Mr. Rainbow Hair

by iHeywood

 In this one-shot story, the lead singer of a gay pop/punk band meets a twink at a concert. They end up fucking.

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My band, the “Fvckboys,” were on the US leg of our world tour. We were playing a show in Vegas when out in the audience I saw a guy that I had seen before; many times, actually.

But before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about the Fvckboys. Aster is on the drums, Waylen on the keys, my twin brother Calypso plays the bass and sometimes sings, and then there’s me, Cosmo. I’m the lead singer and guitarist of the band.

We just released our second album a few months ago and are touring to promote it. We started in the US a couple of weeks ago and already played six shows on the west side of the country.

Anyway, back to the story…

All through the beginning of the show, I kept looking at this twink in the general admission section right by the stage and just couldn’t put my finger on where I recognized him. It wasn’t until halfway through the show when we were doing our first ever single, “Out of Tune,” that I realized I had seen this guy at every show thus far on the tour.

He was absolutely adorable in that hairless twink kind of way. He didn’t look like our usual fans. He was dressed in khaki pants from what I could tell and a short sleeve button-down plaid shirt. No doubt he wore a pair of loafers too.

Our fans were typically of the punk/goth variety. One thing that stood out about this guy though was his hair. It was colored to look like a rainbow with multiple layers going through each of the six colors. Honestly, he was hot a fuck. Or should I say “fvck”?

For the last song of the night, we performed our latest single, “Until I Open My Mouth Up Again” to a roaring crowd. I was so hot and sweaty from the whole show and the audience really had me going so I took off my shirt and threw it out into the mosh-pit area. Funny enough it landed right over that guy’s head.

He pulled it off, stuffed part of it in his mouth, and raised both hands in the air making the classic “rock ‘n’ roll” symbol. I winked at him and finished up the song.

After leaving the stage the crowd was demanding an encore so after a couple of minutes, the guys and I decided to come back out and do one last song. I mean, hell, after a show like that, they deserved it.

The guys and I were surprised to see that half of the arena where fans were sitting was empty. I guess they wanted to head out and beat traffic. So, we told everyone still there to come on down to the general admission area for a more intimate affair.

Even though were just released our second album we were already working on songs for our third so I thought we should play a song we had just written as a group. Well, I wrote the lyrics, but all four of us worked on the music together. This song was a ballad and was called “What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?” I checked with the other guys and after they all gave an approving nod, we started the song.

Periodically I would look around the smaller audience but for most of the song, I looked right into that guy’s eyes. His piercing green eyes felt like he was looking right into my soul. We connected on some level while I was singing. It was a beautiful moment with both of us having tears in our eyes. But it was over when the song was finished and the guys and I gave our last goodbye and walked off the stage.

As it was with most concerts, the loyalist of fans usually waited outside the venue for the artist to come out and get on their tour bus or whatever to leave. This night was no different. I really was hoping to see Mr. Rainbow Hair.

I was the last out the side door of the venue behind Calypso first, followed by Aster then Waylen. I got a huge smile on my face as soon as I spotted him.

When I got to him, I just wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight to me. There was a rod iron barricade separating us but I didn’t care. I needed to hug this guy and thank him for being such a fan. I reached into the pocket of my leather vest and pulled out my phone after I took one arm away from him.

While still with the other arm wrapped around this cute guy, I whispered in his ear to give me his phone number and that I would love to chat with him soon. He looked stunned but took my phone and put in his number.

I suddenly heard Aster calling for me from the limo so I kissed the cute guy on the cheek and started to walk away. Then I remembered I didn’t know his name and asked him, hollering over the crowd.

“Miles,” he hollered back.

Once in the limo, I looked at my phone and saw the screen was still on the page where he put his number. I immediately saved it to my phone under “Mr. Miles Rainbow Hair.”


“What a fucking night!” I said to myself when I finally got to my hotel room and threw myself on the bed. “That was the best show these guys have done yet! And that new song? Fucking beautiful.”

The whole time walking back from the arena to my hotel I had a hard-on thinking about the sexiest fucking guy I had ever seen. Cosmo Paisley. I couldn’t believe I had actually given him my phone number, or even that he asked for it!

It took me about 30 minutes to get to my hotel room, I walked slowly to savor the moments of the night and really needed to take a shower. So, I pushed myself off the bed and stripped naked. I looked at myself in the mirror criticizing every inch of my body. My pale hairless skin, the existence of zero abs, and my small dick. The one thing I had going for me was my butt. I had an awesome bubble butt that jiggled whenever I moved.

