Me and my big brother

by Elliott Corbett

 Kameron experiences a magical summer with his big brother, Kyle.

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When I think back to my childhood, I remember my family’s lakehouse with fondness. That old house holds so many memories. My brother and I spent summer after summer in the crystal clear waters, diving off the pier, riding jet skis, and lounging away the hot days. It was a terrific childhood but the year I turned 18 stands out as the most significant year for me, my brother, and that old house.

I am getting ahead of myself. Let me give you a bit of history about the two brothers named Kyle and Kameron.

We grew up in the 90s. That was when you still played outside until dark and video games were great but not our lives. It was also a time when being an “out and proud” gay kid was not very popular. Especially in the South. Will and Grace was popular but they hadn’t changed the whole country yet.

Kyle and I were two years apart but always close and, unusually the best of friends. He was the oldest but growing up we both had matching swimmers builds, greenish/blue eyes and natural blond/brown hair. Mine was a bit more naturally curly and Kyles filled with waves. Our younger years, we were often mistaken as twins. The High School and teen years changed that and removed our similarities. Teenage years tend to separate the masses between the jocks, nerds, preps, and plain awkward. Kyle and I Felt that natural selection first hand.

Kyle was the typical straight-A Gorgeous Jock. Football quarterback, straight out of an 80s teen movie. He was the poster boy for that “type.” His athletics and daily workouts guided him to a much larger build than me. I went through a heavy stage in high school. I no longer had a swimmer’s build and my only 6-pack was Coca-Cola. I wasn’t into sports but excelled in chorus and drama.

I was always a bit “fem” acting. I didn’t set out to be that way, it’s simply how I was (well, am). I often got a lot of grief because of my natural mannerisms. And anytime Kyle knew about it, he was right there to set the bullies straight. Although we would never have been friends in the 80s teen movie script, we remained as close as any two friends could be.

When Kyle left for college, I was devastated. I felt like my world was gone. My days were no longer filled with the warm-hearted big brother and the first year without him, I got very depressed. I stopped eating, but that depression turned out to be a great weight loss plan. We stayed in touch for the first year. I coveted the holidays.

His second year, things changed. It was my senior year. It was the first year that I started to “come into my own,” if you will. I got in shape, lost the weight and gained a bit of much needed independence. Kyle didn’t come home much that year. He was studying to be in the medical field and devoted all his time to school. That was the first year we drifted apart. We slowly developed two separate lives.

My Senior year was coming to an end and the summer was beginning. Our parents, being a bit older than the norm, had both retired by the time I finished High School. Dad from establishing and selling a multi million dollar insurance firm and mom from 30 plus years in pharmaceuticals. Their dream and plan was to travel.

The year was 1998.

Everything changed and I found out what having a big brother really means.

June 5th, 1998. I walked across the stage and accepted my high school diploma. (Kyle was too busy to make the event, but I had become used to his absence.)

The next day, my parents hugged me said goodbye and pulled out of the driveway in a new 48-foot motor home. They were headed in a 3-month trip across the country.

On June 7th I threw my bags in the car, locked the house and began my own trip, trip to our family’s lakehouse. I had always told my parents that I wanted to spend the summer before college at the lakehouse. I reflected on the past year as I drove the two hours to the lake. It had been a great year but I was still dealing with my sexuality. I hadn’t told anyone, now I realize that everyone knew but me.

I’m a procrastinator so by the time I left and got to the house it was dark. But I was on my own. No parents, no rules, and a whole summer to explore any other “possibly gay, but not really” guys who were at the lake that year? Maybe there was another guy like me looking for a summer romance?

I had no idea what was headed into my life.

I pulled up the drive and under the cart port. I walked up the stairs to the familiar front porch. Motion sensor lights came on every step of the way illuminating the familiar path I had ran so many times as a child. I turned the key and pushed the old wooden door open. The wonderful must smell took me directly back to the years with my family. I pictured the hundreds of times that Kyle and I raced to cross the threshold first. We hadn’t been in a few years. I felt tears fall from my eyes as the nostalgia of the moment swept me away.

