Enhancement program

by BRK

The university’s program of offering body enhancement rewards for various kinds of scholastic and athletic achievements is very generous, and students like to have fun with the results.

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Part 1 The university’s program of offering body enhancement rewards for various kinds of scholastic and athletic achievements is very generous, and students like to have fun with the results. (added: 1 Oct 2011)
Part 2 Kevin runs into a posse of very tall, very hot guys who seem intensely interested in him and his “freshman six” (inches, that is). (added: 3 Jan 2014)
Part 3 Ethan confesses the effect he has on Kevin, while Orest, the guy from the enhancements office who hands out all the upgrades, decides he really enjoys his job. (added: 4 May 2014)
Part 4 Kevin wrenches himself from Ethan’s many arms to get to class, only to discover that having a boyfriend is a little more complicated on a campus where sexual needs run high and appreciation of each other’s enhancements is what’s normal. (added: 29 Jun 2018)
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Part 1

Kevin hesitated in front of the unfamiliar door, for a reckless moment contemplated fleeing, then steeled himself and reluctantly knocked. Confidence, he told himself firmly. You have to grow some confidence.

A muffled voice called for him to come in. Surprised, he tried the knob: the door was unlocked. He turned it and opened the door.

Inside was an unexpected sight: lounging at Professor Warren’s desk, sneaker-clad feet up on the desk as if he owned the place, was a cute-faced, long-haired boytaur jock in a red four-armed musclehugging Underarmour shirt and loose navy four-legged gym shorts. He didn’t look a day over 16.

Kevin stared, acutely aware of his monster cock, which had already been hard anyway (of course) and was now pointing even straighter upward, twitching under his thick but beat-up old Green Lantern tee shirt. He couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful apparition sprawled in the prof’s chair. Was this guy a student? He was almost unbearably sexy to look at. The prof’s TA? His son? Kevin, aware of the vision’s piercing blue eyes settling on him, found his voice. “Sorry, I was looking for Professor Winters.” He started to withdraw in confusion.

The incredibly hot boytaur took his four oversized sneaks off the desk and planted them on the ground. “What can I do for you?” he said amiably.

Kevin didn’t know how to react. He stepped into the room almost involuntarily, allowing the door to close behind him. Outside it was blustery autumn, and the office was pleasantly warm and sunlit. “Um—oh. I, uh, assumed he would be—I mean you would be—um—”

“Older?” said the mesmerizing hunk. “I’m actually 47.” He tilted his head shrewdly at the oversized boner thrumming under Kevin’s shirt. “And you must be a freshman.”

“Yes sir,” Kevin said miserably, aware that this boy—this professor boy!—was keenly aware of the effect he was having on him. He wanted to touch his own cock badly. Very badly.

The boytaur prof shook his head, causing his long dishwater-blond hair to brush his bulging shoulders. “I told the Magic Department that offering new matriculants six extra inches of cock this year was overkill,” he said conversationally as he gestured Kevin into a chair. “But the provost loved the idea, and now all you boys have too much cock and no idea how to get it soft. Right?”

Kevin nodded. He pulled his knapsack off his shoulder and set it down next to his own big feet (size 13). “I’ve tried everything,” he said. He lowered his voice, even though there was no one else around. “I jack it, I—I suck it, I—um—”

“Blow your wad,” the prof interposed politely.

“Quarts of it!” he blurted. He felt his cheeks color a little, and he hurried on. “And it’s still—” Kevin gestured frustratedly.

“Don’t worry,” the boytaur prof said. “You’ll figure out how to get it soft. If that’s important to you.”

Kevin blinked. “You won’t tell me?” he asked, almost pleading.


“Because all the guys touch it in the hallways,” he added. “Me and all the other freshmen. It’s—I mean, it’s kind of awesome, but—” Kevin trailed off.

“Yeah, that seems to be the tradition that’s developing,” the prof said abstractly, crossing his upper pair of legs, “now that the freshman can’t hide their huge cocks anymore, and don’t know how to get them soft. Any visible boner is fair game. For other students, that is,” he added, and Kevin understood that the prof was making clear that he would not be responding to Kevin’s sexiness or his implacable lust. His heart sank momentarily, but he realized he was more at ease.

“You must have been pretty big already,” the prof added, staring at the collarbone-high shape in Kevin’s tee shirt.

“My nickname back in Omaha was Trigger,” Kevin said glumly. “People said the horses were jealous of me.”

The prof raised an eyebrow. “Why’d you come here, if you were already too big?”

Kevin shrugged. “You’ve got the best biology program in the country.”

The prof nodded, scratching absently with a seven-fingered right hand under his soccer ball-sized pecs, which were stretching the Underarmour mercilessly. “So what brings you here today, Kevin?”

“Well I—wait, I didn’t tell you my name!”

The prof grinned, causing his boyish, teen-heartthrob face to become even more handsome. “Recognition augment,” he said, tapping his temple. “Best enhancement I ever got. Drives the slackers in my classes nuts.”

Kevin grinned unexpectedly. He liked seeing lazy students get theirs. Why go to college if not work hard to make yourself better? Although this school seemed intent on making their students a lot better. “Um, I’m also on the school paper, and my editor assigned me to write up the ten-year anniversary of the Enhancements Program. And since you’re on the committee –”

“I see,” the prof said, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully. After a moment he said, “Well, it’s not like it was rolled out as any kind of consistent initiative or anything. It wasn’t planned. Heck, it started with the Chess Club, and no one even knew about it at first.”

Kevin was surprised, and also instantly self-conscious. He’d been on the Chess Club back in high school in Wisconsin, and he knew that mentioning such an entity, much less letting on association with it, was likely to be followed by abuse. He wondered if the prof would know that from Kevin’s file, or whatever his “recognition augment” told him.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with Chess Club,” added the prof casually, as if responding to Kevin’s thoughts. Did he have instant mental access to Kevin’s file? Or—was he actually psychic, too? That would be too much, he thought. Professor Winters went on, “I was in one myself, back when I—well, when I actually was as old as I look. But anyway—the Enhancement Program.” He paused. “It’s a strange story,” he said, half to himself.

Kevin didn’t doubt it. The fact that the school had a system of body-enhancement rewards for academic and athletic achievements had to have a pretty amazing origin story behind it. His cock twitched and pumped a little more hot precum onto his tee-shirt collar.

“You’d better start with the memos.” The prof stood up for the first time, revealing he was close to seven feet tall.

Kevin caught himself staring at the prof’s four lithe but thick, gorgeous legs as he turned and walked over to the file cabinet by the window. Kevin suddenly felt his balls churning and, staring at the prof’s lusciously muscled hind ass as his rifled through the top cabinet drawer, he desperately pulled his shirt collar down to expose his swollen cock and reached his head down, just in time to swallow his fourth pint of cum today. God, it tastes amazing, he thought again, his mind, body, and oversized cock exploding with pleasure.

It subsided too late for him to hide his obscene appendage in time for the prof to turn around. But the boytaur prof judiciously said nothing, pretending to be immersed in the stack of files he’d retrieved from the drawer until Kevin could finish cumming and shamefacedly put pulled his cum-damp shirt collar back up over his enormous cock.

“So, er, have the department secretary make you a copy of this file,” the prof said, handing him the stack as if nothing had happened, “and then come see me for an interview after you’ve had a chance to look through it.”

Kevin nodded, taking the papers with a shaking hand. He stuffed them in his backpack and bolted.


