Jason’s surprise

by Jefftaur

Jason comes home with a surprise. Hint: it involves extra shoes left by the door.

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I looked up at the clock. Jason was usually home by now. I wondered if I should go ahead and make something or maybe order a pizza. I searched through the cabinets. “What would you like to eat, Jason?” I asked, addressing no one but the empty room.

Jason. Soon, he'd be at the door, his handsome, perpetually tan face smiling from under that unruly tuft of soft brown hair. His muscular arms manipulating the door, his keys, his book bag. His bulging pecs straining his T-shirt. His muscular legs with that light coating of hair that shone gold when it caught the light. He almost always wore shorts….

“Stop! Can't think that way,” I said aloud to myself. Jason was the best friend I'd ever had. He didn't mind that I was gay. He was bright and funny and caring. He always loved whatever I made for dinner. He never even made fun of my name.

I couldn't bear losing him as a friend, so I was very careful: never touching him, never coming on to him even jokingly, always staying clear of my real feelings. I think he could tell sometimes, but I always avoided the subject.

I couldn't concentrate on finding food so I left the kitchen, collapsing on the recliner in the living room with a heavy sigh. I'd been through this mental self-torture dozens, even hundreds, of times. But man, it would be nice if he could be more than my friend. Only what chance was there of that? Still, he was so cute. And he'd be even better if—

Suddenly, there was a sound at the door. Jason pushing his key into the lock. Realizing I'd been lightly stroking myself through my khakis, I shoved my cock into a less conspicuous position and looked up as he entered. I figured it was due to my arousal, but he seemed more attractive than ever as he stepped through the door, the hugely bulging muscles of his arms clearly defined as they slid back and forth under his flawless, tanned skin, the broad swells of his chest and shoulders straining the fabric of his T-shirt to its limit.

I smiled as he grinned at me. “Hey, Baker,” he said. “Sorry I'm late. I was at the chem lab.” My eyes followed his book bag as he tossed it to the floor beside the door.

My jaw dropped. He had four legs. Four! His beautiful, muscular legs had been multiplied, and now another pair stood directly behind his originals, his new hind ass making an alluring bubble-butt bulge in the back of the four-legged shorts he now wore. The casual, fashionable shorts hung to just above his four knees, displaying his four gorgeous, lightly haired lower legs, all glinting with gold from the late afternoon sunlight streaming through the doorway. Rapt and spellbound, I watched his four muscular calves working in concert as he kicked off all four of his flip-flops, leaving them in a small, haphazard pile by the door.

I could not remove my eyes from his multiplied legs, even as he closed the door and began to walk across the carpeted floor, his four feet padding softly. I drank in every detail of his smoothly casual four-legged gait as he crossed the room, until he finally threw himself down on the couch, sitting on his hind ass, and propped all four feet up on the coffee table, crossing all four of his legs together.

It was a beautiful sight: his four bare, beautifully shaped feet all clustered together; the artistically sculpted muscles of his four legs pressed together and bulging, even part of his thighs as his shorts had ridden up slightly when he sat; the fine sheen of the soft hair over all four of his legs, lit by the light from the window behind me. When I finally managed to raise my eyes to his face, I saw that he had folded his arms behind his head; the huge bugles of his biceps threatened to tear open the sleeves of his straining T-shirt. He grinned at me brilliantly.

My mind was awash with thoughts and emotions, all dominated by my arousal. “Wha—when—how—why?” I finally managed to ask, my voice no more than a frightened whisper. I was afraid it was too good to be true.

The clasp of his hands behind his head suddenly broke and his grin faltered and fell, sheepishly. When he let his hands fall to the couch, I couldn't help noticing how it made his triceps flex impressively.

He stared at me a few moments before answering me. “I read some of the stories on your computer once,” he said, nervously.

I was shocked and panicky, but was beyond the ability to form any response.

Jason continued, still eyeing me warily, “I thought maybe you'd like me more if I made myself like one of those guys… y'know, a humantaur… or something.”

Too surprised by the first part of his sentence to even comprehend it, I leapt on the second. “But they're not real!”

A slight hint of Jason's smile returned. “I thought so too, until I found the book at the library…. But that's not important.” He paused for a moment, biting his lip. “Do you… do you like it?”

It took me a few seconds before I was able to form words. “Jason, I've always liked you.”

“But you never…”

“I thought you were straight!”

Jason suddenly grinned. “With my good looks and fashion sense? Waste of time.”

Nervous and giddy, I laughed more than the joke deserved, but it did bring a smile back to my face.

“So… do you like 'em?” he asked, glancing down at his four legs, still all crossed together, a big tight package of muscular limbs.

My eyes never leaving his, I slowly rose from the recliner and walked over to him, constantly checking for any negative sign in his gaze. There was none. Carefully placing one hand on one of his front thighs (oh, the feeling of that tight, hard muscle!), I leaned down and hesitantly kissed him.

