Last resort

by Also Known As

Our narrator finds himself whisked off to a mysterious resort where everything seems perfectly designed to cater to his every fantasy—especially the all-male staff. But reality keeps changing around him, and he has no idea how or why.

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“I don’t remember entering a contest,” I thought, a bit giddy. I was standing in my apartment and holding a broad, flat, dusty brown envelope. It was stiff like cardboard and a bit heavy for its size. My name and address were inscribed by hand on the front, and there was no return address to be seen.

I turned it over in my hands and took out the contents, again. I’d read them before a dozen times or more in preparation for today, and now I looked at the heavy sheet of black paper again, and the silver-embossed logo at the top with the silhouette of a man’s head in profile. He resembled a Greek god, clearly modeled on a man who couldn’t possibly exist because no one was that handsome. Below it were two words, The Resort, and then a greeting to me, and the words I had scanned again and again in anticipation.

“Congratulations. You are the unique recipient of an all-expenses paid visit to The Resort, an exclusive haven for discerning men such as yourself.

“The Resort is a private destination, secluded from everyday life, hidden from the eyes of the outside world where our one and only goal is to fulfill your every wish, desire and fantasy. Our staff is uniquely suited and specially trained to carry out this goal to its successful result, and rest assured that there is nothing—literally nothing—we will not and can not do to fully satisfy our guests.”

Then there were instructions about arranging the dates and times of my visit, with information about the transportation—also provided free by The Resort—and that I should pack nothing for my trip.

Nothing? Well, that was weird, wasn’t it? Not even a toothbrush? But the enclosure assured me that everything would be taken care of, and that my complete satisfaction and happiness were all that mattered.

It went on: “Your confidential manservant, Tuo, will greet you on your preferred date of departure, and accompany you to The Resort. Tuo has been selected for you by the management according to your personal preferences and individual profile.”

What the hell did that mean, anyway? What ‘individual profile’ were they referring to, whomever ‘they’ were? Perhaps—and most probably—it was just marketing spiel. After all, didn’t every company in the business of vacations pretend to know your every wish, though usually that just meant clean towels in the bathroom and no stealing by the cleaning staff.

And Tuo was a peculiar name. I wondered if that was his given or family name, and why in particular he had been ‘selected’ for me.

But finally the day was here, and as instructed I had packed nothing at all for my vacation, which felt supremely odd since I was nothing if not a stickler for preparedness. I’d been known to pack three suitcases for a weekend trip to the beach! And here I was, nervous and sweaty-palmed, sitting in my apartment awaiting my manservant.

That was curious, too. Such an odd, colloquial term. Manservant. Not valet or assistant or concierge. Manservant. But I had to admit I liked the sound of it.

There was no address on the invitation, either. No indication of where The Resort was located, how far I would be going, what the environment was like… would I need a bathing suit? A sweater? Climbing gear? Workout togs? Something a bit formal for dining? How was I supposed to know what to expect, other than to be “fully satisfied” by the “uniquely suited staff?”

Surrender, I suppose, was all I could do. Give myself over to The Resort and its unique staff and allow myself to give up a bit of control.

After all, it was entirely free!

For all I knew, it was all just big promises and a very good marketing budget. The invitation itself was certainly impressive, but the lack of details was a bit… concerning.

So, on the appropriate date and at the appropriate time, I was startled by the doorbell. Was anyone actually that prompt? I mean, sure, I told them a time and date—but to the second?

I opened the door.

“Good afternoon, sir. My name is Tuo. I am from The Resort. Are you prepared to begin your journey?”

He said ‘Too-oh,’ not ‘Twah.’ I had gotten the pronunciation wrong. But…

My god, the man was… he was… there must be a word for perfect that means more than perfect. I mean, this guy.. he was… he was just… oh, my god. I said, “Um.”

He smiled. Oh. My. God. “Your car is waiting. I will take you to the airport where we will meet The Resort jet. There will be a rather long air voyage, I’m afraid, but the jet has been fully outfitted to meet your needs.” He was looking me in the eyes the entire time, which meant that I was looking him in the eyes, too. His eyes were way too blue. Or green. Or both. Like, clear waters around a white-sand beach off the calm, warm shores of a tropical isle. Turquoise? Azure? Jade? Emerald? They sparkled like jewels, and I could’ve easily fallen into them to drown in their beauty except that the rest of his face distracted me—because it was, if anything, even more remarkably alluring.

Extremely masculine, but balanced between beauty and handsomeness. The chiseled jawline, the proud brow, the strong nose and sculpted chin. I was looking up at his face, I realized, because he was tall.

And then; broad. Broad… everything. Shoulders and chest and arms, all packed inside a black, perfectly fitted suit. A chauffeur’s cap on his head made him look official and almost militaristic—certainly someone who could be in charge of anything. Eminently capable and extremely efficient. The cap only partially hid a head covered with blond hair, cut conservatively short and combed with razor perfection.

He even smelled good. “Sir?”


“Are you all right, sir?”

I watched his lips move and heard his voice speak, but I felt a bit intimidated and very, very attracted to this man. It was as if someone had asked me to describe the perfect man, the one I could not resist, the one who would greet me at heaven’s gates and welcome me inside to perfection and bliss. “I’m…”

“We should depart, sir,” he said, bowing his head slightly. “If you’re ready to leave. Your jet is waiting.”

I was certainly ready to go anywhere with him.

At the curb, an absurdly large car was parked. It was steel grey, the color of an approaching storm front, and as sleek as some ocean creature. “Oh,” I said, taken with the vehicle’s size and beauty.

Tuo left my side and opened the back door. “If sir would care to take a seat inside, your journey can begin.”

“This is lovely,” I said softly. “What kind of car…?”

“A Maybach, sir. Selected especially for you.”

“For me?”

“Of course, sir.” He offered his hand. “If sir would care to enter?”

I took his hand. Of course it was warm and strong. He helped me inside with a sort of forced gentleness, guiding me to the soft leather seating and the comforting scent of lavender and bergamot and something scented like a summer’s sea breeze. It smelled absolutely wonderful, as if it had been designed for me.

The seats were buttery soft, as they say. Dove grey with hand-stitching and immaculate, as if the car had never been used before. It was a standard sized car rather than some gauche and ostentatious stretch limo, but certainly large enough to show off to the neighbors. As Tuo took his place behind the wheel, the entire vehicle shifted as his weight settled, and then softly adjusted. It felt a bit as if someone had gingerly placed a granite boulder in the front seat. His blue-green gaze met mine in the rear view mirror and he said, “Are you settled in? It will be a short drive to the hanger.”

“I’m fine,” I said, because I was.

“There is a small cabinet in the center of the rear seats, sir. You’ll find some refreshment inside if sir should wish to partake while I bring you to your jet.”

“Oh?” I asked. And then the motor roared to life and with a gentle sway, we were off. I opened the small cabinet be swinging a leather-clad lid down, and inside I found a stainless steel thermos, a cut crystal decanter filled with something that looked like iced tea, a whisky glass, a martini glass and a small jar of Cerignolo olives.

I unstoppered the decanter and took a whiff, finding my nostrils singing the tune of a very fine single malt Scotch which was, unless I was greatly mistaken, a Macallan. “Is this…?” I started to ask.

“Macallan 21 year, sir,” he said. “I believe that is one of your favorites.”

Jesus. 21-year Macallan? “And the thermos?”

“Chilled gin, sir. Martin Miller’s English Dry. There should be olives and a small bottle of Dolin Dry vermouth as well, as sir prefers.”

Jesus. Someone had really done their homework. “What,” I joked, “no lemon peel?”

Tuo moved slightly and did something on the car’s dashboard, perhaps opening the glove compartment. He then produced a glass box containing two very thin strips of lemon peel. “As a precaution, sir, I prepared these before I met you at your abode. They should be fresh and offer your cocktail the right bouquet.”

Jesus. “Uh, thank you Tuo.”

“You’re welcome, sir. Is there anything else I can do to make your journey perfect?”

I looked around and stretched my legs. “I… I can’t think of anything.”

“Nothing at all, sir?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Very good sir. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. We should arrive at the hanger in twenty-seven minutes.”

The ride was silken and I poured myself two fingers of Macallan, neat. I suddenly thought it was a pity that there were no cigars handy, when a small cover that I hadn’t even noticed on the back of the driver’s seat opened itself to reveal one very fat, very aromatic cigar. “Jesus,” I said softly. Were they even reading minds?

“In case sir would enjoy a smoke with his Scotch,” Tuo said. It gave me chills thinking that this perfect man actually had read my mind, though that was absurd. What other stray thoughts would he be picking up, and would he act on them with the same timely accordance? My cock twitched in my pants and I swallowed the fiery whisky in my mouth.

“Is smoking allowed inside the car?” It seemed like it would spoil the scent, and what if I was awkward with my ash?

“Everything is allowed, sir,” he replied. “Whatever sir wishes.”

Wishes, huh? I could certainly wish for a hell of a lot. “How…?”


“How did I win this thing?”

“Thing, sir?”

“I don’t remember entering any contests, so… I was wondering how I won.”

“There are a variety of methods that result in an invitation to The Resort, sir. Perhaps sir has simply forgotten, or perhaps sir was entered by a friend or acquaintance.”

“I guess,” I offered, though that seemed weird. “Where is it?”


“The Resort. There was no return address or anything on the invitation, and I offered up my personal info online.”

“The Resort is a private destination, sir. We try not to advertise its location.”

“Even to its guests?”

“I’m certain sir will be quite satisfied with The Resort. We strive to make it everything you would wish for.”

“The perfect vacation?”

“The perfect everything, sir,” he said. It did not seem to be a boast. I caught his gaze in the rear view mirror at the same moment as he caught mine. Again, the color shifted between blue and green, as if they were lit from behind, and I saw the corners crinkle. Was he smiling, and if so why? Had I said something amusing, or did he enjoy holding all the cards in this game?

I sighed as I relaxed into the soft, warm leather and sipped the Scotch. The outside would passed by with smooth, silent efficiency and we sailed along the roads and freeways toward the airport. I was feeling quite comfortable and slightly tipsy, which may have emboldened my tongue. “Tuo.”

His blue-green eyes flickered toward me. “Sir?”

“What are your duties?”

“Whatever sir requests.”

His deep voice penetrated me. It was as smooth and powerful as the automobile. “Yes, but, I mean… surely not anything I want.”

“Yes, sir. Anything sir requests or requires, it is my pleasure to fulfill.”

I smiled at that, and my brain reeled at the possibilities. His pleasure. My pleasure. “What if—?”


“Never mind.” I sipped my Scotch and dismissed the dirty thoughts circulating in my head.

“Yes, sir,” he responded. I suppose if my requirement was that he dismissed my query, he would do that, too.

Inside my fuzzy noggin, the damnable, pleasurable idea was not going to die so easily. “What if—? What if I asked you—? What if—?”

“Yes, sir?” Our eyes met again. Maybe he saw something in my gaze. Or maybe I was giving away more than I thought I was after enjoying too much of the wonderful smoky Scotch. But I watched him nod and felt the car lurch slightly sideways and decelerate, until we came to a dead stop on the shoulder of some dark road between my place and the airport.

Tuo opened his door and I watched his tall, powerful frame move around the front of the car and come to the side, next to me, and he opened the door. He dropped to one knee, grinding his immaculate suit pants into the gravel, and leaned toward me. I felt his hand, his fingers, on my jaw and he was pulling my face to his, my mouth to his, and he was kissing me gently. His lips were warm and soft, and he smelled wonderful.

Then his lips were next to my ear, and his breath was on my neck, and he whispered, “If sir would care to move over, I would be more than happy to help sir with whatever he desired.”

Already, I could feel my cock throbbing inside my pants. I did as he requested, scooting my ass across the seat and allowing him room to enter the large rear cabin. The car lurched as he sat down and closed the door, and the overhead light slowly faded to black.

His hand, large and assured, moved onto my crotch and began to pet my cock, urging its growth with subtle but insistent caresses and squeezes. He leaned his mouth to mine again and kissed me, and I could feel the heat of his body and the power underneath the layers of his tailored suit and button-down shirt.

I closed my eyes, luxuriating in his kisses and the sensation of his powerful grip manhandling my equipment when he started to unbuckle and unzip me, and my cock sprung forward in my underwear and I could feel a coolness at the tip when the air hit the precum-moistened cotton that enmeshed my growing erection. He rubbed and squeezed and stroked me, harder and hotter by the second, and his kisses grew deeper and more passionate.

Then his mouth left mine and he peeled the white cotton from my rock-hard cock and I felt the warm wetness of his mouth surround me, and he grabbed on and sucked and stroked my cock with expert finesse, twisting his grip in time with the manipulations of his mouth and tongue with the skill and virtuosity of someone who clearly relished the act, worshiping my prick with his mouth and hand and coating it with warm spit as he pushed me ever closer to a mammoth explosion.

I gasped and my head fell back on my neck and my eyes rolled up inside my skull. The intensity of the act, of his talents, of his attention to the task at hand, were all overwhelming me. I could feel my balls seize up and my cock swelled in anticipation of a godlike eruption of hot, white lava that I was sure was going to blow the top of his head clean away.

Sparks appeared in my vision. My cock felt bigger than it ever had, and quicksilver throbs of intense sexual bliss were pulsing all through my body. “I’m gonna cum,” I managed to say, somehow, though I felt as though I were drowning in perfect sex, or being burned up alive within the powerful flames of his extraordinary and passionate ministrations.

I bit my lower lip. The hairs on the back of my head tightened and tingled. I balled my hands into tight fists and—

“Sir?” I opened my eyes. I looked up, and over. Tuo was standing in the open passenger door, his hand on my shoulder, urging me to wake from my dream. “I apologize for waking you, sir, but we have arrived at the airport. The next leg of your journey is about to begin.”

“I… was I—?”

“You were dreaming, sir,” he said. That voice. Jesus, that voice. “I’m sorry to have awakened you. It appeared to be a very… enjoyable dream.”

I expected him to shift his azure gaze away from my face and towards the massive hard-on I could feel throbbing in my shorts, but he did not. “It was,” I admitted. “And very….”

“Realistic?” he asked.

I nodded. “Very.”

“I understand, sir.” He offered his hand to help me from the car. I had to adjust myself before rising from the seat, worried that the thing might well break off it was so hard. He did not avert his eyes, nor did he make any indication that he found the action unusual or odd. “Your jet is waiting, sir. If you would care to follow me?” He smiled and gestured toward a small executive jet with no discernible markings or logos sitting on the tarmac. It was of the same dove grey color as the Maybach, and its engines were slowly turning as if primed for takeoff.

I looked around, realizing this was not the airport I had expected. Perhaps recognizing my confusion, Tuo explained, “This is a private airport, sir, for the unique use of The Resort and our guests.”

“A private airport just for your use?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That seems—” I didn’t finish the sentence, because I looked ahead as the jet’s door opened and a figure lowered the stairs leading into the cabin. Another man, dressed in similar garb as my manservant, and without the chauffeur’s cap. In almost every other way, the steward was the physical match of Tuo.

Dark eyes instead of blue, black hair instead of blonde, but again gifted or tasked with a body of such amazing muscular proportions that I wondered how he did not fall over, given the obvious heft and size of his chest, shoulders and arms. He smiled at or for me, and nodded as he said, “Good evening, sir. I trust your drive was enjoyable.” Again, he had one of those voices which seemed manufactured to register power and authority to anyone who heard it.

