Genetic giants

by Tex Justin

His first time at the school gym Tex encounters Tobi, who’s cute and sweet and just happens to be a couple feet taller than him.

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Genetics are a really tricky business. I don’t think there’ll ever be a day where I fully understand genealogy. People tell me that it’s a very big part of you and you should try and learn it whenever you can. To those people I give a big ‘No Thanks’ and take a sip of my ‘I couldn’t care less about where I came from’ tea. Of course, I know some of it to a certain length. The tree starts with me and then goes back in my parents’ directions before hitting a screeching halt at my grandmothers. Yep, both my parents hand fathers that left them but it’s never really fazed me. If anything it just made me want to be a dependable individual to everyone who meets me. Oh, me is the pronoun for the person that’s talking to you, Tex Smith.

I don’t know why my parents named me that but it’s ironic that I would take that name with me to college. In my defense, I really did try to be the best student I could be. The problem wasn’t my studying or my ability to comprehend the material. It was always a guy. There’d always be some guy that I’d have a crush that would ruin my chances of being the perfect straight A student. There was never relationship or love involved. Usually, it was just me gawking at a guy who seemed to be 40 leagues above me and straighter than a stainless steel arrow ironed down and placed under a heavy rock for decades. After 18 years of being some kind of strange creature that had celibacy as a 2nd nature. I was pretty much threw with guys. But that’s not the point of all of this genetics crap. I’m just talking about myself to give you a sense of color. It’s really more about ‘him’ than me.

This was my first time really going to the school’s gym, early in the morning on a rainy day. My senses normally would corner me and make me chicken out but for some reason, a stupid encounter with the football jocks had me walking up to the nearest gym I could find to try and form my body into… something. I was reminiscing about how I’d never had a problem with being somewhere between kind of toned and skinny as I entered the gym and looked around. There appeared to be no one around except for a few staff.

“Not like I need an audience,” I said as I dropped my bag in the first clear spot I saw and took off my jacket. I was about to chuck it when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I hunched forward in panic for two reasons. One because I was sure I hadn’t heard anyone behind me until right that moment. The second because I could have sworn the throat clearing was a mile above me. I turned on my heel and craned my neck at the tower standing over me.

This was a man with size and strength working for him in spades. I knew 5’9 was considered short but I never really felt it until I stood before the giant that was in front of me now. One thing was certain that I didn’t need to know anything about science to be sure about. This guy was born to be big. His size would be considered large if he were compared to anyone but, in reality, his physique was more like a male model’s than anything. He wasn’t too beefy but he wasn’t skinny or lacking in any kind of muscles that I could see. Though some of his muscles were blocked by his tank top and his basketball shorts, it wasn’t shrouded enough for me to not see the muscle stuffed inside. Looking up, he couldn’t be anything less than 7 feet and definitely more so than that. He was like the Eiffel tower the way he stood so close and yet his head was so far away. My head was about equal to where his nipples would be, my nose probably just shy of being able to poke him in the sternum with it. I was so distracted by him, his beautifully blue eyes and his black hair, that I didn’t notice for a moment that he was looking at me with more frustration than what I was feeling.

“Keep the floor clear, that’s the deadlift space, kid,” he said down to me. I couldn’t help but agree with that nickname as he looked down at me from almost 2 feet above and gave me a look that gave me flashbacks of my parents when they wouldn’t know what to say to me. I didn’t respond to him at all until he made this smile. Lights flashed in my brain as he did this and I kicked myself into reverse, nearly tripping over the weightbar already set to be weighed down. The guy actually chuckled a little bit and reached way down to grab my bag and hand it to me.

“Take this to the locker rooms,” he said almost playfully. I only mustered a nod and went off to go and place it on a wooden bench. When I made it to the locker room, my breath came back and I realized I’d been holding it the entire time.

“Whoa,” I said to no one as I looked at the wood of the bench as though it were a painting of the Mona Lisa. Some part of me was still in the entering room of the building, watching that giant smile down at me. I shook my head furiously to force the notions away and quickly threw everything except my water bottle into a locker. I wanted to make today count and a boy wasn’t going to change that.

30 minutes later, I was sweating through my shirt. Droplets rained on my forehead as I was struggling to lift the weight that most certainly seemed light to anyone who went to a gym regularly. I couldn’t see the man I saw a way back but I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as I racked my weight, rolled my sweaty back off the bench, and then get on my knees. I did everything to avoid the mirrors across the walls as I tried to fly for the water bottle I realized I’d forgotten when that big guy showed up. I’d only been gone for something like a minute or two before I came back to exactly what I was hoping not to run into.