Part 2

The campus was pretty quiet—it was the day after Columbus Day and a lot of people had taken off and weren’t back yet. Kevin hurried across campus, hopeful that he could get back to his dorm room without getting intercepted by grope-happy upperclassmen; but as he turned the corner into the big grassy courtyard that the three tower dorms all faced onto, he nearly ran into a crowd of very tall shirtless, jeans-clad hunks from his dorm. They were headed toward him, but from the soccer field behind the dorm, it seemed: one of them was carrying a soccer ball, anyway, and they were all glistening with a light patina of sweat that glittered on their hard bodies in the bright October sun.

They seemed to recognize him as he approached and moved to intercept. Kevin tried to shoulder his way through the towering crowd, but the guys were all very happy to see him and gabbed at him as he pushed past. “Not so fast, freshman!” one of them said, hand on his shoulder from behind. Kevin heard another voice say, “Is this the one?” to enthusiastic affirmatives.

Kevin turned reluctantly and looked up at the cluster of six or seven guys, all obviously buddies, their long, tan arms draped over each others’ brawny bare shoulders. They were all very tall, with legs long enough to make Kevin think about the nation’s denim supply and hard, stretched-out torsos that were all graced with big round pecs and five or six or even seven rows of rock-hard abs. Like almost everyone on campus they were sporting a few inches of hard, plump boner thrusting up out of their waistbands, coating the taut, flat skin behind it with a steady supply of precum.

Kevin wondered where they’d gotten this particular combination of enhancements. All he knew for sure was that they weren’t on the basketball team, because the cardinal rule of the Enhancements Program, at least from what he’d heard, was that the benefits weren’t supposed to give you an advantage at the thing you were being rewarded for, because that would be uncompetitive. If the school rewarded their championship-winning basketball team by making the squad members taller, that would be unfair to the other schools’ basketball teams, right? So the basketball team would get some other reward, like extra cock or sweeter kisses or something like that.

Whatever the origins, the enhancements worked wonders on these guys. It was like a wall of wet dreams crowding around him. For all his trepidation at being waylaid by older students who probably just wanted to molest him, Kevin found his eyes wandering up and down their long, hard bare torsos and felt his cock unexpectedly aching for their touch.

The tall hunks were just as impressed. Their eyes all lit up and their mouths fell open as they got a good look at Kevin’s monster cock, throbbing thickly in Kevin’s shirt and pumping precum into the thick cotton of Kevin’s spunk-heavy tee shirt near the collarbone.

Several of them were from Kevin’s floor, and one in particular he recognized: a towering, chiseled blond named Yuri with cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass, sharp gray eyes, and a mouth that looked like it was made for kissing. He was very flirty, and his right hand was already resting on Kevin’s shoulder. “Kevin Finch, right?” he said. Kevin nodded dumbly. Yuri leaned forward, his buff body looming over him. “We need your help, Kevin,” he said, his eyes falling to Kevin’s monster cock.

“What for?” Kevin replied suspiciously. He realized that guys were crowded around him really close. Their long washboard abs were bare inches from his flexing hands. “Because I’ve got an article to write for—”

“Why is he wearing a shirt?” interrupted one of the giants, a fiery redhead who Kevin thought he had heard was a senior living upstairs in a single. Kevin noticed distractedly that his exposed boner was good two or three inches wider than the others and was spurting a steady stream of precum as he stared at Kevin’s enormous cock. He was looking at Kevin’s meat with a distressed expression, like it was literally a crime to hide it that way.

Maybe it was. “Yeah, isn’t there a no-shirts rule for freshmen now?” said a Chinese-looking guy, even taller and lanker than the others—he was the one with the 14-pack. He was standing behind and to the side of the redhead, both arms wrapped around his buddy’s hard, white torso. He, too, was staring at Kevin’s erection with an edge of annoyance to his nakedly visible hunger, though it wasn’t like the old Green Lantern tee was doing anything to hide it.

“Shut up a sec,” Yuri said easily, tilting his head toward the others without taking his eyes off Kevin. The others didn’t look at him but it was obvious they took their cues from Yuri. Then he gave Kevin a measuring look, pronouncing after a moment, “Finch, here, can wear a shirt for now if he wants.” He was rubbing Kevin’s shoulder a little through the shirt.

“Thanks,” Kevin said, trying not to sound too sarcastic. “I—”

“—If,” Yuri continued, overriding Kevin, “he agrees to help us out.” Yuri’s posse all smiled at this, though, Kevin thought as he glanced around the group with narrowed eyes, less out of dickish delight at manipulating Kevin than in eager anticipation of whatever they’d be getting out whatever Kevin was going to be asked to do.

Kevin returned his gaze to Yuri and just raised an eyebrow. Yuri folded his long, meaty arms over his thick, well-sculpted chest, and Kevin found himself oddly missing the warm weight of Yuri’s hand on his shoulder. “Next weekend’s homecoming,” he explained, “and the tradition is to have competition between the three dorms, with prizes sanctioned by the Enhancements Program. One of the categories is ‘Best Cock’, and,” he added, in a tone that made it sound like it was so obvious as to not need saying, “you’re totally a shoo-in to win it for Camden House.”

Kevin frowned at Yuri, trying to ignore the other towering hunks ogling his meat. Christ, it felt like just the way they were staring at it was making it harder and heavier behind his straining old tee shirt. “Just ‘cause I’m big?” he said skeptically.

“You’re not just big,” Yuri said appreciatively. Unexpectedly he reached out with his left hand and started stroking Kevin’s dick through the shirt with the backs of his fingers. Kevin drew in a breath, and the others crowded in a little more, greedy to share this vicarious thrill Yuri was enjoying, touching Kevin’s meat. “You’re way more than just big, Finch. You’re huge. But more than that, you’re huge and beautiful. That cock is the best-shaped monster boner on campus, or I’ll pull my own off and give it to you.” He sounded like he meant it, and Kevin was a little taken aback. Even if it came off—did Yuri’s come off??—he couldn’t imagine giving away his cock to anyone, lost bet or no.

“Um, I’m sure it won’t come to that,” Kevin said uncomfortably. Yuri was still stroking his cock, and there was no real need, Kevin decided, to ask him to stop. “But—how do you know, anyway?” he asked curiously, glancing down meaningfully at the fabric of his shirt.

“Oh, we know,” broke in the redhead, lolling a long tongue salaciously.

“We never miss your morning shower,” the Chinese guy added, a certain awe in his voice.

“Make than cum shower!” added one of the others, and they all smiled. Kevin looked back at Yuri, who shrugged easily, and it dawned on him that he had admirers, fans, who made gathering in the fourth-floor common bathroom and spying on his daily wash, jack, and wash again rituals a part of their own days every day. He felt oddly touched.

“Okay, so you think I’ll win,” Kevin said, trying to keep his voice level as the others all reached out, one by one, and started stroking Kevin’s dick through his shirt like Yuri was. It struck him that there weren’t many guys around who would have had room for the attentions of so many admirers. “What’s in it for you guys?” he asked. “Don’t tell me it’s the prestige of being from the winning dorm.”

Yuri was even closer to him now—they all were—and as the fingers of his left hand stroked and caressed his mighty cock he had started his right hand roaming Kevin’s upper back. His face was a few inches from Kevin’s now, his wide, mobile mouth nearly in kissing distance. Kevin was having to look up a bit to meet his gaze.

