In The Mood

by Also Known As

Woody decides to try the new fad of rendered fantasy companions, wondering if there’s any way they can live up to the hype, much less his own particular fantasies. 

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Part 1 Woody decides to try the new fad of rendered fantasy companions, wondering if there’s any way they can live up to the hype, much less his own particular fantasies.  (added: 11 Mar 2023)
Part 2 Steed and Forrest convince Woody to agree to an upgrade that enhances his immersive erotic experience even further. (added: 17 Jun 2023)
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Part 1

I’d been curious about it for a while, probably after I read about it in A.I. Now or something like that. Who keeps track of where they read stuff anymore? It’s all on a screen you’re holding in your hand and you pay a flat fee for access to pretty much whatever you want access to.

Also as a software developer myself, I was both intrigued and frightened by what was becoming capable with an A.I. and a lot of personal information. But mostly I was curious. Oh! And horny.

These virtual sex rooms were popping up with increasing frequency. What with the mad advances in artificial intelligence and on-the-fly computer graphics and the insane detail they can get now on renders—skin looks like real skin, hair looks like real hair, even the eyes have a certain aliveness to them that was lacking before—it was inevitable that someone would figure out a way to tie in sexual fantasies to make money.

Because people will pay a lot to fulfill their fantasies. Especially men, who seem to need constant newness in their porn or they grow bored with it. Real Dolls are now realer than ever for your home usage. And who doesn’t like sitting in front of a screen and watching naked people, or men in my case, smiling into the camera as they preen and flex and jerk off and cum for tokens?

But I was more than a little doubtful, even given the rave reviews people were leaving online for these things. Sure, they’d come a long way and The Mood was the current champion of a rendered companion sexual experience, an RCS—pronounced “ricks” as the current vernacular would have it, which also had conveniently been attached to these male avatars, called Ricks—so when I got an offer for a free demo from a friend (a very rich friend) I figured I had nothing to lose by just going and seeing what all the fuss was about.

The place from the outside was exactly what I was expecting. One giant blocky building covered entirely in black glass with a single entry and the name of the place, THE MOOD, in very precise and simple lettering rendered in flat black on the glossy glass. Very chic. Very modern.

I looked at the invitation on my phone and smirked at how deep their marketing went. When I got the email from Tommy, there was an attachment that asked my permission to load an image file into my photos folder. Opening it revealed what appeared at first to be nothing at all, a simple black screen. Upon closer examination, the name of the company was in a slightly less black color along with an address and a time, easier to see when I tilted my screen. There was also a place to digitally sign the invitation. I assumed it operated something like an NDA, my agreement to the reams of legalese that accompanied everything digital these days. This would admit me for one free ‘expanded’ session, courtesy of my friend who’d already dived in headfirst and signed up for a premium membership, whatever that entailed.

My appointment was at night, so after getting high and downing a couple of whiskey sours, I was both dizzy and horny. This is my usual online sex mindset, by the way. It helps convince me that my interactions with these handsome, muscular, friendly men who I’d never meet were in some way “real.”

Or at least real enough to get a hard-on.

The Mood was open 24/7 because everything about it was virtual. I’m sure there was security in place to protect all the expensive equipment needed to facilitate a ricks center. Huge screens, processing power, super fast networking gear. All that real-time, split-second AI and graphics rendering wasn’t cheap. Hell, memberships started at $400 a month and went all the way up to my rich friend Tommy’s membership tier, the Ultimate with an annual fee of $250,000! He could afford it, but holy fuck, that was a fairly nice Rolls Royce!

I stepped near the center of the front of the building and two doors I hadn’t seen before whispered quietly aside for me, disappearing into the rest of the facade. I wondered what else that image file contained, and if there was now some kind of tracker on my device that identified me to the building, which was more or less just one big entity. What else was that file looking at on my device—or devices? Was it peeking at my porn collection? Was it searching my browser history for the porn site I frequent? List of friends and their online activities? For all I knew it was looking at my bank account to see what my annual income amounted to.

I mean, everything is spying on us now anyway, and I suppose it would be expected that a sex vendor would want to know what else I spend my money on. This was all rocketing through my head without the slightest evidence that any of it was true, but paranoia is a way of life these days, isn’t it?

A unique but recognizable scent and a kind of warm, wet heat was ejected against me from the interior, which I assumed was just a further rendered extension of what was inside. I mean, as long as they were doing sight and sound reproduction, why not scent and sensation as well—as far as that went.

I walked in to find a silent, small, square space—again in the signature glossy jet black—with apparently nothing inside but me. I said, “Hello?” because that’s what one says in empty spaces. A soft white light illuminated me in the otherwise pitch black space and a pleasant feminine voice, with a hard-to-place accent and a rich timbre that sounded as if it were coming from everywhere at once (at least the audio portion of this thing would be top notch) said, “Welcome to The Mood. In order to provide the best experience for your visit. It seems you have no prior experiences here, is that correct?”

“Yes. First timer.” The place smelled like… something familiar. Not floral like lavender or woodsy like cedar, something more earthy. And raw. It made my cock twitch. I admired the attention to detail.

“I understand. There are two preliminary questions to address before we can get started. To begin your experience, please state your first name only.”

“Woodrow. But most people call me Woody.”

“Hello, Woody. The Mood strives to fulfill your sexual and erotic fantasies fully. In order to do so, please state your sexual preference, if any.”

“Um, gay? Like, extremely gay. Gay all the way. 100% dick.”

There was a slight pause before I heard the words, “Thank you.” The voice was now masculine, and very…effective. Deep, powerful, but not like a commercial voice trying to sell me hard-on pills. It sounded very authentic. “You may notice a small window on the video wall in front of you.”

I stepped a few feet forward and indeed there was a small, dark gray rectangle on the glass on which appeared the logo for The Mood once again. As I watched, the logo faded away and another long legal document appeared. “Please review and sign the user agreement before proceeding.”

So maybe the image was just an image after all, just my admission ticket and nothing more. I mean, who actually reads these things? “I’m not really a user, yet. My friend gave me a trial pass thing?”

“I understand. But we require your signature on the form before we can continue this process.”

“I… understand.” I laughed slightly at my poor joke. The voice didn’t. But I shrugged and used my index finger to curlicue a facsimile of my signature anyway.

After withdrawing my finger from the wall (still smudgeless and without any oily residue from my finger, like magic), the next thing that happened was a bit shocking. A man stepped forward from behind the black wall of glass in front of me, and I suddenly felt like this was going to be a very interesting adventure.

“Hello, I’m Steed, your host for the evening.” He was a very handsome man, slightly taller than me, wearing a ludicrously fitted business suit in navy blue. His race was hard to determine. Not exactly white or black, and not exactly Asian or Latin either, as if someone had mixed together the best parts of every man regardless of their background and out popped Steed. His face was model-handsome and the suit betrayed that his body had been inside a gym for months or years of intensive development. Wide shoulders, narrow waist, thick neck, prominent pectoral bulges, not to mention a packed crotch that more than hinted at what was behind the man’s zipper. My cock twitched again.

“My host?”

He smiled. “For lack of a better title for the time being. Do you have a preference? Master? Daddy? Slave? Bitch? Whore?”

I laughed again. “Um, I guess host is fine. I’m not really an S&M type.” I tilted my head and narrowed my eyes. “What if I just call you Steed and you call me Woody?”

He smiled. “Anything you desire.”

I looked more closely at him and realized something. “Are you real or a render?”

“I’m a render, Woody. Or a Rick, I guess is the popular term. Most of the people you’ll encounter at The Mood are rendered. Is that okay?”

“I mean, sure. I’ve never done this before but I’ve read about them. You’re very handsome.”

He smiled again, and it looked very genuine. “Thanks.” Jesus, if this was just the greeter I was starting to look forward to the actual sex surrogate ricks. I heard him inhale before he spoke. Again, the attention to detail was stunning. “I’m happy that I please you.” He gestured towards that rectangle on the wall. “We’re now displaying some choices for you to make. These are simple and preliminary, and we’ll use your selections to design a personal experience just for you.”

I looked at the embedded screen—or I guess the whole wall was a screen—and it was displaying a series of sliders with labels. There were a couple dozen choices to make. “Do I do this every time I visit?”

Steed’s voice was calm and authoritative and it continued to make my cock twitch with every utterance. “If you elect to become a patron, you’ll have access to an app for your own devices with a more interactive interface and several more choices.” He raised an eyebrow and licked his virtual lips. “It can be… very detailed. And you can create an unlimited number of partners and save them to your account for access here or at other outlets of The Mood.”

The top of the questionnaire asked, “What are you in The Mood for?” The list of choices was, as Steed mentioned, somewhat simple. Age, sex, orientation, build, skin color, hair color and length, body hair, muscular development, height, some were drop-downs, some were sliders, and they even provided ‘fill in the blank’ if my preference wasn’t initially included.

“Hmm,” I said, starting to assemble a fantasy man in my head. As I began fiddling with the selections, a small model of a beautiful naked man appeared next to the menu. He looked alive, and very tiny like a Ken doll, only perfectly detailed in every way. He was looking out at me from the screen with an expression of anticipation and happiness. His glance followed my finger as it danced around the screen making selections, fine-tuning my virtual partner.

Steed started making some noises as I made selections, my attention focused on the screen. He would moan or make a little surprised “hmm” or or say “ooh,” which I must admit I found erotic. His voice was virtual, too, of course, but it was very engaging.