I went to the master bedroom and unpacked. The last time I was here was two summers ago when we had our grandparents’ 50th anniversary dinner. For years my family would spend this same week at this house because my birthday was June 8th. This year I would turn 18. However I insisted to have a quiet celebration alone. That’s what I had always planned.

Like some movie montage, I wanted to spend my 18th birthday alone at the lakehouse preparing myself for the rest of my life. I had pictured some symbolic day of self-reflection where I would gain some inner strength and my future would fall into place because of my newfound independence. Drama, remember?

I soon fell asleep to the wonderful sounds and artic cold air produced by the huge old AC unit in the corner window. I dreamt of many things that night. One particular dream was of Kyle. I guess the old smells triggered memories. I slept as comfortable and secure as I always had within those walls.

The sun began to shine through mini blinds and it crept its way slowly towards my face. I revolted against its intrusion and shoved myself beneath the covers for the wonder slumber sleep.

I had just started to drift back into dreamland when I heard something from the kitchen side of the we house. I shook it off as I heard what I thought was some groceries I had brought falling to the floor. Plank!!

Okay, that’s not groceries. My slumber 100% now over as my fear became completely real. It’s gotta be Jason from Friday the 13th. I’m at a lakehouse, alone. It was definitely the lakeside stranger. He had come to kill his first gay victim like some kind of Dahmer copycat.

I slowly pulled myself to the edge of the bed. It was cold. The trusty AC had done its job and brought the room to a meat-hanging temp. Clack!!! Yep, it’s a killer, and he’s not even trying to be discrete.

I waited until the AC compressor started again so the killer couldn’t hear my steps. Maybe I could run out the front door. I was only wearing a pair of well-worn Calvin Klein boxer briefs but the neighbors would just have to see the goods. This was life and death.

I stepped to the bedroom door and peeked through the space between the frame and the door. All I could see was a baseball cap and large frame. He appeared to be going back out the back door. That led to the rear porch where he was obviously getting an axe to kill me. I quickly opened the door halfway and bolted to the front door. DAMNIT!!

It was locked and we had installed a key-lock deadbolt in years past to prevent someone from breaking the glass and opening the lock. It was planned for safety. Now it would be the thing that caused my death.

The rear door shut. He was coming back in. I ran back to the bedroom, heart beating through my chest. Oh okay, help me, I thought as his footsteps started towards the bedroom. I didn’t know what to do. I hid behind the door. He slowly walked into the bedroom where I had left the door halfway open. It was dark in the room, only the few rays of light to help guide me in this situation.

He slowly came in and walked over to the bed. He seemed to be planning to just start slashing me right there without waking me. I held my breath and watched as he got closer and closer to the bed. I had to do something before he realized no one was in there.

As any level headed, in the closet, 165 pound gay drama major would do… I screamed and ran out the bedroom to the back door, pushing the intruder over the nightstand and onto the bed. I continued down the back stairs, around the house and towards the pier.

Yes, I ran to the pier. (I now have respect for people in horror movies. They are not thinking logically.) I ran onto the pier. Not to the street. Not to the neighbors. I ran to the pier. I guess I would have to swim away from him?

I got to the end of the pier and looked back towards the house. The killer was standing on the porch. My contacts not in and glasses were somewhere in the now-toppled nightstand. I couldn’t see any details but I could see him on the front porch.

He started walking down the steps towards me.

Panic! He was deranged. He was coming to kill me. In broad daylight. He started yelling… my name. “Kameron!!” Oh dear God in heaven, he knows my name. I bet he hid under my car like the killer in Cape Fear. He’s been stalking me for years. Waiting for me to be alone. He’s gonna make a coat outta my skin. “Kameron, come on!!” he yelled as he walked closer.

Not today, Satan! I jumped off the pier and started swimming to the neighbor’s dock. I was a pretty good swimmer and was halfway there when I turned around. I saw my killer at the end of our pier holding his stomach laughing. I wiped my eyes and squinted. “Bro, Kameron, it’s me, it’s Kyle!!!

