Growing boys at UMich

by iciss

Those football jocks in the UMIch gym are about to get a whole lot hotter.

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It was peak hours at the University of Michigan’s main undergraduate gym. I was here visiting a buddy from college who was going to graduate school, and I’d already changed him and fucked him several times, having turned him from a soft-spoken, kinda cute guy to a jaw-droppingly gorgeous muscle stud with an 11-inch cock and a bulging muscle ass that craved my dick. But tonight, he was off changing some of his friends and fucking them into submission, so I had decided to stop by the gym to see what havoc I could wreak on the hottest parts of the student body.

No sooner had I stepped inside than I realized I’d come to the right place. The kid waiting to take my ID was a handsome frat boy—guy by the name of Mike Caldwell, a 20-year-old junior wearing a blue and yellow UM polo that hung over his thick brown Abercrombie belt and sagged khakis. This guy was very good-looking already, but I knew he’d need a little convincing before I got to play with him.

He was a typical straight frat boy. As I learned afterward, he had a steady girlfriend at the time but played the field anyway, sleeping with one hot sorority sister after another at the frat house. He was well-liked among the guys and known for being able to pound more beers in a minute than anybody else, though as I looked at him right then he looked like a nice enough guy, the kind of guy who was a real softie with one or two friends but who got whipped up into a drunken, oversexed frenzy when he was at the frat.

“What’s up, dude?” I handed him the ID I’d borrowed from my buddy. It didn’t look anything like me, but I knew as our eyes caught each other that it wouldn’t really matter. He didn’t swipe the ID, just kept staring at me for a few seconds before looking down, his handsome face suddenly flush. He palmed his left pec nervously under the blue and yellow polo. Finally, Mike looked back up, his face a mixture of confusion, lust, and strained effort not to show any of it.

“I don’t—” He trailed off right away, staring down to where my well-sized dick was rock hard in my black sweatpants. As I glanced at his crotch, I saw that his own substantial cock was pressing painfully against the fabric of his khakis, straining against the pants as he found himself suddenly turned on by a guy. The brown-haired frat stud didn’t know what to think or say, so I did his thinking and talking for him.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy,” I said softly, leaning over the narrow counter. “You’re cool.” My lips brushed against his and Mike shivered with pleasure. Despite his years of fucking chicks and total lack of interest in other guys, that did it for him—the straight, built frat boy surged forward and kissed me hard on the lips, wrapping his arms around me. I felt his well-defined biceps and pecs pressing against my own hard torso through the polo. My hands were reaching up to grope his defined back and then down to clench his tight ass under the sagged khakis. Eventually they snaked back around to the front, and I fished into his pants, sliding one hand down past his belt and boxers to slip around the achingly hard 7-inch dick he sported.

“Fuck, dude,” the straight hunk whispered into my lips, feeling me jerk his hard fuckpole. “This is fucking hot, man.” I couldn’t help but agree, especially as the handsome UM stud began to change. I felt his dick swell a little further past total hardness, rising to 8, then 9 thick inches in my hand. His arms were starting to feel a little bigger around my sides, and his pecs pressed a little harder against my own chest. As we continued kissing, his biceps, triceps and delts began to rip the seams of the polo at the shoulders, and eventually as his pecs and traps joined in the growth, layer after layer of solid muscle packing on, I grabbed the shirt at the front and ripped it off completely, leaving Mike bulging into his tight gray undershirt. His neck thickened, and as I ran my hands up under the gray shirt, I felt that his six-pack had tightened into an amazingly carved eight-pack.

I unbuckled Mike’s belt and undid his khakis quickly, wanting to feel the growth for myself. He was groaning with pleasure as I continued jacking his dick and stroking his upper body, feeling his lats and obliques harden into perfection. Finally the straight frat hunk’s dick began to swell again as several drops of precum spilled from its broad tip, lengthening and thickening past 10 inches until it had almost reached an incredible 11. It spilled all over his boxers as I fucked it hard into my hand. Mike’s ass, meanwhile, was hardening into a handsome bubble butt, its two perfect mounds of muscle pressing gently into his khakis. As I looked back up at him, I realized he’d grown more handsome too, his brown hair gelled but mussed up in that hot way college guys manage to do it, and his cheeks and jawline solidified. His green eyes were gorgeous, drawing me into his lustful gaze as I’d drawn him into mine a few minutes earlier.

