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Prologue: Graham’s military

Graham had just got home from basketball practice. At sixteen he was one of the best players in his high school league, and being 6’6” didn’t hurt those chances. His great looks also didn’t hurt his chances with the girls, a hobby that he had just recently got into. He was 200 pounds of pure teen muscle, with blond hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes anyone had ever had the chance to see. His mother kept trying to get him into modeling or acting, but basketball and girls usually took up all his time.

Graham flopped himself down on the bed, a bit exhausted after the practice, and before he knew it he was fast asleep. His mother knocking at the door woke him back up.

“Graham, there’s a couple of guys here to see you, they say it’s kinda important.” Graham hopped out of bed, and hustled down the stairs. Two men, dressed very properly were seated in the living room. At first he had thought they were FBI.

“Oh shit what did I do this time!?” thought Graham.

One of the men, a tall (granted not as tall as him) dark haired man stood up and said, “Mr. Tippet, we’re with the U.S. Military Recruiting Division, we’d like to have a word with you in private. Would you mind coming out to the car with us?” Graham was petrified, he thought, he would have to give up his hopes of being in the NBA, just to get stuck in the Army.

Graham politely agreed, knowing that if he didn’t they’d probably find someway to force him to come. Outside the house was a long stretch limousine. The shorter of the two men opened the door and let Graham in. Graham peered in to the car to see a little man sitting at the opposite end of the cab.

“Please come in Graham. Sit down make yourself comfortable,” said the dark haired man. “My name is Dr. Aaron Burke. I have an offer that I don’t think you want to refuse.” Dr. Burke rattled on about how he was involved in highly classified experiments with the military, and how they have been doing tests on human beings. Graham was listening intently, until he realized that he was being recruited to be one of the experiments.

“Listen Dr. Burke, I appreciate that you are interested in me, but I would rather not become one of the militaries little experiments.”

“Oh no Graham, what we plan for you has been tested several times before.”

“So what is it then?”

Dr. Burke was hesitant to say exactly what it was, because it was classified information, but Graham insisted he would not go with the doctor until he knew what was in store for him. “Well Graham, I can give you this much of hint… How would you like to be taller than you are now? In fact a lot taller…”

Graham was astounded, he had dreamed of getting taller than he already was, but knew that nature may have only had an extra inch or two in store for him. Now he was being offered something that he had dreamed about for years, ever since he first started his growth spurt. “Alright Dr. Burke, you have my attention, what’s it gonna cost me?”

“It won’t cost a thing, this is funded by the military. Unfortunately due to the change we will have to take away your life though. Once you have finished the experiment we will put you in to a program similar to the witness protection program and give you a whole new life.”

“But what about my parents? I just can’t give them up.”

“If you want we can bring them along as well.”

“Well I’ll have to think about it,” said Graham. “Can I call you?”

“I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon, I hope you say yes.” Graham climbed out of the car, and walked back in the house. He was beaming, this was his life’s dream, and until now he thought it was completely impossible. When he got through the front door, his mother and father were standing there.

His mother was the first to speak up, “What happened, Graham?”

“It’s O.K. mom, they want me for some kind of new program, and I think I want to do it.”

His mother looked worried. She had never wanted any of her children to join the military. “What does it involve?”

“Well, they say they can make people taller than they already are, and they want to test it on me.”

His parents knew that Graham always wanted to be taller (god knows why) but they were still hesitant. They were even more worried when Graham told them that they would have to give up their lives. In the end though, his parents knew that the good of the country was at stake, and it would also make Graham very happy if they let him decide.

It was now about 10 o’clock, and Graham was ready for bed. He kissed his parents good night, and went back up to his bedroom.

The dreams he’s going to have tonight!


Part 1

Graham woke up the following morning with a big smile on his face. He had dreamt of growing taller the night before. In his dream, he stood well over seven feet tall. He towered over his classmates and even his own basketball team. He was now the indisputable star of the team. He was drafted to the NBA and became the highest scoring rookie of all time. He was a superstar! As Graham stood up from bed, he realized that that dream was about to become a reality. The choice was his!

Graham confidently came down the steps and greeted his parents who were anxiously awaiting his decision in the kitchen.

“Well Graham? What do you say?” his mom asked. “Are you going to go through with this?”

“There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more in my life. And I want you guys to come with me. Don’t worry, the military said they would take care of everything”, Graham assured them.

Graham picked up the phone and called Dr. Burke, who was delighted to hear the good news. Within a week the military would relocate them to a nearby base for the duration of the experiment. The experiment would last for a month, after which point they would allow them to move back to their original house.

“In that time, we’ll be able to make whatever changes need to be made to your house”, Dr. Burke explained.

“Changes?” Graham asked.

“Oh yes. If our calculations are correct, we’ll need to expand the hallways and raise the ceilings for you to fit comfortably in your house. You are going to become quite tall, Graham”, Dr. Burke explained.

“Great!” Graham answered excitedly. “When can I start growing?”

Dr. Burke chuckled. The school counselors had been right. Graham fit the profile perfectly. As tall as he was, he was serious about getting bigger! He was an excellent candidate for their program.

“We can start immediately. How soon can you make it down to the hospital?” Burke asked.

Graham woofed down his breakfast and kissed his parents goodbye. He loved having to bend over to meet them eye to eye. His mom was only 5’ 8” and his dad was about 6’ 0”. At 6’ 6”, Graham already towered over them. This is why they were a little apprehensive about the experiment to begin with. Graham had told them not to worry, though secretly he loved being bigger than his parents and couldn’t wait to get bigger still!

At the hospital, Dr. Burke asked Graham to remove his shirt for the injections. Graham took off his shirt to reveal his muscular torso and shredded abs. His mother was right: Graham was definite fitness model material.

“OK doc”, Graham said smiling down at the smaller man (Dr. Burke was about his mother’s height). “Let’s do this!”

Dr. Burke wasted no time in administering him a series of injections. Dr. Burke told Graham that the chemicals would begin working on him immediately, though slowly at first. His growth would become pronounced with every passing day until he reached his maximum growth potential. At that point, he would continue growing at that maximum rate until the chemical wore off.

“How big will I get?” Graham asked eagerly.

“We don’t know, Graham”, Dr. Burke said. “We pretty certain you’ll get taller…at least a couple of inches taller. But like I said, that’s our most conservative estimate. Personally, I expect you to grow far beyond that!”

“Awesome!” Graham remarked as he put his T-Shirt back on. “I hope you’re right doc! You have no idea how bad I wanna grow!”

Dr. Burke looked at him surprised. “Wow”, he thought to himself, “This kid really likes being big. He’s perfect!”

Dr. Burke told Graham that he should measure himself daily to chart his progress. He also warned him that his appetite may increase depending on how much he grew. He assured Graham that by the time he and his family moved to the base next week, they would have adequate supplies of clothes and food for him.

“Clothes?” Graham asked.

“Sure”, Dr. Burke said. “You’re going to grow out of all your clothes in no time, Graham. You’re going to get really, really BIG!”

Graham was smiling from ear to ear when he heard this.

At school he told his friends that he and his family would be moving away for a month. His coach was concerned over this.

“I hope you make it back for the opening game, Graham”, his coach said. “You’re the best player we have! We’re counting on you to take us to the championship.”

“Don’t worry, coach”, Graham said with a smirk. I have a feeling I’m gonna come back bigger and better than ever!”

All day at school, Graham could not wipe the smile off his face. He felt very energized. He wondered if he was just excited, or if it was the effect of the injections. He thought he could feel his muscle fibers expanding, his bones stretching ever so slightly…or maybe it was just wishful thinking. He definitely felt pumped. There was no denying that. In fact, as he worked out in the school gym after school, some of his classmates came up to him and complimented him on the weight he was lifting and the number of reps he completed.

Graham put the 50 pound dumbbells back on the rack. His friend Jayson (a guard on the basketball team) came up to him.

“Damn, Graham…How many reps was that? Twelve? Fifteen?” Jayson asked in disbelief.

“Huh? Oh…I don’t know. Fifteen, I guess. They were going up pretty easy,” Graham said. He was blushing a bit. There were a lot of eyes on him. He hadn’t realized that he had been putting on quite a show that afternoon…

“I’ll say they were”, Jayson said. “Man, you are getting STRONG!”

Graham couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. Jayson was visibly impressed. Graham lifted up his arm and gave it a flex. His bicep bunched up into a softball-sized mound that made Jayson’s jaw drop.

“Yeah…I gotta admit. I’m starting to put on some serious size”, Graham said as he raised his other arm and flexed it with a coy smile. “What do you think?”

Jayson was speechless. Graham was loving it! He took off his tank top and continued working out. His pumped torso looked flawless as Graham moved from one set to the next, using increasingly heavier weights, all the time garnering the compliments of his astonished classmates. He could hear their amazed whispers:

“Damn he’s looking ripped, ain’t he?”

“I never realized how big Graham had gotten! He looks awesome!”

Many of the cheerleaders on the stationary bikes stayed longer than usual just to catch a glimpse of this shirtless young stud flaunting his strength.

Graham stayed in the gym until closing time (6pm) which was longer than he had ever stayed before. After that he head home for a shower dinner. He was extra hungry tonight so he had a second helping of chicken and mashed potatoes. He sat down on the couch after dinner, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black soccer shorts.

Graham could not help but look down at his chest or at his arms. His upper body filled the tight T-Shirt and the sleeves rode up above his pumped biceps. He looked impressive. In fact, his impressive build had not been lost on his parents as they watched him at the dinner table.

As Graham sat next to his father watching TV he couldn’t help compare his long, powerful legs with his father’s shorter, scrawnier legs. Graham moved his foot next to his father’s and saw that his foot was about four inches longer than his dad’s! He enjoyed being bigger than his dad.

Graham’s mother went to bad while he and his dad stayed up watching basketball. When the game was over they both stood up at the same time to go to bed. Naturally, Graham stood taller than his dad, but both of them realized that something was different. His dad, who was normally eye level with his nose, now was eye level with his son’s chin! Graham grinned down at his father.

“Dad! I think it’s started”, Graham said, unable to contain his excitement.

Graham’s father offered to measure him. Graham’s heavy footsteps raced up the stairs while his smaller father trailed afterward. Graham stood with his back straight up against the wall while his father grabbed the tape measure. His dad had to stand on his tippy-toes just to reach the top of Graham’s head. He made a mark and measured it.

“Six foot eight”, his dad answered shocked.

“Awesome!” Graham said. “I’ve gotten two inches taller in just ONE day! And this is just the beginning! Dr. Burke says I’m gonna grow a lot faster…I can’t wait!”

Graham stood on a scale and found that his weight had jumped all the way up to 227 pounds!

“Wow, son”, his father marveled. “That’s more than I weigh. And I’d say you’re in better shape than I am”, he said as he tapped his beer belly embarrassingly.

Graham smiled and proudly pulled off his T-Shirt. He flexed his arms and chest in the bathroom mirror while his father looked on astonished. He had not realized just how strong and muscular his son had become. Those frequent trips to the gym were really paying off! His growth only accentuated his son’s musculature.

“Ejem…uh…son”, his father said. “I’d better…uh…get to bed.”

Graham turned around and smiled down at his dad. He looked so small standing by the doorway, the tape measure hanging limp in his hand. He sensed he was worried, maybe even a little afraid of Graham!

“Don’t worry, pops. Everything will be fine! You’ll see…” Graham said. He approached his dad and gave him a big hug. He lifted his dad a couple of inches off the ground, his little feet dangling in the air. He felt as light as a feather. Graham put him gently back on the ground.

“Good Night, son”, Graham’s father said, somewhat startled.

“Good night, dad. Leave the light on, would ya?”

His father walked down the hallway back to his bedroom. He glanced over his shoulder to watch bare-chested Graham hit a few more poses in the bathroom mirror. Things were definitely changing, his father thought, though he was not sure whether for the better or for the worse.


Part 2

Graham woke up energized and ready to face the new day. He showered and dressed. He wore a pair of loose cargo shorts to show off his long, strong calves. He noticed that his shorts no longer reached his knees, but rather climbed above his knees to the teardrop of his thighs. He wore an olive-green XL T-Shirt that felt tight around his chest and shoulders, and didn’t even reach the (visible) waistband of his white Tommy boxer-briefs. A few wisps of hair from his “love trail” were visible. Graham’s size 14 Nikes were too tight to wear, so he wore his sandals instead, even though his long toes hung off the edge of the sole. Graham was ecstatic over these changes. Everything he saw reminded him of how much and how fast he was growing!

Graham came down for breakfast. He was starving. He ate a six-egg omelet, a dozen sausage links, three helpings of hash-browns and a large bowl of oatmeal. He washed everything down with a half-gallon of milk (Graham’s favorite drink).

“My appetite is growing right along with my body”, Graham said as he wiped the breakfast table clean of food. His parents watched him nervously as they drank their coffee.

When he was done breakfast, Graham said goodbye to his parents. Before he left, his dad pulled him aside.

“Son, I think you grew some more overnight. Should I measure you?” he asked.

“Nah…Wait until tonight after dinner. I’ll be a lot bigger by then!” Graham grinned. “Oh, by the way. Can I have a $100.00 to go down to the Big & Tall store after school? I need some bigger clothes and bigger shoes…see?”

Graham wiggled his long toes and his dad’s jaw just dropped. He thought his son’s Size 14 shoes were big enough already, but his feet were busting through these! He gave Graham $100.00 out of his wallet without a complaint.

The kids at school could not help staring at Graham as he made his way from class to class. Sure, he had always been one of the tallest kids in school, towering well above most of his classmates and teachers, but now, he looked even bigger. It was tough to tell since there was no-one to really compare him with in height. He certainly looked more buff than usual, his clothes tightly hugging his ripped physique. Word had spread about his performance in the weight room yesterday. Many classmates, both boys and girls, approached him with gushing compliments. Graham just smiled and ate up the praise. This is exactly why he liked being big!

At gym class the boys played volleyball. Graham’s performance was completely dominant. The opposing team did not stand a chance against the towering jock. Graham spiked the ball again and again and again on whomever was unlucky enough to be on the other side of the net. Whatever team Graham was on won solidly: 15-3, 15-1 and then 15-0. In the last game, Graham served all 15 winning points. No-one was able to return a single serve he made!

The girls played basketball nearby, though many were distracted by Graham’s powerful physique smashing the volleyball into his opponents without mercy. Anna was a cheerleader a grade above Graham. The guys at school fantasized about her routinely. She had been entranced with Graham’s hot bod and his dominant play. She had to have him.

Anna met him outside gym class and asked for him to help her to the nurse’s office. It was all an elaborate hoax. The nurse was out for the afternoon. Anna locked the door behind them and proceeded to strip for Graham. Graham wasted no time in pulling off his shirt and shorts. They began kissing and groping frantically as they laid on one of the beds there. Graham’s big hands alternated between Anna’s firm ass cheeks and her grapefruit sized breasts.

After they had worked up a good sweat, Anna mischievously asked, “Is it true what they say about big men with big feet?”

Graham proudly stood up and lowered his boxer briefs. From the glances he had observed while changing in the boys locker room, he realized that he was well above curve in this area of “development”

“Oh wow!” she squealed. She fell to her knees and began stroking the massive member. She couldn’t get over how hot and hard it felt.

“How big are you, Graham?” she whispered in awe.

“About 10 inches”, Graham said nonchalantly. “At least, last time I measured…I think I’ve gotten even bigger since then”, he smiled.

Anna did all she could to devour the massive member, but Graham proved to be a little more man than even her expert mouth could handle. Her mouth proved to be a nice tight fit for Graham’s cock and her tongue and lips soon coaxed a healthy load of cum from his big heavy balls. Anna greedily swallowed every ounce. Graham was not finished, though. Graham lifted her up and held her against the wall. He moved her onto his still-hard cock. Her moist labia swallowed the giant member. She squealed and moaned as she felt every inch of Graham impale her young cunt. With every inch of him inside her, Graham grabbed her by the waist and began to lift and lower her repeatedly and methodically on his pole, ramming her mercilessly. Anna dug her nails into Graham’s back and bit his shoulder. She had never felt such pain or pleasure in her life! Both came to climax at the same time. Amazingly, Graham was still not spent and convinced Anna to have one more go at it, this time on the bed! By the end of the period, Anna and Graham had just enough time to get dressed and head to class, though Anna had trouble walking to her next class!

Graham felt emboldened after his sex with Anna. He went to lunch and ate four chicken breasts, two pretzels and five pints of milk. He was still hungry and so he went over to another table and asked some of the kids for anything they weren’t going to eat. The kids at this table were all smaller brainy-types. They were immediately intimidated by Graham and gave them whatever they had, sandwiches, juice cartons, vegetable sticks…whatever. Graham had not meant to frighten them.

He smiled gratefully at them and said, “Thanks guys. I owe you one”, and walked away with their food.

After school, Graham headed off to basketball practice. Much like during gym class, Graham was unstoppable. While he was already the star forward on the team, his teammates and his coach could not help how much bigger and stronger he looked. It reflected on his play. Graham could run faster than anyone on the court, and no-one could even come close to blocking his jump shot. In fact, he never missed a single shot he tried. The coach had never seen a more accurate shooter in his life.

At one point, when Graham was on defense, he jumped up to block Keith, the center on his team. Keith stood at 6’ 7” and was the tallest member of the team (indeed, he was the tallest student in the school). But Graham simply stuffed the ball in his face and threw him to the ground.

“What the hell!” Keith said as he laid on the ground stunned. No-one had ever blocked his shot before!

Graham reached down, grabbed his hand and slowly brought him to his feet. The two big men met face to face. That was when Keith realized that he was now looking up to meet Graham eye-to-eye!

“Holy shit!” Keith stammered. “Are you taller than me, Graham?”

“Guess so”, Graham said as he casually smiled down to him. “I’d say by about two inches, at least”, Graham bragged as he drew closer to Keith, making the size difference obvious to all. “Guess I’m the ‘big dawg’ of this team now, huh?”

Keith could not argue that. For the remainder of the game, Keith shot from the outside rather than be humiliated by Graham again.

Graham stopped by the Big and Tall store on his way home from school. He had a woman at the store measure his feet and said he would need Size 18s.

“I haven’t seen feet as big as yours in a while”, she said visibly impressed. “But it makes sense, since you’re such a tall young man”. Graham blushed and thanked her for the compliment. They got to talking and Graham learned her name was Pam and she was thirty.

Graham bought a 4XL football jersey and a 4XL tank top. He bought an XL pair of soccer shorts. Instead of buying the shoes Pam had suggested, Graham bought a pair of black Size 24 Addidas sneakers. Pam looked puzzled.

“Don’t worry. I’ll grow into them”, Graham smiled.

Graham came home and changed into a pair of stretchy sweatpants and a XXL sweatshirt. He had outgrown his olive-green T-Shirt and walked home from the Big and Tall store barefoot. He had busted the straps on his petite Size 14 sandals. His sweatpants which had been loose before fit him like a glove. His sweatshirt was tight on him, the team lettering for DUKE University stretched across his broadening torso.

Graham helped himself to four helpings of ham and over half of the green bean casserole while his parents looked on stunned. They hoped the military might be able to pay for their food bills because they could not keep up with Graham’s growing appetite.

Graham’s mother was tired and went to bed early. Again, Graham and his dad stayed up watching basketball, though Graham could not help bragging about how dominant he was on the court today. By the time the game was over Graham shut off the TV and tossed the remote aside.

“You ready, dad?”, Graham smiled. “It’s time!”

Graham’s father nodded nervously and stood up. Graham soon followed. His dad watched in shock as Graham’s head continued to rise, rise and rise above his own.

“Hell yeah!” Graham boomed as he stared down at his dad. He barely reached Graham’s shoulders!

They both went upstairs to the bathroom. Graham’s father had to stand on a chair to measure his son’s height.

“Oh my”, he blurted.

“How tall am I now, pops?” Graham asked eagerly.

“Seven feet tall, son. You’re a whole foot taller than your old man now!” his dad admitted meekly.

Graham grabbed his sweatshirt and peeled off his muscular torso. His dad simply stared up at him in awe. Graham hit a few poses in the mirror before sauntering over to the scale. Graham and his father listened to the scale creak and groan under Graham’s enhanced mass. Graham now weighed 262 pounds!

“I can’t wait to hit the weights tomorrow, dad”, Graham boasted as he crunched his abs in the mirror. “I think the resistance helps my muscle development. I’d love to put on some more mass…”

Graham continued to flex his arms and his legs while his father stood nearby. He looked in the mirror and felt uncomfortably small and inadequate next to his stunningly tall, well-built, athletic son. Graham was too into himself to appreciate his how uncomfortable his dad felt.

“I grew four inches today, dad. Four inches!” Graham said flexing the horseshoe of his triceps. “I betcha I’ll grow even more tomorrow. What do ya say, pops? You wanna bet on how big I’ll get? I bet you’ll come up short every time!”

Graham’s father reeled at the potential of his son’s growth. All he wanted to do was go to bed. But Graham blocked the door and there was no way past his towering frame.

“Uh son?” his dad said softly. “Could I please go to bed?”

Graham looked down at him and realized that he must be blocking his path. Indeed, his big body seemed to take up much of the bathroom!

“Sure, dad. Sorry bout that”, Graham stood aside and opened the bathroom door. Graham’s head was a few inches higher than the doorway. He held his arm over the top of the doorway. Graham smiled as his dad walked past him, and under his extended arm to leave the bathroom. The moist wisps of hair from Graham’s arm pit brushed against his dad’s thinning scalp, yet another reminder of how much bigger and powerful he was now than his old man.

“Same time tomorrow”, Graham grinned as his dad walked back to his bedroom.


Part 3

Graham woke up and felt that his feet were hanging in the air. Overnight, Graham had grown just enough so that his feet hung over the edge of his queen sized bed. Graham put his hands behind his head and stared down at his toes. He wiggled them appreciatively. When he rolled out of bed, he felt the springs of his box spring sag and groan under his increased weight.

Graham put on his jersey and his shorts. Both had been oversized when he bought them the night before. This morning they were fashionably loose on him, but hardly oversized. He regretted not buying larger underwear. His Tommy boxer-briefs felt rather tight against his bulging crotch.

“Man, I’m getting bigger everywhere!” he chuckled as he groped the heavy bulge of his crotch appreciatively.

His mother and father looked stunned as Graham ducked his head through the doorway into the kitchen and sat down for breakfast. Graham shoveled down two stacks of pancakes, three helpings of corn beef hash, four bowls of gram flakes and a dozen egg omelet! He drank down a gallon of milk straight from the container.

“Oh, honey. Are you sure you want to go through with this? Your father and I are worried about you”, his mother said, grabbing Graham by the wrist.

“Don’t worry mom! I’ve never felt better”, Graham said. Damn! Even his voice was deeper than before. His parents were surprised by the power of his voice.

“Check this out”, Graham said as he rose to his feet, his head climbing above the lamp in the kitchen. Graham brought his foot up and set it down on the cleared table so that it rested right in the face of his astonished mother. The table nearly buckled under the sudden pressure.

“Oh my!” his mother exclaimed.

“See that, ma? I’m wearing a Size 24! That’s bigger than almost any NBA player’s shoe. And it fits me perfectly. How awesome is that!?!” Graham bragged.

“But at the rate I’m growing, I’ll outgrow it by the end of today”, Graham added. “Which reminds me, you guys got some more money on ya? I wanna get bigger shoes and clothes for tomorrow. Plus, I wanna stop by the health food store and get some supplements. I wanna add some muscle to this growing frame of mine”

Again, his parents posed little resistance and gave him the money he wanted.

Graham showed up for school that morning. Everyone from his classmates to the school principal down to the custodian and the lunch ladies were humbled by the sight of him. Most of them had never seen a man as tall as Graham in person. Overnight, Graham’s height had inched above the seven foot mark and continued to climb. He could tell from having to duck through the many doorways in his school; doorways that were several inches higher then the heads of even the tallest students!

Graham could sense admiration and respect in the eyes of everyone he passed. He could sense how nervous they were about how big he was getting, and he enjoyed this to an extent. But he didn’t want them to be scared of him. He smiled at everyone and welcomed any questions or compliments they had about his tremendous growth spurt. They asked him how tall he was, how much he weighed, and how big his feet were and would collectively gasp when he told them.

“Yeah, I’m becoming a big, big man”, Graham said with a smug smile. “But you don’t have to worry. I’m still a nice guy, after all.”

This put most everyone at ease in his presence, though some could still not help feeling scared of how big and strong he was.

In his classes, Graham was forced to sit in the back, since he would have obstructed the view of anyone sitting behind him. Graham did so without any complaint. In fact, he came up with a little game. Whenever the teacher had his or her back turned, he would take his huge feet and push against the desk in front of him. That desk would hit the next one, which would hit the following one, until Graham found himself pushing the entire row forward. The class giggled as they watched the row of five or six startled students try to stop their desks from being pushed forward. But Graham’s legs were so powerful, that they were helpless to stop him. They looked back at him in awe as he smiled at them, effortlessly driving them forward with his feet and legs.

“Man, you are awesome”, they would concede to him at the end of class. This would make Graham beam proudly.

Graham was distracted in many of his classes. He could tell he was growing faster today than any of the previous two days since the injection. He felt it throughout the day as his football jersey tightened around his shoulders and chest and his shorts began to tighten around his thighs and glutes. His huge sneakers, which were loose that morning, became snug, and then tight by the afternoon. He could feel the seams and threads of his boxer briefs straining and then snapping against his growing manhood. The small desks, made to seat the average tenth-grader, creaked and protested under his increasing weight. The desks were so flimsy compared to this large powerful body that he could have easily torn them apart in his bare hands. He couldn’t wait for his workout later that day.

At lunch, Graham washed down six roast beef subs and two pounds of chicken salad with 24 pints of milk. The students sitting around him in the lunch room willingly gave him their pints of milk. Graham could drink a pint of milk in one big gulp.

Gym was the final period that day and the boys were made to play basketball. The other boys looked up at Graham fearfully. He was so big now, that none of them even reached his shoulders. He could have taken them all on (1 on 12!) and won without a sweat. Graham took it easy on them, though. He promised not to take a single shot and he limited all of his playing to passing and some very casual defending (just standing near the basket with his arms folded was enough to keep the opposing team shooting from the perimeter!).

The students were amazed over how Graham could palm a ball with just one hand and were often shocked by the amazing force behind one of his passes, though Graham was not even trying to throw hard! Though Graham had chosen all of the scrawniest kids for his team, and despite the restrictions he placed on himself, his team still won 36 — 12.

At the end of gym Graham took the basketball and said,

“Now, if I was really playing, you guys would have had to deal with this!”

Everyone moved back in anticipation as Graham drove to the basket. At the foul line he leaped into the air, easily clearing the paint, and dunked the ball with such ferocity that the backboard shattered. Graham ripped the rim clear off the blackboard and landed on the hardwood floor and shattered glass with a massive THUD! His massive Size 24s shook the floorboards of the entire court! The class looked on awed as Graham tossed the rim casually to the ground with an intimidating clang.

“But like I said, luckily for you, I’m a pretty nice guy”, Graham smiled. His classmates were truly grateful for that!

Graham stayed at school and headed to the weight room. Already most of the football jocks had gathered there. They pretended they were working out, though they were just going through the motions. They were there to watch Graham lift and to cheer him on.

Graham did not disappoint. After a brief warm-up Graham performed three sets of squats, each time upping the weight from 375, to 450 and finally 600 pounds! He later worked on the leg press machine. He had to move the seat all the way back just to fit on it. Graham was able to press the maximum resistance of the machine (925 pounds) for 5 reps! He finished his legwork with an equally impressive set of calf raises. The muscles of his legs responded with a jaw-dropping pump that filled the “gym rats” with wonder.

Graham closed up by working on his back, doing two sets of shoulder presses and flies with these big 80 pound dumbbells, eventually switching over to the 100 pound dumbbells to do the next three sets when the other dumbbells got “too light”.

Graham peeled off his sweat-soaked jersey and began to flex in the mirror much to the excitement and hushed veneration of those present. His lat spread filled the mirror with muscle. When he flexed his legs, the linebackers in the gym could not help comparing their own leg muscles to Graham’s. They were humbled to realize how much smaller and weaker they looked in comparison. With a body like that, Graham could captain any varsity team in the school. They could not believe just how much this formerly lithe ball player was filling out with rock hard muscle. And not only was he filling out, he was stretching upwards too! The jocks looked up at the ceiling. Graham’s head looked to be less than a foot away from the fluorescent light strips above him.

“Hey Graham” said Jayson as he eagerly rushed to his side. Graham looked down, surprised to see how much taller he was than his six foot one friend. “Let’s weigh you, big guy!”

“I told you, dude”, Graham said. “I weigh 262 pounds.”

“No way, dude!” Jayson said tugging at Graham long, muscular arm. “You’ve gotta weigh a lot more than that.”

Graham stepped onto the scale and a group of jocks huddled around his tall sweaty frame as Jayson adjusted the weights on the scale. Jayson’s jaw dropped.

“Dude”, Jayson gasped. “You weigh 304 pounds!”

“Serious?!?” Graham said raising his brow

“Hell yeah, dude! Totally serious! You broke 300, man! You’re huuuuuuge!” cheered Jayson.

“Holy shit, you’re right Jayson”, smiled Graham. “I’m getting pretty fucking big, man!”

“Wait here, dude”, Jayson said. “I need to go find Coach. He’s gonna flip when he sees this!”

As Jayson circled the gymnasium looking for the basketball coach, Graham was coaxed into doing some bicep curls by some of the jocks:

“Betcha can’t do curls with those 100 pound dumbbells”, they dared.

“Are you kidding me”, Graham laughed arrogantly. “Watch and learn, little ones.”

Graham hoisted the dumbbells and pumped out 8 reps in each arm much for the crowd of onlookers there. As he blasted out rep after rep, the crowd urged him on, clapping and cheering. He was the undeniable center of attention. “Now this is what being big is all about”, Graham thought to himself with a grin.

He dropped the dumbbells to the ground and proudly blew into a double bicep pose. His peaked biceps were now larger than softballs. Someone came up with a tape measure and they measured Graham’s arms to be an astonishing 19 inches around! Some of the guys there used their cell phones to take pictures of Graham as he flexed. To some, he had become an amazing fitness inspiration, but to others, he was quickly becoming the object of silent worship…

“Holy smokes, Graham! Jayson wasn’t kidding!” said the coach as he walked into the weight room. “You look amazing, son. What have you been eating?”

“Recently, I’ve been eating like crazy coach”, Graham said. “A big guy like me has gotta keep eating to grow!”

“I’ll say”, the coach said standing beside the towering tenth-grader, coming only up to his shoulder. “Man, and you are growing like crazy! I think the team has a new center, that’s for sure…Hell, that’s up to you Graham. At your size, I’ll let you play any position you want. No-one in our division will beat us with you on the floor!”

“Thanks Coach”, Graham smiled proudly. He chuckled at the prospect of growing even more…much, much more. “Man, if he only knew”, Graham thought to himself smugly.

“Get back on the scale, Graham”, Jayson beckoned. “Coach didn’t believe me when I told him you weighed 304 pounds!”

“Is that so?” Graham smiled. “Check it out, coach”

Graham sauntered onto the scale. Jayson weighed Graham again, and once gain his jaw dropped in amazement.

“Graham, I don’t believe it. You weigh 307 pounds now!” Jayson stuttered. “But how!?!”

“See coach, Jayson was right”, Graham smiled. “Truth is, I’m a little bigger than even 304!”

