Eustace conquers the world

by JayPat

Eustace, always the victim, decides to bulk up to avoid getting beaten up. At first he tries working out, but then he uses his smarts to create ways to boost muscle growth. It soon becomes apparent these are much more effective than anticipated.

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Part 1 Eustace, always the victim, decides to bulk up to avoid getting beaten up. At first he tries working out, but then he uses his smarts to create ways to boost muscle growth. It soon becomes apparent these are much more effective than anticipated. (added: 2 Mar 2019)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

Oh Christ, here we go again, I thought as I ran down the high school steps. I shoved my way through the small crowd and into the center. There was Kenny Larkin bent over poor Eustace again, just beating the crap out of him. What was the matter with these people? Why didn’t they stop this?

I grabbed Kenny by the shoulders and managed to pull him off Eustace. He turned around and took a swing at me, but I ducked and let him have it right in the kisser. He fell back and looked up at me. “What is it with you, McNealy?” he said. “Why can’t you let the shrimp fight his own battles?”

“Why does he have to fight any battles?” I said. “He didn’t do anything to you.”

“Yeah, and how do you know that?”

“Because he never does anything to you,” I said.

“Well you better hope I don’t do anything to you,” said Kenny.

“Any time, Larkin,” I said. “Take your best shot.”

He looked at me and snorted. “You’re lucky I’ve got better things to do.” He stood up and looked at poor bleeding Eustace. “You,” he said pointing at Eustace, “I will see later.” Then he sauntered away.

“You okay, Eustace?” I asked offering him my hand.

“No,” he said taking my hand and standing up. “I’m bleeding quite profusely from several small wounds and I have contusions over at least twenty percent of my body.”

Eustace always spoke like that—he had for as long as I’d known him, and I’d known him since kindergarten. We lived next to each other; our fathers worked at the same company; basically, we had grown up together. I can’t really say he was my best friend. That would have been Todd Glickman. I can’t say he was like a brother to me either, because we weren’t really that close. I mean how do you get close to someone who speaks like an encyclopedia?

“You want to go see the nurse?” I asked.

“Certainly not,” said Eustace. “I’d rather go to the local veterinarian then let that incompetent Florence Nightingale get her hands on me. I have sufficient bandages and antiseptic at home. I’ll tend to it myself.”

“I’ll walk with you,” I said.

“There’s no need,” said Eustace.

“I know there isn’t,” I said, “but I’m going home anyway and I live right next door.”

“Very well,” said Eustace. He tried to sound annoyed but I could tell he was happy I was walking with him. Kenny Larkin loved to beat up on Eustace and it would be just like him to be waiting a block away.

“You know this is getting quite intolerable,” said Eustace, as we started down the street. “It’s getting so I can’t walk out the school door with out that ruffian accosting me.”

“Have you told a teacher?”

“Repeatedly. They give him detention when they catch him, but that doesn’t stop him. His beatings just increase in intensity the next day.”

“What about your parents?”

“They also have lodged complaints with the school and with Kenneth’s parents. But neither of these actions has been effective.”

“Have you tried fighting back?” I asked. “Kenny’s not that big. And if he thought you’d give him trouble, he probably wouldn’t pick on you so much.”

“Alas, he is big enough. Any effort I might make would be extremely futile.”

I looked at Eustace. He was the epitome of the skinny nerd. Guys were always beating up on him. Part of it was his size, but part of it was the way he talked, and the way he dressed—he wore loafers and a blazer to school. No one dressed like that. I used to think it was his parents who made him dress that way. But one day, when I’d been over his house with my family for dinner, I discovered it had been his idea.

“I think it’s important to look one’s best at all times and at every occasion,” he’d said.

“But it’s just not normal,” I’d said.

“If by normal you are referring to the slovenly manor in which our peers regularly accouter themselves, you are correct.”

“And why do you talk like that?” I’d asked.

“The English language contains a pulchritudinous plethora of magnificent words, with which one can express ideas with precise and subtle shades of meaning. I see no reason to limit myself to a few common and coarse utterances simply to blend in with the great unwashed masses.”

It was at that point I pretty much gave up on him. This guy was doomed to have the shit kicked out of him for the rest of the time we were in school. It wasn’t particularly right or fair, but I knew that was the way the world worked.

And if he wouldn’t change the way he acted, maybe there was another way he could keep from getting beat up all the time. And as we walked home from school that day, I wracked my brains trying to think of one.

“Why don’t you bulk up a little?” I suggested.

“Me?” he laughed. “You jest.”

“Why not?” I asked. “It’s not hard. The basics are pretty simple. You’re in honors math biology and computer science. It shouldn’t give you any trouble at all.”

“I’m not concerned with mastering the principles,” he said. “It’s just not my style, as it were.”

“Oh and getting beat up? Is that your style?”

Eustace sighed and shook his head. “Haven’t you observed? All our muscle-bound classmates are sophomoric beer-guzzling idiots and I refuse to reduce myself to their level.”

“So instead you’ll let Kenny Larkin reduce you to a pulp.”

He paused. “You make a good argument, but the idea of me becoming muscle-bound is completely ludicrous.”

“No one said you had to become muscle-bound,” I said. “Just put on enough muscle so that Kenny Larkin will leave you alone. It shouldn’t take that much. As I said, Kenny’s not that big. And it’s not like you have to beat him up, just give him a little trouble and he’ll find someone easier. Trust me.”

Eustace got silent. I could tell he was actually thinking it over. “I suppose I’d have to join a gym,” he said. I could tell he was imagining all the abuse he might get at a gym, but I had a solution to that as well.

“No, I’ve got a weight set in my basement. Come on over tonight and I’ll show you the ropes. We can work out together.”

“You’d work out with me?”

“Sure, I mean I work out with Todd Glickman all the time.”

Suddenly Eustace looked nervous. “He won’t be attending tonight’s session, will he?”

“No, I promise tonight it’ll be just you and me, okay?”

“Very well,” he said. “I feel a little ridiculous, but I’ll try and keep an open mind.”

“That’s all I ask.”

That night at exactly 7:00 the door bell rang.

“Good evening, Richard,” said Eustace as I opened the door. He was wearing his school gym uniform.

“Hey, Eustace,” I said. “Come on in.”

“I hope this is appropriate attire,” he said.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I said. I had on an old pair of sweats and a t-shirt I’d torn the sleeves off of.

“Richard,” said Eustace, “I had no idea your deltoids were so developed. Your triceps brachii and biceps brachii seem quite large, too.”

“Ah… thanks, Eustace,” I said flexing for him.

Suddenly he reached out, grabbed my arm, and squeezed my muscle. It kind of took me by surprise. I mean I didn’t mind it when people felt my bicep. I was just kind of used to being asked first.

“And the muscle seems quite dense as well,” he continued.

“15 œ inches cold,” I said.

“I take it that’s the circumference,” he said. For some reason he still had hold of my arm. He was rubbing and messaging it.

“It is,” I said. “I hope this doesn’t make me a sophomoric idiot.”

“Oh no, Richard, I never…” he said, turning red, and finally releasing my bicep. I guessed I’d embarrassed him. But I was beginning to think there might be something else going on as well.

“That’s okay, Eustace,” I said. “Let’s go down stairs and get started.”

“Of course,” he said.

I took him down to the basement. He stood and stared at my weight bench like he was staring at some kind of torture device. For a second I thought he was going to run. “Shouldn’t we measure my arm first?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. I had a tape measure down there that Todd and I used to keep track of our progress. I pulled it out and wrapped it around Eustace’s bone thin upper arm.

“8 inches,” I said.

“You’re joking,” he said.

“‘Fraid not,” I said.

“Do you realize your arm is nearly twice the circumference of mine?”

I hadn’t thought of it like that, but when I did, it made me feel kinda good. But I didn’t want Eustace to see that. “Well, that’s why we’re here,” I said, “to work on that.”

“And we should get started at once,” said Eustace. I could see the difference in our arm size had shocked him. I guess he’d never realized exactly how skinny he was.

I took Eustace through a pretty light arm workout. He couldn’t handle much more than 5 pound dumbbells anyway. I would start by demonstrating and then I’d let him do it. I couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t so much staring at my form when I demonstrated the exercise as he was staring at my bicep bulging in and out as it worked. A glance downward finished the picture. He was tenting.

“Eustace, let me make something really, really clear right off the bat,” I said putting down the dumbbell. “I am not interested into you sexually at all. I admit I’ve experimented with both sexes. But girls pretty much own me in that department. It would take a pretty huge Über-stud to turn my head away from them, and with all due respect, that is not you. Do we understand each other?”

Eustace turned beet red, but thank God, he didn’t deny it. He just said softly, “Yes, that’s clear.”

“Good, I hope we can still be friends.”

“As do I,” he said.

We did curls, hammer curls, skull crushers and wrist curls, but the most he could manage was only two sets. I decided I wouldn’t start my workout until after he left. I didn’t want him to feel discouraged when he saw the poundage I worked out with.

When we were done, he let his arms hang by his side like wet noodles. “I’m exhausted,” he said. The he raised his right arm and flexed it. There was a slight bump there now. “Am I experiencing muscle hypertrophy?” he asked.

“No,” I laughed, “not yet. You’ve just got a slight pump.”

“Of course,” said Eustace, “It’s merely the blood being forced into my biceps brachii, causing a temporary increase in size. Not unlike the way blood being forced into the penis causes an erection.”

What the…??? I started laughing. “Are you trying to say your arm has a hard-on?”

“Yes,” he said, “and I don’t know why you’re laughing. Biologically speaking, it’s a similar process.”

“Yeah, okay, sure, whatever.”

“So when can I expect the size increase to become permanent,” asked Eustace.

“Well,” I said, “We’ll work you out 5 days a week, doing a different body part on each day. I’ll help you put together a diet, which you have to stick to religiously. You’ll need to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, every night. And then in a couple of months we’ll measure you again and see where you are.”

“A couple of months!” exclaimed Eustace.

“Come on, Eustace,” I said. “You’re in honors biology. You know these things don’t happen overnight.”

“Well, yes, but a couple of months? I have to go thought this torture 5 days a week and engage in all the other practices you described for a period of months. That seems extreme.”

“Well, that’s the way it works,” I said.

“Ridiculous. There must be a better way.”

“Well, there’s steroids but at our age that’d be pretty stupid. We still have a lot of natural hormones running through our systems and adding steroids to the mix could stunt our growth.”

“I’m not talking about steroids,” said Eustace. “Science has made great strides in the fields of genetic research and in treating muscle wasting diseases. There must be someway to adapt all of that to streamline the process.”

“There probably is,” I said. “But we’d never get near that stuff.”

“Let me get back to you on that,” said Eustace, as he turned and marched up the steps.

“Are you going to come back tomorrow?” I called after him.

“Probably, probably,” he called down to me and then I heard the back door open and shut.

I shook my head and then settled into my own workout. Poor Eustace. It was going to be a long and hard road for him, but I really did hope he’d stick with it. It would be good for him in the long run.

The next day, Eustace didn’t come to school and I stopped by his house after I got home that afternoon.

When Eustace opened the door, I could tell he had been expecting someone else.

“Richard,” he said when he saw me, “Come in. Come in. I’m glad you stopped by.”

“When you weren’t in school today, I got a little worried,” I said, coming in.

“I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into muscles,” he said. “They’re really a quite fascinating subject. Did you know how necessary skeletal muscles are to a healthy cardio vascular system?”

I shook my head.

“Well, they are and that’s just the beginning. They make injuries of all kinds less likely and they burn fat just by existing. It’s amazing.

“I just kind of like the way they make me look and feel,” I said.

“Well, of course there’s that aspect as well. Men with muscular physiques generally have more self confidence, better sex lives, are healthier and even get better jobs. The only downside I’ve been able to find,” said Eustace, “is the whole workout process. Incidentally, I could hardly move my arms this morning. Thank you very much for that.”

“It’s the price you pay,” I said.

“Hither to, it was the price you paid,” said Eustace. And as if on queue the doorbell rang. Eustace pulled the door open and received a package from a delivery man. He ripped it open. It was full of small bottles. He pulled one out, and showed it to me.

“This is AU-32,” he said, “a myostatin blocker.”

“Where did you get that,” I gasped. “I didn’t know they were available yet.”

“Strictly speaking, they’re not,” said Eustace. “But if you have the money, there isn’t much you can’t obtain.”

“And you have the money?” I questioned.

“I’m quite skilled in playing the stock market,” said Eustace, “and even in this economy I’ve been able to do quite well.”

“So how much did this stuff cost?” I asked.

“Let’s just say it would comfortably pay for a semester at college.”

“What college?” I asked.

“Any college,” he said.


“At any rate, it should cut down on our time table considerably. And there are many other avenues I’ve been exploring as well. It might surprise you to learn just how many biotech options there are. Of course none of them were created for this particular purpose, but if properly applied they could be quite beneficial.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. So, are you coming over after dinner?”

“I wouldn’t miss it. Should I bring an extra syringe for you?” he asked, shaking the little bottle in his hand.

Whoa, that kind of took me by surprise. A myostatin blocker? I’d read a little about them. They’re not like steroids. There aren’t supposed to be any bad side effects and they’re supposed to work really good. But all that money…

“You’d do that for me?” I asked.