Mike, who’d transformed into a mega-hung, super-muscled wet dream of a frat boy, was on the verge of explosion when we heard a voice from behind him, sounding alarmed. “Dude! What the fuck?”

I looked up to see Ian Delahanty, Mike’s 20-year-old junior frat brother, staring in shock at his buddy getting a tight hand job from another guy. Ian’s green eyes were wide with horror to begin with, but as he took in Mike’s bulked up physique, gorgeous face, and incredibly thick frat stud prick, now sprung free of his boxers and rising freely up to smack against Mike’s ripped eight-pack, the look changed a little. Ian shared check-in duties with Mike, but had been busy flirting with some girl. Now he stared in awe and growing desire at his frat brother, his pale Irish complexion reddening like Mike had, and his own nicely built body tensing beneath his tight orange and blue striped polo and jeans.

“Hey, buddy,” Mike said, his voice dripping with masculine hotness. He took a few steps toward Ian, and his friend didn’t move, his eyes flitting between Mike’s model-like face and cock bigger than a porn star’s. Mike slipped the gray t-shirt off as well as he continued his approach, the fabric sliding beautifully over each ridge of his cut abs, over the prominent bulge of his pecs and the soft nubs of his large nipples, over his powerfully swollen guns and neck. By the time he’d gotten close enough to Ian that the other junior frat boy realized the new lust he felt for his hot bro, his leaking dick was already in Ian’s hand, and moments later, their lips were coming softly together in a kiss that the two straight hunks would never have thought possible just a few minutes before.

I watched with deep interest, stroking my own cock hard, as the two frat hunks went at it. Ian worshipped his buddy’s transformed body, licking down from his squared jaw over his muscled and thickly veined neck, to his bulging pecs and perky nipples. Mike moaned softly as his frat brother kissed and sucked on the large nips, running his hands through Ian’s shaggy, dirty blond hair. But Ian soon continued down past Mike’s ripped eight-pack to his exposed 10.5-inch college stud cock, and without a moment of hesitation the stud straight boy slipped the dripping meat into his mouth.

He sucked hard, making his hung buddy grunt in deep pleasure, working over his cock like a seasoned pro. Ian had never even thought about hooking up with another guy before, but the lust raging through his head had obliterated his desire for women, and he had totally changed into a cock-hungry frat fag desperate to get as much of his formerly straight friend’s massive dick into his throat as possible.

And it was as Ian’s hands wrapped around Mike’s tight ass to clutch and squeeze at the muscle that his body began to change too. As he gripped his frat bro’s muscle butt, his arms swelled and thickened, the biceps and triceps pressing harder and harder into the sleeves of his blue and orange polo. Unlike Mike’s, it didn’t rip, but it looked like it wanted to as Ian’s pecs blossomed into the fabric at his chest as well, and his traps rose up to meet his expanding neck. The stripes spread wider under pressure from the growing and hardening muscle of the hunky junior’s increasingly bulky torso.

With the improved power in his neck and throat, Ian was able to get the entire mass of Mike’s nearly 11-inch dick all the way down, and Mike began to groan louder as he felt his balls churn and a huge load begin rising up into his engorged cock. The top frat hunk’s pecs and eight-pack were clenching as he neared climax, his entire torso a muscular work of art that was so hot in the throes of his first gay fuck that I could barely hold my own load in. Below him, Ian’s own body was still changing, his back and shoulders widening to strain the polo even more and his ass tightening and rounding into a gorgeous muscle butt beneath the sagged jeans. This guy who’d been looking for a cheap fuck with a girl a few minutes ago was now totally consumed with sucking a hot load out of his jacked and hung frat brother.

He was about to get his wish—Mike half-moaned, half-yelled as he felt his dick swell suddenly and begin firing shots of creamy frat stud cum deep into his friend’s tight throat. Ian swallowed it all happily, the muscles of his neck and chest clenching as he worked to get the massive college hunk's load all the way down. In the end it was too much, and a stream of frat boy cream spilled out from Ian’s sexy lips over his tight jaw and squared chin. But luckily for him, Mike’s huge balls were soon spent, and the first junior I turned pulled his dick out and fell back into his chair, letting Ian’s own still-transforming body tumble backward.