I nodded back, “It was,” I said, still feeling a bit of the firmness left in my slowly deflating erection. “Excellent Scotch,” I added, as if to deflect the real reason of my pleasure.

“Very good, sir. If sir would please embark, we will be ready to depart momentarily. My name is Fortis, and I shall be your steward for the duration of your flight.”

“Oh, I thought that Tuo was—”

He smiled, warmly. “Tuo is your manservant, sir. He fulfills your every desire. As your steward, I am here to assure your safety during flight and to make sure that everything that occurs between here and our destination is perfect.”

“I see,” I said, though the distinction was a bit lost on me. But since I wasn’t paying—and I’d have two handsome gentlemen anxious to make sure I was absolutely happy—who was I to question the circumstances?

“Welcome aboard, sir,” Fortis said.

“Thank you, Fortis,” I replied, and I ascended the stairway.

I ascended the stairway.

As before, the cabin of the small jet was well appointed in grey leather with polished wood accents and touches of silver. The carpet was plush, and as black as a moonless night. There were two long couches, one along each side of the cabin, and a set of seats arrayed around a polished wood table. I noticed some small LCD screens embedded into the cabin walls, and there was already a glass of what I assumed to be more of the very agreeable Macallan awaiting me.

As I moved toward the rear of the aircraft, I could feel the whole thing lurch slightly. My two large companions climbed aboard, shifting the weight of the craft sideways before it settled again to its feet. Jesus, how much did those men weigh? Each?!?

Fortis said, “If sir would take a seat, I’ll notify our pilots that they may begin takeoff procedures.”

“Oh! Of course. Is there somewhere that I should—?”

“Wherever sir prefers, but I’m afraid sir will need to be buckled into a seat before we may begin ascent.”

I sat in one of the chairs around the table—pulling the Scotch towards me and lifting it to inhale the heady aroma before sipping the fire onto my tongue. Tuo moved to a chair across from me and immediately buckled up, asking if I needed anything before takeoff.

My filthy brain flashed back to the dream, a vision so intense and realistic that I swore I could once again feel his lips dragging up the shaft of my prick, and I swallowed the Scotch and shook me head. “How long is the flight?”

“Just over eight hours,” he said. “The lounges in back fold out into beds, if sir wishes to sleep.”

I glance back at the leather-clad couches and estimated whether they were suitable for two men rather than just one, and I realized that he meant that they must recline and join in the middle, creating a rather massive mattress that occupied the entirety of the rear cabin. “Maybe later,” I said.

“Very good, sir.” I watched Fortis open the cockpit door and say something to the pilots, and Tuo finally removed his chauffeur’s cap and ran one hand through his golden locks, though they did not look in the least out of place. He was an ungodly handsome man, and I found myself staring at his face. If he noticed, he did not seem to mind my fascination with his beauty.

I heard the engines slowly rise in pitch as they roared to life, and we were rolling along the runway. Fortis assumed a seat near the front of the jet, pulling the seatbelt across his slim waist.

It was dark outside the jet, and the sky was clear. I sipped more of the Macallan, glancing at the quickly passing landscape. We gained speed and lifted into the heavens, making our way through the dark skies toward The Resort and whatever awaited me there.

Any worries or hesitations I had about this trip were quickly melting away. Private car? Private jet? Private fucking airport, for crying out loud! And I was being treated like a king—hell, better than a king! And now I had two men would do, apparently, anything that I asked of them. Even the dream that had seemed so real was growing easier to accept.

I looked at my blonde companion and set my glass down. “Tuo, may I ask you something personal?”

He looked at me and nodded. “If sir wishes.”

I laughed slightly, saying, “Sir does indeed wish. How did you get this job?”

“The Resort operates a recruitment resource, sir. All Resort employees are thoroughly scrutinized and must conform to a strict set of rules and practices in conformance with The Resort’s unequaled level of service, and then we are given unique preparation and on-going training in order to fulfill our guests’ every desire.”

“So, they sought you out and hired you based on….”

“There are a variety of mandates and principles involved, sir. I’m sure they’re too numerous and uninteresting to cover in detail.”

“I’m interested,” I said. “I mean, it just seems like you’d be able to work, well, anywhere you wanted to.”

He smiled, seemingly genuinely pleased with my meager praise. “Thank you, sir.”

“What I mean is, what is it about The Resort that convinced you to work for them?”

He blinked slowly twice, as if contemplating the best answer. “There was no singular or specific thing, sir. As an employee of The Resort, I am recompensed quite handsomely and I am allowed to attend to guests such as yourself. The rewards are quite appreciable.”

“Like me?” I somehow doubted my celebrity in his eyes.

But he replied, “Indeed, sir. It is an honor to be able to be of service to you.”

Fortis appeared out of nowhere, hovering over us but not obtrusive of the conversation. “Sir,” he said gently, “we are above 10,000 feet and you may unbuckle your restraints and move about the cabin as you desire. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I may do to make your flight more enjoyable.”

“Thank you,” I answered, looking at his achingly handsome face and the manner in which his obviously well-trained muscles were straining the ability of his uniform to contain them. For a moment I contemplated asking him to strip naked. Wouldn’t that be a more enjoyable flight? Having his naked muscular body for me to enjoy ogling. But it seemed ludicrous and instead I simply said, “Nothing right now.”

Fortis raised one eyebrow on his unlined forehead. “Are you certain sir? Nothing at all?”

The way he said ‘nothing at all,’ sounded, for a moment, as if he wanted clarification of my fantasy. ‘Nothing at all? No clothing of any kind? Not a thread left on my naked body? Fully exposed for your eyes to gaze upon for eight hours of in-flight nudity?’ I may even have blushed as I considered the idea, again. Would he do it? Would they both? Did they mean they would fulfill my every wish, even to that extent? “I—”

“Please,” Fortis intoned, his voice dropping into the lower depths of his register, “if there is anything you are contemplating to ask, do so. It is our duty and pleasure to fulfill your every desire or request.”

I looked from one face to the other. The handsome dark-eyed visage of the steward to the bright, blue-eyed beauty of my manservant. “It’s….”

Both of the men’s eyebrows rose expectantly on their heads, like slaves awaiting their master’s pleasure. Tuo said, “Yes, sir?”

“It’s kind of weird,” I admitted.

“There’s no need for sir to feel the slightest hesitation about whatever sir wishes,” Tuo said.

“I was wondering if—?” They both remained silent, hanging on my next utterance as if the Pope himself were issuing church edicts from God. “Anything at all?” I asked.

“Anything, sir,” they said in unison. I think the bulkhead rattled in response to their deep, penetrating voices.

“Would it be—if I asked you to—sort of….” I smirked and shook my head. “No, it’s silly.”

“I assure you, sir, we never judge your desires. We are here only for you. Whatever it is you wish, whatever we may do for you, please ask.”

“Get naked,” I blurted out. Was it the Scotch talking, again? How was I so emboldened to ask such a stupid thing?

“Very good, sir,” Tuo replied.

He stood up and removed his jacket. Fortis was already unbuttoning the front of his crisp white shirt and pulling it open. Tuo set his large hands to his belt buckle and was undoing his pants. I watched with fascination and anticipation as the two beautiful men complied with my two-word instructions and were, with diligence and speed, stripping their bodies of their uniforms.

They kept their eyes on me, watching me watching them. They disrobed with no sign of inhibition or shame, and I never got the impression that either of them objected to stripping naked at my command. Nor was it a sexualized striptease, with thrusting groins and leering grins and knowing winks. They simply took off all their clothes as if preparing for a shower or, in my fantasy, bed.

Skin began to reveal itself. And fur. And muscle. Lots and lots of muscle. My god, these men were impossible! No one was that perfect, and that beautiful. “Wait,” I whispered, as Tuo was pulling his pants down his legs and Fortis had stripped his torso naked. “Wait a second.”

Both men stopped immediately. “Sir?” Tuo asked. “Were we not acceding to sir’s desires with the appropriate speed?”

“It’s not that.”

“Perhaps sir would like to remove the clothing himself?”

God, he was being so helpful! “No, it’s… it’s just… it feels—”

“Perhaps sir is of the impression that we find his request a trifle unusual?”

“Well, that. And… I mean….” I was looking at Tuo’s prominent bulge, pushing forward with its weighty cargo from between his thickly-muscled thighs.

“Let me assure sir that we are quite pleased to be able to fulfill sir’s desires. Whatever it is you wish of us, we are more than happy to do. Please don’t limit yourself to the usual mores and bounds that perhaps define your daily life.”

Fortis spoke up. It was hard to concentrate on his words when his body was so unbelievably beautiful. I watched his chest rise and fall, and the six-pack abs mounted on his flat stomach shift and swell as he breathed and spoke. “Indeed, sir. Perhaps it would help if we informed sir that this is hardly an unusual request.”

“Perhaps sir has taken notice of our bodies?”

“Kind of hard not to,” I admitted.

“Thank you sir,” Tuo replied, as usual. “We pride ourselves on presenting an agreeable appearance. Please understand that we will not find any desire you may have in the least bit demeaning or objectionable.”

That did soothe me a bit. “Okay,” I said.

“Would you wish for us to proceed?” I nodded once, and both men smiled. Tuo said, “Very good sir,” as he placed his thumbed into the elastic waistband of his stark white, basket-strained underwear and pushed them off his narrow hips.

I swallowed dryly and tried to sip my Scotch with a practiced nonchalance, but it was nearly impossible to do so when they had completed the task I set and now stood completely naked before me, each man a collection of perfectly developed set of muscular perfection, where every muscle seemed somehow to be pumped to its ultimate glory, standing amid the discarded clothing around them on the floor.

And then as if to add insult to injury—though somehow I had expected nothing less—each man was also gifted with a large and beautiful set of sexual equipment, jutting forward with a kind of eager presentation, with huge, fat, luscious cocks hanging over sets of heavy, low-hanging balls.

They simply stood there, naked, perfect, beautiful and entirely unashamed. “Beautiful,” I said.

Their bodies—the sheer, unadulterated masculine beauty of them, as well as the perfection of form and elegance that each muscle head presented in its well-defined prominence—testified to the fact that these were bodies developed to be looked at and appreciated and desired. They had not swollen any muscle to outshine any other. There was no sign of a stretch mark or unbalanced mass from left to right, or top to bottom. Rather, these were the bodies of porn stars, or porn gods, glorious in their nakedness, sleek and powerful and unabashedly sexual. These were perfect men, and men who desired to be looked at, to be admired, and to be lusted after.

“Thank you, sir,” Tuo replied. “What else may I do for you?”

“Thank you, sir,” Fortis echoed. “Please allow me to fulfill your every desire for the duration of the flight.”

I was breathless and dry-mouthed. They were more than I dared imagined, more beautiful and more sensual and more fucking amazing than any other man I had ever seen, or even imagined.

Tuo’s body was nearly hairless, with a royal crown of gold above the lengthy pipe of sex that pushed forward from his loins for inch after thick, glorious inch. His skin was flawlessly tanned, a rich ruddy hue that made all his muscles bulge starkly, and two fat nipples as round as silver dollars with lickable, chewable caps.

Fortis had a rich, shiny carpet of fur that spread across his massive pecs and ran like a dark river between every rippled mass along his cobblestone stomach. More hair lined his massive tree-trunk legs and ham-sized forearms, partially covering the veins that branched along his limbs channeling power to every finely developed muscle.

They were twins of different mothers, one dark and one light. They stood equally tall—perfectly so, neither too high or too low—and had almost interchangeable bodies, each the mirror of the other as if they spent their days honing each other’s beauty to this perfect physical state.

They stood there awaiting my next command. My head was spinning. The sound of the engines roared in my ears. My cock was throbbing hotly in my pants, and I was rendered nearly speechless before such awesome masculinity.

I stood up, recognizing how much larger each of them was in every way. I felt both humbled and powerful, if such a feeling is possible. Humbled by their size and beauty and obvious power. Humbled by the overwhelming sense of masculine energy pulsing from each man’s exquisite body. And powerful in the knowledge that they would do whatever I wanted them to do. Anything at all. “Turn around,” I instructed.

They did so in unison, and again I nearly gasped in awe of the sight of their wide, tapering backs and proud, jutting buttocks. Perfection. Beautiful, powerful, intense perfection. I reached forward and placed my hand on the swell of Tuo’s ass. His skin was smooth and warm. My fingers traversed the muscular mound, moving toward the separation that creased one gorgeous bubble from the other. I pushed my index finger into the crack, moving it between his cheeks, feeling the power even here where the two globes met, exploring deeper and deeper between.

He was hot in there. Smooth and slick and hot, wet with perspiration, hard with muscle. I pushed nearer and nearer to his hole, feeling the heat increase, and the moistness of his body, and the hardness. “Bend over,” I instructed. Both men obeyed instantly, bending at the waist and moving their feet wider, understanding my intentions.

Tuo’s hole was a hairless pink pucker embedded between the meaty globes of his ample derrière. I looked over at Fortis’s buttocks. The cleft between his muscular cheeks was thick with wet fur, dark and luscious, and his rosy red hole looked ripe and hungry.

Dropping to my knees on the thick carpet, I moved my finger down the crevasse leading toward Tuo’s awaiting breach, the entrance to what I knew would be the tightest, warmest, most welcoming asshole I had ever pushed myself into. I rubbed the tip of my finger at his asshole, teasing the opening and feeling its moist heat. I pulled my digit from his hungry butt, meaning to lick it before pushing it deeply inside him.

The plane suddenly lurched, and I was thrown sideways. I reached out for something to steady myself.

“Are you all right, sir?”

“Yes, I—” I looked up from the pillow into Tuo’s face. He was fully clothed and the cabin was dark. I was lying on the unfolded sofas, now a makeshift bed, under a linen sheet and a wool blanket.

“We experienced some turbulence, but the pilot assures me it will be over soon. They are attempting to circumvent the storm and keep us on schedule.

Had it happened again? Was I dreaming? “What happened?”


“I don’t remember….”

He gently smiled. “Perhaps sir enjoyed a touch too much whiskey. I put sir to bed some time ago.”

I felt my body and realized I was dressed now only in my boxers and nothing else. “Did you—?”

“I took the liberty to make sir more comfortable for the evening. I hope sir doesn’t object.”

“No, that was quite correct, Tuo. Thank you.”

“Very good, sir.”

I narrowed my gaze at him, seeing his naked body once again in my imagination. My cock throbbed and I asked, “Did you—? Did I ask you to—?”

“Sir?” His eyebrow arched.

“Nevermind,” I said. “How much longer?”

“We have a little over three hours to go, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Where’s Fortis?”

“Here, sir,” the dark-eyed man answered immediately. He, too, was still dressed in his immaculate uniform. It had all seemed so real to me. I had seen them undress, I was sure of it. I had seen these men naked, and I had seen their glorious and perfect bodies, and their glorious and prefect cocks, and they had stood before me, as now, only naked and awaiting my wish. I could still feel the heat of my manservant’s ass crack along my index finger, almost as if he still held it inside that muscular vice.

“I’m sorry,” I said, quietly.

“Sir?” Fortis asked.

“Nothing. I’m… having a really odd day.”

“I’m… having a really odd day.”

