Muscle creatures

by Tadmorph

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Without pausing he grabbed the hand grips and in a wide arch brought his palms together, pausing at the top he squeezed his chest tight, the separation in his pecs strained, he let out a sharp breathe. Impressed by the pump Nate felt his rock hard chest:

“Squeeze that chest, fuckin’ pump it. That’s it, squeeze.”

Jim, lowered his arms and repeated the move, this time with an even tighter contraction. Nate was sitting on top of Jim, in fact he was impaled on Jim’s muscled cock. Nate was lifting himself up and down in time with Jim’s cable flyes, filling his ass completely with Jim’s prodigious meat whenever Jim cranked out another rep. Jim had his eyes closed, concentrating on the feeling in his chest and heat in his loins.

“Tell me how that feels,” said Nate softly.

Jim exhaled with an contraction of his chest and Nate’s sphincter.

“I feel like every muscle in my body is growing bigger. Lick my chest and pick up the pace.”

Nate obliged after devouring the sight of the heaving mound of muscle under him. Suddenly Jim grabbed Nate’s waist still holding the hand grips and pounded into him. His lower pecs were now in constant contraction, Nate lapped it up and forcefully they fucked, sweat dripped off Nate onto Jim. Finally grunts poured out of them into the barely lit gym. The pump in Jim’s chest, the feel of his pecs under Nate’s hands, the pressure of Jim’s hands on Nate’s tight waist holding him down on Jim’s cock and the contractions in Nate’s ass held their intense orgasm past where sex normally took them. Ropes of cum spewed over Jim’s chest, face and had even reached the mirror behind. Inside Nate’s ass a torrent of jism had been poured. It was now oozing out over Jim’s thighs and dripped onto the gym floor. Now Jim’s eyes were open and saw the sweat covered Nate, hands resting on Jim’s abs staring at himself in the cum stained mirror. Nate looked down at Jim, they were both shaking after their intense orgasms. Basking briefly in the glory of the hottest muscle fuck they had ever experienced, they disengaged. It took all Nate’s strength to raise himself off Jim impressively long cock, Nate’s triceps bulged as he just managed it and they lay on the gym floor breathing heavily.

In time, Nate recovered enough energy to stand. He squeezed his abs and climbed to his feet. He slowly walked the gym floor, watched from behind. He enjoyed the feeling of being completely naked—a pumped toned muscular body walking freely amongst the weights. It made sense, his muscles had been made here. Jim savoured the sight of this awesomely built man amidst the low lit room, the dimples in his muscle ass twitched with every step. Nate owed every ounce of muscle to the weights over which he now gently traced his fingers. Occasionally a drop of sweat or cum fell from his body. Nate paused at various machines, stretching his muscles by performing a rep or two.

When Nate turned back Jim, he found he’d made his way to a smith machine and was doing an effortless set of wide pull ups. Nate decided to make them more challenging. He grabbed a bench and wheeled it under Jim, he then laid down on it and flipped his cock up straight. Blood was returning to it and it now stood tall, a vein thickly pulsing down its length. Jim’s ass lightly touched Nate’s prick.

“You’ll need to get lower than that, stop cheating on those reps.”

Jim lowered himself very slowly onto Nate’s cock, inch by glorious inch. He rested his hands on Nate’s generous quads, his wide back obscuring Nate’s view of the mirrored wall.

“Back to work!”

Jim obliged, raising his hands to the bar he started performing pull ups, impaling himself on Nate’s cock with every descent.

“Ah yeah, fuck that’s good…ah yeah. Come on Jim—bigger range of motion. I want to see my cock head impale you and my balls touch your ass!”