I kept watching in awe as Ian kept changing and growing, now lying on his back on the floor. His dirty blond hair had gotten a little longer and shaggier, to the point where his hair alone was fucking hot. His blue eyes were beautiful, and his face, though smeared with some of Mike Caldwell’s cum, was stark and manly. His torso was clenching and thrusting upward as he continued to change—at one point, Ian actually reached with both hands to the center of his blue and orange polo and grabbed the opening at the top, pulling with the newfound strength of his enormous biceps and forearms, and tore the shirt apart, throwing the tatters to the side as his pecs and guns swelled further into his white undershirt, the definition of each individual muscle of his arms and the tight bulge of his nipples visible beneath its fabric.

His hands traveled all over his body as he grew, first feeling his bulked up pecs, then shoving his shirt up to run his fingers through the new definition of his incredible eight-pack. Finally they dipped down into his jeans, where a sizable bulge had already begun to grow. But as Ian jacked his frat dick harder and harder, it grew with increasing speed. It had probably only been an average 6.5-incher before he sucked Mike’s dick and swallowed his frat brother’s cum, but now it was growing to rival his buddy’s. The outline of its mass was clearer as it pushed past 8 inches, then past 9, snaking farther down the leg of his jeans. Ian moaned in pleasure, one hand gripping his thick pecs as the other continued stroking his expanding cock, now feeling its mass swell to 10 thick inches. Even Mike, still wasted from his own explosion a minute or so before, had opened his eyes and was watching with intense interest as his buddy continued changing.

Ian’s legs had grown more muscular and swollen into the denim of his jeans as well, and I could tell as he rolled a little to his side at one point that his ass had only gotten hottter, its tight muscular bulges just begging for a thick cock. But it was Ian’s own massive dick that was occupying our attention now as he unbuckled his black belt, unzipped the jeans, and continued stroking it through his tight gray boxer briefs. A little bit closer to escaping from Ian’s pants, the swollen, dripping prick felt free to grow another inch, its broad head rising up 11 inches from its base to poke out past the waistband at the top of his underwear. Finally he ripped the briefs off his body, his biceps flexing hard as he did it, and jacked his massive dick freely.

“Fuck—” Ian was whispering to himself, “so fuckin’ big, such a huge fuckin’ cock—” The transformed frat hunk could only stare at his own oversized dick in amazement as it stiffened, making his whole muscular body tighten up with it, then exploded in eight long, hard shots of state school frat stud cum. The shots landed on his chest, on his face, on the floor behind him. It was another thirty seconds before Ian’s huge 11-inch monster had finally finished spewing his hot load. And by that time, Mike had gotten sufficiently worked up again that he’d walked over and knelt on the ground above his buddy, stroking his chest and easing his jeans the rest of the way off, spitting on his own hard dick for lube as he lined it up with his frat brother’s tight virgin hole. Still recovering from his self-induced orgasm, Ian could only close his eyes in pleasure as Mike leaned down and kissed his friend as he slipped his dick carefully into Ian’s untouched ass.

I decided to let the two boys get to know each other a little better and wandered deeper into the gym.

I decided to let the two boys get to know each other a little better and wandered a little deeper into the gym. Around the corner was a line of treadmills, most of them full. As I glanced over the guys running on them, I saw there was a lot of material to work with here—thank goodness for state schools. Close to the entrance, on two treadmills next to each other, were Jason Dempsey and Ryan Tomczak, two senior swimmers on the Michigan team whose status as varsity athletes was obvious to anyone who glanced over their well-muscled bodies. Both also happened to be jaw-droppingly handsome, a feature I was looking forward to taking advantage of as I scoped them out.

Both guys looked incredible as they ran hard. Jason was 21 with short brown hair (as it needed to be for swimming). He wore a gray undershirt lightly dampened by sweat and a pair of black track pants with thin orange stripes down the side. They were sagged over his gray New Balances but still hugged his ass and crotch a little bit. Next to him, the 22-year-old Ryan was equally well-built and good-looking, with blond hair that had only grown blonder as he spent time in the chlorine. His muscles pressed neatly into his red t-shirt as he ran, and the black mesh shorts he wore swished sexily around his crotch and muscular legs.

Both of them glanced up at me as I walked over to where they were running. I just smiled back, still looking them over. At the same time, Ryan and Jason felt something go through them, a jolt of energy from their hair down to their sizable balls, and all throughout their athletic bodies. After that, it was just a matter of time. They had looked back away from me, but were now stealing glances at each other as they kept running.

