Life with a cock-tongue

by Exulen

When Luis starts getting a cock-tongue hard-on at work, his sexy intern Ted ends up helping him out.

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Luis was just sitting at his desk doing his work, with a dark look on his face. The young hunk in the cubical next to him was always pestering and teasing him while he was organizing payrolls and balancing the company’s checkbook. Nothing that the boy had tried had stopped the hunk from his curious inquiring about the boy’s predicament. Specifically his cock-tongue. If James wasn’t bombarding Luis with questions about how he lived then he was trying to get Luis hard to see if his cock-tongue got hard too.

Recently James had gotten more aggressive in his nagging, and tried even harder to make the boy hard. He’d been very graphic at times, in several different kinks, and Luis had just barely avoided getting hard. Today was no different; he could hear James making wet slapping noises with his mouth through the meager cubical wall.

“James!” Luis snapped, peering over the top of the wall to chew out his coworker. “I am trying to do my job over here, so if you don’t mind, shut up!”

“Oh my!” The young hunk smiled evilly. “Is the little bitch getting worked up? Does he need a nice, fat cock in him? One to pump his insides around and paint them white? You know everyone hears you in the cafeteria, when you drink your coffee, moaning like a whore. Everyone knows that you’re a cock slut, you can’t live without one in your mouth can you?”

“We are at work, James, your dirty talk can be taken as sexual harassment and I will report yo-ah!” The boy half-moaned half-growled as his tongue suddenly swelled into a hard on. He growled and held his hand over his mouth. The young hunk laughed so hard his face turned red and he began wheezing. Luis used the drool and pre covered hand to slap the hunk before running off.

He sped down the hall as fast as he could; still holding his hand over his mouth and getting strange looks from the coworkers he was passing. He knocked down a stack of papers or two, but did not try to stop and help pick them up. He needed to get rid of his damn tongue-erection before his embarrassment grew worse.

“Hey Luis! I have those copies you wanted!” a brawny young co-worker said. He was Ted, the intern assigned to Luis; he had been running around the office doing chores for him.

Right now Luis needed him to help him with a very different problem. “Ack!” he gagged as he was dragged away by the collar of his clean shirt, papers that he was carrying falling in a messy pile. “L-Luis! What are you…?” he was muttering nervously as the boy dragged him into the men’s restroom.

Luis shoved the intern onto the counter with the sinks and locked the door. Without giving Ted an opportunity to say anything, the boy forced him into a deep kiss. Although, it felt like he was fucking the intern’s mouth at the same time. He thrust his hard cock-tongue into the depths of the intern’s mouth and growled. The intern gagged slightly when his cock-tongue reached the back of his throat, leaving a trail of pre along the regular tongue. Moaning into the kiss, he felt the intern’s tongue wrap and lick around his invading mouth-rod while he fucked the intern mouth.

He reached around and pulled the intern closer, grabbing his head and forcing Ted to take his cock-tongue deeper, and grabbing his ass with another hand, squeezing and kneading it roughly. Ted’s butt was firm and warm, and responded to the groping with excited flexing. The intern had also started to suckle on the tip of the cock-tongue when Luis pulled out to breathe, drawing more fluids from it and more moans from its owner. Luis growled again, he lifted Ted off of the counter and into the tiled wall behind them. He held Ted up with his hands and started grinding the tent in his dress pants against the other tent. He moaned as Ted licked the tip of his cock-tongue as they pulled back to breath, only to end up panting so hard they tickled their neck hairs.

Luis set the intern down and pulled off his pants, watching as the red, knotted, cock flopped into the air. He licked it with his cock-tongue, rubbing his pre with the fluids already there. It was difficult getting the intern’s cock into his mouth, the one already in his mouth was taking up so much space, but the new one was thrust in anyway. Filled with two cocks, his mouth was overflowing with their juices, and he loved how they tasted together. He bounced his head along the invited shaft, doing his best to wrap his cock-tongue around it and suck, and swallowing often to keep himself from drowning.

Ted shivered in pleasure and held himself up against the cold wall as his cock was being sucked on. The feeling of another cock in the mouth with him was exciting, like frotting but inside a warm, wet mouth. He felt the way the boy tried to wrap his cock-tongue around his shaft, but it ended up sliding around, rubbing and squirming delightfully. He put one of his hands on Luis’s head and rubbed his round ears to show his appreciation while the boy bobbed his head quickly on his cock. Ted moaned loudly in the bathroom, glad the door was locked and the bathroom was empty.

Ted yelped as he was flipped over, now facing the wall he felt Luis’s hands lift his tail and spread his butt cheeks apart. He heard a zipper and then felt a cock head at his ass. He was surprised to feel lips on his cheeks when the tip of that cock sunk into his ass; he was being fucked by a cock-tongue. It felt much the same as every other cock he had taken before, but it was wetter and a little more flexible. He could feel it not only thrust deep into his ass, but wiggle like a tongue against his spot. It made his cock ache in need. He reached down with one of his hands and rubbed his cock head.

Luis moaned into the tasty ass he had his cock-tongue buried in. He had his own hand on the cock between his legs, pumping it quickly as its drippings lubed it and allowed his hand to slide along it faster. He twisted his cock-tongue around in the tight ass, it twitched and drooled all over the intern’s insides, and he spread those firm butt cheeks wider with his groping hand. He licked over and around Ted’s prostate and he felt the ass tighten in response. He did it again and he could feel the intern shake. Knowing what was about to happen, he reached up with one of his hands and drove his cock-tongue deeper into the intern butt. He grabbed the intern’s cock and squeezed the head. His cock-tongue dove deep into the clenching ass. He heard the kid howl as his knotted cock made his cum splat against the tiled wall.

Luis felt his own climax approaching, his cock and cock-tongue where throbbing and the pressure behind them built. He thrusted his cock-tongue as deep into the intern’s butt as he could get it, he fucked his hand with the cock between his legs, and he groaned into the firm butt cheeks as both of his cocks released their loads. His cock-tongue shot several times into Ted’s ass, painting it white with its spooge. His other cock spurted its fair share over the tile floor, leaving a slippery mess.

Luis pulled his cock-tongue out of the intern, panting hard in his afterglow. “Thanks Ted, sorry about just yanking you in like that but I needed to get off and you were right there.”

“I think I just realized something Mr. Luis, I think I might be gay.”

“Well duh. Listen, I’ve been sucking cock for my whole life, and I always know who likes to do it too.”

“I wish you had told me earlier that I was gay.”

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