“Well, there are some advantages, yeah,” Yuri said. A tingle of anticipatory excitement seemed to pass through the group, as if the thought of whatever the dorm got from winning aroused them, and as if in response, as if touching him, stroking him, were a natural way to deal with arousal, Kevin felt a few more hands on his back and tight ass. “But what we’re talking about right now is what you get.”

“Cock-growing cum,” whispered the redhead in his ear.

Kevin glanced at the redhead, who was shockingly cute at this close proximity, and then back at the even cuter Yuri, who nodded. “And you figure you’ll get to—partake?”

Yuri smiled knowingly. He was close enough Kevin could smell him. Even his light sheen of warm sweat smelled sexy, like a mild, sweet musk. Kevin’s monster meat throbbed and thickened under all the attention. All the towering hunks were gathered in a tight cluster around him now, all stroking his cock with one hand and his body with the other, and Kevin felt weirdly displaced—as if he were his monster cock, six feet of iron-hard, agonizingly excited flesh, and the guys’ hands were like a fist around him, jerking him, driving him to senselessness with pleasure.

“Sure we will,” Yuri said, almost whispering, their faces close. “After all, if you drink it all you’ll get too big even for you. And you love being big, don’t you, Kevin?”

Kevin was close, but he didn’t want to cum in front of all these guys. It would be like—becoming one of them, or one with them, or something. He fought to focus on the words passing between him and Yuri. “S-so I’m better off not entering,” Kevin said. He was staring into Yuri’s bright gray eyes. “What’s in it for me?”

“Worship,” Yuri breathed. The redhead dove with his mouth under Kevin’s jaw, making for the sensitive place where neck meets shoulder and began licking and gently sucking. Kevin gasped and shuddered. The feel of a hot mouth and tongue and abrasion of the man’s slight stubble on his neck was one of his favorite things in the word and was wrenching him to a new level of arousal. The feeling that they were all jerking his whole body deepened and expanded.

“We’ll make you feel good all the time. Because,” Yuri added, momentarily touching his warm lips to Kevin’s, brushing them lightly in a tantalizing ghost of a kiss, “we want” (brush) “you” (brush) “to” (brush) “keep” (brush, a just a but of a lick with the tip of his tongue on Kevin’s lips) “cumming” (and now Yuri shifted forward the millimeters necessary to join Kevin’s mouth to his in a truly body-juddering kiss. His tongue tested Kevin’s lips and he opened for him, and Yuri’s hot, strong tongue entering his mouth as his whole body was being stroked and rubbed and licked was more than enough to push him over the edge.

Yuri sensed his imminent eruption and broke the kiss long enough to whisper, “Let me get that for you.” Then he pulled back Kevin’s tee shirt collar, just as Kevin had in the boytaur prof’s office, and wrapped his exquisite mouth around Kevin’s massive meat just in time to take the full brunt of Kevin’s geyser-like eruption, and the jerking of his cock and body intensified as he blew what felt like ten massive wads into Yuri’s hot mouth. They were all wrapped around him, just like a fist, and they were taking turns kissing him as he came and came and came, and he felt their shudders as they came too, spraying from their big, thick, exposed cocks onto their own abs and onto Kevin’s cum-soaked tee.

At length they were all spent, and Kevin realized they were all standing in a tight cluster, fiercely hugging him and each other. Kevin’s arms were interlaced with all the others, his hands stroking long, broad backs. Yuri removed his mouth from Kevin’s cock, gently replaced the tee shirt collar, a gave him a short, sweet kiss. “So,” Yuri said, still soft but closer to his original tone of voice, “what do you say, Finch?”

“Well,” Kevin said, as the redhead nibbled his ear and a surfeit of strong hands fondled him from all sides, “since you asked nicely—”


Part 3

After their public group intimacy in the courtyard outside his dorm, Kevin half expected Yuri’s aggressively affectionate, cock-infatuated, touch-hungry posse of overtall, endless-abbed horndog dreamboats to follow him and his clavicle-drooling megacock around all over campus, maybe even up to his room; but after a few more minutes of tightly packed casual groping they’d begged off, Yuri and the rest claiming a need to “strategize” for the contest, and they’d drifted off in a hunk-cluster toward the student center café. Kevin watched them go, a little bemused at himself and the mild wash of disappointment he felt that the knot of inseparable beauties (with, as Kevin saw, fantastic asses—hard and round and quite possibly able to take even his phone pole of a cock) had not melded him into their hormone-addled muscle-cluster and kept him constantly, blissfully surrounded by hard, sweet bodies and bright, adoring eyes for all his days to come. He’d loved being enfolded into their huddle, and as the group receded across the grassy quad, a mass of legs and long backs and hard round asses, Kevin’s hugely hard cock nuzzled his neck as if it were itself flooded with a yearning desire to feel their hard bodies crowding around him again.

Suddenly he felt that wild, almost feral shudder in his apple-sized balls and he realized with panicky dismay he was about to cum, right then and there in the open with all kinds of students milling about to watch him and point at the freak and, shit, take all kinds of videos as he lost his shit in front of everyone covered himself with his own messy cum. He vibrated for a few milliseconds, uncertain what to do, as the titanic force of his gathering explosion welled up impossibly, irresistibly, ferociously in him. He snapped and made a break for it and ran for his dorm building. It was only a hundred feet away but it seemed like a mile as he ran clumsily, his dick so hard it barely shifted as he sprinted for cover but still seeming like an unbalancing weight before him, as if he were running with phone books clutched to his chest. He hurried across the small lobby to the elevator and pressed the button, thinking the elevator car might be better than nothing if he couldn’t make it to his room, when he heard a sudden gasp.

He turned quickly all the way around and found himself staring into two faces barely two inches away, close together and more alluring, more mesmerizingly gorgeous, than any he’d ever seen, both gazes riveted on him under cascades of dark, floppy hair. Kevin gasped too and, stunned by the god-boys’ beauty, he found himself completely powerless to stop his volcanic eruption under the crazy-driving allure of their stereo, rust-colored eyes. He felt himself yank down his shirt collar and take his hyper horsecock into his mouth with hardly a second to spare, blasting so hard the moment his mouth closed around the shaft that he almost feared the fierce volleys would tear through his upper palate like bullets and eviscerate through his lust-drenched brain. He swallowed and swallowed, gulping, chugging, struggling to keep up, but the cum wouldn’t stop coming.

The whole time he stared back at the two faces filling his vision, their eyes locked with his, their uncanny hotness making his blood boil. As he stared he only became more entranced, and then, much to his dismay his orgasm suddenly escalated, his body juddering as the ecstatic thrills fried his brain. He came more and harder, his balls and overstimulated cock wrenching with each wild body-convulsing tumult, cum he couldn’t hope to swallow now pouring down his cock, soaking his battered old tee shirt with thick hot jizz.

Still cumming he felt himself teeter and he reached out instinctively with his hand. The strangers were standing so close that his open palm immediately felt naked, heavy pectoral muscle even as he felt several strong hands grasp his bare arms on both sides. He tried to push his superorgasm to a finale by adding to his stimulation, thinking he might blow a fuse, and so he began stroking the pecs he was feeling up even as he kept his gaze on those two impossibly beautiful faces, drifting across their perfect features until his gaze and pounding heart were arrested by their identical mouths and the way their thick tongues were gently licking full sweet lips that Kevin realized had been misted with splashes of his hot delicious cum. Then as he moved his hand, spreading his long fingers across the thick muscle, he realized that what he was feeling up was an impressively thick middle pec. Surprised, his eyes fell from those tasty lips, past identical stubbly shins and a pair of firm necks draped with matching white puka necklaces that contrasted nicely with warm, tanned skin, to a single yoke of broad, bulging shoulders and three hard, heavy pecs, hanging thick and close together. Kevin’s eyes leapt up as his superorgasm surged to a shuddering finale, while the two-headed stranger watched him with a matching, intense desire written on both of his lovely faces.