“Dude,” said Ryan, slowing his treadmill so that he was no longer running hard, just a light jog. He gripped his left pec with his hand through the red t-shirt as he went. “You feel kinda weird, man?”

Jason just nodded, slowing his machine too as he ran his hand through his hair and reaching down to grope his crotch under the track pants. I could see that it was already bulging a little fuller as Jason got hard, though he didn’t understand yet why he was getting a boner. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, man. I don’t just feel weird, I feel—good.” He grinned and looked over at Ryan, his gaze trailing from the swimmer’s handsome face over his well-defined torso, landing below his waist where Ryan’s own 7-inch prick now pressed hard into his black shorts.

“Well, fuck, dude,” Ryan answered, now blatantly checking his buddy out as he slowed to a walk. “You look good.” His dick was now fully hard in his mesh shorts. The well-tanned senior athlete even began rubbing it softly through the fabric as his eyes undressed his longtime straight friend. Jason was following suit, only he stopped his machine completely and got off, walking up to Ryan’s and stopping his too. Ryan got off and the two straight-arrow buddies just stared at each other for a second, both of their pricks achingly hard under their pants and both of them breathless with sudden desire for each other.

Ryan moved first, leaning in toward his buddy. He still didn’t know quite what was going on, only that he wanted to touch Jason in a way he’d never wanted to before, to wrap his hands around his teammate’s body and—fuck, he wanted to suck his dick, too. Ryan couldn’t remember ever feeling this way about his friend, and yet he was already pressing his hands against Jason’s pecs, feeling the hard muscle beneath the senior’s gray t-shirt. Before he realized it, Jason’s hot breath was on his lips, and holy shit, Jason’s lips were on his lips.

Jason was having trouble believing it himself as he closed his eyes in ecstasy and felt his tongue slide into Ryan’s hot, wet mouth. His dick was painfully hard under his track pants, all 8 inches swelling into his boxer briefs. His hands, seemingly on their own volition, moved over Ryan’s back and tight ass to slide around the front and sneak into his buddy’s mesh shorts. Ryan wasn’t leaving his teammate’s ass alone either, his own powerful hands clenching the twin bulges of muscle beneath the black pants, as he stepped on his friend’s gray shoes in an effort to get even closer to him.

I was enjoying watching these two straight stud swimmers go at it already, but when they began to grow, it was truly a sight. Ryan moaned as his hot brown-haired buddy’s hand picked up the pace on his dick, but he didn’t even realize at first that his already satisfying 8-incher had started to thicken and grow. “Fuck, Dempsey,” he sighed into Jason’s lips, not even noticing as his chest bulged and defined into two massive pecs, pressing tightly into his red t-shirt as they never had before, and his big jock prick immediately swelled to 10 inches, its expanded mass pressing insistently into his shorts. Ryan’s arms, still stroking and groping Jason Dempsey’s ass, were thickening too, growing into legitimate guns more like a football player’s than a lithe swimmer’s, the orange or grapefruit-sized mounds of muscle threatening his t-shirt’s sleeves and pushing them farther up his tanned arms.

Although Ryan may not have noticed what was happening to him, his teammate definitely did. Jason stared in awe and lust at Ryan’s new pecs and arms, and his desire for his buddy only grew as the older jock, consumed by the transformation he was undergoing, let out a loud groan and leaned back, the red t-shirt he’d had on ripping off completely and falling in shreds to the floor. The senior’s torso was now exposed, its tanned and absolutely cut wall of muscle a vast improvement even from the relatively good-looking guy Ryan had been before. His large nipples, perched on his handsome pecs, were irresistibly succulent—Jason bent and began licking his buddy’s chest feverishly. Below that, Jason’s fingers were running through the tight definition of Ryan’s new ten-pack.

By this time, Jason had started to grow, too, and I was totally boned again watching the scene. The hot senior’s back and shoulders broadened and tightened with muscle under the gray t-shirt as he dropped to his knees and kept licking at Ryan’s perfect chest and abs. Under the black track pants, his ass was forming into a gorgeous muscle ass, two perky bulges pressing neatly into the fabric. Forgetting completely that just minutes before, they’d been two straight friends working out together on the treadmills, Jason had slid his buddy’s mesh shorts down a few inches and was licking and kissing all along the tight line of muscle leading from his obliques to his trim light brown pubes. His strong, masculine hands were perched at the top of Ryan’s new bubble butt, the thumb and top two fingers pressed tightly against his buddy’s well-tanned, muscular back, the last two fingers tucked beneath the waistband of the shorts.