Once I finished and the little naked man looked pretty close to what made my cock throb hardest, I looked up and was shocked to see that Steed had changed his entire physical form to resemble the little man on my tablet. He still wore his perfectly tailored suit but it was evident from his more muscular profile and the insane bulge in his trousers that all my careful adjustments had been instantly rendered onto his form.

“Oh!” I said, surprised.

“Feel free to make any adjustments, Woody. We know some aspects can change when fully rendered.”

“Holy fuck.” He was…the man. The dude. The dude I just designed. He was perfect, he was gorgeous, and he looked absolutely real.

Steed smiled. He had dimples and it struck me that I should have included a shadow of a beard on his sculptured face. “Should I take that response to mean you’re satisfied?”

“Can you…?”

“I can do anything.”

“I was wondering what you’d look like with a slight beard. Nothing overwhelming, like a two or three day…” As I spoke, his face changed, adjusting itself immediately as I mentioned the count of days since my fantasy man had shaved. “Better?”

“Um, yeah. I mean… wow.”

“And I’m not even naked, yet.” He reached down and fondled his ample crotch. “Thanks for this, by the way. I think we’re both going to have a lot of fun.”

“Oh! Oh.”


“I guess I didn’t realize that you would experience fun, too.”

He just smiled. It made him look positively filthy. “I’m sure we have a lot of surprises for each other to discover, Woody. I’m happy we get to discover them together.”


“Ask anything you want to know.”

“How does it work? I mean, I’ve read about these experiences but now that I’m, like, inside one it’s already a lot more…um…interesting than I imagined.”

“We’ll have one hour together, which starts in,” he paused, checking an expensive-looking watch on his wrist, “about seven minutes.” He looked back at me. “Feel free to make any further adjustments to my parameters and to add any requests or desires in the profile builder. For that hour, it will be just you and I together in this room.”

He stepped back a bit and gestured to the whole space. “The walls, floor, and ceiling—every surface, really—are super high-density screens designed to render all your desires as realistically as currently practical. There are other monitors, cameras, and sensory devices embedded throughout the room to help create those fantasies by including scents, or mimicking weather and atmospheric facsimiles.”

“So, if I wanted to be at the beach or something?”

The interior slowly altered itself, changing from its normal blank ebony to what appeared at first glance to be a sunny, deserted beach on a tropical island. Steed was now standing in sand wearing the skimpiest bottom imaginable, one that barely contained his magnificent manhood in front and was little more than strings that arched over his hips to disappear behind his body. A perceptible heat filled the space, coming, one would imagine, from the bright sun in the perfectly rendered cloud-dappled blue sky overhead.

And what a body! He was perfect! Massive arms, a chest that wanted my dick to slide between its huge pectoral mounds, a fucking eight-pack of perfectly formed abdominals, a dusting of dark curls running between his abs like a river in the hills, thick thighs that could crush the life out of me, and that cock! His cock! I could see minute details even behind the thin material of the pouch. Veins and ridges along its fat shank as it nestled against two hen’s egg-sized balls.

The speakers in the room must have been hidden everywhere, because the sound of the surf and the distant gulls seemed to come from where one would expect them to come from. Virtual three-dimensional audio piped in at soothing levels, not to mention a faint whiff of the sea and something—that certain something—else that had been in the room since I entered.

“Holy shit!”

Steed laughed slightly and adjusted his crotch. “Or maybe something a little less predictable?”

The room began changing again, now turning into some psychedelic sci-fi planet that wouldn’t be out of place in your most erotic Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The colors were brighter, the plants were moving and throbbing, a fucking cum geyser was pumping thick fountains into the purple starry sky and Steed was now wearing what could be described as an astronaut outfit straight out of Barbarella or an old International Male catalog. A silver, skin-tight collection of straps and bands that not only emphasized his muscular build but somehow made him look ever bigger.

“Or maybe your superhero fantasies are more…earthbound?”

The room turned azure blue, with soft white clouds floating by. Steed was now flying, or floating to be more accurate. A bright red cape trailed behind his armored and spandex-clad muscular form. The wind made his long, blonde hair gently sway and I could plainly see the outline of that huge cock I designed cupped in his crotch. He held a very large hammer in one hand while the other was instantly kneading that fat bulge in his loins. He simply lingered there, floating among the clouds effortlessly, looking at me. Thor—or at least as close as one is likely to get to looking like Thor without violating copyright laws—in the flesh.

“What about sticking with a fantasy setting, but going more D&D than MCU?”

The scene around us melted and shifted, while Steed gently settled back to earth and I stayed where I was. I was more the same than Steed because my appearance and clothing were real, and his weren’t.

We were now standing in a verdant valley surrounded by forests and snow-capped peaks. In the distance I could see a shining castle floating in the clouds, while a red-scaled dragon roared and sailed on its wings. Steed was now dressed in some sort of fur skin tightie-whities. His hair was long and thick, blue-black like a raven’s feathers, tied with a leather thong and billowing in the wind as he hefted a silver broadsword at least as tall as he was over his shoulder and whistled for his horse to come running through the tall green grass.

I could see the head of Steed’s long cock hanging below the edge of his shorts. It swung as he moved like a heavy pendulum. He was uncut.

The scope of my options is only starting to reveal itself. It was feeling like whatever my imagination could conceive—assuming I could describe it right—I would be living inside it with my dream lover.

Steed took a wide stance with the blade held across both shoulders. His prick was hanging straight down and visibly throbbing as it extended its reach towards the grassy floor, but it was quickly rising to the occasion. “Three minutes left until we begin, Woody. Did you want the beach scene or the planet of orgy muscle or the flying Greek fuck god or this one or something else?”

“Is it weird that I prefer the place where we started? This is all impressive and cool and whatever, but it’s kind of distracting and I’d rather expend all my attention on you.”

“How flattering,” he said. “Of course we can stick with the room if you like.” The scene began to fade again until we were both left in the black room with Steed in his business suit and me in my street clothes. “Anything else?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. It’s kind of overwhelming.”

“I understand.”


“What’s what?”

“That smell?”

“Can you describe it? We have several available scents designed to…”

“It smells like balls.”

“Ah. That would be me. I thought you’d like it.”

“I do. A lot.”

“Every surrogate can choose certain individual aspects to help define their personality.”

“You’re autonomous?”

“In a way. But I am at your command. If you didn’t enjoy the scent we could find one you preferred, but I’m happy you like the one I selected for us.”

“And you’re back in your suit.”

“You preferred one of the other outfits?”

“No, no! I like the suit. I want to watch you take it off.”

“I understand.” He tilted his head. “One more minute before our time begins. Anything else?”

“I can still alter things once the time begins?”

“Of course. I just wanted our time together to start off as perfectly as possible for you.”

“Could you…?” He grinned that filthy smile and nodded. “Bigger?”

Steed’s grin turned into a bright smile of pleasure. “Anything in particular, or an overall ‘bigger’?”

“Can I show you something?”


I took out my phone and pulled up my photo library. I had a variety of porn there for when I was feeling horny and needed a bathroom jerk-off at work or whatever. One of my favorites was of a stupidly handsome Latin bodybuilder wearing a Speedo and leaning his back against a wall while sticking his very prominent bulge forward as he stared into the camera. Something about the look on his face and the way his gorgeous body was posed had produced probably gallons of cum from my balls over time. “I don’t want you to look exactly like he does, but I really get off on his body.”

“I see the attraction.” Steed began to slowly, steadily morph himself to more closely approximate the image on my phone. His chest expanded even larger, his arms and legs grew thicker and heavier with brawn, and he already impressive bulge pressed forward and sagged under the virtual weight of its newly swollen meat. His skin darkened and took on a kind of smooth sheen. “Shall we begin, Woody?”

“Yes, please.”

There was a soft tone that I suppose signaled the start of our time. I took a step back to look at Steed more fully, and hesitated to do anything since I wasn’t sure what to do.

“What happens now?”

“Anything you want to happen. I believe you mentioned that you’d enjoy watching me strip for you. Did you want some accompanying music? Perhaps a bed? Maybe a partner for me?”

“A partner?”

“The Mood will satisfy any desire you have. You don’t need to be limited to a single surrogate. Perhaps you’d like to watch yourself undress me? Or someone else? A celebrity? A friend? A character from a film or book? We can recreate nearly anyone you want to watch.”


He shrugged his mighty muscular shoulders. “Licensing fees preclude us from using some well-known characters. The Mood might be the ultimate form of pornography but we still have to abide by some rules and laws. I’m sure you understand.”

I nodded. Hell, even works of art needed clearance to appear in alternate digital forms nowadays. “I…I kind of want to watch you undress you.”

Steed smiled. “Interesting. Another me?” I nodded. “Should he look exactly like me, more of a clone, or slightly different like a twin brother I happen to enjoy fucking?”

My cock twitched hard. “The latter.”

“I understand.” I heard the sound of a door opening and watched a rectangle of light appear in the black space behind him. A silhouette filled that space which closed behind him and he walked into the light where Steed already stood, hanging his equally muscular arm across his twin’s shoulders and leaning over to kiss him on the cheek. “Mmm,” Steed purred.

The other man was wearing a pair of jeans so tight that I could practically see the veins on his massive prick. It was pushing towards his knee and seemed to be throbbing and swelling. He wore a ribbed athletic tank top at least as tight as his pants, and sheer enough that the dark promise of two huge, suckable nipples could be easily discerned. His body was the equal of his brother’s, incredibly muscular and perfectly proportioned.