“Richard, after all you’ve done, and are still doing for me, it’s the least I can do to reciprocate.”

“Well, thanks, yeah, definitely bring another syringe.”

“I will, but I must ask you not to say anything to anyone about this, even Todd Glickman. It’s not strictly legal.”

“Yeah, I won’t say anything.”

So, when Eustace came over that night, we injected ourselves before we began. Eustace said one shot every two weeks was enough to keep the myostatin at bay, and that sounded fine to me. I didn’t like needles very much anyway.

I put Eustace through a shoulder and chest workout, and then Todd came over and I had my workout with him. I couldn’t believe how hard it was not to tell him about the blocker, but I didn’t. I wondered how long it would take me to notice a difference. It wasn’t long.

Two weeks later, just before we took our second shots, I pulled out the tape measure and measured Eustace’s arm. 9 inches, I read. Holy crap, I had to check that again. Nope, it was right. Eustace had put an inch on his arms in two weeks. Jesus.

“That’s most satisfactory,” said Eustace, and he flexed. That bump that had been merely a pump two weeks ago was now solid, permanent muscle.

I had Eustace measure me. I was at 16! Damn. That was a half inch for me. But I didn’t feel jealous or anything because I was pretty certain there was more muscle in my half inch then there was in Eustace’s inch. And damn! 16 inches. I had 16 inch biceps! How cool was that!

For the next week, I began noticing how my clothes were fitting differently and how my body was moving differently. I was really enjoying the feel of all the new muscle on my frame. I would flex at every opportunity, and invite people to feel my biceps. I guess I was becoming a bit of a showoff, but WTF.

During one of our workouts Todd asked me if I was on steroids. For the past three weeks, I’d been making impressive gains while he’d only been inching forward. I really wanted to tell him but I promised Eustace not to. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to lie to him. “No dude,” I said. “I’m not on steroids.”

I could have happily gone on like this for the rest of the school year, but Kenny Larkin had to screw everything up. I came out of the school door one day only to find him beating up on poor Eustace again. Even with his new 10-inch biceps, Eustace was still no match for Kenny.

I pulled Kenny off him, only this time I didn’t stop there. I don’t know if I was angry or just high on my new size and strength. After all, my bis were now pushing 17 inches, and I was starting to look pretty jacked all around. I fucking nailed Kenny in the stomach and when he doubled over, I hit him with a right cross. The fight, if you could call it that, was over that fast. Kenny just lay there on the ground, clutching his stomach and bleeding from a split lip.

“If you ever touch Eustace again, I will fucking rip your head off, Larkin! You get that?” Then I kicked some dirt on him and went to see how Eustace was doing.

“Are you okay, buddy,” I said. He was really bruised and bleeding, a lot worse than last time.

“I tried fighting back,” he said, “just as you advised. It simply outraged him more.”

“Give it a couple more months,” I said, “then he’ll be the one worrying about fighting back.”

“If I live that long,” said Eustace. “The process is still taking too long. I need to rethink things.”

I walked home with him, but he didn’t say another word all the way back to his house.

Eustace didn’t come over that evening. It was the first workout session he’d missed and he wasn’t in school the next day either. I stopped by his house after school but no one answered the door bell. I was really concerned. I tried his cell and got voicemail. I left a message for him to call me.

That night he was a no show again and also at school the next day. I got my mom to call his mom, and found out that Eustace was apparently not feeling well but it was nothing serious. It went on like that for a week. Finally, I was coming out of Algebra and going into a free period. I pulled out my cell phone to check my messages and was surprised to see one from Eustace. He sounded weird and all he said was he needed me to call him back immediately. I ducked inside an empty classroom and made the call.

“Richard,” he said from the other end. “Can you come over directly? I need your assistance.”

“Eustace, I don’t know if you realize this, but it’s the middle of the day and I’m at school.”

“I know and I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t vital. Please come over right away.”

I thought about it for a second. I had been worried about Eustace and curious about what he’d been doing for the past week. I decided to blow off the second half of the day and see what he was up to.

“Okay, Eustace, I’m coming.”


When Eustace opened the door he looked horrible. He was in a t-shirt and boxers only. He had kind of a scraggly beard—at least as much of a scraggly beard as he could grow. His hair was a mess and he had circles under his eyes.

“Jeeze, Eustace, are you okay?”

“Yes, yes, come with me.”

He grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs to his bed room. It was a shambles. Dirty clothes bed sheets, books, were scattered everywhere. In the center was what looked like an old fiberglass sauna cabinet, except wires and tubes were running in and out of it, and it looked like he had it hooked up to his computer. On the floor around it were scattered sections of copper and glass tubing, pieces of wire, circuit boards, a bunch of brackets, clamps, and assorted pieces of hardware.

“You invited me for a high tech sauna?” I asked.

“No, no,” he said. “I need you to strap me in. I can’t do it myself.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

For an answer he pulled open the sauna cabinet doors. The seat was still there but now it was surrounded by a tangle of wires and tubing that would be a plumber’s and electrician’s nightmare.

He promptly pulled off his t-shirt, sat on the seat and proceeded to fasten these elastic-like clamps around his calf and thighs.

“What is this thing?” I asked.

“You see these bands,” he said pointing the band around his thigh. This is wired with electrodes. At certain predetermined points it will send a current into my thigh muscles causing them to contract.”

“You mean like those machine that are supposed to give you a workout while you lay there.”

“Yes, that’s the idea. I need you to strap in my chest, midriff, arms and shoulders,” he said.

“Dude, this looks dangerous,” I said. “And I don’t think it’s going to work any better than ordinary workouts.”

“By itself, you’d probably be right, but it’s only part of the program.”

“What program?”

“Just strap me in and I’ll explain as we go.”

I looked at him sitting there just in his boxers, scrawny little Eustace, and I got seriously worried about him.”

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea,” I said.

“Please, Richard, just do this for me. There isn’t anyone else I can turn to. I’m begging you.”

“What if you get hurt?” I asked.

“I won’t. Really, I know what I’m doing.” I looked at him. He seemed so sincere, so desperate. “Please,” he said.

“Okay,” I said placing the straps around his chest, stomach, shoulders and arms. “What do I do next?”

“I need you to insert the catheters.”

“What?” I gasped.

“There are two needles on either side of me. I need you to stick one into each arm at the vein and I need you to insert one into each of my thighs.”

“You want me to stick needles in you? What for?”

He nodded his head towards the sides of the cabinet and for the first time I notice several plastic bags of fluids hanging on stands.

“One of those is a protein compound; one speeds up the metabolism, one is a cortical steroid mixed with a substance which will prevent my growth plates from closing. Over there is a growth hormone. That’s a calcium solution and next to it is a saline drip to keep my body fluids at a safe level. And the last one is a substance I like to call, agent X.”

“Agent X?”

“You can think of it as one of the world’s first smart drugs. It’s cutting edge. Not even out of the labs yet.”

“What does it do?”

“It makes miracles possible,” he said. “One day it will probably be growing new organs for people, but today, its task is much simpler—biologically speaking.”

“What’s it all for?” I asked.

“If my calculations are correct, it should add 20 pounds of muscle to my frame and maybe an inch to my height.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

I looked at him all strapped into that thing and I had to admit, he looked pretty serious.

“How long do you have to sit in there?”

“It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.”

I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “You’re kidding,” again.

“Could you please get on with it? This isn’t very comfortable.” There was a pause where I didn’t move. “I’ll tell you what,” he sad, “if this works I’ll let you have a turn. How’s that?”

The idea of putting on 20 pounds of muscle in just a few minutes was definitely appealing but…

“I can’t stick needles into you.” I said, “I wouldn’t know how.”

“I’ll guide you through it,” he said.

I hesitantly picked up the needle and, listening very carefully to everything Eustace said, I tried to stick it in his vein. I actually missed it the first time, but what did he want? I wasn’t a doctor or a nurse or even very good in biology. It took me about half an hour, but I got all four needles in place.

“How do I know when to add what?” I said looking at all the plastic bags.

“It’s all computer controlled,” he said. “It will monitor my vital signs and add the proper compound in the right amount at the appropriate moment.”

“If you say so,” I said. I was definitely having serious doubts about this.

“Fiberglass is a good insulator,” said Eustace. “You’d better close the cabinet doors.”

“What good is an insulator going to do you? You’re already inside with all the electricity.”

“It’s not for my protection,” said Eustace. “It’s for yours.”

“Oh,” I said and I closed the doors. Now all that was visible was Eustace’s head sticking out of the hole in the top. “What now?” I said.

“Just hit the enter key,” said Eustace.

I looked over at his computer keyboard. How many times had I hit an enter key. I couldn’t count. That’s all this was, wasn’t it? Just one more punch on an enter key. I hit it.

I heard a wining, clunking, whirring noise start up I looked over at Eustace just in time to see him his head jerk. “Ahh!” he cried as he clenched his teeth and shut his eyes.

“You okay, buddy,” I asked.

“Yes,” he rasped, “I’m fine. …bound to be a little pain…ARRRRGH!”

“Just say the word and I’ll pull the plug,” I said.

“No!” he cried. “…have to do this…Ohhhhhhhh! …think it’s starting to work…AH! AH! …arms feel thicker… AHHHH! Check the monitor… body weight…”

I went over to the computer monitor and looked at it. All his vitals were on display. I was no doctor but the readouts looked crazy. I found his body weight without much trouble. I knew Eustace weighed about 115, but this said 120.

“120,” I called out.

“Already?” he said “…happening much faster…ARRRGH!”

“You want me to switch off?”

“NO! Under no circumstances! OH MY GOD! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!” and suddenly I saw the reading jump up 10 pounds.

“130!” I called out.

“Oh my God!” he cried.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he cried. “…chest bigger…working better than… better than anticipated,” he gasped. “Feels amazing. UMPH!…legs…feel legs growing… weight! Call out weight…AH!”

“132,” I said.

“No! Too soon…set to cut out at 135…too soon to stop…Ohhhh…must keep going…AH! AHHHH! …delete target weight…ARGH!”


“…number under body weight…OHHH! Delete it.”

I looked at his body weight again. Christ it was at 133. Below it was the number he was talking about. It said 135. I was no idiot. He had set it to cut out at 135, after he had gained 20 pounds. That seemed like a safe and sane thing to do. But now he wanted to keep going.

“Hurry up!” he yelled. “…feel weight increasing rapidly… Delete it.”

The reading bumped up to 134. Should I do this? Was he thinking rationally? Wouldn’t suddenly gaining 20 pounds put a strain on his heart? What about more than 20 pounds?

“Richard, please…Ohhhhh… Begging you….”

And suddenly in an instant I made my decision. I’m still not sure why I did what I did but in a kind of a panic, I quickly highlighted the number and hit delete, just as his body weight hit 135.”

“135,” I cried out.

“YES!” he shouted. “Thank you, Richa… AHH! AHHH! ARRRRRGH!”

Then I saw the indicator jump up to 145.

“145!” I yelled. “That’s 30 pounds. Don’t you think we should stop now?”

“NO!….ARGHHHHH… My God… Back broadening… OHHHHH…feels too good to stop…,” he said. I looked over at him and I have to say I was a little shocked at what I saw. His eyes weren’t closed. They were about as wide open as they could get and he was baring his teeth in a kind of a grimace. He looked a little wild… but at the same time, he looked like he liked it… a lot. And Jesus, his neck… his neck was definitely thicker. You could see cords of muscle and veins standing out all over it.

“…feels amazing. Ohhh Oh Ah!” he said. “…pick up pace…”

Fuck, he was over 150 now. “Pick up the pace? Dude, you just gained 35 pounds in a few minutes. Is that even healthy?”

“…don’t know…,” he said gasping. But, it feels incredible…AH! AH! AHHHHHHH!”

Christ, he was at 160!

“Stomach feels solid…tight… awesome… Let’s see how far we can go… ARGHHHH! …agent X…,” he continued.

“What about Agent X?” I said. Holy shit! 163.

“…increase…OHHHH OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!”

“Is that a good idea?” 170!


“Okay, okay. How much?” 176.


Jesus, he was at186! That was more than 70 fucking pounds. I couldn’t help thinking that if I were smart, I’d pull the plug right now. If he really had added 70 pounds of muscle, he’d be able to take Kenny Larkin with one hand tied behind his back. But looking over at his face, at that savage almost animalistic expression, I realized we’d gone beyond Kenny Larkin. Something else was happening here. He was loving what was happening to his body, even more than he hated Kenny Larkin. And he wanted more. I could either give it to him or deny it to him. But he was my friend, so I decided to give it to him.

I saw little indicator bars for the different substances. They went from one to a hundred. Agent X was currently set on 33.

I looked over at Eustace breathing heavy in his sauna. “You ready for this, buddy?”

“Yes… oh,yes…Richard,” he called, gasping. “… AHHH OH AHHH…”

Christ, he just topped 200 pounds.

“…must know how far I can… Oh my God! …give me all of it…ah ahh all of it!”

He weight was at 207. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” I said, and I dragged the indicator bar from 33 all the way up to 100.