As Ryan gripped Jason’s shoulders, he felt that his younger teammate’s delts and traps had grown and thickened into a set of gorgeous shoulders, even better than the handsome senior had picked up from swimming. Like his buddy, his build was changing from the thin but muscular body of a swimmer to the dense, tightly packed muscle of a baseball or football player. Without knowing why, Ryan suddenly wanted to touch Jason’s powerful body all over just like his friend was doing to him, but before he could act on his new desire for hot jock muscle, he felt Jason slide his mesh shorts further down.

“Holy fuck—” the brown-haired stud whispered, now on his knees in front of Ryan’s well-muscled body. As Jason took his teammate’s dick in his hand, Ryan shivered. The swimmer jock’s massive cock had grown into a nearly footlong piece of jockstud meat, rock-hard as it felt fresh air for the first time since it changed and leaking pre-fuck freely from the broad, swollen head. Jason had never thought about Ryan’s dick before that night, but he was sure as hell thinking about it now as he stared at its beautiful, throbbing mass. He looked up Ryan’s jacked body to see his buddy’s face, staring down at him with an urgent, lustful look. He still couldn’t believe he was kneeling here in front of his friend and teammate, both of them 100% straight up till a few minutes ago, Ryan’s mesh shorts shucked and his t-shirt completely torn off from the expansion of his muscle-built torso. But now that he’d gone this far, he really didn’t see any point in denying himself what his new hormones really wanted.

“Aw, fuck yeah,” moaned Ryan in almost painful pleasure as he felt Jason’s hot, wet mouth slide around his thick 12-inch prick. Despite the fact that he’d never sucked a cock before in his life, he was a natural on Ryan’s monster dick, swirling his tongue around the huge head and then sliding almost half the entire length down his throat. Ryan grunted involuntarily as he felt his straight buddy swallow his cock, his oversized balls already preparing the load he was going to shoot down his friend’s tight throat.

I almost blew my own load as I watched both boys continue growing. Ryan raised one arm, swollen with sharply defined muscle, and gripped the back of his own head, sliding his fingers in and out of the blond hair that had grown a little longer. He’d become even more handsome, too, his cheeks nicely cut and his blue eyes sharp. Ryan’s other hand was running over his new torso, feeling the bulge of his pecs, the pleasure-filled tweak of his nipples, the sharp rise and fall of his ten-pack, and the beautiful swell of his obliques. That hand eventually eased over Jason’s head, holding him in place as the other swimjock defied anatomy and biology to ease almost 10 inches of Ryan’s footlong cock down his throat.

Jason had almost finished changing, too—his thickly-muscled neck and well-defined jaw and cheeks strained to get more and more of Ryan Tomczak’s massive dick inside. Below that, the gray undershirt he wore held on for dear life as his expanded shoulders and bulging, beautiful biceps and triceps threatened the seams on the sleeves, while his pecs, which had packed on a good two or three inches of muscle and formed into two perfect rounded slabs of jockmeat, pressed dangerously into the shirt in the front. Soon Jason’s arms and shoulders, still squeezing tightly against the sleeves as he clenched Ryan’s muscle ass, proved too much for the stitches and the shirt ripped in several places, exposing even more of the swimmer’s sleek, tanned, sweaty skin.

“Fuck, keep going, dude—fuck, Jason, fuckin’ jock stud, you’re so fucking hot.” Ryan’s mouth was running on its own now, just spewing words trying to get his buddy to suck his cock harder, deeper, anything to push him closer to the eruption that he felt was coming. As Jason kept sucking hard on his teammate’s big Wolverine dick, he slipped his hand down into his track pants to wrap around his own painfully hard college boy fuckpole and start jacking it hard. It was obvious through the black pants that the thing had grown a couple inches already, its pulsing 10-inch mass making an obscene bulge in the fabric. But as Jason really went to work on his own cock, and continued lustily gorging himself on Ryan’s footlong beast, he felt it grow even thicker, push even harder into his boxer briefs and pants. The straight muscleboy groaned loudly as he felt Ryan and himself reaching climax at the same time.

