Greek island prize winner

by Jim

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It was one of those bitterly cold nights, with rain coming from all directions. I was taking a short cut through an alley way to the station, when I noticed a very sexy picture of a centaur in a shop window.

“Wow, must get that,” I thought. I walked into the shop and from behind the counter came a very handsome man, about my age at 28, very dark complexion and with hair sprouting up from his T shirt, and on his hands.

“How much is that picture of the centaur?” I asked.

“Oh, that's not for sale, it's a holiday competition to Centauri in the Greek Islands. Would you like to enter?”

“Why not?”

It took just a few minutes to complete the form and as I returned it to him he gave me a lovely smile.

“Lucky you,” he said, “you have won. When can you go?”

“Right now!” I said.

“O.K. then, let's get a taxi to the airport.”

We were the only two in first class and having noticed the jumping bulge in his trousers I let my hand wander up his leg. He smiled and said, “Not just yet, let's wait.”

The flight and ferry ride were soon over and we arrived at the villa. There was a large pool, but the shallow end was a slope—rather strange, I thought.

“Come on, get those clothes off,” he said, “and by the way you can call me Nicko.”

Without his clothes he was magnificent. I have always been turned on by body hair and he was completely covered, front and back. “Follow me into the pool,” he said.

So into the shallow end and walking towards deeper water I could feel a tingle in my feet and legs. When the water reached my waist I felt a shudder run through my body. Nicko came over to me and took my hand.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Strange, but happy,” I said.

We were standing chest to chest and I took his head in my hands and kissed him as I have never kissed anybody before.

“Wow, steady on, we have to go deeper into the pool.”

So we did, right up to our shoulders.

“Right.” said Nicko, “we can get out now, follow me.”

I could see his lovely hairy back emerging from the water—but what is this? A horse?

He turned and smiled. “Come on, hold my hand, it will be strange at first.”

As I emerged from the water I discovered that I now had thick black hairs on my chest, arms and hands, and then from the waist down, I too was a horse. We both trotted up to the lawn and I explored his horsy body. I felt a giant stirring in my groin and something hot slapped at my new belly. I had an erection about three feet long. Nicko laughed and said, “Look at mine.” The most beautiful erection you could ever imagine.

We had to stand at opposite ends and my hands soon found their way along his giant erect penis. And for the first time hands went onto mine. I could hardly believe what was happening to me. Just yesterday a fantasy and now my very own centaur and I am one as well.

We explored each others bodies for hours, and then when I was running my fingers through his chest hair, I felt something nudge my elbow. I looked down and joy oh joy, a massive human penis emerged from the thick black hair. I immediately felt a stirring in that region too and lo and behold I also had a human cock, but nearly 12” long and thick.

“I thought you would like that little surprise,” said Nicko. “Not until you had touched mine would yours emerge.”

We grabbed each other hairy chest to hairy chest, massive cocks grinding against each other, french kissing, and our hands exploring the mane on our backs.

“Would you like to fuck me?” said Nicko.

“Which cock?” I laughed.

“Well, the human one to start with.”

“O.K. then, lets give it a try.” I walked to his tail end and my cock was just about level with his arse hole. In it went with no trouble at all.

“That's not enough,” said Nicko. “Try your Horse Cock.”

Well it did take some doing, but eventually I got the end of my massive horse cock into his arse, and then mounted his back until my arms could embrace his chest. He turned his head and we kissed. My hands managed to reach down to his human cock and I slowly wanked him whilst also fucking him. We both came buckets and now totally exhausted Nicko said, “Let's go to the pool again.”

Off we trotted to the pool and a walk from the shallow end to the deep end and back took away our lovely centaur bodies, but I was still covered in hair and my cock was still a massive 12”.

Nicko said that it was always best to revert to human form for a good night's sleep and a human dinner. The hair and cock would always stay now. So we fucked each other in our human forms before falling asleep to await another exciting day.

Birds singing woke me.

“What's this?” I thought. “We don't normally get this in the city.”

And then, like an atomic explosion it all came back to me. I was on a Greek island and I had a lover, Nicko, but was everything else true?

I opened my eyes, but the room was dark, I could feel the warmth of a man lying next to me. I moved my hand and found it resting on a huge thick cock. Only semi hard but massive.

“Ah! So you are awake at last my little pony.”

I felt a mouth cover mine and we had the most delicious kiss you could ever imagine. My hand, still on that massive cock, felt it expanding and then his hand found my cock—I had forgotten my own cock's transformation—and I felt it slap up against my chest.

Nicko got out of bed and pulled back the curtains, light flooded into the room, revealing my Greek god. His cock, easily 14” curved up from a mass of thick black hair that covered his entire body.

“Well,” he said, “let's have a look at you then.”

He pulled the sheet off the bed, revealing that I had almost become a complete copy of my Greek god. My new massive cock jumped for joy and started to leak pre-cum.

“Come here,” he said. He stuffed my cock between his legs and his cock between mine, our hairy chests pressed together, his tongue exploring my mouth. I defy anybody to describe the erotic pleasure that coursed through our two bodies. Without any further physical movement we both came, shooting our loads.

“O.K.” said Nicko, “go and have a shower, and I will get breakfast.”

The shower room was large, completely tiled except for the door which had a full length mirror. For the first time I could actually see myself. Thick black hair covered my chest and stomach, right up to my neck and over my shoulders and down my back. Even my eyebrows had become thicker and now joined together over my nose.