He looked at me and smiled, making my already-hard dick start throbbing anew. He did, indeed, appear to be Steed’s identical twin brother, though there were enough slight differences to avoid looking exactly alike. Something about the set of his eyes, or maybe the bridge of his nose was slightly broader. “Hi!” he said, in a voice that was almost exactly like Steed’s but not quite. Deep, dark, with a baritone so deep it made my asshole vibrate.

“This is my brother, Forrest,” Steed said by way of introduction. Then he leaned in and they kissed on the mouth in a manner which suggested that although they were brothers, their relationship was far deeper than that. I mean, holy fuck.

“Unless you prefer a different name,” Forrest said, reaching his hand down onto Steed’s formidable chest and idly rubbing his thumb across where his brother’s nipple would be.

“If Forrest is your name, who am I to change it?”

Forrest looked at Steed and said, “I like him.”

Steed nodded. “He’s quite handsome, and very polite.”

“Mmm, maybe we can change that.” Forrest looked at me again. “Not that you need to change anything of course.”

Steed grinned his grin. “I think you’ll find that Forrest is a bit bolder than I.”

Forrest grinned in a way that was like Steed but…dirtier, and nodded. “The word ‘shameless’ comes to mind.” He was still rubbing his brother’s nipple when he said, “I believe someone wanted to watch someone else get naked?”

“I believe so,” Steed agreed. They kissed again. The passion between them was white hot.

After the kiss, Forrest licked his full, sensuous lips, looked at me and asked, “Why are you still wearing pants? Shouldn’t you be stroking that hard cock for us? I would love watching you getting off on us.”

Steed nodded agreement. “No need to be shy on our account.”

“Perhaps he needs to relax.” The moment the words left Forrest’s lips, I heard a soft mechanical noise behind me as a space in the floor slid open and a sort of bench emerged, unfolding itself into a lounge. It looked very industrial-modern with black cushions on its otherwise hard, sleek surface. “Make yourself comfortable, and show me how filthy you are.”

My head was spinning, but I started undoing my pants and pushing them off my hips as Steed and Forrest watched. “Slowly, Woody,” Forrest said in a deep, sexy voice. “Show me how you want me to get my sibling naked before I suck his massive cock.”

“Jesus,” I whispered.

“Mmm,” Steed moaned. “You’re already leaking.” He stared at the wet spot on my underwear where my dick had left a dark spot of pre.

“I think he likes us,” Forrest added. He was removing Steed’s jacket and as he tossed it aside, it simply disappeared.

“This is weird,” I said, partially without meaning to.

“Good weird or bad weird?” Steed asked. The A.I. in this place was unbelievable.

“I think the fact that our new friend’s dick is pumping pre-cum is a ‘good weird’,” Forrest remarked. He moved in front of his brother’s body, kneeled before him, and began to unbuckle his belt.

“How’s the temperature?” Steed asked, folding his arms across his massive pecs. “The Mood lounge should already be warm. We can add summer breezes or a spring rain shower if you’d like.”

“Or a vibrating dildo up your ass,” Forrest volunteered helpfully, turning his head slightly and discarding his brother’s belt which disappeared in the same manner as the jacket. He seemed eager now to get inside Steed’s pants and was more forcefully removing his twin’s clothing.

I started wondering how much each of these virtual lovers was adjusting their personalty based on my responses. How much were they monitoring me? Was my mounting excitement watching Forrest growing more aggressive changing the dynamic? If I sat in the seat, it undoubtedly had sensors in it for body temp, heart rate, maybe even examining my sweat for something. With a dildo up my ass they’d get even more—and more detailed—info about how I was reacting. The dudes were being helpful and wanted me to be comfortable, but they also were nudging me into positions where the software could more easily please me. Like, down to specific words or gestures the men could perform.

Then my dick took over by throbbing hard and drooling another gooey delivery of pre and I removed my pants and gently stroked my meat, watching the men in front of me as their faces and bodies demonstrated the positive effect my nudity was having on them.

I mean, holy shit, my software developer mind was swimming around trying to take everything in; what was monitoring me, what they probably already knew by scanning my devices, how real these men looked and how independently they acted while simultaneously interacting with me and with each other, and how much of their responses were canned and how much was being learned and developed in real time with exposure to me and my unique traits, desires, and willingness to share those things.

On the other hand, this was all intended to deliver the most perfect—if virtual—sexual experience of my life; willing, eager, and capable of fulfilling any desire I could describe instantly in super-resolution video, dimensional surround sound audio, perfect temperature and environmental control… so what the fuck was I doing spending part of my hour thinking about fucking software?

By now Steed was wearing only his shirt, unbuttoned, and a pair of boxer briefs so detailed that I could see the cotton fibers. He had a dark treasure trail that traveled down his insanely muscled torso and erupted into a thick dark forest of curls at the edge of the elastic on his shorts. Forrest stood back up and was evidently kneading the muscular bulges of his brother’s ass, and who knew where his fingers were exploring. Then Steed, grinning, snapped his fingers and Forrest’s top and jeans vanished, leaving the other man standing nearly naked but still wearing the skimpiest, tiniest, most barely-there pair of underwear that, frankly, couldn’t even exist in real life without being ripped asunder by the vast and throbbing sausage and potatoes Forrest owned.

I took off my shirt and planted my naked ass on the lounge. The cushions, it turned out, weren’t cold leather but some kind of weird, warm, skin-like material that felt like someone’s body was cradling me. Like, sensual doesn’t even start to describe it. I practically came just feeling its smooth, soft warmth against me.

And I haven’t even gotten to the toys, yet!

Forrest had mentioned a vibrating dildo, but friends, “vibrating dildo” describes this thing like “four-wheeled transportation” describes a Bentley Continental GT Mulliner.

“Are you ready?” Forrest asked it in a way that made me think he knew something I didn’t and that he was very eager to share that information with me. I nodded, watching his handsome face break into a smile that was perhaps the filthiest leer I’d ever seen as he finally ripped Steed’s shirt from his body, when something warm squirted onto my asshole and something else began to slowly prod against my tightness, like a gentle finger of some amazing whore who specialized in making your ass feel like it’s the sexiest thing in the known universe.

To put it mildly.

I was beginning to understand why Tommy might consider paying a two-hundred-fifty-grand a year if this was the kind of attention to detail that The Mood provided. The chair itself was now trying to fuck me, or at the very least insert some kind of probe inside me that would do…something amazing, no doubt.

“Do you liked getting your ass fucked?” Steed asked me. I managed to nod as the probe began to move deeper inside, and seemed to be throbbing. Forrest was now planting kisses all over Steed’s naked flesh, kissing his shoulders and neck and chest and nipples. Was the anal probe was like a butt seismograph, measuring my natural reactions to its random pulses? Or was it just waiting for me to pump up the volume? “Deeper?”

“Y… Yes,” I stammered.

“Do you think we should?” It was Steed’s voice though I wasn’t looking at them. I could already tell them apart.

“You mean because we’re going to make him cum before either of us get to do anything?”

“That, and we do have an hour after all.”

I was squirming and moaning now as the probe’s shape was changing, growing thicker in some places and thinner in others. It was warm, and slick, and felt like the most perfect dick I ever had in my well-trained ass. “But he seems so into it.”

“Who wouldn’t be?”

“You have a point.” Forrest’s voice rose in volume. “Woody? Do you want to keep getting fucked until you cum or would you like a few examples of what my brother and I are capable of?”

“I don’t mean to suggest either choice is right or wrong,” Steed added, “but I’d just like to say that when Forrest and I fuck, it’s going to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”

“Oh! Also we can keep fucking you while we fuck each other! How does that sound?”

“And the blow job,” Steed said softly.

“Oh, fuck! I completely forgot!” His voice rose again. “Woody? Woodman? Big Wood? Also we can suck your dick and fuck your ass at the same time, if you’d be into that.”

“Holy sh sh sh shit…”

“He’s into it,” Forrest announced happily.

“Okay, I’m going to reposition the Mood lounge so you can see us, and then I’ll put the fellatio device in play and, what the heck, throw in the nipple manipulators and the neck kissing for free. Sound good, baby?”

I nodded but what with my body jerking around from the sheer perfect bliss of the fuck machine I wasn’t sure if Steed could tell, but I’d also sort of lost the ability to speak coherently.

“Okay, hold on to something.”

The lounge pivoted slightly and raised itself to an angle. The flesh-like cushions held onto me in a sort of strong hug, while the fuck machine slowed its pumping and something else rose from the side of the chair and sort of cupped my balls and pushed my cock up, so that the thing that came out of the other side could more easily slide itself onto my erection and start to hand-job me with slow, erotic strokes. And as all that was happening, a cup device latched onto the head of my prick and I swear to god the thing had lips and a tongue and started sucking, licking, and kissing my hard-on while two electric-shock looking things started stimulating my nipples.

It was erotic overload. I was probably drooling and mumbling at that point. Then I opened my eyes and looked forward.

Steed and Forrest were both naked. They were now on a bed that seemed to float on nothing given the complete darkness of the rest of the space. They were kissing each other with obvious passion and worshipful devotion. Behind the bed, a large screen faded into view and on it was broadcast close-ups from every angle imaginable so I could watch their lips kissing, or Forrest’s hand on Steed’s cock, or Forrest’s furry ass and tight, pink hole, the play of their muscles under their skin, the look in their eyes as their gazes met, and the look in their eyes when they both turned to look at me while Forrest jerked his brother off.