“Aw, fuck—” Ryan breathed, clutching his hair and flexing his bicep hard, his entire ripped body tensing as he fired a ten-shot load of college jock cream deep into Jason’s throat. His ass clenched underneath the mesh shorts, actually lifting the fabric up, as he felt the most powerful orgasm the young athlete had ever felt. Jason was swallowing hard as his own dick, now swollen and expanded to just past 12.5 inches, exploded into his briefs, a massive load soaking the underwear and making a sizable wet spot on his black track pants. He moaned into Ryan’s cock as his shirt ripped off completely under the pressure of his tensed and thickened muscles, exposing his tanned, muscled back, shoulders, pecs, and eight-pack.

Eventually Jason let Ryan’s still-hard dick up out of his throat, letting the hung 22-year-old stumble back to sit on the treadmill behind him. He was pretty dazed himself as he let the tatters of his gray t-shirt fall to the ground, leaving his beautiful torso shirtless. “Dude—” muttered Jason, staring at his beautiful buddy, Ryan’s cock dribbling the last of his load onto his cut abs and his muscular chest heaving with sexual energy. “I just sucked your dick.”

Ryan grinned, his smile enough to make a guy cum in his pants all by itself. “I know, buddy.” Jason looked down at his pants, seeing that his own massive prick was still hard, and bulged out into the fabric right where his hot jockboy load had soaked through.

“I came in my pants while I was sucking your dick.”

“I know.” Ryan was rubbing one of his nipples with his left hand and stroking Jason’s hair with the other, the two formerly straight buddies now touching each other and basking in the afterglow of spontaneous, hot stud sex as if they’d been fucking each other their whole lives.

Jason finally looked up at his friend again. “Dude—my dick is like, a fucking foot long.” At that, Ryan got an evil look in his eyes, and glanced down to see the outline of his teammate’s thick cock, still begging for attention. As Ryan glanced up and down his friend’s body, he couldn’t believe what he was feeling—he was so fucking turned on by Jason’s muscular thighs, shredded eight-pack, nicely rounded pecs, thick, veined neck, and gorgeous features. His buddy had turned into a god. And Ryan just decided to go with it.

“I know,” he answered one more time, bending over Jason’s body and sliding the track pants and boxer briefs off slowly. As Jason’s massive prick sprung out hard into the air, and Ryan quickly sealed it up again between his own hot, powerful lips, I knew these boys didn’t need any more of my help. I moved a little further down the row of running machines and caught a couple of freshmen at the end of the line.

As Jason’s massive prick sprung out hard into the air, and Ryan quickly sealed it up again between his own hot, powerful lips, I knew these boys didn’t need any more of my help.

I turned down away from the treadmills and headed back toward the entrance. As I passed by the front desk again, I saw that not only was Mike still fucking his frat brother Ian hard and deep, making the hot junior moan with pleasure, but another guy who’d come in looking for a workout was getting one in an unexpected way, sucking lovingly on Ian’s 11-inch prick. The good-looking and well-built blond, who was shirtless after busting through his white t-shirt, grunted passionately as his muscular throat squeezed all around the stud Michigan frat boy’s bulging dick.

Moving quickly on so I didn’t get too distracted, I made my way down the hall to one of the practice areas where some of the college’s Division I teams worked out. As I peeked into the first one, my eyes widened happily. There, wearing their jerseys without pads, tight lycra pants and cleats, and doing agility drills, were four very attractive members of Michigan’s top-10 football team. I recognized them immediately—the quarterback, Brian O’Rourke, a 20-year-old sophomore with dirty blond hair, and his buddy Dan Schweitzer, a tight end, also a sophomore, with hard German features, tight muscle, blond hair and blue eyes. They were doing shuttle runs on one side of the gym, while on the other side the freshman backup quarterback, the shaggy blond-haired Brendan Haluska, and another studly wide receiver with dark brown hair, the freshman Eric Stanford, were tossing a football back and forth quickly and sharply to test their reaction time. All four of them were sweaty and hot as their muscles pumped in and out of their mesh jerseys and tight yellow football pants. This was my lucky day—and theirs too, if I could help it.

I had only been watching and thinking about them changing for thirty seconds or so before it started. Brian and Dan were resting, hands on knees, from their last run, when suddenly Brian felt something pass through him, making his hard-muscled body shake briefly. When he looked up, the first thing he noticed was just how fucking hot Dan’s ass looked pressing into his football pants as his buddy bent over. That’s weird, he thought, but tried to let the feeling pass as he stood up fully. But as Dan did the same, and Brian caught his teammate’s solid back, handsome blond hair, and hot model-like face, he realized that his 7-inch dick was pushing hard into the crotch of his own tight uniform pants. And as Dan looked over at him, a smile breaking over his face almost involuntarily, Brian glanced down and saw that the tight end’s pants now had a substantial bulge in them as well.