“AARRRRRRGGGG!” he yelled and suddenly the sauna started shaking, harder and harder, faster and faster. “YES, RICHARD, YES, THIS IS….ARRGHHHHHHHH HA HA HA! ARGHHHHH! “ It was hard to tell if he was screaming or laughing. It seemed to be a combination of both, and it was getting deeper.

His weight was just fucking shooting up. It was over 230 now. Fuck. No, it was 240. No, 250.

And then I saw Eustace’s neck. It… It was getting thicker. I was actually watching it expand wider and wider. And then, holy crap, it was slowly rising up from the sauna at the same time.

And Jesus, his weight was zoomimg straight for 300!”

“OH MY G…AHHHHHHHH! HA HA HA HA! ARRRRGH.” Now I could see his shoulders… no, not his shoulders. Those were traps… mammoth hilly masses of muscle and they were jammed up against the underside of the sauna top. And his neck, it was thicker than his head! Oh my god. This was way out of control.

I ran over to the computer. Damn, his weight was at 380!

“Eustace! 380!” I yelled, but I didn’t think he was listening to me anymore. Whatever he was experiencing, it had him completely in its grip.


I stared at the keyboard. Crap! How did you turn this thing off? I glanced at the monitor and stared open mouthed at the indicator. HOLY CRAP it was racing upwards. Passing 450 pounds, 460, 470, 480…

“ARRRGHHH! CAN’T… CAN’T HOLD ME!” bellowed Eustace. “CAN’T CONTAIN ME….ARRRRRRRRGH! I heard the unmistakable sound of warping fiberglass. I whiled around and saw the cabinet bulging out all over. Fuck. Eustace’s gargantuan traps were bending up the top, ripping the fiberglass seams and tearing free. The sides were warping out, too, creaking, cracking and exploding outward as the biggest fucking pair of ripped segmented shoulders I’d ever seen blew out of them. As he continued to grow up out of the ripped apart sauna, I caught sight of the slope of some mammoth pecs stretching out toward me from below his fireplug neck.

But suddenly there were several loud pops and an eruption of smoke, as the whirring wining noise cut out completely. What ever Eustace’s contraption was, it was now dead. There was an acrid stench as a combination of ozone, smoke and steam filled the air and engulfed the ruined sauna, blocking it from view.

I took a step closer, trying to peer through the gloom when suddenly the doors were ripped from their hinges and flung clear across the room, by a pair of gargantuan arms, one of which was almost as big as my torso. And slowly a huge shape began to rise up out of the ruined cabinet. Fuck, that can’t be Eustace. He was so fucking massive. He seemed unbelievably wide and he just kept on rising, up and up and up. Oh my God… He had to be 7 feet tall and he must be at least five feet wide at the shoulders, with huge thick enormous traps on either side of a tree trunk neck.

The smoke was clearing and I was starting to get a better look at him. He had gigantic, satiated delts that flowed into enormous, veined wrapped upper arms that looked like two massive muscle mountains, even when relaxed. His forearms were as thick around as a goal post, and his chest was two basketballs, hard, solid and ripped.

His abs… His abs were eight fucking mountainous plateaus of muscle leading down to his python cock and his orange-sized balls. And his legs, crap, his thighs were so wide, I could probably stand behind one and you’d never see me. And I could see each and every gigantic leg muscle bulge and ripple under his skin.

And what was that? Oh my God, there was still a measly scrap of cloth plastered to one of his massive bulging thighs. Must be all that was all that was left when his legs, erupting with all that unbelievable size and power, blew his boxers into shreds.

It was then that it sunk home. Holy crap, this was skinny little Eustace, the same kid who’d answered the door dressed in only his boxers and a t-shirt! It was still Eustace’s face, but the body… Little Eustace had exploded into a gigantic muscle beast, the biggest man I had ever seen or even heard about.

He flexed a bicep and grinned as it expanded into a vein covered basketball. He felt it, squeezing and messaging it the way he had once done to my arm. Then ran his hands over his massive, rock hard pecs and down over his muscle brick stomach and down to his mammoth cock.

“I’ve had dreams like this,” said Eustace, “especially this past week. And this one is so good and I’m so grateful to have had it that I don’t think I’ll mind waking up.”

“Oh my God, Eustace,” I said. “This is no fucking dream.”

“Even better,” he grinned. “Richard, you may suck my massive muscle cock…if you wish.”

Fuck, looking at him… so much muscle bulging out over every inch of his giant frame, I felt myself go rock hard in under a second. Almost before I knew what I was doing, I was on my knees and taking him into my mouth. As I licked and tongued the head, I ran my free hand over his boulder like thighs. Damn they were huge, iron hard, and I could feel them bulging and writhing under his smooth skin. I think we came simultaneously, but the force of his ejaculation knocked me on my ass.

“Thank you, for that Richard,” he boomed. Christ, even his voice was powerful. “That was sublime.”

Then Eustace pulled a most muscular and every one of his incredibly large, incredibly powerful muscles bulged out all over him. Just the sight was enough to bring me to a second climax.

“I believe I am ready to return to school now,” he said.


Part 2

I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Eustace had been such a runt. And now he was a 7 foot tall muscle behemoth. I was watching his impossibly wide back flex and shift as he sorted through the cracked and broken remains of a fiberglass sauna cabinet. Of course it wasn’t a sauna cabinet any more. He’d pulled out the insides and replaced them with a bunch of wires, tube, needles and electrodes, the devices that had changed him.

Damn, he was big. Two great ridges of sinew rose up on either side of his spine, then seemed to broaden out into his ridiculously wide lats which slid around under his skin, like huge tectonic plates of muscle. They were so thick, you could see them protruding from his body starting a few inches above his waist and tapering wider and wider and wider until they merged with his bowling ball shoulders—which I was positive were at least 5 feet from delt to delt.

“This was an unfortunate oversight,” his new deep voice resonated through the room. He picked up a piece of shattered fiberglass and held it up so I could see. “The sauna cabinet seamed like the ideal framework in which to build my device, but in retrospect it was much to small and far too fragile.” To illustrate his point he closed his huge fist on the fiberglass shard. His forearms bulged with powerful sinew as with a cracking, popping and grinding, he crushed the fiberglass into powder. Damn, it was like an old dried up autumn leaf to him. He didn’t even break a sweat.

“You see,” he continued, letting the powder fall from his hand, “as my expanding form ripped through the casing, it caused a rupture in a coolant line.” He pointed to one of the many mangled tubes inside the smashed sauna. “The fluid coursed out and onto a connector causing a short circuit which blew out most of the electrical systems. Of course that’s my fault, too—the shoddy wiring, but I’m not sure I was thinking very clearly.” He paused and looked down as he made his gargantuan pecs bounce. “Incredible sensation,” he said.


“Now where was I? Oh yes. If I’d had a larger cabinet, the process wouldn’t have ended so prematurely.”

“What do you mean prematurely?” I cried. “You’re fucking massive!”

“Let’s just say I consider the experiment incomplete.”

Fuck me. I could only imagine what I’d be looking at if he’d had a larger cabinet.

Eustace flexed his bicep and admired the impossibly large mass. “You know, Richard,” he said. “I believe my arm may be twice the circumference of yours.”

I couldn’t help staring at his bicep. Holy shit! I think he might be right! Look at the size of that thing! It really might be 32 ripped to fuck inches! And crap, that was the size of my waist! He dropped his arm, but damn I was still staring at it.

“Fortunately, it appears most of the equipment is salvageable.”

“You want to fix it?” I cried.

“Of course,” he said. “But redesign it, is probably more accurate.”

“Why?” I gasped.

“To complete the experiment… and then there’s the debt I owe you,” he said.

“What debt?” I asked.

“I promised you a turn in my device if it worked, and it worked exceedingly well.”

Eustace did a lat spread. Jesus… 5 feet easy.

And now he was talking about doing that to me. Did I want that? I mean an easy 20 pounds was one thing. This was something else. This was life changing. But it was also so fucking hot, and to be that big… fuck yeah. What the hell? I was ready to go for it.

“Unfortunately the device is going to take some work before its ready for another trial. And even that work is going to have to wait on more immediate concerns. First, I believe I shall need a new wardrobe.”

Eustace rummaged through the wreck of his room and uncovered a laundry basket full of clean, folded laundry. He pulled out a pair of boxers. I almost laughed. It looked like a grown man holding up a doll’s clothes. Defying all logic, Eustace tried to pull a pair on. They almost didn’t make it past his bulging, segmented calves, and they shredded like tissue paper as he tried to pull them over his massive granite thighs. He snapped the waistband like a thread as he tore the rag from his legs and tossed it aside. Then his cock got hard.

He tired it again. Only this time, after he shredded the legs, he pulled the waist band up around his huge, hard cock. He closed his eyes and I saw his cock surge with size, push out and rip the band apart. Fuck.

He tried two more times before I realized he didn’t actually believe he could get into his old boxers. He was just having fun destroying them with his gargantuan legs and his mammoth muscle cock.

Of course that was more than I could stand and I was on him again in an instant. At first he just relaxed and let me fondle, throat and probe his huge member, but after he climaxed suddenly things changed. He grabbed me kind of roughly and lifted me into the air like I was nothing.

Then he proceeded to rip the clothes from my body. It hurt a little but it was so fucking hot I didn’t really mind.

He set me down and kissed me, running his hands over my shoulders and arms, and then tossed me onto his bed. I heard it creak and groan as he climbed on top of it, too. It lasted about 10 seconds before it collapsed. Then he positioned himself over me. God, the overwhelming mass of him looming over me was overloading my senses, those huge pecs, those insanely broad, cut shoulders, and those massive ripped arms… Thank God his weight was on the mattress, he probably would have crushed me like an egg.

A simple gesture from his head and I knew what he wanted. I turned over and with a shock I felt him enter me. Christ! It was intense. I came almost instantly, but not him. He needed more and he began to pump.

There was pain, yes, I felt pain, but oh so much more besides… The feel of that powerful cock thrusting, it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Damn, he was hurting me, but it was so amazing, so overwhelming; I felt it was overloading my senses, and destroying my mind.

Just when I didn’t think I could take it anymore, he finally climaxed and pulled out. Oh fuck, the pain… God, if he’d been any bigger…

“My God, Richard, you’re bleeding,” he said.

“It’s okay,” I said.

“No, it most certainly is not okay,” he said. “We shall have to be more careful in the future.”

I quickly realized I wasn’t that badly hurt, but it took me a while to convince Eustace and calm him down. But in the end I got him to focus on things he needed to do, like getting some new clothes. A problem I could relate to since Eustace had pretty much destroyed my clothes as well.

Eustace had a pair of baggy shorts he’d gotten for Christmas one year but had never worn. They weren’t nearly baggy enough to cover Eustace’s juggernaut legs, but they just about fit me. They were a little tight, but they worked well enough to get me back over to my house and into my clothes closet.

Eustace presented a little more of a challenge. My dad had an old pick-up truck he let me drive sometimes. I borrowed it to take Eustace to his tailor. He wrapped a beach towel around his middle and tried to get into the cab. It was a tight fit, but he made it. His head was bowed because it was hitting the ceiling and he had to bend his knees so much they were sticking way above the dashboard. Good thing his enormous ripped thighs wouldn’t let his knees get any closer together or they would have been hitting his mammoth pecs. He had the passenger window wide open and let one massive arm and wrecking ball shoulder hang out of it while the other mega striated delt was almost in my face as I sat behind the wheel. It’s just possible that while driving I would be a little distracted.

“Eustace, maybe you should ride in the bed,” I said. “You’d probably be a lot more comfortable.”

“Certainly not. I refuse to make a spectacle of myself, especially now when I’m practically naked.”

“You had no trouble being naked in front of me,” I said.

“You are one thing, Richard. Displaying myself for the general public is something else entirely. You know I pride myself on being well dressed for all occasions, and this scrap of terry cloth, which is hardly enough to cover my genitals, doesn’t qualify. Just imagine what would happen if it started flapping in the breeze. I could become a spectacle.”

I checked out the towel. I had to crane my neck just to look past his shredded basketball-sized bicep to see it. Holy crap, he was right. That bulge was clear and present and no guess work was required. But the rest of him was so densely packed with outrageously developed muscle that I had to wonder if anyone’s eyes would even make it to his crotch.

“Eustace,” I said, “you are now a walking, talking spectacle, an honest-to-God muscle giant. People are going to stare at you from now on no matter what you do. You’d better get used to it. No, you’d better start enjoying it.”

“Oh I assure you I’m enjoying it,” he said, flexing a mammoth pec and messaging it. “I’m enjoying it tremendously. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to exhibit myself.”

I wondered if Eustace realized his entire gigantic arm was hanging out the passenger window with his meaty hand resting on the roof of the cab. His massive bicep was bulging out in multiple glorious dimensions for all to see. He already was putting on a show. He just didn’t know it.

As we drove along people honked their horns at us as we passed and on more than one occasion I heard someone shout, “Holy shit! Did you see that?”

