Future perfection

by Unknown

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It was a beautiful spring day, so Colin left his Bachelor pad for a walk. He was deep in the country when it happened.

The air began to quiver and distort like clear gelatin. Then it congealed into a giant peanut butter sandwich. The sandwich was 20 feet long, 6 feet high and relatively as deep as needed to look like a peanut butter sandwich. A door opened in the sandwich and out stepped the most beautiful boy that Colin had even seen. He was blonde with hair that shimmered indescribably in the spring sun.

He was perfect. Dressed in a tight spandex tank top and white stir-up pants that looked like it was designed for a gymnist. The boy noticed him staring. “Oh, you're staring at my authentic copy of a 1979 US Gymnastic Team uniform. It's all the rage in the future this year.

“You're from the future?” Colin asked.

“Sure, why not.” He answered looking at him with wide open blue eyes.

The boy from the future cocked his handsome head and asked “Is this 2002?”

“Yes, as far as I know it is.” answered Colin “Is that your time machine? It's rather strange.”

“Oh, the peanut butter sandwich. That is 20th century art isn't it? Not peanut butter sandwiches, I mean pop art. Andy Warhol, you know, the old masters.”

Colin nodded dumbly.

“The time vehicle doesn't really look like a peanut butter sandwich, silly. It was built on classic lines. It really looks like a giant 1954 Coop d'ville. The Peanut Butter Sandwich thing is only a disguise.”

Are you really from the future?” Colin asked suspiciously.

“Sure. Tomorrow light rain in the morning, partly cloudy with scattered showers continuing till 9:00 pm. Could anyone but somebody from the future do that?”

“Why are you here? To warn us about some eminent danger and save the future?”

“You've been watching to many 3D's. No the future's in great shape. No crime, no war, great sex…”

“Great sex?” Colin said incredulously.

“Oh, sure. I was genetically engineered for maximum sexual pleasure. We all are in the future. It's just one of the spiffs. Come inside I'll show you.”

Colin followed Aaron into the peanut butter sandwich's door. Inside, not a twinkling light or a computer screen.

“You like? 1964 ranch style modern. Not cheap copies either, this stuff is all authentic.”

Colin stared at the overstuffed Archie Bunker chair and the plain gold colored couch with dismay. They didn't seem to have much taste in the future, but he would show this boy from the future all the good stuff. Then he would take back the news of the greatness of the 20th century.

“Come into the bedroom. I've got a waterbed.”

The waterbed, too, was authentic. Aaron explained how the plastic had been painstakingly restored by craftsmen of the future that specialized in just that kind of thing. Now that the first time machine was invented a few incredibly valuable objects would be collected, but that's all. They couldn't risk changing the future by altering the past. You never know what stealing a dozen waterbed mattresses could do to history he explained.

Aaron's body was a marvel. Skin as perfect as a airbrushed centerfold, buns like ripe rocky ford melons, he was perfect. Just like the future.

He looked at Colin with Bambi eyes and said, “Kiss me.”

Colin kissed him. Aaron responded like he had just been penetrated by Harry Reems. “Pleasure receptors on my lips.” he commented breathlessly.

Colin took off Aaron's gymnist uniform. What was underneath didn't disappoint him. He took off his own clothes and plopped down on the waterbed. Aaron plopped down beside him.

After the motion of the bed subsided Colin pulled Aaron close and began kissing him. Aaron responded like a mink in heat. Aaron passionately kissed his neck, then his chest, licking around each nipple commenting “You should have erectile tissue transplants.” and then down to his penis.

He sucked it into his mouth gently but eagerly. At first he just ran his full lips over the head again and again until Colin was panting with pleasure. Then he took the whole thing down his throat. Colin could feel something massaging the head of his cock, even though it was in Aaron's capable throat. It was driving him crazy. He had never felt like this before. He wanted to explode right now, but Aaron could feel he was close to orgasm and left his cock.