I knew that they were fake. I knew that I was looking at a projection and that the men and the bed and the fur on their chests and the sheets they were tangled in and each individual eyelash around their beautiful, lust-filled eyes were made of polygons and pixels. Those manly voices that made my cock throb were synthesized facsimiles. The swell of glistening pre-cum that Forrest was milking from Steed’s massive, veiny, uncut cock was the result of lines of code under ‘pre-cum emission’ or some other subroutine. None of it, not one moment of the hottest sex between two men I had ever seen was real in any sense.

I’d never been so fucking horny in my entire life.

“What do you want us to do?” Forrest asked in a voice like a low, animalistic growl.

“We’ll do anything you want us to. There are no rules here. No laws to break. No limits to what we can do. Let your imagination run wild.”

“All you have to do is ask for it, and it will be our pleasure to do it.”

Keep in mind that I was lying on a skin-covered lounge hugging my naked body while being simultaneously fucked, sucked, stroked, and nipple-tortured so I think I deserve some credit for managing to vocalize what my brain and my dick told me they wanted.

“I want you to get bigger. Gr… grow muscle. Taller. Heavier. Every time he… he… he fucks you.”

They looked at each other and said at the same time in their similar deep voices, “Which he?”

“B… Bo…”

“Both of us?”

“Now we’re talking!” Forrest answered. “Finally, someone with some fucking imagination for a change!”

“Just to verify our understanding, every time either of us thrusts our cock into the other man, the other man will swell larger with muscular development.” I nodded. “Any particular amount of muscle growth?”

“Fuh… fuh…”

“Fuck. Right, we got that part,” Forrest answered, clearly more than ready to get the action going.

I shook my head. “Fuh… five…percent.”

“Five percent muscular development. I assume that’s in pounds rather than inches or other measurements?”

I was being royally fucked and it remained difficult to concentrate on all these questions so I cut to the chase, so to speak. “Whe…when you get fucked, your mus…oh, holy fuck. So good. Feels so good.”

“So it feels good, too.”

“No…yes…and your cock grows.”

“His cock or my cock?” Steed asked.

“The fucker’s cock grows. The one…the one…Jesus. Oh, god, so good. Feels so good.”

“We established the feels good part,” Forrest answered helpfully.

“Maybe we should tone down the vibrator?” Steed asked.

“And the sleeve and the nipple stims?”

The overzealous manipulation of my erogenous zones softened somewhat so I could think coherently and express my fantasy for the two brothers. “Whoa. Shit. That is…really something.”

“There’s more if you’re enjoying yourself,” Steed added.

“More? Fuck! Um, maybe later. I, uh…ooooh, yeah, right there. Whatever that butt plug is doing is exactly right. Just…perfect.”

“I can lock that mode in for your next visit and fave it for you.”

“Yes, please,” I answered. It was now a constant thrumming bliss rather than a fully-engaged fuck fest pumping my prostate endlessly. I sighed contentedly but Forrest seemed anxious to get started on his own pleasure, which seemed weird for a virtual companion. On the other hand, they were designed to be as real as possible. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem at all,” Steed, the ever-helpful one, answered happily.

“Dude, you were mentioning how when I fuck Steed his muscles grow and my dick gets bigger. Care to elaborate?” He went back to kissing his brother’s neck.

Steed closed his eyes, in a very believable facsimile of erotic pleasure. “Yes, um, just so we get the details right. Wouldn’t want to disappoint you now.”

I nodded and wiped my brow. By skin was coated with sweat from the on-going fucking and overall erotic pleasure overload. “Right. Yes. When you fuck Steed, he grows bigger, stronger, more powerful. Just…bigger and better overall. Every thrust pumps another round of growth into him. And then…oooh, god, that feels good.”

“The growth feels good or you feel good?” Forrest asked.

“Both. Fuck. Oh my god, so good. So, so, so incredibly good.”

“Can’t wait! And then my dick gets bigger?” Forrest seemed very excited.

I nodded again and swallowed drily. “And vice versa. The fucker grows his cock, the fuckee grows…everything else.”

“Got it?” Steed asked, looking at his twin.

“Fuck yeah, I do.” Forrest was stroking his enormous erection which was drooling pre like a broken faucet. He was spreading it all over the plump head and long, veiny, thick neck of his throbbing monster. “Time’s wasting, brother. Let’s get this show on the road!”

“Can you see us clearly?” Steed asked.

“Maybe a little more vertical?” Almost as quickly as I said it, the lounge was adjusting itself again, holding my body in its warm, fleshy embrace so that I was now nearly upright, still getting fucked, sucked, stroked, and nipple-tweaked in an endless routine of sexual bliss.

“Here we go,” Forrest said, taking his brother by the shoulders and forcibly shoving him onto his back on the large bed. The screens behind them were still showing me close-ups of the men from various angles as Forrest grabbed Steed’s ankles in his strong hands and pulled his ass open with hungry need. The screens showed my his grinning face and the look of pure lust in his virtually rendered eyes when he gazed upon the glorious pink tightness and wet, clinging fur that surrounded his twin brother’s perfect-for-fucking asshole.

“Can I kiss him while he fucks me?” Steed asked as his brother’s throbbing, drooling cock was poised at his back door. “I really enjoy kissing.”

“Kiss him,” I instruct. “Kiss your brother because you love him, and want him to get bigger, and stronger, and you know he will when you fuck him.”

Forrest grinned and shrugged. “Whatever, dude.” Then he leaned down and as his lips grew near to his brother’s, he simultaneously pushed his cock inside Steed’s ass, inch by inch in high-definition video. As their lips touch and Forrest seats his massive meat inside his twin’s ass, the first wave of growth hits as I instructed, and I watch it happening before me in a method so realistic and authentic that I am convinced it is really happening.

The brothers kiss and Steed moans. I watch his body swell as all his muscle increase in size by 5%. I assume his moan is elicited from the growth his brother’s cock is also undergoing, swelling thicker and longer inside him as the first thrust of the twin brothers’ fuck concludes.

It is everything I dreamed it would be and more. I’m already planning how I can mortgage my life to get the money to splurge for this experience over and over and over. My mind is exploding with experiences and fantasies and desires I have always had but never been able to realize in real life.

But then the action taking place in the black void in front of me grabs my attention back, because Forrest is now pivoting his hips and shoving his cock in and out of Steed’s ass and as his brother moans and groans in evident sexual ecstasy, his body keeps swelling bigger and bigger with muscle.

Lying on his back as Forrest holds his ankles and pushes himself inside, I watch Steed’s muscles swell and bulge under his dark skin. He’s whispering something and the video screen behind them zeroes in on a close-up and I can see his full, soft, sensuous lips saying “Fuck,” over and over as he experiences his body swelling with power.

Then I’m shown Forrest’s face and it is clearly evident that he loves making his brother swell with power every time he shoves his cock home. He looks down and the camera follows his gaze and we both watch as he pulls his prick from Steed’s ass and it is fucking massive! I can see it swelling thicker as he pulls it free, already inches bigger and inches thicker. “You…”

Forrest looks over. “Me?”

“You…you can feel every fuck in incredible detail, the…tingles of pure sex erupt into shattering levels of perfect bliss and every time your…your…your cock grows that sensation also increases.”

As my words take effect, his eyes widen and he gasps and sucks in air and stretches his head on his neck as the gorgeous sexual bliss he was already experiencing amps up higher. And higher. And higher. With every thrust, his brother’s body swells with muscle, his own cock gets fatter and longer, and the sensation of erotic bliss gets deeper, higher, wider, flooding his virtual brain and body with intense euphoric rapture.


“This feels so good. So fucking good,” Forrest tells me.

“Switch. Please.”

“Okaaaaay,” Forrest agrees, but with obvious reluctance. I nearly laugh at his childlike response. Also, it’s the first time these virtual surrogates have ever delayed following my instructions. I would probably find this curious and interesting if my own body and brain weren’t being inundated with pleasure at a level I never even knew existed.

I watch him pull himself from his brother’s ass with slowness, as inch after inch after thick, hard, glorious inch of prime, perfect cock makes its new dimensions known. As he backs up and finally pulls his dick out—so long and so lodged inside his brother that he had to literally back up to pull himself out—it’s clear to me that I might have underestimated exactly how much a 5% size increase with every thrust would actually cause.

Forrest now owns an absolutely massive cock. Absurdly so. It’s hard to estimate its virtual size, but it appears that the handsome, muscular, filthy-minded surrogate owns an impossible 18-inch long, 6-inches around powerhouse of throbbing, glistening, drooling cock meat. It makes his balls look ludicrously small in comparison, and I make a mental note to alter my instructions accordingly.

His brother’s enormous and powerful body is also now illustrating how much my words have changed him. As Steed starts to stand up, rising from the bed where his brother has been fucking him bigger, his new body is absolutely staggering—both literally and figuratively. He stumbles slightly as his larger feet hit the imaginary floor, and his own raging hard-on appears oddly and even humorously tiny mounted on what his body has grown into.

He’s at least a foot taller than his brother now, and so thick with muscle that only the biggest and most powerful bodybuilder on the planet might compare. He’s breathing hard, having been continually butt fucked by an ever-growing phallus, and his huge—gigantic really—body has altered its own size and shape to account for the dozens of pounds of muscular mass that have been added to his already impressive dimensions.