Once, someone actually came to a screaming halt right in front of us and I had to slam on the breaks. I heard the sound of bending, twisting, snapping metal and for a second I thought I’d hit them. But then I looked over at Eustace and I realized what had happened. When I slammed on the breaks, Eustace had grabbed the cab roof for support and wound up ripping off a large chunk of it. Holy crap, how was I going to explain this to my dad? On the positive side, he didn’t have to bend his neck anymore.

Eustace just sat there staring at the large chunk of roof in his hand and looking embarrassed as hell. “I think it would be best if I rode in the bed,” he said.

When he opened the door and got out there were all kinds of hoots and hollers and whistles, and the occasional, “Holy crap!”

As he climbed into the bed, I felt the truck sink a little, and I started on my way.

People were definitely staring and honking and occasionally shouting. At first Eustace seemed embarrassed by the whole thing. But then I saw one little kid run up along side us while we were stopped at a light, and call, “Hey mister!” The kid made the flexing gesture, and Eustace responded by flexing back. Man, his fucking bicep was half as big as the kid. The look on the kid’s face was priceless. “Whoa,” he said.

From that moment on Eustace began enjoying himself. When people called out, he would wave to them or flex an arm. He got whistles and applause and after a while I began to feel like I was driving a parade float.

We finally arrived at the tailors. The parking lot was small and I couldn’t find a spot. There was almost room, but some guy with a new Lexus had parked it right in the middle of two spots, taking up both of them.

“How inconsiderate.” said Eustace. “Perhaps I could be of some use here.” He hopped out of the bed, making the truck bounce on its shocks.

“Now then, let’s see if all this muscle works as well as it looks and feels.” Eustace squatted down and grabbed the front of the Lexus.

“Jesus, Eustace,” I called. “What the—

“Don’t worry, Richard,” interrupted Eustace, “I’ll remember to lift with my legs.”

That wasn’t exactly what I was going to say, but one look at those immense shredded thighs and my mouth dropped open and no more words would come anyway.

Eustace strained. Fuck, his impossibly wide back was a mosh pit of writhing muscle.

“This is… quite heavy,” he said and suddenly he was actually lifting it up. Holy crap, I couldn’t believe the size of his triceps. Those weren’t horseshoes, those were canyons! And all his massive leg muscles were exploding out, as he moved the front of the car over a few feet and set it down again. Damn.

“Now for the other side,” he said. Then Eustace moved to the rear of the car and repeated his little trick.

“That wasn’t nearly so heavy,” said Eustace, “most likely because the engine is located in the front of the car.”

“Yeah… Yeah, that’s probably it,” I said, my voice cracking. For some reason I was feeling a little dizzy.

But now the Lexus was taking up only one spot. I pulled in next to it, and we went in to see the tailor.

The poor tailor practically fainted at the sight of Eustace, but Eustace took him aside, spoke a couple of quiet words to him. After that he seemed to snap out of it and suddenly the guy had his tape measure out and was running it all up and down Eustace’s massive form. I was seriously tempted to ask him for a copy of the measurements.

I found out later that Eustace had offered to double the tailor’s fees if he didn’t ask any questions. They guy had been more than happy to cooperate.

We ended up hanging around the tailor’s for a long, long time, as Eustace did not have a scrap of clothing, nothing was mass-manufactured in his new mega-size and absolutely everything had to be specially made. He refused to leave until he had a full set of clothing which included underwear, socks, slacks, a shirt and a blazer. Jeeze, if I’d been him, all I’d have wanted to wear would’ve been a tank top and shorts. But Eustace still stuck to his self-imposed dress code.

Of course shoes were another matter. There was a cobbler next door—I didn’t even know they still had cobblers—and we went to visit him as soon as the tailor finished Eustace’s pants. Shoes for those feet also had to be specially made and that was going to take a week. The best the guy could do for us was to fashion some rough sandals which were basically soles with some leather straps. Eustace wasn’t happy but he had to make do.

While we were at the tailor’s Eustace spent a lot of the time on the phone, but I wasn’t’ sure who he was talking to. I didn’t ask because it was pretty obvious he wanted to keep it private.

Finally, his clothes were finished and we could go. He had ordered two more complete outfits, but they wouldn’t be ready for days. Just three sets of clothing? That didn’t seem like much. At the time I thought he’d ordered so little because of the outrageous cost, but later I found out he had another reason entirely.

He had them make his first shirt without sleeves. His giant boulder-like shoulders, massive biceps and huge, thick forearms were all amazingly displayed. But when he pulled on his blazer it looked like a regular oxford shirt. But I had the feeling no oxford shirt had ever been filled quite like this. The tailor knew his business. Eustace’s shirt and blazer were cut to deemphasize his mammoth upper body, and those sleeves… I think the tailor could probably have made an entire blazer for me with just the material used for those sleeves. Damn.

Eustace seemed happy with the results, although he did say that wearing clothes was not as comfortable as it used to be.

While Eustace paid for his clothes, I headed out for the truck only to find some guy leaning against it with his arms crossed. This guy was about 30 and some kind of bodybuilder—defiantly bigger than me.

“Hey kid,” he yelled as soon as he saw me. “Are you the little fuck who moved my car?” Jeeze, it must be the Lexus owner. But before I could answer, I heard a booming voice coming from the shop door.

“No, I moved it,” said Eustace, striding over. The sun was in just the right spot so that Eustace’s massive shadow took up half the parking lot. I thought the guy’s jaw would start scraping the pavement. Then Eustace removed his blazer and gave him a good view of his megalithic arms. The Lexus guy looked like he might pass out on the spot.

“You may not be aware of this,” said Eustace, “but your automobile was taking up two complete parking spaces. If I were you, I’d be more careful when parking in the future.”

“Ah, yeah… sure… thanks…thank you very much,” said the guy backing away. Then he hopped in is car and raced away, tires screeching.

“He seemed in a hurry,” said Eustace.

“Yeah,” I laughed, “a huge hurry.”

Eustace asked me drop him off at commercial real estate agent. I offered to wait for him, but he told me he might be a while and that he’d taken up enough of my time.

“You’ll be in school tomorrow?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” I replied. “What about your parents?”

“What about them?” asked Eustace.

“What are you going to tell them?”

“I’m going to do something I’ve never done or even considered during the entire course of my life,” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Play dumb.”

“If you want me to be there when you talk to them, I’ll be right next door,” I said.

“Thank you, Richard, I appreciate that, but I could get into some considerable trouble over this and I’d like to keep you out of it.” At that point I really didn’t understand what he’d meant by trouble. I thought he was talking about his parents. God, how naive can you get?

“Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me,” I said. And then I left him there and went home.

I wasn’t much good for anything else the rest of the day. I kept staring out the window toward the front of Eustace’s house waiting for him to come back. My dad hadn’t noticed the damage to the truck yet. He hardly ever drove it anyway and if I was lucky he wouldn’t see the missing roof for a couple of days, or at least until Eustace’s condition became more generally known. Then my explanation would be a lot more believable.

It was pretty far into the evening when a cab finally pulled up and Eustace pulled himself out of it. It was kind of like one of those clown things where you can’t believe the number of clowns they fit into a car. Only here it was you can’t believe the amount of Eustace they fit into a cab. He made the cab look like a toy. Fuck, he was big. And even though I’d spent the afternoon with him, I’d obviously still not gotten over it.

I watched him go up the walkway and squeeze through his front door. I listened for any sound of shouting or screaming which I felt was unavoidable. But I couldn’t hear a thing, which meant either things went a lot smoother than I expected or his house had really thick walls. It was all I could do to keep from picking up my cell phone and calling him, but I figured I’d better let him have some time with his family. I’d find out tomorrow.

I didn’t actually see Eustace the next morning at school, but I knew he was there. He was all anyone talked about. We weren’t in any of the same classes so all the information I got was second hand. He had apparently shown up that morning with his father so he could verify his identity. Then he had just started going to his classes. He had to stand at the back of the room because he couldn’t fit behind any of the desks, and apparently no one in any of his classes could concentrate. Imagine that. Most kids were saying he had some kind of medical condition like gigantism and no one had noticed earlier because… well, no one ever noticed Eustace. Anyway, they figured what ever condition he had it had hit him really hard and really fast. They had no idea.

I finally caught up with him at lunch. There he was sitting alone in a corner of the cafeteria, looming over everyone else even though he was sitting down. Not only was his table empty, but all the tables surrounding him in every direction were empty.

“Hey Eustace,” I said, sitting across from him. Fuck, he was big. “How’s it going?”

“Richard, perhaps you shouldn’t associate with me,” he said.

“You don’t want me here?” I asked, suddenly hurt.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just things are about to get very rough for me and they might also get rough for anyone who was known to be … my friend.”

I thought he was talking about the kids at school—so fucking naïve. But at the time I remember thinking I couldn’t let him go through this by himself.

“I don’t care about that, Eustace,” I said. “I can’t let you sit alone.”

He looked down at me, smiling like he was slightly amused. “Richard,” he said, “I’ve always sat alone.”

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Holy crap, he was right. I remembered seeing him sitting alone all the time at lunch and thinking it was his own fault for dressing and talking like a total geek. Jesus, did he have to become a quarter ton muscle beast before I’d eat lunch with him? What kind of a guy did that make me?”

I guess how I felt must have been pretty plain on my face because he said, “Don’t be too hard on yourself,” as if he could read my mind. “I understand.”

Man, his being so nice about it just made me feel even worse.

“So, how’d it go with your parents,” I said trying to drag my mind away from thinking about what a dick I was.

“After I convinced them of my identity,” he started, “they wanted to take me to the emergency room. You understand I told them I simply woke up this way.”

“And they bought that?”

“What choice did they have? I managed to convince them it wasn’t an emergency and they settled with making an appointment with our family doctor for next week.”

“It sounds like they took it pretty well,” I said.

“Not really,” said Eustace. “My mother was up half the night in hysterics, though my father took it much more calmly. But I must admit I’m not looking forward to that doctor’s appointment. That’s when the situation is bound to get… somewhat complicated.”

“You think he’ll figure out what you did?”

Eustace laughed. “That’s hardly likely. What really concerns me is—”

But I never did find out what really concerned him. Suddenly his face froze in this scary kinda glare and his huge hands clamped down on the table. I heard a crunching and snapping as a large section of the table top broke apart under the tremendous pressure from his mammoth fingers. He was looking at something behind me. But before I could turn to see what it was, he stood up so fast he sent the table and me flying, and before I knew what hit me I was on the floor. I picked myself up and looked. Fuck, that bully Kenny Larkin had just walked into the cafeteria.

Eustace took off his blazer and handed it to me. From everyone’s reaction it was obvious no one had really guessed what he’d been packing away in his sleeves. His massive, ripped biceps were just exploding with barely contained power. His enormous striated shoulders just rippled under his skin like the sea in a hurricane. And his forearms were an unbelievable mass of impossibly thick cords and tendons that just bulged amazingly every time he opened and closed his fists.

And suddenly Eustace was striding across the cafeteria, heading in an unwavering line directly for Kenny Larkin. Now you gotta understand the cafeteria was full of tables, but he just didn’t seem to see them. All he seemed to see was Kenny. Anything else, anything that got in his way, tables, chairs, food, book bags just collided with his juggernaut thighs, flew clear across the room and exploded against the wall in a deafening clatter. He was plowing a path of destruction straight for Kenny, and everybody was scrambling to get out of his way before they got steamrolled.

Kenny, unbelievably, didn’t see Eustace coming until he was half way there. Then he just froze like a dear staring at an approaching tractor trailer—except Eustace was more like a bull dozer. Finally, at the last second, he turned and ran, slamming the double doors behind him. Eustace rammed those doors with one giant fist and they just exploded off their hinges and rocketed half way down the hall in a blast of wood, glass and metal.

Kenny was dead fucking meat.

Without really thinking I rushed after them, still clutching Eustace’s tent of a blazer. They weren’t hard to follow. Eustace was way too big to miss. He filled the corridor all on his own. Fuck, just looking at that incredibly wide, thick back, gave me shivers all on its own.

Kenny apparently had made a bee line for the boy’s room. He wasn’t just a mean son of a bitch, he was stupid, too. And when Eustace burst through that door, he took a bit of the surrounding wall with him. Fuck.

When I got there, Eustace was standing in front of the row of stalls. I can only imagine Kenny had darted into one. He was setting new records for idiocy. Eustace put one meaty hand on either side of a stall door and just spread his arms apart. The stalls on both sides collapsed in opposite directions like dominoes.

Kenny was there, backed right up against the toilet, but that was just about as far as he could go. Eustace picked up the broken stall door, and with his glaring eyes trained on Kenny, proceeded to rip it right in half.

Kenny let out a little scream.

Then Eustace slowly and deliberately, and without ever taking his eyes off of Kenny, unbuttoned his shirt. At the sight of all that muscle, those ripped basketball sized pecs, those cinderblock abs and those lats spreading out impossibly wide behind him, Kenny started to whimper.

Eustace handed me his shirt and then pulled a most muscular, making all his humongous muscles just explode with size and density. Kenny staggered back as if he’d been physically pushed, and fell sprawling on the toilet. That was a good place for him because looking at the stain forming at his crotch, he was taking a piss.