Tuo smiled. “Not unusual, sir, given the circumstances. I assure you that every guest undergoes a bit of an overwhelming experience.”

“Do you need anything?” Fortis also asked.

I was confused and felt slightly dizzy. What I wanted was what I had wanted before—and what I thought I had received. Namely the unique and overwhelming experience of seeing these men naked, and then seeing what came next.

I could almost see their muscular forms even now, encased in so many layers of clothing and straining for release. I could feel the heat and wetness of Tuo’s asscrack on the pad of my index finger, where I had just been pushing it deeper between his powerful and wonderful buttocks. I wondered how they managed to even hide their giant cocks inside those slacks.

My cock was growing harder and harder. “I think I need to use the bathroom.”

“There are two,” Fortis said, “fore and aft. Perhaps sir would prefer to use the fore restroom. I’m afraid the bed makes use of the aft lavatory a bit daunting.”

I swept the blanket and sheet from my nearly-naked form and said, “Thanks.” I attempted to cover my quickly swelling erection with my hand, but the cabin was already quite dark and I doubted either man saw—or cared.

As I approached the front of the cabin on unsteady feet, the door to the cockpit opened and I saw the silhouette of one of the pilots standing there. Though I should not have been surprised at that point, I was a bit shocked when I realized that this man was every bit as big and broad as my other companions. He reached his hand toward me and took my shoulder with some force, guiding me towards him. “You should be careful, sir.”

I only nodded. “Just trying to make it to the head,” I explained.

“Very good,” he answered. I could not make out his features or details clearly in the darkness, but his voice was the same rich baritone as Tuo and Fortis owned. “I’m Captain Auctoritas,” he said by way of introduction.

“Pleased to meet you,” I said, not even attempting to wrap my tongue around his name. Was it his first name or last? And what sort of a name was that, anyway? Whatever happened to ‘John’ or ‘Tim?’

“I apologize for the turbulence this evening,” he said. I was standing very close to him in the small space. I could smell him. He smelled like un-smoked tobacco and leather and peat. He smelled like a man. He was very large, and as the jet swayed once more, i was pushed against him and could feel that his body was a mass of hard, bulging planes. There was absolutely nothing soft about this man at all.

“No problem,” I said, a bit breathlessly.

He reached around me and opened the bathroom door. The light from within flickered to life. When I was finally offered a view of his face, I think I gasped out loud.

If anything, this man was even more handsome than Tuo or Fortis. A circle of dark whiskers on his upper lip and chin surrounded a pair of soft, full lips that were warmed by his friendly smile. His eyes were the color of caramel, with golden flecks, surrounded by thick lashes and dark brows. His face looked as if it had been carved from a solid block of mahogany, and his skin was the color of the richest dark chocolate imaginable. His neck appeared to be as wide as his head, making his collar strain to contain its mass and muscle. He was not wearing his captain’s cap, and his head was clean-shaven and shiny.

God, he was handsome. And built. And he even smelled nice. “Has Fortis been taking care of you?” he asked. His voice resounded against me like cannon fire.

“Fortis and Tuo have both been performing admirably,” I volunteered.

He nodded with satisfaction, and his eyes flickered quickly up and down me. It was unmistakable, standing so close to him. He was checking me out. “Have you been enjoying your trip so far?”

These were simple questions, but I had the distinct impression that the man was flirting with me. “Yes, everything has been perfect.”

“Everything?” His teeth shone like pearls. He shifted his bulk and I could feel him rub against my hard-on. If he noticed the jutting erection I was pushing against him from under the thin shield of my cotton boxers, he showed no overt notice of it.

I nodded. “I’ve been having some weird dreams,” I said, though I hadn’t meant to admit it.

“But not disagreeable dreams, I trust.”

I shook my head slightly. “Quite—the opposite.”

He exhaled. His breath was warm, and seemed to want to settle on my skin in a most agreeable and suggestive manner. “I’m happy to hear it,” he said. “We endeavor to make every moment of your time with us as pleasurable and satisfying as possible.” He paused, just looking at me, our eyes locked. “Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fulfill any desire you may have.” He emphasized the ‘I’ in his request quite noticeably.

“Thank you.”

“I’m sure that Tuo and Fortis can do so as well, but perhaps there is something that only I can do for you—something…special.”

“I…. I’ll try to think of something,” I said, softly.

“Excellent,” he growled. “I look forward to that.”

We were standing body to body. He was thick with muscle and hard as stone. I backed into the small lavatory compartment and closed the door, sliding the latch closed. My cock was throbbing rock hard in my pants. It rubbed against the edge of the sink as I turned to look at myself in the mirror, sending an intense sexual shock through my overheated body.

“Holy fuck,” I said to my reflection. My cock was tenting my boxer shorts. A wet spot discolored the cotton at its tip. It was practically pushing itself through the fly in my shorts, stiff as a board and wanting some attention.

I’d never felt so hot and horny in my entire life, and my only thought was that there were three men on board this private jet with three hours left in the sky who wanted nothing more than to be able to fulfill any desire I could voice, and they would jump to it like kids at a candy store—and I was the candy.

I opened the flap on my boxers and my cock pushed forward. The head was glistening like glass, and smeared with a copious flow of precum. I grabbed the shaft and squeezed, watching a fat bubble of clear honey emerge. I could hardly make a dent in the thing, and an intense thrill of sex made my whole body heat up as I grabbed on.

Fuck, I was horny! Fuck!

The plane shifted again and I was pushed toward the opposite wall. There was a gentle knock on the door and I heard the captain’s authoritative voice ask, “Are you all right, sir?”

I looked down at my raging hard-on, rubbing the slick helmet with the pad of my thumb and felt my toes curl. “Yes,” I said, swallowing my gasp of intense pleasure, “thank you.”

The door began to move. I thought I had latched it—locked it. The door folded in toward me and I moved backwards, nearly falling ass-first onto the toilet, and the captain came into the small space with me. My cock was pointing at his body like a dowsing rod, the mouth of it drooling honey as it throbbed in time to the beats of my heart.

He looked down at it and smiled. “I see we do have a problem on our hands,” he said. “But thankfully, it’s something easily remedied.” Then his dark eyes shifted upwards and his gaze met mine. “If sir will permit me?”

He reached forward with his left hand and grabbed me, surrounding the hot flesh of my prick in his firm grip. His palm was dry and rough. I tensed at his touch and he, sensing my reaction, pulled his large hand from me and lifted it toward his mouth. He pushed his pink tongue out and slathered a thick coat of spit across his skin, his eyes never leaving mine, before he replaced his lubed grip on my throbbing member and stroked me hard, squeezing insistently.

His attentions were rewarded with another heavy gush of precum. It erupted from the eye of my snake and bathed his hand in honey, causing him to smile brightly. He said, in a gruff growl, “Thank you, sir.” He squeezed me again. He continued to treat my hard-on with rough caresses as he unzipped his trousers and reached inside his fly to extract himself from the cloth cage that held his beast.

I was unprepared for the sight of him. He was gargantuan, easily bigger than what I had observed (or had I imagined?) that my other two companions possessed.

He owned a mammoth shank, overwhelmed with veins, and capped by a large, bulbous head hugged by a tight wealth of foreskin. A dark chocolate stalk of impressive proportions and overwhelming beauty. The man possessed the King of Cocks. I experienced a strong desire to suck it. To feel it explode with hot cream inside my mouth.

He watched me watching him reveal himself. Then he stepped forward and lifted his cock against mine, as if I could transfer the intense throbbing hardness of my steely erection into his limp prick. The magic seemed to work and I watched him thicken and lengthen, gaining even more inches on his colossal manhood.

“Fuck,” I whispered, watching him swell to even bigger dimensions. Then he began to stroke us both in his large hand, slicking up with more spit before grinning in obvious pleasure. I could feel his cock surging against mine, which had already attained its ultimate size. The warm flesh of his hardening tool dragged against me, and I could feel the heat increase in his fat pole.

He leaned down, pressing his body against mine, and kissed me. His free hand crawled up my belly toward my chest, where his nimble fingertips found the hard nub of my nipple and he began to pinch, twist and torture it with sublime familiarity.

I rose up on my toes. It felt as if he was somehow drilling the passion of his touch and his kiss directly toward my prick, sending quicksilver throbs of sexual bliss through my blood until it erupted there, hard and hot and anxious.

He removed his full, soft, warm lips from my hungry mouth and moved them toward my ear. I could feel the rough growth of his beard against my cheek. It felt like the man was growing it thicker as he stood there, increasingly his masculine power by the moment. “Does that feel good, sir?” he asked, as his slick, warm, rough grip stroked us together. His tongue darted out to lick my earlobe. I could feel him speaking from his chest as he leaned into me.

“Yes,” I said. I was surprised any words were coming from my body. I was insanely turned-on.

“Very good sir,” he whispered. He squeezed me hard. It felt like my cock was literally going to explode.

Then he was kissing me again, and playing with my nipples, and rubbing his grip along our two cocks, keeping us both on the edge of orgasmic bliss. I could feel his monster throb and pulse, feel his heart beating as the blood filled his colossus with heat.

I was so very close. I closed my eyes and felt his tongue inside my mouth, opening to receive him, and I was streaming precum in a constant flow, trying not to cum, trying to prolong this sensation of sex and power and then suddenly I could hold on no more and I was blasting hot cream so hard and thick that it felt as if I would black out from the strength of it.

My eyes rolled up inside their sockets and I came hard and full, shoving my pent-up flood from my prick and it felt so good, so fucking good. And I came a bucketful and I kept coming, more and more and more. I shouted with pure pleasure as my cock exploded with cream.

I opened my eyes.

The mirror was blasted with a film of cum. My hand was on my hard on, drenched with hot cream. I was alone, inside the jet’s tiny restroom, and there was a knock on the door.

“It everything all right, sir? I heard your voice and I thought….”

“It… I… I’m all right, Fortis,” I told the steward. “I just…. Give me a minute or two.”

“Very good, sir.”

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. It had happened again, though this time I had clearly not fallen asleep. Or had I? My hand was gripping my own slowly softening erection, it was coated in a thick glaze of cooling cum, and evidence of my heart-stopping, mind-blowing orgasm was slowly oozing down the surface of the mirror above the wash basin.

I reached forward and turned the small faucet on. Cold water rinsed over the sticky cream gathered between my fingers. I pumped some liquid soap over my fingers and washed my hands, then began the process of attempting to wipe away the copious ropes of my cum from everything.

I truly had exploded. Could my balls hold that much? Obviously so, unless the pilot had managed to somehow accompany my explosion with his own and then simply and utterly disappeared, locking the door behind him—from my side of it.

What the hell was going on?

What the hell was going on?

I sucked in a cooling breath and wiped off my cock. It still tingled with the sensation of the man’s grip on it. I could feel the rough skin of his large hand, and if I closed my eyes again, I could feel his mouth on my mouth. My nipple ached from his manhandling—or had it been my own?

I took a few minutes to clean things up as much as I could do, then I tucked my semi-limp prick back into my boxers and emerged from the lavatory. Fortis was standing outside, near the table, simply smiling. Tuo was nearby, straightening the sheet and blanket on the bed. “I trust everything went smoothly, sir?”

I blushed. I could feel the heat and color on my face and chest. “Everything… everything went accordingly,” I said, trying to think of something to adequately explain my situation.

“Very good, sir,” he said. “Would sir care for anything from the galley? Perhaps a drink, or a late night snack?”

I glanced out the dark windows. “What time is it?”

He did not consult a watch or clock, and said, “It is four-eighteen am, sir. We are two hours from The Resort.”

Obviously, I was wondering what the fuck was going on. “Has anyone else ever… what I mean is, has any other guest ever had…weird…things?”

Tuo stood upright, shifting a concerned look towards me, and Fortis asked, “Sir?”

“I keep having…well, I guess they’d be very, very realistic dreams.”

“Dreams, sir?”

“Or something like dreams.”

Tuo came to stand next to Fortis. Again, I was struck by how alike they were in size, height and muscular development. “Is something the matter, sir?” Tuo asked.

“Not… not necessarily. I mean, I’m not… that is, when it happens, it isn’t, like, bad.” Both men remained quiet as I stumbled around trying to explain that I had been having sex with each of the men on the plane without actually having sex with them.

“Perhaps if sir were to illustrate an example of sir’s dreams?” Tuo asked, politely.

“Well, the first one happened in the car on the way to the airport. We were driving along having a conversation about something and then you pulled off to the side of the road.”

“I understand,” he said.

“And then you….”

“Yes, sir?”

“You came around and opened the passenger door.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you….”

He took a step toward me. “What did I do, sir?”

I swallowed dryly. “You… kind of….”

His head tilted curiously. “Yes, sir?”

The plane lurched suddenly, and I flailed out to steady myself. Both Tuo and Fortis reached towards me, taking my arms in their firm grips and held onto me as the turbulence shook the small craft. “I suggest you return to your bed, sir,” Tuo suggested politely, “until we pass through this unfortunate disturbance.” His voice was calm, if a bit louder than usual, but he seemed as collected and capable as ever.

“I must concur, sir,” Fortis agreed. “If I may assist you?”

The two large men in their crisp uniforms and unusually calm and competent manner, moved me through the small cabin back towards my waiting bed. I noted that the sheets had been straightened and the pillow fluffed, making for an inviting cocoon amidst the sudden pitching of our jet in the sky. They guided me there and I sat a bit roughly, looking up at the two of them.

Their faces did not show concern so much as…a perturbative mask. I took it to mean that the current unsettled flight had upset their desire to provide a perfect experience, so I said, “It’s all right. I’m all right,” more to comfort them than myself.

“We apologize for this,” Fortis said. His eyes flickered downward for a moment, and then he looked at his companion and said, “I am going to have a word with the captain. I’m sure we can avoid this if we readjust our flight pattern.” He looked at me again, his gaze locked on my eyes, and asked, “Would sir object to a late arrival if it proves necessary?”

“I… no, I guess not.”

“Very good, sir. If sir will excuse me?”

I thought his question a mere formality, but he remained standing at my command until I nodded and he turned, working his muscled bulk back up the aisle towards the cockpit.

I looked up at Tuo, and I thought I saw him staring at my crotch for a split-second before our eyes met. I looked down and noticed that in the commotion, my prick had managed to work its way through the fly of my boxers and its eye was staring up at the man just as I had been.

I was hard again—hard as a rock! My cock was a thick stalk throbbing with obvious excitement! In the commotion and surprise of the turbulence, I had grown erect again—how had I not even realized? I blushed hard and felt my whole body grow hot with embarrassment and went to push my erection back inside, mumbling apologies for the rudeness.

“It’s quite understandable, sir. No need for apologies,” Tuo said with his usual pleasantness as if this sort of thing happened all the time. “If I may?”

I looked up at him. “May…what?”

He reached down and placed his warm hand against my hardness. “If I may?” I watched him drop down next to me and he opened my boxers carefully and pulled me free, again. Another shock of embarrassment heated my body. He gently held onto me and then he was lowering his mouth onto the swollen head of my snake and took me inside the warm wetness. I could feel his tongue slathering spit all over my cock and Tuo began to suck and lick and bob his head up and down, making my eyes roll back in my head and my toes to curl.

Fuck, he was good. I was reminded of being in the car with him. It was happening again. I was determined to remain cognizant of everything that I was experiencing, determined not to find myself waking from a dream that I knew was not a dream.