Kevin’s tsunami of cum finally started to tail off and he felt deliriously lightheaded, but before he could lose his footing he felt himself drawn into the beautiful boy’s embrace. As his arm slid around the heavy pecs and thick lats to glide across a smooth, broad bare back he felt forearms and hands slowly roaming his own back—how hands many he wasn’t sure, but there were more than two. He was surprised to find himself, in his giddy transcendence, suddenly sympathetic to the way all the boys on campus had been giving up on shirts, casting them aside in sudden embrace of a new code, a new look, a new feel. Certainly Kevin, in that moment of stunned, blissed-out reverie, was regretting that his ratty old shirt was in between the gentle stroking this boy was giving him across his own back and his own heated skin. Not to mention the way the jizz-soaked front was clinging to his still-gasping permaboner in a way that almost made him feel, the way his balls were churning as if they hadn’t come at all, like he might just be able to fuck his shirt and superorgasm all over again. Especially if it were pressed between their bodies the way it was now.

“I’m getting you all wet,” he slurred softly into his necks—as he’d collapsed into the boy’s arms his head had drooped into the tight space between his two heads.

He heard a chuckle and felt himself drawn into a tighter embrace. Then a low, growly, impossibly sexy voice said in his ear, “I don’t mind,” and the same voice added in the other ear, “Not at all.” Kevin’s monstercock wrenched hungrily at the sound of the voice and he felt a sudden urge to hump his incredible hardon against his new friend. Instead he pulled his head back a couple inches so he could look them both in the eye.

“I am sorry,” he said, trying to sound contrite. The boy’s faces were very close and he felt again the intense erotic stimulation he instilled in him, so potent it felt as if not merely his cock but his whole body throbbed with electric arousal. Kevin was embarrassed, now, but too aroused to draw away from him like he wanted. All the boy’s strong arms were still wrapped firmly around him, so he couldn’t pull away from him too far in any event. “I’m not usually—” Kevin said sheepishly, but he faltered, then added quietly, “I don’t know what came over me.”

Then in that moment, as he was staring into the dancing, rust-colored eyes of the beautiful face on his right, Kevin was so awash in arousal that he lost control. He pushed his face forward and claimed a deep, hard kiss, and, unbelievably, he felt himself cumming again. They kissed ravenously, holding each other hard, the boy’s hips writhing against Kevin’s groin and lust-flooded, endlessly churning balls.

Kevin couldn’t get enough of this embrace, this kiss, this chronic superorgasm, but he couldn’t make himself break away from the mack session to say so, or pull himself out before he drowned in lust, as he subconsciously feared he might.

“I know what came over you,” came the growly voice in his left ear, sounding serious and slightly abashed now. Kevin carried on kissing him, hands slowly roaming his warm, smooth back, even as the small island of his lust-suffused brain that remained at all detached observed he’d never had a lover talk low and deep in his ear while he was kissing him. His cock surged, shoving the current blast of his constant orgasm out a little more violently than the others, and he tried to deepen his kiss, their tongues alive in each others’ hot mouths.

“It’s me,” said the boy, still low and serious. “I’m making you cum.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Most of the guys doing their student work-study gig at the registrar were slightly disappointed by the way enhancements worked in the administration offices, but Orest, a short, hard-bodied Ukrainian voted “cutest face” by a landslide by his high school senior class, was really starting to dig it.

Like with everything else, Orest thought as he rattled his hands over the keyboard, processing data and reviewing the automatically generated logs of the thousands of ongoing enhancements in play across campus (and among a few selected alumni), the trick was to game the system. The dozen or so other students handling mundane admin chores in the various offices around him just accepted what they were told about their own rewards and went with it. But Orest was no fool.

The sole perk of doing work-study, spending twenty hours a week in here that could be spent going out for sports or joining one of the dozens of competitive clubs or studying to get on the dean’s list, was what was tagged “admin rewards”: you get to feel the enhancements of anyone whose paperwork you handle, even if it doesn’t actually happen to your body. So if you processed something involving, say, the basketball star Michael Yu, who these days was sporting three championship-winner cocks topping out at 18 more-than-wrist-thick inches fully hard (and 13 fat inches soft), you got to feel exactly like you had three megacocks despite the fact that you didn’t.

The average work-study drudge was mildly peeved by this for two reasons: first, it was all in your head, which meant you couldn’t show it off; and what was the point of having three 18-inch double-wides if you can’t make some other dude’s eyes bug out in lust (and, more importantly, intent)? And second, the feeling went away every time you handled a new request, the latest illusory enhancement taking the place of the one before.

Orest didn’t care about showing off, and losing one delicious illusory enhancement after another didn’t bug him too much either  –  he had a really vivid memory, so it was easy enough to conjure up what it had felt like to have fifty extra pounds of muscle or four extra arms  –  but it was in his nature to try to turn things to his advantage, and he started to wonder if there was a way to keep the old fake reward when he got a new one, adding it instead of replacing it.

Then he remembered the Pythia.

Whoever had set up the magic involved in the rewards program (and all the other strange aspects of this very strange school, most of which no one was really even aware of) had installed a web server that answered any question truthfully  –  as long as it related to registration, degree requirements, financial aid, library holdings and circulation, or anything else pertaining to administrative services. Well, Orest figured, his question counted. But he hesitated. Was Pythia monitored? What if he got into trouble? He couldn’t decide whether knowing would be worth it.

Then one day, halfway through the previous semester, Orest had been sitting at his desk thoroughly enjoying the deeply satisfying sensation of having Michael Yu’s heavy, thick monster cocks packed into his boxer-briefs, and he’d decided he absolutely had to hold onto this feeling. There was no time to waste: three student enhancement approvals were sitting in his in-box, waiting to be administered, and as soon as he picked one up this glorious sensation of three heavy, thick puds would vanish like smoke into the night air. He’d screwed up his resolve and logged onto Pythia.

He had several variations of the wording of his question in his head from having thought about doing this frequently only to back off, so he’d impulsively picked one that seemed reasonably concise and typed: “How do I aggregate admin rewards instead of trading one for another?”

And Pythia had answered: “Use the admin override.”

Orest had frowned. “What,” he typed, “is the admin override?”

After a moment, Pythia had responded: “A circle of leather at least 3 cm wide, worn around he left wrist.”

And in that moment a number of things had come together in Orest’s head. Roberto, the guy who’d trained him, had worn a wrist-strap like that, and on his last day he’d told Orest he’d love this job and given him the wrist-strap with a wink. At the time Orest had misunderstood, thinking that the leather strap was some kind of membership thing for a work-study dudes’ leather and bondage club or something, so he’d chucked the thing in his bottom drawer with a shake of the head as soon as Roberto had turned his back (and hot ass) on the registrar’s office. But now—

Too quickly Orest had jerked open the bottom drawer, causing the stray contents to tumble madly over each other like victims of a sizable earthquake. His quarry lay atop it all, resting atop a pile of paper clip boxes, empty tape spools and old pens like the winner of a game of king-on-the-mountain. He’d snapped up the wrist, undone the snaps, and pulled it on—and never looked back.