Graham struggled to pull on his football jersey. It was uncomfortably tight now around his broad shoulders and wide lats. His belly button and the two lower rows of his abs were visible below the hem of the shirt. Some remembered the jersey fitting Graham quite well earlier in the day and were puzzled by how much smaller the shirt looked…or could it be that…

Graham promised everyone he would work out the next day. Many of them, now captive admirers, promised Graham they would be there. Graham left the gym and headed to the Big & Tall store. On the way over he felt the straps of his sneakers pop. He smiled as he realized that his growing feet were close to bursting through his giant Size 24 sneakers! He walked into the shop and approached Pam.

“Hey there, big guy”, Pam greeted. “How do those big Size 24s feel…”

She suddenly stopped as Graham approached. She stared up at the towering young man. She could tell he had just come from working out. She could smell his sweat, but he smelled better than any man she could remember. His jersey looked like it was painted on his muscular torso. His abs were breathtaking…and he looked taller than yesterday…much, much taller…

“Pretty good”, he said in his deep sexy baritone. “I grew into them just like I said I would. The thing is”, he said grinning down at her, “Now I’m growing out of them!”

Pam looked down and saw that Graham’s feet had blown apart the laces and his toes were penetrating through the leather fabric of the shoe.

“Oh my!” Pam exclaimed. “You must have the biggest feet I’ve ever seen. And you’re definitely the tallest man who has ever stepped into this store!”

“Yeah well, I’m only sixteen”, Graham smiled, “So I plan on getting even taller. I’m gonna need some bigger gear…unless I’m too big for your Big & Tall store.”

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge”, Pam smiled. “Let me go in the back and see just what I have, big guy.”

Pam came out with a pair of gigantic Reebok high tops. She had to bring them out of the store room one at a time, as she needed both arms to carry out each shoe!

“Yeah…that’s more like it”, grinned Graham. “Let me try them bad boys on.”

“Go ahead”, Pam said motioning to the bench. “Have a seat and I’ll put them on for you.”

Graham sat down on the bench and it creaked in protest under his mass. The sneakers were an amazing Size 30. Graham’s feet were still too small to fill these colossal sneakers, but they weren’t completely unserviceable. Pam tied the laces tightly to keep the sneakers on Graham’s foot. Graham breathed a sigh of relief as he freely wiggled his toes in the shoe. The soles were so huge, that they added another two inches to Graham’s astonishing height!

“I can’t believe these actually fit you”, Pam said dumbfounded. “I thought I’d never see the man big enough to wear these shoes!”

“Yeah well…you ain’t seen nothing yet, babe”, Graham smiled. Even seated on the bench, he was a good half foot taller than Pam. Pam’s heart fluttered, and then she blushed over feeling the way she did about a man so much younger than her.

Pam helped Graham pick out a few more shirts and a tank top and some boxer briefs. Graham was up to the biggest shirt size they had: 5XL shirts. What was particularly difficult was finding short for Graham. His waist was only 38” around, but his thighs had developed into ripped tree trunks of muscle that tested the legs of any shorts he tried on. “God! They’re like oak trees”, gasped Pam as Graham casually flexed his hamstrings.

Graham lamented that the briefs were not in a designer make, like the Tommys or Calvin Kleins he normally wore. The designers just didn’t make briefs his size.

“Don’t worry, Graham”, Pam said. “I’m sure you’ll look great in these!”

Pam turned red. She was drooling all over this young man and it was becoming obvious. Graham simply gave her a knowing smile and a wink.

“I’ll be sure to let you know how I fill em out”, Graham said. Pam nearly fainted.

Graham left the Big & Tall store and headed off to the health food shop. He ducked down and squeezed his broad frame through the door. The man behind the counter was a stocky frat dude standing at about 5’ 9” and about 20 years old. He had taken the job as a cheap way to obtain supplements for him and his frat brothers. He stared up, up, up at the tallest young man he had ever set eyes on.

“Hey man”, Graham said. “I’m looking for some supplements. Something with a lot of protein.”

“Oh yeah?” the frat boy said someone stunned.

“Yeah man. I wanna get bigger. See?” Graham said as he casually pulled back his right sleeve and flexed his perfect 19 inch bicep. Two jocks in the store gasped at what they saw. “A LOT bigger.”

“It…it…looks like you’re pretty big already, dude”, stammered the jock.

“Yeah, I know. But I want more. I wanna get a lot bigger and a lot stronger. But I wanna stay ripped” Here Graham lifted his shirt and showed off his hard, defined abs.

“Damn! That’s amazing!” marveled the jock. “How much do you bench, man?”

“I don’t know. I did squats today”, Graham explained nonchalantly. “I can curl a hundred pounds in each arm for a full set of eight…”

“Wha…what?!? Oh my God! That’s way more than I could do”, the frat boy whimpered. No man had ever made him feel so small or weak.

Graham smiled down at him. “No offense, little man, but you’re not really in the same league as me”, Graham bragged as he inhaled deeply. The man watched as Grahams pecs lifted the baggy shirt enough to show off their broad contours and powerful shape, before submerging back into the fabric. “Tell you what dude. You give me a deal on the best supplements you have, and I’ll drop by tomorrow and show you what I can bench. Deal?”

“Hell yeah”, the man blurted out. God, he couldn’t wait until tomorrow. “Can I bring some friends from my frat down to watch?”

“Sure thing, little dude”, he said, shaking the frat boy’s hand. The jock marveled at how Graham’s much larger hand simply swallowed his hand.

Graham made out pretty well at the health food store. He got about $500 worth of top-of-the-line protein powder, creatine and energy bars for a mere $20! He had made a big impression on the stunned frat dude behind the counter. He returned home wearing his new, super-huge clothes. Heck, they were fashionably baggy on him. As Graham ducked through the doorway he immediately smelled food. His parents heard Graham’s heavy footsteps across the creaking floorboards.

“Graham, we went food shopping today”, his mother started, “The way you’ve been eating we thought we would cook you a whole…”

Graham’s mother looked up at her son dazed. He now stood only inches away from the ceiling.

“A ham. Yeah, I smell it”, Graham said as he bent over and kissed his mother on the head. Her head no longer reached Graham’s chest! “I’m starving. Let’s eat!”

Graham fixed himself a pitcher of protein shake. Graham gulped down what would have been five servings of protein shake for a normal bodybuilder as his parents looked on in wonder. Then came the meal. Graham ate nearly the entire casserole tray of mac and cheese, before eating the whole ham…yes…the whole ham!!! His dad simply sliced it up in thick slices and Graham devoured every last bit.

“Aren’t you eating?” Graham asked his parents who simply watched their son eat and eat and eat…

“Uh, no. We ate earlier, son”, his mother smiled weakly. In fact, they had not eaten at all. But they were too timid to even ask for a morsel of the dinner Graham’s mother had spent three hours cooking. Graham’s father held his stomach as it growled, almost pleading for a bite of food. Still he watched helplessly as his son greedily chewed and swallowed, feeding his body so he could continue to grow bigger and bigger…

Graham’s mother went up to bed early, exhausted from cooking on her feet for most of the evening. Graham turned off the movie his dad was watching and forced him to watch some more basketball. Then Graham undid his shoes and put his long giant feet up on the coffee table. He would have been grounded for this only a week ago, but now, Graham’s father sat by passively as the smell of Graham’s huge feet filled the living room.

“He needs room to stretch his legs, being so tall and all…” his father said to himself rationalizing. He could not admit that he was actually a little scared of him.

His dad went to get some ice cream.

“Get me some too, dad”, Graham said. “In fact, just bring me the carton.”

Graham’s father did as he ordered. His dad ate three small scoops of ice cream (which his starving belly welcomed) while Graham polished off the rest of the mint chocolate chip!

“My god! I never realized how big he wanted to be”, Graham’s father thought to himself.

When the double-header was over, they both stood up as they had the previous two nights.

“Damn dad”, Graham smirked looking down below at the top of his father’s head. “You’re startin’ to look seriously small!”

They went up to the bathroom. Graham’s father grabbed the chair and got up on it to measure him. Graham’s father gasped as he realized that he was barely staring his son in the eyes. In fact, he could tell that even standing on the chair, he was a hair shorter than Graham!

“Seven foot six”, his dad said in a hushed voice.

“Yeah…that’s six inches in just 24 hours. This is unreal!” Graham said elated.

Graham’s father got off the chair and moved it out of the way. As soon as he looked back, he was treated to the sight of his son pulling off his T Shirt to reveal his magnificent physique. His large, pumped muscles could have graced any fitness magazine or calendar. Graham’s muscles twitched and bulged with just the slightest movement.

“Here dad, would you mind?” Graham said as he tossed the T shirt to his dad. It filled his arms like a large beach towel.

Graham unbuttoned his waistband and let his cargo shorts fall to the ground. Casually he lifted the shorts up with one foot and flicked them in the air at his dad.

“These too, dad”, Graham said as his father struggled to hold the awkward, oversized garments.

Now in only his white boxer briefs, Graham stepped on the scale. The needle spun around with force until it settled upon Graham’s new weight. Graham smiled and looked at his dad, who was gawking at the number on the scale.

“Go ahead, dad”, Graham gloated. “Read that number. I wanna hear you say it.”

“338 pounds”, his dad whispered. His throat felt dry.

“Yeah! 338 pounds! What’s that, like a hundred pounds more than you?” Graham said stepping off the scale toward his bewildered father.

“A hundred and thirty pounds more, actually”, his father mumbled nervously.

Graham smiled down at his father. He took a step further and backed his dad up against the shut bathroom door. His father stared into his son’s hard, meaty pecs which filled his vision. He timidly looked up at his son, who was grinning down at him proudly.

“So how’s it feel, dad”, Graham rumbled, “Now that you’re no longer the man of the house?”

Graham flexed his right arm and his father’s eyes bulged out.

“Go ahead, dad. Tell me. How do you feel, now that I’ve become the real man around this house!” Graham insisted.

His father felt embarrassed and inadequate beside his massive son. He didn’t know how to respond, but suddenly the words came to him from out of nowhere…

“Small…small and kind of weak”, his dad admitted. “But…I…I guess I just have no choice but…but to accept it.”

Graham looked exceedingly pleased. He playfully ruffled his dad’s hair with his giant hand, almost like one would with a child.

“Don’t worry, dad. I’m just messin’ with ya”, Graham laughed.

Graham turned back to the mirror and raised both of his arms into a double bicep pose which drew an astonished gasp from his father.

“I was bound to be the bigger man, dad. It was just a matter of time”, Graham said as he lowered his arms into a lat spread. “Although I bet you never thought I’d grow this much…this fast…”

Graham’s dad was amazed by his son’s flawless musculature. The “V” of his back spread before his eyes like a spectacular movie screen. Graham’s father moved to the side and tried to avert his eyes from his son’s massive body. Instead, he looked down and let out a shocked yelp, dropping Graham’s clothes to the floor as he tried to cover his mouth in vain.

Graham grinned from ear to ear. He knew what had startled his dad. In his excitement, Graham’s manhood had begun to harden and lengthen along the leg of his boxers. Only half-hard Graham’s rod looked close to a foot long, and as thick as a beer can. His sizeable balls created an enormous bulge in the pouch of his boxers. He smiled down at his dad.

“In case you still had any doubts over who the real man of the house was”, Graham said with a cocky grin, “This oughta put those to rest!”

Graham’s father could not help but nod appreciatively. There was no doubt.


Part 4

Graham woke up that Friday morning and took a shower. He knew that this would be his last day of school for a while, since Dr. Burke and the military were going to relocate him for the duration of the experiment. He would miss the awed expressions of his classmates’ faces. He was determined to make today a great day.

His rumbling footsteps pounded down the steps mercilessly, announcing his arrival to the breakfast table. His parents had been up since five preparing a massive breakfast for their towering son. He only wore his cargo pants and giant Size 30 hi-tops at the time. This morning, his Size 30s were snug! He swaggered into the kitchen bare-chested. While walking around the house shirtless might have garnered a condemnation from his mother a week earlier, today she was speechless.

Graham made himself another massive pitcher of protein shake. His Adam’s Apple bobbed furiously as it gulped down the thick liquid steadily.

“You’re right. I’ve never seen muscles that big!” he heard his mother whisper to his father. Graham finished the pitcher and wiped his mouth on his forearm with a smile.

He prepared another pitcher since he said he felt “super hungry” that morning. As the blender whirled, Graham pumped his calves by lifting himself again and again on his toes. While the house had high 9 and 10 foot ceilings for the most part, the kitchen ceiling was only eight feet high. Every time he stood on his toes, Graham’s head would thump against the ceiling. Graham looked over at his parents and snickered at their worried faces.

“Won’t be long now”, was all he said, further increasing their anxiety.

After a second pitcher, Graham sat down for breakfast. He had three stacks of pancakes, a gallon of O.J., a gallon of milk, a pound of bacon and a dozen eggs scrambled. Again, his parents went without eating. They decided they would eat out that morning after Graham had left…then they would have to go out food shopping again!

Before leaving for school, Graham cornered his dad by the fridge.

“Dad, I need some more money”, Graham said plainly.

“But…but your clothes fit fine”, his dad protested.

“Maybe for now, but not for long”, Graham said. “I mean, even my Size 30s are feeling tighter.”

Graham’s father looked down. He stared amazed at his son’s giant Reebok high-tops. They completely dwarfed his Size 10 loafers. And Graham intended to grow out of these monsters!?!…Oh my God!!!

“I…I’m sorry son”, his father stuttered. “I only have $20 on me for now. I haven’t hit the bank for a few days now…”

“That’s OK”, Graham smiled. “Just give me one of your credit cards. I’ll just charge everything and you can pay it when you get the bill.”

“Oh…uh…OK…” his father babbled as he fumbled for his wallet. A part of him could not believe what he was doing, but he felt compelled to obey his giant son. “That…that sounds like a good idea.”

“Give me the Visa card”, Graham added. “That one has no limit on it.”

“Right…sure thing, son”, his father said handing him the credit card.

“Oh…and give me the $20 bucks too. I’ll use that for extra lunch money.” Graham demanded.

Graham’s father willingly complied. He handed Graham all the money in his wallet. Graham leaned over and gave his mother another quick kiss and then gave his dad a brief hug, making sure to lift him off the ground with his feet dangling in the air. Then he bolted for the door and headed off to school.

Graham was running a little bit late, so he decided to jog the one and a half mile distance to school. He tucked his tank top into the back pocket of his shorts and started off. Graham felt great. He had always been a good runner, but this morning he felt almost no exhaustion at all. He felt so incredibly strong; like he could run for hours on end. Best of all, his long, long legs now carried him much farther than they did a week ago, when he was a whole foot shorter. He covered the entire distance between home and school in just under seven minutes. No-one on the track team could come close to his speed and stamina. The only effect Graham felt was a healthy coating of sweat which made the chiseled muscles of his chest and back gleam with POWER. Upon arrival, Graham wiped the sweat from his forehead with the tank top and pulled it over his awesome ripped physique. He was sweaty, but he kind of liked this. He doubted anyone would say anything to him.

His classmates gawked at the giant muscle teen as he confidently strutted down the hallways. His tank top clung to his sweaty muscular torso. It was a sight that dropped every boy’s jaw, and made every girl weak in the knees. The halls went silent and the awestruck students parted before him as he made his way to homeroom. As he reached his locker, Jayson and some of the other guys from the team approached him.

“Yo, Jayson”, Graham beamed. “What’s up?”

“What’s up!?! Dude! You are!” Jayson said, clearly astounded. “You’re massive!!! What’s happening to you man?”

“Some kind of super growth spurt, I guess”, Graham shrugged, feigning indifference. “Hell, I kinda like it. I always wanted to be really BIG!”

“You’re beyond big, dude”, Jayson said marveling UP at him. “You’re huuuuuuuge!!!”

Graham loved it when Jayson said that. Out of his many, many friends, he had always considered Jayson his best friend. He loved hearing his best friend complimenting him on his incredible strength and size. He really did look amazed. Graham regretted not having spent more time hanging out with Jayson; girls and basketball having taken up much of his time recently.

Graham went to English class. He apologized to some of the students who sat around him.

“I ran to school this morning, so I’m a little sweaty”, Graham said.

The students shook their heads and said they didn’t mind. They would not dare complain to Graham about anything since he had become by far the biggest and strongest man in the whole school! In fact, the powerful scent of his sweat, mixed in with his cologne, provided a heady rush to those seated around him. Far from being displeased by the aroma, many of them found it intensely erotic. The girls sitting around him could not concentrate. They felt a stirring between their thighs and, to their embarrassment, felt their panties moisten. Even some of the guys were feeling conflicted in Graham’s intoxicating presence.

Miss Wharton was a young English teacher, about 24 years of age, who recently got her teaching degree. She had spotted Graham at the beginning of the year and had made a mental note that he would some day be a serious stud. Out of a subconscious desire to be closer to him, she volunteered to be his college counselor. She looked forward to the days when they met to discuss different schools that Graham had taken an interest in.

This morning, Miss Wharton felt befuddled. She had seen Graham walking down the hallways in the past week and had marveled at his increasing size. Now, even sitting in the back of the class, he looked powerful, dominant, and devastatingly HOT! Graham had surpassed all her expectations of development. He had become, in no time at all, the hottest stud she had ever laid eyes on!

Miss Wharton labored through the lesson, often forgetting her place in the text or losing her train of thought. She felt flushed and embarrassed since she was well aware of the source of her agitation. Toward the end of class Graham and her locked eyes for a few moments. Graham smiled and proudly lifted his hands behind his head, bringing his massive biceps into bold relief. The virile scent of his sweat wafted through the air as the hair of his manly pits were exposed. Miss Wharton dropped the book she was holding and some of the classmates chuckled.

As class ended, Graham went to get up but found that his legs were stuck beneath the small desk at his waist. He tried to lift his leg slightly and…


…the top of the desk fell flimsily to the floor and the students looked back at Graham stunned. Graham titanic physique seemed to fill the back of the classroom. His legs sprawled about and his long muscular arms stretching down to the ground. The seat where he sat looked to be buckling under his immense weight.

“Guess, I’m gonna need a bigger desk”, Graham joked.

Miss Wharton asked Graham to stay behind. Graham liked Miss Wharton and felt bad that he had somehow gotten her in trouble by breaking the desk. He couldn’t help it, though…he was just getting so big and strong…

“Miss Wharton, I’m sorry about the desk”, Graham said with a trace of regret in his deep, deep voice. “I didn’t mean to, honest…”

“Oh, don’t worry about the desk, Graham. The school can’t expect a man as big as you to sit in such a small desk. The only problem is, I don’t think they make desks for someone your size”, Miss Wharton said looking Graham in the eyes, even though he was still seated.

“Yeah…I’m doing some serious growing, that’s for sure”, Graham smiled.

“Have you thought more about colleges, Graham”, she asked as he traced the impossibly broad outline of his shoulders and chest.

Graham grinned and slowly stood up. Miss Wharton watched in a daze as Graham’s head, shoulders and chest passed her own view, until she was staring at his tank top. She could make out the top rung of his super-hard abs.

“I’d like to go someplace with a good basketball program”, Graham said, his voice a deep yet gentle rumble. “They’ll be bending over backwards to get someone my size on their team. I don’t think there’s been a ‘baller’ as big as me…ever!…”

“I…I think you’re right, Graham”, she stammered. She felt dizzy in the heat of his muscular body. “I’ve never seen anyone as tall and big as you in my life…You’re…you’re the most impressive man…I’ve ever set eyes on…”

Graham reached out and grabbed her head, his massive hand palming it as easily as a basketball. He could feel her nervous and shaking. He gently stroked her hair.

“You’ve been awfully nice to me Miss Wharton”, Graham cooed. “In fact, if you let me, I’d like to show you how grateful I am.”

“I…I…don’t think you should Graham”, she squirmed. “We could get into a lot of trouble and…and I’m scared…”

Graham grabbed Miss Wharton from under her arms and lifted her off her feet until they were eye level again. She felt as light as a feather to him. Miss Wharton stared into Graham’s calm blue eyes. He leaned in and kissed her, lightly at first, then deeply. No jock at college had ever kissed her so sensually. He held her aloft for a good two minutes as they kissed. Then he slowly set her down again. She kissed his massive pecs over and over again as she brushed by them on her descent.

“That’s just a taste”, Graham said seductively. “I know a place we can go where I can finish showing you my…uh…gratefulness”

“You mean gratitude”, she corrected instinctively.

“Yeah…that’s it”, he said giving her a dazzling, boyish smile.

Miss Wharton ran over to her desk and brought back some teacher passes. “I can sign a bunch of these for you for the next period. That way you can skip class.”

“How ‘bout I skip the whole morning?” he said with a wide smile.

“The whole morning?” she squealed, dizzy from just the thought of it. Graham nodded assertively with a sexy grin.

Miss Wharton had off for the rest of the day (1st period English was all she taught being a new teacher) and she wrote four excusals for Graham. She met Graham a block away from the school and picked him up in her car. Miss Wharton was shocked to see how tight her Nissan Altima was for her giant teenage passenger. Even with the seat all the way back, Graham’s knees pressed against the dashboard and his head touched the car ceiling.

“I’ll try not to break this seat too”, he joked.

Much to Miss Wharton’s surprise, Graham directed her to drive to his house. His parents were both at work. His mom and dad planned to leave work early to go food shopping that day. Either way, Graham and Miss Wharton had the house to themselves for pretty much the whole day.

Graham took Miss Wharton up to her room. His bed was messy and there were smelly socks and shirts all over the place.

“Sorry ‘bout the mess”, he said apologetically.

“No, I love it”, she said much to his surprise.

Graham sat her down on the bed. Miss Wharton undid her shirt. The sight of her tight little breasts brought a big smile to Graham’s face.

“Miss Wharton”, he grinned. “You’ve got a sweet little body on you.”

Graham flipped off his Size 30s which hit the floor loudly. He peeled off his tank top and lowered his cargo shorts. Graham stood in his boxer briefs. He laughed at Miss Wharton who looked completely blown away by what she was seeing. Graham’s endowment had continued growing from the night before, and it was now a sight to behold!

Graham slowly crept on the bed, positioning himself over her. The bed groaned and creaked under his immense weight. They began making out. Fifteen minutes later, Graham and Miss Wharton were covered in sweat. Graham had aroused her by expertly fondling and licking her tits. Now it was Miss Wharton, who was rubbing Graham’s massive pecs, sucking on his big nipples; in constant worship of the hard dense muscles she felt surrounding her.

“Your muscles are so big, Graham…”, she heard herself moan again and again, unable to contain her awe, “I can’t believe how big you are…I love it!!!”

Graham suddenly lifted himself off her. He leaned over her and gently undid her skirt and lowered her panties.

“You wanna feel a really big muscle, Miss Wharton”, he grinned as he lowered the waistband of his boxers.

Graham’s mighty cock snapped up, the head surpassing even his belly button. Miss Wharton gave out a slight shriek as she gazed upon BY FAR the longest and thickest cock she had ever seen. She insisted on measuring it and was astonished to find that it stretched the tape to a whole 15 inches in length and just under 8 inches in girth!!! Immediately she became frightened.

“I’m not sure I can take all that, Graham. You’re gigantic!” she pleaded meekly.

Graham smiled tenderly down at her as he again positioned his hulking body over her. “You’ll be OK…I’ll take it easy. I promise.”

Graham kept his word, entering her as gently and as slowly as he could. Unfortunately, there was only so much he could do to accommodate poor Miss Wharton. This was fifteen inches of cock after all! At one point, he pulled out a few inches and then thrust all the way into her. Miss Wharton screamed in pain.

“Are you OK”, Graham asked concerned.

“Ohh God it hurts….but please Graham…don’t stop…more please…ohh God!!! Fuck me, Graham!!! Fuck me with your huge cock….uggghhhh”

Despite the pain, Miss Wharton was in the throes of ecstasy. Emboldened by her orgasmic cries, Graham began to pound her harder and faster. Graham rammed her without mercy for well over fifteen minutes before unleashing a massive load deep inside her. By then, Miss Wharton had experienced two orgasms. The sheets under her ass were damp with her cum, her legs felt like Jell-O and her hips felt pulverized. They lay kissing for a few more minutes until Miss Wharton felt Graham lengthening and thickening inside her.

“Holy shit!” she blurted wide-eyed.

“You didn’t think I was done did ya?” Graham grinned.

That morning Graham fucked Miss Wharton four times. They only stopped when Miss Wharton said she could not take anymore. Every muscle in her body ached, and she felt like she would pass out. Indeed, she had come very close on a number of occasions. Still Graham coaxed her into sucking his cock as he sat propped up on his bed like a king, using his right hand to guide Miss Wharton’s head up and down his giant cock and balls until he shot a huge load all over her face. He wiped his load off her face with an old towel sitting on the floor and then invited her to sleep with him until noon. Graham slept like a log. Miss Wharton lay nestled between Graham’s muscular arm and powerful chest.

Graham awoke at noon almost automatically. He told Miss Wharton he needed to go back to school for lunch. He felt hungry. Miss Wharton begged to see Graham sometime over the weekend and he promised he would drop by the next day, although it would have to be over her apartment this time.

After one final kiss, Miss Wharton limped to her car and drove away. Graham woofed down four protein bars (he figured he needed four times the protein of the average bodybuilder) and ran off to school. Even after that morning’s run and the marathon sex with Miss Wharton, Graham felt full of energy. Timing himself, Graham was happy to find that he had beaten his time from earlier that morning by a full 18 seconds. He guessed (correctly) that this was because his legs had grown longer in the last four hours. He dumped his hall passes off at the principal’s office without any explanation (not that one was solicited from the giant teen) and headed to the lunchroom.

At lunch, Graham blew the $20.00 his dad had given him on food. Fridays were pizza day at Graham’s school and Graham treated himself to two whole pies and he washed these down with two dozen pints of milk, courtesy of the swooning lunch maids who gave away the milk just to get Graham to smile at them. He ate like ten men put together though, at present, he was probably just as strong too! A few of the smaller kids in his class willingly forfeited their packed lunches to him which Graham thankfully accepted and devoured.

Graham went off to gym class now. His muscles felt full and replenished after his gigantic lunch. He leaned over to look at the schedule on the door and smiled when he saw today was “football” for the boys.

“Football? At MY size?!?” Graham smiled to himself. “Damn! This is gonna rock!”

Graham strutted to his locker as a silence washed over the boys locker room. His locker was next to Keith’s. The once-proud center of the basketball team now over a foot shorter than Graham. Keith had bragged to his friends a few months ago when his growth spurt allowed him to inch out Graham at 6’ 7”. But now Graham blew Keith away in height and size. There was no doubt in anyone’s minds who the REAL big man of the team was now!

Graham went to take off his shirt. As he lifted his elbows he accidentally bumped the smaller Keith, sending him flying into his locker.

“Oops”, Graham smirked. “Sorry, dude. I didn’t see you down there.”

Graham peeled off his shirt and a chorus of hushed “oohs” and “aahs” filled the locker room. Graham’s big muscles rivaled those of the buffest fitness models. Keith, who was of slender build, looked like a toothpick next to Graham. Graham smiled down at Keith, while the stunned center was face to face with Graham’s hard, wide chest.

“I can’t believe how big you’re getting!” Keith said, looking ready to burst into tears. “This can’t be real.”

“Believe it, little man”, Graham said as he flexed his big, hard bicep. “You already went through your growth spurt, but mine’s just starting!”

Graham was too big to fit in a school gym uniform, so the gym teacher allowed him to play in a giant pair of black soccer shorts he had bought the day before. They decided to play “shirts” versus “skins”, and since Graham did not have a shirt to wear, he automatically became the captain of the “skins” team. As the class headed off to the field, the other kids came up to Graham and showered him with compliments, hoping that Graham would later pick them for his team. No-one wanted to face this young giant on the field. Some of the girls snuck away from their volleyball game to take pictures of the towering heartthrob.

Graham went out of his way to pick the smallest and puniest kids for his team, although he did pick Keith just to show there were no hard feelings.

“Thanks for picking me”, Keith said to Graham gratefully.

“No problem, little man”, Graham smiled. “I’m quarterback, though”

“You got it”, Keith said.

The scrimmage was a joke. Every time Graham’s team got the ball, Graham would throw three long bombs down the field. The opposing team would vainly lunge at his legs. No number of students could move him, let alone take him down! Most of the time, his teammates would drop the catches, unless he passed to Keith, who was able to score two touchdowns. Whenever it came down to fourth down, Graham would simply charge through the opposing team, effortlessly knocking kids aside, until he reached the end zone. On defense, Graham established his authority early. One of the players for the opposing team was a 250 pound linebacker for the varsity team. When he went to run the ball, Graham grabbed him and slammed him into the grass, knocking the wind out of him and bruising his ribs. No-one dared run the ball after that. In the end, Graham caught 4 interceptions and scored 9 touchdowns to lead his team to a 77-0 win in a game that lasted a little over half an hour! Only a few on the opposing team ended up going to the nurse’s office with cuts and bruises. After all, Graham was taking it easy on them…

Graham visited some of his injured opponents in the nurse’s office to apologize for going so rough on them. Graham had, in fact, been holding back in gym, trying not to seriously injure anyone, but he decided that he shouldn’t mention this, since this would only upset his classmates even more! In the end, they could not hold a grudge against Graham, not because he was so huge and strong, but because he was a genuinely nice guy too.

Graham was heading off to his next class late when he bumped into Anna again. Graham got the feeling Anna had been waiting for him.

“Hi Graham”, she purred. “Me and the girls were watching you at gym class. We saw you knocking around the other boys out there like they were toddlers. But I guess that’s easy with muscles as big as yours, huh?”

Anna reached out and felt Graham’s abs and moved her way up to his shelf-like pecs which rose above her forehead. Graham let out a soft moan. He loved the feel of her fingers against the bulging muscles of his tight body.

“Damn stud. You really are getting big! No one is even in the same league as you anymore”, Anna said somewhat out of shock.

“You wanna go someplace?” Graham offered with a wink.

“I thought you’d never ask”, Anna grinned. But wait, my friends have to come too. Out from a side room came Kristen and Tabitha, two other cheerleaders on the squad (one blonde, the other a brunette), both equally hot as Anna, the squad’s captain. They sauntered over to Graham and gazed up at him lustily.

“No problem ladies”, Graham smiled. “I know a good place, this time. The guidance counselor is always out on Fridays. Follow me.”

An hour and a half later, Graham and the girls emerged from the guidance counselor’s office. The girls were exhausted. Their legs wobbled, their hips ached and their heads swooned after having over fifteen inches of thick hard man-meat inside them. One by one Graham had impaled the three cheerleaders on his giant cock. Graham had stood the entire time, pumping the cheerleaders DEEP & HARD on his massive rod one at a time while the other two would look up at him lustily in worship.

“I feel like I could keep going for hours”, Graham bragged to the devastated cheerleaders. They had never imagined a man with so much sexual stamina.

Graham arrived at his History class late. His teacher Mr. Reid asked for his late pass. Graham walked up to the Mr. Reid, backing him into the chalkboard. The brawny, ex-Army sergeant was barely eye-level with the bottom of Graham’s pecs, which jutted prominently from his tight tank top. As brawny as Mr. Reid was, Graham’s torso looked twice as broad. He looked like a child next to this giant teenager.

“I don’t got one”, Graham boomed. “Is there gonna be a problem?”