While I was in the shower, I heard my phone go off a few times. When I got out, I checked it and I saw 5 texts from Cosmo.

“Hey, Mr. Rainbow Hair. It’s Cosmo”

“Aw, that’s a cute nickname. I accept,” I thought to myself with a smile.

“Are you up?”

“Guess not. :(“

“Wanted to see if you wanted to hang out. I’m wired from the show. And felt like you and I had a connection. You are so cute and really turn me on.”

“Oh fuck. I shouldn’t have sent that.”

It was really funny to see the vulnerability of a famous rock star. I texted him back while I still had a towel wrapped around me.

“Hey, Cosmo. Sorry, was in the shower. You want to hang out? Really? With me? Uh, I’m pretty wide awake now if you’re serious.”

He texted back right away, sort of like he was staring at his phone trying to force a text from me to come through.

”Hi. :) yes, I’m serious. I know this is forward but you are so so sexy and I’m really horny. I could really use some help with my big cock.”

I knew Cosmo had a big cock. The band had done a nude spread for a gay magazine when they were first starting out. Cosmo’s cock was fucking huge. Like over two-feet long huge. And his balls hung down to his knees. Not many men sport that size of cockmeat but the four guys of the Fvckboys did. Cosmo was the largest of each of them.

And he wanted me to help him with it. Fuck yeah!

“I’d love to. Uh, I mean, yeah, that sounds cool. I can bring you your shirt back.”

Cosmo replied.

“No, no. Keep it. Can you be ready in 20? Where are you staying?”

I texted back telling him what hotel I was booked at and he said he would have a car come pick me up. So, I got dressed and spent like ten minutes trying to figure out what to wear.

I settled on trying to look as sexy as a guy like me could; so I took the t-shirt Cosmo threw to me at the concert and found a pair of scissors. I cut it into a crop top and chopped off the sleeves. I also cut around the neck hole. I hope Cosmo wouldn’t mind when he saw it. Then I opted for a pair of short running shorts I brought to go for a run in the morning. They really showed off my ass-ets.

When I finally made it down to the valet, I saw a black Lincoln Towncar with a driver leaning against the side with his arms folded in front of him.

“You Miles?” he asked.

“Uh, yep, that’s me.”

He opened the door to the back seat and said, “Get in.”

I got nervous all of a sudden. “Was this guy going to kill me?” I thought to myself. “Was that the plan all along?”

It only took a few seconds for me to get those thoughts out of my head. Cosmo said he thought we connected and I felt it too, to be honest. Something was telling me he wasn’t really a “fuckboy” and wanted to find real love. But could that be me? Doubtful. But even having 5% of hope was enough to try. Especially with Cosmo-fucking-Paisley. That 5% of hope consisted of Cosmo fucking Miles.


When I heard a knock at my hotel room door I got up and walked to answer it. I was buck-naked. I hope that wouldn’t scare off Miles. Aside from needing to get off, I really liked the guy. There was just something about him that told me he could be the one.

Being a punk/rock musician, I had a sort of image to uphold. But I really liked the way I looked anyway. I was built like a God with a buff, muscular body. Tattoos covered most of my body. I had multiple piercings; both of my nipples, my right eyebrow, my bottom lip, and the tragus of my left ear. I also had four to five piercings on each earlobe. And my hair was shoulder-length and dyed black with pink and purple streaks throughout.

My 26-inch cock was so heavy it didn’t stick out and lead the way but it was still hard as fuck while it hung over my low-hanging monster balls. Before Miles got here I was digging my tongue into my piss slit and jerking off.

When I opened the door I nearly fell over when I laid my eyes upon the beautiful man on the other side of the door.

Miles looked sexy as hell. I immediately pulled him inside and started kissing him. His tongue actually pushed into my mouth before mine had the chance. As we were making out, I picked him up and carried him into the bedroom. He wrapped his legs around me and started moaning as we were kissing.

I was leaking so much pre-cum that it left a trail on the floor heading towards the bedroom.

“Wow,” was all Miles said when I laid him on the bed and broke our kiss.

“I’m so sorry. You are just so fucking sexy, I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s okay, Cosmo.”

We both looked at each other for a moment.

“So, uh… Are you gonna fuck me or not?”

I liked his bluntness.

“Do you think you can take me?”