Eustace growled, “If I ever hear—even so much as a whisper—of you bullying some other poor student, I will administer the beating you are so narrowly escaping today. I will flatten you to a pulp, totally, completely and without a shred of mercy. Do you understand me?”

Kenny just lay there whimpering.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” bellowed Eustace.

“Yes,” squeaked Kenny.

Then Eustace turned his ridiculously broad, muscular back on Kenny and proceeded to put on his shirt and blazer.

I looked over at Kenny shivering on the toilet and couldn’t help thinking that if I’d been Eustace, I wouldn’t have been nearly as generous. They’d probably have to call the janitor in with a spatula to scrape Kenny off the floor.

Then the bell rang.

“Richard,” said Eustace, turning to me, “Would you meet me out in front of the school at the end of the day, I have a favor to beg of you.”

“Sure,” I said, and then, without another glance at the sniveling bully wallowing on the toilet, we both headed our separate ways to class.

After school I waited for Eustace, but he didn’t come. I waited and waited. After an hour the place was pretty much deserted and I figured he wasn’t coming. I was just about to head for home, when he finally emerged from the front door.

“Thank you for waiting, Richard,” he said. “I apologize for being late. But I was detained over that incident with Kenneth Larkin.”

“They gave you detention?”

“Actually, I’ve been suspended.”


“Yes,” he said. “Let’s start home. I have an exceptionally busy evening ahead and I require your assistance once again.”

We walked quite a ways without saying anything. Then, when we were almost home, Eustace finally blurted out, “Amazing, isn’t it? All the times he tracked me down and beat me into a bloody mess, they hardly did anything about it. The one time I was the aggressor I’m suspended, even though I left him without a scratch.”

“Yeah, but to be fair I don’t think Kenny ever tore doors apart with his bare hands or ripped down toilet stalls.”

Eustace’s lip curled up in half smile, and I saw him bend his arms at his sides and flex them. I could tell he was feeling those massive boulder-like biceps bulging up inside his sleeves and loving it. “No, he didn’t, did he?”

“I’m telling you, Eustace, I think they just plain terrified of you.”

“They did seem unaccountably nervous during the entire suspension procedure.”

“And you don’t seem all that upset about getting kicked out either.

“In truth, it may have been a fortuitous happenstance. I will put the time to very good use.” He paused for a moment and then said, “Please meet me in my driveway with your father’s truck.”

“When,” I asked?

“Right away.”

I went around and got my father’s truck. I backed it into his driveway and a minute later, Eustace appeared carrying a huge tarp-covered object in his bulging arms. It was about half as high as he was and just about as wide, and he carried it as if it were as heavy as an overlarge beach ball. He placed it in the bed of the truck, and then squeezed into the cab next to me.”

“Where to?” I asked.

“I’ll direct you.”

Eustace led me through the industrial section of the city, to a disused warehouse surrounded by a lot of other disused warehouses. Getting out of the truck, he produced the key, opened the lock and slid back the giant doors.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“I need a larger space where I can work uninterrupted.” said Eustace.

I drove the truck inside where Eustace proceeded to remove the object from the bed.

“What is that?” I asked.

He pulled the tarp off and suddenly I was looking at Eustace’s destroyed sauna device. It looked in even worse condition than I remembered. Besides the top and sides having been blown out, the seat had been crushed, half the wires were broken and all the tubing was mangled.

“That’s in pretty rough shape,” I said.

“Yes,” he said, “I’ll probably wind up throwing most of it away. Its components are far too inadequate for what I have in mind, anyway.”

“What you have in mind?” I asked.

“Redesigning and rebuilding the device so that I may complete the experiment,” answered Eustace as if I’d just asked the most obvious question in the world.

It took me a second but then I remembered what he’d said about when his muscles had ripped out of the sauna and broken the thing. The experiment wasn’t finished yet. I’m not sure, but I think I gasped. “Holy shit, dude, you still want to get bigger?”

Eustace stripped off his blazer revealing those fucking massive arms of his. He flexed his right arm at his side and I thought he was going to start drooling as he watched it explode with impossible size and incredible definition.

“I don’t know if I can explain what this has been like for me, Richard,” he said, pumping his arm to make his gargantuan shredded bicep blow up to even greater dimensions. “It’s as if I was never truly alive before yesterday, just a worm groveling in the dirt. Then I stepped into that cabinet and I was reborn, suddenly, unexpectedly, even violently, remade into a massive god-like thing of iron flesh. My body exploded with size, power and beauty in a way I never imagined it could.” He took one large hand and caressed that rippling boulder on his upper arm. “And now my life is so different.”

“Did you see me today, Richard? Did you see me in the cafeteria, my powerful muscled legs crushing everything in their path, my unstoppable arms, exploding with sinew, reducing doors into splinters, and my incredible body making that cretin squirm in a puddle of his own urine with just the thought of what it could do to him, with just the sight of these colossal muscles?” Eustace paused to flex his other gargantuan bicep and admire it. “I have already left the worm so far behind, but I have to move forward,” he continued. “I have to find out how far I can take this.”

Fuck, I was getting hard just listening to him. But even now I didn’t like hearing him talk down about himself. “Eustace,” I said, “you were never a worm.”

“Oh? What would you call it, Richard, that soft, feeble, shapeless thing I used to be? You remember the night of our first workout? Do you remember what you said to me? How only an uber stud could turn your head, and that was not me.”

Oh, fuck, I really had said that, hadn’t I?

“Well, look again, Richard,” he said unbuttoning his shirt, releasing his mammoth pecs and his iron abs. “Is it me now?”

I knew my mouth was hanging open but I couldn’t help myself. Then he dropped his pants past those ripped, bulging monolithic legs and I was fuckin’ lost. In under a second I was pulling down his underwear. He was already hard when I got to him.

If he’d been any bigger I wouldn’t have been able to get him in my mouth. As it was, it was a challenge to keep from gagging. And man, it was so fucking hard, like steel. Had it been this hard yesterday?

As I mouthed and tongued and licked him, Eustace started running his hands through my hair and rubbing my shoulders while he made several low guttural moans. In a matter of minutes it was over and I found myself once again knocked on my butt buy his erupting muscle cock.

I looked up at him panting above me, his gigantic chest heaving in and out with each ponderous breath. “Fuck me, Eustace,” I said. “Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. I want to feel that muscle cock inside me.”

“No, Richard,” he said, shaking his head. “I’d hurt you again. I couldn’t bear it if I hurt you.”

“I don’t care,” I said. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me,” he said. “Just wait. One day soon, it won’t be an issue.”

I wanted to beg with him, to plead with him, to tell him I was tough and I could take it. But one look at the determined face and I knew I would be wasting my breath.

Then he pulled on his underwear and his pants, but he left his shirt off.

“You should probably go now. I have work to do.”

And then I noticed the warehouse was not empty. There were spools of electrical cable, stacks of pipes, steel tubing, and crates labeled medical supplies. And suddenly what Eustace was planning to do seemed startlingly real.

“Jesus, Eustace, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I’m not sure I do, Richard. But when I find out, you’ll be the first to know.”

Eustace made me promise not to tell anyone about the warehouse. In fact, he told me to forget I’d ever been there. Since it was very hard for me to be around him, looking at him and knowing I couldn’t be with him, and since he’d said he had a lot of work to do, I decided to hop in my truck, go home and leave him to do it.


Part 3

For the next few days, I didn’t see or hear anything from Eustace at all. Of course, he wasn’t in school. Since he was suspended I knew I shouldn’t expect to see him there for a while. He was probably spending all his time in the warehouse. If he came home at night to sleep, I never saw him do it.

Then on Friday, I came home from school to find a package on my bed.

“Hey mom,” I called, “Where’d the package come from?”

“What package?” she called back.

“The one on my bed.”

“I don’t what you’re talking about.”

Then I noticed the package had my name on it and nothing else, no address. This hadn’t come though the mail.

“Never mind!” I called to my mom. And then I ripped it open. Holy crap, it was Eustace’s entire supply of myostatin blocker along with some disposable syringes. I saw a note and read it.

My redesign is taking longer than expected. It may be a little while before I can make good on my promise to you. In the mean time, please accept this gift. I know you will put it to good use. I’ll be in touch.
P.S. I release you from your promise not to tell Todd Glickman.

Well, I knew Todd would be happy. And even though I hadn’t exploded into a muscle giant like Eustace had, I had gotten pretty used to packing on the size using the blocker. And I was glad I’d still get to do that.

I was right about Todd, when I told him about the blocker he just about broke into the dance of joy.

“Where’d you get it?” he asked.

“Can’t tell you,” I replied.

“So this is what you’ve been doing for the past month. No wonder you’re a fuckin’ beast.”

Was I a beast? After spending time with Eustace, I sure didn’t feel like one. Sure my biceps were coming up on 17 inches, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t known what a beast was until Eustace had exploded out of his sauna cabinet.

One week passed, then a second. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see Eustace again. Until one day, everything changed.

I came home late. Emma Benson had been having trouble getting her locker open and she asked me to stay behind and help her. I’m pretty sure she had the hots for me. A lot of the girls did. My biceps had passed 17 inches and I was starting to become one of the biggest guys at school. Emma’s locker didn’t turn out to be much of a problem, but she wouldn’t let me go. She kept talking and talking until finally I just had to leave. I didn’t want to be rude, but man, she could talk a guy into a coma.

I got home, tromped up the stairs to my room and HOLY CRAP, there was Eustace waiting for me! There aren’t a lot of things that can make you jump like finding a muscle giant in your bedroom. Jeeze, I never realized how small my room was before I saw Eustace inside it. And he was a mess. He had dirt smudges all over his face and clothing, his hair was a wreck, and he looked a little wild eyed.

“Jeeze, Eustace, what happened? Are you okay?”

“I must apologize, Richard,” he said, “This had come upon me faster than I anticipated.”

“What has?” I asked.

“I thought if I stayed away from the doctors, everything would be all right, but someone at the school must have said something.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Here, said Eustace handing me a piece of paper.” I took it and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was a draft notice.

“They can’t draft you,” I said. “You’re still in high school.”

“My suspension has been upgraded to an expulsion, and since I am 18 and not in school, they are within the law.”

“What?” I cried. “You can fight this!” I said, getting a little angry.

“I don’t think so,” said Eustace. “Could you please look out your window towards the front of my house?”

I looked. Right in front of Eustace’s house were a few guys in uniform hanging around what looked like a military transport and a large black truck.

Eustace sighed. “The notice came this morning and the military arrived this afternoon. They’re not giving me time to protest. They’ve come for me, Richard.”

“Are you sure?”

“It’s unlikely they brought the truck to deliver packages.”

“All that,” I said, taking another look at the entourage, “just to get you to Iraq.”

“I doubt I’ll be sent to Iraq,” said Eustace, “More likely some research facility.”

Oh my God, they were going to dissect Eustace! “What do we do?”

“I need your help, Richard.”

“Sure,” I said. “Anything.”

“Think carefully before you agree. If you help me, your life as you know it will be over. No more high school and most likely no college; everything will be different.”

I thought about it for a second, but I had to help Eustace. I couldn’t let them experiment on him and fuck… “High school sucks anyway,” I said. “What do you want me to do?”

Eustace grinned. “There’s a chance they’ll find out about the warehouse,” he said. “I need you to get me there as quickly as possible.”

“Won’t they be watching?” I said.


Eustace had a plan. We waited until dark and then snuck down to the side of my house where my dad kept his truck. I don’t want to tell you how mad he was when he finally discovered the hole in the roof. But when I told him that Eustace had done it and that it had been an accident he calmed right down, shook his head and said, “That poor family.” I don’t know what he meant by that, but he never said another word about the hole. It was all patched up now, anyway.

Eustace climbed in the back and under a tarp—funny I don’t remember a tarp being back there. Anyway, I was nervous as hell as I pulled the truck out of the driveway, sure that any second they would catch us. But they didn’t.

I remembered the way to the warehouse pretty well. Eustace stayed under the tarp the whole way there, and didn’t come out until I pulled up out front. But, as soon as he put the key in the lock, floodlights clicked on from out of nowhere and lit up everything like it was day.

“Hold it right there,” came a voice over a megaphone. We both looked up like deer caught in headlights—well, maybe a deer and a grizzly bear. But there was only one truck and a couple of guys. Damn, they must have followed us!

Eustace opened the door, squeezed in and pulled me in after him. Damn, I felt like my arm had been nearly pulled from its socket. He slammed and barred the door behind us. I didn’t remember the bar from before and the door looked a lot more substantial than it used to. Did he see this coming?

Eustace hit the lights and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Holy crap, he’d been busy. There was this giant, weird structure in the center of the warehouse. New steel beams ran from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. An intricate configuration of cables ran up and down all along them, and at the bottom was a platform and some kind of a harness. The cables and wires all seemed to connect to it. And I could see clear tubing flowing into the harness. I looked for the source. Damn, no little plastic bags this time. He had barrels of hormones and steroids and even Agent X. This thing looked serious.

“Jesus, Eustace, what happened to the sauna cabinet?”

“That was a go-cart,” said Eustace. “This is a Porsche, and it will take me places beyond imagining.” He stepped up to it, admiring his handy work. And I’d thought he was just going to build a bigger cabinet. Then it hit me. The warehouse itself was the bigger cabinet! Holy shit! How big did he want to get?

