workout, to help keep your mind focused on your workout, and to help him keep his ejaculations strong.

Finish with a relaxing leg wheel massage, massaging the leg wheel’s legs and feet, and a satisfying further round of intercourse and a restorative rest or nap, repeating as needed.


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