The gym wasn’t full but it had the type of people I didn’t want to see. Jocks stuffed into assorted work out clothes that seemed perfectly made to show off their gifts, their genetics. I, being the type of person I was, didn’t stop myself from looking like an ass trying to keep a brave face, drinking from my water bottle as I headed back to bench I’d been using. I sat back down and took deep breaths to slow my pulse. It’s just a few jocks, I said as I leaned back and prepared my brain for the bar. Everything in my head went to the bar. I was doing everything to stop myself from hesitating after every press but I was beside myself. Every time a jock would obnoxiously slam a weight, roar like they were trying to be some creature they obviously werent, or laughing that kind of jocky way that always had me wanting to leave the room. I was so busy concentrating on them and not the weight that, for a moment, I lost my focus and the bar nearly smashed into my chest. I wasn’t lifting enough weight for it to actually smash my chest in but that didn’t stop a pair of big hands coming in and grabbing the bar, the steel now centimeters from my chest. I looked further up from the bar and there he was, the giant who’d told me to get rid of my bag.

“Calm down. Concentrate. You’re fine.”

These words were things I’d been telling myself for half an hour yet they didn’t hold as much power as they did when that amazing face said it to me. I just nodded and tried to focus again as I grabbed the weight. With a heavy push, I was able to get it off me and rack it myself (even though I got a tiny bit of help). I sat up, trying not to look at the guy to keep my head. Half of me was thinking about how the guy was looking at me and the other half was telling the first half to get over it and have some goddamn self respect.

“Hey, buddy” were the words that pulled me out of it, along with a snap from two large fingers the size of sausages. I turned up to see the guy looking down at me with a raised eyebrow. I’d only been inside my head for a few seconds, right?

“Tex,” I muttered.

“Huh?” the guy said in confusion as he looked down and was growing a smile though I wasn’t sure why.

“My name is Tex,” I said with some base in my voice.

“Oh, Tex! That’s a cool name!”

I became 3 shades redder from just those two sentences. Anyone with two eyes could see that I had the makings of a stone cold virgin. Still, I couldn’t help it. No one had ever told me my name was cool before. Usually it was “Really?” or “Oh, so you’re from Texas?”. It was a very odd experience for me.

“So you working anything else out today?” he asked me with a sincere smile. I tried to shake my head, originally thinking I could make it through this day with just a few sets of bench press and then call it a day, but that didn’t happen. I just nodded.

“Great, then I’ll help you out, Tex!” he cheered as he patted me on the shoulder, the vibrations going through my body like an earthquake. From there on, for the next hour, he was showing me exercises that I’d seen but never actually done and never let me go to a weight I clearly wasn’t ready for. By the end, my pale forehead was covered in sweat and my dark hair was slightly matted.

“Wow, you did pretty good on the leg exercises. You got any sports under your belt?” he asked down to me as I sat on a bench to breath out the strain on my legs.

“I do soccer sometimes.”

“Oh! I love soccer! I never get to play as much as I want to though.”

“Well, maybe we can go and kick the ball around some time,” I said without thinking. Did I really just ask him out? If I did, he didn’t seem to register it. Thank god.

“That sounds great!” he said.

“Do—do you do a sport?” I asked. The guy stood straight up, towering again, and did this mock gesture like he was aiming a ball into a hoop of some kind.

“I do basketball for the school!” he said with a big smile on his face. His teeth looked so dazzling to me, I couldn’t stop looking at them until his beautiful lips covered them again. Just as the sun in his mouth stopped flaring at me in white light, a ring tone rocked my ears with guitar and drum. The tall guy quickly checked his pocket and looked surprised.

“Oh shit! I got to go! 30 minutes until we have to start warming up for the game!” he said as he went behind me and grabbed a blue windbreaker that he quickly threw over his broad shoulders. “See ya ‘round!”

I couldn’t say anything to him before he was gone. Suddenly, I was the only one sitting at the bench, nursing a water bottle that was nearly empty. Did I just introduce my self and make conversation successfully with a jock? I asked myself inside my mind. I felt like a rockstar for a moment, hopping up with renewed energy before I realized. “Wait… he didn’t give me his name.”

I grabbed my back in the locker room and trudged my way through the jocks still working out until I pushed the double doors of the gym open and was standing out in the light rain.

“Will I see him aga—”

“HEY!” I heard around the corner of the building. I jumped as I heard a deep voice call me through the light murmur of rain hitting the concrete of the walkway between buildings. My jaw dropped when I saw a really tall guy jog up to me, breathing hard and smiling at the same time.

“Oh, hey,” I said with a dumbfounded expression. The tall guy straightened and grinned down at me, still breathing a little roughly as he regained is energy.