Graham had not meant to come off as threatening. In fact, he sincerely wanted to know if not having a late pass would be a problem. He was going to offer to run down to the principal’s office to get one. But Graham’s voice was so deep and powerful, and his presence so commanding, that Mr. Reid visibly recoiled in fear.

“N…n…no…Graham…It’s OK, really”, he stammered. “I don’t have to…uh…report it…In fact, I won’t OK?…Is that OK?”

Graham felt a little guilty for having intimidated Mr. Reid, but at least it wiped away his lateness. He smiled down at Mr. Reid, trying to look as cheerful as possible to set the frightened teacher’s mind at ease.

“That sounds good to me. Thanks”, Graham said, while Mr. Reid became overwhelmed with relief.

Graham took a seat at the back of class, this time opting to sit in a chair as opposed to a desk. He simply couldn’t fit in even the largest of desks anymore, at least not without breaking them. Even so, he could feel his weight testing the metal fold-up chair where he sat. The chair survived the class, though it had bent under his growing weight and could not be folded back up again.

It was the end of the school day and Graham chomped down four more protein bars and headed off to the school gym where he intended to work on his back and arms. He would save his chest routine for the frat dude and his buddies at the health food store. Fridays were normally a pretty slow day in the school gym, many of the school’s jocks electing to hang out at the mall or catch a matinee movie before heading off to some house party. But this Friday afternoon, the gym was brimming with people. Some pretended to be going through a workout routine while others remained in their regular clothes; they were all there to watch Graham.

Graham felt his tank top getting uncomfortably tight as the workout progressed. He opted to leave it on, though, since he feared he wouldn’t be able to put it back on if he peeled it off once more. Graham blasted his arms, doing concentration curls and tricep presses with the 100 pound dumbbells. He then moved onto bicep curls with 280 pounds on a barbell. He did three sets of each, doing 15 reps each set. He then moved onto his back routine. Using the maximum resistance the machine could offer, he performed seated cable pull downs and standing cable pull downs to work his upper back and lats, again performing 3 sets of 15 on each. He laughed as he felt the threads of his tank top snapping under the growing width of his back.

Meanwhile, those assembled were becoming more brazen in their worship. Those that tried to feign a workout routine eventually stopped to watch Graham. Before long there was a group of about eighty students huddled around Graham, shouting encouragement and applauding at the end of his sets. A wave of camera flashes would go off when Graham stopped to flex and his classmates began cheering his name through sets. Graham absolutely loved the attention. It pushed him to lift harder. Now, more than ever before, he desired to grow bigger and stronger to give these little people somebody to really look up to and worship!

As an encore, Graham did his arm routine, using the heaviest dumbbells in the gym (120 pound dumbbells) and doing his barbell curls with 310 pounds! From time to time Graham would acknowledge some of the praise from his classmates with a sly wink or a beaming smile. It was a mild show of gratitude to those who he now acknowledged as admirers.

His friend Jayson was there leading the chorus of cheers and applause. He jumped at the occasion to slap the giant jock on the back at the end of his toughest sets. Graham’s big sweaty muscles felt so hard and hot, Jayson wished he could keep his hand on Graham’s body for longer, maybe even feel his giant muscles as he flexed. Jayson’s heart ached to be closer to his giant friend…but he felt he had to conceal this…

“Awesome, dude! You are fucking awesome!” Jayson roared as he slapped Graham on the back after his last set of barbell curls. “No-one here even comes close to your size man…and your strength is off the fucking charts!!!”

“Thanks, dude”, Graham smiled, looking down at Jayson. He loved how with every passing day his best friend looked smaller and smaller next to his hulking physique.

“Let me measure your arms, man. C’mon…We all wanna see how big they’ve gotten!” Jayson begged.

“OK…sure, man. Get the tape”, Graham said. He certainly didn’t mind showing off, though he was a little surprised by Jayson’s insistence. It seemed that not only was Jayson his best friend, he was his greatest admirer too! Not that Graham minded this; in fact, it really endeared him to Jayson.

Jayson came back with the tape and was able to measure his pumped biceps for the awestruck onlookers at a full 22 inches!

“Dawg!!! Those guns are monstrous!” Jayson said, sounding a little choked up. “I…I…feel so small standing here next to you”, he confessed.

“You are”, Graham thought to himself with a cocky smile.

“I bet all this muscle’s gotta weigh a lot!” Graham said bringing his giant arm around his friend’s shoulder. “Why don’t you weigh me?”

The stunned crowd huddled around the scale to hear Graham’s weight. To their collective amazement, Graham had managed to break the 400 pound mark…410 pounds to be exact! It was a feat that did not draw the usual cheers and applause, but rather stunned gasps and a few shrieks. Graham had gained over a 100 pounds in the last 24 hours, and it didn’t look like he’d put on any fat. If anything, he looked more muscular than ever before!

“Yeah! Now that’s what I call some serious gains!” Graham roared as he stepped off the scale, towering over his dumbfounded best friend.

“God…I…I can’t believe this”, Jayson said looking up at Graham in AWE. “You’re…you’re…”

Graham raised his arms into a tremendous double biceps pose. Jayson’s entire field of vision filled with his friends bulging muscles. “Go ahead, dude”, he growled. “Say it!”

“You’re…huuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!” Jayson said excitedly to the wild applause of the crowd.

Graham headed off to the health food store, eager to impress the frat dude and his buddies. He allowed the sun to dry the sweat on his massive torso as he strolled to the shopping center, garnering stares from everyone. Passing cars would slow down to check him out, while pedestrians nervously jumped out of the way as he approached. Graham simply smiled down at them disarmingly and would give them a simple “hey” or “what’s up”.

By the time Graham arrived at the health food store, the frat dude and his buddies were waiting for him. The frat dude closed the store. He thanked Graham for coming and led him back to the back room.

“Dude”, the frat dude (whose mane was Mark) said, “You look even bigger than yesterday…WAY bigger!”

“Yeah, I guess I am…either that or you and the store shrunk!” Graham laughed.

The frat brothers were startled by Mark’s “discovery”. He had not been exaggerating about this kid’s size. If anything, Mark’s fantastic descriptions seemed more like understatements. This was the biggest and tallest man they had ever seen! They could not get over how powerful and ripped his muscles looked. His tremendous height only seemed to magnify his mighty musculature.

After some brief introductions, Graham walked over to the bench. It was strong and resisted his weight well, though it was barely long enough to fit Graham’s torso and buttocks. The brothers apologized for not getting something bigger.

“It’s OK”, Graham smiled. “Just about everything around me is made for smaller people. I’m getting used to it.”

Graham started off by benching his own weight, which the brothers were astonished to learn exceeded 400 pounds (not that they didn’t believe him…he looked every bit as massive!!!) Graham benched 400 pounds for twenty incredible reps before setting the weight down.

“That’s a good warm-up”, Graham boasted. “But I can do a lot more. I really wanna make these pecs GROW!”

The brothers gulped. Graham had already exceeded their wildest expectations in strength and, as far as his pecs went, they looked pretty fucking huge as it was! But Graham wanted even more size! They loaded the bar up to 475 and then 550 and watched speechless as Graham performed 10 reps with each weight without even a hint of strain.

“More, guys”, Graham bellowed. “I can do MORE!”

The brothers loaded the bar up to 630 and then 705 pounds. Graham smiled as he felt the weight now providing some resistance to his incredible strength. With a look of determination, Graham hammered out 8 reps with each weight. After the last set, he slammed the weight down on the rack and sat up, his pecs heaving with a jaw dropping pump, his sweat soaking the bench. His tank top was drum-tight and begging for mercy…

“What’s the most you guys can lift”, Graham said between breaths.

“Uh…like…uh…close to 300, for a maybe a couple of reps”, Mark ventured.

Graham smiled contemptuously at them as it clearly dawned on him just how much stronger he was then these so-called “lifters”.

“One more set”, Graham said. “And more weight!”

“We only have another 100 pounds. How much you want?” Mark said.

“All of it!” Graham said. “Let’s do it!”

Graham lifted the 805 pounds off the bench and growled as he lifted it up once…then twice…

Suddenly the stunned brothers watched Graham’s tank top finally give in to his growing mass. On the third rep, the tank ripped down the cleavage of Graham’s huge pecs…


On the fourth rep, the tear down the middle grew and another tear formed under his right pec…


On the fifth rep, the tear down the middle split his tank in half, effectively snapping it off his torso…


The brothers watched amazed as Graham’s pecs, free of their cotton prison, bulged bigger and bigger as Graham hoisted up the massive weight for five more reps! The experience was so devastatingly humbling that the three of them abandoned power-lifting for good. There just seemed no reason to even try after watching what this teenage phenomenon could accomplish.

Graham stood up from the bench and his head grazed the lights in the store room high above.

“Wanna see me flex, guys”, Graham said catching his breath and wiping the sweat from his brow. In the short time he had been there, Graham’s chest had crept above the heads of the frat brothers. They were now staring into the middle of his ribcage. His voice was a deep, powerful rumble.

“Yes”, the three answered in unison, their voices sounding like birds chirping in comparison. It sounded like they were almost begging him to flex for them. Their mouths were dry in anticipation…

Graham went into a few classic bodybuilding poses (double biceps, lat spread, triceps, most muscular, etc.) while the fraternity brothers gaped up at him in awe. Graham was pleased to find that his size and definition were quickly reaching bodybuilder proportions. What made Graham’s muscles so unique is how much larger they were than the average bodybuilder’s by virtue of his great height. Graham’s blossoming muscularity and his towering stature contributed to his mind-blowing strength. Though he did not know it, in just a few short days, Graham had quickly grown to become one of the strongest men on the planet! At the moment, the brothers didn’t doubt this for a second!

After five minutes of flexing, Graham picked up the torn fabric of his tank top and draped it over his shoulder.

“Well boys”, Graham announced. “Looks like its time for me to head off. It’s been a blast guys. Hope you enjoyed the show.”

The brothers nodded appreciatively. Then Mark added, “Would you be able to flex some more for us?”

Graham looked down at them. They had this glazed, puppy-dog look in their eyes. Quite frankly, Graham had no problem flexing for a few more minutes. He really enjoyed showing off. But he also realized that the frat brothers would do anything to watch him flex some more. Graham decided to make the situation profitable.

“It’s gonna cost you guys”, Graham smiled.

“How much?” they asked in concert.

“Twenty dollars, each”, Graham smiled.

The brothers didn’t hesitate to dig into their pockets and hand over the money. Graham tucked the sixty dollars into his pocket and began unbuttoning his cargo pants. Graham grinned as he looked at their astonished faces,

“I wanna give you guys your money’s worth”, Graham explained.

Graham kicked off his cargo shorts and revealed his massive thighs and super-packed crotch. His cotton boxer briefs were skin-tight against his sculpted ass and immense endowment. The frat brothers stared at Graham’s crotch astonished.

“Damn…you’re huge everywhere!” Mark blurted out.

Graham looked down at his crotch haughtily. He had to admit…he did look really impressive. He wondered what he measured soft. He estimated himself to be a good 8 or 9 inches…perhaps 10! He was confident that even soft, his cock was longer and thicker than most men’s when they were erect. The stunned look on the brothers’ faces told him that this was the case.

Graham was now able to offer the brothers a complete bodybuilding routine. One would have never known these men were “straight” the way that they openly cheered and complimented Graham with every flex of his massive physique. Graham returned to the weights to bench 805 pounds for another ten reps and then performed 3 sets of 15 barbell curls with a full 325 pounds on the barbell! After performing a countless number of squats with the full 805 pound weight, Graham flexed his tremendous legs. They bulged so much that the hems of the boxer briefs busted open under the incredible pressure of each thigh. The brothers shrieked like schoolgirls when this happened.

After a full half-hour of this, Graham asked the brothers if they had some more money to take this a little further. Graham’s glistening physique filled and dominated the back room, making it appear somewhat cramped. Graham’s musky sweat filled the stagnant air making it smell like a men’s locker room. The environment was intoxicating and the brothers could not say no to the giant teen. This time Graham demanded $100 each, effectively wiping them out of cash.

“OK guys…check this out?” Graham grinned as his thumbs slowly pulled down the waistband of his boxers.

Their jaws dropped as they watched Graham peel off his boxers, revealing inch, after inch, after inch, after inch of his huge, thick shaft. They watched in disbelief as more and more of Graham’s cock reeled out from the cotton confines of his underwear. Now THIS was HUNG!!! Nothing they had ever seen even came close!!! Graham let the underwear fall down below his knees and rose to his full height. Their speechless stares excited Graham and his massive cock responded by growing and thickening. They all watched Graham’s cock grow beyond 11 inches…then 12…13…14…15…and larger still!!!…This was a night these frat brothers would never forget about!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Graham left the store around seven o’clock, having spent more or less two hours there. The warm air brushed off his bare sweaty torso as he walked down the street, causing a collective stir from everyone in sight.

“$360 in one hour”, Graham mused. “Not bad…I could make a living out of this!”

Graham had gone through his workout routine one more time for the frat brothers. He allowed them to feel his arms and chest as he flexed between sets. Mark had begged him to measure his cock, which had remained hard throughout most of Graham’s routine. The brothers were blown away to discover that Graham’s cock stretched to a full 16 inches and nearly nine inches in girth. His cock had grown a full inch longer and thicker since his morning rendez-vous with Miss Wharton! He had ended his performance in dramatic fashion as he sat down on the bench and gave himself a hand job. He had invited the other guys to join him, and they had done so without hesitation. While Graham felt his chest and arms, flexing from time to time (almost completely self-absorbed) the brothers had their eyes trained on his Herculean body and giant cock. Graham could not get over how infatuated they had become over him. He loved this effect that his body had on others. What really sent Graham over the edge was when he realized how much bigger his cock was than any of the brothers’. Their tools looked like Tootsie Rolls next to his giant, throbbing cock! It made him feel so powerful and dominant…

Graham came home and immediately went to the kitchen to fix himself some more protein shake. His mother had two turkeys and a dozen sweet potatoes cooking in the oven. On the stove was a large pot of creamed spinach. Even so, Graham’s mother wondered if it would be enough when she saw her giant son duck into the kitchen and bump his head on the ceiling. His shoes made him taller than the kitchen…

“Dear Lord!” his mother cried as he stared at her towering son’s hulking physique. “I can’t believe how big you are, Graham! You’re enormous!”

Graham smiled as he mixed his shake in the blender. “I’m growing, mom”, he explained simply. “And I ain’t nowhere close to done!” Graham drank down the blender full of shake before fixing himself another. When his father walked into the kitchen he stared up at Graham, who was downing his second pitcher of shake, looked at Graham’s mother and said,

“Honey…we better eat in the dining room. Graham is too big to eat in the kitchen.”

This massive dinner was still no match for Graham’s voracious appetite. He ate one turkey himself in just a few minutes before moving onto the second turkey. Luckily his parents had secured themselves some slices before Graham dug in. Graham had nine baked sweet potatoes and the entire pot of creamed spinach. Graham’s father loved creamed spinach but he was willing to forgo it in its entirety to satiate his son’s ravenous appetite. His parents simply looked on helplessly as Graham sat at the table, bare-chested and muscles bulging, as he continued to eat them out of house and home!

Even after the meal, Graham drank down two more blenders of shake and three protein bars before coming to sit down and watch TV with his dad. His mom had gone to bed. Graham’s father had jumped out of the way as Graham had elected to sit down right next to him. The couch groaned under Graham’s huge weight. He kicked off his shoes and stretched his massive legs out over the coffee table, seriously testing the stability of the table. He stretched his arm out encircling his dad who now looked petite next to his son’s titanic frame. They watched an NBA game that night. Graham could not help making fun of the players and how small they all were. Shaquille O Neal was a “mere” 7 feet tall and Yao Ming was an “embarrassing” 7’ 2”.

“They call that big?” Graham mocked. “Man, I tower over those shrimps! I totally blow them away in muscle mass, too! And I ain’t even done growing! Man, when I make it to the NBA, I’m gonna show these midgets what BIG really means!!! I’m gonna shatter every record there is!!!”

Graham’s father did not doubt him for a second. His son had become the biggest man he had ever seen and his growth showed no signs of tapering off…

His father felt conflicted. Part of him felt proud of his son and his immense size. He understood that becoming huge had always been Graham’s dream (though he had clearly underestimated how huge he desired to be) and was happy for him. He had no problem conceding that Graham was now the “man of the house”. In fact, Graham’s parents felt much safer in their giant son’s presence. Who in their right mind would dare mess with the parents of this young giant?

On the other hand, his father could not help feeling intimidated and afraid as his son continued to grow bigger and stronger. The fact that Graham could physically crush his father with his bare hands made his father uneasy. It certainly made him more inclined to abandon his parental role as authority figure and adopt a more submissive and servile role. Graham’s father intended to do everything he could to keep Graham happy and avoid incurring the wrath of his giant son. After all, he was the “man of the house”, right? Why shouldn’t he call all of the shots?

Lost in his own thoughts, Graham’s father gazed at his son’s physique: his long, thick legs, his massive feet, his ripped abdominals, his heaving chest…Graham could sense his father’s stare and reveled in it. He occasionally tensed a muscle or wiggled his long, long toes just to add to his father’s fascination. After about an hour of this, Graham grabbed the remote and switched off the game.

“This game’s a blow-out”, Graham announced. “Besides, you really haven’t been watching the game, have you dad?”

His father reddened with embarrassment. How long had he been gawking at his son? He had lost all track of time. He jumped to his feet nervously and asked,

“I’m sorry Graham. I was distracted…uh…is it time yet?”

Graham grinned at his father. He planted his feet on the ground and slowly rose to his feet. He quickly dwarfed his father though his head continued to climb higher and higher until his father was staring right into his son’s wall of ripped abdominal muscle.

“Sure thing, dad”, Graham said. “Let’s go.”

The stairs creaked loudly as Graham pounded up the stairs, his father close behind. They headed to the bathroom. Graham’s father got up on a chair. Where as yesterday they had been more or less eye to eye when his father stood on the chair, tonight he was staring at Graham’s chin!

“Damn”, Graham laughed, “Someone’s getting shrimpy!”

His father stretched the measuring tape as far as it would go, and it was still short…the eight-foot measuring tape! Graham’s father gulped as he realized just how tall his son had become. His hand quivered as he measured his son’s remaining height.

“You’re eight feet, two inches tall, son”, his father said with his voice trembling. Graham now towered over his father by more than two feet!

“Ya see?” bragged Graham. “I told you. I tower over those seven foot centers. Hell, I could probably reach the basket without jumping now! This is awesome!”

Graham lifted his father off the chair and set him on the ground, which made his father feel even more like a child next to his giant teenage son. Graham went over to the scale and stepped on it…It could only hold 400 pounds…


The dial on the scale swung wildly to the max of 400 pounds before collapsing under his massive weight. His father looked at the scale which lay crushed under his son’s giant feet and then back up at Graham who wore a big grin on his face.

“There’s an old scale in the garage that can hold more”, his father suggested. “Up to 750, I think.”

“Then what are you waiting for, pops?” Graham said. “Go and get it! We need a scale up here to measure some seriously huge weight!”

His father scampered down the staircase and into the garage. He brought up the old scale with some effort. It was a doctor’s scale, much like the one Graham and Jayson used at the school gym. Graham’s mother had moved it to the basement in favor of a more aesthetically pleasing scale. Plus, she had never expected anyone in the family to surpass 400 pounds in weight…

Graham stepped onto the scale, bending his head slightly so as not to hit the ceiling. The destruction of the old scale confirmed that Graham had shattered the 400 pound mark. Indeed, Graham had known this since he weighed in earlier that day at the school gym at 410 pounds. But Graham was delighted to find out just how much more mass he had gained in the last 4 hours. His father looked at the numbers on the scale stupefied.

“Son…you’re so big…” his father said in a meek voice.

“How much?” Graham boomed.

“476 pounds”, his father reported.

“That’s what I’m talking about!!!” Graham said thumping his chest proudly. “Now that is some serious mass!!!”

Graham blew into a most muscular pose and growled into the mirror. His growl rumbled through the house and woke up his mother. His father watched in awe as this giant jock flaunted his massive muscles. He couldn’t believe that this was his son!

Graham blew into a lat spread. His shoulders and back had grown so wide that his torso took up the entire width of the mirror. More importantly, Graham had grown so wide, that he accidentally knocked over his dad with his left elbow as he blew into his pose. His father fell backwards and landed on the toilet while Graham laughed, still holding his pose.

“Sorry, pops. You gotta give me room, man!” Graham laughed unapologetically. “I need lots and lots of room now!”

“I’m sorry. You’re right, son…I’ll remember that from now on”, his father said as he remained seated on the toilet.

Graham continued posing in the mirror. He undid his cargo shorts to get a better view of his legs. His boxer briefs had reached their breaking point. His father gaped in amazement. The briefs left nothing to the imagination about the size and length of his son’s monstrous endowment. His father felt so puny and insignificant…he almost felt like crying.

“Yeah…I’m really getting into bodybuilding, dad”, Graham said as he continued to flex and flex. “I like it about as much as basketball…maybe more. I love coming home every day and seeing my muscles getting bigger and stronger…it’s such a rush!”

Graham did some more posing before his father asked to be excused. His ego had been sucked dry, and he was beginning to feel things about his son which quite frankly disturbed him. But Graham had him stay a little longer.

“Just a few more poses, dad”, Graham said. “Here, stand here next to me. I wanna see how big I look next to you!”

His father reluctantly complied. He stood in front of his giant son. Graham’s pecs heaved majestically above his balding head. His huge, bronzed, rippling muscles stood in stark contrast to his father’s flabby, pale complexion. Graham’s thick, wide torso seemed to act as a giant background to his father’s small, timid form.

“Yeah…much better”, Graham groaned as he blew into a double biceps pose. “Damn, you don’t even reach my chest anymore. You’re shrinking, dad!!!”

His father certainly felt as if that were the case. Graham did some more flexing, teasing and goading his dad as he did,

“What’s wrong dad? You look shocked”, Graham laughed. “Ain’t you ever seen muscles this big before?”

Graham flexed his bicep next to his father head. His bicep looked somewhat larger…

“Guess not!” Graham laughed.

Graham finally let his father slink away to bed. Graham gobbled down another two protein bars before lying down on his bed. His calves and feet hung over the edge of the bed. He propped one of his feet on the chair by his computer and let the other one dangle lazily in the air. His body weight was now testing his queen-sized bed. Any sudden movements and he was sure he’d send the mattress and box spring crashing to the floor. In fact, with every deep breath he took, the springs in the mattress seemed to groan slightly. Graham allowed the steady rhythm of the groaning mattress soothe him to sleep. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.


Part 5

Graham liked to sleep in on Saturdays and today was no different. He woke up around 9am. He wore a lazy smile on his face as he turned his head and flexed his arm slowly, savoring the way the heavy, thick fibers of his muscle bunched and bulged at his command. He breathed in and grinned as he watched his chest rise and fall before his eyes. He felt incredibly massive. He felt his cock growing with the excitement and could not help service his morning wood with a slow, sensuous wank that left his bed sheets soaked in cum!

“Man, I’m probably getting bigger just lying here”, Graham thought contentedly. “Hell, I know I am! I can feel it!”

Graham stayed in bed, stretching, flexing and drifting in and out of sleep. He would have stayed there all morning if it weren’t for the rumble in his stomach reminding him that it was time to eat.

Graham stood up. His briefs fluttered off his semi-erect manhood and onto the floor. He had grown so much overnight that the briefs had simply burst apart at some point.

“Gonna need me some new briefs”, Graham smiled as he absently played with his heavy, dangling cock. He scratched at his big hairy balls. They hung proudly, heavier and bigger than lemons. He looked up at the ceiling which hung less than a foot from head.

“Man, I love being huge!!!” Graham roared, shaking the walls of his bedroom and shocking his parents downstairs. He hit a few bodybuilding poses into the full length mirror on the wall before ducking out his bedroom door and hopping in the shower. While he waited for the water to warm up, Graham decided to weigh himself to see how much he had grown overnight. He weighed a massive 537 pounds!

“Damn! 60 pounds in one night! This is fucking awesome!” he exclaimed.

Graham looked on the wall and found the marking his father had made the night before marking his height at 8’2”. The mark now sat a little below eye level! Graham guessed he was probably 3 to 4 inches taller, putting him at about 8’ 6”!

Graham jumped in the shower and lathered himself up, taking time to flex and feel all of his muscles. He could not resist lathering up his throbbing cock and unleashing yet another huge load onto his abs and the shower walls. Graham knew he could shoot a couple more loads if he wanted. His stamina was such that he could get hard with the snap of a finger, and his giant balls were churning out cum constantly. But at that rate, he would never make it out of the shower!

Graham got out and toweled himself off. He pulled on a tank top he had purchased only two days ago. It felt as tight as a drum on him. Graham knew the tank would tear right off him if he took a deep breath. Graham pulled on his cargo shorts. They looked painted on him. The legs of the shorts tore apart at his thighs as he walked. His manhood bulged prominently in the front and crept down one of the pant legs.

Graham barreled down the stairs. It sounded like a truck was rolling down the stairway. He stomped into the dining room where his parents had breakfast ready for him.

“I even made up some protein shake for you”, his dad said trying not to sound as nervous as he felt.

“Thanks pops”, Graham said as he grabbed the pitcher of shake from him and downed it in a few gulps. He handed the empty pitcher back to his dad and said,

“Why don’t you go back in the kitchen and make me another”, Graham smiled. “The ceilings are too low for me in there.”

His dad obeyed. He rushed off to the kitchen as his mother brought out a baked ham for Graham. Graham ate the entire 4 pound ham along with a dozen scrambled eggs and half a box of cereal. Graham washed all of this down with two gallons of milk, pretty much the only thing Graham drank anymore. When he had finished clearing the table of food, Graham stood up. Towering over his parents, he grabbed the second pitcher of shake and gulped it down. Always the showman, when he was done, he took a deep, deep breath. His massive torso was just too much to contain and his tank top tore apart with a loud RRRRRRRRIP!!! Graham simply pulled the torn fabric off his huge, heaving chest and tossed it casually at his mother.

“Can you get rid of that for me, ma? I need to get me something bigger to wear today”, Graham said as he flexed his chest. “With any luck they might have something”, he added.

Graham had a lot planned for the day. He wanted to get some new clothes. He wanted to pay Miss Wharton a visit. He also wanted to surprise Matt and his college buddies up at the college gym. But more than anything he wanted to give his good friend Jayson a call.

“Hello?”, Jayson answered.

“Hey man, it’s me. Graham”, Graham’s deep voice rumbled.

“Graham? Hey man! What’s up?” Jayson said, his heart pounding excitedly.

“Not much. Hey, I was thinking. We don’t hang out nearly enough. Why don’t you come over and we’ll hang out today”, Graham offered.

“Really? Sure Graham! That sounds cool! I’ll be right over!” Jayson said unable to hide his enthusiasm.

Jayson shut off his Playstation, hopped on his skateboard and raced down to Graham’s house. Jayson knocked at the door and Graham answered. Graham was so big that the doorframe was level with his shoulders. Jayson couldn’t even see his face, but there was no doubt in his mind who this young giant was. Graham’s bulging pecs and steel-hard abs filled his vision.

“Damn, look at you, dude!” Jayson said stepping inside and peering up at his best friend. “You’re so freakin’ BIG!!! I feel like a child next to you! How the hell is this happening, bro?”

Graham grinned down at his bewildered friend. He didn’t want to give away his big secret just yet.

“Genetics, I guess”, Graham said. “I always knew I’d be a big man. I just never realized HOW big!”

“I’ve never seen anyone bigger”, Jayson said staring up at him in awe. “I swear, I can’t believe how huge you’re getting!”

“You think I’m big now…just wait and see! I ain’t even done growing yet!” Graham boasted. “Man, I love what’s happening to me!”

Graham told Jayson that he wanted to go to the Big & Tall store to pick up some new clothes. Graham leaned up against the wall to put on his sneakers. They felt really tight on him now! He couldn’t even do the straps up all the way!

“Oh my God!” Jayson gasped as he compared his Size 12 sneakers next to Graham’s monster feet. “What size are those?”

“Size 30”, Graham bragged, “and they’re getting way too tight for me to wear!”

Jayson simply looked up at him in wonder.

They left for the Big & Tall store. Graham decided to jog there while Jayson rode his skateboard. He nearly bumped into a curve as he tried to catch a glimpse of Graham running. Not only was his best friend incredibly tall, but he was also looking unbelievably buff! He had never seen more perfect muscles; not even in the muscle and fitness mags he drooled over in the privacy of his bedroom…

Graham entered the Big & Tall store with his little friend tailing behind. His powerful bare-chested physique sauntered past a pair of obese brothers with bodies like sumo wrestlers. Graham weighed more than either of these fat guys, but he was all muscle! He strode by a couple of basketball players, the tallest barely reaching seven feet in height. Graham was head and shoulders taller than the tallest guy there! Graham was dwarfing all of the “big and tall” clientele. He was redefining big and tall!

“Yo, Pam. I’m back”, Graham said as he approached Pam, the female store clerk.

“Dear lord!” Pam said as she turned around and looked up at Graham…way, way up!!! “You’re…you’re gigantic!” she blurted.

“Yeah…I’m definitely getting there, that’s for sure!” Graham said. “Tell me Pam, does your big and tall store have anything that’ll fit me now?” Graham did a lat spread that made Pam and a few of the customers in the store moan in amazement. In all her years of working there, she had never seen a man as massive as Graham…not even close!

“I guess we can try”, Pam said. “But I doubt we’ll be able to help you if you get any bigger.”

“Then I guess this is my last visit here”, Graham laughed, “Cause I plan on getting much, much bigger!”

Graham and Jayson followed Pam into the storeroom in the back. The shelves were arranged up to ten feet high. On the top shelves was the store’s biggest gear. Pam and her co-workers had never really needed to order any of this gear since no man in the surrounding area could ever fill these clothes…until now. Nevertheless, they had to keep the items on stock for show. The “Big & Tall” chain took pride in their claim to be able to clothe any man, no matter how absurdly huge. But Graham would soon put this claim to rest.

To get to the highest shelves, Pam normally needed to use the rolling ladder, but Graham was able to reach it by simply extending his arm. Jayson and Pam felt so small and puny next to Big Graham.

“Dude! That’s ten feet you can reach…and you don’t even have to jump!” Jayson said in shock. “Do you realize that you could dunk a basketball without even jumping!?!”

“Man, if I wanted dunk, I wouldn’t leave a backboard standing”, Graham laughed. “And it’s not like anyone would be able to stop someone as big as me from going to the basket, let alone block me! You little guys can just hand the ball to me and I’ll score every trip down the lane!”

“With you on our team, Graham, we’ll be the most-feared squad in the country!” Jayson chirped.

Graham grabbed the items on the top shelf. There was a monstrous pair of Nike sneakers which must have been more for show than for footing. The shoes were a freakish Size 40; so freakish that Pam and the other employees neglected to ever display them. But for Graham they were a welcomed loose fit. Graham took these and a pair of Size 36 sandals. Graham handed his “old” Size 32 sneakers to Pam who again had to use both arms to cradle them in her arms.

“You can take these”, Graham grinned. “They’re too little for me!”

Graham donned his new sandals and continued to pull down items from the top shelf. He found two 8XL T-shirts with a Nike emblem on it, one navy blue and one red. He found a shiny pair of silver-colored nylon basketball shorts that would have looked like baggy clown pants on an NBA Center, however they would fit Graham to a tee. There was also a giant white pair of CK briefs and, much to Graham’s delight, a shiny blue posing thong. The thong was so amazingly large, it seemed almost custom-made for the horse-hung teenager!