Since that day Orest had felt it all, every reward adding to what he had, and whenever it got too much he could just take off the strap. At first he’d been reluctant to, deriving escalating pleasure from each augmentation, and he’d spent the first week or so of summer break thrilled to secretly be walking around a surreal body no one could see, much less ever have imagined—standing in line at the hardware store or wandering the mall or whatever, knowing that he was really nearly 9 feet tall with 30 legs, three torsos pressed together front-to-back with three heads, four stacked chests, and hot, hard 26-pack abs each, a crazy 72 arms total, 53 cocks ranging from eight to eighty inches hard (not counting the nipcocks on his stacked chests), so much muscle he was certain he wouldn’t be able to move if it were all real, and even more—a mind-blowing surfeit of most of the enhancements generously doled out by the school’s escalating, and extremely effective, rewards program. The rest of the summer found him awash in a heady mix of vivid memories and impatient anticipation of new sensations to come.

But he’d come back this new semester wanting to try it a different way, so now he was testing out a new system: taking off the wrist strap every Monday morning and seeing what new combos of transformations he’d get by the end of the week. The semester was only a couple weeks in, and already he was loving it: he already had the sensation of eight arms, thirty new pounds of muscle (concentrated mainly in his chest, shoulders, and arms, heavy and solid and wonderful—he wanted to grope it and muscle-worship himself when he got home, or in the bathroom, or, fuck it, even a little at his desk, loving how even though it wasn’t really there he could still revel in what it felt like to have and to grab) and, thanks to a delayed reward from last semester held up by a missing assignment for last year’s football MVP, a knee-length cock almost as thick as his leg. He was enjoying the feel of that unnaturally huge beast under his desk when he pulled up the next file in his electronic inbox: a student account with two newly approved enhancements for him to implement.

Orest smiled.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kevin thought the god-boy’s declaration, that he was the one making Kevin cum harder than anyone ever had ever, was so obvious as to go without saying. He wanted to say “You sure fucking are,” but he couldn’t pull away. So he contented himself with humming an emphatic mmm-hmm! into the kiss.

There was a quiet sigh in his ear as they kissed. “You don’t understand,” the boy said apologetically. He started explaining in his low, gentle voice that rumbled through Kevin’s body like a sexquake, narrating their makeout and Kevin’s nonstop orgasm as both slowly escalated in intensity. “I’m on the baseball team,” he growled, “and we get extras every year we make the playoffs. I got arms the first year—god, I love having all these arms,” he moaned, and Kevin felt as if he were suddenly shoved into a new orgasm as if he hadn’t been cumming all this time. The boy sounded a little rough now, as if he were panting a bit. “And—cocks. The cocks were—” He trailed off, unable to articulate just how awesome getting the extra cocks had been. Kevin felt a wave of more new arousal as the boy shuddered in his arms. “But last year, when I got the heads, they screwed up somehow and they also gave me, um, a second enhancement.”

Kevin was so surprised by this that he broke the kiss and pulled back, enough to look at the head that was speaking even as they stayed wrapped in the embrace, with Kevin still spouting cum all over their shoulders and torsos. “Your enhancement is making me do this?” he said huskily. And now he did try to pull back. “I’m sorry, you must not want—” he started to protest, but the gorgeous face that he was looking at was staring at him with such naked lust that he fell into a new kiss, drowning in the sweetest, hottest mouth he’d ever mashed against his own even as his cumming intensified so dramatically it was shooting straight up from between their bodies in a constant gusher, spattering all over them from well above their heads.

“I do want,” came the voice, panting right into his right ear now, followed by a hungry lick inside his lobe that made him shudder. Kevin could feel the boy’s arms holding him harder, hands groping his back and ass, crotches and legs grinding together as they stood there transported with unheard-of passion. And then, lips to Kevin’s ear, the whispered confidence: “I only … have this effect … on guys that make … that make me cum.”

Kevin was so surprised that he was able to pull back and look him in both faces, though his nonstop orgasm and constant cum-gusher didn’t slack at all. “I … made you … cum?” he gasped, the almost unbearable infinity of pleasure suffusing his being making him barely able to talk.

The warm, sweet lips on the searingly hot right face moved, but Kevin seemed to hear the voice inside him. “I saw you just now,” said the boy in a low, guttural, beautiful voice that was raw, concentrated sex, “and,” he went on with the other head, “I came. Hard. I saw you and I came.” And with the right head he added, his lips an inch from Kevin’s, “With all my big … hard … cocks.”

And Kevin dove into a three-way kiss of such intensity that only now, as if he had only been on the edge precumming all this time instead of geysering gallons of hot cum all over themselves, did he truly explode with a real, universe-shattering orgasm, even as the two-headed god-boy moaned and shouted around their animal triple kiss with his own erupting orgasms. Kevin came so hard the ceiling was painted with cum, reveling in the shuddering pleasure of the body holding him, and then they subsided, and they were collapsing into each other’s arms. Kevin was floating on a astral plane he’d never known could exist, mind soaring through all the dimensions around us even as he enjoyed the pleasurable sensations of his and his lover’s remarkable bodies. Hands, several hands, slowly roaming his back and ass. Wet, hard bodies pressed hard together. Three mouths immersed in a kiss that was now more sensual than brutally passionate. Distantly, within the sodden enjoyment of these tactile joys, Kevin realized he was still cumming: not so much really, he thought with a kind of wry amazement, just the kind of ordinary teen-powered jizz spurts he’d used to conjure with a few minutes’ work a few times a day in the years he’d spent constantly jacking off his instahard horsecock before coming here. Now, it was automatic. He smiled into his kiss, understanding and somehow deeply loving that cumming all the time was his normal now, since he’d never let go of his gorgeous, gorgeous man.

His lover broke the kiss with one of his mouths to whisper in Kevin’s ear. “I’m Ethan,” he said softly. “I hope you don’t mind being like this, because I don’t think I can let you go.”

Kevin broke the kiss with the other delicious hot mouth only long enough to mutter, “I’m Kevin, and don’t you fucking dare.”

They dove so deeply into their new three-way kiss that they barely noticed someone coming up behind Kevin’s back, much less really registered what he was saying. “Kevin Finch?” said a male voice behind him, one of the dozen or so mostly naked jocks who got college credit and some weird kind of secret enhancements for working at admin offices that people were quite curious about but no one knew for sure—other than the admin boys, and they weren’t talking.

Before this second Kevin would have turned around to see the newcomer, but now he wasn’t on his radar, and Kevin just hummed affirmatively into his kiss, hardly divesting any attention at all from his kiss. The voice went on, something about needing to give him a couple of enhancement rewards, including his freshman six inches, which the registrar’s records said hadn’t been done yet for some reason. Some faint echo of that filtered enough for Kevin to reluctantly break the kiss and pull back a half an inch, panting and trying to get straight in his head what he thought he’d heard, but the registrar jock drone was already applying a cool, damp patch to his exposed neck. The patch was pulled away and then another one placed on the spot next to it, then that was pulled away too.