Fuck! He was good! Already, another award-winning delivery of hot cream was ready to explode from the tip of my prick and flood his hungry mouth with his reward. I could hear his deliberations even over the rush of the wind outside the cabin and the roar of the engines. He was obviously enjoying this as much as I was—maybe even more. I had never experienced a blow job given with such…devotion and relish. This was not merely being done to satisfy me, he was doing it because he wanted to do it, and he wanted to do it with a desire and dedication approaching veneration.

The man was worshiping my cock. The slurps and moans and attention were all testament to his absolute worship of my prick, and my pleasure, and to pulling every drop of cum from my balls into his mouth so he could suck it all down like thick warm cream.

I was breathing hard. My arms were steadying me on the bed and his mouth and hands were working absolute fucking miracles on my throbbing erection. “Oh, fuck,” I whispered. “Oh, god. Oh, my god.”

I could feel the explosion building to the point that I could not withstand it. I could feel myself releasing the bounds that chained the beast of this orgasm, and I could not stop it from happening.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, Tuo.”

“Yes, sir?”

He was standing over me. I was in the bed. The aircraft was motionless. “What?”

“We’ve landed, sir. I did not wish to disturb you, you seemed to be enjoying an evidently diverting dream.”

“A dream?”

He smiled. “We will disembark whenever you’re ready, sir. I’ve laid out your clothing. I would be happy to dress you, if you like.”

“Dress me?”

“Yes, sir. Whatever sir requests.”

I looked at his face, and at his mouth. The mouth that had been so devoted to making me cum. The face that kissed me. The body that wanted to be stripped naked and stand before me in all its perfect masculine glory. “I think… I can dress myself.”

“You’re certain, sir? It would be my pleasure.”

I swallowed hard. I was also hard somewhere else. Yet again. “No, I prefer to do it myself.”

“Very good, sir. I shall assist the steward in preparing for our arrival at The Resort.” He turned and I noticed for the first time that Fortis was standing behind him, and after they seemed to confer quietly for a moment, the two broad-shouldered men moved about the cabin, tidying things up.

My fucking cock was hard again. And why wouldn’t it be? That was some fucking realistic dream. I was beginning to question my sanity, though. Was I blacking out repeatedly? How was it that I could never remember some things—how I got back into bed, how I arrived here—and some things were extremely clear in my mind that had apparently occurred only there?

The captain in the bathroom? The two menservants bent over before my hungry gaze? Tuo performing what was easily the most amazing, thorough and indulgent blow job of my entire life?

None of it? Which was real, and which was a dream?

I watched the two men silently straightening up the cabin when the door to the cockpit opened and the dark-skinned and capable captain squeezed his huge frame through the tiny space, moving between the other two men and approaching my bed. My cock throbbed as I recalled what the man looked like—or what I dreamed he looked like—under that crisply pressed uniform.

“Good morning,” he said. He took off his captain’s cap—ah, yes, that shaven scalp—and tucked it under his arm. “I wanted to apologize personally if your flight was less than perfect. We do try to avoid the occasional flight disturbances, but the sky is not always as accommodating as we might like.” He smiled, his perfect teeth almost blindingly bright against his coffee-colored skin.

“It’s all right,” I answered. I was acutely aware of the hard-on throbbing intensely between my legs. I glanced down his body, attempting surreptitiously to gain another look at the heavy shank of sex meat the man owned. I could remember its size and appearance acutely. It had been burned permanently into my brain. I could almost see it, now, the fat shaft and the beautiful head wrapped in a cowl of foreskin. It had thick veins that ran along its length. I could feel it pressed against my own, within the strong grip of his hand as he stroked us in unison.

The King of Cocks.

“Are you all right, sir?” he asked.

I looked up. He was still smiling. “Yes, I…sorry, I’m just a little….”

“An uneasy sleep will do that, sir. I suggest we deplane and get you into the sunlight and fresh air. I’m sure you’ll find The Resort to be everything you ever wished for.”

“I’m sure,” I said. “Thank you.”

“Is there…anything else I can do with you before you leave?”

“Do with me?”

“Sir?” One of his elegant eyebrows arched on his handsome head.

“You said, ‘Do with me.’”

For you, sir. Excuse me, but I asked if there was anything I can do for you. Pardon me if I was unclear.”

“No, that’s… It’s my fault. Maybe I am a little tired.”

“Sir had a bit of a rough flight. It’s quite understandable.”

He stood there at attention, awaiting my orders, straight of back, hat tucked under his arm. The sight of him, the sense of his authority and capability, the size of him and his muscular frame and his incredibly handsome face—it all made my prick tingle and throb. Was it possible for a hard-on to get a hard-on? “I think… I mean I don’t think….”

“Anything, sir?” I had not noticed that Tuo and Fortis were no longer on board the jet. “Anything at all?” He set aside his captain’s hat and his large, capable fingers went to the buttons of his jacket. He began to undo them one by one.

“I assure you, sir, that we only wish to satisfy your every desire.”

He pulled the jacket from the mountain range spread across his shoulders and it fell to his feet as he undid the knot in his tie.

“And I wouldn’t be happy with my role in your visit if you left feeling unsatisfied.”

He pulled the tie from his collar and it dropped to the carpet as well. He placed his hands at the placate of his crisply ironed shirt and pulled it apart with a hard thrust. Buttons flew everywhere as he exposed the awesome muscular perfection of his torso and chest.

“Please, don’t hesitate to voice any desire you may be having.”

The shirt was tossed away as he unbuckled the black leather belt, and unzipped his fly.

“I am only here for you, sir.”

He pulled his pants open and then shoved them off his hips.

The King of Cocks was already rising to the occasion. My god, he was magnificent. I watched in open-mouthed awe as it grew ever larger. His overwhelming sexuality inflated it with hot blood. The veins along its length swelled and the head bloomed from its tight hood, red and delicious.

“Anything at all, sir?” he growled.

I sat up and he moved towards me. The end of his cock was at my mouth. I watched the helmet emerge as he continued to expand. I stuck my tongue out and licked him, and he groaned with evident satisfaction. I grabbed him in my right hand, barely managing to encircle the girth of his masterful tool in my grip, and guided him into my mouth.

He had a jawbreaker, that was for sure. I had never seen a cock so large, and I had seen plenty of cock. He filled my mouth and I could feel the heat of him as he continued to swell, growing thicker even as I began to suck on him.

His hands grasped my head and he began face-fucking me. The man knew how to take charge, and it was exactly what I wanted from him. His mammoth appendage shoved itself against the back of my throat and I nearly gagged. But I wanted this. I wanted him. I wanted to feel him swell and erupt and push gallons of hot cream into my guts like lava.

I reached down with my free hand to stroke myself as I sucked his joint. It was happening in tandem, and in some fashion it felt as though I was sucking my own cock, if I owned the biggest fucking cock on the planet, of course.

My jaw hurt, but I didn’t care. I grew close to ejaculation quickly, overheated as I was both by the incredible beauty of the man before me, and by the size of the cock I was trying diligently to make come.

He began to breath heavily. I looked up and he was biting his bottom lip and looking down at me, master to servant. I licked him and sucked him and I could feel my own explosion drawing near when his cock suddenly swelled larger and I knew he was going to deliver my reward.

I closed my eyes to sink fully into the sensation of it. He groaned and sucked in a breath and his hands on my head tightened and I knew he was there, right there, ready to pop. There was a rushing sound, and the feeling of movement. Something dazzled me, like flashes of light outside my closed eyes, and then…

Something dazzled me, like flashes of light outside my closed eyes, and then…

“Excuse me, sir.” It was Tuo’s voice. “Are you all right, sir?”

I was in another car, on another road. We were moving through the mottled shadows of a kind of jungle, surrounded by palm trees and lush flowering gardens. The car was moving at a swift pace on a smoothly paved one-lane road. This car was not as lavish as the one that delivered me to the airport, but it was certainly luxurious in its own right. Perhaps a Mercedes towncar or an Aston Martin. I looked toward his voice and saw his familiar blue-green eyes looking back at me from the rear-view mirror.

I pulled in a heavy, deep breath and blinked. “I seem to be….”

“We’re nearly there, sir.”


He looked ahead, through the windshield, and said, “Welcome to The Resort.”

I looked ahead, too, and saw the road open up into a kind of wide courtyard. The drive turned into a circle that stopped at the entrance to a large, lovely building that looked something like a southern mansion or an old plantation house. Three stories tall and painted stark white with crimson red details, it was as immaculate and perfect as everything else had so far been.

It was both more and less than I had expected. Certainly not modern, it looked nonetheless very accommodating and luxurious. “This is the main building, sir,” Tuo explained. “You may partake of meals here or have them in your residence. You are already checked in, so I can either drop you here or take you directly to your home for the term of your stay with us.”

“My home?”

His eyes met mine in the mirror again. “Yes, sir. Every guest is afforded their own home on the grounds. It is a fully-prepared residence with everything you may require.”

“I see,” I said, even though I didn’t. “I guess…. Let’s stop at the main building.”

“Of course, sir.”

I wanted to meet whomever was in charge of the place and get some answers about things. I also wanted to see some of the other guests and inquire whether they had been experiencing the same—unique dreams as I had been.

I had no cognizance of the time or date. I assumed that a day had passed, since the sun was high in the sky again, but if the flight was only eight hours I could not see how that was possible. Perhaps we had crossed the dateline, but I was also fairly certain that a small jet didn’t have that kind of range. Even the largest jets had to fly with full tanks just to make it across the Pacific.

The car pulled around the circular drive and we slowed to a stop. I waited for Tuo to open my door for me and he extended his strong, capable hand as usual, helping me to my feet.

I was struck immediately by a subtle perfume in the air. Something floral and a bit spicy and altogether attractive. The breeze that caressed my skin was warm and gentle, and the place was utterly silent except for the rustle of leaves and the occasional bird call.

I also had a strong sense of deja vu. Was I reliving something that had already occurred? I’d experienced that many times, of course. Haven’t we all? Seeing something or watching something, separate from it but having an odd sense of reliving the moment? Feeling as though what you were seeing and experiencing had already happened to you?

Tuo bowed his head slightly and strode before me to open the door to the main building. The idea of a plantation continued as I mounted the steps and crossed the porch that surrounded the first floor. There were lounges and chairs everywhere, outfitted with very comfortable looking pillows and cushions, though no one at the moment seemed to be enjoying any of them.

Passing through the entry doors, the interior continued the theme of southern hospitality. The lobby seemed to occupy a great deal of the entire floor, stretching out before me towards banks of windows on all the walls, and a long desk to the right with a staircase beyond that. Again, the place was quiet and deserted, except for a lone figure standing at attention behind the check-in desk.

In accordance with every other experience I’d had dealing with The Resort so far, the figure appeared to be a man of quite impressive stature and muscular development. In his case, I could clearly discern that his arms were bulging with thick brawn owing to the crisp white short-sleeved shirt he was wearing, which did an admirable job of illustrating the extreme development of his biceps, triceps, flexors and extensors.

“Good morning, sir,” he said, “and welcome to The Resort.”

Tuo stood to my left as if waiting for orders, and as I began to walk towards the desk he accompanied me at a short distance, neither too near nor too far, always there for my every desire. “Good morning,” I replied.

The man was beautiful. He looked young, perhaps only 20 or 21, with a bed-messy haircut on his head and a carefully sculpted collection of whiskers on his chin and cheeks. His skin was olive—Spanish? Greek? Arab?—and he had thick eyebrows over his dark eyes. Soft, pillowy lips, I noted, wondering what they tasted like. He had a very open and welcoming smile on his face and he nodded slightly as I approached, both to me and to my manservant. “My name is Pulchro. How may I serve you?”

My brow wrinkled slightly. “Pulchro?” I repeated. I suppose I should have grown use to these unusual names by now, after Tuo, Fortis and Captain Auctoritas.

“Yes, sir,” he answered.

Middle eastern? Lebanese? Turkish? It was hard to tell, because of his beauty. Looking at the man, I had a disorienting feeling, like water sliding off glass. Like he was too beautiful to look at directly, and my eyes had a hard time focusing on his face.

“Where is everyone?”

“Sir?” His voice was smooth, almost musical.

“The other guests?” I clarified.

“Our guests are assured absolute privacy, sir. I’m afraid I cannot divulge anything about them.”

“But I was just asking…sorry, I understand, I guess.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The something about Pulchro that tugged in a different way than any of the other men of The Resort I had so far encountered continued to pull at me. It felt as if he was shining, like a star, or throbbing in beat to my heart—and my cock. He had an effortless and thorough beauty, and all he did was stand there. “Are you—?”


“Are you…doing something?”

“Not at the moment, sir.” He straightened slightly, as if called to attention. “How may I serve you?”

“No, I meant…it feels like…something….”

He exchanged a glance with Tuo and his brow wrinkled slightly. “Perhaps sir has a touch of jet-lag? May I recommend taking a few moments to relax on the veranda, and I can bring you a cool drink?”

Watching his mouth move as he spoke was making me ache to kiss him. Hearing his voice made my cock twitch. His dark eyes were mesmerizing, like a sultry summer’s night or a deep, warm pool. “Perhaps you’re right,” I said.

“I shall only be a moment, sir. Tuo, would you see to his comfort, please?”

“Of course,” Tuo answered, without a hint of resentment for being told to do something. As usual, he seemed only to pleased to be of service. “If sir would follow me?”

I nodded and felt a bit dizzy. It was hard to take my eyes from the face of the man behind the desk. Then I watched him move, and my heart beat faster. Perhaps there was a reason that Pulchro had been chosen as the official Resort greeter. It was hard to imagine anyone who would make one want to stay here more than he.

We stepped back outside and Tuo guided me to a lounge, helping me to my seat and lifting my legs onto its long, soft cushion. I sank into it like an embrace, and inhaled the soft perfume of the Resort into my lungs. A moment later, the main building door opened and Pulchro appeared bearing a small silver tray, on which rested a single iced drink that consisted of a series of colorful layers. “Here you are, sir,” he said. I looked up and was overcome again by his beauty, feeling at once that I might faint at the sight of him. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“I can think of a couple of things,” I said before I realized I had said the words out loud.

“Of course, sir. Anything at all.” He stood back up and waited for my next utterance, my next command.

I took a sip of the drink and felt its coolness trickle outward in silvery branches. It tasted sweet and bitter at the same time, something both odd and familiar. I was looking at the man as I drank, and in my head I started to undress him. I watched him remove his shirt. I watched him undo his pants and peel them from his slim hips. I watched him reveal a body of such perfect grace and utter beauty that I was taken aback by his overwhelming—almost godlike—appearance.

I blinked, and he was back inside his crisp linen shirt and smooth cotton pants. The breeze pressed itself against him and I could make out two perky nipples tenting the material, and see with sudden clarity the absurd definition of his entire torso, with an inhuman collection of abdominal muscles and two steel plates mounted on his chest. The swollen curve of his mammoth cock made itself clearly evident as the wind worked in my favor to reveal the man’s body to my eyes.

I set the glass on a nearby table and tried to collect myself. “Feeling better, sir?” the handsome concierge asked.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

He was entirely naked. There was no hint of a stitch of clothing on his body, nor that there ever had been. He stood there smiling at me, and his nude form was everything I had imagined it to be.