“You don’t mind if I change in here, do ya?” Graham asked.

Without waiting for a response, he turned around and peeled of his tattered cargo pants revealing two basketball-sized glutes, each perfectly sculpted and hard as granite! Pam and Jayson both gasped in amazement. Graham slipped into the briefs which struggled to stretch over his bulbous ass. He tucked his endowment into the pouch and turned around.

This time Pam and Jayson let out a pair of squeals. The outline of Graham’s cock pushed against the strained, beleaguered fabric. Graham’s balls were quickly approaching the size of oranges.

“You see Pam?” Graham bragged “I’m gigantic in every way from head to toe.”

Jayson and Pam were unconsciously leaning up against each other for support as Graham slipped into his nylon shorts. The silver fabric accentuating his round ass and bulging crotch. He then pulled the navy blue T-Shirt on. As long as the shirt was it still left two rows of his abs (including his belly-button) exposed. The tee had a tough time covering his bulging torso and wide V-Taper, but did so. The sleeves could barely contain his 24 inch arms. The shirt could not conceal the fact that this was a man with MUSCLE…and seriously huge muscles at that!

“Admit it, Pam”, Graham said towering over the trembling store clerk by over three feet in height. “I’ve outgrown your little ‘Big & Tall’ shop, haven’t I?”

“I’ll admit it”, Pam said dry mouthed. “You’re beyond BIG & beyond TALL! You’re truly in a league of your own!”

Graham and Jayson left the store. Already Graham was feeling hungry again. Graham placed his giant hand (bigger than a shovel) on Jayson’s shoulder.

“What do you say, little buddy?” Graham rumbled. “Wanna grab a bite to eat?”

“Sure”, Jayson nodded. “Man, you must eat a ton!”

“Dude, you won’t believe how much food a man like me can put away!” Graham boasted.

They headed off to the shopping mall where there was an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. A collective gasp swept through the patrons, as soon as Graham ducked through the doorway and strode into the restaurant. The store manager looked up at Graham aghast as he cautiously approached to seat him.

“Just you sir?” the manager whimpered.

“And my friend too”, Graham said stepping slightly aside, revealing Jayson, who was totally hidden behind Graham’s hulking form.

“This way”, the manager instructed.

The manager had tried to seat them at a large table in one corner of the restaurant. Graham looked down at the flimsy chair and smiled smugly down at the manager. He lifted his giant sandaled foot and slammed it down on the chair. The legs snapped like twigs and the chair collapsed into pieces. The manager, realizing his grave oversight, looked up frightened.

“We’re gonna need something bigger to hold my weight”, Graham said.

The manager sat them at a booth instead. Graham found the leg room under the table very cramped. In fact, with his feet firmly planted on the floor, Graham balanced the table on his folded knees, a good six inches off the ground! Whenever Graham got up to go to the buffet bar, the table would slam down on the ground unceremoniously, only to be propped back up on his knees upon his return. Jayson was so cowed by his giant friend that he dared not complain.

“Sorry bout this, dude”, Graham said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it, man”, Jayson insisted. “We little guys should adjust to your needs. I mean, that’s seems only fair, right?”

Graham smiled. He couldn’t agree more with his little buddy.

Graham came back to the table with two full plates at a time. Every time he showed up at the buffet table the other patrons would jump out of his way and let him fill his plate with macaroni and cheese, roast beef, baked potatoes, turkey, meatloaf, fried chicken…there wasn’t an item at the table that Graham did not try, and every time he brought back a plate there was a mountain of food piled on it.

Jayson was mesmerized by Graham and how much he could eat. After two plates of food, Jayson was stuffed. Meanwhile, Graham was on his 10th plate of food and counting…

“Uh…Graham…Do you want me to bring back some more food for you?” Jayson offered. “That way you won’t have to keep running back and forth to the buffet table?”

“You’d do that?” Justin asked with a big smile. “Damn, thanks little buddy! Yeah man, bring me back some more food! I’m gonna put these clowns outta business this afternoon!”

Jayson ran back and forth between the buffet bar and Graham’s table. Slowly but surely, the buffet bar became barren of food. The cooks in the back rushed to make more. Meanwhile, the manager was dumbfounded. It was as if a dinner party of twenty had suddenly come into the restaurant. Instead, it was just Graham who was cleaning out the buffet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t charge Graham 20 times… “This kid could eat me out of business!” the manger worried.

Graham finally finished his last plate of food and mercifully stood up to leave. The way his massive frame dwarfed everything and everyone in the room, it was no surprise to anyone that Graham had eaten as much as he did. Little did he know it, but as he ate, Graham had gained about another inch in height and another 20 pounds in weight! Had he bothered to chart his height more carefully he would have realized that his growth was accelerating!…

The manager politely charged the teenager for their meals (only $12.00 for all of that food!)

“I assume everything was OK?” the manager asked forcing a grin. He felt very intimidated with Graham in front of him. He marveled at the ripped rows of ab muscle before his eyes, clearly discernible beneath his shirt.

“Yeah, man. The food was good”, Graham said. “But I’m too big for your tiny-ass seats and tables. You’ll need to get something bigger for me the next time I come?”

“The next time?” the manager gulped.

Graham grinned.

With that Jayson and Graham left. Next on the agenda was a stop at Miss Wharton’s house. Graham called her on his cell phone and found that her fiancé was still out of town.

“Fiancé?” Graham laughed, somewhat surprised. “I thought you were single?”

“We’re only engaged”, Miss Wharton said. “Please Graham. Come on over. I need to see you again. I need you inside me…” she moaned.

Jayson could not believe that his best friend was screwing his English teacher. Nevertheless, Jayson tagged alongside Graham like a faithful little puppy dog. When they got there, Graham rang the door bell. Miss Wharton answered and Graham entered first, ducking through the doorway and immediately filling the hallway inside with his huge muscular frame from floor to ceiling.

“Oh my word, Graham!” Miss Wharton squealed. “You’re…you’re even bigger than yesterday! I can’t believe my eyes!”

“Believe it, Miss Wharton”, Graham rumbled. “You’ll never see a man as big and powerful as me…Just look at these muscles…”

He peeled off his shirt with a little difficulty; his massive arms pushed against the walls and his head brushed the ceiling! He pressed her against the wall with his hulking frame, being careful not to crush her but simply immobilize her. Miss Wharton could not keep her hands off her giant student. Her fingers rolled over his ripped abs while she hungrily looked up and eyed his thick, hard nipples…

“Whoa, Miss Wharton!” Jayson boomed startling the teacher. “I never knew you sweatin’ Graham like that”, he laughed.

“Jayson!” she yipped. “What…what are you doing here?” She looked back up at Graham and protested, “I thought you were coming alone!”

“Relax, Miss Wharton. Don’t pay him no mind”, Graham said caressing her hair in his giant hand. “He won’t say anything. It’ll be like he ain’t even here. Just you and me…” he purred.

He gently lifted Miss Wharton off the floor with just one arm, his hand palming her tight ass. He raised her level to his nipples.

“Go ahead, Miss Wharton”, Graham smiled. “This is what you want, ain’t it? Go ahead, Miss Wharton. I’m all yours…”

Miss Wharton looked at Jayson who grinned up at her like a Cheshire Cat. But she found she could not restrain herself. She didn’t care who was there to watch. She had to have Graham! Miss Wharton groaned as she dove into Graham’s chest, licking his pecs and sucking his nipples with raw, erotic abandon.

“Mmmm…yeah. That’s right, babe. You like that chest, huh?” Graham rumbled. “Yeah, I worked real hard to make my pecs big and strong. Just so you can feel ‘em…so you can kiss ‘em…Yeah, worship my muscles, Miss Wharton. You’re my little bitch now! I’m gonna call you my little bitch from now on! You like that, don’t ya?”

Miss Wharton moaned in approval. Jayson could not believe the control Graham had over her. Graham wore a cocky grin on his face, as if to say to Jayson, “Look at this, dude…look at what my body can do!”

“Make yourself at home, dude”, Graham said as he lifted Miss Wharton into his arms and headed down the hallway to her bedroom. “Me and my bitch are gonna be a while!”

Jayson did as he was told. He helped himself to a Coke, sprawled out on the couch and watched an action movie on TV. It was one of his favorites (one of the “Lethal Weapon” films) but he could not concentrate on the movie. Graham and Miss Wharton were carrying on like two lions in heat. Graham’s groans and Miss Wharton’s screams echoed down the hallway. He could hear the steady pounding against the bedroom wall as well as the unmistakable creaking of her bed. Hell, he was sure every neighbor on the block could hear it. Based on the sounds he heard alone, he guessed that Graham had fucked her four, if not five times in a row! At one point he even heard the bed crash into the floor. The frenzied couple had broken it, no doubt the result of Graham’s monstrous weight. Still, the couple hit orgasm one more time after that!

Jayson could picture their every move. He could envision Graham standing naked in the center of the bedroom. Under his feet lay the demolished bed and mattress while his head touched the ceiling. He held Miss Wharton with one strong arm wrapped around her tiny waist. She had her legs wrapped around his lower back; her arms flung over Graham’s wide, powerful shoulders. She moaned and cried as Graham mercilessly fucked her with his super-huge cock. She looked feeble and exhausted, but Graham looked invincible and unstoppable; his giant, muscled body glistened with sweat, dwarfing the pretty young lady impaled on his cock. “Lethal Weapon” simply could not compare to the show Graham was putting on behind closed doors…

Three hours later, Graham emerged from the bedroom; his bare, well-muscled body slick with sweat. He wore only his white CK briefs.

“What’s up, little man. How’s the movie?” Graham asked as he walked across the living room and into the kitchen.

“It’s…It’s OK, I guess…” Jayson said. “Damn, you two were going wild in there! You’ve been in there since two o’ clock!”

“Yeah…well, I guess time flies when you’re havin’ fun”, Graham smiled as he grabbed a gallon of milk from the fridge and drank it down in a couple of gulps! He tossed the empty receptacle aside and grabbed another full gallon of milk. Jayson watched awestruck as his huge friend polished off another gallon of milk. Graham wiped his mouth and looked in the fridge.

“Hey babe?” Graham called out to Miss Wharton who remained in the bedroom. “It looks like you’re out of milk. You want some water instead?”

Jayson and Graham giggled mischievously as they heard Miss Wharton answer, “Really?!? I thought I picked up milk yesterday at the store. Water is fine, Graham.”

Graham filled a pitcher full of water and walked back to the bedroom.

“She should have gotten it herself”, Jayson chuckled.

“She might have…except that she can barely walk right now!” Graham said with a sly wink.

“Damn dude!!! Are you serious?!?” Jayson said amazed.

Graham stopped and smiled down at Jayson. He playfully looked down at his crotch and then back at his startled friend. The fabric of Graham’s giant briefs strained against his mammoth manhood. Jayson gulped at the sight of it. Graham was bigger soft than Jayson was hard! Bigger, longer and thicker! Jayson could not imagine how big Graham would look hard!

“You think there is a woman alive that could handle all this?” Graham bragged as he allowed his friend to gawk at his super-packed crotch.

“You’re right. You are enormous, dude”, Jayson said in a hushed voice.

“You better believe it, little man”, Graham said, giving his stupefied friend a cocky wink. “I’ll be back out in a sec, OK?”

Graham went back to the bedroom to hang out with Miss Wharton a little longer. In the next fifteen minutes, Graham successfully managed to coax his exhausted teacher into giving him a blow job. Graham shot his thick load all over her, before bluntly excusing himself.

“I gotta run, babe”, he said as he pulled on his navy blue tee-shirt. God, it felt so tight on him now! “I’ll drop by if I’m in the area, OK?”

Miss Wharton simply nodded at the giant teenage stud as he stepped into his Size 36 sandals. “Oh, and say hi to your fiancé for me”, he laughed.

Graham and Jayson left Miss Wharton’s place and headed down the street toward the college campus.

“I hear they got a nice gym down there”, Graham explained. “I wanna do some serious liftin’ this afternoon.”

“Don’t we need a membership to get in?” Jayson asked.

Graham stopped walking and laughed. He rolled up his right sleeve, unveiling his giant bicep and bowling ball sized shoulder. He brought his right arm into a side chest pose. His bicep ballooned before Jayson’s astonished eyes. Jayson heard a few threads in the shirt snap as it struggled to cover Graham’s swelling pecs.

“This is all the membership we need, little man”, Graham said beaming down at Jayson.

“Holy shit!”, Jayson managed to yip. He felt like he was best friends with He-Man!

Graham strode confidently through the college campus while Jayson followed, zig-zagging behind his massive friend on his skateboard. The students on campus stopped dead in their tracks to watch the biggest and tallest man they had ever set eyes on…and he looked so damn young! Graham sauntered into the college gym and walked right up to the young man at the front desk. The astonished young man at the front counter had seen many buff college guys in his day, but none even compared to the teenage titan that stood towering over him.

“Yo dude”, Graham said to the bewildered man. “We’re gonna use the gym. OK?”

“Uh…uh…” the man struggled. “Do…do you have a…uh…a pass?”

“No, man. You don’t get it”, Graham said as he grinned and shook his head. He reached in front of him and slowly peeled off his tee. The man’s eyes bulged as he tried to take in the huge, ripped muscles before him. He was trembling as he stared up at the massive muscleman standing before him. Graham casually tucked the tee into his waistband. He leaned forward; his massive torso casting a shadow over the front counter and the frightened man before him.

“You see, that wasn’t a question”, Graham smiled. “We are gonna use the gym. Got it?”

“Yeah! Yeah man! Sure!!!” the man said nodding wildly. “I’ll…I’ll give you guys temporary passes. OK? Please…I…I’m just doing my job, you know?” the man pleaded.

“Chill, little man!” Graham said with an easy smile. “No-one here is angry, right Jayson?”

“Nope”, Jayson said with a smug smile.

“Aww dude, thanks”, the man said relieved. “Hey, my name is Jeff. Let me know if you need anything, OK? Towels, deodorant…anything, man. Just let me know!”

“Thanks Jeff”, Graham said as he ducked into the gym. Jayson followed after. He was amazed with his giant friend. He seemed to radiate power and confidence. Every other man seemed to shrivel and recoil in his massive presence. He felt so honored to be Graham’s best friend!

The gym floor fell to a hush when Graham strutted into the weight room. Graham did not know it, but his name had already circulated across the gym floor that day. The brothers of Alpha Delta Epsilon would spend every Saturday afternoon in the gym. There wasn’t a brother in the pack weighing under 200 pounds of solid muscle. But today, two of them opted to stay home, feigning illness. The night before, these two had joined another brother named Mark to watch a high school kid work out. They claimed that this sixteen year old was the biggest and strongest man they had ever seen. The brothers thought that Mark and the others were exaggerating, though they sounded very convincing. Mark continued to talk about him all afternoon. While Mark went to the gym, he could not bring himself to pump iron. He did cardio for most of the afternoon while his brothers remained baffled over his behavior…that is until Graham walked in.

“Look! That’s him!” Mark said leaping off the Stairmaster. “You see! I told you man! This kid is a giant! Holy shit…he’s…he’s even bigger than yesterday!”

Graham recognized the startled health food clerk and strolled up to him.

“Hey Mark. What’s up, man”, Graham said. He looked down at him could not suppress his laughter. “I’m sorry, man. I don’t need to be rude or nothin’. But, are you shrinking? You look really small, man!”

“I feel like I’m shrinking standing next to you. I can’t believe my eyes, Graham”, Mark stammered. All of those present were no taller than Graham’s ripped midsection. “You’ve gotta be over eight feet tall!”

“Hell yeah!” Graham boomed. “I’m closing in on nine feet, little men. And I’m still a growing boy. I wanna see what weights you guys have around here. You got anything that can challenge a man my size?”

Mark and the brothers set up a barbell with 450 pounds for young colossus. A lot of the brothers thought that Graham was going to bench the weight. But Mark and Jayson knew better. Rather than sit down on the bench, Graham grabbed the barbell of the rack and began curling the weight! A hushed awe descended on the gym as Graham pumped out a full twenty reps in perfect form. He set the weight back on the rack and nonchalantly wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Not bad for a warm-up”, Graham grinned, “But I’m gonna need more weight!”

Many of those in the gym gasped. Graham’s size was clearly not just for show. His strength was the definition of “superhuman”. Jayson could not get over how much his friend’s strength had skyrocketed in the past few days. Graham easily had the strength of five grown men…and he was still getting stronger!!!

They loaded the bar up to 550 pounds. Graham secured his grip on the steel bar and began curling. Graham’s powerful grunts echoed through the gym as he curled the weight again and again and again and again…By now, all of the college jocks in the gym had stopped what they were doing and were gathered around Graham. They watched him mystified. They even began counting out his reps,

“…eleven…twelve…thirteen…fourteen…”, they chanted.

Graham growled his way through 20 repetitions before slamming the weight back down again.

“OK guys. It show and tell time”, Graham proudly announced. Graham lifted his arms and brought them into a stellar double biceps pose. He was greeted with a chorus of astonished gaps from the little college jocks surrounding him. A few camera flashes went off in the gym immortalizing the moment.

“Yeah…my arms are gettin’ seriously pumped, guys”, Graham smirked as he flexed his arms over and over again. “Let me do another set for you all!”

The crowd eagerly counted out another twenty jaw-dropping reps and Graham rewarded their enthusiasm with some more posing. Graham then went on to work out his triceps and shoulders with a pair of 200 pound dumbbells. It had been years since anyone even dared use the dumbbells (the heaviest in the gym) and no-one had been able to perform more than three reps with them. But Graham breezed through entire sets using the weights to target the massive, bulging muscles of his arms, neck and shoulders.

If Graham’s body was that of a toned, muscular athlete at the start of this experiment, he was now entering bodybuilder range. Thanks to the serum, the testosterone levels in Graham’s body were about five hundred times the levels one would find in a teenager his age! Thus it was no wonder that all of Graham’s lifting and working out were yielding astonishing results. His muscle fibers were replicating at a dizzying rate; expanding and thickening with every rep…every breath…Graham’s muscles were becoming amazingly huge, and terrifyingly strong. He had more growth potential than any bodybuilder could dare dream of. He was a bodybuilder with no equal in size, strength or potential!

“God! You’ve gotta be one of the strongest men on the planet!” Mark squealed while Graham stood flexing in the mirror between sets.

“Yeah. Those supplements you gave me are sure helping me get to where I wanna be”, Graham said flexing his massive horseshoe shaped tricep. It looked like a small ham! Mark wondered exactly “where” it was that this giant teenager wanted to be in terms of his mind-numbing size and power. He was already a monster, but he was ready for MORE!

Graham did curls, presses and flies; he blasted his biceps, triceps, traps and delts. His massive torso glistened under the lights. The jocks in the gym looked on stunned as he blazed through set after set, punctuating each with a series of jaw-dropping poses. Their awe was palpable and Graham basked in their collective idolatry.

“Let me wrap this up with a little chest work”, Graham said arrogantly patting one of his pecs. They seemed to twitch and bulge in anticipation. “What did I bench yesterday?” he said turning to Mark.

“805”, Mark replied meekly.

“Oh yeah…that’s right”, Graham smiled as he rubbed his chin. “Give me 850 as a warm up!” he gloated.

“850!?!”, blurted Jayson. “Dude, that’s gotta be some kinda world record!!!”

“Yeah, well…not for long”, Graham said with a wink.

The gym rats went to work loading up the bar with the weight Graham had ordered. After what they had seen him lift, most everyone felt Graham could lift the massive weight; but no-one expected him to lift it so easily…not even Graham! Yet, no sooner had Graham laid back on the bench and wrapped his strong giant hands around the bar, he began benching the weight over and over again with contemptuous ease. It felt so easy that Graham nearly burst out laughing! After two sets of fifteen reps, Graham set the bar back down and sat up. His giant pecs heaved with power. He bounced them playfully before turning to Mark and the frat brothers,

“That was nothing. I can do way more!”, Graham bragged. “Let’s up the weight to an even thousand!”

A thousand pounds was more than any man had ever dreamed of benching. Graham looked at the massive weight behind him and then back down at his heaving pecs. They were throbbing with unimaginable strength. He knew he was more than enough man for the task. He confidently laid back on the bench, gripped the bar and, with a thunderous growl, lifted the weight not once…not twice…but eight times! The crowd gasped and moaned in astonishment. They were convinced that they were in the presence of the strongest man on Earth. But just how strong was he, really? Graham rested the half ton weight back on the rack and jumped to his feet. Everyone jumped back a couple of feet in shock!

“WHOOO BABY!!!!!” Graham boomed, pumping his fist in the air. “Can’t believe your eyes, can you?”, he gloated, flexing his pecs, which were now nothing short of mammoth. “You little dudes seen enough, yet? Well not me, man! I’m ready for MORE! 1,100 pounds! Let’s go!!! LOAD IT UP!!!”

No-one dared defy the young giant’s wishes. They were witnessing history in the making, whether they wanted to or not! But most would not have left Graham’s presence if given the choice. While they felt greatly intimidated by this towering teenage titan, there was also something about Graham’s superhuman size and strength which they found immensely alluring and (much to the embarrassment of some of the jocks there) attractive!

Graham grabbed hold of the bar and proceeded to bench the massive weight for five complete reps while a clamor ensued among the privileged onlookers. When Graham slammed the weight back down on the rack and rose to his feet, the entire gym was applauding wildly and chanting his name!

“Hell yeah!!! I’M THE BIGGEST, STRONGEST MAN YOU SHRIMPS WILL EVER SET EYES ON!!!” Graham roared triumphantly as he blew into a most muscular pose. The chanting and applause continued for two or three minutes while Graham flexed his arms, chest and back. His giant physique towered over everyone. He was anywhere between two to three feet taller than the jocks around him, including his friend Jayson. He wore a big grin on his face as he ate up their praise. There was nothing Graham desired more than to be this big and strong…except perhaps to grow even BIGGER and STRONGER!!! Graham’s wildest dreams were coming true in a big, big way!

“Dude, let’s weigh you”, Jayson said excitedly. His head only reached mid-way up Graham’s ripped abs!

Graham slowly and deliberately walked over to the scales they had in the corner. He was too heavy to be measured on any one scale, but Graham was able to balance himself on two, with one massive foot on each scale. His giant Size 36 sandals took up the entire pad on each scale! Mark and Jayson played with the dials until they finally weighed him in at an even 652 pounds!!! That was an increase of 100 pounds in just over six hours!!!

“Damn dude! This is beginning to freak me out”, Jayson gulped. “You’re gettin’ beyond huge…this is almost scary.”

Graham laughed and patted Jayson on the back (lightly so as not to send him flying). “Don’t be such a wuss”, Graham joked, making light of his friend’s worries. “If I ain’t worried, you don’t gotta be either. Let’s measure my height!”

If Graham had estimated himself to be about 8’ 6” that morning, he was now a full 8’10”. On Graham’s request, Andy (the guy at the front desk) checked a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records he kept handy. Andy compared these world records with Graham’s freakish size and strength. To the amazement of those present, Graham was on the verge of breaking several records, if he had not done so already. Graham had blown away all previous bench records by over 300 pounds. Moreover, he had benched the incredible weight of 1,100 not once…but FIVE times! Graham was a contender not just for the title of “Strongest Man Alive”, but “Strongest Man EVER”!!! His “guns” were now stretching the tape at 26 inches of pure, rock hard muscle as they continued to close in on the all-time record. Meanwhile, he had become the tallest living man on the planet and was only one inch shy of besting Robert Waldow for the title of “Tallest Man Ever”!

“Yeah, but did Waldow have guns like these?” Graham bragged as he proudly blew into a double biceps pose. Evidently not. Graham was already a good 200 pounds heavier than Waldo was at his heaviest, and Graham was far more muscular!

With little more than a snap of the finger Jeff came running over to Graham with some clean towels. However, rather than towel himself off, Graham felt like belittling Jeff a little more.

“Hey dude”, Graham smiled down innocently, “Would you mind toweling me off, man?”

Jeff looked surprised by the request. Nevertheless, when Graham lifted his arms, he swallowed his pride and began wiping the sweat off Grahams abs and lower back. Jeff had to stand on his toes to reach Graham’s pecs. Graham turned around and did a lat spread, inviting Jeff to towel off his back. Graham squatted down a little since he could tell Jeff was unable to reach his shoulders.

“There ya go little fella”, Graham snickered condescendingly.

Jeff wiped the sweat off Graham’s back, then got down on his knees to wipe down his legs. Most anyone in the gym would have been humiliated by this, but Jayson was actually feeling envious. “God, it’s so unfair!” Jayson thought to himself, “Why couldn’t Graham ask me to do that!?!” When Jeff was done, Graham took another towel and wiped his arms pits with it. He then flung the sweat-drenched towel at Jeff. Jayson wished he could take the seat-soaked towel home with him! Graham applied some body spray on his torso and then pulled his tight, tight T shirt back on.

“Thanks, little man”, Graham smiled. “Aren’t you glad I stopped in today?”

“You…you bet, Graham. Come back anytime!” Jeff said as the stench of Graham’s sweat engulfed him.

Graham and Jayson headed off to Graham’s place. All the while Jayson could not stop complimenting his giant friend on how awesome he was.

“Just look at yourself, dude!” Jayson said. “You’re a superman! A giant among men! You’re fucking unstoppable, dude!”

While Graham enjoyed all of the praise he received at the gym, he LOVED hearing Jayson compliment him. Graham liked intimidating those around him with his size and strength. In fact he enjoyed intimidating Jayson too. But part of him wanted to let his little buddy know that he was safe in his presence…that everything was still cool between them.

“Hey dude. Why don’t you stay over my place tonight?” Graham offered. “I’ll let you take my bed, if you want. I’m gettin’ too damn big for it anyway!”

“Oh God, Graham! I thought you would never ask!!!” Jayson thought to himself overjoyed.

“Sure”, Jayson said nonchalantly.

Graham returned home to find a note beside the staircase. His parents had to visit Aunt Joy who lived fifty miles away. Apparently she had suffered a fall. They suggested he make something with the groceries they bought. But Graham pulled out his dad’s credit card and had a much better idea.

“How many pizzas you think you can eat, little dude?” Graham asked.

“Man, I don’t think I could finish a whole pie on my own”, Jayson gasped.

“That’s alright. I’ll finish whatever you can’t”, Graham smiled as he dialed the number to his favorite pizza joint.

Graham ordered 8 pizza pies, adding a different topping to each pie.

“You can’t be serious!” Jayson said looking at him dumbfounded.

“I’m always serious when it comes to eating, little man!” Graham grinned. “After that workout, I’m fucking starving!”

Graham had Jayson fix him a couple blenders of protein shake in the kitchen while they waited for the delivery man. The ceilings in the kitchen were only eight feet tall and Graham could only fit in there with great difficulty. Jayson obediently served Graham pitcher after pitcher of protein shake while Graham sat on the couch, his weight seriously testing the springs in the sofa. Graham’s long legs stretched over the coffee table and his large toes touched the entertainment center at the opposite side of the room. He gulped down pitcher after pitcher like they were mere glasses of water. Graham could feel the protein shake feeding his muscles, making them feel fuller and bigger. He felt like he could keep guzzling down shakes forever!

The pizza man arrived, struggling with the eight boxes of pizza. He was shocked when Graham answered the door. Graham’s T shirt was shrinking around his growing frame (it no longer covered his entire midsection as it had earlier in the morning) so the delivery guy was looking face to face into the bottom of Graham’s super-defined abs. He handed Graham the pizzas and backed away toward his car.

“Wait man, I gotta pay you!” Graham said reaching for his dad’s wallet.

“It’s OK, man! It’s on me!” the delivery guy said as he hopped into his car and peeled out of Graham’s driveway.

“Damn. I can definitely get used to this”, Graham said with a smirk as he closed the door and brought the pizzas into the living room. They sat “Indian-style” on the carpet to eat.

Graham had a voracious appetite. He would take half a pizza pie, fold it up and then devour it in a few big bites. His parents had stocked up on milk and Graham washed down six gallons of it with his meal alone!

Jayson watched mesmerized as his giant friend made the pizzas disappear. He had only managed to finish five slices and he felt like he was ready to burst. Predictably, Graham came to his little friend’s rescue, chomping down the remaining three slices from Jayson’s pie like it was nothing.

Graham patted his belly and said to Jayson,

“That was some good shit man. I should have ordered one more pie though…I’m not totally full yet.” Graham nearly burst out laughing at Jayson’s astonished reaction. “You wanna go in the kitchen and grab me some protein bars? I think my mom keeps them in the cupboard. That should take the edge off…”

Jayson grabbed all the protein bars in the cupboard (seven of them) along with another gallon of milk and gave them to Graham, who was seated on the couch again. Jayson was going to sit on the carpet, since he felt a little uncomfortable sitting next to his friend’s huge, muscular frame, but Graham directed him to take a seat right next to him. The body spray mixed with the scent of Graham’s lingering sweat. To Jayson, the combination was the greatest fragrance he had ever encountered, perhaps only bested by the pungent smell of Graham’s sweat alone!

“Let me get the TV”, Jayson said as he reached for the remote.

Graham smiled and simply lifted his foot up to the TV set and turned the power button on with his toe.

“You can use the remote, little dude”, Graham chuckled. “I don’t need one anymore!”

They watched professional wrestling. Neither of them were huge fans, but there was really nothing else on. It was inevitable that the big, swarthy behemoths in the wrestling ring would invite comparisons to Graham. While the announcers showered frequent praise onto the big athletes that graced the ring, none came even close to Graham’s hulking physique! The biggest wrestler of them all was a burly, heavy-set man who tipped the scales at 500 pounds and stood 7 feet tall. Graham could not help but mock the would-be giant:

“That’s the biggest they got? Man, he’d only come up to my chest. I’d take his little five hundred pound body, lift it over my head, and hurl it out of the ring. These guys don’t even know the meaning of the word big!”

“Can you imagine if you were one of them wrestlers?” Jayson said. “Man, you would be the champion in no time! You’d be undefeated!”

“Damn straight!” Graham said. “There isn’t a man on their roster who could knock me down. Can you imagine one of them little squirts trying to body slam me? They wouldn’t be able to lift me an inch off the ground! They’d break their backs trying! Man, I’d seriously injure those twerps. Imagine gettin’ a headlock in one of these”, and here Graham flexed his right arm for emphasis, “or just me landing on one of them!”

“At your weight?” Jayson gasped. “Man, you’d break every rib in their body! Hell, they’d have to reinforce the ring just to support your mass! Maybe you should become a wrestler, dude!”

“Nah…it would be fun and all…and easy as hell too”, Graham mused. “But there’s more money in basketball…or football! Can you imagine that, little dude? Me running right through the defense, scoring one touchdown after another, dwarfing every man on the field…I’d flex my guns to celebrate every touchdown!”

“Man, they’d have trouble finding a uniform just to fit ya…Maybe they’d let you play shirtless!” Jayson suggested, the image alone exciting him.

“Dude…that would totally rule!” Graham boomed. “Then my muscles would really be on display! It’s not like I would need the pads…”

Graham and Jayson went back and forth like this for the better part of an hour; Jayson delighted in his friend’s total physical superiority to every other athlete in the world, while Graham’s ego fed off his little friend’s endless praise. Though they may not have readily admitted it at the time, there was a definite connection they both felt which united them: Graham loved being the giant muscle man he had become and yearned to grow even bigger, just as much as Jayson loved seeing his friend so huge and powerful and watching his giant friend grow even bigger. It was a symbiotic bond that joined them closer than any other two individuals on the planet, so much so that they felt giddy and light-headed in each other’s presence.