Immediately, his muscular arms were up again and his strong hands were gently holding the sides of my head as he kissed me back with an enthusiasm that took my breath away. When we finally broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes again, we knew. There was no further need for questions.

He let his hands fall away from me as I stepped back to give him room. Uncrossing his four legs, he bent all his knees, catching the edge of the coffee table with his four heels, pushing it gently away across the carpet. Kneeling down, I took its place on the carpet before him, pushing it even farther back and completely out of the way behind me. Eyes locked on him, I watched as he reached down to peel his T-shirt up and off his body, exposing his hugely muscular torso, his clearly defined stomach, his wide lats, and his vast chest. I scrutinized every detail of the play of muscles in his arms—biceps, triceps, forearms—as he unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the extended zipper that ran all the way to his rear crotch, exposing, as he did so, both of his rapidly growing and stiffening cocks, one between each pair of legs, each with its own hairless ballsac and each with its own little patch of light brown hair right above its root.

He then let his arms drop to his sides and, forming fists with his hands, flexing his triceps, and tensing his abs, lifted his hind ass slightly from the couch. Taking this cue, I carefully reached forward and, reveling in the sensation of my hands brushing against his four muscular, lightly haired thighs, grasped the hems of the four legs of his shorts and slowly pulled them off him. Once they had reached his knees, he let his hind ass fall back down onto the couch and took over from me, taking the waistband of the shorts in his hands and lifting each of his four feet up, though, and out of the shorts, one by one.

When the last of his four feet was free, he tossed the shorts aside, and let his front thighs down to rest on his rear thighs, front feet dangling heavily outside his rear calves, a few inches from the floor. I ran my eyes over the press of bulging thigh muscle where his front and rear thighs met and involuntarily licked my lips. I looked up at him, and seeing him nod at me, I leaned in among his four legs, bringing my face up to his double crotch.

I took one cock in each hand, and Jason let out a soft moan while his four legs shifted slightly around me. I leaned in close and kissed the base of his front cock, feeling its hard length pressed up against my cheek, as Jason's other hard length throbbed in my other hand, and his four muscular thighs closed slightly around me. His hands came down and gently cupped the sides of my head as he ran his fingers through my hair. I began to slowly drag my tongue along the shaft of his front cock, finally reaching the head and taking it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. I could feel Jason's torso writhe above me.

I took my time with Jason's front cock in my mouth, drawing it in and out, my hand firmly grasping its thick base as I explored its huge velvet-skin-covered hardness with my tongue, pumping my other hand up and down the shaft of his rear cock, increasingly slick with his precome. All the while, I was intensely aware of Jason's four powerful legs around me, and sometimes one of his four muscular thighs, left or right, front or rear, would bump into or brush against my arm or shoulder.

Eventually, I moved down to explore his front ballsac with my tongue, lapping at the soft, hairless skin that held his hot, roiling balls within. And just below, my tongue found the tight pucker of his front anus; Jason trembled and sighed heavily, grabbing his front cock, which I had abandoned in my explorations, in his large, powerful hands. Encouraged, I slicked a finger with my saliva, and quickly slid it into his tight hole. As I wriggled my finger against his prostate, Jason let out a delicious moan and lifted his front legs into the air, gently bringing them down to rest his front thighs heavily on my shoulders, his front calves and the heels of his front feet pressing into my back.

My world was now reduced to his four legs and his two cocks; I was only vaguely aware of Jason's muscular torso rising above me. After briefly slicking up more fingers to work into his front anus, I dropped my mouth onto his rear cock, taking as much of its huge hardness into my mouth and throat as I could, burying my face and head deep into this headily sexual nexus of cocks and legs.

Jason's four legs were flexing all about me, all moving in tempo with my strokes of his rear cock and into his front hole when, all too soon, his four legs tensed and clasped tight around me, his front heels digging into my back as his rear cock began to shoot. Endless jets of his sweet come poured into my mouth, of which I eagerly swallowed every last drop.

As I was licking his back cock clean, feeling it slowly soften ever so slightly in my hands, I realized that Jason was still frantically stroking his front cock above my head. I lifted my head and pressed up against the confines of his front thighs, which were trapping me below. Responding quickly, he lifted his front legs from my shoulders and relinquished his front cock to me, raising his hands to stroke sensuously up and down the heaving muscularity of his torso, as if it too were a cock. Mere moments after I cupped his front balls and grasped the throbbing shaft, placing my mouth over the flared head, he was shooting again, stream after stream of sweet, hot come into my mouth, and again I swallowed it all.

Finally, his orgasm passed, and I merrily licked his front cock clean before collapsing back to sit on my folded legs. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his hind calves, reclining my head against his front and rear right thighs, breathing heavily. “That was… incredible,” I panted.