He went at him again with that talented throat. It was all over. They both had incredible orgasm and fell back on the waterbed, panting.

They fell asleep.

“Stay with me in the Peanut Butter Sandwich until I complete my mission, Colin.” Aaron asked.

It wasn't a hard request to say yes to. Aaron was the most beautiful man that Colin had ever met and he was also the most talented blow job artist he'd ever experienced. What a combination.

“I've been augmented in several ways compared to 20th century men.” Aaron explained while having a cigarette. Future scientists had discovered that cigarettes helped prevent lung cancer. It was TV news broadcasts that actually caused cancer. “For example in my throat is a mass of cilia to give a man extra pleasure when I take him down my throat. Of course I also have a 'g' spot in my esophagus so I can have an orgasm of my own when sucking the horse. Whoops, old 23rd century expression.”

Colin thought Aaron was great. He and Colin stayed together in the Sandwich hidden in the woods for almost a week, going out only for classic 20th century food. White Castle burgers, McDonalds fries and a frosty from Wendy's. Apparently 24th century scientist had been trying to duplicate the recipes without success.

Colin and Aaron experienced sexual highs we will only dream about. Aaron's cilia weren't his only augmentation.

Aaron showed him how the controls of the time machine were set to take him back to the future. Just the press of the fast forward button on the remote control of her authentic 1988 Sony 500 CD player would do it. They were careful to only play CD's at regular speed.

The one day Aaron told Colin he had to go on his mission. It was dangerous, but that he wanted to bring back the most valuable objects ever made by man back to the 24th century. That they would be able to make love one more time before the mission.

“I've got something new for us to try, Colin. Put this on.”

All of Aaron's lovemaking ideas had been winners. The object was like a helmet crossed with a spider. It had 10 'legs' all meeting at a central body. The legs came down to the center of the forehead (and all around the head) and pressed lightly into the flesh. The central body rested on top of Colins head. Aaron put on a matching version of the spider hat. He rested one palm in palm shaped receptor in a hidden control panel that had popped out from beside the waterbed. Hhe pressed some buttons in careful order on the control panel and said, “Alaka zoola, bibbity boola, bibbity bobbity boo.”

Colin swayed as he felt his brain being sucked out of it's socket. A moment later he was looking at himself. “You turned yourself into me!” he said in an unfamiliar voice.”

“And you turned yourself into me. How talented.” the Colin person said laughing.

“I'm you.” Colin gasped.

“Actually it's simpler than that.” said Aaron-in-Colin, “I just switched our brains around. Now lets fuck.”

Before he could protest Colin-in-Aaron found herself pushed onto the authentic waterbed with the gymnast uniform on the floor. Aaron-in-Colin started kissing him and suddenly he was on fire. His nipples got hugely erect (erectile implants), asshole was wet with juice and his body was tingling all over. Every enhanced erogenous zone was ready for action.

Colin-in-Aaron vibrated with pleasure as they touched, he quaked with passion as Aaron-in-Colin penetrated him, he shook with orgasm after orgasm as he stroked his cock in his ass. It was heaven. Colin-in-Aaron didn't know a human being could feel this good.

When it was over Aaron-in-Colin got up and put on his clothes. “I've got to borrow your body for a quest, Colin. This is dangerous work. I'll be back in a week. Guard the ship for me and thanks for the great body.” He kissed him, grabbed a little silver suitcase and was gone.

Colin waited a week contented in the confines of the Peanut Butter Sandwich. He watched TV on the 1956 model Admiral that Aaron had installed in his 1964 ranch style modern living room. It was black and white and only picked up broadcasts from 1956. That way viewers could avoid melanoma causing newsbreaks and rectal cancer inducing news updates.

After a week for safe-TV viewing and experimenting with Aaron's marvelous body Colin was ready to get back to his life. Aaron did not return. Another two days and Aaron-in-Colin was nowhere to be seen. Colin finally decided that he would have to go out looking for him. All he had to do was follow the trail of a guy that looked like Colin used to.