However, it was clear that Jayson was the more nervous and apprehensive of the two. As he watched Graham grow bigger and bigger with each passing day, he began to feel more and more inferior to him. It was a feeling Graham could sense, and this in turn made Graham feel more dominant and superior. Just as he had so easily bent the will of his parents, his peers and the jocks at the university gym, he was certain he could do the same to Jayson. Indeed, he had to degree, by making Jayson fetch him food on command. Nevertheless, he wanted Jayson to know that out of everyone and everything in the world which was slowly shrinking around him, that he prized Jayson above all else; no matter how small or inferior he became in comparison. Graham prized him because he could sense Jayson’s complete awe and worship of him, more so than in anyone else. It was a feeling that drove Graham to desire even more strength, size and power!

Their bond would be forever cemented in the next few moments, the catalyst of these being the simple tear of Graham’s shirt…


Graham’s right shirt sleeve tore all the way up to Graham’s shoulder fully exposing his massive 26 inch arms and cannon ball delt. Jayson, who was seated to the right of Graham, watched the fabric tear and retreat against the onslaught of Graham’s growing arms.

“Holy shit, man!” Jayson squeaked. “Your sleeve just blew apart!”

“Yeah…and I didn’t even move my arm!” Graham smiled. “Look what happens if I do flex it!”

Graham raised his arm and proudly flexed it. His mountainous bicep and enormous tricep dwarfed Jayson’s head! Jayson’s jaw dropped in astonishment.

“Man, I don’t care what the record books say”, Jayson gushed, “You have got the biggest arms in the whole world. Dude, they’re huuuuuge!!!”

“Yeah, they’re definitely gettin’ there, that’s for sure”, Graham said flexing his arm over and over again. He smiled as he realized just how much bigger than Jayson’s head his bicep had grown! Suddenly Graham’s other sleeve gave way much as the first had…


Jayson looked at Graham stunned before he found the strength to ask, “Dude, are..are you…are you growing?”

“I guess I am”, Graham smiled down confidently. “I can definitely feel it. It’s tough to explain. It’s like a tingling sensation…it feels REAL good…and I can feel it all over! I feel every muscle in my body getting heavier and stronger…I feel every part of my body expanding…Watch.”

Graham took a deep, deep breath and Jayson watched as Graham’s pecs began to expand bigger and bigger and bigger until…


The neck of Graham’s tee tore straight down the middle, revealing the deep crevice of Graham’s tanned pecs.

“I’m pretty sure I could bust right outta this shirt just by flexing”, Graham said. He them smiled at Jayson and added, “But I wouldn’t want all this muscle to scare you. After all, you were looking pretty freaked out damn at the gym…”

“It’s…it’s OK…” Jayson stammered. “I’d like to see that. Really…it would…it would be really cool.”

Graham arched his eyebrow and gave Jayson a cocky grin.

“Oh, really?” Graham said. “Well if that’s how you feel…”

Graham stood up and stood over Jayson who remained seated on the couch. Graham’s immense frame simply dwarfed Jayson’s much smaller and thinner frame.

“Then let me show you just how BIG my muscles are gettin’!” Graham boasted.

Graham slowly brought his arms into a most muscular pose. He growled like a cage lion as he felt his pumped muscles expanding with the flex.


The growl made Jayson jump. It was so loud it actually made the walls tremble! The giant muscles of his torso seemed to inflate to twice their size and the tee was reduced to shreds in mere seconds. The tattered cotton fabric that hung to his massive shoulders was all that remained.

Graham stripped the remains of the shirt of his frame and let it fall on Jayson’s lap. He brought his arms up into a devastating double biceps pose. Jayson looked up at Graham awestruck. Power and strength oozed off his colossal frame further fueling Jayson’s growing feelings of inadequacy. At 6’1” and 190 pounds, he had always considered himself to be a fairly big guy, but next to Graham he felt like a runt; no bigger than a child and no stronger than a schoolgirl. Despite his best efforts to the contrary he was trembling. The tattered shirt on his lap concealed his raging hard-on.

“Let’s go upstairs, dude”, Graham commanded. “I want you to measure me and weigh me…I’ve been growing this whole time since we left the gym. I wanna see how big I am!”

Jayson felt his body leave the couch as Graham grabbed him by his shirt and effortlessly yanked him off the couch. Jayson’s body weight was no match for the strength of even one of Graham’s arms. Jayson scampered up the stairs as Graham followed close behind. Graham’s shoulders were so broad that he could not help knock off the family pictures that hung on the stairwell walls. The headed toward the bathroom. Graham chuckled as he felt his hair brushing up against the ceiling…the nine foot ceiling!

Jayson jumped out of Graham’s way as he shifted his massive frame through the doorway into the bathroom. Graham’s giant musculature seemed to fill the entire bathroom. Jayson stood on the toilet seat to measure Graham’s height. He confirmed what Graham already knew. Graham now stood at exactly nine feet in height. He had become the tallest man to have ever lived!

“Those military guys weren’t kidding when they said I’d be taller!” Graham thought to himself. “Hell, I’m only one week into this experiment and I’m already the tallest man on the planet!”

Far from disturbing Graham, the prospect of growing much more only excited him.

Graham stepped onto the scale. He had to tilt his head so as not to bump his head on the ceiling. The extra height had brought Graham some extra mass. He now weighed an astonishing 690 pounds! He now surpassed even the heaviest sumo wrestlers in weight, and yet Graham’s body fat was less than 5%! He was all muscle!

“Fuck, man, it’s like the whole house is shrinking around me”, Graham bragged as he did a lat spread in the bathroom mirror. “I’m so big and strong I feel like I could knock down the walls with my bare hands!”

To emphasize his point, Graham did a double biceps pose that drew a soft moan from Jayson.

“I don’t doubt it”, Jayson struggled to say.

“Come here, dude”, Graham motioned to his little friend. “Stand next to me so I can see just how huge I am compared to you.”

Jayson complied. Graham could not help but let out a bellowing laugh as he watched his friend (of above average height by normal standards) only reach his abs. He ordered Jayson to take off his shirt and Jayson obeyed, revealing his smooth, toned physique. There was no question that Jayson was a strong athlete, but he looked painfully small beside Graham’s hulking frame.

“Damn, look at you, bro”, Graham derided. “You look like a freaking child compared to me. What am I…like three times as wide as you? Look how my pecs dwarf yours, dude. Look at that!”

“I know”, Jayson assented.

“And look at these arms, little man”, Graham boasted as he shifted his stance and performed a side chest pose. “There’s more strength in that arm then you have in your whole body! I could break a grown man in two with these giant guns. Check out that peak, little man! Hell my forearm is bigger than your upper arm! God, you’re starting to look so freaking small, man!”

“I am”, Jayson nodded. He began trembling. He could not hold back his feelings for Graham any longer…

“God, it’s such a rush to be this fucking BIG! I’m becoming a giant! A real live GIANT! I LOVE THIS!!!” Graham boomed as he flexed his arms and chest over and over again…

“So do I…I love it too, Graham. I love watching you grow bigger and stronger”, Jayson stammered.

“Fuck yeah…gettin’ bigger by the moment”, Graham grunted as he performed another lat spread.

“And I…and I love you Graham”, Jayson blurted.

Graham tightened his abs and flexed them, admiring the impossibly hard, defined slabs of abdominals, until Jayson’s last words sunk in. Graham relaxed his pose and looked down at his little friend, cowering beside him.

“Huh?” Graham said, clearly taken off guard.

“I…I’m gay Graham…” Jayson said. If he was going to confess his love for Graham he wasn’t going to hold anything back. “And…and I really like you. I…I think I always have. You were always the hottest dude I had ever laid eyes on, but now…now you’re so much more…”

“Wha…uh…huh?” Graham said, still struggling to make sense of this all.

“You’re probably grossed out by me, huh?”, Jayson said. “I’m sorry, dude. Just…just let me go home. I…I won’t bother you anymore, I promise.”

Jayson scurried past Graham and reached for the bathroom door, but when he went to open it, Graham’s massive hand slammed it shut from overhead. Jayson felt a tear slip down his cheek. He felt he would collapse in fear. If Graham was angry he could literally beat him into a pulp!

“Please Graham…I’m sorry…don’t hurt me…” Jayson meekly pleaded.

Graham’s massive hand clamped down on Jayson’s shoulder, almost knocking him to the ground. Graham spun him around. Graham used his thumb to lift Jayson’s chin, forcing Jayson to look at Graham’s face…

Much to Jayson’s surprise, Graham did not look angry or upset. In fact, for the first time in a while, it was Graham who looked astonished. His eyes probed the contorted features of his friend’s face.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Graham asked, his powerful, booming voice lowered to a deep soothing rumble. Jayson was so choked up, all he could do was nod.

“It’s OK man”, Graham said reassuringly. He tenderly used his thumb to wipe the tear off Jayson’s cheek. He used his long fingers to lightly scratch his friend’s sandy-blonde hair. “Really man, it’s OK. I’m cool with that. Alright?”

“I…I…thought you were…you were gonna…” Jayson whimpered.

“Hurt you?” Graham said giving Jayson a winning smile. “No way, little dude. Not in a million years. You’re my best friend, Jayson. You know that, don’t ya?”

Jayson was overwhelmed with relief. Thirty seconds ago he was petrified with fear. Now he was unspeakably grateful to have Graham as his best friend. Not only was he the biggest and strongest man alive, but he had giant heart to match. Another tear slipped down his cheek, but this time out of joy.

“Now come on, dude”, Graham joked. “You gotta stop with the tears. You’re killin’ me! Come on, dude. Give me a smile. Please Jayson. I’ll get on my knees and beg you if I have to.”

Graham fell to his knees and clasped his hands together in a begging motion that was both comical and endearing. Jayson laughed at this.

“Dude, now you’re just being silly!” Jayson giggled. Graham’s eyes lit up when he saw Jayson smiling again.

“Come here, little dude. Give me a hug”, Graham said pulling Jayson toward him.

Jayson practically jumped into Graham’s arms and squeezed him with all his might. Jayson couldn’t even get his arms half way around Graham’s titanic torso. It only took Graham one arm to completely wrap around Jayson. He hugged him gently so as not to hurt him. They remained like this for a while. When Jayson backed away he looked up at Graham.

“Dude, even on your knees you’re taller than me!” Jayson said wide-eyed with amazement. He was right. Kneeling, Graham still towered over Jayson by four or five inches at least! “Man, you are unbelievably BIG, Graham! There’s no denying you are the biggest man in the world! Man, does it ever show!!!”

“Would you still think I was hot if I grew even bigger?” Graham smiled.

“Even bigger!?!” Jayson said with a look of shock. “Hell, you would look even hotter still!!! Man, I would love to see you get even bigger!!!”


Part 6

“Rise and shine, big man.”

Graham opened his eyes and saw Jayson smiling down at him. He was dressed only in boxers. Graham loved the fact that Jayson called him “big man” although this was quickly becoming an understatement! Graham stretched and his toes touched the closet doors at the other end of the bedroom! He looked from side to side and realized that his super-powerful shoulders were nearly as wide as the queen sized mattress!

“Dude, did I knock you out of bed?” Graham asked. “I didn’t mean to.”

“No. You didn’t”, Jayson smiled, “Even though you took up most of the bed. But I guess a big man like you can’t help that.”

“No…I guess I can’t”, Graham said smugly as he sat up and stretched his arms and then casually brought them into a “double-bi”. His muscles looked full, ripped and pumped, as if he had just finished a workout.

“I got up to make you breakfast”, Jayson said. “A giant bodybuilder like you has got to be hungry all the time.”

“You bet”, Graham said as he tossed aside the sheets. Jayson actually let out a squeal when he saw Graham’s massive member throbbing at full mast; the mother of all “morning woods”.

“You wanna help me out with this, dude?” Graham offered. “I normally take care of this myself, but since you’re around…”

Jayson did not have to be asked twice. In no time he was on his knees with his face buried in Graham’s crotch. He serviced Graham’s cock while Graham simply groaned in ecstasy as he sat there with his head tilted to the ceiling. Graham shot a massive load all over Jayson’s face and chest. Jayson’s thirst for Graham’s essence was not enough to swallow such a huge load. He swallowed what he could until he felt his stomach was full of Graham’s warm cum. After that he reverently began kissing Graham’s colossal cock until it retreated to a “mere” 13 flaccid inches.

“It’s definitely bigger than it was last night”, Jayson said in a hushed voice, staring at Graham’s thick, hairy manhood.

“In fact”, Jayson said as he moved his hands over the immense muscles of Graham’s chest and legs, “All of your muscles feel bigger…bigger and harder. You must be even stronger than you were yesterday!”

“I know I am”, Graham said with a cocky grin. “Back up for sec, little man. Let me check something out.”

Jayson jumped to his feet and backed up from Graham to give him room to stand. Graham looked up at the ceiling and smiled. His head was brushing the ceiling last night, so now…


Dust and plaster rained down onto the carpet below as Graham’s head crashed through the sheetrock of the ceiling. The impact didn’t even leave a scratch on Graham who had busted through the ceiling like it was made of balsa wood. The ceiling was now level with his brow, putting Graham at a solid nine feet and four inches in height!

“Man, this is awesome!” Graham laughed. “I’m literally growing through the fucking roof!”

Jayson held his hands over his mouth; his face blanched with shock.

“I don’t believe this”, Jayson said. “Come on, man. Let’s get you weighed. If you’re taller, than you must be heavier too!”

As Jayson led Graham through the door, Graham decided to apply his size and strength toward a little remodeling. Graham grabbed the door with one hand and ripped it off the hinges. He scrunched up into the doorway and gave Jayson a sly grin.

“I gotta custom fit these doors to match my size, little dude. Step back”, Graham warned.

Graham grabbed hold of the top of the doorway and pressed up with his massive legs. The top of the doorway buckled and plaster rained down on Graham shoulders. A sudden CRACK shot through the air as Graham snapped the beam above his door. The wall above the doorway simply disintegrated as Graham stood to his full height unimpeded, sheetrock and plaster crumbling to the floor around him.

“Now…a little wider”, Graham smiled.

Graham squeezed into the elongated doorway with his arms at his side. He then began to spread his chest and back. The sides of the doorway gave away with ease. The moldings snapped in half and a few more beams broke as Graham’s torso expanded further and further, eliminating more and more of the wall as he expanded. If it looked easy, it’s because it was. Graham’s muscles were just too powerful for the walls to contain. By the time Graham was done, a gaping entranceway about six feet wide and nine feet high stood where Graham’s bedroom door had.

“Damn, big man”, Jayson said looking up at Graham in awe. “Aren’t your parents gonna be upset?”

“Nah, dude”, Graham laughed. “They’re scared of me, I can tell. They know who the new man of the house is. I call the shots around here now. In fact, I think I’ll do some more remodeling before they come back. I’m starting to feel really cramped in this tiny-ass house.”

After a similar touch-up to the bathroom door, Jayson weighed his friend on the heavy duty scale in the bathroom. Graham’s weight proved almost too much for even that scale to handle. Graham weighed in at 770 cut, ripped pounds. He was now over four times as heavy as Jayson. The math was not lost on Jayson as he jumped excitedly around his giant friend who, unable to pass up his reflection in the mirror, began posing naked.

“Seven hundred and seventy pounds”, Jayson kept saying. “Do you realize how big that is?!? You’ve grown eighty pounds in just eight hours! That’s like ten pounds an hour! A pound of muscle every six minutes!…That’s how fast you’re growing, man! You’re awesomely huuuuuuuge!…”

While Graham ate up his little friend’s praise, the grumbling in his stomach was becoming serious. He asked Jayson to get cracking on the breakfast and Jayson obeyed and scurried downstairs. Graham did some more flexing in the mirror before getting dressed. Instead of reaching for his giant sized clothes, Graham decided to squeeze into his parent’s bedroom and play with his father clothes. He grabbed one of his dad’s work shirts and put his arm through the sleeve. The fabric tore against the immense muscles of his arm. Graham flexed his arms and the shirt further disintegrated against his bulging bicep in a series of pathetic rips. To Graham they were music to his ears. He disintegrated shirt after shirt, at times one on each arm, as he blew them apart with a series of powerful flexes.

“What is this dad? Ain’t you got anything that can fit a man like me?” Graham laughed as he wasted about half of his dad’s wardrobe with just the sheer mass of his huge teen muscles.

Graham dug through another drawer and found a clean pair of briefs. He chuckled at the size on the waistband.

“Waist 38? Damn, dad…I think it’s time to lay off beer”, Graham snickered.

He stepped into the briefs and pulled them past his thighs with difficulty. His thighs were so immense that they blew out the hems of the briefs. Graham got the briefs more or less intact up to his crotch. Graham’s waist was about the same size as his dad’s (even though his frame was much, much larger Graham’s bodybuilding had allowed him to develop a breathtaking V shape). The waistband wasn’t a problem, but the crotch and the back were. Graham’s round rock-hard ass further tore the fabric of the briefs. The crotch could hardly contain Graham’s enormous balls…his cock was another story; there was simply no way to stuff it into the strained material. Graham looked in the bedroom mirror and burst out laughing.

“Holy shit, dad…I’m more man than you’ll ever be!” Graham laughed. “It must be so embarrassing for you to be so small next to your own son. And I’m still growing bigger…”

Graham flexed his glutes and the fabric blew apart and fluttered to his feet. He plucked the waistband off his waist like a worn-out rubber band. These were a boy’s clothes to him. He swaggered back to his bedroom where he put on his blue posing thong and his silver trunks. He pulled on his red T-Shirt. He knew that the slightest movement would blow apart the sleeves, so he decided to do away with them, first by busting them open with a pair of flexes, and then tearing them off the shirts, fully exposing his bulging arms and giant shoulders. He stepped into his Size 40 shoes which now fit him to a tee. Now these were a grown man’s clothes…

Graham rumbled downstairs and quickly guzzled down three pitchers of protein shake Jayson had made for him. Jayson had cooked two dozen scrambled eggs and three pounds of bacon. Jayson sat nearby and watched mesmerized as Graham EVERYTHING Jayson had made…every last morsel. Jayson had intended to have some bacon and eggs too, but he could not bring himself to help himself to any of Graham’s breakfast.

“He’s so much bigger than me”, Jayson thought to himself. “He needs the food more than I do.”

There were no complaints from Graham, at least not until the food was gone. Then he demanded even more! Jayson cooked up another dozen eggs. There was no more bacon left, so he brought Graham two boxes of cereal. Graham devoured this too, washing all of it down with another two blenders of protein shake. Jayson had a slice of toast and some juice. When Graham saw his friend Jayson with the OJ he innocently asked,

“Are you done with that?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, Graham…you want some?” Jayson asked offering him the gallon bottle.

“Yeah”, Graham grinned.

Graham lifted the bottle to his mouth and downed the whole gallon in just a few gulps.

“I love watching you eat, big man”, Jayson said. “I can tell you wanna grow huge just by the way you eat. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who wanted to grow as much as you do.”

“You better believe it, little man”, Graham said lifting himself off the couch and towering above his little friend. “It takes a special kind of man to be a giant. You have to want it. You have to really, really, want it. And there’s nothing else in the world I want more!”

Graham stomped his foot into the floor for emphasis. Jayson felt the floorboards crack below the carpet. The walls actually shook with the impact. The chandelier in the hallway rattled and a picture fell off the wall.

“Holy crap, dude! The whole fucking house just shook! You shook it, just be stomping your foot!!!” Jayson said as he staggered back in shock. “You are becoming truly gigantic!”

“I know, dude. Watch! I’m gonna do it again!” Graham warned.

He raised his foot and slammed it into the floor. His giant shoe sunk into the floorboard and the crawlspace below while the chandelier began to rattle and sway.

“Again!” Graham boomed.

Graham stomped again and plaster rained down from the ceiling and a large crack formed up one of the walls. Another two pictures tumbled down the staircase. Jayson balanced himself as he felt the floor groaning beneath him. The chandelier was swaying wildly.

“AGAIN!!!” Graham roared.

Graham jumped into the air, smashing his head through the ceiling bringing his giant legs and feet down with all his strength. The floorboard collapsed under Graham bringing him down leaving him standing in the crawlspace a foot below. The chandelier fell from the ceiling and crashed into the floor. The crack in the wall climbed to the ceiling before half of the plaster came crashing down onto the floor exposing the wooden beams and bricks of the outer wall.

“OK, OK! Stop already! You’re gonna destroy your house, dude!” Jayson pleaded.

Graham snickered at his friend’s frantic reaction. He stepped out of the hole in the floor and rested his giant hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Don’t be scared, little dude”, Graham boomed proudly. “I’m just playin’ around. I’m not gonna destroy this place”, he grinned as he looked around and then added, “I’ll wait until I grow some more!”

Jayson convinced Graham to squeeze through the front door as opposed to “remodeling” it as he had the bedroom and bathroom doors. The front door was the only thing keeping burglars out of the house, Jayson reasoned. Graham agreed and squeezed through the uncomfortably small opening and stood to his full height in the bright Florida sunshine. His neighbors stopped whatever they were doing to gaze up at Graham awestruck.

Rumors had circulated that Graham was experiencing one hell of a growth spurt. Teenage children came home from school on Friday babbling to their parents about their giant classmate, who had soared past seven feet in height. But nothing could prepare them for the sight of his massive nine foot plus frame, standing proudly in the morning sun. Not only was he inconceivably tall, Graham also boasted a powerful, muscular build which his extra-large clothes were struggling to cover. Size, strength, looks…this kid had it all in shocking overabundance. In reality, no burglar in their right mind would have dared steal anything from this giant’s house. There was no more effective deterrent to burglars than Graham!

“Watch this, little dude. I’m gonna have some fun with old man Richards over there”, Graham said to Jayson before crossing the street.

Mr. Richards was the neighbor across the way. He and his wife had no children. As a result, they had the benefit of having more money than most married couples…and he was always rubbing it in the noses of everyone in the neighborhood. Richards had the biggest house, the nicest lawn, the most expensive cars, the most lavish parties, etc. Graham used to mow his lawn for money until Mr. Richards decided to have a “professional” do it.

Mr. Richards had been washing his new car in the driveway; it was quickly becoming a Sunday morning ritual for Richards. He loved showing his Jaguar off to the entire neighborhood, even if it meant wasting untold gallons of water to wash it. But his ritual had been seriously disrupted when Graham stepped out of his home that morning. He was now the clear focus of attention. Richards jaw dropped when he set eyes on the teenage behemoth and then felt overcome with fear as he watched Graham head straight for his driveway.

“This your new car, Mr. Richards”, Graham said towering over the fearful little man.

Normally Richards would have rattled off about a three minute monologue encompassing the “specs” and features of the vehicle, but standing before this young titan Richards simply nodded his head in ascent. Richards then craned his neck upward and ventured to address Graham in a hushed voice:

“You got really, really big”

Graham laughed at this.

“Yeah…I’m becoming one awfully BIG man!” Graham boasted. He raised his arms and flexed his giant arms for the awestruck neighbor. “And you wouldn’t believe how damn STRONG I’m gettin’!!!” he added. “Wanna see?”

Again, Richards simply nodded his head as he continued to hold the limp garden hose in his hand; the water trickling down the driveway into the gutter.

Graham swaggered over to the back of the Jaguar. By now Jayson had approached and he stood at the foot of the driveway. Graham crouched down and grabbed the end of the car and then, without much fan fare, stood to his feet, effectively lifting the back of the Jaguar clear off the ground!

“Holy sh…” Jayson gasped. Richards looked like he was about to have an accident in his pants.

Graham then crouched down until the back tires touched the driveway, before lifting the car once more. He was actually using the car to do squats! Graham’s massive thighs and calves seemed to swell with every single rep, as if they were only too happy to be tested…eager to grow BIGGER & STRONGER!!! Sweat trickled down Graham’s brow and onto his chest as his giant legs acted like relentless pistons, lifting the car off the ground again and again and again with sickening ease…

After exactly 25 reps, Graham rested the car on the ground and stood to his full domineering height. He seemed more preoccupied with the muscular development of his legs than anything else. He looked down at his legs as he flexed them, almost inspecting them. Immensely satisfied, he watched as they bulged and rippled in all of their mind-numbing power and glory. He then looked back at Jayson and Richards and grinned at their dumbfounded expressions.

He stepped over to Richards who in turn jumped back in fright, dropping the hose. Graham smiled as he casually bent over and picked up the hose. He directed it to his mouth and took gulp after massive gulp. When he was done he smiled down at Richards.

“How much does your car weigh?” he asked.

“4,042 pounds”, Richards mumbled.

“No shit? Hey, did you hear that, little dude?” Graham said with a cocky smirk. “The car weighs over 4,000 pounds! Even I didn’t think I was that strong!”

Graham let the water from the hose cascade down his T-Shirt, further outlining his bulging pecs and steel-hard abs to the bewildered neighbor.

“Gonna be another hot one today”, Graham said casually as he handed the hose back to Richards. “I think I’ll head down to the beach today…Peel off this tiny-ass shirt and let my muscles soak up some sun. What do ya think?”

“I…I…can’t believe…there’s a shirt…that can even fit you…I’ve never seen someone so…so big…” Richards stammered, before suddenly recoiling in horror, praying that he had not said something he shouldn’t have.

Graham simply smiled and said, “Yeah, I may have to start going shirtless if I get any bigger…not that I’d mind.”

Graham headed back down the driveway but turned around as he got to the street.

“By the way”, Graham added, “Could you leave your SUV out in the driveway tomorrow. I’d like to test my strength on something a little more challenging. OK?”

Mr. Richards had no intention of disobeying him.

Graham and Jayson got about halfway up the block when Graham smiled down at Jayson and asked:

“How bout it, little dude? Wanna hit the beach for the day?” Graham asked.

“That’s like fifty miles away from here”, Jayson said. “How do we get there?”

“Let’s take your dad’s Jeep. You got your permit, right?” Graham said.

“I don’t know if dad will let us”, Jayson said timidly.

“Let me talk to him”, Graham smiled.

It did not take long for Graham to convince Jayson’s father to hand over the Jeep for a day. One look at his massive towering physique and Jayson’s dad was willing to do almost anything to stay in the young giant’s good graces. As Jayson pulled the Jeep out of the garage, Jayson’s dad could not help remark,

“Graham, what is happening to you? I’ve never seen anyone who even comes close to your size. How tall are you?”

“Nine foot four…maybe a little more”, Graham said with a big smile. It had been over an hour since Jayson had measured him in the bathroom.

“Dear lord! That’s incredible! I’ve never heard of such growth! I always said you kids are getting bigger and bigger these days”, his dad said wide-eyed.

“Yeah, I guess I’m living proof of that, huh?” Graham said as he raised his arms and casually flexed them. He could hear a soft moan come from Jayson’s father.

Jayson had the car in the driveway by now. He tapped the horn to get Graham’s attention. Graham patted Jayson’s dad on the back and said,

“I’d love to stick around and flex for ya, but me and Jayson are hittin’ the beach today. We’ll be sure to bring it back tomorrow.”

Graham jogged off to the Jeep. “Damn, I think Jay’s dad was sweatin’ me! Like father like son, I guess”, Graham thought to himself with a grin.

Jayson was concerned that Graham would damage the vehicle with his size. There’s no question that he could have done so with ease, but that was not his intent. This model was a convertible, the kind you see college jocks ride in around spring break. That was good, because, Graham could have never fit in a hooded vehicle! With the seat pulled all the way back, Graham’s head peered over the top rail and his knees were scrunched up to his chest! But despite Graham’s hulking muscles he was extraordinarily flexible. He felt cramped in the “tiny” Jeep, but certainly nothing he couldn’t deal with for an hour ride.

They hit the highway and headed for the beach. Along the way, drivers gawked at Graham’s massive physique. He’d oblige quite a few of them, particularly the prettier ladies that drove by, with a flex of his right bicep. They would usually honk back excitedly in appreciation. About half way down, they had to fill up for gas. Graham offered to get out and pump to stretch his legs. As he was pumping gas a car full of college girls that they had passed earlier pulled into the gas station. None of them got out of their convertible. They were there to talk to the giant stud that had stolen their breath away.

“Oh my God! There he is!!!” Graham heard the girls in the car squeal. He finished filling the tank on the Jeep. He then turned around and asked,

“You girls want me to fill your tank for ya?”

The girls in the car almost shrieked in excitement. Graham even blushed slightly at the double entendre.

“We’re OK, big man. We’re heading down to Panama City for the week”, the driver, a gorgeous blonde with gravity-defying cleavage, said with a smile. “Tell me, are all Florida boys as big and strong as you?”

“I can’t speak for all us Florida boys, but I’m about as big as they come”, Graham said as he crouched down beside the car to inspect the girls inside. “Hot as hell…every single one of them”, Graham thought to himself as he felt his crotch stir.

“We thought so”, the driver said. “We’ve never seen muscles as big as yours before! You must be a bodybuilder or something”

“Yeah, something like that”, Graham grinned proudly.

“I hear a lot of bodybuilders go to Panama City to work out and…you know, show off for the ladies”, the driver said.

“It’s what I had in mind”, Graham said, fighting the urge to tear out of his T-shirt right then and there and show these college girls some REAL muscle!

“I hope we see you down there, then”, the driver said with a malicious twinkle in her eye. “A big superman like you won’t be too hard to find!”

They peeled out of the gas station giggling and squealing. Graham stood back up and hopped back into the Jeep.

“You see that, Jayson?” Graham gloated, “There are definite advantages that come with being huge!”

Jayson grinned sheepishly and headed back onto the freeway, feeling somewhat slighted. He kept reminding himself:

“Graham is straight…’bi’ at best. He’s not gonna stop drooling over women, no matter how much I wished him to be gay. I guess if he was any different he wouldn’t be Graham. Maybe I only like straight men…”

Awash in these thoughts, Jayson flew down the highway, reaching Panama City in record time. Using his father’s credit card, Graham offered to rent a room for them to stay one night.

“But I have school tomorrow”, Jayson protested.

“C’mon man. I’m going to be going away tomorrow. I want us to hang out as much as we can before I leave”, Graham said.

Jayson agreed, not wanting to pass up the chance to spend as much time as he could with his giant friend. Graham smiled as he saw that one of the cars parked in the lot belonged to the girls he had talked to at the gas station.

“I think I’ll drop by their room a little later”, he thought to himself.

As soon as they got to their room Jayson and Graham took showers. Jayson had been the first one in, but Graham, who loved having his little friend fawning over him, soon joined him! Graham didn’t have to lift a finger as Jayson made sure to caress and soap every inch of Graham’s titanic body. Graham’s massive body filled the shower stall, pressing Jayson firmly into the bathroom tiles. Graham had to keep his head titled forward to fit under the nine foot ceiling. It wasn’t long before Jayson was drawn to Graham’s giant cock. He began greedily servicing Graham’s mighty rod as best he could with his comparatively small mouth. By now, Graham’s manhood was a full twenty inches erect, twice the size of what anyone would deem enormous!!! Graham still felt a little weird watching his best friend worship his cock with such abandon. Graham closed his eyes and imagined it was the driver he had talked to at the gas station. That seemed to do the trick. Between Graham’s imagination and Jayson’s dedication, Graham shot a load that was so copious, it actually knocked Jayson’s head back with the first splash of cum!!!