Jason, panting just as heavily, was still running his hands slowly up and down the sides of his muscular torso, fingertips tripping over the rock-hard bulges of his washboard, which heaved with each of his rapid breaths. “You have no idea,” he said, head still rolled back, eyes still closed. He suddenly lifted his head and looked down at me, serious. “Whatever you may have read, whatever you may have written, you have no idea what it's like to have sex as a humantaur… the four legs… and two of all this!” He grasped his huge, softening front cock momentarily and then let it flop back down, rolling his head back again and letting out a small sigh of pleasure as the shaft slid over his front balls and the head drooped down to kiss the inside of one of his rear thighs.

I sat up and said, in a small voice, “I wish I could.”

Immediately, he bounced up and stared at me for a moment before swinging both of his left legs over me. I was suddenly but only momentarily imprisoned among his four powerfully muscular legs, his hind cock dragging over my head as he stepped away.

Watching him walk his four-legged walk while clothed was a treat; watching him walk nude was amazing: every bulging muscle involved in his graceful, four-legged gait was clearly visible, his four thighs, his four calves, and his tight hind ass. When I saw him bend over to open his book bag, his hind pucker exposed and both of his soft cocks dangling low among his four legs, I involuntarily gulped and had to shut my eyes to avoid being overwhelmed.

Eventually I heard his four softly padding feet return to stand beside me, and I opened my eyes again. I looked up at his nude, tanned, muscular humantaur body with unadulterated lust. His front cock, huge even when soft and still glistening with saliva, hung long and thick over his front balls, and I could just make out his equally huge rear cock, dangling in the midst of his four powerful thighs. He held out his bulging, muscular right arm towards me, a clear sports bottle full of liquid in his hand. “This is for you,” he said, grinning with excitement.

I accepted the bottle as I stood up beside him. I looked it carefully, but it appeared to be filled with plain water. “This will make me a humantaur?”

“Yup,” answered Jason, cheerily, but I recognized the mischievous glint in his eye. Still, I grinned back, certain that I would love whatever he had in store for me. Taking one final lustful glance at Jason's naked, four-legged body standing beside me, I titled my head back, and gulped down the contents of the bottle. The liquid was tasteless, but felt warm going down, and soon a tingling warmth was spreading from my stomach all over my body. I teetered, suddenly overcome by dizziness, and Jason reached out a strong hand to steady me as I sank to my knees. The sensations were overwhelming, and I shut my eyes and simply knelt there, wavering slightly, Jason's hand still on my shoulder, letting the transformation come over me.

Only moments later, I heard a rustling and felt a distinct and significant change behind me. When I turned back to see, I found that, indeed, my two legs had become four, and that my khakis had changed to accommodate them, my new hind ass tightly outlined by the material. I could feel all four of my knees pressing into the carpet, all four of my feet pent-up in their shoes. I felt, too, my muscles growing all over my body, and could see my four thighs and four calves inflating even under the loose fit of the khakis. The material tightly clinging to my hind ass hid nothing as my rear buttocks became toned, tight, and muscular. Every muscle in my body felt hot, iron-hard, and pumped. I turned forward to see my vastly expanding chest straining the confines of my polo shirt, and below, I could even see the individual bulges of my abs as they pressed out against the tightening material.

I felt a sudden explosion of power in my arms and quickly brought my hands in front of me… to find that I now had four of them! I gaped in amazement at my four large, powerful hands, and the four bulging, striated forearms they were attached to. My shoulders had split, front to back, to carry the four arms, and I could feel the increasing bulges of my rear biceps pressing into and rubbing against the sculpted yet growing iron-hardness of my front triceps. I moved my arms back and forth against each other, closing my eyes as I tuned into and reveled in that particular ecstasy out of the entire symphony of sensation my expanding body was providing me.

Eventually, the heat of transformation left me and I opened my eyes, awaking from the haze. Still, every muscle of my body, every one, all throughout my torso and in each one of my eight limbs, felt hot with its bulging strength and power… but not quite as hot as the feeling from both of my crotches. It felt almost as if—

Using all four of my hands together, I quickly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled down the zipper. From out of the fly of my boxer shorts exploded two rock-hard, giant cocks, just like the ones I could feel between my rear legs, trapped somewhere within and straining the fabric of my now four-legged boxers. I grabbed one front cock in each of my front hands, and the resulting shock of pleasure let a huge, unsteady breath from my lungs. I sent my rear hands back to grab at the globes of my own hind ass, confirming its reality.

Almost falling back into a dazed state, I looked up at Jason, wild pleasure combined with an unspoken question on my face.

He just grinned down at me. “I thought you might like it.” He looked me over with an appraising eye. Both of his cocks had returned to full hardness, his front cock swinging huge and heavy before him, his hind cock pushing his front balls aside and peeking its drooling head from in between his front thighs. “I know I do.”

Grinning back at him, I reluctantly let go of my front cocks and used my front hands to grab and hold up the waist of my khakis. “C'mon,” I said as I grabbed Jason's hand with one of my free rear hands and rose to my four feet, four legs splayed wide to steady my uncertain balance, my two huge front cocks bobbing before me. “Help me walk to a bedroom and let's try out all this new equipment!”

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