Suddenly there was a pounding on the door. “Open up in there!”

“Hurry,” said Eustace. “We must complete the experiment.”

“What? Now?” I gasped.

“Yes,” he said. “No doubt the two soldiers are calling for reinforcements as we speak.”

“But what if they break in?”

“I doubt they’ll attack until their reinforcements arrive. Like all bullies they prefer an overwhelming advantage. It’s amazing isn’t it? I escape one bully only to find myself in the clutches of another.” He stepped onto the platform. “But not for long…”

He took a deep breath, massive pecs heaving. “You’ll have to clamp me in again. I didn’t have time to finish the automation. I was detained by—other projects.”

Other projects? What the hell else could he have been doing?

“This is crazy,” I said, getting started clamping his gigantic tree trunk legs in. Fuck, they were impossibly hard, like marble, under the fabric. “I don’t know why I’m helping you.”

“I do,” said Eustace, looking down over his giant protruding chest at me scurrying around his gargantuan body. “It’s all this muscle.” He flexed his bicep and holy shit! He filled that tent of a sleeve almost to bursting. Fuck! I could hear threads snapping! “You… appreciate it, the look of it, the feel of it and the power of it… and you want to see me grow even more,” he continued. “And you want to grow, too. In fact, you’re obsessed with it, like me. Why do you think you took up body building in the first place? And why else would you use the myostatin blocker to pump that succulent body of yours up to its current state of development?”

“I..I…” was all I could say, but deep down inside I knew he was right. I loved how big he was and I did want to be just as big—really, really bad.

“It’s a little unfair that I got here first,” said Eustace, “since you’re the one who opened my eyes to the glories of muscle. But I promise you, Richard, you won’t be far behind.”

Sweet. I seriously wanted a turn in one of his machines. I noticed Eustace had designed open-ended clamps into this version that were made from a flexible material, obviously designed so they could expand… almost limitlessly. I felt my mind going numb as I thought of the possibilities.

As I continued to clamp him in, I marveled at the size of him, the thickness of his colossal arms and the impossible swell of his mammoth chest. Unlike the sauna cabinet, this harness was designed for the wearer to be standing up. And when I got to his giant shoulders it was suddenly hard to reach up high enough to strap him in.

“There’s a ladder in the corner if you need it.”

Humungous Eustace was more than a foot taller than me. I got the ladder.

“You forgot to take off your clothes.” I said.

“Not necessary,” he replied. “The built in catheters will easily puncture the cloth, and the electrodes will give off more than enough charge so that the cotton and wool will not be a factor, and my rapidly expanding musculature will disrobe me anyway—somewhat explosively if I’m not mistaken.”

I looked, and for the first time noticed that he had built the needles directly into the clamps so when the clamps closed the needles would be inserted. Well, at least I didn’t have to go through sticking them in him again.

“Please hurry, Richard. There’s not telling when the army will arrive and I am impatient to begin,” he said.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Eustace?” I asked. “What if you get too big?”

“I’ve thought about that,” said Eustace. “It’s possible that in the upper atmosphere, the air would be too thin for me to breathe comfortably. Barring that, I don’t foresee a difficulty.”

I think my chin hit the floor when I realized he was talking about getting so tall he’d be breathing in the upper atmosphere.

Eustace noticed my expression and smiled. “That was a joke.”

“Jeeze, I don’t know how you can joke,” I said. But I couldn’t help but notice that this harness was built in sections so Eustace could expand almost indefinitely without breaking it. And the cables and tubes that lead to each section were on runners. They could slide up and down and side to side on the steel beams so they could continue to feed the harness with out tangling.

“Richard, you must promise me something,” said Eustace.

“Sure,” I said.

“If anything happens and we get separated. Go home and wait for me.”

“Home? Is that a good idea?”

“That’s where I’ll come for you. And if I can’t come myself, I’ll call with instructions for you. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve got this all worked out.”

“What all worked out?” I asked.

“I don’t want to tell you too much now,” he said. “The less you know, the less they can force you to tell. Trust me.”


“They know my name.” I stammered. “How do they know my name?”

“Easily,” said Eustace. “They saw you when we arrived and your father’s truck is outside. They must have run the plates.”

“Oh my god, what do I do now?”

“Hit the enter key. Start the process.” I looked wildly around and saw a small computer station set up in the corner. I ran over there. It was very similar to what he’d had set up in his room.


“Richard, hit the enter key!” cried Eustace.

I hesitated, my hand directly above the button. Could I do this? Could I hit that key? What would happen to Eustace if I did? I was no idiot. This thing was designed to turn him into a fucking giant, a muscle giant. He’d be a true freak. He’d be the biggest human being the Earth had ever seen, with huge, inhumanly massive muscles rippling out all over his impossibly colossal frame. I could tell he wanted it. He wanted it bad.

Well, so did I.

“ONE,” boomed the voice.

I hit the key.

Suddenly there was huge THUNK, the lights dimmed and flickered and a low thrumming filled the air, slowly getting louder. Eustace went ridged. “Yes,” he said, through gritted teeth. “Finally.”


Eustace inhaled sharply. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” he cried. “Let them—ah!—try and come now.” The humming got louder and louder until I could actually feel it in my bones. “AH AH ARRRGH!” yelled Eustace, and then I saw it start to happen. I saw Eustace start to grow. Fuck, I was sure I could actually hear his skin stretching like a thick plastic wrap. The shoulders on his blazer started blowing out. Then there was a rapid popping as the seams let go, pushed apart by protruding rock hard flesh.

“Richard…OOOH AHH HA! ARGHHHHHH!” he yelled as his pant legs filled and tore. “ARGHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH MY GOOOOOOD!”—Gigantically muscled thighs exploded through the rips and his pants burst into tatters.


“HA! Listen to the morons count! OH! OHHH!… OH MY GOD!!!!” RIP! SNAP!


Up and down his sleeves and his monster biceps and immense forearms were ripping out, tearing free.

“ARRRRRRRRGHHHHH!” His form began stretching taller and taller, and I heard the runners squeak along the steel beam squeak as the harness expanded.

“OH YES!” He cried. “YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!”

Buttons were popping off of his oxford. “AARRRRGH! YES!” Oh my God, the entire front of his shirt was just ripping to pieces as his massive pecs tore their way through and reduced it to shreds. And his entire torso just kept getting broader and broader. And his height… Jesus, he was 8 at least feet tall! And growing! “Oh my God, look at you!” I said,.

“AH HA HA HA HA ARRRGHHHH!” he cried. “Feels so good…AGHHH! …taking it all the way! ARRRRGHHHHHH!”

His growing, heaving pecs, blasted through the last remaining scraps of his shirt and thrust themselves out three feet in front of him. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” His neck thickened into a telephone pole and ripped apart his collar. His traps surged into massiveness. “OOOOAAAHHHH!” And together with his expanding delts blew out the rest off his blazer’s shoulders and sent it flopping to the ground. “ARRRGHH! OH OHHHHHH AH!”


With a final RIIIIIP, his pants completely gave way and fell to his feet past his shredded, pulsing thighs, which were now so huge they’d crush my truck just by themselves. “NNNNNUNGHHHH!” Unbelievably a few pathetic scraps of his shirt still clung to that massive, heaving upper body, mostly plastered to it by sweat with a few tatters and threads still wrapped around those impossibly huge, swelling traps.


And holy crap, look at those feet. His shoes had long since been ripped apart, the remains vanishing under the spreading soles of those gigantic feet. I’d seen toddlers that weren’t as big as those feet and they seemed to be growing even more, becoming more solid with heavier bones, throbbing veins, and widening toes!

He was getting so fucking tall now, maybe 10 feet, no, 11 feet! Holy fucking crap! And he was about 8 fucking feet wide at those massive planetoid shoulders! Jesus, he was already gigantic! How big was he going to get?

“Richard!” he boomed. “AGGGGGCHH! Get out of here! AHHHHHHH!”

“No way!” I shouted. I couldn’t take my eyes off that humongous mass of muscle that Eustace called a body. I knew it was dangerous but no way could I miss this. His calves were rapidly blowing up past the size of basketballs, flaring out larger and flexing behind his giant thickening shin bones. And his knees… holy crap they were practically up to my chest! And they were completely overwhelmed by his expanding thighs. Oh my God, his upper legs were evolving into humungous, undulating, tightly woven masses of powerful sinew, shifting and bulging under his skin, getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And fuck, they were as wide as the fucking doorway! I could totally fit inside one of those suckers. And as massively wide as his legs got, they also stretched longer, making that colossal body even more impossibly tall.

“OOOHHHH! …don’t understand… ARGHHH! …taking it all the way…,” he cried. “..not safe! AGGGGGGGGH!”

Fuck, his abs were thrusting out of his stomach, growing, widening into eight deeply carved, solid bricks of muscle that violently heaved in and out with every monster breath he took. “OOOOAAAAHHHHGGHH!


Damn. His forearms were evolving into enormous bulging and swelling masses of ripped cords and tendons just glutted with power. They had to be every bit as long as I was tall and they were thicker, much, much fucking thicker. His biceps were massive globes of vein covered sinew. Fuck his peaks probably had more muscle than my entire body.

AHH AHHHH AHHHHHHHHH!” he shouted as his pecs erupted to the size of wrecking balls, huge and ribbed with thick muscle fibers and his gargantuan lats spread out behind him about as wide as a two car garage.

I heard the sound of crunching wood and metal his head collided with the rafters. Fuck.


Eustace was a true giant. The fucking size of him… he was just so fucking massive. I tried to connect him with skinny little Eustace but I couldn’t. His bulk was just so overwhelming, so much fucking muscle over every bulging inch of him. At about 20 feet tall and more than 15 feet wide at the shoulders, Eustace was a mountain of massive, heaving muscle.

And he was still getting bigger…

I heard the creaking of metal and the snapping of breaking beams as Eustace raised his impossibly massive arms and pushed up the roof of the warehouse. “AAARRRRGHHHHH!” he cried. “Try and… AHHH!…stop me now…HA HA HA HA HA!”

I dove under the computer table to escape the falling debris. A huge chunk of roof fell right on the computer keyboard and smashed it. Oh well there was no way I could stop this now, even if I wanted to.

I stuck my head out to see what was happening. Most of the roof had been torn away and Eustace’s expanding, cut mega shoulders were now ripping the rest of it apart as they heaved their way through. A couple of the harnesses had broken free but there must still have been enough of them attached to him to fuel his out of control growth, because he was still getting bigger!

The rest of the warehouse started coming down around me and I realized if I didn’t’ get out soon, it would probably kill me. I made a run for the door. I had to go straight past one of his fucking mammoth feet. Damn, it was half the size of my truck! And the calf above it was bulging out beyond belief. It had to be about the size of one of those smart cars and completely ripped to shreds, and each gigantic muscle was clearly defined as it heaved and pulsed under his skin. And that was nothing compared to his fucking thigh. But I couldn’t stop to look. Pieces of roof and wall were falling down all around me. Weaving and dodging, I made it to the door, unbarred it and ran out.

The soldiers were still out there but they didn’t notice me at all. They were too busy staring at the massive muscle monster exploding out of the warehouse roof. You’d think Eustace would look mad, but he didn’t. Eustace looked like he was having the time of his life. His impossible arms came smashing out into the open. He raised them and gave a mighty flex. Holy crap, I’d seen cars smaller than his arms. Then he strode forward right through the warehouse wall just like it hadn’t been there. I found myself ducking again to avoid the flying bricks, wood and glass as the warehouse completely collapsed behind him. Holy crap, he had to be 25 feet tall and he was as wide as my entire house. And his muscles…fuck…

He had huge thick mountainous traps dwarfing his sequoia neck. He had gigantic, satiated planetoid delts supporting enormous upper arms that consisted of several giant muscle masses, all pushed together and bulging out where ever they could find room. His forearms were taller than my entire body, and much, much wider, each one a huge, writhing network of thick woven cords. His chest was two massive globes of sinew, hard, solid and ripped. They were so huge they looked like architectural features more than body parts except that they heaved in and out with each colossal breath that he took.

Each ab was a concrete slab of muscle, and there were ten of them leading down to his monster cock which had to be about 3 feet long, as thick as a sewer pipe, and it was just as stiff as one, too. I couldn’t help but think I could probably straddle it with both legs and ride it.

And his legs, crap, his thighs were so big around, they’d give a tanker truck a run for its money, and I could see each and every gigantic leg muscle bulge and ripple as he shifted his weight from foot to foot.

“Hold it right there!” said the guy on the mega phone. “You’re coming with us.”

“I think not,” boomed Eustace. “I’m not accompanying you now or ever.” Then he raised his giant foot and brought it down on their empty vehicle, and then there was a huge, rending, bending, twisting metal sound as he crushed it like a bug.

“Any questions?” said Eustace.


One of the soldiers just panicked and started shooting at him. And then the others joined in. But those bullets weren’t more than bee stings to Eustace now. All it did was piss him off. He raised his fucking arm. Damn, it was packed with enormous, bulging, ripped to hell muscles big as fucking cars and bigger than 3 soldiers put together. He brought it down and half a dozen of them went flying at least 30 yards. Fuck me.