Jayson and Graham got dressed and headed down to the beach. Graham’s clothes felt tighter than ever. Every couple of steps, both Graham and Jayson could hear a seam split of tear.

“We’re gonna have to check out one of these stores later”, Graham said with a grin. “I’m gonna need some new shorts pretty soon. Maybe they’ll have some giant Bermuda shorts or something.”

“Yeah, that and maybe a tank top. You’re about ready to burst through that shirt, big man”, Jayson said looking up at him appreciatively. Jayson was a little out of breath. He had left his skateboard at home, and it was tough keeping pace with Graham’s long strides, even though he was making an effort to walk slower!

“I don’t think so, little dude”, Graham smiled back. “I was serious when I told Richards I plan on going shirtless. I just don’t see the point of ’em anymore”, Graham bragged. “Besides, I like the reaction I get from people when they see the size of my muscles! It totally blows their minds!”

As expected, the people on the boardwalk could not help but stare at the giant teenage jock in their midst. Graham reveled in the attention as hundreds and hundreds of eyes poured over every inch of his towering frame in awed silence. The kids were the only ones who dared approach him at first. They would run up to him and gaze up in wonder at him.

“How’d you get so big, mister?” they would ask.

“I work out and drink lots of milk”, Graham said with a big grin.

“Really???” they would respond.

“Hell yeah. A few years ago I was a little squirt like you. Now look at me!!! Just remember that if you wanna get as big and strong as me!”

By the time they had scoped out a lively part of the beach the people on the boardwalk had built up the courage to approach Graham. Graham began answering all sorts of questions about his training, his diet, his weight, his height…he even signed a few autographs and posed for over a dozen pictures! In one instance a young woman asked her boyfriend to take a picture of her with the teenage giant. He grudgingly gave in. When Graham got a look at her he was determined to impress her.

“Wait a second, babe”, Graham said. “Let me give you a picture to remember!”

Graham grabbed the front of his T shirt and simply pulled it off his torso, tearing it as if it were made of wrapping paper. The crowd gasped at the giant stud’s Herculean frame. On display for them were arguably the biggest muscles in the world; the biggest, tallest (and hottest) man they would ever see in their lives. No-one came remotely close…

The ecstatic woman forced her boyfriend to take several shots. Most damaging to his ego was one where she sat on top of his giant shoulder as he proudly flexed his rock-hard 26 inch bicep. Graham even let the girlfriend keep his sweaty torn T-shirt as a “souvenir”.

“It’s the last shirt I’ll ever wear”, he said confidently. “Trust me. It’ll be worth millions some day.”

He was right.

Graham pulled himself away from the astonished crowd after an hour or so. He had quickly developed quite a healthy fan base. People genuinely liked the giant teenage muscleman. They were lured by his fantastically huge body and his gorgeous smile. Granted, he was pretty cocky and arrogant, but everyone agreed that he had every right to be!

Graham and Jayson went to lay down on the beach to catch a tan. Graham enjoyed the feeling of the sun heating his enlarged frame. Graham tanned his body the way a painter studies his canvass. He was meticulous, making sure every part of him was evenly-tanned and well-oiled. Jayson was only to happy to help oil Graham’s legs and back. After two hours Graham announced that he was done tanning and wanted to swim for a while. Jayson gawked up in amazement at Graham’s bronzed body. His deep, rich tan made Graham’s frame look even larger…even more POWERFUL!

“I wonder if he’s grown even bigger”, Jayson said to himself in awe. While he loved how big Graham was getting, another part of him could not help but fear him. “God, how much bigger is this guy gonna get!?!”

Jayson and Graham swam for a while. Graham then told Jayson that he was hungry and wanted to hit the boardwalk for some food.

“Man, you’re gonna eat the boardwalk outta business”, Jayson said as he swam beside him.

“I hope so!” Graham said excitedly. Graham was certainly not shy about eating. He loved the fact that he could eat ten times the food an average man could. He understood that his massive body required huge amounts of food to fuel it. This understanding only served to reinforce his feelings of complete physical superiority to those around him.

They had just dried off on the beach when they heard cries for help coming from the water. Graham looked out and spotted a woman flailing in the water, caught in the rip tide. Being a gifted all-around-athlete had definite advantages for Graham. He was a tremendously strong swimmer.

Graham didn’t hesitate. He dove back into the water and swam out to the struggling swimmer. Within seconds he had reached her. He wrapped his powerful arm around her body.

“Just hold onto me. I’ll take us out of the rip”, Graham said.

The woman could not stop thanking Graham as he swam out of the rip with just the strength of his one arm. It actually felt much easier than he had expected.

“You’re a fantastic swimmer, young man”, she remarked. “Strong and handsome”, she blushed. “You must be a hit with the girls your age.”

“I hold my own”, Graham said smugly. “A lot of girls go for the strong, athletic type…”

“Let me buy you lunch, young man”, the woman insisted. “It’s the very least I can do!”

As they approached the shore, the woman swam beside Graham. She realized something was out of the ordinary when Graham’s shoulders began emerging out of the water, then his breathtaking chest and arms…Graham was walking and yet she wasn’t even touching the ground! By the time they had reached the beach she understood that she was in the presence of an enormous, ripped superman! She didn’t even reach his belly button!

“My god”, she whispered as she stared up at him.

“You can just call me Graham”, he joked as he looked down at her bewildered face. “Now…you had said something about lunch?”

Graham picked a burger joint on the boardwalk. This place was known throughout the area for its giant six pound hamburger. The burger itself featured two whole tomatoes, a half-head of lettuce, 12 slices of American cheese, a full cup of peppers, two entire onions, and a virtual river of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. No one had ever finished one before…but Graham ate TWO of them!!! He washed both of them down with three gallons of milk! He even asked for a plate of fries! The patrons and the restaurant owner looked on in shock as Graham broke (shattered actually) the eating record for the establishment. The woman, who had hoped to get away with buying her hero a slice or two of pizza ended up spending $80.00 to cover the tab!

“Oh well, who cares”, she thought to herself. “I owe this giant my life! God, I can’t get over the size of him…”

Graham could feel the food fueling his muscles, the milk strengthening his bones…At times, if he concentrated enough, he could actually feel himself GROWING; becoming more and more man with every breath he took. Graham stood up proudly from the table, feeling bigger than ever. The seams on his shorts tore loudly as his thighs and buttocks busted right through them. The remaining fabric clung to the waistband trying vainly to withstand the persistent onslaught of mass.

“Let’s hit that clothes store, little dude”, Graham grinned, unable to contain his glee. “I’m gonna bust outta these any second now!”

Graham and Jayson headed off to a clothes store. Even the middle-aged woman whose life Graham had saved tagged along. As they expected, almost nothing fit Graham. Luckily there was a pair of beige Bermuda shorts which fit snugly around his super-massive thighs. The only problem was the waist. It was too loose. The shorts had been made with a very obese man in mind.

“These were meant for someone much fatter than you, son”, the stunned shopkeeper confided. “You don’t look like you have an ounce of fat on you.”

“That’s for sure”, Graham winked as he tensed his hard, ripped abs.

“Maybe a belt might help”, the shopkeeper suggested.

They found a thick leather belt with a heavy metal buckle the size of a large coaster. On almost anyone else it would have looked excessive, but wrapped around Graham’s giant frame, it looked perfect.

The woman gladly paid for Graham’s clothes. She said her friends were waiting back for her at the hotel and she had to leave, but she invited Graham to come visit her any time she wanted. She didn’t live too far away from Graham’s town.

“My family will be amazed when they see you!” she gushed. “Just let me know ahead of time. I’ll have to stock up on groceries before you arrive!”

“If I go, I’d probably be shirtless”, Graham grinned.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind”, the woman smiled mischievously as she headed back to her hotel.

Graham and Jayson made their way down the boardwalk. Word had spread through the seaside resort of the giant teen phenom and a small but growing crowd of fans and onlookers began to follow him around.

At one point, Graham decided to test his arm on a carnival striker. The striker was a big one, at least twenty feet tall, but just by looking at him the ticket vendor knew Graham would have no top reaching the top. But even he wasn’t ready for what happened next.

Graham grabbed the big wooden mallet in one hand, twirling it playfully as he waited for the vendor to prepare the striker. A grown man needed two hands to steady the big wooden mallet (it weighed almost 50 pounds), but Graham was tossing it about like it was made out of foam! Then, when the striker was ready, Graham used all his strength to smash the mallet into the base. The head of the mallet actually splintered in half, damaging the base. The puck rocketed up with such force that the bell was ripped clear off the striker, soaring another 25 feet in the air before landing on the sand nearby!…and Graham had only used one hand!!! Everyone cheered and applauded wildly, everyone except the vendor who mourned the loss of his investment.

“Let’s go find that workout pit on the beach”, Graham said clasping his giant hand on Jayson’s shoulder. “I feel like lifting. I wanna pump these muscles up.”

“Lifting?!?” Jayson gasped. “As if you weren’t strong enough already!!!”

Needless to say, Graham found his way to the workout pit at the end of the beach. Despite the many rumors that had reached the college bodybuilders gathered there, they were not prepared for the sight of Graham. All of them stopped their lifting when Graham stepped into the pit. These big 200 and 250-pounders jumped out of his way as he moved toward the weight rack and load the barbell up with 500 pounds. Graham did 20 barbell curls just to “loosen up”.

Graham spent the rest of the afternoon pumping iron in the pit. The crowd gathered outside the pit now numbered over 500 people! Stunned onlookers took pictures and shot film as Graham pressed on, the jaw-dropping poundages growing heavier and heavier with every set. They were shocked when Graham performed 30 barbell curls with 750 pounds!!! They freaked out when he squatted a full 1500 pounds for 40 reps (Graham actually complained that the weight was too light, but the bar couldn’t hold any more weight!!!)

Meanwhile, the bodybuilders were reduced to nothing more than mere servants. They ran about the pit putting massive weights together for Graham to lift and wiping down the sweat soaked equipment he’d leave behind. It was almost as if they had given up on building their own bodies. Though he was as big and strong as all of them rolled into one, they were devoted to helping Graham grow even BIGGER!

He worked every body part imaginable: calves, thighs, hamstrings, triceps, back, shoulders, etc. When Graham worked his abs, he did sit ups resting two 180 pound dumbbells on his giant shoulders, just to add to the resistance. His cut six-pack responded by morphing into a ripped, steel-hard eight-pack. His chiseled abdominals and obliques were defined beyond belief!

Graham loved working out his chest. He saved this for last. With hundreds of witnesses present, Graham blew away the previous world record he had set just 24 hours earlier, by benching an unspeakable 1,250 pounds for fifteen reps, and 1,400 pounds for ten reps!!! The crowd was awestruck. In just under three hours, they had watched as Graham shattered every lifting record on the planet.

“OK guys”, he said as he stood up from the bench after his final set. “It’s show and tell time!” This was quickly becoming one of his favorite sayings…

Graham untied his shoes, unbuckled his belt and lowered his shorts, leaving him clad in only his blue posing trunks. Like every other undergarment (or every article of clothing for that matter) he had grown out of in the past few days, the otherwise large posing pouch looked uncommonly small and skimpy against his titanic endowment. The unveiling of his packed crotch easily drew the sharpest gasp of them all from those present. Graham felt his pride swell as he acknowledged their startled gasps with a smug grin. He was not only super-huge, he was super-hung too, and he wanted the whole world to see just how unbelievably big he had become.

Graham delighted the crowd with a twenty minute posing routine. At first he copied all of the poses he could think of from watching bodybuilding specials on TV. Then he began to take requests from the crowd. Men and women alike began calling out to him:

“Abs! Flex your abs!”

“Pump that chest up!”

“Show us your guns again!!!”

With every flex Graham felt his ego soar higher and higher. Jayson secretly wished he could jerk off to the incomparably virile display; he was not alone. Those who were fortunate enough to bring a video camera to the boardwalk that day were able to later enjoy Graham’s show in privacy…

As Graham stepped out of the pit, he was surrounded by at least a dozen girls. They fawned over him and asked him the most ridiculous questions about how old he was, where he lived and where he went to school…anything just to be near the colossal hunk. Graham couldn’t hide his excitement. The girls begged to feel his abs, his chest, and his arms and he gladly acquiesced. They began to ask him specific questions about his height and weight. Graham was positive that he had grown A LOT since leaving his home that morning. One of the girls found a tape measure and offered to measure his body. Graham’s chest bulged out to 108 inches while his arms pushed the tape at 31 inches!!! They measured his height and discovered that he had shot up to a shocking 9 feet 9 inches!!! His weight would have been impossible to measure would it not have been for the vendor who owned the broken striker. He had a freight scale in the back of his van.

When Graham approached it to weigh himself he smiled down at the vendor,

“I’ll try not to break this, too”, he joked. The vendor feared Graham might anyway…he was completely floored by this young man’s size!

Graham weighed a stupendous 921 pounds. The workouts were paying off in spades, making his body denser and more muscular as he continued growing taller and taller. At 6’6” his ripped titanic frame would steal the show at any bodybuilding show in the country. The fact that he had emerged as the by far the TALLEST MAN EVER guaranteed that he could blow away any competitor foolish enough to step on the same stage as him. By definition, Graham was a superman, a man superior to all others in every way.

“150 pounds in 8 hours”, Jayson said shaking his head in disbelief. “What the hell is happening to you Graham!?!”

“I’m growing, little dude”, Graham teased. “Just like you or any other kid our age. Only thing is, I’m growing more than anyone ever has!”

After posing for a few more pictures, Graham excused himself from the crowd. He was hungry again. Graham dragged Jayson to a steakhouse he had heard about which was a few blocks away from the hotel. The steakhouse had a big sign at the entrance which demanded that all patrons wear both socks and shirts upon entering the restaurant. Needless to say, the rule was waived for Graham and not a single soul complained. Graham was by far the most impressive physical specimen any of the patrons had ever set eyes on; why would they complain? If anything they were frightened by the obvious raw strength this giant teen possessed.

Graham and Jayson made their way to their table. Graham had to duck his head repeatedly to miss the thick wooden beams above the dining area. To accommodate Graham, the waiters dragged over a wooden bench in the waiting area to seat him. The bench was meant to hold three to four people at a time, but it creaked (as if it were crying in pain) when Graham rested his huge 900 pound body on it. Using his dad’s credit card, Graham treated himself to a buffet of red meat. Selecting only the largest cuts offered on the menu, Graham ordered four porterhouse steaks, three prime ribs and three ribeye steaks. Altogether, Graham consumed nearly fourteen pounds of beef! He ate six baked potatoes and treated himself to a banana split for dessert. Graham’s bill came to just under $250.00!

Meanwhile, Jayson sat across from Graham, perfectly content to watch his giant friend devour pound after pound of rare, bloody beef. Every meal was quickly becoming an exercise in gluttony for Graham. No man alive could put away the food Graham could, and his appetite appeared to be growing right along with his body. At this rate he would hit a thousand pounds in no time! For his part, Jayson only ate a grilled chicken breast. In fact, he didn’t even finish it (Graham did). He had been eating much less in the last few days. He just wasn’t hungry when he was around Graham. He could feel himself growing a little weaker, perhaps a little lighter than his usual weight of 190 pounds, but he didn’t care. He preferred to watch Graham eat and grow.

Just as before, Graham’s body welcomed the massive amounts of food. Graham delighted in the feel of power and energy coursing through every fiber of his body; so much power that expansion just seemed inevitable. Halfway through the meal, Graham felt the laces of his giant Size 40s pop and give way as his enormous feet grew into uncharted territory. Graham could not help but beam proudly.

“What’s up, dude?” Jayson asked, puzzled by Graham’s sudden smile.

“Nothin’, little dude”, Graham said proudly. “Just a big man gettin’ even bigger, that’s all!”

Nighttime was setting on the seaside resort. Graham and Jayson headed back to the hotel. In the parking lot they met up with the college girls they had met that morning.

“Graham!” they squealed as they ran over to him. “We saw you on the beach today lifting weights. You are SO awesome!!!”

Graham learned that they were sisters in a sorority at Georgia Tech. The name of the busty driver was Samantha. The other girls names were just as forgettable. But Graham felt a stirring in his groin. His appetite for sex had become as voracious as his appetite for food. He saw a chance for release in the sorority girls who stared up at him lustily. Their eyes and their body language told Graham that they would do anything for an intimate moment with this giant stud.

“The girls and I give great rubs”, Samantha purred. “Wanna come back to our room? Your friend can come too”, she added, though she barely acknowledged Jayson; her focus was on Graham.

“Yeah, my muscles are a little sore”, Graham said stretching his back in melodramatic fashion. He was, of course, lying. Graham felt so energized he had played with the idea of heading back to the weight pit, or even doing some squats with the cars in the parking lot. But this sounded much better…

“What do you say, little dude?” he said with a wink at Jayson. “Wanna spend some time with the ladies?”

“Uh…you go ahead, Graham”, Jayson fidgeted. “I’m…uh…kinda tired.”

“Yeah…I kinda figured you’d be, little man”, Graham said with a knowing grin. “Well, I’ll see you later, then.”

Graham turned around and picked up two of the girls and carried them away under his big, muscular arms. They squealed and laughed in surprise and made half-hearted attempts to escape his grasp, but they were loving it.

“Don’t wait up, little man”, Graham called back to Jayson. “I think we’re gonna be a while!”

Jayson headed back to his room, feeling somewhat dejected.

“It’s not Graham’s fault”, Jayson told himself. “He’s a dude…a total alpha-male. Of course he’s gonna like chicks. There’s nothing I can do about that. At least he was nice enough to pound my ass last night…damn, it still hurts…”

Jayson settled down to watch a movie in his room when he heard movement in the room above him. There was the sound of women laughing and then the unmistakable footsteps and deep, booming voice of a very, very, VERY big man.

“Shit, they got the room right above us!” Jayson said hitting mute on his TV set.

Jayson settled into his bed and listened. The noise from above would have garnered complaints to the reception by any other guest, but Jayson was fully engrossed. He imagined what must be happening up there. There was a quiet period where the girls were no doubt massaging Graham’s body. He could picture his giant muscular frame draped over two beds as the girls rubbed his impossibly wide back, his massive thighs and calves, then onto his bulging pectorals and mountainous biceps. They would rub him with their hands at first. Then they would lose their shirts, their shorts and press into him with their entire bodies. They would soon build up enough courage to begin licking him: his neck, his abs, his chest, even his feet…his huge, powerful feet…

Jayson heard the girls cheering and doing catcalls. Graham must have launched into a posing routine. Again, Jayson could picture him, tossing aside his shorts, clad only in his blue posing thong. The pouch would be so packed with meat that it would be at the breaking point. Graham would flex and flex and flex, and the girls would look up at him in complete worship. Graham’s cock would grow harder and harder, bigger and bigger, until…


The girls squealed in unison as Graham’s giant cock, no longer constrained by the skimpy thong, continued to throb to greater and greater size. The sounds became more animal-like as Graham returned to the co-joined beds and began ravishing the girls one by one. The squeals were replaced by sharp cries and moans as Graham began mercilessly pounding the girls. Jayson was humbled by the fierce rhythm of the bedposts slamming into the floor. The walls and ceilings around Jayson rattled in time to every thrust Graham’s mighty body delivered in the room above. After a few minutes the moans would be replaced with piercing yelps and screams as the tight sorority girls climaxed harder than they would ever climax again in their lives. Every now and then, Graham’s deep, thunderous roar would reverberate through the walls and rattle the patio door window of Jayson’s room. It sounded as if there was a lion in the room above!

The noise continued on for hours into the night. Jayson was not the only guest to be kept awake by the noise. Nevertheless, everyone had seen the giant teenager at some point that day…no-one wanted to get on his bad side, so no-one complained. Meanwhile, Jayson continued to fantasize about his larger-than-life friend completely devastating the sorority girls with a body that could make Hercules weep and a cock that could put a horse to shame. Before he knew it, Jayson had reached a climax of his own, before drifting off to sleep.


Part 7

Even before Jayson opened his eyes, he could smell the thick, musty fragrance of Graham’s sweat. The scent made him smile as he rubbed his eyes and opened them. Graham lay crouched over him, smiling down at him.

“Rise and shine, little dude”, Graham rumbled in his deep, sexy baritone.

Jayson smiled up at him.

“What time is it?” Jayson asked.

“10 o’clock”, Graham said. “I was thinking of waking your lazy ass up earlier, but you looked out of it. So I grabbed me some breakfast first.”

“Oh?” Jayson said with a sly grin.

“Yeah…the owner of the diner is still in shock!” Graham said and they both laughed.

“Sit up, I brought you something”, Graham said.

Jayson sat up. He looked at Graham who was crouched over his legs and midsection. Jayson’s eyes nearly shot out of his head when he looked down. Graham was naked, and his giant cock and balls were resting over Jayson’s stomach. Even soft, his cock looked to stretch a staggering 15 inches. It felt amazingly big and heavy…because it was…

“Holy shit, big man!!!” Jayson said awestruck.

“No, not that”, Graham laughed. “I brought you back breakfast”, Graham said as he pulled a McDonald’s bag from behind him. “You need to eat something, man.”

“I’d rather eat…never mind”, Jayson said blushing.

“That’s for dessert, little dude”, Graham winked. “But you gotta eat your breakfast first.”

Though he was not very hungry, Jayson shoved the Egg McMuffin and hash brown pattie down his throat, eager to partake of dessert. Meanwhile, Graham delighted in telling Jayson about his night with the sorority girls. Curiously enough, the events sounded remarkably similar to what Jayson had imagined.

“Those little girls were having serious problems with my cock”, Graham related proudly. “I think I was actually hurting them, but they told me to keep fucking them. Man, they couldn’t even get out of bed this morning!” Graham laughed.

“I’m done”, Jayson said tossing away the empty McDonald’s bag.

“Damn! Someone wants dessert, huh?” Graham smiled. Jayson nodded his head, grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, there’s something else I need to tell you about last night, little dude”, Graham said as he rolled off the bed and slowly stood up.

The ceilings in the rooms were very high…but not high enough. Jayson’s grin faded and his jaw literally dropped as Graham stood up, up, up, up. Graham stood before the bed, his knees slightly bent and his head tilted forward against the ceiling. Jayson got up and stood next to his giant friend. The top of his head only reached Graham’s belly-button. If Graham were standing straight, he wouldn’t’ even reach that.

“I’m bigger, little dude”, Graham said as he looked down at his friends blank expression. “Much, much bigger.”

“How…how tall are you, Graham?” Jayson squeaked.

“I’m over ten feet tall, little one. Ten foot six to be exact!” Graham answered. He stretched his shoulders making his chest and torso look even bigger and wider. “I even weighed myself at the gas station down at the corner. They had a freight scale.”

“How much?” Jayson’s voice quivered.

“1,160 pounds. It’s like a personal milestone for me”, Graham explained.

“Oh yeah?” Jayson said, looking up at him timidly.

“Yeah. My first thousand pounds. My weight’s gonna really start to take off in the next few days”, Graham boasted.

Graham shifted his stance and the floorboards creaked loudly beneath him. At his weight Graham was very much like a grand piano walking about the floor boards. It was almost too much for the floorboards to stand.

Jayson sat cross-legged on the bed and stared up at the naked titan before him. His bronzed, hulking form literally filled the room. After a few moments of silence, Jayson spoke in a small, timorous voice, though he had to look away from Graham. He was too afraid to look him in the eye.

“I’m sorry, Graham. Something seems really wrong here. You’re getting so big and growing so fast…I…I admit…I really like it…but I’m also scared, Graham. I’m scared of you and how powerful you’re becoming…” Jayson mumbled.

Graham slowly knelt down on one knee, the impact of which shook the walls of the room. He grabbed Jayson’s chin, his thumb and index finger a good deal larger than his little friend’s cheek bones. He turned Jayson’s head forcing him to look Graham in the eye.

“I understand this is scary for you. I can tell a lot of people are scared of me. It’s natural for you to be afraid of me”, Graham said. “But you’re my best friend, Jayson. Trust me…you have nothing to be afraid of around me. All I want you to do is sit back and enjoy the show as I grow bigger and stronger every day. I’m gonna re-define HUGE and I want you to be there to watch me do it, OK?”

Jayson smiled and nodded his head.

“Do you know why this is happening to you?” Jayson asked, his voice still somewhat choked with emotion.

Graham smiled down at him. “I guess I should come clean”, he smiled. “Let’s head home and I’ll tell you all about it on the way back.”

Graham and Jayson checked out of the hotel and headed off to the parking lot. Jayson could not help but stare up at his friend’s imposing height as well as his huge, magnificent muscles. Graham was about four and a half feet taller than Jayson. Jayson had not felt this small since he was five years old! He looked down and noticed Graham was not wearing his Size 40s.

“What happened to your shoes?” Jayson asked.

“What do you think, little dude?” Graham smiled. “I outgrew those things hours ago. No way will they fit me now!”

Graham hopped into the Jeep and nearly busted the shocks in the progress!

“Oops…sorry”, Graham blushed. At heart Graham was just a big kid…a really, really BIG kid…

On the way back, Graham largely ignored the honks from other vehicles and the catcalls from other drivers. His attention was fully on Jayson, as he related to him the visit from the military a week ago. He told him about Dr. Burke’s offer and the injections. That was the reason he would be moving away for a while.

“But I’d like to come back when I’m done growing, whenever that is”, Graham said. “Man, I’ll be fucking enormous by then! They’ll have to reinforce the floorboards on the basketball court to hold me. Hell, I’m actually taller than the net now! You think there’s a rule about being too tall to play basketball?”

“But how much more will you grow, Graham?” Jayson said as he struggled to keep his eyes on the road (he preferred to stare at Graham’s massive muscles and his gorgeous smile).

“Don’t know”, Graham answered nonchalantly. “I’ll tell you what, though. I’m growing faster than I was a week ago. The day Dr. Burke injected me with the serum, I grew two inches. But in the last day I’ve grown over a foot in height! My growth is speeding up…gettin’ stronger every day. At this rate, the sky’s the limit!”

“Damn dude!” Jayson gasped. “Why the hell did you agree to do this thing anyway?”

“Why not, little dude. I always wanted to be bigger than everyone else around me”, Graham said.

“But you were, dude!” Jayson said. “You were one of the tallest kids in the whole school! Hell, with your genetics alone you would have been the tallest by senior year!”

“I know that”, Graham smiled. “But I wanted a lot more than that! It’s not enough for me to be the tallest around. I want to tower over people! I want people to have to crane their necks to stare up at me. I wanna dwarf even the tallest people around. I want there to be no comparison to me in size and strength.”

“You mean, like now”, Jayson added.

Graham laughed. “Yeah, I guess I do that now, but this is just the beginning for me. You see, I’ve dreamed of being so big, so fucking HUGE, that I don’t just tower over people…but I tower over trees, over buildings, even over entire towns! Hell, I don’t even wanna stop then!!! I’m talking about becoming a real life GIANT!!!”

“Oh my God”, Jayson gulped.

“Take it easy, little dude”, Graham smiled confidently. “I think the military picked me because they knew I wouldn’t abuse my power. I think they also knew that I really, really wanted this more than anything. I think that was all part of my ‘profile’. They knew ahead of time that I’d make a cool giant!”

Jayson’s mind reeled at the possibilities. He kept asking Graham what he intended to do if he doubled or tripled in size. Where would he live? How could he go to school? What would he wear? What would he eat? Graham simply laughed at him. He teased Jayson saying that he was “thinking just like a small person would”, and that he should relax and leave “all the growing” to him.

By the time they got back home, an army van was waiting at the front of Graham’s house. Graham’s parents were home and no doubt waiting for him, along with Dr. Burke.

Graham hopped out of the Jeep (the suspension groaned in relief). He walked towards his house. He nearly burst out laughing as he spotted his parents’ horrified expressions through the living room window. With a simple push of his arm Graham was able to knock down the door. The door ripped off its hinges and splintered in two before collapsing in the hallway. Graham curled up like a ball and tucked himself into the doorway. Even so, he barely fit in the opening! Then Graham began to push against the doorway, spreading his lats and his back, making himself fuller and wider. The doorway gave away with little resistance…

“Look out! Big man coming through!!!” Graham boomed.


The brick siding cracked and crashed to the ground while the plastered walls inside suffered a similar fate. Graham then began to press up with his legs, snapping row after row of brick and concrete like they were as brittle as breadsticks! By the time he was done, Graham left a gap in the front of the house that was almost three times the size of the original doorway…Just big enough for Graham to comfortably move through!

Graham tucked his head forward and stomped inside. While he was ducking the entire time, his powerful neck and gigantic shoulders pushed into the ceiling above, cracking and damaging it in many spots. After all the ceiling was only 9 feet high, and Graham was a foot and a half more than this!

His parents, Dr. Burke and the handful of servicemen gathered in the living room looked up at him fearfully. They hoped Graham would not become violent. Even though they were six people (three of them armed), they did not like their odds against this teenage giant if he decided to become aggressive.

“Hey look, guys”, I think I can probably reach the second floor now. “Wanna see?”

His parents begged him not to, but their cries fell on deaf ears. Graham pushed up and brought both of his fists through the ceiling. His giant fists crashed through the floorboards above. Graham straightened out his arms and felt something. He lifted it up and down a few times and smiled.

“Hey guys”, he said smiling down at his parents. “I’m so big that I’m actually lifting your bed upstairs off the ground! Wait, let me check to be sure…”

Graham stood up straight and his head smashed through the ceiling. Graham opened his eyes and recognized a pair of his dad’s work shoes.

“Yup, this is your bedroom alright”, Graham said as he ducked back down from the giant hole he had created in the living room ceiling. “See pops? I found your shoe”, he said tossing the shoe down to the living room floor. It sat next to one of Graham’s mighty feet; Graham’s foot was easily three times as big as the shoe!!! Graham saw this and gave his dad a cocky grin, as if he were saying, “Yeah…who’s the big man now?”

“Now Graham, please! There is no cause for violence”, Dr. Burke said summoning all of his courage. “You are clearly in control here, so there is no reason for you to be angry…”

“Chill out, doc”, Graham said. “I’m not being violent and I ain’t angry. You’d know it if I was”, he added with a smirk. “I’m just messin’, that’s all. Man, you little guys get so nervous in the presence of a big man!”

“Well…we couldn’t tell, Graham”, Burke explained, feeling a little more at ease. “I mean, all this destruction…”

“I’m just showin’ off a little”, Graham smiled innocently. “I’ll stop if I’m making you all nervous.”

His parents were shocked to learn that Graham had broken the ten foot mark, though that seemed like an accurate measurement given his breathtaking height. Furthermore, they were awed by the sheer size of his muscles. Clad only in a pair of khaki shorts that were shrinking on him by the second, his muscles looked fantastically developed. They bulged with incredible power. His parents (or nobody for that matter) had ever imagined muscles that big.

“As we agreed Graham”, Dr. Burke explained, “We’re re-locating you and your family to an army base nearby. As we expected, you’re becoming too big for your surroundings, though I must confess, your growth has far exceeded even our wildest expectations. We had no idea you would grow this big so early in the experiment…and to think, we’re only just beginning…” his voice trailed off.

“Well, never mind that”, Dr. Burke said. “There is a van waiting for you outside to take you to your new quarters. Your parents will follow soon afterward. You need not take anything. All the amenities you require will be provided to you on base. As for clothes…I doubt anything even fits you anymore. You are part of the Army now, son. However, you need only answer to me or any of the other high-ranking officers on base moving forward. We have no doubt that you will make a formidable leader to those around you by virtue of your superhuman size and strength. It is an honor and a privilege to be in the presence of a recruit with as much power and potential as you possess.”

