Gay voodoo

by James Fourlegs

A hotel your travel agent may not have heard of.

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I wouldn't have believed it, because I thought voodoo was always something you did to hurt someone you didn't like. But in this case, it's not even voodoo, because it's something you do to someone you really like!

I was on shore leave with a bunch of my buddies at an exotic foreign island port of call. Since military guys are always in incredible shape, I was naturally in love with almost everyone on the ship—or at least the really beautiful guys. I especially like the tall guys, the ones with beautiful faces, an easygoing manner, a ready smile, and beautiful, long-muscled arms and legs. So it was natural that as we all started splitting up for a few days on shore, I would pair up with Rod. He was glad we were heading off together, and so was I!

Rod is one of the guys I naturally think of when I have to come, which is about twice a day. The way I can come really hard is to think of my favorite guys and in my imagination, dress them up a little—for instance, this guy Rod is an absolute knock-out. He's totally cool, muscular, tall, and I'm pretty sure he's into guys. I know he and I get along pretty good together—and he likes to throw an arm around my shoulder or to pretend to get a wrestling hold on me every now and then—and it feels so good to be close to him that I about cream on the spot. When I'm with him I am buzzed and relaxed, almost wishing I could marry the guy. Anyway, he's a total turn-on.

And if I want to come really hard, I picture him relaxed, laughing, beautiful, and looking extremely sexy, with four of his beautiful arms and legs. To think of him like that drives me wild, because he would be so awesome that way!

Somehow we got talking once about having extra arms and legs—I think we were talking about body building and one of us (probably me) said it would be really cool if we could really build our bodies. He didn't say so, but Ron was distinctly turned on by the idea. He was looking at his big, good-looking hands and trying to imagine where a second pair of them would fit on his body.

I had kinda thought it out in advance, and explained that he'd have broader shoulders and that there would be a second pair of shoulders right behind the front set, and that the second pair of arms would hang naturally from there.

“I'd like that,” Rod said, blushing a little with the arousing thought. “I'd lay on my bunk with my arms folded behind my head and read a book with my second pair of arms.”

“You'd look awesome with four arms, Rod,” I said. “Your hands and arms are good-looking already, with really nice muscles and skin. Four would be amazing on you.”

“Yeah, I could get used to that,” Rod said, squirming a bit with the arousing image. “I guess I'd want an extra set of legs, too. I'd kinda feel top-heavy without'em.”

Now it was my turn for my face to blush and burn with the pleasant thought.

Rod had legs to die for. They were really long, good-looking guys with a smooth swell of muscle on the thighs and calves, and his big, shapely feet are beautifully smooth and sculpted—I think Rod was aware of how handsome he was. I also got the tiniest hint of a feeling that he liked my admiration of his excellent limbs.

The thought of Rod wanting extra arms, and of Rod's tall body gracefully moving on four of his awesome male legs, or sitting down on all of them, or wrapping all four of them around me…

“Hey, look at this,” Rod said, grabbing my shoulders with his big hands and pulling me out of my aroused reverie. We had been walking along back streets of a colorful little tourist town. In an unlikely spot at the end of an obscure little alley was a weathered but colorful painted sign—“Voodoo Inn.”

“Let's check in,” he said. “We can get that out of the way, so at least we'll have somewhere to stay.” We did, and there was a little restaurant and bar at the inn, where we grabbed an excellent meal by ourselves, as there was no one else there besides the help. Small wonder, with the almost invisible alley that was the entrance to the place.

We decided to kick back and really enjoy our shore leave together. They even had their own local Voodoo brand of beer, and I was pleased that Rod let me buy him several of them. An hour or two later, Rod was looking really relaxed, and it was good to see his big, muscular body so comfortable and calm. I poured him another Voodo. “It'll help you grow extra limbs,” I said, pretending to read from the fine print on the bottle. “It says so right here.”

“Let's hope so,” he smiled, clumsily wiping a fleck of beer foam from his lips with a large, smooth-muscled forearm.

I had to excuse myself for a moment to find a restroom. When I was done, on my way back, I stopped for a moment at a small open door with a carved sign on it saying “voodoo services.”

“Come in,” said a dark-skinned, beautiful young man. “Can I do something for someone you love?”

I was startled, but pleasantly surprised by his calming manner. “I thought voodoo was for getting back at people,” I said. His smile lit up, and the eyes met mine with a love and an empathy I would never have expected from a stranger. He had a manner about him that was quite becalming. “The good voodoo is only for love,” he said. “It never hurts. I only do the good voodoo, and it always works for someone you love, but only if they love you, too.”

I was a little hesitant. I was already spending more than I had planned, even though because it was with Rod it was worth it. The beautiful young man seemed to read my thoughts. “You get one voodoo service as part of the cost of staying here,” he smiled. “We don't lose any money on it, because most people are afraid of even good voodoo. But I always tell them I can undo it if they wish.”

“Sure,” I said. “It's for someone I love.”

“I know,” he said, and he took my hand, leading me back to his chamber.

The voodoo magic seemed to take hours, but apparently it was only minutes.