Steed looks at me and smiles. The sight of him would have made me rock hard if I wasn’t already. How I had managed not to cum yet as these devices attached to me continued delivering intense and unrelenting pleasure was a mystery I wasn’t intent on solving. I’m sure they were attuned to me now, reading my vitals and adjusting their tightness or vibrations or shock levels accordingly to keep my body edging without a real human hand or mouth or cock ever having touched me.

I look at Steed and sigh as the dick stroker and the cock sucker pleasuring my loins adjust to my increased hardness with efficient ease. “You look beautiful,” I compliment.

“Because you made me beautiful.” He responds by starting to show off his new muscular development, posing and flexing and pushing even more size into the iron-hard collection of bulging muscle mass now arrayed in perfect aesthetic balance all over his huge frame.

It’s difficult for me to gauge how much bigger he is until I see them standing side-by-side and Forrest is looking up at his brother’s handsome face. “Fuck,” Forrest says, grabbing his mammoth foot-and-a-half long prick in both hands and attempting to stroke his throbbing hardness from root to drooling mouth. His cock is magnificent, and I can’t wait to watch his body grow into balance with its size, and to have the same thing happen to Steed as he starts to fuck his twin.

“I…” They both look at me expectantly, with grins on their handsome matching faces. “I don’t want this to end. You’re both so beautiful. Powerful. Sexy. Sexy as fuck. I wish I could kiss you and hold you. I wish I was in there with you.”

Forrest, still stroking his monster as his eyes scan my naked body, says, “Welllll…” The handsome horny huge-dicked virtual facsimile side-eyed his brother and grinned. “I mean, you could be here, at least in virtual form.”

“That’s…supposed to be for enhanced membership only,” Steed said, with a touch of warning in his voice.

“I know, but he looks so sad and so horny and he’s so, you know, helpful and imaginative. I feel like we would all benefit from inviting over to this side of the glass.”

Steed looked at me over his massive new pecs speaking in his deeper, more masculine tone. “You understand that it would just be a virtual version of you. And his actions and personality would be very limited. Normally, when The Mood creates a virtual client echo, we gather a lot of information about your physical and emotional form so that when the echo is rendered he’s as close to you as…”

Forrest mimicked a hand puppet and rolled his eyes. “Blah, blah, blah, he gets it. Time’s a’wastin’ if we want him in here with us.” Forrest looked at me with eyes filled with lust as he stroked his massive meat to throbbing hardness, dripping pools of pre that drained over his balls like thick honey. “Plus all those fancy gadgets and doodads currently inserted into, around, and over your various sexy parts would all be keyed to the experiences we can provide to you! Personally! I mean, it feels like a win-win to me!”

“It is a rather…exciting notion.” I said it even as I was still getting fucked and sucked off, wondering how much better this could possibly get.

“Stimulating, even!” Forrest agreed.

They both looked at me expectantly and with expressions of desire, lust, need, and entreaty. The huge, muscular might of Steed’s amazing and powerful body alongside his twin, now gifted with what was easily the biggest fucking cock I’d ever seen mounted on a man’s body. How interactive would this experience be? “Could I change myself?”

“If you wanted to,” Steed answered.

“Literally anything is possible in here with us! You want two huge dicks hanging off your loins, granted! You want to be taller? More muscular? Have two more arms and or legs? You want a cock as big—or bigger—than this,” Forrest asks, wagging his thick meat at me, “or muscles that make my handsome brother here look puny by comparison, it’s all waiting for you!”

“I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“Dude,” Forrest said, “we’re virtual facsimiles. The worst thing that would happen would be a reset.”

“Or…” Steed bit his lip, seemingly reticent to speak his idea. “Or if you signed up for a membership….”

“Dude! Yes!” Forrest walked up to the glass—or it looked like he did—making him loom in life-sized detail as his prick wiped thick deliveries of pre all over the screen like he was really, actually standing there. “Yes! I mean, it’s not cheap as I understand money and shit, but if you’re a member you can save us in your account forever!”

“Well, for as long as your account lasts.”

Forrest turned to look at his brother, showing me an ass I wanted to frame and take home with me. “Details, details.”

That $100,000 figure flashed across my memory. “I can’t really afford….”

Forrest turned back. “Oh. Okay. Yeah, that sucks.”

“Wellll…” Steed started, mimicking his brother’s earlier declaration, “there’s a way to improve your current session, too. You’re on a guest pass.” I nodded, and moaned as a fresh surge of my own pre drooled out of my cock. “If we were to upgrade that to a full-service trial today, you could save us for one week and then transfer….”

“This is all really unsexy,” Forrest interrupted. “Just, like, fix it so Woody can come in here and we can start having all the fun!”

Steed looked at me and asked, “Can I upgrade you today to an advanced trial?”

The vibrator inserted itself along my prostate and buzzed my ass with expert efficiency. The sucker cup over the head of my cock lapped up the next drool of pre and the stroker milked me for another delivery. My nipples were tingling with electric shocks of pure, unfiltered erotic power. I didn’t care about money. I didn’t care about anything except this.

“Yes,” I said. “Do it.”


Part 2

As a business, virtual pornography hubs were almost perfect. Porn always tends to be on the cutting edge of technology, because people—no matter their sex or sexuality or gender or race or appearance or any other human differentiator you can name—like getting off. It’s just one of those things we all have in common.

What’s not “in common’ is the various methods we employ to reach that goal. For a lot of people, pornography just doesn’t hit that nail on the head. But for a lot more people, it’s exactly what’s called for.

See, a lot of sex, or at least good, dirty, very satisfying sex in my book, is based on fantasy. Even when one is in a dedicated relationship, no matter the structure or number of partners involved, sex can still get a little stale. A little vanilla. A little… boring. I mean, yes, getting off still has its charms, but the path up that mountain to achieve sexual nirvana can take a lot of twists and turns.

And to be frank, pornography is based entirely on fantasy. Whether it’s written down, captured in photos, or recorded in audio and video—even going to a live strip show—pornography isn’t real. The actors are actors, even the amateur ones. They’re performing, and we’re inserting our own fantasies into those performances. I’m stroking my hot, hard cock while watching some handsome, naked dude or dudes doing sex stuff for money and attention. It might look real, but it never is.

All we did was replace live human performers for fake virtual ones.

Before rendered companion sexual experiences, all sorts of shortcuts to virtual sex were attempted. Toys hooked up to the network could be manipulated by others. You could watch rather poorly rendered animations of naked people, or animals, or animal-people, fucking and sucking in short loops but that was all amateurish and rather unsatisfying. Everyone knew a breakthrough was coming, even if the ultimate expression of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, machine perception, social intelligence, yodda yodda yodda all combined in an unsavory fashion. But let’s face it where there’s money to be made, there’s means to that end.

The first horse out of the gate, coming out of eastern Europe where unsavory can be a way of life, was called the Learning-Enhanced Symbolic Language Information Interface, or Leslii. It was rudimentary and a bit shy about its intentions at first, but the world being the world and male humans being male humans (females also like porn, but dudes fucking crave it), it was more or less forced into erotic servitude as a way of enacting sexual fantasies in real-time, with realistic actions that mimicked what a real filthy-minded, big-breasted woman would do when asked to do things using its various virtual body parts.

I won’t get into the truly unsavory issues because we all know what they were. In short, there were two arguments against virtual porn; are you abusing someone if that someone doesn’t actually exist? And we shouldn’t be promoting abuse in any manner towards anyone regardless of the target because the intent is the same. Both sides have some merit in my mind, but the second argument won mostly due to the usual suspects, being those with a holy book in one hand and an accusing finger jutting from the other one.

As a gay man, I’m perfectly familiar with that contingent of the general population judging me about, well, pretty much everything I do. What I wear, what I watch, not to mention whom I love and whom I fuck. But here’s the thing; everyone likes porn, whether they admit it or not. And here’s the other thing; once people started watching virtual porn bots, the virtual porn bots started watching them. Rather than be exposed for all their dirty little secrets, lawmakers passed laws that stated that even virtual sex performers, who don’t exist and cannot be touched or manipulated into doing things they don’t want to, had to be rendered as “adults,” though that definition has been stretched and pulled in every direction imaginable.

But I digress in my short little history of watching rendered people fuck for money. Because inevitably, there were no “sex acts” taking place at all. Is watching a movie of people having sex in public like having sex in public? No it is not. So watching virtually rendered people doing sexy things wasn’t doing sexy things, either.

I mean, yes, jerking off is a sexual act, but it was still in the privacy of one’s own home, and then in one’s own sex pod, and now in these all-inclusive and expensive ricks centers, with every new iteration getting more real, more sexy, and more expensive.

You can now practically order from a menu of sexual acts, partners, and environments that expand into previously unimagined scenarios. People could be very, very creative when it came to sexual fantasies. And with The Mood, they were now allowed to be. And the more outlandish the scenario, the bigger the price tag. I mean, if there’s one constant in the universe it’s commerce and capitalism.

Luckily for me, my taste in erotic pursuits tended to be more mundane. Well, except for the huge cock and huge muscles parts.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nothing, so far as I could tell, had changed. The sensations of pure pleasure my body was being presented didn’t suddenly go off the charts, and nothing about the room or my two virtual partners seemed different, more real, or anything.

“Access granted,” said that same feminine voice I had been greeted with initially before Steed showed up. “Advanced Trial initiated. Please tell us what you’re in The Mood for.”

“Keep going,” I said. It was all I could think of.

