Halloween party

by Josh Dugan

Where the costumes are mainly altered bodies.

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It was the best Halloween party I had ever been to—magicians, mostly nude, all guys, all gorgeous, all gay. You had to show up not only as a monster, but you had to be the monster. That was cool. I guess I never knew how cool these young magicians were, but they were the real thing, that's for sure! They had imagination. The party was alive with arousal, sharp with the arousing tang of young male bodies and full of laughter and aroused body contact. A few guys came as Superman, for instance. So nice and muscular, looking so good, and in some cases dancing with each other. Same with the Spiderman guys—and I was really turned on by the guy that came as Six-Armed Spiderman, but then I have a weakness for long, muscular arms!

There were beautiful, broad-shouldered, long-haired mermen in the pool, plunging beneath the water and splashing majestically in powerful leaps above the water, chasing each other and spawning.

The centaurs had everyone turned on—their powerful torsos sprouting beautifully from glistening stallion bodies. Guys with huge hardons kept climbing on the centaurs' horsebacks and trying to ride them, arms about their shoulders and torsos, and as a result the centaurs were so turned on they could hardly walk. Some of them were unable to control their huge horse hardons, and mounted each other madly and endlessly, sweat running down their muscular necks, shoulders and backs as they strained to kiss each other while their horse bodies mated.

Of course, everyone had penises—immense, pendulous, heavy, juicy penises, penises that got in the way and tangled among all the long-muscled legs of the men.

One guy turned heads by having with three huge penises, and before you knew it other guys copied the idea—which made the party a little out of control, because no one could resist sucking down a set of three or four penises one after the other. I never heard so much groaning and laughter and screaming with pleasure! It was great, because having your third or fourth hardon sucked down was such a turnon that by the time they were all finished, the first ones got huge again and had to be sucked down again!

I guess some guys were inspired by the centaurs to some extent, but maybe cheated a little, having four human legs, but when they started doing the multiple-penis thing it was cool, because they could have these huge clusters of penises between each pair of legs. I had to laugh, because it was kind of like milking time in the barn, and very sexy as the guys worked at sucking down as many huge hardons as they could.

Everyone was really sweating, which made their bodies and muscles really gleam, and that just seemed to turn everyone on more. Before long, most of the guys' breath reeked with that pungent come smell, mixed with the sweet gentle scent of wine on their breath, and we all started getting full and sleepy, simply from physical and sexual exhaustion, but it was hard to stop, with all the guys so turned on and incredibly hung like that.

I awoke once, in the middle of the night, and in the dim light heard the pleasant sound of sleeping young men breathing deeply, and cast my eye about the mountains of sprawling, entwined male bodies. Sure enough, I felt about three or four tingles as my hardons started up again, but I just quietly sucked them down myself, so as not to awaken anybody.

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