He walked the 10 miles back into the city as Colin and Aaron had done many time for their gourmet meals. The stares of the people in city park as he walked toward Colin's apartment building were something new. Men were looking at him with longing lustful stares.

Colin walked up the stairs to his apartment in the chicest building in town. He felt on top of the transom for the key he left their for emergencies. There it was. he opened the door, paused in amazement and said, “Oh, I'm sorry!” in that little boy voice Aaron had.

In the living room was a tall burly fellow with a towel wrapped around his middle. He stared at Aura and blurted out, “Who are you? How did you. . ”

“This is my… ehr . . I mean Colin Brummet's apartment. How did you get in here?”

The guy looked instantly sorry for Colin, “Oh,” he said sadly, “I'm sorry, you don't know?”

“What?” Colin asked nervously, “What?”

The big guy put his hairy arm around Colin's tiny frame and said, “Sit down, I'll tell you what I can. Were you this guy's boyfriend or something?”

“Ya,” Colin said numbly, “What does 'were' mean?”

It had never occurred to Colin until know that he might be stuck as a boytoy. Even a genetically perfect one. But something told him he was going to hear the worst.

“It happened a week ago they told me. Some kind of freak auto accident. This guy didn't have a chance. I've been on the waiting list for this apartment for over 2 years. I couldn't wait. I moved in yesterday.”

The guy still had his arm around Colin, and as he talked his face got closer and closer. Suddenly his lips touched his. In the movies that's where Lauren Bacall jumps up and slaps the guy on the face. But Lauren didn't have pleasure receptors on her lips. They say all human emotions are very close together. Laughter and tears, hopelessness and triumph, anger and desire. Colin fell limp with desire.

The next thing he knew his gymnast uniform was off and some 6 foot 3 gorilla he didn't even know was on top of him. His erect nipples dug into his hairy chest and sent electric shocks to the rest of his body. His genetically enhanced asshole rippled as he entered him. A hungry mouth at the end of his anus sucked at the head of his cock and he thrust it deeper. The guy had stamina but Colin's body of the future was too much for him. He milked him and left him exhausted on the couch.

“Where is Colin's stuff,” he asked as he put the uniform back on his tingling body.

“The police probably have it,” he answered thru an idiot's smile. “Hey, stud. You can move in with me…You're incredible!”

“Sorry,” Colin said as he closed the door behind her.

The police station was empty at this hour of the morning. Colin quickly found the property department and asked about Colin's stuff.

“Are you a relative or something?” The young officer said from behind an counter/door.

“I'm Colin's best friend, the last person he had in the world.” Colin said batting his perfect eyelashes.

“I'm sorry Mister. I can only release Mr. Brummet's things to a relative.”

“How did it happen officer, I was… em… out of town.”

“Mr. Brummet's car stalled in rush hour traffic. The line of cars build up behind him. Eye witnesses said the angry mob reached his car before he could lock the doors. It wasn't pretty.”

Colin averted his eyes. Poor Aaron. How could he have known. He was from the future where everything was perfect! But now it was definite. He was stuck in this genetically advanced body in an inferior world. There was only one thing to do. Get the silver suitcase. If it contained the priceless treasure that Aaron spoke of he could go back to the future and be rich.

“Do you mind if I come in as see Colin's things one last time.” Colin said seductively as he knew how.

The young officer opened the counter/door and let Colin into the property storage room. Colin could see the silver case from where he stood.

He stood close to the officer telling him how nice he was to help him and where was Colin's stuff. As he talked he got closer and closer and released sex pheromones into his breath. The officer grew flush. He unconsciously loosened his collar. Colin-in-Arron fell to his knees and zipped open the young mans zipper, releasing a bulging rod. Without a word he began to suck on it. The officer reached over to his left and closed the counter/door just in time to hide what he was doing. The Captain walked up to the counter.