A small furrow appeared in Kevin’s brow. “I did get my—” Kevin started to say to himself, but then he caught sight anew of Ethan’s bright and impossibly beautiful eyes, and his sweet, tantalizing mouths, and he was already kissing his boy-god again as his hard, steadily cumming cock grew taller and thicker, sliding up his jizz-wet cheek until it towered, still spraying his forever cum-dousing from a cockhead towering above his eyebrows. Ethan’s other head, the one not engaged in his beautiful kiss, moaned and began mouthing the warm, thick, exposed shaft near Kevin’s ear. Then something even wilder happened, and Kevin’s orgasm intensified as his tongue thickened and hardened into a sensitive, sweet, rock-hard slab of boner, and Ethan actually whimpered, never having dreamt that he could kiss his lover and suck him off at the same time. “I,” his other head panted in his ear as Kevin started to cum in Ethan’s hot, luscious mouth, “am never going to stop kissing you, Kevin. Never” (pant) “ever” (pant) “ever!” And they were cumming together, soaking themselves and the slowly gathering crowd of onlookers with an impossible amount of cum.

But Orest was not among them. Yes, he was thrilled with his leg-sized cock that now was most of the way down to his ankles. But his new mouthboner fascinated him, and he need to find out whether someone kissing him would feel like they were going down on his mouthcock, given that only he could feel its weight, its hardness, its intense arousal.

Joey in the next cubicle liked to kiss. That would work. He needed to know, right now. It occurred to Orest, as he made his way through the students streaming toward the spectacle Kevin and his boyfriend were making, that he might keep his wrist-strap on for a little while after all.


Part 4

Kevin woke up very slowly, luxuriating in so many pleasures he wasn’t sure which to pay attention to. Just being naked in his lover’s arms was intense all on its own, not just because Ethan had so many of them but because he felt completely at home in his strong, writhing embrace. The sweatiness of their tight buff bodies even after a few hours’ sleep meant that Kevin’s forearm-thick, enormous cock, now a whole foot longer than the intensely embarrassing colossus it had been only a few months earlier back in high school and reaching all the way up to his forehead, was slipping pleasingly between them, and Ethan’s own cocks, bigger than huge but dwarfed by Kevin’s fence post of a cock, gently fucked Kevin’s hard abs in a way Kevin found deeply stimulating. Their skin was heated as it pressed and slid together, muscle and cock moving against muscle and cock, hands and fingers against warm, muscled skin.

They’d been kissing even in their sleep. Waking up with Ethan’s hot, luscious mouth and languidly lolling tongue around the big iron-hard boner he had instead of a tongue now, their lips sliding and mashing together as his hard, eager, sensitive cocktongue probed deep into Ethan’s keen, wet mouth—that was fucking rapture, his heart filling with abyss-deep elation from that alone. And that was just the kiss, the merging of his mouth with only one of Ethan’s godly mouths. But Ethan was resting the cheek of his other beautiful face on Kevin’s cheek and was licking Kevin’s ear, alternating hungry moans and soft, low, teasing whispers that shuddered through Kevin’s body down to his toes.

Underneath all of this, like the sea surrounding a deep-swimming merman, or the pounding of subterranean bass riffs in a room full of rock-blasting subwoofers, was the ever-present throb of Kevin’s constant, rhythmic, low-level orgasm, both of them thrumming with suffusion after suffusion of deep euphoric bodyslam, his ridiculously enormous cock shoving pint after pint of warm cum, his mouthcock cumming over and over again into the baseball jock’s sweet, passionate kiss, and Ethan’s cocks cumming in sympathy again and again against their spunk-slick torsos. Perhaps the most intense pleasure of all, Kevin realized as he deepened their kiss, was that Ethan, beyond beautiful, beyond blessed, was totally in thrall to Kevin—no, not to Kevin alone, but the near infinities of pleasure they aroused in each other.

“I can’t get enough of you,” Ethan murmured in his ear, and Kevin just hummed into his kiss, around his thick, gently cumming mouthcock. Ethan whispering things like that to him all night made his cocks thicken with endless, almost unslakable passion, and Kevin suddenly came a little harder, forcing Ethan to swallow a huge extra gout of cum. Ethan smiled as he swallowed hard, and his other mouth laughed breathily in his ear.

“Unnnh, you guys are killing me,” a voice groaned thickly, and Kevin and Ethan looked up, not breaking their kiss, to where Augie, Ethan’s nerd-cutie of a roommate, knelt on the floor behind the end of the bed where they were laying. They watched as he tried unsuccessfully to catch a gush of cum from Kevin’s spasming cock, his wide, thick-lipped mouth kept politely a couple of inches away from the fist-sized head of Kevin’s stupendous dick. His face, glasses and all, was covered in Kevin’s thick spunk, as was his cum-drenched hair and his bare, tight but unmuscled torso.

“Have you been drinking Kevin’s cum all night?” Ethan laughed, as he and Kevin looked at him, still not breaking their amazing fellatio-kiss, though their sucking and humping rhythm was slowed down considerably now that the real world was intruding on their euphoria. Kevin didn’t know anything about Augie beyond brief, barely aware first impressions from when they’d come back to Ethan’s room, but it sounded from Ethan’s tone as if Augie was prone to doing things that made sense only to him.

“Don’t be wack,” Augie said, sounding exasperated. He gestured to the red plastic bucket he was bending over. It looked like it was a quarter full of cum and Kevin realized, with some chagrin, that it must all be his. “I came over to check on the bucket. You know, the one I got from the bathroom cupboard last night when I saw you guys were making a mess.” He clicked his tongue as if disapproving of all the seed Kevin was producing, which was pretty funny considering his face and glasses were covered with it.

“And you happened to get in the way of Kevin’s jizz?” Ethan asked, his voice low and growly even when engaged in playful banter.

Augie didn’t answer right away. He met Ethan’s eyes, the ones on his free head, just for a moment, then they dropped to Kevin’s before skittering away. “It smelled… sweet, kinda,” he admitted at last. He rubbed his chin a little, exposing a bit more of his thin, dark goatee. “What, a dude can’t be curious?”

Ethan grinned and then, done razzing his roomie, he sank his mouth onto Kevin’s already well-marked neck at that deliciously sensitive spot just where it met the increasingly respectable curve of Kevin’s trapezius. Kevin murmured softly into his mouthcock mack, deeply appreciating Ethan’s attention to that spot—he’d gotten it on both sides as Ethan had periodically switched heads, so he’d felt Ethan’s long tongue along the bulge of both traps, the point sliding into the seam where they met his neck. Ethan liked his broad shoulders as much as anything about Kevin, maybe because they were within reach of that wicked extra mouth, and Kevin was glad to let him lathe and worship him there and anywhere else he chose along his increasingly buff frame. Kevin didn’t work out apart from running and bicycling, but he’d been noticing his naturally well-defined muscles had been inching toward a bit beyond that description over the weeks since he’d gotten here, and given how much he seemed to turn Ethan on he was not going to question it too much.

Kevin closed his eyes, falling back into the timeless reverie of continual sub-orgasm as Ethan rolled them onto Kevin’s back, switching heads so that an eager, rested mouth and tongue could minister to his relentless mouthboner. His other lips drew along the faint stubble of Kevin’s firm jawline, pretending to ignore the colossal erection shoving between them, though the way that his fat, forehead-high, super-sensitive, cum-slick, jizz-spurting pole slid wetly along Ethan’s ear and cheek meant that Ethan was teasing himself as much as he was Kevin. He wanted to believe it was just him and Ethan in the universe, and the level of sensation overload he was experiencing made that a real possibility. But the infinitely comfortable cocoon he had been in with Ethan had slipped open. He felt the amber autumn dawn on his closed eyes from the east-facing window, and some sixth sense told him Augie was still there, watching them, crouched by their bed only a few feet away.