Just seeing all this beautiful body hair gave me an erection, not quite as large as Nicko's, perhaps only 13”, but I was able to put the huge throbbing cock-head in my mouth. Oh what joy. I must be in heaven.

“Come on, breakfast is ready!”

“O.K. I'm coming.”

A large bowl on the table was filled with fresh fruit salad. Grapefruit, apple, grapes, banana, figs and many other strange and exotic fruits.

“You will need the vitamins from these fruits if you want to stay as you are now.”

“That's no problem, Nicko,” I said, “it's the best breakfast I have ever had.”

“Right, you wash up while I go to the bathroom. Then I thought we would explore the island.”

“Lovely idea,” I said, putting away the cups and dishes. “I will wait for you on the terrace.”

Nicko came out wearing a long white dressing gown, I still had mine on. There had been two in the bedroom. The dark hairs from his chest and up his throat contrasted so much with the white.

“Let's go to the pool my lovely Pony. How would you like to explore, human or horse?”

“Oh! bloody hell, a horse please!”

“Thought so,” he said, a lovely smile on his face. “Come on then, down to the shallow end.”

Holding hands, we left our dressing gowns on the terrace and walked down to the pool.

“Give me a kiss before we go in,” he said.

“I thought you would never ask.”

His cock was already rising up, as was mine, just to have his arms around me and his mouth pressing into mine was driving me crazy.

“O.K. my Pony, that's enough for now. Today I want to take you right to the deep end, holding hands we must walk until we are both totally submerged.”

“I trust you completely,” I said. “Let's do it now.”

Holding hands, we walked to the deep end. Once again, I felt the tingle in my feet, and then the jolt as the water reached my waist.

“Come on my Pony, right to the deep end now.”

It was somehow easier walking through water with 4 legs, strange how quickly I had got used to it. The water was up to our eyes and we were floating more than walking.

“O.K. hold your breath and duck under the water with me. Wait until I indicate up.”

I suppose it was because of our horse lungs that the 5 minutes under the water was no strain and then, we were both up in the fresh air, and walking to the shallow end. Nicko still held my hand and the warmth of his horse body against the right side of my horse body felt very erotic.

That wasn't too bad, was it?

Although Nicko was on my right, the voice seemed to be inside my head.

He turned and smiled at me. Yes, we can now communicate telepathically. Comes in handy when we will be galloping across the fields and beaches. And that is what we are now going to do.

Just following that fantastic hairy back emerging from the water made my horse cock slap up against my stomach. Nicko turned and smiled. The thought came into my mind too.

Let's get out of the water then and do something about it, I thought.

A shout of Yes!!!

We have this whole island to ourselves. Let's go to the beach, have a gallop and then a swim and then … … …

O.K. I thought back, but this mind reading is giving me a headache, can we just speak normally for now?

“Of course my little Pony. I love you like crazy, anything you want is yours. The only thing I want and will ever want is you, have fallen in love with you, the human you and the centaur you. How can I ever prove my love?

“Come here my little Pony and let me put my horse cock up your horse arse.”

“Oh! Yes, please!”

“We havn't been in the sea yet have we? So race you to the beach.”

“That's not fair, Nicko, I have never run before.”

“Doesn't make any difference my little Pony, you have been programmed with all sorts of information. So, on the count of three, go!”

It was only a matter of fifty yards or so and I'm sure that Nicko let me get to the sea first. What a fantastic feeling it was to have the waves running along my horse body. My horse cock shrank right back into itself as did my human cock. Nicko came alongside me and taking both my hands in his, pulled us together, chest to chest. I let my tongue explore his beautiful mouth and the waves washed over us.

“Come on my Pony, lets see how you can swim.”

It was quite true, my brain had been programmed and with four legs pounding the water I was soon speeding through the sea. Out of the water onto the beach eight hooves dashed the fine sand into clouds which rose up our legs to our horse stomachs.

See those trees, came into my head.


Race you there!

Nicko beat me by a few feet. The gallop had been fantastic and not even tiring.

“Now for a bit of horse sense,” said Nicko. “Before trying more sex, we will have to get all this sand off and just over there is a hose. If you remember the erotic feeling of water on your body in the shower, multiply that by a hundred and that will give you some idea of warm water hitting your horse belly, cock and balls.

I wondered how many new experiences he had to teach me.

It was now my turn to hold the hose and after washing down his beautiful chest I concentrated the water on his horsy parts. It was all so erotic, even he couldn't control his legs which seemed to dance with glee as the jets found his horse cock and balls. His cock grew to an amazing length.

“Now all the sand is off, I have somewhere for you to put that monster.”

“O.K.” he said, “go and hold on to that tree, so that I can get up on your back.”

I had control of my tail, so I lifted it and Nicko very slowly and gently inserted that lovely horse cock into my horse arse. His hot horse belly along my horse back, his strong hairy arms wrapped around my chest, oh! My front cock had come to life, hairy fingers and hands soon found it and they gently massaged the massive head and I could feel his front cock pressing against my back. Turning from my waist I managed to get my tongue into his beautiful mouth. His horse cock and front cock were ready to come, as was my front cock. My horse cock, slapping against my horse belly was ready to come too.

Now!!! came a shout in my head, and all four cocks pumped out gallons of cum. If I had not been holding onto the tree my four legs would have given way. They were still trembling from the thrill of all that cock.

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