“Dude—” Dan said despite himself, “nice cock.” The gorgeous Michigan football jock couldn’t believe what he was feeling as he looked over Brian O’Rourke’s tight quarterback body. He couldn’t believe he was saying it out loud, either, but the look of helpless lust on Brian’s face was making him feel better about expressing his new desire to wrap his arms around his teammate. The two built athletes came slowly together, never breaking each other’s gaze. Brian felt his hand moving out to slide over the fabric of Dan’s football pants, right below the waist on his left thigh. The sensation was amazing to a guy who’d only felt other football players in the context of rough play—the soft, slick surface of the uniform and Dan’s skin underneath it, covering up the tight, hard cords of ripped jock muscle in Dan’s quads.

Dan shuddered at the feeling of Brian’s fingers easing over his leg, and just about moaned as they moved to grope his rock-hard 8-inch cock, pressing urgently into his uniform pants. The laces tying the uniform together at his crotch strained as Dan’s thick German-bred dick swelled to full hardness. Brian, meanwhile, had moved closer to his straight teammate, and his other hand had slipped around the back of Dan’s neck. Imperceptibly he pulled their two gorgeous faces together—Dan breathed out in deep anticipation as he felt the hot sophomore quarterback’s breath on his cheek and chin. A moment later the wetness of Brian’s lips touched his own, and he was kissing his football jock buddy.

Dan’s own hands were pressed one against Brian’s left pec under the blue mesh jersey, the other hard against Brian’s tight ass. It felt damn good already to be feeling up the well-muscled quarterback, but it quickly began feeling a lot better as Brian’s chest thickened and grew hard into the mesh fabric, a pair of solid, rounded pecs forming a shelf of muscle beneath the jersey. As Dan’s left hand slid down farther he realized Brian’s six-pack, which he’d seen in the locker room but never appreciated till today, had sharpened and extended into a rock-hard eight-pack of gorgeous abs, each one chiseled from his stomach like stone. Brian’s obliques were tight and sleek, and his ass was forming into perfection as well under the football uniform. As Dan kept kissing his buddy, he felt that Brian had grown a taut, muscular bubble butt beneath the lycra pants. And in the front, things were going even better.

“Fuck, Dan,” the quarterback breathed lustfully. “I don’t—fuck. You’re so fuckin’ hot. I can’t help it.” Dan was loving the dirty talk from his formerly straight-arrow teammate, but he was more interested in what was now happening to Brian’s body as his fingers deftly untied the sophomore’s uniform pants and his hand slipped down where he’d never dreamed of sending it. Slowly he wrapped his hand around Brian’s cock and felt to his amazement and excitement that it had grown from a decent 7-incher to a thick, dripping, achingly hard 11-inch college jock fuckpole. Right then Dan Schweitzer, straight boy muscle jock tight end, knew that he had to have Brian O’Rourke’s massive dick inside of him.

He slowly knelt, his own muscular body squeezing against his yellow uniform pants. Dan didn’t realize as he undid Brian’s pants completely that he was growing himself, his biceps swelling into the blue jersey, his abs tightening from a weakly defined six-pack to a jacked set of eight nicely cut abs, and his neck thickening and packing on muscle in anticipation of the tough job it had ahead of it. He wrapped his hands around to clutch the hard round bulge of Brian’s solid quarterback ass as he pulled his teammate’s tight football pants the rest of the way off with his teeth. Brian was breathing hard as he looked down at his suddenly cock-loving buddy pulling off his pants, and he actually gasped as his dick sprung out, hard as a rock and sticking out in a beautiful curve up to the broad, leaking head—it had actually grown another inch and was now about a foot long, and much thicker than it had been. The stunned quarterback couldn’t believe how fucking big his cock had become, but he didn’t have time to think about it for long as Dan’s lips slipped around the head and began sucking tenderly on Brian’s massive pipe.