Utter masculine perfection. Not overwhelmed with muscle, but outfitted with just enough to suggest the power that he possessed. His skin was flawless and smooth, of the same delicious olive hue, and there was a full, dark bush of pubic hair crowning a thick, uncut cock hanging slightly to the left, with a pink helmet that seemed to glisten as if ready to enter me.

He was breathing slowly, smiling his lovely smile, his heavily muscled arms at his side. His cock was throbbing in time to his heart as it started to lengthen and rise. He merely stood there, naked, looking at me, growing aroused by my presence.


“May I be of service, sir?” he asked. His cock was growing thicker and longer, dully pulsing as it rose. “My only desire is to make you happy.”

I looked over for a moment to retrieve my glass. When I looked back, Pulchro was again attired in his collection of tight-fitting resortwear, though it did appear that the man’s sexual equipment was now quite a bit more…engaged than it had been previously. “I feel a bit odd,” I admitted.

Pulchro looked concerned. “Do you require a medical attention, sir? I should hate if your first moments here at The Resort are causing you distress.”

“I’m not…distressed. Exactly.” I sipped my drink as I tried to furtively observe the man’s impressive prick pressing insistently against his pants. “I don’t think a doctor will be necessary.” Though I did wonder, idly, if the doctor resembled the other men of this place, and if so, whether he would agree to a rather thorough and possibly unusual prostate examination, at least for a medical professional.

My libido was simply out of control, but that probably wasn’t unexpected given the amount of masculine beauty I had been constantly surrounded by. I took another sip and asked, “What is this?”

Pulchro smiled brightly. “My specialty,” he answered. “I’m very happy you’re enjoying it.”

I allowed my gaze to travel up and down his body, drinking him in as well. “I’m happy you’re happy,” I said. Then I looked at Tuo and added, “Perhaps I had better lie down. I do feel a little…dizzy.”

“Shall I take you to your residence, sir? Or perhaps you would prefer to rest here, instead?”

“I could keep you company, if you would like that,” Pulchro suggested.

“You don’t have other duties?”

“My only duty is to serve you, sir,” he answered.

I wondered if I was dreaming, again. I wondered how far I would get before I awoke. If I closed my eyes, would the unnaturally beautiful man before me be naked again? Would he bring his mouth to mine, kissing me gently? Would he reach down and release my cock from its denim cage? Would he pet it, love it, worship it as it swelled under his knowing touch? Would I grow and lengthen and drool strings of honey, and would he bend down to me, and take me inside his mouth, and make me cum so hard that stars appeared?

Would I blink and it would all be gone?

I wondered if any of this was real, or was it all a dream? “I think I’d like to get settled in,” I said, “and then some lunch.”

“Excellent, sir,” Tuo said. I had nearly forgotten that he was still with me. I wondered if he had been naked, too, in that pleasant interlude.

I rose to my feet and took the sweating glass of Pulchro’s specialty with me, and started back towards the car before Tuo said, politely, “If you like, sir, we can walk to your residence from here.”

“A walk might do you good, sir,” Pulchro agreed. “And it will offer you a chance to see the grounds.” I looked at the greeter and almost swooned. How was it that each time I looked at him, I was seeing his beauty for the first time? Was it that he was growing more beautiful with every passing moment? One glance away, and then back, and he would become more beautiful?

“Maybe you’re right,” I said. I took in a deep breath of the unusually scented air and said to Tuo, “After you!”

“Very good, sir. If you’ll follow me, please?”

We walked around the periphery of the main building, staying on the broad porch, and exited behind the lovely white plantation house. A broad, green meadow, of sorts, opened up beyond the building, with a white-stone path leading away and branching out into the surrounding gardens and jungle. There was no one else in sight, again, and the unusual but not unpleasant silence followed our footsteps as Tuo lead me up the path and then to the right.

At the hub of the pathways, there was a flagpole and fluttering at the top was a black pennant with the silver logo of the handsome man’s silhouette. It snapped in the breezes and sent out subtle silvery shards of light as the overhead sun met the shining silhouette. “Is that anyone in particular?” I asked, struck again that so much masculine beauty could be suggested in such a simple symbol.

“Our founder, sir,” Tuo reported.

“I suppose he has an unusual name, as well?”

“You’ll meet him later, sir,” Tuo revealed. “All of our guests meet the founder.”

I looked at my manservant, still dressed in his dark uniform and chauffeur’s cap. “Aren’t you awfully warm in that?”

“Sir?” He looked over at me, curiously.

“All those layers? It must be 75 or 80 degrees out here.”

“Would sir prefer me to wear something different?” he asked.

I thought, sir would prefer if you wore nothing at all. “Whatever makes you comfortable, Tuo,” I answered.

“I have my Resort uniform, sir. It’s similar to what the concierge was wearing.” He looked at me more closely, “Unless sir would prefer to see me in some other manner?”

Again I wondered if he meant the clothing or the moment when Pulchro wasn’t wearing anything at all. But I considered what my manservant would look like in that collection of tight material, stretched so invitingly over his bulging masses of brawn and I answered, “Well, I think that would be more appropriate, wouldn’t you?”

“Appropriate, sir?”

“For the weather,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” he said, “for the weather. I shall alter my appearance after you’re settled comfortably into your home.”

“Well, don’t alter everything,” I joked. “I kind of like you the way you look now.”

“Sir is most kind,” he answered.

We traveled along the path through lush gardens filled with unusual tropical plants and flowers, shadowed beneath the wide branches of green trees and palms. I saw no other buildings at all, until we rounded a corner and a small cabin, of sorts, revealed itself from behind a grove of trees.

Its design appeared to mimic that of the main house, though it was much smaller, of course. Still, it was at least as large as a house—which made me more comfortable with everyone referring to it as my ‘home’—and afforded plenty of room for just one man to occupy. “Wow!” I said, surprised at its size and the beauty of the surrounding grounds.

“I am happy you find it pleasing, sir,” Tuo said.

As we approached, a low rumble could be heard, as well as something like wind or the sound of someone sweeping. “What is that?”


“That sound?”

“That is the ocean, sir,” my manservant answered. “You’ll see it in a moment.”

And in a moment, I did! My god! The place was sitting upon the edge of a cliff overlooking the broad, sparkling sea! I was momentarily dazzled and awestruck by the sight, and then we walked across a broad porch—again, not unlike that of the main house—and entered my residence,

To say that the interior was nothing at all like the exterior would be to say that a Ferrari Enzo is nothing like a classic fin-tailed Cadillac. It was furnished exactly to my tastes, with mid-century touches everywhere, but accompanied by all the most modern conveniences and technologies.

An Eames lounger and ottoman sat on a broad, polished cement floor. There were classic furnishings everywhere. Noguchi, Eileen Grey, Saarinen, Mackintosh, Le Corbusier. It was a fucking Design Within Reach catalogue everywhere I looked, and it all appeared to be absolutely genuine. As we entered, a soft bit of Ella Fitzgerald turned up as if by magic, coming from everywhere at once—probably hidden speakers in the walls and ceiling—and the place was very warm and inviting, even given the museum nature of most of the furnishings. “Holy shit,” I said.

“I hope everything is to your liking, sir. This residence was designed specifically for you.”

“No shit,” I said, because it was almost ludicrous how perfectly it all fit my tastes. If I had the wherewithal to afford it, this would be exactly the home I would choose to occupy, with exactly the furnishings I would equip it with. “This is…amazing.”

“I’m gratified to hear it, sir,” Tuo answered. “If sir would wish to rest, your sleeping quarters are in there. And if sir will excuse me momentarily, I shall retire to my quarters to change.”

“Your quarters?”

“Yes, sir. As your manservant, I shall occupy rooms within your residence to be at your complete beck and call whenever you need me, for whatever you desire.”

“I hadn’t realized….”

“Unless you would be more comfortable with complete privacy, but I assure you, sir, that I would never….”

“No, I didn’t mean that. I would be very grateful and happy to have you here with me.”

“Thank you, sir.” He bowed his head slightly and seemed to swell with pride a little bit. “If sir will excuse me?”

“Of course, Tuo.”

“Thank you, sir.” My manservant turned smartly on his heel and disappeared down a hallway. I took the opportunity to go over to the long leather couch facing out the broad, ocean-view windows and settle my tired body into its luscious embrace, setting my drink aside and closing my eyes for a moment. I pulled one leg up onto the huge sofa and one foot on the floor, lounging in an invitation of sorts with my crotch wide open.

The ocean roared outside, dashing itself against the cliff rocks. A warm breeze entered the open windows and brushed lovingly against my flesh. Ella was crooning over the speaker system and a feeling of absolute contentment washed over me.

Behind my closed eyes, a series of visions began to flash. Each of the dreams I had experienced began to present themselves again in all their muscular, naked, sexual glory. Tuo in the limo driving me to the airport. His kiss on my mouth. His hand on my cock. Tuo and Fortis, naked on the jet, supplicants to my desire to see them stripped naked, turned around, and showing me two perfect butts. The captain in the restroom, and the king of all cocks. The captain again as I departed his jet. Naked Pulchro, aroused by my mere presence, displaying the utter perfection of his body for my pleasure, watching his cock throb and rise before me, extending its innate masculine beauty by the inch.

I was hard again, feeling the liquor of Pulchro’s delicious specialty in my blood and in my head, and this cavalcade of erotic masculine beauty parading before my vision. I reached down and began to rub myself, cupping my equipment in my grip and pressing the heal of my hand against my swelling cock.

I felt good. I felt more than good. I felt perfect. Eyes closed, lost in a private moment with the ocean outside and the wind on my skin, I undid my jeans and pulled the crotch open and dug under my shorts, grasping the firm, warm shaft of my dick and squeezing myself. I sighed and moaned, and pushed my shorts down to expose my cock, feeling those warm breezes surround and caress it.

I was holding the base in my right hand and rubbing the head with the palm of my left when I felt a gentle touch on that hand and then there was a mouth on my prick and it was swallowing me whole. I twisted my head on my neck and licked my lips, thrusting my hips with gentle insistence as I pushed my hard-on inside the warm, slick, wetness and heard the sucking, slurping sounds accompanying the expert blow job I was suddenly experiencing.


His voice shook me to my core. I did not recognize it. It didn’t seem to belong to any of the men I had met so far on this unusual journey.

It was power. It was strength. It was man. It was the essence of my sex, the soul of my desire, the substance of my need. It was muscle and cock and flesh and bone. Its sound and its tone and its utterance overwhelmed me. A command more than a suggestion or advice. Do not open your eyes, he told me.

I was determined to keep my eyes closed at any rate, because if this was another dream, I was determined for it not to end. I cupped the shaggy head of whoever was so diligently and expertly sucking my cock and moaned in ecstasy. “That’s good,” I praised. “That feels so, so good.” I reached down and placed my hand about his muscular neck. It was absurdly firm and I could feel the man’s power flex and stretch and bulge as he sucked my cock. His skin was warm, silken, sensual. I almost came.

I felt a deep moan reverberate along my shaft. I felt a rough hand grab me as the mouth came off me, and the hand stroked me with the wealth of warm spit that slathered my dick. “Yes,” I said. “Yes, that’s so good. Oh, fuck, that feels amazing.”

His mouth was on me again as his hand grabbed and squeezed me hard. I could feel a thick tingle run up my prick as I released a gush of precum into the throat of my worshipper. He moaned again, or groaned, a feral satisfied sound, and it made me want to reward him more completely. I moaned my appreciation.

His mouth lifted off me and started to travel up my body, kissing as it went. I felt his weight climbing on top of me, felt him straddling me, his skin on my skin, naked flesh to naked flesh, the warmth and smoothness and muscular bulges pressing down on me, felt his hot breath against me as his lips found mine and he kissed me hard and then I was inside him, my cock was inside him, I was inside him.

I was inside him, pushing myself deeply into his warm, tight, wet, hungry ass. I was fucking him and kissing him, and he was fucking me and kissing me. His thick cock inside my ass, my cock inside his ass, fucking and being fucked. He was hard and warm and thick with muscle. His kisses were hungry and wet and filled with his passion for me.

“Gonna cum,” I said. “Fuck, I’m gonna explode.” His cock in my mouth, his tongue on my neck, his dick in my ass, my cock in his mouth, my lips on his lips, my dick in his ass.

His tongue wrapped around mine and his soft lips pushed against my mouth and his amazing, tight, hot, perfect ass enveloped my cock and I felt myself swell and my balls seized up and I jetted a fat fountain of cream. He groaned with obvious bliss and grabbed my head and kissed me hard. His ass sucked it all up. He reached down and stroked me to another thick jolt of cum and he caught it as it exploded, I could hear it hit the back of his throat as I pushed it inside his open mouth. His mouth sucking me as I fucked his ass. His lips kissing me as I streamed fountains of cum inside him. His soft lips surrounded me again, sucking more sweet honey from my over-burdened balls. He stroked me and sucked me and fucked me and kissed me.

“Fuck,” I said, “so good.”

I came again. He licked the head and shaft like a lollipop, savoring the taste of me on his tongue. He breathed on me, hot breath on my cock, and I came again and it splattered inside his hungry mouth. His ass wrapped around me tightly, enveloping my cock in a tight velvet glove, the slick sounds as I fucked him, the slick sounds as he fucked me. His lips against mine. His lips on my cock. His cock down my throat.

He sucked me dry, making me cum until I had no more to give him. I fucked him deep and pushed every drop inside him. I felt his lips kissing the tip of my cock, the head and the shaft, and his breath against my softening flesh. He was kissing me over and over and over.

Then his mouth was gone, and his ass released me, and his weight against me disappeared.

I opened my eyes.

There was no one there at all.

My cock was lying across my hip, still coated with his spit and the slickness of his ass and my own wealth of cum, growing slowly limp. I was dressed in my clothing and the cock I had pulled out was lying across my jeans. I ran my finger along its length and gathered the slick saliva from its surface, raising the digit to my mouth and sucking it inside to taste him.

A sense of masculine energy assaulted my senses. It was the perfect ideal of man suffused into this delicate scintilla of his essence. It tasted and smelled of him. The redolence of his power. The savor of his strength. And I was only sensing the merest portion of him, only what he had deigned to leave with me.

I tucked my cock back into my pants and called for my manservant. He appeared in a moment, now outfitted in the same linen shirt and cotton trousers that Pulchro had worn, and it accentuated and complimented his masculine beauty in the same manner.

Tuo turned his head slightly and seemed to sniff the air, his eyes narrowing, and then a very subtle smile curled its way across his lips. “Is sir quite rested?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

The smile stayed on his pillowy lips, and I was again reminded of what they felt like pressed against mine. “Perhaps sir would like to lounge on the veranda while I prepare lunch?”


“I’m sure that sir is hungry after his long flight. I would be happy to prepare anything you wish.”

“Something to put in my mouth, huh?” I was never very good at subtlety.

“As sir desires.”

Tuo was looking all kinds of perfect standing there. The white linen shirt looked tailored to his muscular dimensions, and the creme-colored cotton pants were tight enough to tell whether the man was cut or uncut. His hands were clasped behind his back and his chest was thrusting forwards, making the buttons on the shirt’s placate strain. The bulge at his crotch was amazing and bordered on pornographic. His blonde hair was being rustled by the warm breezes, and he was looking at me with those dreamy sea-green eyes and that odd, slightly knowing smile.

