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Frat hunting

by hyperboi

A pair of twins with the ability to alter themselves and the world around them have some fun tailoring one of the frats to meet their needs.

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It was 11 a.m., and the black haired guy was waiting in one of the café tables outside, glancing at the campus entrance with an empty seat next to him and guarding two mugs of coffee. His blue eyes checked the watch in his right wrist while he took a sip. He stretched a bit and suddenly spotted another guy coming his way, holding a piece of paper in his hand.

Jace took in how much the other guy looked just like him: attractive, 6 feet tall, about 180 toned pounds, the same cute same face. The jeans were the same as well. The only difference was the color of T-shirts, the seated one wearing green and the newly arrived one wearing red, It’s no wonder they were so much alike, Jace thought with a grin: they were twins after all.

“You took your time, Jay,” he said. “You have it?”

“Of course,” Jay replied, shaking the paper. “What about your part, Jace?”

Jace pointed to the mug close to his. “Latte macchiato, our favourite.”

Jay seated and took a sip. “Mhm,” he hummed. He seemed delighted. He eyed his brother’s mug and smirked, “You shifted our preferences again, did you?”

“What? How did you—?” Jace sputtered.

“You almost left yours to get cold until I got here to tell me that.”

Jace stuck out his tongue, knowing he had been caught out, and took a long sip. “Yeah, well, that’s for coming late. It was the only other choice on the menu anyway, so you can’t complain. What’d you find?”

Jay lent him the paper and Jace glanced at it.

“Hooooh… so many… and so many sport ones… oh! This one!”

“The Gamma Alpha Ypsilon? It’s a science club frat… surely full of nerds… Oh!” Jay looked dubious until he realized what his brother was referring to.

“Yeah, they have such an interesting name,” Jace said. “And if they are nerds,” he went on with a crooked grin, “shouldn’t we do something about it?” Jace started to cackle and his brother joined him.

It was 11:15 am when the smallest frat in campus opened the door. A short guy with glasses and a loose small shirt closed all the way up to the top button looked up curious at the 2 identical guys who were almost a foot taller than him.

“Can I help you?” he asked with a high pitched voice.

“We’re Jay and Jace, the newest members of the frat. We met yesterday, remember?” Jace told him with a charming smile.

The nerd was confused for just a couple seconds, the said, “Oh! Erm, yeah… come in,” and let them pass.

“And you were—” Jay began, then said, “Sorry, I have a bad memory, heh.”

“Tim, I’m the president of the club.” Tim introduced himself while guiding them to the living room where the three of them sat in a sofa and couches nearby a spot where 2 other nerds were playing chess. Tim greeted them, too. “Hey, Mickey, Brandon.”

Neither replied as they seemed entranced in the game. Jay and Jace looked at each other smiling and Jace nodded.

“So I guess you already know the rules of the house, right?” asked Tim.

“Yeah, but we had some questions.” Jay told him. “As, how is it possible they allowed a frat without a student purpose, just being hunky hung jocks and the handsomest of all the college?”

The frat president, Tom, blinked in confusion. He scratched his big package under his baggy shorts and smiled beautifully at them. “The hell if I know, bro.”

Then he glanced over as the two shirtless jocks one the other couch. They’d been arm-wrestling, but now they had fallen to the floor and started wrestling. “Hey, Mike, Brad. Knock it off for a sec.”

“I guess no one knows how the dean allowed this frat to grow to be the biggest in campus,” Jace went on, watching the wrestlers for a minute before looking back at Tom. “It has to have at the very least 50 members, right?”

“Not to mention, you have to be gay in order to join,” added Jay.

Tom sighed as he gave up trying to make the other two to stop wrestling when they switched to making out in the floor. He was getting horny again and wanted to finish with the new guys before joining the orgy on the Jacuzzi area.

“You thought there was no meaning in the initials? Besides, there is no problem when we have a squad of 10 members sucking the dean’s whole office each 2 days, ha, ha, haaa—” he laughed, trying to fight his boner, which didn’t want to keep in his jock.

Jace glanced quickly at the changed house. The living room had tripled in space and in the game room through the open archway they could see some semi naked jocks were playing strip pool. He decided to make things quicker. “So I guess the rumors are true.”

Tom lifted a brow. “Rumors?”

Jay could almost read his brother’s mind and he added, “Yeah, about how each member growing almost 150 pounds of muscle once they become a member of the frat.”

Tom laughed while Jace felt like punching his brother as his clothes become so tight around his ballooning muscles he thought he would faint. “I guess that’s why there is that rule of being naked inside all the time,” he added pointedly, aiming a glare at his twin even as he felt his bodybuilder body getting some room to breathe. Tom missed the exchange as he was too busy dancing his meaty pecs up and down while jacking off slowly.

But Jay wasn’t done. “Well, that and the fact that we’ll keep growing as long as we remain members of the frat. No wonder some seniors are almost musclebound,” said Jay.

The twins realized they had miscalculated the age of the leader as he was now packing so much ripped muscle that he had lost some movement. He shrugged making his traps reach over his ears “as long as I can still get off, I don’t care much.” He was openly jerking off by now.

“As it’s not just muscle which grows, right?” Jace said, glancing shrewdly at his bro. “I mean, I didn’t have a knee length soft cock until I became a member and I’ll be glad it will grow alongside my muscles.”

“Dude!” Jay punched his twin’s shoulder when his boner almost poked his eye out.

“What? If you are a muscle bitch I can be a cock bitch,” he whispered, licking his cockhead.

“Whsa wsa sas?” tried to ask Tom, with his monster boner down his own throat.

“Nothing, he was talking about the great orgy we’re having as a welcome party right now,” Jace replied as a huge jock rimmed his muscled ass and another licked his balls, marveling at how the room was now full of sweaty gorgeous hunks with arm-sized boners.

“And how we like that no matter how big our cocks get, anyone can open wide enough to suck them or be fucked by then,” added Jay before swallowing a whole foot of cock of a random frat brother as he was fucked by another 3 feet long 2 feet around monster dong.

About 2 hours later, both brothers met again at the entrance, waddling towards the door as their limp cocks slapped their huge quads.

“Did you saw the cocks at the Jacuzzi? Damn! Next time I’ll ask for bigger ones, nobody had enough of those cocks!” commented Jace.

“True that, bro.” replied Jay, as he turned sideways to get out.

“Good to know we lose half our size when we get out of the door, huh?” said Jace, feeling lighter and much more graceful when moving.

“And that we also get some clothing as well.” Added Jay, stretching in just his board shorts and flip flops. Looking at his brother, he estimated them to be about 220 pounds or so.

“Damn, bro, you look so hot my 11 inch softie is getting up again,” Jace said as he caressed Jay’s left nipple.

“So, tell me, horndog, which frat shall we join next?” Jay winked while he took a paper from his pocket.

Jace smiled and checked his watch. It was still 2 p.m. they had the whole day to try different frats till they found the one they liked the most. “How bout we get to the cafeteria first? I’m starving!”

“Awesome plan! We’ll be able to confirm the rumors about that place while we eat,” said Jay.

“Oh… I love rumors!”

“We sure do…”

1,543 words Added Jul 2013 Updated 2 Aug 2013 32k views (#327) 4.5 stars (20 votes)

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