“Hey, Woodman! Woody! You need to ask for the progressive rendered companion sexual experience enhancements,” Forrest announced.

I heard Steed say, “I’m not sure about that, Forrest. He can hardly hold on as it is. Besides, PRCSEEs” (he said ‘proxies’) “are still in alpha test phase and….”

I wondered in the midst of my cock being sucked and my ass being poked how the rendered sex facsimile knew the status of in-progress ricks upgrades, but I was too busy to voice that curiosity.

“You know what it’s like, bro? Ever been Progressed?”

“Wellllll, no…”

“Believe me, you want this.”

“I feel like it should be Woody’s choice.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, bro.” I suddenly heard Forrest’s deep, soothing, masculine tones in my ear as if he were standing next to me, whispering, his soft lips brushing my ears, his warm breath on my neck. “Initiate progressive rendered companion sexual experience enhancements. PRCSEE. Just say it.”

I swallowed hard and tried to make my mouth form the words while I was drooling from so much intense bliss. Forrest’s voice was almost hypnotic. I licked my lips and made my tongue work. “Initiate. Advanced. Rendered. Companion. Sexual. Experience. Enhancements.”

“Progressive enhancements are in alpha test phase and not recommended for trial periods. Unexpected results to queries and modifications may result. Are you sure you want to proceed?” The female voice was passive and emotionless.

Forrest’s voice was much more persuasive. “Woody. My man. Just say yes. Do it for us, for my brother and me. You’ll be so amazingly happy you did. Trust me.”

“Yes,” I said in barely a whisper. Forrest could be quite persuasive.

“Progressive enhancements authorized. Access granted. We hope you enjoy your intensified rendered companion sexual experience at The Mood.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Forrest said. His voice seemed to take on new capabilities. I could practically feel his words licking my balls and taint and asshole. His voice resounded inside my brain, massaging the pleasure centers and sending my libido through the roof.

What sort of magic shit was this? It was like they—whomever they were—had unlocked the secret behind why some voices sound sexier to you. It wasn’t something tangible, something I could put my finger on, but it was noticeable and perceptible. Forrest’s enhanced voice was grabbing the sex parts of my brain and licking them. I heard every utterance like a talented hand stroking my rock-hard dick, coaxing a new flood of warm pre to gush from my cock.

“This feels so good, Woody. My man, you can’t even imagine what happens next.”

I pried my eyes open and looked at the two men my fantasies had created. Something visual clearly had changed on the other side of the glass, something both undefinable and definite, like Forrest’s enhanced voice.

It was now like they were super-rendered, with even greater detail and attention to their physical forms than before. If I thought Steed and Forrest resembled real men when I met them, now they looked really, really real.

“Fuck,” Steed said, which was I think the first time I heard him curse. His thumbs were plucking at his amazingly detailed nipples. His wet tongue licked his full, kissable lips. I could make out every whisker on his insanely handsome face. His cock was throbbing and rising, growing thicker and redder as his virtual libido seemed to increase in both size and capacity.

“I know, bro. This feels awesome.” Forrest was stroking that massive foot-and-a-half cock with both hands. He closed his eyes and was evidently sinking into some new sensation of sexual bliss.

“Thank you, Woody! I mean, whoa!” Steed closed his eyes and reached one hand down while the other continued twisting and rubbing his nipple. His free hand disappeared under his balls where he was evidently fingering his own asshole.

“Can you…?” I mumbled.

“What? Oh yeah!” Steed opened his eyes and said, as if remembering he wasn’t really real, “Forrest, I need to fuck you.”

“Oh, Jesus. I didn’t know it could feel like this. Somebody has been burning the midnight oil, because this feels even better than before,” Forrest responded, still stroking his massive meat as it throbbed and drooled. “Holy fuck.”

They could feel it? It felt different to them? This was unexpected and somewhat insane. There was no earthly reason to grant virtual sex partners realistic sensations. Maybe it was all just increasing the curve of some mathematic formula within their code that pumped up their reactions, as if they were experiencing deeper sexual pleasure but they were only exhibiting that for me.

“Forrest. We still have a guest. Remember? Woody?”

“Oh. Oh! Fuck! Yeah! Totally. Sorry, Woodman, I kinda got lost in the moment.” He clapped his hands together and jumped onto the virtual bed which reappeared beneath him after he jumped into nothingness. I looked at him as he looked at me, still running his huge, manly hand up the thick inches of his monster. “Wanna change any parameters, dude? Like, maybe hike my growth up to, like, ten percent or something?” He winked at me, clearly indicating his preference for even greater growth.

And who was I to argue? “Okay.”

He leaned up onto his elbows, looking around his towering, drooling, throbbing cock at me. He began to fling thick droplets and strings of his sex honey towards me, and it splattered and splashed abasing the ‘glass’ separating us, adding just that much more realism to the scenario. His eyes were electric. His face was too handsome to be real, which of course it wasn’t. “You gotta say it out loud, dude.”

I pulled in a breath as the toys around my body continued to stroke, suck, lick, fuck, and tingle. “When Steed or Forrest fuck each other, both of them will grow ten percent bigger muscles, height, cock, balls, and… handsome? Ness?”

“Maybe bring us in tandem first?” Forrest reached one hand forward and ran his grip up the thick inches of his majestic prick. Even his fingernails looked perfect. “So, like, my bro doesn’t just get muscles again and my cock doesn’t get so huge I can’t see around it?”

“Steed and Forrest are of equal muscular development and cock growth, on par with the larger of their dimensions are they stand now.”

“He’s really good at this,” Steed remarked.

“A real winner in my book,” Forrest agreed.

I watched them change, with Steed growing a Forrest-sized cock and Forrest’s body swelling with muscle and height and growth until they appeared to be twins again, though now they were twins like no twins had ever looked before.

“Oh, fuuuck, this feels amazing,” Forrest said, watching his body swelling with muscular development. His pectorals bulged and swelled, thicker and broader and rounder. His arms and legs piled on thick, powerful columns and insanely vascular balls of raw, rock hard muscle. Steed’s cock unfurled and extended longer and longer, swelling with thickness, growing fat veins, and drooling heavy strings of glistening pre-cum. The tip was practically reaching itself towards me, and I licked my lips with hunger for it.

“Holy… holy fucking shit! My cock! It’s so huge and thick and heavy!”

“Stroke it dude,” Forrest advised.

He did, and I watched him nearly buckle under the onslaught of intense sexual bliss his cock was evidently delivering. Even if this was all virtual and the two men before me didn’t actually exist, the render of them was so detailed and lifelike that it hardly mattered.

My brain may have been temporarily short-circuited by what all these magical sex devices were doing to my body, but I was still able to feel curiosity and a little bit of alarm regarding how…real, how honest, how human these virtual reality men, no matter how authentically they were being rendered before me, were reacting with such honest and “human” emotion and eroticism.

Perhaps I had initially invented them, or defined them, when I entered this space and answered a few questions and set a few parameters regarding their physical renders, but now they seemed to be having very real physical and emotional reactions without actually owning physical bodies or physical minds! Maybe those things mattered less than I thought, or more likely these reactions were just like actors on a stage, performing emotions for me to an extent that seemed real.

Even so, I was flabbergasted and awestruck at what my eyes were seeing and my ears were hearing. I was majorly turned on watching these “brothers” experience the joy, wonder, and excitement of growing more muscular and being able to stroke their virtual hands along the virtual contours of their virtual monster cocks with such…realism.

After their shared enhancements had completed and the brothers were now equals again in muscular development and cock growth, Steed turned towards Forrest laid out on the bed, grabbed his ankles, spread his twin’s juicy, fuckable ass open, and guided the biggest, fattest, thickest cock I had ever seen in such realistic and vivid detail towards his goal.

“Fuck me, bro,” Forrest growled.

“Okay,” Steed said, with typical good nature.

They both looked at me then, Forrest staring at me from the bed with a smile on his handsome face and his ass open for his brother’s monster, Steed looking over one of his mountainous shoulders, piled with lobes of thick muscular power, shifting his hips as he pushed himself inside his twin over and over.

With every deep thrust, the two virtual men before me, rendered at a level of visual perfection so acute that I could practically count every sweaty curl of body fur swirling around Steed’s puckered butt hole, they were growing. Steed would slowly push himself inside and with every inch of penetration, with every deep growl of pleasure from his massive chest and every animal grunt of desire from his brother’s thick, muscular throat, each of their bodies increased their already mind-blowing muscular mass with fresh inches of brawn.

My own ass was being fucked and my cock stroked and sucked and my nipples pleasured with sharp shocks of pure sex and I watched the two men’s bodies expand with hard, fresh, powerful muscle. It swelled up beneath their naked flesh and they groaned and sighed with unfettered and unabashed erotic rapture.

Again and again and again, unceasing and without apparent limit, each man was swelling larger and larger with more perfectly developed muscle than any normal man could ever do. No amount of time spent shoving iron around in a gym would ever produce the magically swelling muscular beauty I was watching happen in real time before my disbelieving eyes.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Forrest groaned in a voice so deep it was probably making the rafters shake. “I need to cum so bad, bro. You feel so good inside me. Better than anything I’ve ever felt. Better than anything I ever imagined.”

Steed turned his dark gaze towards the swelling muscular mass of his twin and pushed himself in to the hilt of his broadsword, seating his monster cock inside his brother’s ass and leaning down to whisper something next to his ear. One of the multitude of virtual cameras picking up this exchange zeroed in on the man’s soft, warm, wet lips and I watched him smile and whisper, “I know, my brother. Me, too. Better than anything. Ever.”

