Elementary, Dr. Robinsen

by Tereshky

A talented scientist develops a revolutionary new muscle-growth serum, and learns the perils of self-experimentation.

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Dr. Robinsen’s pecs bounced as they slowly expanded out in the now loose fitting t-shirt, covered by a white lab coat. Drinking the serum had been a mistake but it had to be tested on someone and the doctor didn’t trust anybody else. The room was spinning, vertigo was giving way to darkness, as the unfortunate scientist fell unconscious onto the lab bench, sending unlabeled bottles of mysterious chemicals flying.

Outside the manor house, a young junior executive for Body Connections stood knocking at the door. His company had recently purchased a muscle growth enhancement formula from Dr. Robinsen and he had traveled out to the country in person to pick it up. A butler answered the door. “Terry Jones, here to see Dr. Robinsen,” the young executive said.

“You’re expected, the doctor is in the laboratory. I’m to take you there,” the butler replied, leading the way through the impressive manor house. On the wall was a portrait of a man next to his wife and kids. He assumed that was the doctor, although he was feeling guilty about not looking up any information on the Dr. Robinsen beforehand. At the end of a long hallway was a steel door. The butler opened it and stood back. “The laboratory is in there.” He pointed and walked away.

Terry walked into the poorly lit room that smelled of chemicals and animal cages, a little annoyed at being left to find his own way. Then in an instant his heart jumped into his mouth as he saw a man slumped over onto one of the lab benches. Terry ran over and lifted his head. He had very smooth skin apart from the five o’clock shadow that covered his face. His long blond hair was tied up into a ponytail making him look more like a Vegas magician than a doctor. He certainly wasn’t the man from the portrait.

“Dr. Robinsen?” he shouted in alarm, shaking the unconscious man in front of him with difficulty due to his powerful muscular frame. He slowly opened his eyes.

“Yes? What is it?” he said in a stupor, then his eyes opened widely. He felt his chest and then his arms. “Oh no…” He said moving his hands over his mouth. Jumping out of his stool so quickly that he knocked it over, he ran to a mirror and felt his face and body.

“Dr. Robinsen… I… uh… I’m here for the formula. You said we could pick it up today. I’ve been authorized to sign a contract for you for fifty million dollars for the exclusive right to manufacture it.”

He had to repeat himself several times before the doctor would even acknowledge him. Finally he twirled around and said, “No, no! It’s not ready! I have to fix—gnnnn…” The sentence was cut short as his hands grabbed his stomach and he bent over on the floor. “GNNNNN”

Terry watched as the doctor’s body heaved with labored breathing. Veins began to pop out in his neck. “Should I call 911?” he asked.

“No!” he bellowed and them grabbed his throat as shoulders began to expand again. Terry could see the sleeves of his lab coat filling out as the doctor’s biceps and triceps inflated. Was this the growth serum?! How could it be working this quickly?

Terry ran up Dr. Robinsen and put his hand on the man’s shoulder. “What’s happening?!” But he didn’t need an answer, he could feel the deltoid under his hand swelling against his fingers. The doctor’s pecs were imprinting themselves against the t-shirt and stretching it out so much he could hear the fibers straining.

The doctor looked down and grabbed his crotch, feeling incredible pain as he looked down in horror at the bulge that was fighting its way against some very tight jeans. “AGHHHH!” he shouted, quickly unbuttoning them and pulling out a 9-inch soft cock and balls the size of lemons. “Oh god no!” He shouted.

At that moment his pecs and deltoids had swollen so much that they tore his t-shirt down the front revealing his rock-hard core, framed by the lab coat and the torn t-shirt. His biceps burst through the sleeves of the white coat as they swelled out like two massive boulders. Terry backed away, afraid of what was happening as the prostrate man before him groaned in pain.

His denim ripped with an awful sound revealing two massive undulating thighs and an expanding bubble butt. “Fuck… it’s too much! Got the… ratios wrong!” he grunted as his body continued to swell including his feet which he was desperately working to pull out of his shoes.

Inch by inch the doctor grew taller and the expanding body ripped through the tattered remnants of his clothes. His balls sank lower, swelling to the size of baseballs as his now 11-inch soft cock drooped over his massively swelling thighs. His lats pushed those massive arms outward as his back thickened with extreme definition.

He struggled to stand as his traps fully engulfed his neck and his pecs continued to swell, forcing his nipples downward. He looked at his body in horror and looked up at Terry. “Get out! Get out now!” he roared, overturning a lab bench with a smash.

Terry bolted from the lab and down the hall without looking where he was going causing him to collide with a portly man in his fifties. “What the hell is going on down there!?” he shouted.

Terry recognized him from the painting in the hall. “Dr. Robinsen!” he shouted. “There’s a man in there, you…your assistant maybe? He’s changing… going berserk!”

“What are you talking about? I’m Johnathan Robinsen. Dr. Robinsen is my wife!”

Terry’s eyes grew round as saucers. “Ohhhh dear… I… I… think she may want some time to herself right now,” he said and ran out the front door.

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