He slowed his kiss and then reluctantly pulled a few inches back from Ethan’s face. The irony of hours spent kissing was that he hadn’t seen those unbearably attractive faces in what felt like forever, and taking them in now, with those rust-colored eyes boring into his, was like a skewer through the heart—two faces, though, so it felt like two stabs of yearning need as his eyes shifted from one face to the other. Then he let his eyes shift to the digital alarm clock next to Ethan’s bed. It felt like a betrayal just looking away from him, more so to fix a time to their timeless ecstasy.

Those rust-colored eyes softened. “You have class this morning?” Ethan asked gently as he kissed Kevin’s cheek, positioning himself on his elbows over where Kevin lay in the sweat-damp sheets. It was as if Ethan had made some sort of vow to always be sensual with one mouth when he was talking to Kevin with the other.

Kevin nodded sadly. So much was being being covered in his 9 a.m. general chem class, and so quickly, that he felt like he was already lost. Staring at Ethan’s rivetingly beautiful faces tempted him to chuck it all and just live wrapped up in his man, but Ethan’s sad smiles told him Kevin wasn’t going to be allowed to flush his college education just for a bit of unending, soul-satisfying, bone-deep bliss. He felt his lips curve around his protruding mouthboner, and Ethan’s smiles inched wider.

“Maybe I can just drop my courses and add yours,” Ethan said, though he obviously thought this was a long shot. His brows furrowed slightly. “Hey, what’s your major?”

Kevin weighed trying to say “Undeclared” around his cocktongue and instead opted to just shrug his broad shoulders.

Ethan’s expressions cleared, “Oh, right,” he said. “I remember hearing that registrar dude say something about your ‘freshman six’.” He frowned with both faces at Kevin’s forehead-high cock, which was still fat and flushed and quivering with need just from being near Ethan. “I figured you already got yours, but…” He raised his eyebrows, impressed.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “I did,” he managed to say around his thick erection.

“No way!” he heard Augie say from behind his head. He raised his chin to get an upside-down look at him. He was still crouched near the foot of Ethan’s bed, but he seemed to have found a towel or a spare tee-shirt to wipe himself off with because his pale, goateed face and defined, bare chest was mostly clean of Kevin’s spunk, the main bit of remaining evidence being a few whitish streaks across his glasses. “You’re that huge because you got the F-6 twice?” he asked incredulously.

Kevin shrugged and nodded. “Shit,” Augie said, standing up abruptly. He turned and left Kevin’s restricted, upside-down field of vision, muttering unintelligibly to himself. He heard the door close a moment later, and Kevin gladly shifted his head back to look at Ethan, who shrugged his extra-wide shoulders expressively at his roommate’s antics.

“Augie and I are both juniors,” he explained. “They weren’t doing the freshman six when we started, and I think Augie was already a little jealous of the augments I’ve gotten.”

Kevin looked from one face to another and smiled contentedly, setting into the mattress as the warm weight of Ethan’s trim, thickly muscled body pressed against him. He wasn’t the least bit jealous of Ethan’s enhancements, because he wanted them on Ethan, not himself. To look at those impossibly gorgeous faces, to feel his hard powerful muscles under his hands and revel in being wrapped up in Ethan’s many thick, strong arms, to enjoy those hard, ready cocks humping against his cum-slick abs and saturating it all the throb of the constant push toward arousal and climax that Ethan instilled with him just by breathing and being near him—all of that was perfect, toe-curling joy.

Ethan kissed Kevin, gently but throughly, and Kevin felt a surge of orgasmic release flood through him, rushing loudly in his ears. When Ethan pulled back, Kevin’s heart was still pounding hard. Ethen licked some escaping jizz from his full, bruised lips. “And with you being a freshman and me being a junior,” Ethan said with the mouth that wasn’t licking manjuice off his lips, “I guess merging our classes is a nonstarter.” Kevin felt a sudden throb of excitement as Ethan said the word “merging”, but was distracted as Ethan asked, “What time is your class?”

Kevin glanced at the bedside clock again, then turned back to Ethan with a sigh. If he hurried through a shower and booked it across campus at a jog or better, he could make general chem more or less on time. “I got it,” Ethan said. Much to Kevin’s displeasure Ethan rolled off him to one side and started pushing at him with several hands, like he might try to roll Kevin out of the bed. Kevin whined. “Go on,” Ethan said. “Go wash up, and I’ll find some clothes for you.”

Kevin clambered out of bed. A quick glance around the room confirmed Augie was nowhere to be seen. Kevin’s revelation about the bureaucratic blunder of his extra enhancement must have induced him to go and do… something (Kevin couldn’t imagine what). The massive weight of his towering erection seemed to push down on his groin as the head-high hard-on tried to bow out in front of him. He wrapped an arm around it and pulled it to him, clutching it in his elbow so it pressed tight against his chest. Then he turned to look at Ethan, and his breath caught. From their first meeting they’d never been further apart than a few inches. Now he had his first real opportunity to take him all in. Ethan, amused at the way Kevin froze to take him in, settled himself in a sitting position, cheekily inviting Kevin’s adoration.

His whole physique was stunning. He sat leaning on two arms behind him with the rest relaxed in his lap, two cocky smiled aimed at Kevin. Kevin trailed his eyes down him like a caress. His skin looked warm and tanned in the amber morning light. Three oversized pecs, supporting those six mighty arms, loomed over a hard-cut eight pack. To Kevin’s surprise there was a fair amount of dark hair dusting the heavy pecs and running down the bricklike abs, all of it smeared and matted with sweat and cum. Against those abs lay three heavy, rigid, uncut cocks, with sizable balls below, and Kevin felt the first pang of regret at his new tongue enhancement as he considered possibly never being able to take one of those beautiful dicks into his mouth. He vowed to himself that he would learn the secret to the mysterious constant erections that Professor Warren had teased him about, because there was no way a permanent mouthboner would keep him from sucking any and all of those luscious red cocks.

Bent loosely in front of him on the bed were two perfect jock-honed legs, like his triple chest dusted with dark hair. Kevin wondered if he ran and if they could run together. Two extra-large feet, as big as Kevin’s or bigger, completed the picture. He let his gaze drift back up to those beautiful faces and his heart skipped a beat.

He would have been speechless even if he didn’t have a mouthboner, so he just briefly tilted his head to one side and behind him in invitation. “If I join you in that shower, freshman-twelve,” Ethan growled, “you’ll never make your class.” That sounded just fine to Kevin. He felt kind of high, the euphoria of orgasm threaded with the simple joy of being with Ethan suffusing his thoughts and feelings. Ethan, however, just rolled both sets of eyes and made a shooing motion with a two or three of the hands that were resting in his lap. “Go!” Ethan instructed, but he was still smiling.

Kevin went, smiling dopily around his protruding mouthcock as he padded down the hall naked and barefoot toward the showers with his towering dick held against his torso, completely oblivious to the awed stares and sudden, involuntary erections he elicited from Ethan’s randy, appreciative dorm-mates as doors opened along the long hallway, one after another.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Going to class was a strange experience.

Ethan had two kinds of shirts: some had two separate collars, and others had one big opening through which both heads would fit. Once Kevin came out of his shower Ethan lent him one of the latter, letting him leave with a quick three-way kiss and a reluctant shove. Kevin found the wide opening of the shirt had a few unexpected benefits. Not only did it let him carry Ethan’s clean, distinctive smell with him as he strode across campus, but it made slightly less of a problem of his towering, forehead-high, indomitable erection than it might otherwise have been. It remained hard, hot, and heavy, spurting precum at random intervals; but where with one of his own shirts the collar would have mashed the thick megaboner against his face, the extra-wide opening Ethan’s shirt provided let his pole lay along his neck and shoulder, near the shoulder strap of his bookbag, while the snug fabric kept it vertical. He also liked the shirt a lot: it was midnight blue with the logo of the coffee shop from one of his favorite graphic novels, The Last Weredragon. He hadn’t even known Ethan was into stuff like that, and he was as excited about talking about all of it as he was to kiss Ethan some more and maybe have a go at fucking him.