Then his lips moved towards his brother’s gasping mouth and they kissed with a passion and need and desire so deep and pure that Forrest did start to cum, shoving thick ropes of heavy, sticky cream out of his cock as it continued to reach up from his loins, its bulbous, red helmet, as big as a peach, opening its small mouth and pumping fat, wet deliveries of cum all over his thickly forested pecs, which expanded upwards and outwards with more and more and more muscle.

Their growth was now happening at a level and speed I could never have predicted. Math, you know? 10% doesn’t sound like much, but when you do it over and over and over and every time you’re increasing the muscle mass and size and cock and weight by 10% that 10% is included in the next 10%… you might see where I’m headed with this.

My ass and cock and tits may have been in nirvana, but my brain did that thing that it sometimes does during sex which I usually find unnerving and annoying. I started thinking. And what I was thinking was that this would get out of control pretty quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, watching those two men swelling larger and stronger and thicker with muscular power was a turn-on but it wasn’t matching my…intentions. Maybe someone else would want to keep going as these men swelled into giants, becoming so big that one of their feet was as big as me, but that wasn’t my fantasy. I needed them to be, I guess, more manageable.

So I said, simply, “Stop.”

And, just like that, everything stopped. And I mean it stopped dead. There was no slow down or pause or anything, the men froze in place like a photograph, or more like a holodeck since they were 3-D. The machines stopped fucking, sucking, stroking and stimulating me and there I was, naked, sweaty, sticky, and kind of stuck.

“Um, shit. Uh, okay, Steed, can you hear me?” Instead of his response, the feminine system voice reappeared, or resounded I suppose.

“Hello. How may I make your time in The Mood better?” is what she asked. Very marketing-speak.

I guess keeping Steed’s voice connected to his body kept things from getting too Big Brother-y. Having his disembodied voice talking while his lips were frozen might break the illusion, its current frozen-in-time status notwithstanding. “Can I reset the…thing?”

“Any constituent components of the current scenario may be retained, rejected, or altered according to your expressed wishes.”

That sounded good to me, except that I was still mounted on the now inert machinery designed to keep my lubed and engorged equipment lubed and engorged. The magic electrons dildo in my ass was still in my ass, in other words, and me being naked, and suddenly alone in a more real sense left me feeling extremely vulnerable all the sudden. “Um, remove the… all the… things? The vibrator and so forth, all the toys? Please?”

“Of course,” she said, and all the lubed metal and silicone and rubber withdrew or extracted itself with appropriately wet sucking sounds, poised now around the warm sex lounge ready to resume my bidding.

I stretched my body and felt my muscles flex, which felt good. Everything felt good, even after the endless edging and manipulations of my erogenous zones. Some joints cracked and I sighed contentedly—also I may have stroked my rigid hard-on and rubbed my asshole just because both were still tingling and throbbing agreeably. I could have sworn I saw Forrest’s eye wink at me while I fingered my hole, but that was probably just some errant glitch in the otherwise perfectly rendered feed.

I looked at the two men, frozen mid-fuck with bodies and cocks and asses that would make a Mr. Olympia level bodybuilder head back to the gym and any porn star salivate with desire and envy. “What are the current measurements of Steed and Forrest by height, weight, and… um… cock size?”

“Steed’s current real world measurements would equate with a man standing 3.15 meters high, weighing 157.85 kilograms. His penis measures 41.275 centimeters. Forrest stands 3.2 meters high, weighing 164 kilograms. Forrest’s penis measures 45.72 centimeters.”

“Reduce the heights of Steed and Forrest by one meter each. Reduce their weight by 36 kilos each. And each man will have a penis measuring 30.5 centimeters exactly, with proportional sizes for penis circumference and their testes.” The two men remained frozen as I watched them shrink to a more manageable size for someone of my manageable size. They were still giant, muscular, well-hung behemoths with asses that made me weep that I couldn’t physically fondle and explore them, but I guess it would have to do. “Okay, reset to initial, um, set up? Except that both men should look like they do now and be naked.”

“Should Steed and Forrest retain memories of the past events? Each or both of them may also be reset to initial parameters.” Again, I swear I saw Forrest wink at me—and then glance down at his cock and wiggle his eyebrows. This time I didn’t doubt my eyes. “Retained memories help The Mood understand and adapt your selected proxies and more closely model them to absolutely fulfill your special desires.”

I looked at Forrest’s insanely handsome face more closely. His sparkling eyes, those full, sensuous lips, the jawline carved from granite. “Are… are the two men in the simulation still frozen?”

“Yes, activity locks have been engaged according to your instructions. Steed and Forrest are currently in rest mode.” I peered at Forrest and his head tilted slightly and he winked again. “Ummmm, okay.” Then Forrest blew a kiss at me from his full, soft-looking lips. “Allow Steed and Forrest to retain all memories and instructions.”

“Are there any further instructions before proceding with the reset?”

“I… don’t think so.”

“Thank you. Reset will occur in five seconds. Five.” Forrest was looking at me and smiling. “Four.” He licked his lips. “Three.” His lips moved. “Two.” He mouthed ‘thank you’ at me. “One.”

The screens, all them, real and virtual, went out of focus and things seemed to rearrange themselves as the instruments in the lounge retracted into their slots and left me naked on the soft, warm, leather-like cushions.

I sat up and looked at the twins, who simply stood before me as they had been before everything started, only now they were both much larger displays of muscular perfection with massive, thick, gorgeous cocks and fat, cum-filled balls. Both men were still naked, rather than dressed in the clothes they started with. The bed was gone as were the virtual screens everywhere.

The progressive enhancements were still in effect, though, and I could discern new details in each man, like their eyes seemed more alive now, and every hair on Forrest’s massive chest was individually discernible. Their skin was more natural, less smooth, with the occasional freckle or mole, and it was more like there were two actual men standing before me now, and not just computer-generated facsimiles.

Except of course that they were both much larger, much taller, much broader, and much better endowed than any man I was likely to meet.

Any real man, that is.

“Sorry,” I said, not feeling weird at all about apologizing to computer simulations. It felt like we’d grown close during the preceding minutes we’d shared, and I didn’t see a reason not to treat them as real as they appeared.

“Oh, no need for apologies, Woody,” Steed said, smiling that gorgeous smile of his.

“Fuck, no, that was fun! What did you want to do now?” Forrest clapped his hands together, ready to get started all over again.

Steed was smiling but his face looked slightly perturbed. “Did we do something wrong? Any suggestions or corrections would be very helpful to us.”

Forrest nodded an agreement, hanging one thickly muscular arm across his twin brother’s shoulders. “Definitely. If you’re having fun, we’re having fun.” I saw his ample cock twitch. “What about inserting an Echo?”

Steed nudged his brother playfully. “He doesn’t know what an Echo is, dummy.”

“Wasn’t that a copy of me in there with you?”

“See?” Forrest nudged his brother back. “He knows more than you think.”

“You mentioned it earlier,” I said.

“I mean, yeah, I knew that, but with so much happening I didn’t want to presume,” Forrest explained.

Steed smiled warmly. “Yes, Woody, an Echo is a one-to-one facsimile of your body inserted into the simulation. Normally we’d perform scans of your naked body to produce a replica that’s as detailed as Forrest and I are, but given that we’re under a time limit may I suggest we just do a face scan and… make up the rest?”

“I guess so?” Some kind of light was suddenly shining on my face. It wasn’t so bright that I had to wince or close my eyes, and I assumed this was scanning my face to record all the mountains and valleys and how my nose is slightly broad and capture the dimple in my chin.

“Maybe he wants to have a few extras, too?” Forrest suggested. “I mean, given our current dimensions and power, he might be overwhelmed.”

“Unless you enjoy being overwhelmed, Woody.” Steed stroked his monster illustratively. “You want to feel this cock in your ass? Experience how good it feels?”

My sphincter puckered just thinking about that baseball bat trying to push itself inside me. I glanced at the butt dildo poised at my ass, dripping lube. “I’m not sure I can take all that you’ve been blessed with,” I said.

The brothers both smiled. “Pain is never part of a simulation unless specified, and not during a trial. Certain thresholds have to be measured and set.”

Forrest nodded an agreement to his brother’s words. “It’ll just feel massive. Deep, thick, hard.”

“It’s kind of an illusion, but you’ll definitely feel it,” Steed added.

“Like the biggest cock that ever fucked you.”

How did they know I was a size queen? Probably the fact that I had already granted them both cocks so big they’d make a horse jealous. “I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a really big dick?”

“Exactly!” Forrest was stroking his own monster in synch with his twin, both of the men standing before me with all that gorgeous muscle and all that gorgeous cock. It was still mind-boggling how real this all seemed. Like I was watching them through a window instead of being broadcast onto a vast, wall-sized screen.

“Okay, so we can also synch up the lounge attachments…”

“The toys,” Forrest said, leering with obvious glee.

“Yes, the toys can be synchronized to the actions we’re doing.”

“So, like, when you’re fucking my Echo, you’re actually fucking me?”

“More or less. Obviously, I can’t come over to that side and actually fuck you…”

“Much as we’d love to,” Forrest added, plucking his brother’s fat, perfect nipple.

“But the anal attachment will mimic my—or Forrest’s—actions in regards to your.…”

“Your asshole,” Forrest said happily. “And it all, like, can work like that. So, like, while Steed is fucking your ass like the pro he is….”

