My man

by hyperboi

Straight jock Brian is okay with his muscle queen roommate, Kevin, affably resisting Kevin’s playful advances. Kevin, however, has some ideas about how to give Brian a change of attitude.

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The flamboyant singing voice made Brian stop reading his book and close his blue eyes in irritation. It was, of course, his roommate Kevin being his usual “fabulous” self. The man in question closed the door of the room they shared, walked past his desk towards Brian and leaned on the back of the seat Brian was on.

“You reading, stud?”

“I was.” He closed his book and showed him the cover.

“Greek history… that’s so fabulous!” Kevin said as he made an impressed face as he put his hands on the sides of his face.

Brian sighed and rolled his eyes at his roommate’s blatant lie. He was a history major. Kevin a technology major. And Brian well knew that Kevin he disliked history. He also knew why he had made that claim, and his suspicions were confirmed by Kevin’s next statement.

“I wish I had lived back then, the ancient Greeks were so HAWT!” He exaggerated his gesture of being too warm as he faked he was giving himself air with the palm of his hand.

Brian valiantly avoided making a facepalm, despite how much it was called for. He might have been the most tolerant guy in the word towards gay people, but Kevin was the embodiment of every gay stereotype. He dressed very fashionably, but always in colors bright enough to blind others, and mostly pink. He always moved bouncing his hips right and left, and it was as if his hands couldn’t stay still. His voice was always exaggeratedly feminine and every once in a while he’d even give a shriek or two. Sometimes more than once in the same sentence. He used makeup to highlight his pretty features, and the way he gelled his hair he looked as though he were trying to emulate Lady Gaga without resorting to wigs or weird hats.

Besides, he was also the sluttiest guy in the whole college. And it was a huge college. There was even a rumor he had once serviced the whole football team as cum-vacuum after a big game, and though Brian wasn’t sure it was true, he knew Kevin was up for it should any such occasion arise. Actually, he had the nickname Vacuum and he never seemed bothered by it. His cocksucking abilities were so impressive he must have had (oral) sex with half the guys in college, despite seeming some days, from a combination of his exuberant personality and the relative, buttoned-down conservatism of the remainder of the student body, like he was the only gay guy there.

Normally, a guy like him would have been object of some major bullying, if you also expect all tech-major guys being smart, skinny nerds. But surprisingly, Kevin had freakish genetics. He went to the gym every day, and usually stayed there for a whole hour; but out of that hour a good 50 minutes were spent in non-stop chat with cheerleaders or checking the guys out. And yet, still he was in perfect form. He had great proportions, barely any body fat and he was buff enough his muscles could have gotten him mistaken for a good-sized fitness model. Many people lusted after him, envied him, or both. He had managed to seduce more than a few straight guys, and Brian was sure that if he were gay, he would have slept with him ages ago.

Kevin, of course, knew perfectly well that his roommate was straight, but despite that (or maybe because of that) he liked to taunt him and would try out any seduction possible with him. Brian sometimes was bothered by it, sometimes was amused, but in general he didn’t really care what Kevin tried or faked trying. He knew Kevin wasn’t serious about it and inside, it flattered him such a sexy gay guy was trying in so many ways to bang him.

Brian didn’t give it much importance, but he knew he was considered a hottie. He had had plenty of girls, almost as much as Kevin had guys. But he said he had a good reason, as he claimed not having found the girl of his dreams yet. Every time, after a while, it kind of felt off, as if something was missing. He had almost considered trying with a guy, but every time he pondered it, the muscle-queen he had as a roommate came to mind and it instantly made him discard the idea. He guessed the reason would be that if he was gay he would prefer a more straight-acting guy, crossing the limits of the bromance camaraderie his teammates enjoyed.

He played water polo and despite being quite good at it, he never considered being serious about it. He only did it because it was a sport he could do. Just swimming always seemed boring, football players were too arrogant, and the track team always complained he needed to cut weight. And he wasn’t overweight or anything. He was actually very fit and muscled, but the track team coach said he had too much muscle slowing him down—which wasn’t true, he just liked to eat and work out and had big muscles as a result, but it didn’t make him slow or anything. But the coach didn’t even let him try out. Just because track runners were supposed to look like anorexic models, thought Brian bitterly.

Brian glanced at Kevin taking off his magenta tank-top and bouncing his pecs at him, winking. “I’m free later, wanna hook up, stud? Be my man!”

“Be my man” had always been some sort of funny iteration between the two, especially for Kevin. Brian sighed and shook his head, rolling his eyes. “Next time, dude,” he replied as usual, going back to reading.

Kevin chuckled, not expecting any other reply, and took off his pants too. Kevin loved hanging out in the room in just his undies. And not normal undies, but flashy undies, sometimes gay-designed, some even with a hole in the butt! And in so many colors and of course, with a pouch that accentuated the package, which Kevin didn’t need whatsoever.

Brian couldn’t help glancing curious at his roommate’s bulging crotch for a second. He almost blushed. He didn’t know if it was on purpose, but the briefs looked a couple sizes too small and the root of the snake was visible an inch at the very least, and from the bulge displayed, it continued at least 5 more. And it was apparently still soft.

Yeah, some guys have all the luck. Brian wasn’t that gifted, but he wasn’t small either. His 7-incher never had any complaint from his conquests. He wasn’t bothered by his roommate’s half-nakedness; actually, he was almost impressed. He himself would never be bold enough to do that. He had always been modest in clothing, even indoors in his own space where you were supposed to dress as you liked. He never showed too much skin if he could help it (sports didn’t count). It was somehow… embarrassing, even if his body was the envy of some as well. And being naked was even worse, he could never do that, and was grateful his roommate hadn’t gone there yet. Despite everything he did, Kevin was respectful of him and always knew what was going too far.