How was I even still horny in the slightest? How was my cock already throbbing insistently again in my jeans? I had just shot buckets of cum inside the mouth of…or had I? Of course I had! I remembered it clearly, I could still feel his mouth on me, still taste his spit on my tongue, still remember the heat of his neck against the palm of my hand.

But against all odds, I was horny. Horny as fuck. Looking at this man, again, looking back at me, awaiting my wishes, wanting only to do whatever I wanted of him.

I sat up and began to strip off my shirt. Tuo came to me instantly and pulled me free of it, then carefully folded it and set it aside. I stood up and he was there, standing close, towering over me, so broad and thick and muscular. He set his capable hands at my jeans and undid each button carefully before sinking down and pulling them off my hips.

I pushed the shoes from my feet with my toes and stepped free of my pants. He lifted each leg with care and gentleness and peeled off my socks. Then I was standing there before him in nothing but my skivvies and he was on his knees looking up at me. I nodded and he set his fingers to the elastic at the waist of my white cotton underwear and slowly, and with deliberateness, he stripped me naked.

My cock sprang up as it was released. I was nearly hard, again. It hung forward at a perfect 90-degree angle, like a fishing rod, and was dully throbbing in time to the heavy beats of my heart.

Tuo stood up and set his fingers to the straining placate of his shirt and released the buttons one by one. The linen pulled itself open as if the man was blooming with muscle from inside. He had a magnificent chest, and a cobblestone belly, and all of it was coated in smooth, perfect skin that shone as if he had been polished. He allowed his shirt to fall away and he started to unbuckle the slim leather belt and unzip the overextended crotch of his pants.

His cock spilled forward, not as firm as mine already was, but certainly on its way. A mammoth shank of beautiful sex meat, it arched forward and drooped over his large balls, possibly weighed down by its sheer size and thickness.

I looked down at him and licked my lips. As I said, not very good at subtlety. But I was hungry for his cock, and I sank slowly down to the bare concrete floor and hefted the heavy shaft into my hands.

Fuck, it was thick. I watched him throb, and with each hard pulse he grew larger. The shaft swelled and lengthened. The head inflated. The eye dilated. It pushed itself towards my mouth as if it belonged there.

So I took him inside to sate my unique hunger.

“Excellent, sir,” he said softly.

He was huge. I didn’t think I could accommodate him, but I wanted to very badly. I wanted to feel him getting hard in my mouth and feel his helmet swell against my palate and rake his firm shaft across my teeth. I wanted to pleasure him to ecstasy and feel him explode inside and swallow his entire load, every copious flood of his majesty, and feel his warmth inside me.

It did not feel like a dream.

His hands grasped the sides of my head and he started to slowly thrust his hips, fucking my mouth with his monster. I gagged on him, I do confess it. He was so huge, so grand and glorious and magnificent, and he kept getting bigger and bigger. He pushed himself against the back of my throat and I swallowed a slim gush of salty honey, tasting him on my tongue.

I wanted more.

“Oh, very good, sir,” he said.

I could not speak. I could barely breath. He was massive and he was pushing my jaws wider and wider with his girth. He grew insanely hard inside my mouth, like his cock was made of steel or stone. I sucked and licked him, and he gushed again.

“Whatever sir desires,” he said, pushing his cock inside my mouth.

I cast my gaze upwards and it appeared that his chest was swelling. I could watch it expand outward, covering my view of his beautiful eyes and those soft lips. Was he growing taller? Was he growing broader and thicker?

Was this a dream?

“Are you ready, sir?” he asked me, pushing in deep, pushing himself down my throat.

I was. I was ready. I was more than ready.

“Very good, sir.”

A flooding gush of warmth filled my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could. Another one followed it, another thick, sticky fountain of his delicious cream, and it overwhelmed me and filled me and I swallowed and breathed and swallowed.

Another one. And another one. Insanely full surges of his endless supply burst into my gaping maw and shoved themselves down my throat. I could feel his seed spread like lava through my body, down my gullet and into my guts.

He fed me his all. He shoved rapturous jets of his masculine source into my mouth and my body, sighing and moaning in perfect bliss. “Oh, very good, sir. Very, very good.”

I swallowed it all. Or as much as I could. I could feel it inside me, its warmth and its power nourishing me, making me better.

Making me bigger.

My own cock suddenly exploded. I had not touched it, had nearly forgotten it was even there, when I felt an instant orgasmic eruption and my dick was shooting insanely thick streams of cum that splattered across the concrete floor. Fat ropes of sticky sweet cream I was shooting in high arcs with so much power that I nearly fainted.

He came and I came. Was it my cum or his I was shooting?

Fuck, it all felt good.


My eyes were tearing. My jaw hurt. My throat burned.


I exploded with cum from the end of my giant cock. It was swollen and painful and growing bigger and bigger.

“Wake up, sir.”

I opened my eyes.

I opened my eyes.

I was on the porch that surrounded my residence. The ocean had grown calm and the sounds of its crashing waves had diminished to a soft whisper. The sky was pink—sunset was near. How has I slept the day away? How had I missed everything?

Tuo, clad in his cotton and linen, stood beside my lounge. I could see the swell of his cock pressing against the tightness of his pants. I could taste his cock in my mouth, taste his cum on my tongue, feel every inch of his mammoth tool pushing my jaws apart and shoving against the back of my throat. “What time—?”

He smiled pleasantly. “It is nearly seven o’clock in the evening, sir. It appears you may have been more fatigued than you realized.”

“I was asleep?” I felt groggy and disoriented.

“Indeed, sir.”

I looked down at myself. I was still wearing the same clothes I had arrived in'the same clothes I was wearing when I left my apartment yesterday…or was that this morning? What day was it?

“Perhaps sir would enjoy a shower prior to dinner?”

I realized that I had been wearing these clothes for more than a day, and perhaps I was beginning to smell a bit ripe. “Are there—?”

“Sir will find suitable attire provided by The Resort in the bedroom closets.”

“Is dinner—should I wear—?”

“Sir is free to wear whatever sir wishes, of course. There are no rules at The Resort.”

“I kind of like dressing up,” I admitted.

“A tuxedo may be found in the left closet. I shall lay out the appropriate accoutrement for your evening, if I may?”

“Yes. Yes! Of course, you may. Thank you, Tuo.”

“My pleasure sir.” My sea-eyed companion offered his hand to me and helped me to my feet. I felt a bit wobbly, for some reason, and although I had apparently slept for a number of hours, I wasn’t feeling quite refreshed. A shower seemed like an excellent idea.

Tuo followed me inside. The interior of the residence was softly glowing from indirect lighting sources and a few candles. It smelled absolutely wonderful—not overpowering and not unnatural, as if the place was a living creature and had its own scent. It mingled with the ocean’s salty smell and, I think, I could also sense something of Tuo’s cologne, or whatever it was that made the remarkable man smell the way he did.

“May I undress you?” he asked, as we entered the main bedroom.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” I said, feeling it a bit weird and old fashioned.

But his face dropped a bit and he looked disappointed. “Very good, sir,” he said.

Perhaps my tone was a bit too severe. “Unless….”

“Yes, sir?”

“I’m not…used to that kind of attention, Tuo. I didn’t mean any offense by it.”

“I understand, sir.”

“Do you…want to undress me?”

“It would be my pleasure to be of service to you in any way I am able to, sir.” He stood there in his usual demeanor, half at attention like some army private awaiting his command, and half sexy as all fuck porn dream with a cock that could choke a horse—or me—and a body made out of steel and stone. The clothing looked tighter than ever, absurdly tailored to the man’s body, like it had been sewn directly onto him. How did clothing do that?

“I guess…sure, you can undress me.”

His smile returned and he looked almost giddy that I would allow this. “Very good, sir,” he nearly cooed.

I had never been undressed by someone else, at least not literally. I’m sure that one or two of my paramours had undressed me with their eyes, but this was a process which was nearly always perfunctory, and I had never considered it particularly sexy or sensual.

The moment my manservant touched me, however, I had a sudden epiphany about my preconceptions.

I knew he would do whatever I asked of him. But as he stood inches before me and began to unbutton my shirt, I must confess that a thrill of sexual excitement ran through me and zeroed in on my crotch. I watched his face, at the attention he paid to each button as he pulled it from its hole. I felt his hands, gentle and powerful, slipping the shirt off my shoulders. I watched him lay my shirt aside as if it were made of pure gold, and then he circled behind me and pulled my t-shirt from the waist of my jeans.

His hands felt so strong, yet they were doing so little. He wasn’t wrestling me or manhandling me in any fashion, but I felt totally in his control.

He lifted the t-shirt from my body and I stood there in the warm, glowing room naked from the waist up. Was he looking at my back? Was he admiring my body? I could not see him, but I felt a palpable heat traveling across my skin, which I imagined originated from his ocean gaze moving over me.

He came before me again and sank to his knees, undoing my belt buckle and pulling it from its loops. Then he was undoing each button of my button-fly jeans, using the same care and slow attentiveness that he had paid to my shirt.

I was rock hard. There was no way to avoid that. The situation, the man, the sensations—everything about this was turning me on in a major, unexpected fashion. My cock was throbbing and stiff and stretched sideways inside my shorts. I was probably leaking precum on the material.

“May I, sir?”

He was looking up at me. I was naked except for this tiny pair of cotton undershorts. I was at his disposal. He could do anything to me. “Yes,” I answered.

He did not pull my shorts from my body. Instead, he leaned his mouth against the hot shank of my cock and kissed me very, very softly. Then he did it again, drawing his mouth up my shaft toward the drooling head. A third and fourth kiss followed.

He kissed the helmet of my hard-on. He surrounded it with his warm mouth and I could feel his breath against me. I did not think I could get any harder, but I was defying my own expectations. I pulsed and swelled, and somehow I grew harder and bigger.

He lifted his hands and peeled my underwear down. He revealed the throbbing red meat of my cock but held me inside the cotton cage. Then he licked the entire length of my prick and again surrounded the head inside his warm mouth and exhaled a warm breath against me.

I nearly lost it, but at that moment his hand grasped me and he squeezed hard.

Very hard.

Fuck. Oh, fuck.

“May I, sir?” he asked again.

“Y..yes,” I managed to reply.

He pulled me from my shorts and swallowed me whole. It happened so fast and with such determination and perfect timing that I came. I came instantly. I shot a fat rope into his mouth, feeling it escape me and shoot down the hard inches of my cock and he sucked and swallowed in evident enjoyment, lapping up my copious flood and wanting still more.

It was clear to me that this was Tuo’s true calling. On each occasion of his expert oral manipulations of me, his technique grew more finessed and his abilities grew increasingly intense and numerous. I felt as if three or four mouths were pleasuring me simultaneously. Three or four of my ocean-eyed Adonis manservants were sucking and licking and kissing and stroking my huge erection, three feet long and thick as a fucking truck tire.

He stroked me. He sucked me. I came again. Fuck, I came so hard! My body was heating up. I was in his hands, literally, I was under his command and naked before him. The sound of the ocean'the calm ocean had grown violent again. Water crashing against the cliffs.

I came again.

The room was hot. His mouth on my prick. His hand grasping me hard. Fuck.

I came again. I shoved myself into his mouth. He squeezed me hard, milking me, making me cum.

I was breathing hard, pulling hot, moist air inside my overheated body.

The water was crashing against me.

Water everywhere.

The hot water coursing over my naked body.

I was grabbing my dick hard, shoving cum against the tile, coming hard in the shower.

I was in the shower.

Naked in the shower.

Stroking my hard dick and shoving my load out of my balls against the walls of the shower.

“Aah, fuck.”

A gentle knock at the door. “Sir?”


“Are you quite all right, sir? I thought I heard you cry out.”

I probably fucking screamed from total sexual ecstasy. “Yeah, I’m—I’m quite all right. I’ll…be out in a minute.”

“Very good, sir,” he said, making his powerful voice loud to be heard over the sound of the shower. “Your clothing for the evening is laid out, sir. I’ll be available when you’re ready.”

“Thanks,” I said.

My cock was in my hand. My load was dripping down the tiles. My knees felt weak and my heart was racing.

By now, I should’ve expected something like this, shouldn’t I? But it all seemed so real.

And it was real, wasn’t it? Hadn’t I just cum a thick load?

Whose hand was grabbing me?

Whose mouth was sucking me?

I was dripping onto the floor and I wiped the condensation from the bathroom mirror to look at myself.

And there I was, looking back. The same me as always. No one else inside the room with me, and the door was closed.

There were unguents and ointments and lotions and hair preparations and brushes and combs and literally anything I could think to want in there. I found nothing like drugs, though, and I did search for them. Perhaps they were slipping something in all the alcohol I had been drinking? Perhaps it was the alcohol itself, and the time difference, and the jet-lag.

But I had never experienced anything even close to these repeating sexual dreams before. They were so real. So very, very real.

Another tap at the door, and Tuo asked, “May I bring you a cool glass of water after your hot shower, sir?”

“Um,” I thought, looking at my scowl in the mirror, and then I said, “Yes, please,” because why not? Did I really give a shit if they were dosing me with something if the only discernible side effect was a series of blow jobs and hallucinations involving beautiful, muscular men who only wanted to do whatever I said, whenever I said it?

I grabbed a towel from the rack—naturally, it was already warm—and dragged its soft cotton loops all over to dry myself. My cock still felt a bit sensitive and I probably spent more time than necessary rubbing it, and it grew a bit plump and anxious even though I had just busted at least three nuts’ worth of cream all over the shower wall.

This nearly constant state of tumescence was remarkable, but I wondered if it was another signal that something was…off. My body never had any trouble heating up, but now it seemed to be entirely unable—or unwilling—to cool down.

I was drying my hair as I exited the bathroom, emerging in a cloud of steamy air that was whisked away by the warm winds still sailing in through my residence’s open windows. That familiar and oddly soothing scent was also carried inside, and I was no more than a few stride out of the bathroom when Tuo appeared carrying a sweating glass of iced water.

If he was surprised by my nudity, he didn’t show it. I supposed he was used to seeing his charges in various stages of undress, not to mention that in my head we’d already shared so much mutual naked time that we might as well have been married.

Seeing him, though, made my cock throb. His clothing was, if anything, even tighter on his well-muscled frame. I could quite easily perceive even the most minute details of his body and, in particular, his cock. I felt well-acquainted with it, but seeing it again, masked behind his trousers, snaking along his hip, thick and juicy and evidently as anxious as my own, made me swallow dryly and feel myself heat up with desire.

“Did you enjoy your shower, sir?”

I took a long sip and felt the water cooling my insides. I sighed as I gazed on the man’s beauty, majesty and evident strength. I nodded and continued pouring the water down my throat, and he stood before me, awaiting my next commandment. “Tuo,” I said at last.


“Tell me about your last client.”

“I apologize, sir, but we value our client’s privacy above all else. I’m sure you understand.”

“So, that’s one thing you refuse to do for me.”

“Sir, please forgive me. I understand your curiosity.”

“You did say you would do whatever I asked of you.”

“Indeed, sir.”

“Yet you won’t tell me anything about….”

“I’m afraid not sir. I’m sure there are…other tasks I could perform for you that you would draw greater benefit from than tales concerning gentlemen you don’t know.”

“They were all gentlemen?”

“Excuse me, sir. I meant to say ‘people.’” He smiled gently. “Is there anything else I could do for you, sir?”