He tested his leaky mouthboner with a tap of his finger and sighed inwardly. Maybe all the convos about dragons and all would have to be by text.

Now that he was out of the fog Ethan put him in he was a little less oblivious to the looks and grins he was getting as he made his way to the chem building. He expected to be nervous and self-conscious, but oddly enough he found he wasn’t, not as much as he thought he would be. Having a boyfriend helped—and he was pretty sure that’s what he and Ethan were, since he couldn’t imagine them not being wrapped around each other whenever possible from now on. He felt more confident now. God, just remembering Ethan’s admission—he had made Ethan blow his wad, spontaneously, right there in the quad. The memory sent shivers up his spine and drove him close to his own instant climax, but he fought it down and kept walking.

And then there was Yuri and his worship-ready posse of super-handsome, extra-abbed hunks. They’d been watching Kevin all this time, and though most of this had to do with what had, until last night, been a fat, beautiful, clavicle-kissing monster erection, he got the sense that it wasn’t just his dick that drew a whole cluster of very tight, very hot buddies into his orbit.

Ugh, he wanted to cum so bad. He could hardly restrain his hands from moving up and stroking himself, so he kept them firmly in his pockets until he got to the chem building.

The hallways of the chem building were more crowded, and Kevin instantly became the center of attention. An older student, a little shorter than him but built like a wrestler with six thick arms, moved in front of him. He was shirtless, like almost all the freshmen and most of the rest of the guys on campus today, exposing a hairy chest to match his short, curly dark hair, and his soda-can thick, uncut twelve incher curved up and out of his army-style pants like it was describing the arc of a six-foot circle. Kevin stared at him, a little taken off guard and the guy’s boldness (and his bold dick). Weirdly a thought struck him: if this guy had a mouthdick, would it curve around out of his mouth, the same way both of Kevin’s were straight? Fuck, you’d have to plan kissing him like a football play.

Kevin shook his head as the wrestler guy crowed, “Whoa, you’re the biggest freshman yet!” He was looking up and down Kevin’s monster shaft in awe, ignoring Kevin’s mouthcock for now. He turned to the other guys that were gathering around, most of them likewise shirtless, hot, and drooling from inches of exposed bonerflesh. All of them were pretty good-looking, from defined and rangey to fucking built, and all had at least two extra arms and some a lot more. Another posse, Kevin thought, curious. Guys seemed to cluster in groups on this campus—too many hormones, maybe, too much sexual need. Most of them were taller than wrestler guy; one was a head taller than Kevin. “All hail the Freshman King!” he said to them. They all laughed and chuckled. Kevin rolled his eyes, though he was starting not to mind this kind of attention much at all.

Kevin made to slip past them, but wrestler-boy put a hand on his shoulder. “You know the rules, your majesty,” he said.

It was another five minutes before he got to class, because everyone crowded around him claimed a shot at caressing his incrediboner. It took all he had to suppress an orgasm. Wrestler-built guy (Kevin figured he couldn’t actually be a wrestler, what the the prohibition on enhancements that would give an unfair advantage) unsurprisingly chose to use all six hands for his socially sanctioned caresses, and the others followed suit, stroking his tool along every available inch as he moved slowly forward through the group. As he passed the extra-tall guy, the one a head taller than him, he saw him eyeing the head of his dick with parted lips, and Kevin shot him a don’t even think about it look. He had a boyfriend—and fuck, even if he did want a posse, Yuri’s probably had prior claim on him.

As if thinking of them conjured their presence, Kevin had no sooner pushed through the extra-arm dude-cluster than he saw the distinctive shirtless, jeans-clad form of the very cute, very thickly cocked redheaded senior from Yuri’s abs-piled-high squad. He was just passing out of a lecture hall as Kevin reached his, maybe fifty feet down the hall. He looked up and Kevin watched his eyes rivet on him and his heavy, heat-radiating, forehead-high, weeping erection. His mouth fell open slightly in an O. Kevin shot him a quelling look, but it was wasted as its target quickly pulled out his phone and started texting madly, then lifted his phone and took a picture. Kevin got his middle finger up a second too late.

“Settle down please,” his chemistry prof said from the room he was standing just outside of. “No sex acts in the actual classroom. That means you, Mister Castillo,” he added pointedly toward someone in the back.

“Sorry, prof,” came an obviously unrepentant voice from beyond Kevin’s field of vision. The lecture hall rumbled with laughter. Kevin took one more look up at the redhead, who was watching him avidly as he texted with both thumbs. Kevin shook his head at the ridiculousness of his life and went into the lecture hall. He climbed up to one of the middle rows and found a seat, conscious of the heat of his slick erection against his neck, and tried to focus on chemistry instead of the stares and grins of the guys around him.

Yuri’s whole group would be waiting for him after class, he knew that, to ask him what he’d done to his dick and, very likely, to, well, show their enhanced appreciation. He had very mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, he wanted desperately to wrap himself around Ethan and not let go of him. But he couldn’t be with Ethan all the time; Ethan had texted his schedule for the day and they wouldn’t even be able to see each other until mid-afternoon—and his team had an away game this weekend that would separate them for actual days. The way he felt now, sexed up beyond anything he’d felt as a horny teenager, his balls would probably explode if they were left that long.

Meanwhile, he was acutely aware that the simmering primeval pleasure he felt from Yuri’s group wrapping him up in their attentions was a very different kind of feeling from the explosive, passionate euphoria he felt when he was with Ethan. Sexual need on this campus was so high that group affection seemed common. Did people have boyfriends and posses, to take care of all their needs?

Fuck, did Ethan do that with his team?

He had to focus on chemistry. He tried hard, and after he’d calmed his hard-thumping heart a bit he managed to slip into the lecture the prof was giving, All the guys around him were taking notes, listening and paying attention. He could do it too. It was a skill you had to have here, and guys who’d been here longer than a freshman like him could seemingly engage in schoolwork when they needed and play when they wanted. He’d have to learn how they did it. Ethan might be able to teach him, except—Ethan seemed infatuated with him. He might be having exactly the same problem right now.

Hell, maybe that was what the posses were for. Letting off steam. Evening things out. Maybe… maybe it was okay to have both. Maybe everyone had both. He wanted and needed Ethan, he might even be falling for him, but there were so many kinds of wants and needs. … Or maybe it was all moot and the abs guys would be mad, if the bureaucratic cock-up (so to speak) that had given him an extra freshman-six somehow disqualified him from the homecoming best-cock competition.

They’d been watching him even before that, though.

Chemistry. He forced his attention on the class and managed to forget about his guy-related dilemmas for a while.

Half an hour from the end of the class, however, he looked up from his notes to sense a bit of movement in the doorway. He glanced over and saw Yuri standing there in all his shirtless, extra-abbed glory, impossibly handsome as he caught Kevin’s eye and grinned. Kevin’s heart started pounding in his chest again. Fuck, he’d have to figure all this out soon. He tore his gaze away and tried to concentrate on the lecture, but it was several more moments before his brain registered anything the professor was saying.

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