Graham wasn’t sure what Dr. Burke was going on about, but he liked what he was saying, especially when he complimented him on his “superhuman size and strength”. He couldn’t help but casually flex his pecs when Burke said this.

Graham emerged from the house and stood to his full height. The neighborhood looked on in disbelief as they saw a super-buff and mega-ripped Graham tower above the waist high soldiers beside him. His parents looked up at him in astonishment.

“I can’t believe Graham is going through with all this”, his mother whimpered to her spouse.

“I can”, his dad sighed. “I sometimes think he was born to live this part. In his heart, there’s nothing more he wants than this.”

The words were far from comforting for his mother, but were certainly true.

Graham strode up to Jayson who had remained outside by the car and lifted him off the ground like one would lift a baby. He held him in up to his face as his feet dangled a couple of feet off the ground.

“I had a lot of fun this weekend, little dude”, Graham smiled. “I’m gonna miss you.”

“Me too, big man”, Jayson said, surprised to feel tears welling up in his eyes.

Graham gave him a hug before setting him back down on the ground. He looked down at Jayson, who looked like a puppy that had just been kicked to the curb. After studying his sad features for a few moments Graham turned to Dr. Burke and said,

“I want my friend Jayson to be able to visit me on the weekends.”

“I’m afraid that it simply isn’t possible”, Dr. Burke began.

“With all due respect, sir”, Graham interrupted. He paced over to where Burke was standing and towered menacingly over him. “I think things will go a whole lot smoother if you give in to me on this one. Like I said, I’m not angry, and I don’t want to become angry either.”

Dr. Burke was taken aback by the temerity of the giant youth. “How dare he try to defy my orders!” he thought to himself. But his anger was quickly replaced with a growing uneasiness. Graham was immensely intimidating. Dr. Burke could not dig up the courage to confront him or deny him what he wanted. He was shocked to discover just how weak his will became in this teenage giant’s presence.

“But Graham, he could compromise the experiment”, Dr. Burke protested, though his quivering voice belied that he was afraid, and retreating…

“No he ain’t. He’ll give his word not to say anything to anyone about what he sees on base. You can trust him. He’s my best friend”, Graham said decisively.

“OK, but…” Dr. Burke began.

“And he’s gotta stay over until Monday. He’ll have three day weekends from now on”, Graham added confidently.

“I don’t know if his school will like that”, Dr. Burke ruminated.

“They don’t have to”, Graham smiled. “All you need to do is make it happen, and you’ll have a happily growing man at your service.”

Dr. Burke was not happy with the demand, but he knew that keeping Graham happy was vitally important to the experiment and even the safety of those on base, especially in light of how big Graham might become over the next few weeks!

“Very well”, Dr. Burke said. “Jayson can come visit you. We will speak with his school to allow him Monday’s off. I must say, all of this size makes you very convincing”, Burke smiled weakly.

Graham flexed his biceps and smiled smugly at the small bewildered doctor before him. “Yeah, size definitely has its advantages.”

Graham looked across the street and Mr. Richard’s SUV caught his eye. Graham grinned from ear to ear.

“Let me just do one more thing before I go, guys”, Graham said as he hopped across the street and up to his neighbors driveway. Richards stood helplessly by the garage door, looking up at the colossal teenage jock in wonder.

“God, you’re even BIGGER!!!” Richards squeaked, sounding more like a little girl than a man.

“You better believe it, shrimp”, Graham laughed. “What’s this little toy of yours weigh?” Graham sneered as he slapped the top of the SUV with the palm of his hand; a slap so hard that it would have knocked any grown man to the ground.

“A…a little over 5,000 pounds…I…I looked it up for you in the manual this morning…I’ve forgotten how much exactly but…”, Richards whimpered.

“Shh…shh…easy there, little fella”, Graham teased. “Just give me some room and watch.”

Richards leapt out of the way as Graham bent behind the back of the SUV and grabbed it from below the bumper. In one swift motion he stood to his feet bringing the back of the SUV clear off the ground. But he wasn’t done yet. Gritting his teeth he continued lifting the SUV up and up until the rear was resting on top of his mighty pecs!

“Just a little more”, Graham grunted as he shifted his grip and ducked his head under the vehicle.

No-one realized what he was doing, tucked under the car until they saw the front of the SUV lift off the ground too! People shrieked and cried in surprise as Graham squatted back, up, up, up to his full height. He held the 5,000 pound vehicle balanced on his shoulders, his hands firmly gripping each one of the axles. Graham was straining with the effort, but he still managed a hint of a smile…a very, very, proud smile. Richards simply looked up at this giant teenager balancing his car; awestruck in the presence of the strongest man to have ever lived.

Seconds later, Graham rested the front of the car back down to the driveway and got out from under it completely, allowing it to fall back to the ground. Graham looked around him, immensely pleased. Jayson, the soldiers, Burke, his parents, his neighbors and of course Richards simply stared at him in complete awe of his giant, pumped physique

“OK guys”, Graham chuckled wiping the sweat off his brow, “Time to go”,


Part 8

After saying goodbye to Jayson one last time, Graham hopped into the back of the army van that would take him to the base. His parents would travel in a separate vehicle.

Only two people fit in the front of the van. The army had originally planned on three soldiers to chaperone Graham in the back, however Graham had grown so big that no more than one soldier could fit in the back of the van with him. Private Zachary Hill, or “Zach” as everyone called him, was told by Dr. Burke that he would be accompanying Graham in the back of the van alone. Zach looked visibly worried. He was still in shock over how huge and strong this teenager was. He was easily the biggest and strongest man to walk the face of the Earth! Standing at a small yet powerfully built 5’ 8” and 180 pounds, the eighteen year-old private felt like a child next to this mountain of muscle.

“Don’t worry”, Burke told Zach, sensing the young man’s concern. “He’s a good kid. He likes to show off, but he won’t hurt you. When we get to the base I’ll have four or five other people guarding him. You just need to make it through this trip.”

Zach reluctantly followed the officer’s orders and climbed into the back of the van with Graham. Graham looked the frightened private over.

“What’s up”, Graham said by way of introduction.

“Hey”, Zach replied.

Zach skulked down at the back of the van. Even sitting down, Graham’s head touched the roof of the van and his feet stretched out to the back where Zach was sitting. Zach looked over this incredible man’s musculature; the sheer size of his super-sized frame and huge muscles. Zach was no stranger to the weight room. He had competed in a bodybuilding show only a few months ago, winning the novice class. But next to Graham, he felt like the weakest man on the planet.

“So, you supposed to be my guard or something? You’re gonna keep me from doing anything bad?” Graham smiled, looking over the trembling private. He definitely looked built, but he looked scared as hell too.

“Uh…I uh…they just told me to sit here…” Zach mumbled.

“It’s cool man, I’m just messin’, that’s all. Relax”, Graham said flashing Zach a bright smile.

The van started off toward the base. While Zach might have preferred to remain quiet for most of the trip (he was still too afraid to address Graham) Graham proved to be far too sociable.

“What’s your name, dude”, Graham said breaking the silence.

“Zach”, the private answered nervously.

“Cool. You workout Zach?” Graham asked.

“Uh…yeah…kinda”, Zach fidgeted.

“Nah…looks like you do more than ‘kinda’ workout. You got some serious mass there”, Graham said.

“Ya think? Thanks, man”, Zach said, feeling a little more at ease. A panel of bodybuilding judges had in effect said the same thing by crowning him the winner of the novice class a few month’s earlier, but coming from the biggest bodybuilder on the planet the compliment meant much more.

They began talking about workout routines and it wasn’t long before they were gabbing away like they had known each other for years. Zach even moved over to where Graham was sitting. Having gotten over his initial fear of Graham, now he wanted to get as close as he could to his mind-blowing physique.

After some prodding, Graham convinced Zach to lose his shirt, leaving him in nothing more than his tank top. Upon Graham’s request, Zach went into a few poses. Zach was delighted at Graham’s compliments and listened attentively to any advice the young giant had for him…Amazingly, a little more than a week ago, Graham’s frame wasn’t even in the same league as Zach in terms of muscle mass…but things had changed…big time!

“How big are those guns, man?” Graham asked.

“18 inches”, Zach said proudly lifting his right arm and flexing it.

“Not bad. You need to do more hammer curls”, Graham said to Zach upon inspecting the private’s “guns”. “Your peak is awesome, but the bicep could be longer. You get that by doing more hammer curls. Also, when you do a regular curl, try focus more on curling the wrist when you curl. That way you get a fuller shape to the bicep.”

“Really?” Zach said hanging on every word Graham said.

“Yeah, definitely. Look, check this out”, Graham said raising his left arm. Graham flexed his left arm right in Zach’s faces. Zach’s jaw dropped as Graham’s gigantic bicep flexed before his eyes, completely dwarfing his head…and just as Graham had suggested, Graham’s bicep (indeed his entire musculature) was fuller, more developed, and more perfect than anything Zach could possibly craft in years! Moreover, by virtue of his incredible size and height, Graham’s arm was painfully bigger and more massive than anything Zach could ever aspire to.

“Oh my god”, Zach gasped. “You gotta tell me how big those guns are, dude!”

“About 32 inches last time I measured…maybe more”, Graham smiled proudly. “Go ahead and feel it, dude. Check out how fucking solid I am!”

Zach jumped at the chance and was astonished to find that his fingers, applying maximum pressure, could not even dent that boulder of pure, teenage muscle!

“Holy shit…it’s like a rock! Damn it! I can’t believe how massive it is!” Zach babbled as he rubbed his hand up and down the giant bicep. He was completely floored by its colossal mass. “My hand is so small next to it! Look! I can’t even grab it all with two hands! You’re amazing, dude!”

Zach’s compliments provided Graham with a heady rush. He loved it when people were completely floored by his massive physique. Though his physical superiority to those around him was obvious, he loved it when those people felt compelled to express the awe they felt for his towering size and strength.

“Lift up your tank man, let me see your abs”, Graham said. He was more interested in showing off his own washboard abdominals, but he wanted to do so by comparing his superior definition to Zachr’s.

Zach knew what was coming, but he sheepishly complied. He lifted up his tank to display a more than modest six pack. Indeed, almost anyone his age would have killed to boast abs as cut as these. However, they predictably paled in comparison to Graham’s abs.

“They’re OK, dude. But they’re nothin’ like mine”, Graham said as he the solid bricks of his abdominals.

Ripped and vascular, they looked more like an eight-pack than a six pack. His healthy tanned skin and deep, deep cuts made Zach’s midsection look weak and undefined in comparison. His oblique muscles and hip flexors stood out in bold relief making Graham’s frame look all the more dramatic and imposing.

“Maybe if I have some time, I can help you on gettin’ some real abs like these”, Graham bragged as he snaked his hips from left to right, further accentuating the deep ridges of rock-hard abdominal muscle.

“Oh man…there’s no way I could ever come close to definition like yours…and forget about size! We ain’t even in the same league!” Zach admitted awestruck. “ Hell, I’d be stupid to even try to compete with you!”

“Dude, don’t be so down on yourself”, Graham laughed. “Tell you what. I’ll help you put on some mass, and I promise I won’t enter any bodybuilding competition you compete in. Deal?”

Zach gratefully accepted Graham’s help, though he encouraged Graham to compete in a show if he had the chance.

“It would be a sin to hide a massive build like yours from the public. You’ve got the gift. You should show it off whenever you can!” Zach encouraged. “Hell, I sure as hell wouldn’t have a problem coming in second next to you…although that would be a far, far second!”

Zach and Graham spent the rest of the trip engaged in “guy talk”. They talked about girls who they banged, girls who they would want to bang, cars, and sports…(it turns out they were both die hard Gator fans). As afraid as Zach had been of Graham upon their initial encounter, he had made a close friend in Graham. He felt closer to Graham than anyone he had met during the last six months of his service on base.

They arrived at a military base outside of Savannah, Georgia about three hours later. Zach was almost sad to see the trip come to an end. The three hours had raced by in Graham’s company. When they got to the base, Dr. Burke assembled the platoon of men who would train with Graham. Burke had a training schedule laid out for Graham and he had pre-selected the finest men on base to make up Graham’s special platoon. Nevertheless, despite their unquestioned strength and bravery, the men could not suppress a gasp of amazement as Graham stepped out of the back of the army van and rose to his full, mesmerizing height. By now Graham was closing in on eleven feet in height with massive, bulging muscles to match!!! Some of the men in the platoon felt intimidated for the very first time in their lives!

“Men, meet Graham, the biggest, strongest and tallest man to ever walk the face of the Earth”, Burke said motioning proudly to the giant, teenage he-man in their presence. “And he’s still a growing boy, aren’t ya Graham?”

“Oh yeah”, Graham said as he acknowledged Burke’s words with a smug nod.

Graham felt the astonished gazes of the men boring into him. They were gawking at the sheer enormity of his body, the mind-blowing symmetry and size of his bronzed muscles…some dared marvel at the immense bulge in the crotch of his khakis. Graham welcomed their astonishment and basked in their collective wonder. “Man, I was meant tower over people like this”, Graham thought proudly to himself.

“Now, since Graham will be the focus of our training in the weeks ahead, he has been given an E-5 specialist rank. I realize that this means he will outrank each and every one of you. Some of you who have been on base for a while might find that unfair. Well, all I can say is too bad. Live with it. Of course”, and here Burke broke into a malicious grin, “you could always take the matter up with Graham here, although I can tell by the looks on your faces, most of you appear disinclined to do this…that’s probably a wise choice!”

Burke was partly kidding with the men, although at the same time he had seen how seamlessly Graham had torn through the walls and ceilings of his home with his bare hands. Surely if anyone was foolish enough to get on Graham’s bad side, he might have a great (if not fatal) problem on his hands! He silently wondered what would set Graham off, in the hopes of avoiding that at all costs, naturally!

“I will need a few volunteers to bunk with Graham in the quarters we’ve constructed for him. Originally we had planned on only one roommate, but perhaps as many as four or five will be in order…” Burke said.

“I’ll do it, sir”, Zach chirped, popping out from the front row of the platoon.

“Private Zachary”, Burke said arching his eyebrow. “Are you sure about this? You seemed a little rattled back at Graham’s place.”

“Sir, I can handle it! In fact, I can do it alone as you had originally planned”, Zach added.

Burke looked Zach over. He must have undergone some strange change of heart during the trip. Unlike the rest of the platoon, there wasn’t an ounce of trepidation in his face. In fact, he looked like he genuinely wanted to bunk with Graham.

“Very well, private. Request granted”, Burke barked. “Get your things and meet us in 15 minutes over at the “Big House”. The rest of you are dismissed.”

The rest of the platoon filed off, though they could not help steal a quick glance or two at the teenage superman. They were still too afraid to actually go over and talk to him, but ultimately they would have to. They whispered to one another as they headed to the mess hall:

“Man, did you see the size of that, kid? He could snap any one of us in half like a twig!”

“And they said he’s still growing! I can’t believe he’s gonna get bigger. I mean, he’s already huge!”

“What kind of training is Burke gonna have us do with that monster? Fuck, I’m shaking just thinking about it!”

Meanwhile, Burke, Graham and a few other officers went over to the “Big House” where they met Zach. For months, the base had been constructing a large hangar sized building close to the center of the base. It was built specifically for this project.

“A big man like you is going to need a big house to live in”, Burke smiled. “You saw what you did earlier to your parent’s house. Let’s face it: a big, strapping lad like you is going to need plenty of space to grow. Hell, you would have grown straight through the roof of your old house in no time!”

Graham smiled at the thought of his massive, smiling frame bursting the roof of his old house while his parents looked on horrified. In a way, he regretted not staying in his old house for a few more days in order to make that vision a reality!

There were two normal sized doors to the hangar, but these were too small for Graham to use. Instead, he would use the “front” door. The “front” door was a large metal door standing about twenty feet in height and ten feet wide. It weighed approximately two tons. Graham stared up at the door somewhat perplexed.

“Damn, that’s the door to this place?” Graham said looking obviously impressed.

Burke smiled. He was pleased he had finally managed to impress the massive youth. For the better part of the day it was Graham who had done all of the “impressing”. He walked over to the wall and punched in a set of numbers on the keypad. The door slowly opened. It ran on a track, much like a patio door.

“The password is your birth date”, Burke smiled. “You can use the automated system to open the door for now, but we envision a time when you will be able to open the door manually.”

Graham looked up at the immense door and then smiled down at Burke.

“Really?” Graham beamed.

“There’s no doubt in my mind you will”, Burke smiled back.

Burke walked into the hangar, followed by Graham, Zach and the other officers. Graham’s eyes lit up as soon as he entered the hangar…

The interior did not resemble a hangar. For one thing, it was carpeted. On the left there was a normal sized bed with a dresser, closet and full length mirror. A private bathroom was constructed in the back. But it was the items on the right that caught everyone’s attention. The right side of the hanger mirrored the left side, only everything was built three times bigger. The bed was about twenty feet long. Similarly the dresser stood a good nine feet in height. The bathroom on that side of the room was built equally big. Graham would have no trouble using these accommodations. In fact, for the first time in a very, very, very long time, he actually felt a little small! Apart from the funhouse appearance of the hangar, it felt warm and cozy; a near-replica of Graham’s bedroom at home!

Some of the other accommodations included a large 60” flat screen TV. The couch only came in the bigger size, standing about six feet high and eighteen feet long.

“We wanted everything to be as comfortable as possible for you Graham, so we tried to emulate your bedroom and your living room couch. The mess hall will be sure to provide you with enough food”, Burke continued. “Incidentally, should you ever want more food, we will have a chef on call who will answer your every request. The message is, we want you to eat as much as you want.”

“Oh, I will”, Graham smiled. “I won’t hold back while I’m here, that’s for sure!”

Graham was most pleased with the weight set. Again, it appeared as if the set only came in the bigger size. In fact, many of the weights were obscenely huge, several times heavier than even the heaviest furniture in the hangar! Graham looked at the massive steel plates stacked up in the corner. The plates read 500 pounds, 1,000 pounds, 1.25 tons, 2.5 tons, 5 tons…there were massive dumbbells on a steel beam rack standing eight feet high, ranging from 300 pounds up to 2 tons! In the middle of all of these weights was a large bench, standing six feet high and stretching close to twelve feet in length.

“Amazing, huh?” Burke smiled sensing the young giant’s delight. “And this is just a beginner’s weight set!”

“Beginner, huh?” Graham smiled. He walked over to the dumbbell rack and grabbed the two 300 pound dumbbells off the rack.

“I guess I’d better get started then”, Graham smiled.

Graham began hammering out concentration curls while Burke, Zach and the officers silently watched. Graham hammered out twenty bicep curls in each arm using perfect form before setting the weights down. He raised his arms into a triumphant double biceps pose. The others looked up at him stunned. His biceps were now on the order of 35 inches of solid muscle!

“Those weights are starting to feel light to me already”, Graham bragged.

“You’ve undoubtedly been growing throughout the entire day”, Burke said admiring Graham’s massive physique.

His attention was suddenly drawn to Graham’s khakis, where the bulge of his crotch was threatening to bust through the zipper. The legs of the shorts looked ready to tear apart against the impossibly thick mass of his thighs. His solid, sculpted ass pulled mightily against the back of the shorts. It was a sight to behold.

“Graham”, Burke said feeling a little unnerved. “Your parents will be joining us for dinner. I would suggest you put on something that is less revealing. Those khakis aren’t going to last you much longer. We will meet you and Private Zachary over at the mess hall.”

Graham followed Burke’s orders. Burke and the officers left leaving Zach and Graham alone. Graham quickly unbuttoned his khakis and, pulling them over his massive thighs, allowed them to fall to the floor. Although Zach had never had a problem changing with other men around him in the past, Graham made him feel very puny and uncomfortable. He made some feeble excuse and rushed to his bathroom. He caught a glimpse of Graham’s perfect ass as he shut the door. A soft moan escaped Zach’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Graham changed into a new set of clothes. He found a huge pair of army fatigues that fit snugly around his thighs and butt. Beneath that he wore a pair of black cotton briefs which kept his copious endowment all in one place. Graham wore a pair of Size 48 boots. They were a little loose on him so he tightened the straps on top. He knew it would only be a matter of days before he grew out of these! The massive boots added almost three inches to Graham’s already incredible height!

Graham found some military tags with his name and personal information on it. He smiled as he put them on his neck. He liked the way the metal tags bounced off his enormous pecs. He found a white T shirt to wear. It was the smallest one in the dresser. Graham had to laugh when he saw the tag on the shirt which read “12XL”! The cotton fabric accentuated every contour of his huge, muscular torso. While it fit him like a glove for the most part, it did not cover his belly button. This, as well as the love trail and defined hip flexors diving below his loose waistband were exposed. He looked the epitome of virile and strong. Graham looked imposing no matter how much or how little he wore…

Those present at the dinner were Burke, Graham, his parents, Zach and a few of the officers that had accompanied Burke earlier. Burke explained to all of those present the real purpose behind the experiment. The Army wanted to create the “ultimate soldier” and this meant creating the “ultimate man”. After years of experimenting, the Army had determined a safe and effective way of altering one’s genetic composition to make them bigger, taller and stronger. However, they had found it impossible to stabilize the reaction once the body’s structure was altered. There would be either no growth in a subject, or massive, intense growth. They found that the key variable was psychological. Thus, to create the “ultimate man” they would have to find someone who truly desired to become bigger…much, much bigger than those around them. They needed someone who wanted to be giant.

The altering formula they developed worked best on adolescents at the peak of their growth. Indeed, the formula would latch onto the teenager’s growth spurt and increase it exponentially. Thus, they searched for their candidate in high schools by distributing a questionnaire which would masquerade as a multiple choice/short answer test from their phys-ed department. This is how they found Graham.

“He answered every question perfectly”, Burke recalled. “No one appeared more comfortable with the idea of being big and powerful than Graham. His answers revealed an intense desire to grow which was simply unmatched by his peers. Furthermore, his profile was perfect. He was already, tall, strong and athletic. It’s as if he were tailor-made for this project. He’s perfect!”

“The proof is”, Burke said eyeing Graham, “that Graham is growing much faster than we had anticipated. We thought you might have a gained a foot, maybe a foot and a half at the most in the past week, but you’ve gained close to six feet in height! Your muscular development is something which we failed to anticipate; an unexpected development actually. You must have really wanted big muscles, too.”

“The bigger the better”, Graham said cockily.

Predictably, Graham ate more than everyone at the table combined. Those present watched in shock as Graham shoveled down 4 pounds of mashed potatoes, two turkeys and two key lime pies, washing everything down with eight gallons of protein shake! The experience was so humbling that many of those there barely touched their meals…though Graham helped clear their plates for them!

They talked for about an hour longer, though Burke would not give any additional details regarding the project. He limited himself to commending Graham on his desire to grow. Burke could not help expressing his amazement over how much Graham had grown already. Burke seemed just as happy as Graham, though the officers sitting beside Burke looked more apprehensive.

“We all have a long day tomorrow”, Burke announced. “Graham, before you head back to your quarters, I would like to take a preliminary blood sample from you for our medical research. We will be tracking your progress on a weekly basis with a number of tests, though we will rely heavily on blood tests, Hope you’re not afraid of needles…”

“Nah”, Graham said shrugging off the notion. In fact, Graham had not felt afraid of something for quite some time…

“Good. We’ll take this opportunity to measure your height and weight”, Burke smiled, unable to conceal his curiosity.

“Just measure me here”, Graham said as he proudly stood up from the table, towering over those seated there. “I want everyone to know how big I am!”

Burke complied. A freight scale from the laboratory next door was brought in. With the aid of a ten foot ladder, Zach was able to measure Graham current height at 11 feet 2 inches! The freight scale used to weigh him measured him at an astounding 1,285 pounds! Graham just had to laugh.

“Man, how tall was the tallest man to have ever lived?” he laughed. “Like nine feet tall or something? Man, that guy’s like a dwarf next to me!”


Part 9

It was evident from the start that Graham and Zach would make good roommates. Zach was amazed by the walking teenage giant in his presence, and Graham fed off the little soldier’s silent worship. They watched television when they came back from dinner. Graham tried out the giant couch. It was soft and comfortable. Graham invited Zach up to the couch, though he had to reach down and yank him up in one arm, which he did with all the ease of lifting an eight year old off the ground!

Only a few seconds went by before Graham peeled off his shirt and pants, preferring to strut around the “big house” in his packed briefs which were tenting from the heft of their contents. Curiously, he left his boots on. He liked the way they looked on him. Plus, he valued every little extra inch of height they afforded him. The sole on these boots gave Graham an additional 4 inches of height to his already impressive 11’2” stature! As they went to bed, Graham made it a point to stand close to Zach. He was getting off on the massive size difference that separated them. He flexed his thighs and claves and smiled down as he watched the massive muscles bunch up and ripple. The power coursing through those muscles could snap little Zach in two and they both knew it.

“Man, I never dreamed of anyone ever being as big as you, Graham”, Zach could not help admit.

“You mean, sir”, Graham grinned down to Zach. “A little guy like you should address me as ‘sir’ at all times. Besides, I do outrank you, don’t I?”

Zach could not tell if Graham was pulling his leg or not. The smile on his face belied that he was, nevertheless Zach decided he would play it safe. It would be tremendously foolish to piss off his giant roommate.

“I’m sorry, sir”, Zach said apologetically.

Graham liked the sound of that.

While normally Graham would have indulged himself with a little posing in the mirror, he was rather tired, so he decided to hit the sack. Besides, there would always be tomorrow.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once Graham and Zach went back to the “Big House”, Graham’s parents felt free to relay their concerns about the project.

“We aren’t so sure about this anymore Dr. Burke. Of course we would do anything for our country, but these changes are so radical! We’re not sure we can afford them—” Graham’s mother complained.

“Let me assure you that the U.S. Government will handle all of the clothing and food costs for Graham moving forward.” Burke cheerfully said.

“But… but what if Graham harms someone! He’s so big!” the mother protested.

“There is no indication that Graham will hurt anyone. At the moment he is happy to be growing as much as he is”, Burke smiled.

“But that’s just it”, interrupted Graham’s father. “He’s becoming a giant! Our son is becoming a giant!!!”

“But that is what he wants!” Burke fired back. “You can’t deny this to your son. He has chosen his path carefully. This is what he wants more than anything in the world. Indeed, if our studies are accurate, he wants this more than any other young man on Earth! This is what he was meant to be! How can you deny him his destiny?”

There was silence in the mess hall as Graham’s parents stood there expressionless, while the officers looked on quietly. It was difficult to tell what they were thinking. Their eyes and faces remained vacant and expressionless. They had trained to maintain such an impervious appearance. Only Dr. Burke appeared visibly at ease with the situation.

“Your son is destined for greatness”, Dr. Burke said matter-of-factly. “The entire world will remember his name. He will be a hero; an icon. You should hardly be upset at Graham. If anything, you should be very, very proud of him… I daresay he deserves your full respect at this point.”

Graham’s parents simply bowed their heads and nodded. “Y… yes. I suppose you are right, Dr. Burke”, the father said. From that moment on they would not interfere in Graham’s desire to get big. After all, Graham had always known what he wanted. It was that courage and conviction that led him to seize the opportunity to grow when it had presented itself. How could they not respect that?

“Don’t worry”, Dr. Burke smiled. “Graham will make a believer out of everyone. You’ll see.”

Graham’s parents left the base shortly afterward in a military convoy. Dr. Burke took the blood samples back to his laboratory where one of the officers from the mess hall was waiting for him. His name was Captain Henry. He had been the lone dissenter to Burke’s experiment. The incredible results Graham was experiencing sounded an alarm in Henry’s mind. His concerns were now shared by most of the officers that had once given Burke the green light.

“Eleven feet tall, Burke. Eleven feet”, Henry said as he took a drag of his cigarette. “That clearly exceeds even the most hopeful prognosis.”

“Surely you are not criticizing the experiment because it is TOO successful”, Burke said as he rested the blood samples on his desk. “After all, wasn’t it you who claimed the experiment would be a miserable failure? A waste of allocated resources. You said you wanted to spend the money on… what was it—”

“Tanks”, Henry fumed, cigarette smoke flowing from his nose like some fire-breathing dragon.

“Oh that’s right”, Burke chuckled. “The tanks.”

Burke sat down in his swivel chair and lit a cigarette of his own. He had dealt with Henry repeatedly in the last few months. He always found himself defending the experiment in one way or another. He was used to being on defense. Henry took a last drag of his cigarette and put it out on the floor.

“Let’s get to the point, Burke. You said that the boy would grow 6 to 18 inches at the most in the first week, 18 inches being the most extreme estimate. But the kid has grown four and a half feet!!! What does that suggest to you?”

“It suggests that the ‘kid’ really, really, really wants to grow. I told you there would always be some grey area depending on the psychology of the subject—” Burke explained.

“Cut the shit, Burke. You know what I am getting at. If he’s grown this much in the first phase of the experiment, imagine how much bigger he may become in the next two phases!!! You described this initial phase as a ‘primer’. Well look what your primer has done! After a week, that kid is the tallest man on the planet! And what’s with the whole Hercules effect?!? Did you see the muscles on that kid???”

“I must admit, Graham’s muscularity was an unforeseen—”

“Enough already. The officers and I will contact the Pentagon tomorrow and ask them to pull the plug on this experiment of yours. We have seen enough. Graham can go back home and be the BIG MAN he’s always wanted to be. He can enter bodybuilding shows and flatten offensive lines: do all the things a giant teen like him wants. In the meantime, we’ll pretend that this unfortunate incident never happened.”

For the first time in months, Henry felt victorious. The officers had always sided with Burke, sucked in by the allure of possessing the “ultimate weapon.” This time the officers were on Henry’s side. He felt confident again. Powerful. Virile. This called for another cigarette. He immediately lit one and took a drag, his thin pale lips curled into a smirk. It might have been the first time he smiled in a while, for his cheeks felt stiff as he tried to do so—

“There are two flaws in your plan, Captain Henry”, Burke said, blowing a smoke ring above his head. “For one, you cannot halt the experiment just by snapping your fingers. The boy will continue to grow UNLESS he is administered Phase 2. Otherwise, he will continue inching up daily! Him being eleven feet tall now may not be a problem, but if he continues to grow unstoppably… say 15 feet tall… 20… 30… it may cause a problem. At least if we administer Phase 2 to him now, he might only double, maybe triple his height.”

Henry grimaced, the cigarette beginning to taste foul in his mouth which had contorted again to its more familiar frown.

“How do we know your estimates are right? Look what happened before. The kid totally blew your prognosis out of the water. Who is to say that if we gave him Phase 2 he might—” and here Henry’s voice seemed to, uncharacteristically, tremble, “” he might… do the same.”

“There is no sure fire way of knowing”, Dr. Burke said, somewhat bewildered by the wavering in Henry’s voice. Was that fear? Burke did not have time to stop and consider this. “The only way of coming close to a precise answer would be the results of these blood tests. Here, I will be able to see the level of alteration in his genetic structure. This will enable me to make a more accurate prediction. Let me perform the blood tests, Captain Henry. That way, you will have something to show the Pentagon when you make your request. After all, given the money they have sunken into this experiment, your commanding officers will want some scientific proof before they pull the plug.”