With the dark lights, the tinkle of tiny wind-chimes, the fragrance of delicate incense, and the melodic rise and fall of his voice as he lost himself in the voodoo chant, I seemed to feel the great wheels of time slow to a stop and the great continuum of space fold in upon itself, momentarily. I myself seemed lulled into a hypnotic state, but it was soooo pleasant. I spoke to the voodoo man, as he seemed to search my heart with his gentle gaze, and as he held my hands in his he learned of my dreams, and of my thoughts of Rod.

He placed in my hands a miniature artist's mannekin. I looked at it, and in my state I felt myself relaxed and turned on—the mannekin's wood felt warm and heavy to the touch, and I noticed that the voodoo man had drawn a likeness of Rod's face on the mannekin's head, and a heart on its chest with my name written on the heart.

I smiled at the voodoo man. “That's a nice touch,” I admitted.

“I will keep this in a special place for you,” he smiled back, the radiance of his smile working its calming effect on me. “And notice how well it fits together.”

I was beside myself with desire, aching to see how well the voodoo would work on my handsome Rod. The voodoo man had expertly fitted an extra pair of arms behind the first pair, and a second pair of legs as well, giving the artist's mannekin a somewhat centaurish appearance. “He will be very healthy and happy,” the voodoo man said.

“I want to pay you for this,” I said, meaning it sincerely. “No, it is as I have said,” he smiled. “Your happiness is all I would want in addition.”

I was about to thank him, when I found myself coming through a doorway into the restaurant again, with the sound of great laughter and merriment coming from the direction of my table. Several of the waiters and restaurant staff were gathered around the table, laughing and enjoying themselves immensely.

Seeing me, they waved me to the table.

“Come, he's ready for you—he needs your help!” a waiter smiled. One of the waiters was finishing up with a white towel, wiping the table top. Another was running to the table from the hotel, bringing a folded blanket.

“So this is all your fault,” Rod laughed, as I came wide-eyed to the table. “I spilled stuff everywhere. How was I to know I had four arms?” He saw that I was a little taken aback. What had I done? “It's okay, man!” Rod smiled. “I like it—I was just suprised, that's all!

I'll just have to get my pants and shirts fixed—they're torn to shreds. Can you pass me that blanket?”

“Why don't you take him upstairs,” said a familiar voice next to me. I turned.

It was the voodoo man. “We'll send dessert up to you.”

I was speechless. Rod wrapped the blanket around him, and in spite of myself I felt a major hardon starting as I caught glimpses of his handsome foursome of hands as they held the blanket around him. I wanted to get a look at the four feet, but not so obviously in front of everybody. Rod fumbled with the blanket as he swayed on his four legs, freeing a pair of long-muscled left arms to throw around my waist. “I'm still pretty wasted on that Voodoo beer,” he said.

“Can you love me drunk like this? It'd be awesome.” My hardon almost tore my jeans. But a thought crossed my mind, a worrisome one.

I turned to the voodoo man. “I have to get him back to the ship in a couple days.” Again, the beautiful young voodoo man read my thoughts. “It's all arranged,” he said. “Your local embassy has a contingency worked out with your military authorities, since this happens more often than you might think.

Several young men have stumbled in here and in their love transformed each other. As you can see, my staff is quite used to it, although it never ceases to amaze us how many young men like to add arms and legs and genitalia to each other. Since it's for love, I am always glad to use good voodoo to help.

“But your government is quite interested in acquiring more like your friend Rod, for study and for cloning purposes. According to the many-legged men who have written back to me, they live a life of workouts, rich diet, and scientific testing. Rod would be given in effect a special retirement. As it is on a remote island with others like him, I might recommend you join him—they do prefer such men in pairs, as they are better suited to each other and happier when they are in love as you two are.”

“Hey, then both of us should be four-legged and four-armed,” Rod said, leaning against me.

“I would be glad to use my skills for the both of you,” the voodoo man smiled.

“Why don't you take each other upstairs. You may be pleasantly surprised later on.”

I held Rod's tall, languid body close to me as his big legs brushed me and stumbled, and I adored the feeling of his big relaxed arms around me. The blanket let me feel his beautiful masculine form, and I couldnt stop myself from grabbing him on the spot and planting a deep kiss on his wonderful mouth.

His breath was sweet with the Voodoo beer.

“Ooh, man, you better get me upstairs before I come,” Rod said. “I'm about to shoot real hard, and I think I have double genitals.”

“Between your front legs?” I said. “My god, I can feel them.” They were huge under the blanket, and seemed to come halfway to Rod's powerful pectorals.

“Yeah,” Rod said, “and I can feel two more of them between my back legs. I think your voodoo man likes you.”

“Cool, dude! Let's get those four legs of yours moving. I'm dying to lose myself in them and in your four arms!”

“I want you with four arms and four legs also, and all the extra genitals,” Rod smiled, moving me along to our room.”

“I'm glad to be that way for you, Rod,” I said. I was starting to feel a powerful good feeling in my arms, legs, and genitalia—the voodoo man was working on me. “Let's go, man! We gotta hurry!” By the time Rod flung me down on the bed and wrapped his four arms around me, I had four to wrap around him as well. My four legs fell heavily upon his and gratefully tangled up with them, and—wow!—it was soooo great to feel that I now had two huge, aching hardons dying to explode into him. And explode they did, throughout the night. It took all the legs we had to even be able to walk the next day, and the question about what to do with these endlessly aroused hardons keeps us aroused and laughing and making love the whole day long!

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