by Ziel

 Enchanted Halloween candy sounds like fun—until it happens to you.

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Eddie groaned tried to rub his sore, tired eyes. Had it not been for the lack of a headache, he would have been sure he was suffering from one helluva hangover. His whole body ached, and the sound of a distant party pounded in his ears and reverberated through his whole body.

The noise was nothing new. He lived in a frat house which threw constant keggers. The low rattle of an over-amped bass beat shook the entire house and half the surrounding neighborhood until the early hours of the morning almost every day of the week, but this seemed different than he was used to. For starters, the beat sounded like it was coming from miles away, and yet he could feel the vibrations through his entire body!

Eddie groaned and strained against the heavy objects that covered him. He wasn’t sure where he was or how he got here. He could only see small beams of light slipping between the surreal geometric shapes that surrounded him. At first, he thought he was buried under pizza boxes and other such garbage as had happened in the past. The first person to pass out a party often found themselves dumped unceremoniously into the dumpster out back. It was both a rite of passage and a punishment for being the weakest of the bunch, and yet the large, blocky objects that pinned him down were far too heavy to be empty boxes. The shapes, too, made no sense. One of the objects above him was a rectangular brick easily twice as wide and as long as a mattress, and yet it was incredibly heavy and hard—like those plastic, water-filled barricades that were placed up car crashes or broken water mains to keep outsiders out of danger.

Eddie pushed with all his might against the block that lay on top of him. He groaned and grunted. His muscles strained and flexed. Eddie was no slouch at the gym, but even he struggled to budge the brick that pinned him down. After a solid ten seconds of shoving, he had only managed to slide the object just a bit to the side—just enough to let some light in and give him some fresh air.

Eddie laid back and took a moment to catch his breath and rest his muscles before making another push to free himself. Now that he had some light, he could get a better look at his surroundings. His eyes first fell upon the large object that still pinned half his body. The outside had a strange, shiny, yellowish cover. It was almost as if it was wrapped in some kind of thick laminate. His gaze drifted across the landscape that spread out before him. Every direction he looked, he saw other similar blocky shapes or boxes. There was a thinner brick with a deep blue cover a few feet ahead of him as well as a large, yellowish box which looked like it could house a refrigerator. To Eddie’s surprise, there was something written on the orangish yellow box. The script was so huge that even just the first letter rivaled Eddie’s height.

“Milk Duds,” the box read.

Eddie’s mind was racing. Was this some kind of prank? Some kind of theme park? Whatever the case, Eddie felt the need to get out of there. He shoved with all his might on the plank above him and manage to slide it a few more inches to the side—just enough to scoot out from under it.

Eddie staggered to his feet and looked out around him. Beneath him were several, impossibly large packages of candy, and above him towered the rim of what appeared to be a gigantic bowl. The bowl he now stood in seemed to be the size of one of those enormous satellite dishes that scientists use. Like the one in the finale of Goldeneye. Eddie glanced down at the large object he had just crawled out from under. “Butterfinger,” it read. The B was bigger than he was!

Eddie was so mesmerized by the surreal landscape around him that he didn’t even realize what was happening outside of the bowl. It wasn’t until the sky darkened that he thought to look up.

Eddie stared up at the ominous figure that blocked out the halogen sun that shone overhead. The light behind the figure made it near impossible for Eddie to make out any features. All he could tell was that it was humanoid and massive! The figure towered over him like a skyscraper. Eddie felt like he was staring mile and miles into the sky just to see the face! And as Eddie’s eyes adjusted to the light, he slowly began to notice bits and pieces of the figure’s appearance.

“Eddie?” the voice boomed excitedly. The gigantic figure did not seem at all surprised to find a tiny figure hidden amidst the candy.

“Oh. This is choice!” the giant chuckled. “Who woulda guessed that the big man himself would be the one to get the spiked treat.”

Eddie’s mind was racing. The tone of the giant made it sound like he expected this outcome. Spiked treat? Had the giant somehow done this to him? Why him of all people? And how!?

Eddie’s thoughts were interrupted when he saw a quick motion out of the corner of his eye. He quickly glanced over to see the giant’s colossal hand quickly closing in on him. Eddie wasted no time. He turned and booked it away from the giant. He leapt as hard as he could to cross the gap from the Crunch bar he currently stood atop to dive under the Butterfinger he had been beneath before, but before he could even land, the giant’s hand was around him.