The rest of them took off running, showing some sense at last. Eustace watched them scuttle off and laughed. He flexed his impossibly gigantic arms. Christ, it was like watching a building flex. Huge domes of rock hard veiny muscle rose up on each arm. Jesus…

“YES!” he cried, his booming voice shattering a near-by window, “Much better!”

Fuck, he was muscle, all fucking muscle. All over his entire gigantic body, it didn’t look like there was anything under his skin but one massive muscle after another. Damn, I was overcome with lust just looking at him.

“Eustace,” I called up to him. “You have to fuck me. You just have to.” He looked way down at me at me and smirked.

“My penis would break you in two,” he said.

Oh fuck, he was right. I knew he was right. But what was wrong with me? I wanted it anyway.

“If only we’d had time to put you in the harness, as well,” he continued. “But the device is destroyed now.”

Then I heard the sound of helicopters approaching.

He paused for a moment to admire his gigantic frame and his way-beyond-massive muscles, and then he said, “You should go now, Richard. Go home and wait for my call.”

“Go? Now? You gotta be kidding.”

“I’m about to disassemble these helicopters in a gratuitously destructive manor,” he said. “It will be a great deal of fun for me, but it is extremely doubtful you will escape the process with out injury.” Then Eustace picked a steel beam up from the rubble and began swinging it around like a baseball bat.

Man, he was right. If I stayed there I was going to get seriously hurt. I hopped in my truck, which miraculously was still in one piece and headed for home.

Once again it looked like I’d missed out on taking a turn on Eustace’s machine. Man, all that fucking muscle. As much as I loved it on him, I seriously wanted a little myself. It was too damn bad Eustace kept smashing up his machines every time he grew.

I got home, but there was no one there. I went upstairs and just flopped on my bead, my head buzzing with thoughts about what had just happened.

I must have been lying there about a half hour when a heard a car come to a screeching halt outside my house. I got up and looked out the window. Uh oh, there was an army guy out there eyeing my truck up and down. Fuck! I should have parked it in back. Damn, I’d better get out of here. I was about to make my way downstairs when my cell phone rang.


“Richard,” came Eustace’s booming voice, “are you all right?”

“For now,” I said, “but it looks like the military is about to invade. How about you?”

“Never mind about me. Are you at home?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Go down to your basement.”

“My basement?” I said. “I think they’ll probably look in the basement. I need to get out of here.”

“Trust me,” said Eustace. “Go down to the basement.”

The basement? That was crazy. Maybe all that muscle had affected Eustace’s brains.

“Hurry, Richard,” said Eustace, “there may not be much time.”

There may not be much time… There was never much time. Oh well, I thought, I may as well humor him. I didn’t know where I was going to go when I left here anyway. Maybe I’d think of something while I was humoring Eustace.

I made my way down to the basement. There was my weight bench, just the way I’d left it last time Todd and I had worked out. What was I supposed to do now?

“Are you in the basement yet?”

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Go to the other side.”

“The other side?” The other side of our basement was nothing but storage, just piles of old junk

“Just do it,” said Eustace.

“Okay.” I made my way across to the junk. It was dark over there, and dirty and dusty, and no one ever went there. I found the chain for the light and pulled it. Some of the boxes were still there, but it looked like most of the ones by the far wall had been removed, and in there place were these large, tarp covered objects.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Remove the tarps,” he said.

I pulled off the tarps and holy crap! It was one of Eustace’s machines! It was a lot more elaborate than the sauna cabinet but no where near as big and bulky as the one in the warehouse.

“Jesus, Eustace, is this what I think it is?”

“Yes,” he said. “Go ahead. Get on it.”

Whoa. Right now? Fuck, I could just climb on that thing and… holy fuck, I’d be massive! But…

“I don’t have anyone to turn it on for me.”

“You don’t need it,” said Eustace. “I finished the automation on this one. Just get on. There’s a grip control by the right hand. Just squeeze it and it will start up. Release it and it will stop. You have complete control. Get as big as you want.”

“Or until I break it,” I said remembering Eustace’s growth spurts.

“This is my mark 3 machine. I fixed a lot of my earlier design mistakes in this version. You should be able to go quite far before you break anything… In fact, I hope your parent’s home owner’s insurance is paid up.”

I was pretty sure it was. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“The less you knew, the less you could tell them if you got caught.”

Then I heard the door bust open and the sound of many booted feet on the floor above my head.

“They’re here,” I said.

“Then do it, Richard. Do it now. This is your chance.”

“It’s too bad you can’t be here,” I said.

“I am there,” he said. “Look up.”

“I did and holy crap, there was a camera mounted on the ceiling staring at me.

“I can record it if you want,” said Eustace.

“Yeah,” I said. “Record it.”

I put the phone on speaker, climbed on the machine, took a deep breath and squeezed the hand control.

I heard and electronic hum as the clamps closed around my limbs and felt sharp pricks as the needles penetrated my skin. “Achh!” I said.

I heard Eustace laugh, as the electronic hum began to build. “I didn’t know you were so sensitive, Richard. You might find the next phase a little… taxing.”

“I’ll deal,” I said.

“Get ready for it,” came Eustace’s voice, “in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1!”

ARRRRGGHHH” I shouted, as the sensation ripped through me! It felt like every muscle in my body had been blasted with energy, just radiated with it, like to the point of exploding, and it felt incredible, so good! And then it started to happen. I felt my muscles began to harden, and damn, they were getting thicker and heavier, too. And I could hear that weird thick, stretching sound. Fuck, it was working. I was getting bigger. Damn, I could feel it…bigger and it felt FUCKING AMAZING! “OOOHHHAHHHH!” I cried.

Even though my arms were clamped by my sides I flexed my muscles, made them bulge as much as I could. In my mind I knew what to expect, but fuck, feeling my biceps swell up that big and hard under my skin, and then feeling them getting bigger and denser and fuller as they grew into huge mounds of rock hard flesh, was completely blowing my mind. And it wasn’t just my arms. Oh my God, I could feel the skin pulling tight around muscles ALL OVER MY FUCKING BODY!!!!

“OH, FUCK YEAH!” I yelled!

My legs, oh fuck, my legs. I could feel my hamstrings and quads bulking up, getting huge and hard. They felt like living pulsing rock, filling my pants, making the heavy cloth feel like tissue next to them. And, as my huge expanding quads pulled my pants tight around them, I could see the different muscles separating out and taking shape beneath the cloth. I could feel they were just as dense as fucking cement and exploding with power.


I flexed my arms again and almost gasped as they bulged up even bigger. Holy shit. I kept relaxing and flexing, relaxing and flexing, and each time I did, the biceps kept growing larger and harder. Fuck, my arms were becoming enormous, granite-like masses and could feel the tightening sleeves starting to come apart around them. I heard threads popping an instant before the cloth ripped apart and my massive, bulging, ripped-to-shreds arms exploded out of my shirt.

“AAAARRRGH!” I cried. Fuck, look at those guns; they looked like fucking boulders, piled on top of each other with veins everywhere!

And then the seams in my pants started popping. Oh fuck. The thick fabric started ripping, tearing, flying apart, as my mammoth quads forced their way out into the open. So fucking huge, so fucking strong. “ARRRGHHHHHH!” I shouted. I felt so good, so powerful, like a fucking beast.

“Richard,” whispered Eustace. “Look at you…”

“Yeah, Eustace, take a good fucking look.” And I flexed my enormous thighs for him.

“Richard, you’re getting me quite excited,” said Eustace.

And I was getting excited too. I looked down. Fuck. I was sporting a huge boner. And fuck, it just kept getting bigger and harder. With its size and thickness and the force with which it was growing I could tell it would rip through the remains of my pants in seconds. Fuck, it was monster sized, and still it just seemed to keep getting bigger. It felt so good just to feel the sensation of my huge expanding cock challenging my underwear, stretching it to its limits.

And it wasn’t just my cock. I could feel my entire body expanding, changing shape. My shoulders stretching out broader, my torso was getting thicker, beginning to pulse and swell as it bulged out with muscle. My shirt was getting uncomfortably tight, even around my midsection where my abs were growing. I could feel the skin kind of shrinking in around the hard, boulders of sinew. Damn. I could even see them through my strangulation tight shirt. I had developed a bulging 8 pack. And the muscle tapered beneath a net of veins from my abs down to my crotch, still barely covered by the last remains of my pants.

And then I felt an incredible surge. “FUCK!” My cock and my orange sized balls just exploded out, destroying the last skimpy remains of my pants.

“AHHHH AHHHHH ARGHHHH!” I shouted, as my chest exploded out into massive boulders of pulsating sinew disintegrating my t shirt. I could feel my back rapidly expanding with hard, dense muscle, pushing outward, shoving the pathetic remains of my t shirt to the floor. My shoulders, my arms, they were passing huge, becoming immense, bulbous masses of throbbing muscle as my thighs bulged out thick and hard to new dimensions.

As I was getting thicker, I was stretching up, getting taller, oh so much taller. My head was hitting the ceiling. And I was so wide I felt like I was all fucking muscle, all fucking power. Nothing could stop me and I fucking loved it.


“You’re quite large now, Richard,” I barely registered Eustace’s voice. “Just remember you can stop at any time.”

Stop? Was he fucking kidding? I never wanted to stop! I wanted more, a lot more and I could feel it coming. Oh fuck. I was going to erupt with growth. Oh fucking fuck. I could feel it building. All that power flooding into my body from Eustace’s machine made me feel like I was going to explode! “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!” I shouted as I started to shake with the sensation, and then, it started fucking happening. My body began to erupt with mass. I felt myself breaking through the ceiling and expanding outward in every direction as massive rock-hard muscles just burst out of me. My enormous pecs just doubled in size and the doubled again, so hard and solid and powerful. I felt my arms being pushed out further and further from the side of my body while at the same time they grew impossibly dense with thick woven sinew. My biceps alone were now bigger than my entire body had been just a few minutes ago. Behind me I could feel my lats and gluts bloating with mass. My eight pack exploded into ten enormous rock-hard bulges, barely contained by my skin. It felt like all over me boulders were erupting up under my skin, stretching out and covering every inch of my frame with unbelievable power. I was fucking huge and hard and solid all over and had already busted through the basement ceiling into the first floor of the house. My shoulders were so wide and mammoth they were starting to take out walls. Fuck. I had to be every inch of 16 feet tall, and the house was coming down around me. But did I want to stop? No fucking way!

I was so fucking wide and massive I took up half the first floor. I was still standing on the basement floor but my head was hitting the fucking kitchen ceiling. I felt like a fucking mountain. My body was a mass of veiny hills and valleys, one huge, bulging mound just rolling into another. My slightest move caused walls to crumble. I felt so fucking good, like I could do anything. And fuck, I was still getting bigger!

I looked over and saw a soldier staring up at me, open mouthed. I was standing in the basement. He was on the first floor and he was still looking up at me! Fuck! He looked so tiny, almost like a GI Joe. I wanted to reach over and pick him up, but my head started ripping up through the kitchen ceiling and into the second floor. Fuck, I was so huge, but I was beginning to feel wedged into this tiny house and I didn’t like it. In fact I’d had e-fucking-nough of it.

I reached up my arms and started pulling the kitchen ceiling apart around my massive expanding body. Fuck, just moving my arms, the motion, the sensation, all completely different now. I couldn’t bend it nearly as much as I used to but the explosion of mass and power I felt erupt from my arm way more than made up for it. Fuck. My bicep was huge; it had a split head and was as big around as a truck tire with a vein thick as a garden hose snaking around it. I could hardly believe it was mine. But it was. I could feel every solid, powerful inch of it blasting out of my arm as I ripped the floor apart around my head.

I looked around the second floor as my shoulders busted up through the floor three feet on either side of my head. No, they weren’t my shoulders. I could feel my shoulders still pressing up on the ceiling beneath. Holy crap! Those were only my fucking traps! Holy shit, they were fucking huge. More rubble shifted just beyond my traps. My breath caught in my throat at the impossible sight of my beyond massive shoulders breaking up through the floor. Fuck, they were two enormous masses of ripped, segmented striated flesh about three feet in diameter and made from muscle fibers thick around as a hose.

And then I broke the rest of my arms free from the floor. I don’t have the words to describe my biceps. To say they were impossibly huge wouldn’t come close. If I were to ever buy a house, I’d need a two car garage just to house my biceps. That’s not even mentioning my triceps. They swelled out twice as thick as my biceps, turning my upper arm into a fucking planetoid.

I raised my arms high above my head and then brought them down in a colossal double bi pose, turning most of our second floor into rubble. Holy fuck! The mountains on my arms! They were giant, flesh covered boulders, a configuration of insanely huge bulges, with peeks the size of basket balls. They had monster veins running up and around them before disappearing into my giant delts.

I dropped my gargantuan arms and began to free my impossibly colossal body from the wreckage of the house.

I moved forward and my massive pecs knocked out of the side of the house. Wood and chunks of plaster cascaded down over those globular masses of pure muscle and ran down the deep valley in between them, tumbling and bouncing off my eight boulder-like abs. Fuck, it tickled.