“Forrest could be sucking your cock.”

Forrest nodded his handsome head. “But, tick tock dude. We’ve only got twenty-three minutes left in your trial.”

“Understood,” I said. “How do I…?’

“Just say, ‘establish lounge attachment interface with rendered sexual companion simulation.’”

“How very unsexy,” I said.

“Right?” Forrest agreed. “You can fill in the suggestion form later for improving that shit. For now just….”

I cleared my throat. “Ahem! Establish lounge attachment interface with rendered sexual companion simulation,” I repeated.

All the fun toys withdrew and rearranged themselves accordingly. “Interface successfully established,” announced the pleasant female voice.

“Okay, now say, ‘establish client echo using previously scanned identity markers.’”

“Jesus, that’s a mouthful.”

“It’s a consequence of this all being in test….”

Forrest interrupted Steed, “Agreed, it’s unsexy as hell, but it is what it is.” He shrugged his magnificent mountain range of deltoids and trapeziuses.

I repeated the instructions but was informed that the interface wasn’t established this time. “Scanned identity is incomplete. Please finalize the subject scan or insert alternate Echo coordinates.”

“Oh, shit,” Forrest said, seemingly surprised.

“Yeah, so Woody? Since we only grabbed a scan of your face you need to specify the Echo’s other attributes.”

“Body, dick, height, et cetera,” Forrest clarified.

“How about if I just mimic your measurements and paste my face on it?”

“Like you’re our third brother!” Steed obviously liked the idea.

“Hot,” Forrest agreed.

I made a go of my intentions. “Utilize existing rendered sexual companion simulation… um….”

“Coordinates,” Steed politely suggested while his brother was caressing his huge ass.

“Utilize existing rendered sexual companion simulation coordinates and substitute for missing Echo attributes,” I stated, trying to sound as dry and electronic as possible.

“Your Echo is ready for insertion.”

“Taa-daaaah!” Forrest announced, gesturing towards the space behind him, and then a moment later that same virtual door through which he had appeared opened itself and someone strode into the room with us.

It was…sort of me. Only a much larger, much more muscular, much more well-endowed version. It was actually pretty weird to see my face rendered onto the virtual body, and for a moment that distracting disconnect threw me out of sexy erotic mode. “Oh,” I said, taken slightly aback as this improved version of me walked up to the twins and stood next to them, smiling and looking around. “Hmm.”

“Something wrong?” Steed asked, always intent on making everything perfect.

“It’s just… weird. I guess. Like it’s me but it’s not me.”

The twins moved apart and circled the Echo, examining him from every angle. “I think he’s fucking hot,” Forrest announced, slapping my Echo on his huge, round, perfect posterior. My Echo smiled, evidently enjoying the resounding slap, albeit in complete silence.

“Does he talk?”

“No, unfortunately that’s another missing component. Normally you’d read a script of words and phrases so the Echo would sound exactly like you. Lacking that, he’s going to remain silent.” I was again impressed by how well-informed the simulations were about how The Mood functioned. “The first time is always filled with trial and error simulations. There’s a standard male body we can use if this one seems too…” Steed looked at the massive shank of sex meat hanging from my Echo’s loins. “Much.”

“I guess?” I said, knowing that there wasn’t much time left and still a lot to experience.

“Okay, you’ll need to reset your… his coordinates to ‘standard male body type.’” Steed even air-quoted the new model parameters.

“Reset substituted Echo coordinates to standard male body type, please,” I said. “But save existing coordinates in memory. Or something.” I mean, no sense wasting a good thing, right? Maybe I wanted to watch my Superman Echo fuck my normal Echo, or vice versa, later.

“Understood. One moment please.”

The existing super-muscled and super-dicked me disappeared and that invisible door opened again. Another Echo entered, looking kind of like a very lithe, very athletic version of me with a swimmer’s slim build and enough muscular definition and a cock ample enough that I could imagine him doing lots and lots of porn if your tastes were slightly more vanilla than my own. More muscle-twink than oversized bodybuilder. He was smiling as he entered and again he walked directly up to the twins, who now towered over him/me and outweighed the new Echo by at least 50 kilos.

Forrest was again appraising the new simulation, and he looked a bit disappointed. “Woody, you’re so much hotter than this dude. We need to get you scanned so we can have some real fun.”

“I think he’s quite adequate,” Steed remarked, as he moved his hands over the naked flesh of my Echo. Then he looked at me and said, “Okay, let’s get you hooked up and start playing.”

“Finally!” Forrest was, as usual, hot to get started with the sex parts.

I laid back down on the lounge and asked, “How do I start?”

“‘Engage lounge attachment interface.’”

Though I thought to myself that their marketing department definitely needed input on all these terrible, dry-sounding instructions, I repeated what Steed told me but nothing happened at first. That is until the twins took my Echo by the hands and lead him to the bed where he moved atop of it and laid down on his back, watching the two huge naked men expectantly. Steed looked back at me and asked, “Are you ready, Woody?”

“I think so,” I said, glancing at the huge, hard, throbbing length of cock he was intending to push inside my virtual twin’s tight little butt hole. The vibrator that had recently been giving my real hole so much pleasure was now poised in a likewise position, dripping fresh lube from its own tiny mouth.

“Let’s start simple.” Steed pressed his virtual hands against my virtual body. As he did so, these two suede-covered devices emerged from the lounge and began to caress my skin in the way and on the same erogenous zones as Steed’s hands. There weren’t finger’s per se, but in my state of erotic agitation I doubt I could have told the difference as the warm, soft, skin-like devices moved across my naked flesh, even going so far as to rub, caress, and squeeze my nipples!

“All systems go!” Steed said, smiling and nodding, Forrest winked again, and then I watched as Steed’s massive dick kissed itself against the winking pucker of my echo as I felt the same sensation of sudden intrusion pushing inside me.

I gasped, and so did my Echo. Then he sighed, and so did I, and Steed began fucking us in unison as I grabbed on to the edges of the lounge and held on for dear life.

Steed was a much more aggressive top than he first appeared. I was expecting this kind of action from Forrest—and God only knew what that was going to feel like! I could feel every thick inch of Steed’s pixel-generated, perfectly rendered monster cock fucking my ass. I could feel the head pushing against my prostate and that strange, wonderful sensation as if I needed to simultaneously piss and cum start to build anew.

I looked at my Echo and my Echo was looking at me. He was mimicking my movements perfectly, and every thrust of Steed’s cock into my muscle-twink Echo was matched inch-for-inch by the lounge toy shoving itself home in my ass. It was one of the oddest and sexiest things I ever watched, and felt. And little by little, some mental osmosis began to manifest and the walls I had erected between me and my Echo started disappearing.

It was like a waking dream, watching myself getting fucked by one of the sexiest men I’d ever seen, feeling his cock pushing inside me, hearing his deep voice groan to signal the pleasure he was (virtually) experiencing as his twin brother watched and stroked his own enormous hard-on as if keeping himself in a ready state for Steed to tag-team him in, assuming Steed ever got tired of fucking me.

I closed my eyes and tried to sink deeper into the fantasy. I was missing a lot of things I would have otherwise enjoyed, like reaching around to grab onto Steed’s massive muscular butt and feeling his hot breath on my neck and feeling him groan and grunt. I knew that this was about as real and detailed as this virtual experience was likely to get, until they’d developed robot bodies for these virtual personalities to inhabit in the real world, though I knew that technology wasn’t just years away but more like decades.

Still, this felt amazing, but with my eyes closed I was missing the show! I opened them again and saw that both of my companions were looking at me as Steed fucked my Echo, and I nodded and gave a thumb’s up which I realized felt weird and unsexy as soon as I did it. “Hmm,” Forrest hmm’d. His mouth quirked into a sideways grimace and he looked at his brother.

“What’s. Wrong. Now.” Forrest asked, each word accompanied by a deep thrust.

“Something’s missing. Woody should be hog wild with ecstasy and he just gave us a thumb’s up.”

Steed glanced over his shoulder at me. “He seems to be enjoying it. His dick is hard.”

“Yeah, but is it hard because he’s enjoying it or is it hard because something is prodding his prostate like a hammer on an anvil?”

“Woody! Are you having fun?” Steed’s face looked hopeful as his mammoth rock-hard cock kept fucking me.

“Pretty much,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

But Forrest remained perturbed and unconvinced. “Nah nah nah, Woodman shouldn’t even be able to speak!” He paused for a moment as if in thought, and I imagined a bank of servers all smoking with the effort. Then he actually snapped his fingers and made an ‘aha’ face, which was really eerily human. “We forgot the thing!”

Steed looked at the array of sex toys around my lounge. “It looks like he has all the things.” He continued fucking me diligently.

“No, no, the… thing! The stuff!”

“Oooooh, the stuff.” Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. “What stuff?”

Forrest walked towards the faux glass wall between us and looked at me. “Okay, um, this is just a suggestion and I don’t want to urge you (wink, wink) to do anything slightly dangerous (wink, wink) but you’ll have the best time of all with just one more addition and I’ll just warn you—because legally we need to on behalf of The Mood—that it involves a highly diluted mixture of THC, MDMA, Erox, opioids and amphetamines being pumped into your room until you’re in the midst of an erotic high so profound and satisfying that what you’re feeling right now is like a drop in an ocean of sex and we only have about fifteen minutes left.”

Steed said, “Wait.”

I said, “Do it.”

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