Eddie’s ears popped and his head spun as he found himself hurtled rapidly into the air. He felt like he had been catapulted hundreds of feet into the air in the span of seconds. He almost puked from the combination of vertigo and motion sickness, but before he could, his trip came to an abrupt stop.

The giant relaxed his grip causing Eddie to collapse onto the titan’s palm. Eddie’s mind reeled as he took stock of his surroundings. The palm of this titan spread out around him like a tennis court, but despite how deeply unnerving the view was, Eddie didn’t dare take his eyes off of it. He couldn’t see the titan, but he could sense it. He could feel the oppressive presence looming over him. He could feel the giant’s gaze upon him. He could feel the titan’s hot breath wash over him.

“You won’t look at me? It can’t be that you’re afraid of me, can it?” the giant teased. The voice was so powerful that it caused Eddie’s whole body to tremble.

Eddie still refused to look up. He remained on his hands and knees as if clutching the titan’s palm. If he could just keep his attention on the soft ground beneath him, he could almost pretend none of this was happening.

“Don’t think you can ignore me,” the giant said. His voice suddenly ice cold. The sound made Eddie shudder even more.

Eddie slowly worked up the nerve to glance up… and up… and up at the towering figure above him. He soon found that the giant’s face filled his entire field of view like an IMAX screen.

“There. Much better,” the giant said with a smirk. “Honestly, I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come. I do so hate to have to use a firm hand in training my little pets.”

As if to drive home his point, the giant closed his grasp around Eddie’s diminutive form. Everything went dark for him as he felt the titan’s palm and fingers close in around him. He soon found himself pinned on all sides. Eddie wasn’t in any pain, but the message was clear. With a mere clench of his fist, the giant could crush him like a bug.

The giant released his fist and once again held his palm outstretched. Eddie collapsed backwards and landed on his butt atop the giant’s palm. Eddie found himself staring straight up at the devious smirk on the titan’s face.

“Todd!” Eddie yelped in shock. Even at his new enormous size, Eddie easily recognized his frat brother.

“Oho. So, you’re at least somewhat rational,” Todd cheered. “I was worried it would take a lot longer for you to stop panicking enough to recognize me.”

“What did you do to me!” Eddie shouted up at his titanic frat bro.

“What did I do? To you? Hmm…” Todd mused for a moment before finally saying. “I didn’t do anything to you per se. All I did was place an enchanted candy in the bowl with all the others. You just happened to eat it.” Todd explained.

“It was just completely random? It could have happened to anyone!?” Eddie shouted in shock.

“Random? Not so much. You’re right. It could have happened to anyone, but it happened to you.” Todd teased.

“What. So, you’re The Riddler now!?” Eddie shouted indignantly.

Todd was still smiling, but there was a sudden look in his eye that made it clear that Eddie needed to watch his tone. Eddie quickly backed down and muttered something akin to an apology. Eddie hated being so small and weak. Had he been back at his normal height he could have easily curb stomped this dweeb, but now he was barely shoulder high to a Lego figure.

“You need to relax,” Todd chided Eddie as if he was a petulant toddler. “You’ll find that I’m a very good owner once you get used to being my pet, and as I said, the magic isn’t random. In order to even find the candy, you had to have been deemed a good pet.”

Eddie was once again getting indignant. He staggered to his feet once more and stared up at the face of his former frat bro, “And what makes you think I’d be a good pet!?” he shouted.

“Me? Oh no. It’s not what I think,” Todd said cryptically. “It’s what you think.” And with that, Todd reached forward with his other hand and pressed a pointer finger against Eddie’s chest. The force of the small poke was enough to once more send Eddie toppling onto his ass, but Todd didn’t stop there. He reached down and rubbed his fingertip across Eddie’s crotch.

“Wh—What the hell!?” Eddie squeaked.

“Oho. What a nice little nubbin you have there. Bet that was quite the piece when you were full sized,” Toss teased as he rubbed the tip of his finger against the bulge in Eddie’s shorts.