“I forgot to ask. Will you come see my play at the game tonight?” he asked me through the rain with hopeful looking eyes. I’d seen this happen in Japanese cartoons before and, normally, this would be the part where my shock deserved a nose bleed and my eyes would enlarge. Instead, I just grinned really hard. I grinned harder than I’d ever grinned before, I think.

“S-sure,” I said. The guy’s eyes seemed to light up as he grinned at me and began jogging in place.

“Great, I’ll be number 74 in our uniforms!” he said, backing away to run back where he came from. I almost let him leave when I remembered.

“Wait! I don’t know your name!”

“Just call me Tobi!” he said as he began to speed off into the distance. I just stood there for a few minutes, redder than a tomato and happier than a cat with catnip.

I jumped out of my seat as I saw Tobi on the floor with the ball, moving like a bullet across the court with his powerful legs stomping into the ground. The other guys were having trouble keeping with him since they couldn’t gauge the range in which he could shoot the ball. Watching him aim and fire over their heads was the coolest thing ever to me. I cheered as hard as the cheerleaders the way I was jump and contort in excitement everytime he performed a shot or dunked. This was probably the first time I could say I ever really liked basket ball.

When the game was over, it was a tight squeeze but they won with a final far away shot from Tobi. The crowd was a wild thing as our side cheered and the away team was shocked at the range and skill from this basketball player. I was cheering but I stopped when I saw a tall man in a basketball jersey run up to me with a grin and raised me up like I was a little kid.

“We fucking won!” Tobi cheered as he threw me over a shoulder and danced a little. I was both scared of falling and laughing at the same time.

The stadium was a little far from the dorms but Tobi was nice enough to let me ride in his big truck to the dorms. The thing was red and large and purred like a large animal the way it pushed us all the way back to campus.

“You want me to walk you to the dorms?” Tobi asked me curiously, raising his eyebrows. I hated when he did that. His big manly brows distracted me when he talked all the way from the stadium to the dorms. His face for curiosity and any other face involving his eyebrows were killers. I couldn’t say no.

As we walked, Tobi took on a new light. I’d never seen him move the way he did at that time. His hands were shoved into his pockets and he was looking at the ground or at odd places with no particular order as if he were trying to avoid looking at something. I wasn’t much better as I walked beside him, my much shorter frame making me look all the more vulnerable as we reached the dorm.

“Did you enjoy the game?” he asked, his crystalline blue eyes reflecting light from all around us.

“Oh! I loved it! It was great!” I said enthusiastically. It was like every word I said was just another phrase for me to feel embarrassed about saying out loud.

“Oh, cool. Coach says that he’s pretty hopeful for the season now that I’m here.”

“Who wouldn’t be, you’re like a giraffe with big arms!” I joked. For the first time, it was Tobi’s turn to blush.

“I’m not that tall. I’m only 7 feet and 4 inches tall. It’s just genetics”

At that moment, my crotch betrayed me. I was getting hard and I couldn’t stop it. Those kinds of numbers were pretty hard for me to hear without getting hard. I’d never dreamed I’d get to walk to the dorms with a guy as hot and as great s this one. I couldn’t help catching his tone of voice. The way he said ‘only’ was a little odd with him being tall than 99% of the population.

“I don’t know. That sounds pretty tall to me.”

“You’d be surprised.”

When we came up to the boys’ dorm’s front doors, we stopped and stared at each other for a while before Tobi spoke.

“Well, good night.”

“Oh… night,” I said almost disappointedly. I didn’t really want the night to end right here but I frowned. A guy this tall probably wasn’t in to something like me. Plus, he could have been just a really friendly straight guy and I’d just embarrass myself going much further than this. I was supposed to turn and leave, walk into the dorm, climb the stairs, reach my dorm on the 2nd floor, and get ready to think about the night all the way until morning. That didn’t happen.

Just as I was turning, Tobi reached for my arm and he swept me back. I was disoriented for a second but I made a perfect landing on Tobi’s lips. Everything brightened and chirped as I pressed my lips to his and we kissed. He was just the best kind of kisser as he was all the things I could have hoped for in a kiss. Then something weird happened. I wanted more.

We detached from the kiss but, looking into his eyes, something told me we weren’t really done.

“So… you want to come upstairs?”

I didn’t hear an answer as Tobi grabbed my hand and we went into the dorm building. I was concerned the dorm advisors would catch me sneaking a boy into my room but that became kind of funny when I realized the logic in that. Or at least it would have if my brain weren’t swamped in hormones and other boy things that made me want Tobi more than anything else in the world.

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