Jim lifted himself completely off Nate, who squirmed in anticipation below, then he lowered himself completely. Letting go of the bar he braced himself with one hand on Nate’s thigh and the other on his abs. Jim stared at Nate’s face which was twisted in rapture as Jim ground his ass further into Nate’s groin. Jim then raised his ands to the bar and repeated. Various speeds of descent and ascent gave Jim an amazing back pump and groins of pleasure from both of them. When Nate tired of not being in control and Jim was at the top of his ascent, Nate kneeled on the bench and raised his hands to the bar with a grip wider than Jim’s. Nate ascended as Jim descended and the unexpected even more forceful pounding of Jim’s ass brought a long loud moan from Jim’s lips. They fucked and bucked in mid air, as Jim came his grip gave way and they both fell hard onto the bench. Nate bottomed out into Jim, extending Jim’s already intense orgasm and sending Nate over the edge who poured cum up Jim’s formidable muscle ass.

Still impaled Jim twisted his head and began an long open mouthed kiss. Nate’s hands ran over Jim’s torso and twitching cock, the cum he found over Jim’s hard abs and pecs, he introduced into their mouths that made Jim even more turned on, devouring Nate’s tongue and fingers.

Finally Nate lifted Jim to his feet, turned him round and threw him against the mirrored wall. Jim’s hot sweat and cum stained body relished the cool of the mirror as he stood stuck to it, arms and legs wide. Nate lying chest down on the bench aligned his throat with his mouth and with his hands clamped around Jim’s tight waist began a slow deliberate sucking. Both with eyes lightly shut concentrating on every sensation. They were cooling down and the air con was at a temperature where a one moment Jim shivered, goosebumps covered his body but his cock was steel hot. Nate began the final assault on bringing the muscle man to climax, in deliberate adept waves he sucked and impaled his throat on Jim’s meat. There was no rush and Nate began to feel exactly the speed Jim needed. Jim reached down, he planted his hands firmly on Nate’s head and began to fuck his throat with a consistent rhythm. Nate spluttered but revelled in the feel of this mound of meat filling his mouth and throat. Jim’s balls were bashing into Nate’s chin and as the head of his cock swelled, steel chord like veins in full relief along its length and finally with a low bellow Jim grunted and came deep and hard down Nate’s throat. Nate grabbed at the base of Jim’s cock and milked him for all he was worth. Jim’s entire body tensed, his once smooth skin now riddled with veins, shivers of orgasm racked his body while Nate swallowed the muscle milk imagining it literally packing on more muscle to his frame.

They were done. Without a word they disentangled a strode leisurely out of the low lit gym and into the brightly lit changing rooms gym shorts in hand. They opened their respective lockers threw in the sweat and cum stained shorts and padded their way into the showers. They chose the largest cubicle and turned on the water, and very carefully and tenderly they washed each other. Nate raised Jim’s arms and inspected the join of his pec to the top of his abs—marvelling at the transition as Jim raised and lowered his arms. They scrubbed and felt and relished each muscle, its heft, curve and weight. Nate got on his knees to inspect Jim’s cock, run his fingers over the veins and bulbous head. Only once extending his tongue to lightly lick the head—but nothing more.

Out of the shower they towelled each other down and returning to their lockers they started dressing. Jim saw Nate about to put his briefs on and moved over to help. Jim squatted down and grabbed the briefs around Nate’s ankles and behind his slow tug over the full calves and then started squeezing the small briefs over Nate’s generous quads. After the struggle the Lycra bands slapped tightly around the top of the thighs, around his tight waist and dramatically hugged his prodigious package. Jim turned Nate around, admiring his handiwork and how incredible Nate looked—gleaming white briefs hugging this tanned god. The jeans took even more work and getting a polo shirt over Nate’s arms proved a considerable challenge. Jim adjusted the sleeves over Nate’s full bodied bis from him, both staring into the full length mirror. Nate squeezed his biceps while Jim dressed. Jim turned Nate around and began tenderly kissing Jim, their lips gently touching, their hands on each others asses—pressing their groins together, making their already strained jeans even tighter. Jim flicked Nate’s nipple which protruded through the cloth. Nate readjusted some of Jim’s clothes, making sure he would turn all heads as the walking wet dream he was. With a slap on each others glutes as a sign of a good workout, they were good to go. They picked up their bags and made their way up the basement stairs, out of the gym and into the night.

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