Eddie couldn’t bring himself to sass back. It wasn’t just the feeling of utter weakness as he was pinned down by just the tip of the giant’s finger. There were a number of conflicting feelings bashing about in Eddie’s body. He should be angry. He should be pissed! He was reduced to the size of a bug, and yet… he was rock hard. His body shuddered with excitement and anticipation. He could already feel the warm, wet splotch begin to spread across the fabric of his shorts. The otherwise loose, airy garments begun to cling damply to his crotch.

Todd pulled his finger back and stared down at the tiny form that sat shuddering atop his palm. His sly smirk broadened as he beheld the fruits of his handiwork. The damp splotch on Eddie’s crotch said it all, and even had it not, the noticeable tent of Eddie’s rod would have filled in the blanks.

“Wh-what the hell…” Eddie murmured again. His gazed was fixed upon the pre-leaking tent in his pants.

“Ohh. Did you just discover a new kink? Trust me. You’ll have plenty of time to become accustomed to this side of yourself,” Todd teased.

Eddie didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to think. His thoughts were a jumble, and his emotions were worse. He was still terrified. He was still humiliated. Yet, somehow these feelings just made him even hornier.

“I can see the gears turning. You’re thinking about this far too hard. The sooner you forget your old life, the easier this will be on all of us,” Todd chided.

Eddie tried to steel his resolve. He tried to stagger to his feet in another attempt at defiance towards his towering captor, but he never got the chance. Todd quickly reached down and plucked Eddie up by the collar of his shirt. Eddie soon found himself dangling what felt like feet atop the giant’s palm. He was being carried by the scruff of the neck like some kind of rowdy kitten!

Eddie struggled instinctively against his captor and quickly managed to shake himself free from his t-shirt. Eddie landed hard on his ass atop the titan’s palm and quickly scrambled to his feet. He braced himself for what was to come next. Eddie’s mind raced. Adrenaline kicked in as he went into fight or flight mode. He glanced around trying to find any semblance of an escape. He looked up at the giant, half expecting the titan to be glaring down at him like an angry god, but to his surprise, Todd just glanced down and smirked at him.

“You’re making this much easier on me than my previous pets,” Todd said playfully as he tossed aside Eddie’s t-shirt, which to the giant’s size was smaller than a postage stamp.

Eddie took a step back in shock at what he had just heard. “Previous pets?” Eddie mouthed silently.

Todd chuckled at the tiny guy’s response. “Of course!” He said. “You didn’t think you were the first, did you? Although… I must say…” Todd’s voice trailed off as he stared down at the diminutive figure of his former frat bro at mused over what he saw.

“I’ve never seen someone take to the transformation Quite.” Toss said and made a gesture with his thumb and pointer finger a few inches apart to indicate size.

So.” Todd said the next word pointedly after a tense pause. He moved his thumb and pointer finger closer together to indicate a smaller size.

Well.” Todd finished after another tense pause. He moved his thumb and point finger even closer to indicate just how tiny Eddie had become.

Eddie was so shocked that he tumbled back flat on his ass. He stared up in shock and awe at the titan. Todd looked so absolutely massive, and seeing the hand gesture to indicate just how tiny Eddie had become somehow drove home just how much Eddie had shrunk. His head was spinning, and his cock was aching for release.

Eddie tried to regain his composure. He began to stagger back to his feet, but before he had the chance, Todd quickly reached down and tugged at the hem of Eddie’s shorts. Eddie was already off balance, and the sudden, sharp tug from the titan was enough to send Eddie toppling back onto his ass once more. Eddie found himself being dragged across the giant’s palm as Todd pulled at the hem of the tiny stud’s shorts. Eddie’s first reaction was to slam his hands down on the giant’s palm to try in vain to slow himself from being pulled, but his maneuver actually played into the giant’s hands… literally. Todd effortlessly tugged at the shrunken dude’s shorts and pulled them clean off, leaving Eddie bare as the day he was born, but far, far smaller.

“Hehe. Would you look at that,” Todd said playfully as he stared down at the naked, shrunken, jock. Eddie’s thick muscles and chiseled abs were now openly on display… as was his rigid, rod. “Do you still want to play like you’re not enjoying this?” the giant teased.

Eddie couldn’t respond. He had no idea what to even say! And even if he could muster the nerve to say something, there was a very real possibility that his tiny voice wouldn’t reach the titan before him.