What? Kyle??

I suddenly felt like a complete idiot. Our lake was not terribly deep and always crystal clear. I was wadding water then dropped my legs to realized I could stand. As the cool crept between my toes, the water level was to my shoulders. The cool water managed to help me regain my composure as the reality of all this came into my mind. I slowly started walking and treading water back towards our pier and my hysterical big brother.

“Oh my god, you almost tore the back door off.” Ha ha ha Bahaaa!! He was rolling.

My embarrassment now turned to anger. I climbed up the steps onto the pier and lunged at Kyle. “What the hell bro. What the fuck are you doing here? You scared the shit outta me.” I shouted. “Damn you man!”

Still laughing, Kyle put his hands up to defend my shoves. “Hey hey, I’m sorry, I was gonna surprise you for your birthday.”

“Well you managed that, asshole,” I yelled and gave him one final shove as I stormed off towards the house.

“Kameron, hey bro, I’m sorry, don’t be mad. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Kyle retorted as he started coming after me.

In my greatest dramatic performance to date, I marched back up onto the front porch and turned towards him. “I seriously could have had a heart attack, did you even think about anything? Mr Doctor?” Realizing how super silly I had just sounded, I turned and looked at him.

I hadn’t seen Kyle in almost a year. If he had been studying, it must have been in a gym with tanning bulbs in the ceiling. He stood there in ripped jeans, brilliant white sneakers a black tank top that clung to each muscle as if it were holding on for its very existence. A well-worn white shirt hung beautifully over his perfect shape, and up top was a college cap with that perfectly curved bill.

I looked into bright green eyes and saw true regret as if his county fair balloon just got popped getting into the car. I melted a bit, but still held onto my self-presumed sibling rivalry and smiled.

“But. I guess it was a little funny.” I shot him a small smile and brief parole from his previous condemnation.

He beamed a million dollar smile back at me and said, “Damn right it was, you almost made me stab myself with the nightstand and lamp.” He ran up onto the porch to give me a hug. “Doofus…”

His arms engulfed me and I melted into his touch, his friendship, and his general love for me. The connection was immediate. We both jostled one another and tossed each other’s hair as we shared a heartfelt greeting.

He pushed me back and said, “Lil bro, you look great. Damn, do I need to barricade the door to block all the high school hotties from getting in here? Mom and Dad said you’d lost weight but damn bro. You look incredible.”

I blushed and literally soaked in the compliments like a dry sponge. I had changed. Braces were off, my chest was defined. I had an early tan which made my teeth even brighter than they actually were. I’d also let my curly hair grow a bit going me a surfer kid kind of look. I hadn’t started to realize the changes until that moment. I think about that even today.

Kyle’s next comment left me with a permanent blush and a bunch of questions. “I can’t get over the change. Definitely gonna have to board up the doors when they find out the two gorgeous Kirkland boys are in this house,” Kyle continued as he made his way past me to the front door.

“Bro, shut up. I’m still pissed at you so I’m not buying the flattery and all that ‘Kyle charm’,” I shot back.

Then he looked down and said, “No flattery needed, lil bro. From the looks of what’s slipping out of those wet shorts, it appears that you’ve grown a delicious, gorgeous charm wand of your own!” He added that last bit with a wink and walked into the house.

I looked down and somewhere in all the struggles my old Calvins had ripped. One previous tear had now been opened much further, and a new rip at the “easy access” front pouch had also appeared. These two strategic tears had left the large mushroom head of my cut cock, and the mid-section of my hefty shaft, exposed to the morning sun. I quickly covered myself and went inside, red as a beet.

What had Kyle said? Did I hear him right? Did he say delicious? Talking about my dick was erotic and exciting enough, but I’m sure he didn’t say “delicious”? No. Right… I was filled with emotions I had never felt before. Something stirred within me. Something erotic, yet taboo. I questioned every word spoken on that porch. Today I know what he said, I know what he meant. But in that moment I had no idea what that summer would hold.

Author’s Note

Please let me know if you’d like to see the next chapter!

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