And my back…? Fuck, I could feel huge, thick wings thrusting out about three feet on either side of me.

I rose a little higher and out it tumbled. Holy Fuck, there was a freakin’ fire hose hanging from my groin, draped over two huge, melon-like balls, it hung down past my continent-sized, ripped, vascular quads almost to my sunken knees

And still my giant form kept rising and rising and rising from the wreckage, higher and higher. I finally broke completely through the side wall and stepped up out of the basement and into the back yard. I’d stopped growing. At some point Eustace’s machine had to have been smashed. Jeeze, those things really didn’t get a lot of mileage. I was incredibly tall. I was also about 12 feet wide at the shoulders and almost 8 feet of bulging, powerful sinew thick. A shadow fell across the yard as my massiveness blotted out the sun.

Fuck, my house was half destroyed, and I was… Holy shit, I was as tall as my house, maybe a little taller! …and every bit as fucking wide with muscle. I was all fucking muscle, from head to toe, from side to side, one heaving mass of sinew after another. Fuck, I was immense. And it was fucking awesome!

And now fuck, all these little soldiers were swarming out of my ruined house pointing their tiny guns at me. Ha ha! They had to be fucking kidding. I raised my giant foot and brought it down hard on the ground. The earth shook and the little guys went tumbling down like a bunch of candlepins. Ha! Look at then scramble to get back up. One of the fucking little shrimps took a shot at me. He hit my massive stone-like shoulder.

“FUCK! That stung! Don’t fucking shoot at me!” I yelled. The guy dropped his gun and ran. They were all running. Ha! I guess they thought that bullet would do more damage than it did. Fucking ants. I looked at my shoulder. Damn. I was going to have a welt there for sure. Little fucking bastards, who did they think they were fucking with?

“Richard McNealy,” I heard a voice call over a megaphone. I had to look to find the tiny guy. He was in the next yard over, looking up over the hedge at me. “You’re coming with us.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m not,” I called back.

“We don’t want to have to use force,” he said.

“Go ahead,” I called back, flexing my gargantuan building-sized body for him, and feeling my massive, impossibly hard, veiny arms bulge up to the size of his fucking jeep. “Use force if you want to. It might be fun.”

The guy gulped. Even from this distance I could see it. He said something into his radio and a few minutes later I caught sight of a bunch of these tiny guys, speeding towards me in their little transports. Of course, they were still blocks away. Damn the view was awesome from up here. I could see for miles!

Still, I didn’t want a lot of those little fuckers shooting at me. “Okay, dude,” I said to the megaphone guy, “Outta the jeep.” Then I reached over the fence and picked up his vehicle. Man, it wasn’t heavy at all. But the guy wouldn’t get out of it. I turned it upside down and shook. He still wouldn’t let go. He clung to it like his life depended on it. I shook it harder. Finally the guy let go and dropped to the ground. Then he got up and ran off. I could have caught him easy if I’d wanted to, in like two fucking strides, but I let him go.

Instead I took his fucking little jeep and threw it so it landed right in front of all those little transports. Ha! You should have seen all those little vehicles swerve and crash! They weren’t expecting that! And I didn’t give them any time to recover, either. I leapt right at them. Fuck I couldn’t believe how high I could jump with these mega-ripped pylon legs of mine, more than a story in the air. And when I landed in the street in front of them, I felt the fucking asphalt buckle under my feet. Damn, I’d left a fucking crater!

All the little army guys scattered. They were taking cover behind houses and cars and trees. I suddenly noticed how there weren’t any regular people around. I got up on my tip toes and looked around. The Army guys had set up roadblocks all throughout the area. I guess they’d evacuated all the regular people. Good.

“OWE! FUCK!” Those fuckers were shooting at me! And here I thought I was being nice to them by not stepping on their puny little bodies. Well, fuck, maybe I should just crush a few of them and show them who the fucking boss is!

One guy was hiding behind a tree. I grabbed the tree with my fucking huge hand and with the slightest twitch from my massive bicep, I fucking ripped it out of the ground and hit him with it. He went flying across the street.

Some other guys were shooting at me from the second story of a house and there were more of the tiny bastards hiding in the bushes below. I leapt right onto the front porch, pretty much destroying it. Then I drove my giant fists into the front of the house and with my ridiculously thick budging arms I pulled the whole front of the house down. It came apart so easily, and those little bastards just came tumbling out and then took off running.

“That’s right! Run away you little fucking rodents!” Damn, they left me with bullet welts all over, the fuckers.

And then I heard the sound of a really loud diesel engine. I looked over and holy shit, there was a fucking tank coming. It looked pretty serious, but I was pretty sure I could take it and I was getting ready to try when I heard this booming voice.

“STOP!” it cried.

I looked behind me and there was Eustace striding down the street. He was huge, but fuck, I thought I might be bigger!

“General Sanders, I know you’re in there,” bellowed Eustace. “Why don’t you come out so we can talk abut this.”

The tank lid popped open, and sure enough, the guy who stuck his head out looked a hell of a lot like a general. “You two will surrender yourselves immediately or we will be forced to open fire,” he said.

“Are you sure you want to do that, General?” said Eustace. “We will most defiantly fight back and in that battle some of your men are sure to lose their lives.”

Fuck, the general wasn’t flinching. I guess the prospect of losing some men didn’t bother him at all.

“And it’s also possible that innocent people will be killed,” added Eustace.

That idea didn’t seem to concern the General either.

“And we’ll no doubt cause millions of dollars in property damage,” said Eustace.

Okay, now he had the General’s full attention. God bless America.

“What did you have in mind?” asked the General.

“I know you’re interested in my process,” said Eustace.

“It is your patriotic duty to submit to testing and to tell us everything you know,” said the General.

“And I’m not refusing,” said Eustace. “It’s just that I expect to be compensated. It’s no different than that tank you’re sitting in. I’m sure the manufacturer didn’t just give it to you as part of his patriotic duty. You paid for it, and I’m certain it wasn’t cheap. I expect to be treated no differently.”

The General rubbed his chin. “We… ah…we might work something out.”

“Excellent,” said Eustace. “I’ll meet you at the old football stadium at the edge of town in about 90 minutes.”

“90 minutes?”

“Yes, and if you wouldn’t mind, please leave your little evacuation in effect until then. And I expect you’ll compensate all these homeowners for the damage to their property.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, now that you mention it. My friend and I are in desperate need of a tailor. See what you can do.”

The General cleared his throat. “There’s one thing I’d like to—”

“Yes, that will be all for now, General. I’ll see you in 90 minutes. My friend and I are going to… have a wrestling match. I wouldn’t want you or your men to get hurt.”

The General signaled for all his men to move out. It looked like a couple of the soldiers wanted to stay and watch, but they were pretty much given their marching orders. I couldn’t believe it. Eustace had that general eating out of his hand.

As soon as they were gone, Eustace circled me looking me up and down. “Richard,” he said, “I think my Mark 3 machine was a little two efficient. I do believe you are larger than I am.”

“Eustace,” I said, grabbing him by his thick, ripped waste and lifting him up with my humungous bulging arms. “I do believe you’re right.”

I brought him in for a kiss, while I slowly set him down.

Eustace kissed back with an intensity I wasn’t expecting and I found my self slowly backing up. Before I knew it, there was a crash of breaking timber as he pressed me into the Johnson’s house, pretty much caving in the front.

I grabbed and squeezed his ridiculously huge, hard arms. He was running his hands over my impossibly wide, powerful back, and suddenly the two of us tumbled down onto the Johnson’s house, bring it down around us.

You’d think all that rubble would get in the way, be uncomfortable and ruin things but it was just the opposite. Feeling walls collapse under our huge muscular bulk was unbelievably hot. I didn’t resist Eustace as he mounted me. The feeling was amazing and I found myself reaching out, clutching at things and crushing them in my fists as Eustace drove his pylon deep into me. Then Eustace came, and a second later, as I came, it was so intense I had to reach out into the Johnson’s back yard, grab a tree with my massively powerful hands and rip it up by the roots.

When we were done I felt exhausted, but Eustace got up and dragged me back over to my ruined house, to the garage behind it and began ripping it apart.

“What are you doing?” I asked. We never really used it, except for storage, but still it was our garage.

“I took the liberty of storing a few items in your garage,” said Eustace. “I hope you don’t mind. The military might have discovered them if I’d kept them in mine.”

I looked and holy crap, our garage had been full of barrels and cables and tubing. “What’s all this?” I asked.

“Mark 4,” said Eustace, and he produced these pads about the size of Frisbees, and began plastering them on my already enormous muscular frame.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I would have thought that would that’d be obvious. While I was building the machines in the warehouse and in your basement, it occurred to me how flawed the concept of building the device into a structure was. It was too limiting—as I think we’ve both discovered.”

“Limiting? Holy fuck! You want to get bigger?”

“Of course. Don’t you?” Eustace finished plastering those things all over my body and then started in on his own.

I had to think about that. Did I want to get bigger? So far being 25 feet tall with ripped-to-hell muscles the size of armored vehicles had been a blast. But bigger?

Hell, yeah.

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“All we need is a power source,” said Eustace. “The pads will focus it where we need it. And here…” Eustace pulled up some coiled hoses with these big ass needles on the end. The other end was connected to a series of barrels. “One a piece should do us,” he said jamming a needle into the vein on my arm.

“Ouch!” I cried.

Eustace chuckled. “Still sensitive I see.” Then he jammed one into his own.

“So where do we get the power?” I asked.

“Easy,” he said and pointed up at the power cables running along the telephone pole.

“Won’t that kill us?”

“It might have before, but now… I don’t think so,” said Eustace flexing his massive body.

“Ready?” he said.

“I guess,” I said.

“Go!” he said then he grabbed a power cable, ripped it free and jammed it into his stomach.

Sparks were flying every where. “UUUUNGHHHHH!” yelled Eustace. He was shaking and his face was turning red. And then suddenly it began to happen. I heard this weird kind of bubbling stretching noise as Eustace started getting even bigger. His colossal shoulders were stretching out broader and swelling up to the size of a VW. His bis were bulging into massive vein covered mountains. Hi pecs were inflating like two fucking blimps. His abs were developing into boulders, the crevices between them became canyons. And fuck he was stretching taller. Damn in about 20 seconds he went from being a little shorter than me to at least a head taller. And he fucking out-massed me easy. Hell, I couldn’t let this go on. I grabbed a power cable and bracing myself for the pain jammed it into my side.

“AAAHHHHHHHH OH FUCK!” I yelled. But I could feel it happen almost instantly. Great, huge mounds of hard, veiny flesh were boiling up out of my body. And as each of my muscles expanded into giant mountainous masses, I saw the world start to shrink around me. I already saw over the roof of my house and now I could see it getting farther and farther away.

When it stopped, fuck, we had to be 50 feet tall, both about the same height. We were wider than two fucking houses and our bodies were living, heaving muscle mountains, with insane bulges, enormous veiny peeks and thick striated ridges all over. We were rough and rugged muscle landscapes from head to toe.

Eustace stood there holding the thread-like power line in between two of his massive fingers, and shook it. “Damn,” he said, “the power went out.”

Fuck, we still weren’t big enough for him.

“I guess this will have to do for now,” he said. The he raised his massive foot and brought it down on our garage, smashing his Mark 4 machine into rubble.

“That should keep certain parties from learning too much. Now,” he said, “I believe it’s time to go see that general.” And that’s exactly what we did.

The General couldn’t refuse Eustace anything. I don’t know if it was the prospect of making 50 foot tall soldiers or if he was just intimidated by our vast bulks. After all wherever we stepped, we left footprints at least a foot deep. But the General gave Eustace everything he wanted.

Of course, Eustace never had any intention of making 50 foot soldiers. All he wanted was to be left in peace so he could devise a machine to help him grow even bigger.

After Eustace hit 100 feet tall, he began making demands. He was so fucking big there were office buildings that weighed less. He forced the world to disarm and made war illegal. Of course they tried to shut him down, but conventional weapons were no use against him, and no one wanted to try a nuclear strike. Apart from the collateral damage it would cause to the planet, they weren’t really sure it would stop him. And then what would they do?

So Eustace made the world a kinder gentler place. And me, well I went along for the ride. Now we live on our own private island inside massive structures built specially to house our impossibly huge muscular forms. Eustace says he’s happy at a hundred feet. But I don’t know… Every once in a while he gets that look in his eye and I just know he wondering if there might actually be a way to breath in the upper atmosphere.

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Ladder of the heavens by Ziel "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*" 11k words Added May 2015 18k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Decrease

Stuff in the cellar by Charles Westfall Richard is already good-looking and abnormally hung when he discovers some alien equipment in the cellar of his new house—including a vat of goo that transforms him into someone even hotter and more hung. And there’s no way Richard’s keeping his new gifts to himself. 4 parts 15k words Added Jul 2002 24k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Increase •t/t•t/t/t

Transform: Phone sex by Also Known As Converting a guy to be one of the Transformed is easy enough in person. But what about over the phone? 5,573 words Added Jan 2014 13k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Infectious •M/M•M/M/M

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