“You’re so cute and tiny. Just like the candies I pulled you out of,” Todd said playfully. He then paused for a moment as he glanced down at the tiny jock. “Hmm. You’re nice and fun-sized now, and you know what we do with fun-sized sweets, don’t you?”

Eddie wasn’t given the chance to respond. Before he could parse what the giant was saying, he was staring down a massive, outstretched tongue. In an instant, the giant’s tongue was so huge and so close, that it filled Eddie’s entire field of vision. The bumps of the titan’s tastebuds made it seem like he was staring up at a pinkish painted rubber school yard. For a brief instant, Eddie was so disoriented that he felt for sure he had to be flipped upside down and staring down at an alien landscape, and then everything went dark.

Eddie could feel the massive, moist slab of muscle press against his whole body. He could feel the heat of the titan’s breath against every inch of his exposed skin and the warmth of the titan’s wet saliva completely coating his shrunken bod. Eddie felt like he should scream. He should shout or thrash or do something against the onslaught of the giant’s massive, wriggling tongue that pressed him hard against the titan’s palm. In the end, all he managed to do was moan as his cock lurched.

Todd leaned back and smirked down at the shrunken figure that now lay wet and winded in the palm of his hand. “See? I knew you’d like it.” He teased. “You’ve got a nice flavor. Kinda makes me wish there was more to enjoy.”

Eddie couldn’t respond. All he could do was lie there and gasp for air. That was the most intense climax of his life and yet his cock was still rock hard. He hated to admit it, but that felt amazing. His thoughts floated disjointedly through the haze of his mind. A guy had made him cum… A guy had made him cum with just his tongue! A guy who was the size of Sears tower made him cum with just his tongue!

“As my little pet, we’ll get to have all kinds of fun together,” Todd said playfully.

Eddie’s head was still spinning. He could barely even think. He knew he should be freaked out. He knew he should try to find some way to escape. There had to be something he could do! But even as he tried to think of some way out, he knew he was trapped. If he made a dash for it where would he go? He was miles from the floor, and some part wanted to stay for other reasons. Despite the teasing, Todd had not made him feel unsafe yet. Would being that titan’s pet really be so bad? It sure beat going back to calculus…

Eddie’s eyes slowly started to come into focus. His gaze once again fell upon the smirk on the colossal face of the titan that loomed over him. From the looks of things, Todd was thinking up something devious, but Eddie did not have the energy to ask what it was. Although, even had he asked, he doubted Todd would have answered. Either way, Eddie soon found out what fate Todd had in store for him. Eddie could hear the sound of objects shifting about far below him, and then he saw Todd’s other hand lift up towards the giant’s face. Eddie watched in awe as Todd gripped the wrapper of a lollipop in his teeth and tore the plastic away from the disc-like candy atop the stick. Todd unceremoniously spit the wrapper out, leaving the clear plastic to flutter off into the abyss below. Eddie watched in confused fascination as Todd made a show of dramatically licking the sucker as he kept his gaze fixed on Eddie.

As Eddie stared on at the surreal display, he couldn’t help but wonder what Todd’s angle was. Was the giant trying to intimidate him? Was Todd trying to confuse him? Or perhaps the giant was trying to make him jealous…

Eddie then stuck the sucker into his mouth and flashed another devious smirk at the shrunken stud. There was definitely something going on in the giant’s mind. There was some kind of plot unfurling, but Eddie had no choice to wait and see what it was.

“As fun as this is to play with you here, I should probably take you someplace a little more private. It wouldn’t do to let any of our frat bros see me talking to myself, would it?” Todd said. He flashed the shrunken frat bro a playful wink and gave Eddie a boop on the nose… although at Eddie’s size, the tip of Todd’s finger eclipsed his entire head. Even though Todd was making a concerted effort to be gentle, the sheer mass of Todd’s fingertip threatened to crush Eddie’s nose. The simple gesture just drove home how tiny Eddie had become.

Eddie didn’t have long to contemplate his situation though. Soon he was once again on the move. Todd’s hand quickly shifted, and with it, Eddie. Eddie found himself hurtling through the air atop Todd’s palm. The motion was enough to give him vertigo all over again, but he really felt his stomach begin to drop as he supple flesh of Todd’s palm tilted underneath him. Soon Eddie was sliding quickly down the side of Todd’s tilted palm. He struggled to slow his decent. He braced his hands and feet against Todd’s palm as best he could, but still he kept sliding. Now he knew how those poor souls on the titanic felt as the ship went vertical. Soon he found himself on the very edge of Todd’s palm with no place to go but down. He closed his eyes and prayed for someone to save him as he felt Todd give his hand one last quick shake which sent Eddie over the edge and into the abyss.