“I haven’t had anyone as big as you in real life but I’ve used toys pretending you were fucking me.”

“Oh?” I gave a sly grin.

I took my cock and lifted it over Miles’ body pointing it at his face.

“Are you sure about this?”

Mr. Rainbow Hair just brought his head forward and kissed the tip of my bulbous mushroom-shaped cockhead. When he laid his head back down I noticed a string of pre-cum stretching from my cock to his lips. He took his tongue out to lick his lips and moaned.

“Oh, fuck,” I said before stepping back from this beautiful man and getting my leaking cock ready at his tight rosebud. But before I could fuck him, I need to take his shorts off. I grabbed hold of them at his ass and ripped them right off of Mile’s body. There was no way he would be able to wear those again.

As I started to push in, I was surprised by how easy my gigantic cock went in. I took small steps back toward him while pushing my cock inside with each step. I released a loud guttural moan when I rubbed against his prostate.

I kept pushing but came to a stop when I hit Miles’ second hole.

“Keep going. Please keep going!” he begged.

So, I continued by his request. Once I made it through, I started to see his stomach moving. It looked like a fist was punching his guts. But it was my cock. And it was hot as hell.

“Fuck me, Cosmo! Damn it, fuck me! I can take it!” Miles screamed. I obliged.

I started to pick up speed thrusting in and out of his now loose ass hole. His head from thrown back and his eyes were shut as he was rocking back and forth on the bed with each hard thrust.

I hadn’t even noticed he was wearing the shirt I had on at the concert. He cut it up a little but I didn’t care. I’m glad he made it his own. And the fact it used to be my shirt made it even sexier.

It gradually got easier and easier to fuck him so I started picking up speed again and got to where I was banging him so hard the whole bed moved and was hitting the wall. No doubt Calypso, who was in the room next to me, was hearing this.

After around five minutes of pounding this stud, I pulled him to me and forced his mouth on my right nipple. I took right it and started playing with it. He was licking all around it with his tongue and sucking on it and even biting it a little. It turned me on so much that I knew I was about to cum.

And cum I did.

It was my turn to throw my head back and moan. But it wasn’t really a moan, it was a scream. A scream of pure ecstasy.

Shot after shot of my rock star cum started shooting into Mile’s guts and ass. To his surprise cum also started shooting into my mouth from my nipple.

His eyes got wide as he was still latched up. I heard and moan and start sucking again. Meanwhile, cum was shooting out of my other nipple too.

Suddenly I felt something wet between us and looked down to see that Miles’ dick was shooting cum too. He was nowhere near as big as me but his 7-inch dick was so hot. I brought a finger down, got some of his cum, and fed it to myself.

After I finished cumming what felt like gallons, I collapsed on top of Miles who was down laying on his back on top of the quilt.

“Miles, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Me too, Cosmo. Me too.”

“I know this sounds crazy but will you stay with me?”

“Duh! I’m staying the whole night. You’ll have to give me a pair of shorts though since you ruined mine.”

“No. Like forever.”

My cock started to deflate. I pulled it out of him and laid on the bed next to him propped up on one of my elbows.

“I’m confused. What do you mean forever?”

“This isn’t the sex talking. I promise. And I know it’s crazy, but from the moment I saw you tonight I knew there was something about you. And then when I realized you were at every show so far during this tour, I knew you loved me. And when we hugged outside the arena and even before that during the encore…

“We connected. There is a bond between us so strong that I have never experienced before. It’s like I wrote that last song about you before I even met you. You, Mr. Miles Rainbow Hair, is who I want next to me for the rest of my life.”

“You…you want to marry me?”

I laughed. “Maybe someday. But right now, I don’t want you to leave my side. Come on tour with me, with the band. You can go home whenever you want…if you want.”


I never went home. Well, I did here and there for short little visits but Cosmo was my home now. I finished out the US leg of the Fvckboys tour with him and then we all went to the UK and then Australia.

Calypso, Aster, and Waylen were super welcoming of me. So was Bruce, the guy that picked me up at my hotel in Vegas over a year ago now.

The night the band won seven Grammy awards was a hell of a night. We all ended up having a huge gangbang. Somehow, I even managed to get DP’d by Cosmo and his twin Calypso while they made out with each other.

But that’s a story for another time.

The Fvckboys have since released two more albums. And are about to release their first greatest hits compilation. The band decided to name it after me: Mr. Rainbow Hair.


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