Henry didn’t need any more data. An eleven-foot tall muscle teen was more than enough proof that the experiment had run amuck. Nevertheless, he knew those callous bureaucrats back at the Pentagon would want more proof; something that would confirm that Graham’s off the chart growth was no fluke.

Henry dropped his half finished cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. He then turned and left the laboratory with little more than a snarl. Burke chuckled as the door to the lab slammed shut. He took one last puff of his cigarette and put it out lightly in the ashtray on his desk.

“Filthy habit”, he said with a chuckle, shaking his head in self-recrimination. He look over a the blood samples and reached in his drawer for some litmus paper.

“OK Graham, make me proud! Show me what you got!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The sun shone through the rectangular windows at the top of the hangar. It was only seven thirty in the morning. For Graham, this was still early, however, by military standards, Graham had gravely overslept. Hours earlier, Zach had awakened, at the crack of dawn as was his custom. He quickly showered and dressed. He did, however, take a minute out of his ordinary morning routine to stare up at Graham’s bed and watch mesmerized as his titanic pecs rose and fell with every deep, sonorous breath. He felt embarrassed as he felt himself go hard, and shuffled out the front door of the “big house” to join the rest of his platoon for their daily five mile run, and breakfast.

Graham loved hanging out in bed. He was not afraid of too much rest. Indeed, he had once read that most muscle building takes place when one is in repose. Any mere mortal looking at Graham’s body would have to admit that he was doing something right! Still, after about half an hour of stretching and tossing at his leisure, Graham sat up in bed and stretched his mighty arms, letting out a bellowing yawn. In the silence that followed he could hear the soldiers running nearby, chanting in time with their step. He stepped out of bed, his heavy feet hitting the carpeted floor, and paced over to the large, steel 20 foot door—

Graham was about to bend down to punch in the password on the automated keyboard when he abruptly stood back up, his lips curled in revulsion. The automated touchpad which Zach (and everyone else) had to use looked so small. He had to squint to make out the numbers and actually take care of not damaging the switchboard with his powerful, poking fingers. He looked back up at the door. He smirked.

“Well, Burke said there’d be a day when I could open the door on my own. The sooner I try the better… He smiled. He spit on his hand and clamped them down on the edge of the tall sliding door. After a few sharp breaths, Graham leaned into the door with his shoulder and pushed with all his might.

What a sight to behold! Graham grit his teeth and let out a fierce growl that reverberated through the “big house.” His muscles trembled with the massive effort, every muscle straining, struggling… the veins of his massive forearms and biceps engorged… his back flared and enraged like the head of a cobra, his tree trunk thighs pushing his body forward… harder… harder….


The door resisted at first, but within seconds, the heavy frame began to move, inch by painstaking inch. However, with every inch of ground Graham gained, the more momentum fell into his favor, as the door slowly but steadily opened along its track. Slowly, the morning sunlight filled the renovated hangar, as the gap in the doorway widened with each successive step Graham took. In one final push, Graham pushed the door forward, and it sailed the rest the way on its own, until it hit the end of the track. Graham stood in the middle of the doorway, tensing and flexing his arms, his chest heaving proudly as the morning sunlight beat off the first few beads of sweat trickling down his mighty torso. He looked down at his body triumphantly and then over at the door he had conquered.

“That wasn’t so bad”, he remarked with a cocky smile on his face.

He watched as some soldiers ran by his hangar, about a hundred yards away. “I could use a good workout too”, Graham said to himself. He looked over at the colossal weights and smiled. These weights would allow him to push his strength beyond any human limit! Excited, Graham headed over to the weights.

Clad only in a pair of grey boxer briefs, Graham worked up a tremendous sweat. The fresh morning breeze blowing into hangar was soon replaced by the heavy, thick musk of Graham’s sweaty body. He focused today mostly on back, legs and chest. With every set, the poundages increased. For example, Graham started out his chest routine benching 1,500 pounds… as a warm-up! He then moved onto bench 2,000 and finally 2,500 pounds for reps! His strength was amazing!

When Zach returned to the hangar he was surprised to find the giant door ajar. As he walked in he was struck by the powerful, locker-room smell permeating the hangar. He turned to his right and he nearly jumped back in surprise. He was not prepared for the sight of Graham’s ripped, muscular frame, glistening with sweat, clad-only in a super-tight and sweat-soaked pair of briefs, benching a colossal amount of weight. Graham did three reps with the bar and slammed it back on the reinforced titanium steel rack—


Graham stood up slowly from the bench, wiping the sweat from his brow and trickling down his chest with a huge white towel that looked more like a blanket. He sauntered over to Zach whose jaw dropped as his giant, younger bunkmate towered over him.

“W… wow, sir… you… you look bigger and better than ever! So pumped!!! How… how much weight was that, sir?” Zach asked meekly.

“3,000 pounds,” Graham’s voice boomed down with authority and confidence. “I’d lift heavier if I had a spotter, but I guess there ain’t no-one who could spot all that weight… It’s one of the inconveniences of being the strongest man on Earth”, Graham bragged. “But trust me, the benefits FAR outweigh the inconveniences—” Graham smiled as he placed his hands at his hips and did a tremendous lat spread.

“I bet”, Zach gulped as he stared up at his Graham’s colossal teen muscles.

Graham showered and changed into a pair of drier, roomier boxers. He changed into a pair of fatigues, though they were tight against his pumped thighs and calves. His Size 48 boots were similarly tight. His torso was now far too big, too PUMPED, for any of the 12XL shirts in his drawer. He wore a button down shirt which he left open, exposing his chest and abs. There was no way he could button it!

“Looks like I need some bigger clothes already!” Graham smiled. “I’m gonna grab some lunch. Come and join me.”

“Umm, with all due respect sir, Sergeant Clark has only given us a half hour to change, and then report to the training field for target practice.” Zach whimpered.

“Dude, that’s an order. You leave Sergeant Clark to me!” Graham smiled confidently.

Although Sergeant Clark outranked Graham, and Graham had no authority to change Zach’s schedule, Zach felt compelled to obey Graham’s order. Obeying Graham just came easy. Graham didn’t need any bars or striped in order to back up his orders. All he needed was his powerfully muscled, towering frame. The authority Graham exuded appealed to something more basic and primitive than the artificial designations conveyed by hierarchy and rank. Zach had a feeling he would get into trouble for missing target practice, but he could not imagine disobeying Graham! It was a simple question of whom Zach feared and respected more. In both cases, it was Graham, hands down.

Graham had a massive lunch. Some astonished employees and officers watched from afar as Graham polished off over twenty pounds of sliced Virginia Ham, three loaves of bread, a tub of butter, and a big, big bowl of succotash. He polished off lunch with an entire lemon meringue pie, and four large pitchers of protein shake. Zach sat across from him. He had a slice of ham and a glass of milk. He could not believe how much food the young giant was capable of putting away.

“OK, lil man…” Graham smiled. “You have to go off somewhere now?”

Zach nodded. “Yes, down at the gym… this afternoon is hand to hand combat training.”

Graham nodded and smiled. “I think I might join you for that one.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dr. Burke and the officers had expected Graham to become acclimated with his new surroundings before including him in any of the exercises with the men. They did not expect Graham to want to join in the “fun” so quickly. They didn’t know Graham. He thrived on competition, fir it was only through competition that he could prove time and time again what everyone already knew: that he was the biggest, the strongest… the BEST!

However Sergeant Clark was not one to see his training exercises undermined in the way Graham had in mind. He had a set routine he wanted his men to follow, and any divergence from that set course was abhorrent to him. Two things dominated Clark’s world: order and control. Like any drill sergeant he was a stickler for schedules, timetables and punctuality. These were the pillars of order. And over that order, Clark presided as its lord and master. He had little patience for disobedience or laziness. He crushed independent thought and stifled dissent. He had been charged by the U.S. Army with the duty of crafting a finely-tuned platoon, a well-oiled killing machine. Like any machine, there was no room for surprises; no room for disapproval. Clark’s command was law. None of the men dared defy him.

Sergeant Clark was an imposing figure. He was a brawny, black man, standing at 6’5” and weighing 250 pounds. He always wore a pair of shiny, tinted eyeglasses, whether it was sunny or overcast. They hid his gaze from his men. His booming voice carried through whatever auditorium, gymnasium, field or forest in which he delivered his commands. More so than any other sergeant at the base, Clark delighted in participating in many of the platoon’s exercises. He was a firm believer in leading by example. He excelled at almost everything. On the rare occasion in which a soldier out-performed him, he would mutter a vague compliment to them. That wasn’t often.

Hand to hand combat had always been one of Clark’s favorite exercises. As a soldier it was his specialty. Indeed, he had one several awards in the area. As a college student he had been a black belt martial artist, and a wrestling champion. He could not remember the last fight he lost, and there had been hundreds, both on the tournament stage and in the field of battle. Thus, hand to hand combat was Clark’s preferred exercise when he needed to take a rowdy soldier down a few pegs, humiliate them, and put them back in their place.

Clark knew his platoon like the back of his hand. He knew Zach had missed target practice. He was going to submit a disciplinary report, but changed his mind when he saw Zach step into the gymnasium, creeping toward the group sheepishly. He would make his afternoon hell instead.

“Private Hill”, Clark bellowed. “You missed target practice earlier today. Do you feel that you are special? Do you feel that you are above these training exercises? Do you feel you are above the men in your platoon?”

“No sir… no… I… I was with Private Miller, observing his training.” Zach replied, hurriedly running up to the wrestling mat and standing at attention.

“Private Miller?” Clark asked, belying his puzzlement. “There is no Private Miller in my platoon, soldier!”

“Sure there is”, boomed a voice that made Clark’s deep bass sound more like a soprano! “Though everyone on base just calls me Graham!”

The men looked to the left and saw Graham’s towering figure approaching confidently, his massive footsteps echoing through the gymnasium walls. Graham had used the service entrance in the back. The front doors were too small for him to squeeze through!

“There a problem, Sergeant?” Graham said stepping up to the surprised sergeant, his face contorting into a look of astonishment; a look he had not exhibited in ages. He quickly composed himself as he stared up at teenage giant in fatigues, Graham’s powerful pecs exposed from his unbuttoned shirt.

“Only in Private Hill’s logic, soldier!”, Clark growled “He is to be punished for failing to attend target practice earlier today.”

“I ordered him to stay with me sergeant. I outrank him, as I do all the men in your platoon”, Graham explained coolly. “If you have a problem with Private Hill, you take it up with ME!”

Graham stood there smiling down at Clark. His smile was a cocky, surly one. Graham was almost defying Clark to punish him. Clark could have reported the issue to his commanding officers, or at least threatened to do so. But Clark did not like to hide behind bureaucratic remedies. He didn’t care how big Graham was. He wanted to put Graham in his place.

“Hill, Sullivan, Hatter, Newman”, Clark barked. Four soldiers jumped up from the mat and stood at attention beside Clark. “You will use the techniques I have shown you in the last eight weeks to take down and pin Private Miller!”

Graham let out an involuntary chuckle. “I’m sorry”, he said smiling down red-faced at the nervous soldiers in front of him. Clark looked ready to erupt in anger. “Did you say they had to pin me? That shit ain’t gonna happen, Sarge.”

“If you FAIL to pin him”, Clark barked, ignoring Graham, “I will write you up for insubordination. There will be no dinner for you today down at the mess hall. I will make your lives a living hell. Now take this big, dumb son of a bitch down!”

Graham raised his eyebrow, still preserving his cocky smile. To some extent he admired the temerity of the waist-high sergeant. But one thing was for certain. He did NOT like being called a “dumb son of a bitch.” Graham decided to play along. He certainly had nothing to fear, and everything to gain from this experience.

“OK… come on dudes. Let me see what you got”, Graham smirked at the nervous young soldiers, his hands at his hips, clearly inviting them to take the first shot.

After some initial trepidation, one of the soldiers, Sullivan, launched at Graham’s left leg, his relatively long arms barely able to encircle Graham’s sizeable hamstring. Suddenly the other soldiers followed suit, all four of them (including Zach) wrapped around Graham’s legs, trying to get him off balance and bring him to the ground. Graham simply stood there and looked down at them with a proud smile as he causally folded his arms, seriously testing the fabric of his shirt sleeves.

“We… can’t budge him… Sarge”, Zach grunted, his face beet red with effort, just like the other hapless soldiers.

“Dudes, I weigh over 1,500 pounds. No fuckin way are you gonna move me! HAHAHA!!! But me on the other hand… UGHHHHH!!!!”

Without warning, Graham thrust his left leg forward, sending Sullivan and Hatter flying in the air, landing a couple of feet away with a hard slam against the mat, knocking the wind out of them.

“” I’ll toss your weak asses around like rag dolls!” Graham crowed, as he swung his right leg forward, sending Zach and Private Newman flying to the mat in front of them just as unceremoniously. The four soldiers looked up, bruised and struggling to regain their breath.

“Now it’s my turn, wimps!”, Graham growled, as he stomped towards Zach and Newman. He reached down, grabbing Newman by the scruff of the neck and lifting the 220-pound soldier clear off the ground, his feet dangling helplessly in the air.

“No… wait… don’t—” Newman sputtered, still trying to regain his breath. Too late. The challenge had been issued, and Graham had NEVER backed down from challenge before. He was not about to start now—

Graham unleashed a thunderous left hook into Newman’s midsection. Newman wailed in pain as he felt pain shoot throughout his ribcage and the last few drops of air leave his torso. Graham let him go and he collapsed in a heap at Graham’s colossal boots. Newman made a gasping gurgling sound as he tried to breathe, writhing in pain on the ground. Surveying his work, Graham looked over at Zach with a smile, as if to imply he was next. Zach crawled away on the wrestling mat, much like a frightened crab would on a beach.

Zach was Graham’s roommate, and that came with some privileges. Namely, Graham had already decided not to hurt Zach. It was satisfactory enough to see Zach crawl away in fear and defeat. Graham turned his attention to Sullivan and Hatter who were looking to make a similar retreat. No such luck.

Graham stomped over to the frightened soldiers, squatted down over them and thrust out his arms, clamping his giant hands on their delicate throats, threatening to crush their windpipes. He did not, of course, break their brittle necks, as he easily could have. He simply smiled down at them confidently, as he slowly choked the air out of them… their faces turning red, then blue, their flailing arms and kicking legs, becoming completely still as their bodies was deprived of oxygen. As they appeared to fade into unconsciousness, Graham mercifully released his grip from their throats. Had Graham held on a few more seconds, the soldiers might have been strangled to death.

Meanwhile, Newman continued to writhe in pain a few feet away. He had suffered three broken ribs and a punctured lung, in just one mighty blow. Graham had not even hit Newman as hard as he could have. He was trying to account for his strength, but even Graham did not realize the terrifying extent of his physical power. He stood over Newman, writhing below, begging him for mercy in muffled cries.

Graham looked out at the astonished and frightened platoon, who had now retreated to the edges of the wrestling mat.

“Anyone else think they can take me on? Huh?” Graham boomed. “Come on… I’ll take you all on if you want… but I’m warning you. I might go a little rougher!!! HAHAHA!!!”

Seeing no takers, Graham pointed to two soldiers.

“You two”, he smiled. The soldiers looked up at Graham horrified. They had seen the extent of Graham’s power. They new they didn’t have a chance against him. But just before they were about to drop to their knees and beg for mercy, Graham pointed to Newman and said, “Help this dude over to the hospital. He sounds pretty hurt.”

The two soldiers nodded and stepped forward to comply, however their thoughtful deed was interrupted by the roar of Sergeant Clark. He had stood back and watched enraged as his four best soldiers were decimated in seconds by the giant muscle teen.

“No!” Clark roared. “He failed! No-one goes to the infirmary without my say. Understand?”

Graham turned around and stared down the angry sergeant. Graham’s smile faded, and his gaze became severe. Sergeant Clark actually recoiled slightly for the first time in his life.

“I said he goes to the infirmary”, Graham muttered. “And if you gotta problem with it, you can take it up with me, Sarge.”

Clark was completely caught off guard. He had never been disobeyed, or have an order countermanded, let alone by some sixteen year old teenager (albeit it the biggest and strongest man ever!) He stood there, completely enraged, but immobile, his mind confused, unable to contain his anger in order to take action. The two soldiers complied with Graham’s command and helped the injured Newman slowly onto a stretcher, and took him swiftly to the infirmary.

Sullivan and Hatter had become conscious and were slowly rising to their feet with the help of some other soldiers. Graham could see them rise out of the corner of his eye. It appeared he was okay and he was glad. His purpose had not been to hurt them but to convey a message to what he was coming to view as HIS platoon. Graham felt these soldiers deserved a real leader, and HE was that leader. But there was one thing standing in the way of his complete authority: Sergeant Clark.

“So, you wanna punish others for fighting battles they can’t win, huh? You think that makes you a bad ass?” Graham sneered as he stepped toward the retreating sergeant. “You’d be a real leader if YOU put me in my place. How bout it? You think you’re all big and bad? How bout you try and kick my ass?!?”

“No… I… I am the commander of this platoon. You will step down Private Miller. You will—” Clark babbled.

“The name is Graham, pussy boy!” Graham growled down at Clark. “And if you’re gonna act like a bitch in front of your men, I guess I can treat you like one!”

Graham swiftly struck Clark in the face with the back of his extended hand, effectively bitch-slapping the once respected sergeant, sending him hard to the ground. Clark immediately tried to scramble to his feet, but felt the weight of Graham’s colossal boot pressing down on his back, sending him belly flat on the mat again. Clark tried to rise once more, and again felt the unforgiving treads of Graham’s boot shove him gruffly to the ground. Clark heard the chuckles of some of his soldiers. This to Clark was clearly the greatest indignity of all—

“I’ll have you court-martialed for this, you son of a bitch—I’ll—” Clark protested.

Graham kicked Clark over on his back before he could finish his empty threat. He planted his colossal Size 48 right on Clark’s throat, the sharp treads digging in painfully to his neck, tearing at the skin of Clark’s throat.

“You ever call me a son of a bitch again, and I will fucking snap you in two. UNDERSTAND???” Graham roared, his voice shaking the gymnasium walls.

“Y… y… yes”, Clark whimpered, struggling to breathe under the giant boot. Graham pressed down further, the once-mighty Clark squirming frenetically, unable to escape from under Graham’s boot… that massive Size 48 threatening to completely crush the humiliated sergeant’s windpipe. Graham’s gaze looked deadly serious. Clark had shown more disrespect to Graham than anyone in recent memory. His initial plan had completely backfired. Rather than Clark make an example out of Graham, Graham was going to make an example out of Clark!

“You don’t deserve to outrank me, pussy, therefore, you DON’T! I outrank YOU… as a leader, as a fighter “and as a MAN! Do you fucking understand me, pussy boy???” Graham bellowed.

Clark, unable to breathe, frantically nodded his head, tears rolling down his face as Graham’s treads continued to scrape his throat. In Graham’s eyes, he saw no pity, no shame… Clark had made the singular and unenviable mistake of pissing Graham off, and he was paying for it now. Graham lifted his boot off Clark’s throat, and the helpless sergeant wheezed and coughed as he lay on the mat, defeated and incapacitated. Never had anyone ever defeated this fighting machine so convincingly; so easily.

However, Clark’s humiliation was not over.

Graham gave Clark a few moments to compose himself once more. Clark rose to his knees. Apart from the scrapes along his neck, Clark could feel a trickle of blood flowing down his lip, his cheek beginning to swell in pain from the bitch-slap Graham had administered just moments ago. Just as Clark had made it to his knees, Graham boomed down to him:

“Lick my boots, you fucking pansy!”

Clark looked up at Graham, his eyes welling up with tears once more, but this time these were tears of shame.

“No… p… please Graham… don’t make me do this… not here… not…”, Clark whimpered.

With unprecedented speed, and brutality, Graham gave Clark another backhanded bitch-slap, sending the sergeant crumpling to the mat once more with a dull thump. The soldiers watched incredulously as their once respected and even feared drill sergeant was reduced to a groveling, whimpering heap of flesh by the towering muscle teen who was so clearly his superior in every way.

Clark was shaking as he rose to his knees once more. Clark felt his mouth fill with the warm, iron taste of blood. He spit out what appeared to be three teeth onto the wrestling may. Graham had hit harder this time.

“I said, lick my boots now, bitch.” Graham growled.

Seeing no salvation in sight, Clark swallowed what remained of his pride, bent over, stuck out his tongue, and licked the tip on Graham’s dirty Size 48s. Clark licked one boot and then the other. He licked under the soles when Graham raised them, allowing his tongue to run through the treads that had nearly crushed his larynx. Clark could even feel the slight tears that had formed between the sole and leather of the boots…; all this time.

Graham’s feet had been growing. Even his Size 48s were growing uncomfortably small! Clark’s tongue lost all moisture and all feeling. It felt more like a dull piece of sandpaper wiping across the giant teenager’s boots.

“Enough”, Graham ordered. He suddenly lifted his foot and, planting it on Clark’s chest, shoved him back several feet, landing on his ass.

“Now get the fuck outta here. I wanna be alone with MY men”, Graham commanded.

And so it began: Graham’s first platoon, his first soldiers, his first role as a commander. He was their unquestioned leader. It was a role he would come to cherish in days and weeks to come, the scope of which he would wish to expand… and WOULD expand, far beyond anyone’s expectations—

Meanwhile, Clark struggled to his feet and dizzily headed to the gymnasium doors. As he reached them he looked back tearfully at his old platoon, and their new giant commander. He issued the following retreating threat:

“I… I am going to tell the captain about this! This… isn’t the… l… last of me”, Clark whimpered, his nose running with snot, tears rolling down his beaten face. He had been reduced to a sniveling child. Graham’s gaze made Clark almost piss himself with fear. Graham took a big step forward, his boot slamming down on the wrestling mat hard—


It was enough to send the frightened sergeant scurrying out the front door. He actually yipped in fear at the sound of Graham’s stomp. The men could not believe their eyes. They watched the gymnasium doors slam shut and then, one by one, looked up nervously, apprehensively at their new commander.

”Anyone else wanna start shit with me?” Graham asked. His gaze as intimidating as ever.

The soldiers looked at each other and shook their heads, mumbling “no.” When it was clear that there were, nor would there ever be, dissent among these men, Graham nodded.

“Cool. Just checking”, Graham said, the hint of a smile returning to his face, his gaze softening. He looked over his shoulder at Sullivan and Hatter who were now standing unaided on their won two feet.

“You two okay? You need to see the doctor?” Graham asked, the concern in his voice genuine.

“N… no, sir. We are okay now, sir…” they responded, shocked not only by the giant’s sheer power, but also by his unforeseen benevolence.

For his part, Graham LOVED the fact that Sullivan and Hatter had immediately called him “sir” without any prompting. He smiled back at them jubilantly.

“Cool. Come closer dudes. Huddle round me.” Graham motioned to the other soldiers. “Come on dudes, I ain’t gonna hurt any of you. Trust me.”

After what the soldiers had just seen, one would expect some more trepidation on their part. After all, he had easily subdued the four toughest fighters in the class, and humbled their big, brawny sergeant. All of them truly feared Graham, yet with that fear, came great respect. They could not help but be in awe of their towering young leader. Moreover, Graham’s suddenly calm demeanor, winning smile and breathtaking good looks were simply irresistible. They became truly enamored with Graham’s “good side” as it were and were willing to do anything to stay on that side. A very wise decision!

In just a few minutes, Graham had earned himself a platoon of men. They feared him and respected him. Yet, they could still relate to him, for he was younger than any of the officers (indeed he was the youngest man on the base; 3-5 years younger than any of the soldiers in the platoon!) Most importantly, they trusted him. They circled around their new leader and craned their necks up at him, looking up obediently and earnestly.

“Look guys, just so you know. I ain’t always a dick like that. Hell, I’m one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet”, Graham said by way of introduction. “But don’t get on my bad side, or else you’re gonna piss me off. Sarge pissed me off, and I had to take him down a couple notches and put him in his place. Don’t make me do that to you guys, Treat me with a lot of respect, and I promise I’ll be cool to you all. Got it?”

“Yes SIR”, the soldiers answered in unison, almost excited at the prospect of their new commander.

“Alright. Tell you what. You guys finish up whatever you’re doing here. Then get cleaned up and meet up for supper at the mess hall around 5 o’ clock.”

“Yes SIR”, came the loud reply.

Graham nodded as the soldiers lined up, as was their routine, to spar with one another. Graham snapped his finger down at Zach, who rushed forward immediately.

“Sorry I had to kick your ass earlier”, Graham said leaning over so no-one else could hear. “I DID go easy on you though.”

“Yes, sir”, Zach smiled. “Thank you, sir. Umm—sir, permission to speak..”

“Go ahead, dude”, Graham said, bending down on one knee, his massive pecs still heaving above Zach’s head, even though Zach was standing!

“Well, what about Sergeant Clark. He’s gonna go squeal to the officers and they’re gonna go ape-shit. Who knows what they might do to you. They might try to tie you up and… I dunno—” Zach trailed off.

Graham smiled. “Yeah, I remember they did that to a giant in some story Miss Wharton assigned to us. Look dude. Don’t worry. I got a feeling everything is gonna be fine. In fact, I gotta feeling I was meant to command this platoon. And I think, this is just gonna be the beginning.”

“What… what do you mean?” Zach said, confused.

“In all honesty, I ain’t even sure yet. But I feel it’s the beginning of something.”, Graham smiled and stood again to his towering height. “Now take me to the infirmary. I wanna see how Newman is doing.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was about two in the afternoon when Captain Henry came storming into Dr. Burke’s office, slamming the door behind him. Such an entry was typical of Henry’s bluster when it came to dealing with Burke, particularly in the last few days when he came to express his misgivings surrounding Burke’s experiment. Burke could rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, just how angry Henry was by the force of the door slam. This afternoon Burke gave the door slam an 11.

“Mutiny!” he hollered. “Mutiny in the ranks! This giant Frankenstein of yours will be the downfall of this base… of the entire United States Military!”

In all truthfulness, Burke had been napping. He had pulled an all-nighter going over Graham’s blood tests. He was astonished by the preliminary results alone. He needed to go over the test results to be sure, but if the preliminary results were even partially correct, they hinted at big things to come… very, very BIG things!

Burke shook the cobwebs from his head and looked at Captain Henry’s frazzled expression. He loved seeing Henry frazzled. Burke returned his disheveled expression with a slight easy smile and answered calmly:

“Captain, why don’t you take a moment to breathe and collect your thoughts? Maybe that way I can make some sense out of this latest bowel movement—”

“Fuck you, Burke”, Henry fired back. “That goddamn giant of yours has run amuck on base.”

Burke raised a brow. One of the reasons he had selected Graham was precisely for his easy-going and rational demeanor. “I don’t understand”, he replied. “What happened?”

Henry made a visible effort to compose himself, but only enough so as to recount the afternoon’s events. He continued to yell, punctuating some of his sentences with a fist slamming on a table or a hand slamming against a chalk-filled blackboard. Henry told Burke about the incident with Burke, the hospitalization of Newman, the complete and utter humiliation of Sergeant Clark, and Graham relieving Clark of his command. Throughout it all Burke listened attentively. Rather than growing more concerned, he grew more at ease. Graham was acting predictably; very predictably. Captain Henry, who lived by order and the chain of command, could not appreciate just how smoothly things were running. Indeed, much like Graham’s growth, Graham’s behavior was changing quicker than anticipated.

“Those soldiers are now chowing away in the mess hall. Meanwhile, I got Sergeant Clark in the psych ward crying uncontrollably!!!” Henry yelled, slamming his fist on Burke’s table. “What kind of monster have you created?!? Most of all, how the fuck can you sit there with that shit-eating grin on your face!”

Dr. Burke allowed a silence before calmly answering Henry’s concerns. He cleared his throat and began:

“Captain Henry, you did receive a copy of the experiment and its timetable, did you not?”

“Yeah… but, this—” Henry spluttered.

“Then you know”, Dr. Burke grinned, “That at some point of the experiment, Graham would have been assigned to lead a platoon, thus his specialty rank. Indeed, the platoon we selected was Sergeant Clark’s platoon, though we did not plan to tell him until next week.”

“But… what he did to an officer is un—”

“Unimportant”, Dr. Burke completed. “All that has happened here is that Graham has exceeded our expectations. Not only has he grown more and faster than we expected, he has also assumed his role of leadership faster than anticipated. However, nothing changes here. There is no reason to believe that Graham’s actions and behavior deviate from our expectations—”

“What? How can you say that!?!” Henry stammered. “What about Clark—”

“Captain Henry. From you’ve told me, Sergeant Clark was being his normal, arrogant, dare I say, bully-like self. Was it not Clark who challenged Graham? Did he not force Graham to fight the four soldiers? Moreover, it seems Graham only reacted aggressively towards Sergeant Clark, when Clark prevented the soldiers from taking the injured soldier to the infirmary. Is that not correct?”

“Yes but—” Henry trailed off, looking now more despondent than angry. He had read the reports on the experiment. He knew what web Burke was spinning, and he knew there was no escape. Dr. Burke, confident in having prevailed once more against Henry, took the liberty of lighting a cigarette before moving on.

“Then, Captain Henry, what we have here is Graham defending the men in his platoon. We knew that, with Graham’s increased size and strength, he would see himself as a leader among his peers… a leader with no known equal, and deservedly so. As a leader, Graham would feel the need to win over the respect and loyalty of his men. That could mean quelling any defiance to his will. It would also mean eliminating any threat to his men or his command. It seems Graham has accomplished this in just one afternoon. Graham has his platoon, and his men now look to Graham as their leader. If anyone is to blame, it is us. We should have relieved Clark of his command this morning. We should have known that Graham was going to exert his authority in this way. Again, we prepared for this happening… just not this early.”

Captain Henry stood there motionless. He struggled to speak for a few seconds. Then, admitting defeat he answered quietly:

“What do you suggest we do now?”

“Now?” Dr. Burke smiled, swiveling about in his chair and reaching for the blood results he had been working on. “Well, for starters, the officers may want to consider giving Sergeant Clark some time off, as well as a heavy dose of tranquilizers. I am sure the experience was very traumatic for him, but alas, there is not too much more we can do for him now. As for Graham, let him bond with his platoon. Let him command them, for that is his natural role. I will discuss Graham’s new position with him later. Oh, and in the future Captain, I suggest you and the other officers try exercising your seldom used powers of persuasion when you deal with Graham. I think you will find him to be most agreeable when you reason with him. Graham is no longer someone you can just bark orders at. He deserves much more respect than that… even from you officers.”

Captain Henry grudgingly filed out of Dr. Burke’s office. In minutes he would relate this conversation to the stunned, glazed looks of the other officers on base. And still, nothing could be done to halt the experiment until Dr. Burke was finished with his lab results. That would take, according to Dr. Burke, another 48 hours. In that time, Graham would continue to grow gradually bigger and stronger… And what if the results showed that Phase 2 was too dangerous to administer? Would Graham just continue growing bigger and bigger with every passing day? It was, in effect, the quintessential Catch-22: Graham would not stop growing if he was not administered Phase 2, yet if he was administered Phase 2, there was the strong possibility he might become a giant in one massive shot! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! Either path pointed to a monumentally bigger and stronger Graham!

Burke, in the meantime pored over the blood work, looking over the data where he had left off before his nap. He ground out his cigarette in the ashtray and blew smoke out his nostrils as he shook his head with a smile on his face:

“Dear Lord, Graham. What are you becoming? Could it be I picked someone that was TOO PERFECT for this experiment?” he said out loud.

His only reply was the light gust of air from the rotating fan behind him.

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