“O'Reilly,” the Captain stated, leaning on the counter. “you've got to close up. There's important business at hand. A giant peanut butter sandwich was found in the wood 10 miles south of town. It's illegally parked and must be towed to the pound.”

“Peanut butter …what… Mmmmmm. . oh yes…” O'Reilly groaned as Colin gave him the best blowjob of the present age.

The Captain was preoccupied with his problem. “We've got the thing surrounded, O'Reilly, so figure this thing out and meet us 10 miles south of town.”

“Yes.” said O'Reilly, “Yes, Yes…Yes!”

That seemed to satisfy the Captain, who strode off to meet his destiny with the giant peanut butter sandwich.

O'Reilly fell into the chair behind him, spent. He looked at Colin with glassy eyes as he walked purposefully back into the storage room and came out with the silver case.

“Mine.” was all he said and left the police station to hurry back to the time vehicle.

Since he left the vehicle early this morning he had already been fucked by a stranger and sucked a police officer's cock. He wondered what the chances of that happening as Colin might have been? Had this body changed him? Was he growing more submissive? Colin had always thought of herself as a top. He decided top men didn't get fucked by other men twice in one morning.

Getting to the future was imperative!

One hundred yards from the vehicle Colin stopped to catch his breath. It was surrounded by police cars with flashing lights. Approaching thru the trees was O'Reilly in a huge construction crane. They were serious. The police were going to impound the peanut butter sandwich. Colin needed a distraction to get in.

Suddenly over the hill he saw a figure running toward her. A man with a towel wrapped around him was running towards him shouting “I love you. Come live with me. Don't leave me now.” The distraction he needed.

He let him get close, then started towards the peanut butter sandwich. “Help me officer, he wants to rape me.” he shouted.

The policemen got out of their cars and ran toward the tall burly man. While they were subduing the poor fellow Colin pressed a sesame seed on the side of the sandwich and entered the vehicle.

It wasn't hard to find the CD remote and press fast forward. Colin felt a jolt, saw stars for a moment and all was quiet again.

The door of the time vehicle opened and a man dressed in a California Highway Patrol uniform entered the cabin. “Aaron, you're back, you brat. Stealing the only time vehicle in existence is a serious crime.”

Two men dressed as keystone cops entered and each grabbed one of Colin's arms.

The man in the police uniform said, “How did you get out of your obedience collar anyway? . . Collar him boys.”

A slim silver collar was put around his neck and locked with a complex looking key. Colin didn't feel any different, but was pretty miffed about the way the future looked so far.

The man said, “Aaron sit down.”

The collar's power made Colin involuntarily sit down on the nearest seat and obediently fold his hands in his perfect lap.

“You boys can leave now, thanks for the help. If I want to press charges I'll let you know.” the man said to the keystone cops. He turned to the silver case on the floor. “What did you bring back to me, Aaron? Something valuable I'll bet.” He began opening the case by pressing on keys hidden in the design on the handle. “I expected an older man, really. That's what you were going to do wasn't it? Steal some poor 20th century schmoo's body, come back with a fortune and move to new Australia.”

The man came over to Colin and held his chin looking into his wide blue eyes. “But something went wrong. And you had to get back fast, so you fell into my trap! Well, you're still a hot little twink. My little sex toy.”

Colin sat mute, unable to move.

The man sat down across the room with the silver suitcase on his lap. “Crawl to me and kiss my feet asking for forgiveness like a good little boy.” he ordered.

This was not the way Colin had expected things to turn out but he was helpless to resist. He got on his hands and knees and crawled over to the man and began kissing his authentic black dehner boots. The submissive position and the masterful attitude of the man was turning him on. He patted him on the head and said, “Lets see what's in the suitcase now.”

He threw open the cover and reverently removed one of the three objects Aaron had died for. It was covered with tissue paper which he carefully removed. “Michealangelo!” He said reverently. “Look at the workmanship, the style. These will be worth a fortune. Take a look, my dear.”

Colin looked up to watch his husband unwrap the only surviving set of Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures in the future.

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