I took another long sip. “Not at the moment, I suppose,” I said.

“You’re entirely certain, sir?” He took a step closer, and his gaze fell directly to my burgeoning hard-on.

“Are you trying to distract me, Tuo?” I asked. I could feel the heat of his azure gaze like a palpable thing. I felt bathed in it, and my cock throbbed with need of his talented mouth and hands.

“Of course not, sir,” he answered. He came closer still, standing now only inches from me. “I only wish to please you.”

My mouth felt suddenly dry, even though I had downed the entire glass of water, and my body was growing hotter by the minute. Tuo reached towards me and took the towel from my shoulder, leaving me entirely exposed to him, and naked as the day I was born. I looked at him and thought to myself that I wanted him badly, and Pulchro, too. Two beautiful men, naked and perfect and ready to fuck.


Another voice appeared to my right, and I looked toward my bed to see Pulchro lying naked there. I was assailed again by the sheer, overwhelming beauty of the man. I could’ve sworn he had not been there only a moment before.

He was lounging on his side, leaning on one elbow, looking up at me. His other hand was slowly, luxuriously stroking the impressive uncut shank of dark meat erupting from between his legs. I could see him growing quickly as he pleasured himself. The shaft was swelling like bread in a very hot oven. The head pushed forward like a lipstick emerging from a fleshy tube. His olive-hued skin was positively glowing in the candlelight.

My heart was beating faster looking at the man in my bed. Then there was a hand on my shoulder and I turned back.

Tuo was naked. Gloriously, perfectly, awesomely naked. His mammoth and muscular body bulged with power. His cock was arching upwards, pulsing a steady beat as it thickened and lengthened and pointed itself towards its target of desire.

He kissed me. I kissed him. His powerful arms surrounded me.

Pulchro’s body was behind me, pressing me between their two naked frames. I could feel his cock pushing into the crack of my ass. I could feel his heat on me, his skin against mine, and his lips kissed my neck and my shoulders.

We were on the bed. Tuo was kissing me. Pulchro sucked my dick. I bulged inside his mouth. He moaned with delight.

I was fucking Pulchro, looking at his gorgeous face, leaning over his perfect body, kissing his mouth. Tuo was licking my asshole. Tuo was fucking me. I watched his ass as he fucked me. I was fucking Pulchro.


Tuo’s mouth was eager, hungry, ravenous to devour me. He sank down fully on my cock and I rubbed against the back of his throat. I shoved deeply inside Pulchro’s ass, slapping my heavy balls against his perfect butt. He groaned and grabbed my hair and pulled hard. I came inside Tuo’s mouth, releasing a fat stream that nearly choked him.

I gasped as Tuo’s broad, long prick nudged my prostate over and over, pushing cum out of my balls. I came a gallon of cream that splattered across Pulchro’s beautiful smooth chest and clung to his dark nipples. I leaned down and licked them clean. He smiled and I came again, overcome by his beauty, sending a fresh flood inside his ass. He shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed every creamy drop, feeling the warmth travel down my throat.

Tuo grabbed my dick hard and squeezed. I shoved my tongue inside his hole and tasted his funky essence, then I came inside him and felt him tighten against me. Pulchro fucked Tuo as I watched them, stroking my own cock until I exploded with a sexual delirium, shooting cream into my own mouth.

Tuo fucked Pulchro fucking me fucking Tuo.

We all came together.

Alone in bed, I woke up.

Alone in bed, I woke up.

The room was dark, but there was still light outside. Tuo appeared in the doorway to my bedroom. He had changed into formal clothing, and he looked fucking amazing in a tux. His hair was combed and he looked polished and perfect. “Good evening, sir,” he said softly.

“Was I—? Did I—?”

“I trust you had a pleasant nap after your shower. If it’s quite all right, I suggest you dress for dinner. You have an appointment this evening with our host.”

“The… the man on the—?” I felt groggy and cotton-mouthed. I could taste Pulchro’s sweet ass meat on my tongue. My ass throbbed from accommodating Tuo’s thick cock. My jaw hurt from attempting—and succeeding—in swallowing him whole.

“Yes, sir. If you would prefer not to, I can send your regrets and….”

“No, no. I’m up. I’m—I want to meet whomever is responsible for…all this.”

“Very good, sir. Though it isn’t required, formal dress is suggested for dinner.” He moved through the shadows in his black outfit. From the side, I could see the swell of his pecs pressing insistently against the tux from the front and the bulging muscle of his ass doing the same from behind, pushing the starched shirt forward and his tight seat backwards like bumpers on a very large truck. “Your wardrobe is here. Would you like me to dress you?”

After what had just happened, I didn’t think we had time for another surprise romp in bed—even though, shockingly, and as usual in this place, I found my libido and cock were certainly ready. “No, that won’t be necessary. Just give me a few minutes.”

“Very good, sir.” He bowed his head slightly and exited the room as I drew back the soft sheets from my nude form and looked down at myself.

I had to admit that I looked good. Maybe all this fantasy sex was good for me! And there was my insistent cock again, already throbbing towards erection with only the suggestion of sex in my head. Fuck, was I going to be this horny forever? It was going to make getting anything done—besides sex—quite the challenge.

I had a one-track mind and a cock that seemed ready and quite anxious to drive me down that track on an endless loop.

The tuxedo fit perfectly, of course. I hadn’t worn one since…what, prom night? Not a lot of call for this sort of formality in my life, normally. But when I looked in the mirror, I quite liked what I saw. I couldn’t kid myself into believing that I looked anything like Tuo in his monkey suit. But I did manage to pull it off, right down to the shiny black patent leather shoes.

Tuo was standing in the living room, seemingly awaiting me. Everything was in its proper place, and the room was glowing with soft light. “Are you ready, sir?”

I held out my arms and said, “Don’t I look ready?”

“Sir looks quite becoming, if sir would forgive my presumption.”

“You’re forgiven,” I said. “Is everything in place? I’m not quite familiar with the whole separate collar and studs. And the cuffs seem a bit long.

My manservant came to me—I was taken aback anew at the size and height differential. The shadowy light made him appear even larger than before. If I had not known it to be impossible, I would’ve sworn that Tuo was thicker with muscle and more handsome than I recalled. Tuxedos certainly did do wonders for a man!

He adjusted something here, tugged at something there, straightened my bow tie and brushed the lint from my shoulders. I watched his face as he attended to his duties, and my cock started to swell and tingle confronted with the mans beauty, strength, capability and authority.

He truly was perfect for me. I could not have designed him better myself.

“There we are, sir,” he said at last, smiling for me. “You’re perfect.”

Odd that I was just thinking the same thing about him. “Thank you, Tuo. Shall we go?”

“Yes, sir.”

We walked together back through the immaculately manicured grounds. The wind was still warm and soft, and scented with floral notes and something like baked bread. The trees rustled softly and the sky was starting to be filled with stars. “A lovely night,” I remarked.

“Yes, sir,” Tuo agreed. “Thank you, sir.”

“Um, you’re welcome?” I answered, laughing slightly. What had I to do with any of this?

The main building was softly glowing from all its large windows. I could see that the place seemed lit from within by hundreds of candles. I’m sure that couldn’t be correct, but the closer we drew to the white and red edifice, it became clear that it was exactly as it had appeared. “Well, that’s….”

“Sir?” Tuo glanced at me. “Is something amiss?”

“I…suppose not. It just seems…isn’t that a fire hazard?”

He glanced at the hundreds of candles alight and said, “I shouldn’t worry about it, sir.”

I looked at him and he smiled handsomely, which comforted me immediately. I realized that I now trusted my manservant implicitly. So I just shrugged and smiled back.

The scent of food grew stronger and stronger as we approached, but I still saw no other people either on their way to dinner, or already within the building enjoying cocktails and conversation. “Are we—?”


“Are we late?”

“No, sir. We are perfectly on time.”

“But…where is everyone else?”

“Did you want more people here, sir?”

“I…don’t know? It just seems odd. Is this usual?”

“It’s all perfect, sir. If you need something, please ask.”

I scowled slightly but said nothing. No one else was attending dinner? No one else at all? Maybe this was down season. Maybe that was why I was here at all. But then why was everything paid for? None of this made sense.

The smells of food were making me suddenly quite hungry, and I realized I’d had nothing to eat—unless the copious amounts of cum I’d swallowed counted—for several hours. I wasn’t famished, merely hungry as usual.

I could smell roasted meat and vegetables, baked bread, honey and butter and jam. I could discern the scents very clearly and immediately identify them. Cauliflower with cheese sauce. Baked potatoes. Beef and pork. Chicken and duck. It smelled like an absolute feast was awaiting us.

Walking in through the back doors, I noticed Pulchro—similarly attired in a perfectly-fitted tuxedo, though in his case it looked a bit dated or more like a costume. Was it made of velvet? His dark hair was slicked back on his head, but a pile of it rested atop his forehead and he looked, of course, absolutely perfect. His pants were high-waisted and his jacket stopped just below his chest, with long tails hanging behind him. His shirt was ruffled and he looked for all the world like some oddly beautiful vampire.

He walked toward Tuo and I and bowed his head slightly. “Good evening, gentlemen.” Then he turned his undivided attention to me and said, “You look wonderful, sir, if I may be so bold.”

“You may,” I said, only half-kidding.

His dark eyes scanned me had to toe, and again I felt as though I were being flirted with in a manner both broad and disguised, and I enjoyed the man’s overt observation of my body. “Would you care to be seated for dinner? Or perhaps an aperitif?”

“The food smells absolutely wonderful,” I said.

“Excellent, sir. If you’d be so kind as to follow me to the dining room?”

“Lead the way,” I answered, gesturing rather theatrically.

Pulchro’s ass was a thing of wonder. As he walked before me, the tails of his jacket swung to and fro across the perfect humps of each buttock, and I remembered my mouth pressing insistently between those wonderful fleshy hemisphere to gain access to his delicious hole, which I licked hungrily before shoving my cock….

Fuck, I was so fucking horny! Everything was making me hard. Even my hunger did little to diminish the persistent power of my overactive libido.

The dining room appeared to be at least as large as the lobby, which defied reason. There was no way a room of this size could fit alongside the huge entrance, but there it was, with a very long table in the middle of the floor. The walls were clad in dark, carved wood and the same candles were everywhere—including in a shining crystal candelabra hanging above the table. The soft glow of the candlelight made everything seem to throb and move, and as we walked forward I felt suddenly dizzy and a bit off balance.

I stumbled and Tuo grabbed my elbow, to steady me. “Are you all right, sir?” Pulchro was already holding out a seat for me, but he came swiftly back at Tuo’s concerned words.

“I feel….”

I stopped speaking when I looked across the room and saw someone—a man—standing there. At first he appeared unfocused, which I attributed to whatever had overcome me when I entered, but he began to…solidify in my sight the more I looked at him, and his features and demeanor grew more distinct.

I’m sure I blinked in miscomprehension looking towards him. I wanted to clear my vision of whatever was misting it, or maybe I simply could not believe my eyes in a very literal sense.

He, too, was wearing a tuxedo, looking for all the world as if he had just stepped in off the French Riviera. I could see that he was smiling and holding something—a cocktail glass? A cigarette case? A studded collar? It looked like all of those things and none of them, like it changed its nature as I considered it, until I realized it was a pair of sunglasses—mirrored aviators. He folded them and placed them in his breast pocket. I watched his movements with interest, and seem to become mesmerized by them, as the rest of the rooms and its occupants dimmed into vague shadows.

I looked at his face. He was handsome, certainly, and from a distance he had “movie star” good looks, if a bit generic. At one moment he was Cary Grant, in the next he was George Clooney, then Josh Duhamel and then Rudolph Valentino. His features finally settled into someone else entirely, someone resembling all the men and none of them. Classically handsome, and elegant to an extreme degree.

He exemplified an air of self-confidence that was palpable, even in the large room. As he approached me, a smile lit his handsome features and I noticed that the dark material of the tuxedo was doing its best to mask the size of his body.

I should not have been surprised that here was another man with a body that looked like it had spent a good deal of its life in a gym, hefting iron and honing itself to a level of muscular development and aesthetic perfection that would be ludicrous anywhere else I had encountered it. Even so, this man appeared to be another level higher than Tuo, Fortis, the captain or Pulchro. Thick, wide, tall and overwhelmingly large, he nonetheless appeared to carry the impressive bulk of his brawn with that same air of elegance and style.

“Good evening,” he said. “We meet at last.” His voice matched his body. Impressive, extremely masculine, and beautiful. He offered his hand and I took it, feeling his strong grasp. He was smiling at me with genuine friendship, and I was still having trouble with setting his features in my memory, as if they were still changing. I felt distinctly that if I were to look away from his face and look back, even for a moment, I would not remember what he looked like.

“Hello,” I said, still feeling fuzzy. “Thank you for the invitation.”

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked.

“I think so,” I said, honestly.

He nodded approvingly. “Good to hear.” He unclasped my hand and then he looked at his palm as if expecting to see something in it. “You do very good work,” he said. “I’m quite impressed.”

“Thank you?”

“You’re welcome.” He turned and moved toward the table, and to a chair near the one Tuo had pulled out for me. “I expect that Tuo has proven invaluable to you?”

“He’s been very helpful.”

“Is that all he’s been?”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“What about Pulchro, here?”

“Pulchro?” I looked at the beautiful young man in his velvet frock. He was smiling as he looked back at me. I felt his soft lips pressed against mine. I tasted his cock in my mouth.

“I was a bit surprised to find him at the front desk,” my host said.

“Where should he be?”

“With you, of course. Perhaps you’re not quite ready for him, yet.”

“For him?”

“Please have a seat. You must be exhausted after the day you’ve been having.” He gestured to the chair and Tuo was adjusting it for me again, seating me at the table. “You’re doing splendidly, by the way. Much better than we could have hoped.”

“I still don’t understand….”

“Why should you? I’m afraid it’s all part of the service. Wouldn’t do to spoil anything ahead of time. Could taint the results, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

“No, I suppose we wouldn’t.” Whoever the fuck ‘we’ were.

“Can’t wait to see what happens, of course. It’s always so exciting when some new blood comes into the machine—if I could mix my metaphors for a moment. Though I know how that must annoy you.”

“Annoy me?”

“Being a writer and all.”

“I’m not a writer,” I protested. “I’ve never written anything.”

“Never? Never written anything? Nothing at all?” His achingly handsome face was smiling perfectly.

“No,” I affirmed. “Nothing at all.”

He smiled. “Ah, I see. That’s interesting.”

“Is it?”



“Though not wholly unexpected, I suppose.” He looked at Tuo and Pulchro and said, “Would you be so kind?”

“Of course, sir,” my manservant said.

“My pleasure, sir,” the concierge said.

“Wine?” the host asked, lifting a bottle that I hand’t noticed before. It looked like Cabernet Sauvignon, from Napa. Stags Leap region. My favorite. Before I could answer, he was pouring it into a large goblet on the table. I could smell the fruitiness quite succinctly. “Very impressed,” he said again, “with everything.”

“Yes, I am.”

He looked at me and smiled, about to say something and then he didn’t. “I like how everything is of a piece. That’s a bit rare. You probably can’t admire that, but it’s oddly true. So often, things go quite poorly at first until one finds one’s feet grounded, but this,” he said, gesturing vaguely at the surroundings, “is all so…tasteful.”