“Oh fucking shit, dude,” Brian groaned loudly. His mind was exploding with pleasure as Dan simultaneously licked and ground his tongue against the sophomore’s tender cockhead and kneaded his taut muscle ass through the uniform. Brian’s entire body was tensing and flexing, and as Dan’s blowjob became more intense and more involved, the tight end sliding 8, then 10 inches of the footlong Big 10 jock meat down his throat, the quarterback’s arms and shoulders ripped the seams of the jersey. His guns had swollen to almost twice their old size and his pecs and shoulders were shiny with sweat and bulging round and beautiful into the fabric, tearing it in several places. He clenched the jersey at the chest as Dan picked up the pace, squeezing almost the entire length of Brian’s handsome college boy fuckpole in his throat, and as his buddy slid his dick up and let his teeth scratch against the head, Brian moaned and ripped the jersey off himself completely.

At that, Brendan and Eric, oblivious to their buddies’ changes before, finally looked up. Both freshmen’s eyes widened as they saw what their teammate had become. Brian’s upper body literally gleamed—his tanned skin, covered in a sheen of sweat, was stretched tight over the expanded muscles of his torso, his massive pecs, topped by large, ripe nipples, his carved eight-pack, the handsome curve of his obliques, his well-muscled biceps, triceps and forearms, and his neck straining with muscle, tendons and veins against the skin, all of it glowed like a fucking god. And Brian had become a god, an Adonis of football jock muscle busted out of his uniform and put on display for his amazed, lust-filled teammates. Dan was already paying attention as he continued choking down the quarterback’s enormous 12-inch dick, but Brendan and Eric were still trying to figure out what was happening as their own freshman jock pricks suddenly rose hard and insistent into their own tight uniform pants.

“Fuck,” said Brendan succinctly. The two boys watched in shock and sudden, immense desire as Brian moaned even louder—his tight ass clenched under the football pants, his fingers wrapped tightly in Dan’s shaggy blond hair, and his entire body shook as he was racked with the most powerful orgasm the young jock had ever felt. Shot after shot of hot college stud cream fired out of his flared dick into his formerly straight teammate’s throat, and Dan gulped it all down as best he could, his own powerful neck flexing and shaking as his throat struggled to swallow all the hot jock cum pouring out of Brian’s massive prick.

Finally, Brian sighed deeply and pulled out, lowering his head for just a few seconds before looking up directly at Brendan and Eric. Both guys felt like they’d shoot in their tight uniform pants right then. They’d seen Brian’s gorgeous transformed jock body already, his magnificent chest and abs, fantastic arms, and even caught a glimpse of his handsome muscle butt. But it wasn’t till right then that they’d managed to see Brian’s godlike face—his sharp green eyes drew the two freshmen into him, and his solid jaw and nicely defined cheeks didn’t hurt. Still, the incredible football player managed to keep an air of roughness about him, his face slick with sweat and his damp dirty blond hair hanging over his forehead and ears. A day’s worth of brown stubble added to Brian’s tough jock look.

And as Dan pulled off his dick, Eric and Brendan got their first look at two more things they never thought they’d be sexually interested in, Brian’s dripping, bulging, massively thick, still-hard footlong jockmeat—and Dan. I hadn’t noticed it myself in glancing back and forth between the four guys, but somehow the sophomore tight end had changed just as totally as his buddy had. As he stood, my mouth dropped open along with the two freshmen’s. This guy was every bit as stunning as the jockstud whose dick he’d just sucked clean. Not only had he ripped out of his own blue mesh jersey, exposing his own set of ripped, tanned pecs, gorgeous eight-pack, and swollen biceps, delts, and traps. But Dan had also grown a dick so big, so thick, and so powerful that it had actually pulled apart some of the laces tying his football pants together as it strained against the fabric of the pants. The uniform pants lay in a state of half-attachment, the laces still trying desperately to hold back an achingly hard cock that looked like it pushed 13 inches as its outline snaked down the leg of Dan’s pants. The sophomore stud’s face was just as attractive, his shaggy blond hair tousled from sex like Brian’s, and his blue eyes and tight jawline equally gorgeous.

It was all I could do not to run in and join the fun—but I wanted to see what these hung and ripped jocks were going to do next. The tension was incredible, even as I watched through the doorway. Eric, a quieter guy with a steady girlfriend he'd picked up the first week of school, had moved his hand to his crotch as he stared helplessly into Brian's eyes, while Brendan, already known in his dorm for his prowess with the ladies, was trying to decide what to stare at—Dan's impossibly handsome face or the mouth-watering bulge of his dick into his uniform. A moment later, the two sophomores moved forward.

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