To Eddie’s surprise, his fall only lasted a second. He probably had only fallen a few inches, but at his size, it felt like he had fallen several feet.

He opened his eyes and tried to look around and get the lay of the land of his new location, but to his surprise, he couldn’t turn his head! He groaned and strained against whatever it was that held him in place, but he was completely stuck! His arms. His legs. His whole body was stuck to some surface that was too sticky for him to pull away from. Where was he? Was he trapped in a roach motel? Was this fly paper? Was he going to meet his end to a strip of Scotch tape!?

Eddie could feel himself moving once more. The sticky floor beneath him suddenly flipped and shifted vertical. Eddie was now effectively pinned to a sticky wall instead of a floor. The whole scenario reminded him a bit of that spinning gravity disk ride at the county fair last fall, but Eddie didn’t have time to reminisce about the good old days when he was still six feet of muscle. He soon found himself staring once more into Todd’s titanic face.

“See? I knew you were sweet on me,” Todd teased.

It was then that Eddie finally understood. As if to really hammer in what had happened, Eddie’s senses returned, and he now smelled the cloying scent of sugar and fake strawberries. He was stuck to the side of a lollipop like one of Spider-man’s captives! Eddie was so puny that he couldn’t even break free of the combination of saliva and sugar that now coated the outside of the candy that Todd had been sucking on mere moments before.

Todd was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the tiny frat bro writhe and struggle against the sticky sweet that held him in place. “Don’t worry. I’m not done with you just yet. You seemed to really enjoy it when I licked you. We’ll have plenty more fun before I introduce you to your new family,” Todd said.

Eddie didn’t need to ask what Todd had in mind next. Todd opened his mouth wide and made a very dramatic showing of sticking his tongue out as he moved the lollipop slowly closer and closer towards his open maw. Eddie tried to struggle and strain against the syrupy mixture of sugar and saliva, but it was no use. Soon he felt the heat and moisture of Todd’s warmth breath wafting over his body as the sucker slowly slide into the giant’s awaiting mouth.

Eddie watched in awe as he drifted past the titan’s teeth. Eddie was so small that even the giant’s incisors would have reached up to past his hips had Eddie been standing toe to toe with the pearly whites. The mere notion of it baffled and excited him. Yet despite his own morbid curiosity, Eddie hoped he’d never have an opportunity to come face to face with them.

Eddie stared on as Todd’s tongue raised over him like a whale at Sea World leaping above him in slow motion. Eddie had never seen such a surreal sight before. The purple veins along the underside of the tongue were thicker than his arms! Saliva dripped down from the muscle overhead and crashed down around him like water balloons.

It was hard for him to believe he was still on planet Earth. The world around him seemed like some sort of deep space cavern. The flesh, dripping landscape around him looked like something of out DOOM, but it wasn’t the world that had changed, it was Eddie. Eddie, who was now little bigger than a ladybug, was a stranger in a strange land. As the darkness enveloped him and the enormous mass of muscle pressed down against him, Eddie had never felt smaller or more powerless. He understood then and there that there was no place for him in the world at large.

A feeling of relief washed over him as he gave himself to acceptance. His breathing grew shallower and more ragged as he rocked his hips back and forth, causing his dick to rub against the soft bumps of the titan’s tastebuds. Even though Eddie had just cum mere moments before he was already rock hard and ready to blow. As he gasped and groaned, he could feel bits of sugary syrup cascade over his body and seep into his mouth. Saliva and strawberries oozed across his tastebuds.

Todd smirked to himself as he noticed a faint hint of salty tang amidst the sugary sweetness of the sucker. He was going to have so much fun with his new pet.

Todd was momentarily distracted by the sound of one of his other frat bros trotting up to him. “Hey, man. You seen Eddie? He’s been missing since the start of the party,” the guy said.

Todd, still sucking on the lollipop, turned to look at the new arrival. “Hmm? I’m sure he’s around here somewhere.


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