“I suppose it is,” I agreed.

“It really is.” He looked at me and added, “You’re really quite a fascinating man.”

“Thank you,” I said again. He lifted his glass and we toasted, I guess, to my fascination.

He was watching me over his glass as he drank, and then he was smiling and licking his lips. “My,” he remarked, “even the wine is amazing. Such attention to detail.”

I had to agree. It was really quite excellent. Though why he found it necessary to remark on this fact was beyond me. Wasn’t this his resort? Wasn’t this his wine? “I’m afraid I’m feeling a bit confused.”

“Just a bit?” His face was dazzling. His voice was musical. He looked good enough to eat in his tux, and I wanted to see him naked. His smile turned lecherous, as if he were reading my mind—though perhaps my desires were written all over my face. He was extremely attractive, in every way possible. Not only devilishly attractive from a purely physical perspective, but everything about him was pushing every button I had.

If someone were going to design the perfect man for me, they would have had a hard time coming up with a better model.

He set his goblet down and tilted his head rakishly. “You have an interesting mind,” he said.

“My mind?”

“The way you think. Your…creativity.” I wasn’t aware that I had done anything to demonstrate my creativity, and I was about to make a remark to that effect when Tuo and Pulchro reappeared bearing bowls filled with soup. It smelled heavenly. Roasted butternut squash, if I wasn’t mistaken. With roasted garlic and shallot, in a bath of chicken stock. Pureed and sprinkled with creme fraiche chives, and a hunk of crusty bread smeared with sweet butter. “Your favorite, I believe,” the host said.

“It is! I’m…surprised you went to the trouble of finding that out.” My brow wrinkled. “And…how did you find out?”

He only smiled and dipped his silver spoon into the soft, warm soup, pulling it towards his full, soft lips and gulping it inside. “Excellent,” he said. “And it pairs so well with the wine.”

Which it did. Which I knew. “I don’t suppose that there’s any—?”

Tuo was there with a pepper grinder, and rather than the dark specks of black, small specks of pale cream came out before I could finish asking for white pepper. The piquant aroma stung my nostrils and played against the creamy soup perfectly. “I suppose you have some questions,” the host said between spoonfuls.

“Only a few dozen.”

“About the dreams?”

I nearly dropped my spoon. “Well, for starters, yeah. What the fuck?”

“‘Fuck,’ in your case, being the operative word.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I don’t mean that as a criticism, you understand. You have a remarkable facility with that particular arena.”

“I do?”

“Though I am a bit…disappointed.”

“You’re disappointed?”

“Just a bit,” he said, smiling.

I set my spoon aside. “What are you disappointed with?”

“It’s hardly your fault, of course. Perhaps with some preparation and understanding you would have been more…adventurous.” His handsome head tilted. “Still, when you do let loose, you really are amazing.” He leaned in a bit and said, softly, “That bit on the couch? Now that was inspired.”

“On the couch?”

“Do I need to remind you?”

“On the couch?”

“Remarkable. Really.”

“I don’t….”

“Still,” he said, in the midst of a sigh, “we were hoping for something more in line with your—usual fare.”

“I still don’t understand….”

“Online. On that…muscle thing. Musclegrowth dot something? Your stories?”

I blanched. No one knew that was me.

“The epic about the Trumans. My, my, my. And then you had them go to high school.”


“And the Augmented gentlemen. And if we go way, way back, there’s so much more, too. So many interesting stories! So, it’s only natural that we thought, coming here, you might explore more of those kinds of fantasies.”

“But I….”

“Don’t get me wrong! What you’ve done so far is remarkable! But, let’s be honest here, simultaneous oral and anal sex is one thing. Flying musclemen who can fling a bit of semen on another man and have him explode with hundreds of pounds of muscle and sprout another penis! Now, that’s a fantasy!”

I stood up. My heart was racing. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’ve shocked you, haven’t I?”

“Who the hell—?”

“I wouldn’t think it would be that easy to shock someone like you.”


“Please sit down,” he said, calmly.

The room was going dark. “I don’t….”

“Oh, dear.”

The ocean was roaring. I felt dizzy. Confused. Panicked.

Everything went black.

Everything went black.

Everything went black.

Everything went black.

“He’l be all right. Just give him a moment.”

Everything went black.

“He really is quite good. I thought he’d understand.”

Everything went

“See there? Things are working themselves out.”


“Open your eyes, please.”


“Just open your eyes. Everything will be all right.”

I opened my eyes.

I was in a car. I was in a jet. I was in the residence. I was on the beach.

“He’ll settle down in a moment.”

Tuo was naked. I was taking a drink from Pulchro’s hand. The captain’s cock was in my mouth, plumping and pushing.

“Always a bit of an adjustment.”

Fortis and Tuo bent over. A hand on my prick, jerking me off, rubbing against the King of Cocks. Sipping scotch in a dove grey car. The sound of birds. The taste of cum.



“Yes, sir.”

Tuo’s handsome face. His steady blue-green gaze. His soft, perfect lips. His carefully combed golden locks. His mouth moved. “You’re all right, sir. Everything is all right.”

He was bending over me. He was naked. There was light behind him. Light everywhere. “Give him a suggestion. He’s lost his way.” The host’s voice. I could hear him, but not see him.

“We’re back in your residence, sir. On the cliff overlooking the sea. You’re in the living area.”

“A bit more, I think. He’s almost there.”

“It’s night now, sir. The air is still warm. It smells of cinnamon and vanilla and the ocean. You can hear the waves, sir. Can you hear them?”

Things seemed to coalesce all at once. Color leached into my eyes. The light faded to shadows. I was on the couch, by the window. Tuo stood over me, looking concerned but stoic. He was holding a glass in his hand. “Is that scotch?”

He smiled. “Yes, sir. You looked like you needed a drink.”

He was in his resort clothing. It was stretched tightly against his muscles. It looked too small on him, now, as if he had changed into a smaller size. His cock pressed insistently against his cotton pants, and every detail was obvious and overt. “What happened?”

“My fault, I’m afraid,” another man said. The host was sitting in the Eames lounger, his long legs crossed at the ankle on the matching ottoman. “Love what you’ve done with the place, by the way. You’d be surprised at what I’ve seen of it. Simply the most appalling…but no need to offer any suggestions, is there?” He smiled, and I tried to etch his face into my memory again, but the shadows shifted, and his handsome features did too.

“Who are you?”

“Your host, as you keep saying.”

“I haven’t said anything.”

He tapped his forehead. “Internal monologue. You haven’t given me a name, yet. But I enjoy being your host. It simplifies things, in a way.”

“What things?”

“Ah, now we come to it at last, don’t we?”

“Come to what?”

“Surely you’ve suspected by now. I’m sure the others have.”

“Others? What others?”

“Never mind that, for now. Let’s concentrate on you. Are you feeling better? Back on an even keel, so to speak?”

“You look different,” I observed, because he did.

He looked at his hands again, and ran his fingers along his squared jaw and over his massive chest. “Yes, I’d noticed that. Curious thing, but I think I rather enjoy it. And it speaks well of you, of course. That your tastes are a bit…eclectic.” He looked at Tuo and added, “but we already observed that, didn’t we?”

“We did, sir,” Tuo agreed.

The host leaned forward towards me and said, “I thought Pulchro was particularly inspired. But you have a thing about command structure, or perhaps it’s more about roles.” I looked confused, no doubt, so he said, “Playing roles? No? Well, no matter.”

I sat up. It was, indeed, nighttime. The residence was lit with candles, and a gentle, warm breeze came in through the open windows. “You haven’t told me anything,” I said, a bit miffed.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“At The Resort.”

He nodded. “Yes, but…where are we? Rather, where is The Resort?”

“On an island?”

He nodded. “All right. Anything else?”

“I don’t understand.” Was he testing me? Had I passed out? Perhaps hit my head?

“No, you didn’t hit your head. I just don’t want things to get too…confusing for you again. I’m leading you there a bit more gently.” His head tilted. “Does this make you more comfortable?”

He was naked. His clothes were simply gone. I looked at his body, because I couldn’t help myself, and he was perfect. Gorgeous. Beautiful. I looked up, distracted by something in my peripheral vision, some movement, and Tuo was naked as well. The movement was the slow sway of the massive shank of cock hanging between his thickly muscled thighs.

I looked down.

I was naked.

My cock was hard and throbbing. My balls tingled. My skin was caressed by the warm ocean breeze. There was a hand on my neck, on my chest, fingers on my nipple. I looked up and Pulchro stood naked behind the couch. His beauty stunned me, again, as it constantly seemed to do. His olive skin looked silken in the soft light. He was smiling at me and my cock pulsed hard, drooling a runnel of honey from its mouth.

“Better?” the host asked.

I felt a bit stunned, but not dizzy. “How do you do this?”

He smiled, evidently amused. “See, that’s the interesting thing. I’m not doing this. You are.”

I shook my head. “I’m not doing….”

“You’re doing it right now.”

There was a mouth on my prick. The captain’s bald head was bobbing up and down on my erection. His mountainous shoulders bulged with muscle. His wide back was a rippled mass of dark brawn. I could see the perfect roundness of each buttock like bowls mounted on his hips. I sucked in a breath and my eyes rolled into my skull and I could feel intensely the man’s mouth and tongue as he slurped and sucked on me.

The host laughed slightly. “Such facility,” he said. “Really quite remarkable.”


“Happening?” the host asked, finishing my unfinished thought. “Where do fantasies come from?”

“Oh, fuck,” I said. The captain’s mouth was really quite remarkable. Pluto’s talented hands were caressing my chest, rubbing my sensitive nipples, stroking my flesh. His soft, warm lips kissed my neck. His tongue was in my ear.

“They have to come from somewhere, don’t they? Nothing just—,” he snapped his fingers, “appears, does it? Light and energy. Wind. Stars. Everything comes from something.”

The captain grabbed my cock in his stern grip and pushed my leg up to move his mouth towards my asshole, lapping at my pucker with a unique hunger.

“They come from you, and others like you.”

Pulchro kissed my lips, pushing his tongue inside my mouth. Tuo began to suck my cock as the captain rimmed my hole with his hot, wet tongue.

“Writers, artists, musicians, dancers…even movie stars and porn stars and drag queens. Fantasies are born from something, and you provide the…seeds.”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was growing. I watched the muscle on his perfect body begin to swell. I watched his frame expand to welcome it. I watched his chest bulge outward and his legs balloon with meat as his cock lengthened and thickened and grew larger and larger.

“Some of you end up here, with us.”

“Who…who are—?”

“Muses. That’s one name. Not your muses, of course. You hardly need us. Look what you’re capable of, all by yourself.”

I looked at him.

Muscle was blooming on him rapidly. Stronger and stronger. He bent his arm. I watched the biceps swell majestically and continue to rise. I watched his chest bulge forward, the cables multiplying, the nipples pointing further and further downward as the masses of raw power bloomed. “See, I knew you could do it.”

“I’m not—” Pulchro silenced me with a kiss.

“You are. You know you are, now. You’re doing all of it. And they’re reading about it. Here with you. In your words.”

“My words….”

“Your fantasies. They become reality, here. Your words, your descriptions, your schemes and dreams. And they are all out there reading this. Now. With you.”


“Sitting at computer screens, now. So much more convenient. Just turn them on and everything floods in. All your filthy delightful musclebound sex. All your beautiful men, too perfect to be real. Swelling bigger and bigger. Pushing their cocks inside your mouth. Pumping gallons of sweet cream in endless supply. They’re sitting out there with their cocks in their hands and you’re inside their heads. Like I’m inside yours.”

This can’t be real, I thought. None of this is real.

“Of course it’s real,” he said. “It’s happening. Right now.” I could hear him inside my head, speaking with my own voice. “You’ll have memories of this, just as you have other memories. You’ll remember it all, and recall it. How is that not real? How does that make this less real than any other memory?”

It’s happening.

“Think of your dreams. Some of them are as clear and strong as your memories. Some are stronger! And we use that strength. As you do.”

It’s all happening.

“You know it now, don’t you? You can feel it. Sense it. Know it. This is real. This is all real. I am real.”

This is happening.

I came. I exploded with cream. I flooded Tuo’s hungry mouth. The captain was fucking my ass. Pulchro was kissing me. I came inside Tuo’s ass. The captain was kissing me. I felt his lips on my lips and on my cock and on my ass. I felt his hard, rough grip squeezing my cock, felt his tight, warm ass squeezing my cock. Pulchro was riding me, I was pushing myself inside him as he kissed me and stroked me and came inside my mouth.

I started to grow. I started to swell with power. I could feel myself growing. Feel my muscles expanding, pushing against my skin, my strength increasing, filled up with power.

I fucked the host. He fucked me. I watched him fucking Pulchro, fucking Tuo, fucking Fortis, fucking me. I watched him fucking me as I came in his mouth and my muscle was growing, bigger and bigger, and my cock was growing, bigger and bigger, and I came and he came and I sucked it all down, all his cream and all my cream and I fucked him hard and deep and I grew bigger and bigger and I was fucking you and you’re fucking me, your cock is inside my mouth, I can feel your cock growing, swelling, lengthening, pushing inside me and you’re so close, you’re so close, and my fingers are on your nipples and my mouth is on your mouth and I’m sucking your cock and stroking your cock and you’re so close you’re so close and your muscles sing with power as you begin to grow bigger and bigger and you’re fucking me and I’m fucking you and you’re getting bigger and bigger and bigger——

You are sitting before a computer screen, reading these words. Your dick is in your hand, and you’re slowly stroking your hardness, luxuriating in the sensation of sexual satisfaction and your own masculine power and beauty. Your cock is beautiful, the most beautiful cock you have ever seen. You look at it, and then back to the screen, at first disbelieving the words you’re reading until you see your own beautiful, thick, hard as steel cock and you squeeze yourself and rub the helmet and coax a slow slickness of pre-cum from its mouth and run the slick warmth all over yourself.

Then hands are on your shoulders. Lips are on your neck. Another hand grabs your cock. My hand. I am grabbing your beautiful hard cock with your own hand and I am squeezing you, stroking you, rubbing you. I cup your balls in the warmth of my palm. I rub your taint with my finger, as you move forward in your seat to allow me closer to your asshole.

You want me inside you. You want to feel me licking your ass, lapping your hole with warm wetness as I cradle your balls and stroke your cock. Your amazing, beautiful, perfect cock.

“Do you want to come?” I ask. You silently nod. That is all you want, now. You want to come. You want to come very badly.

I lick your hole and stroke a runnel of honey from your magnificent prick and use it to stroke you. You can feel the tingles of perfect sex all the way along your legs and your belly and your nipples. You close your eyes and feel me there, at your hole and your cock, stroking you, licking you.

You start to grow. You can feel it. Your muscles tingle, then throb, then burn. The delicious burn of muscle growth. Your arms and your legs and your chest. Swelling thicker and harder, swollen with masculine power and overwhelming strength.

I am doing this to you. I am making you grow. “More,” you say, softly. Not a whisper, but a growl. “More.”

Muscle is swelling everywhere, now. Your thighs push against each other. Your chest developed fat balloons of power that swell outward farther and farther. Your body is growing heavy with brawn, as it blooms everywhere across your body.

My mouth is on your prick. I swallow you whole. In my dreams you grow bigger and bigger. Bigger still. Bigger than anyone. Bigger than god.

You come.

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