“Bria-aaaan, have you already seen my new briefs? What do you think? Aren’t they totally fabulous?” He jumped a couple times, making the huge bulge to bounce obscenely.

Brian just kept reading, trying to ignore the slutty display in front of him. “Yeah yeah, totally.” Then he smirked, “Makes you more of a dick, I guess.”

Kevin made a shocked face and put his fist on his hips, as if offended. “Oh! You’re hilarious!” He emphasized each word with a hip move. His package followed each move. Then he grinned and hugged him from behind “But don’t worry babe, I forgive you cause you’re that cute.”

Brian sighed but said nothing else, already used to these outbursts and knowing the way of dealing with them the quickest was ignoring him.

It did the trick as Kevin went to the desk next to Brian’s and started his laptop. Soon the room was filled with the sound of fast typing. Brian glanced for a moment at the screen next to him and as usual, quickly gave up in trying to get what his roommate was typing. Some sort of code.

“Damn, it’s like a whole new different language…” he said, shaking his head.

“Of course it is, dear.” Kevin replied, giggling.

Brian rubbed his eyes with his thumbs. “So, what project are you working on right now?” He stretched in his seat. He needed to move. Actually he felt like going to the gym to work out, as it wasn’t a practice day.

Kevin eyes didn’t left the screen “Project? Hum… I guess you could call it that, but it’s not for any class. This is just an audio file for my near-future total enjoyment. And maybe yours, who knows.” He replied, playing mysterious.

Brian raised a brow and went back to his book. After rooming with Kevin for almost two years now, he knew well the mystery act would finish up not revealing anything in the end, no matter how often he asked.

Then, after a while, Kevin gave a little “hooray” and clapped his hands very excited. Brian glanced at his hunky roommate wondering, “What now?”

“Let’s give this li’l jewel a try…” he mused in a low voice and a deviously smile.

He then typed for just a couple seconds, turned the volume of his computer on to the max and hit enter.

Surprisingly for Brian, there was no sound coming out, but more surprisingly, Kevin didn’t seem bothered by it, as if he had expected it all along.

Before he could joke about an audio file that couldn’t be heard, the most surprising thing came next, Kevin stood and, facing him, removed his flashy briefs, letting his huge cock bounce free.

Brian’s jaw fell, not by the sheer size of his cock (he already expected it to be that size), nor for his balls who were equally huge, at least lemon sized each, but by the boldness of his roommate.

“Dude, what the…”

“What is it, Bria-aaan?” He stood there like a Greek statue.

He was going to reply with sarcasm about him not enjoying the view right now, but surprising himself, he replied with, “It’s not as if we used to hang naked here.”

“Well, isn’t that odd?” he replied, smiling, a hip move with each word, making his floppy dick to move, almost slapping his sides. “After all we love to wear as little as possible whenever we can, right?”

Brian frowned. “We do? Hum…” Then his face showed surprise. He did. He loved his body and loved showing it. Actually, he kind of disliked being clothed at all. He looked down at himself and wondered why he was wearing so many clothes in his own room. He must have been distracted when he’d come home.

The sound of his friend’s cock slapping his sides sidetracked him from the thought and he frowned as he started removing his tee shirt. “Would you stop that already? You’re doing it on purpose.”

“You got that right, stud muffin.” He smiled as after the tee shirt came Brian’s pants and without a second thought, his boxer-briefs.

Damn, this feels great, Brian thought, feeling free from clothing at last. But it was somehow odd. Why had he been wearing clothes in his dorm? It wasn’t as if Kevin would have any problem seeing him naked, due to him doing the same (and liking guys). And of course Brian didn’t have an issue with other guys being naked as well. It would be hypocritical of him to complain about others doing what he liked most.

Kevin seemed fixated in Brian’s crotch. “Damn, I wished I had done this long ago…”

“Done what?”

“Never mind that, dear… by the way, would you like helping me with a little something?” Kevin asked

Brian narrowed his eyes and looked down at his friend’s crotch. “As long as it doesn’t involve your junk in any way… and it’s quick. I need to go to the gym in a bit.”

“Oh it will only take you two minutes, or…. well, five. How does that sound?”


“Hum, how about I talk about you to Amy Waterfields? I know you’ve had your eye on her for quite a while.”

That sounded good, but still: “Aaaaaaand?”

Kevin sighed. “And it doesn’t involve you doing anything with my crotch.” He noticed Brian raising a brow, Kevin rolled eyes “Or yours. Happy now?”

Brian chuckled “Fine, what you need?”

Kevin gave a little jump of joy and quickly sat down in his computer, typing like mad. “I just need someone to hear this new audio file I’m creating to check if they can.”

“If they can?”

“Yeah, there are sound frequencies the human hear can’t notice. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist or reach your ear, though. I’m testing the limits of what human ear can catch.”

“Isn’t that already tested? I bet there are companies doing audiphones and stuff that…”

“Oh shush! I wanna see if I can do it, ok? Aaaaaaand… done!” He connected some earphones to his laptop and gave them to Brian.

Brian put them on and shrugged. “Okay, ready.”

“Good, just tell me if you can hear the sound, okay?”

Brian nodded and Kevin hit a key in the laptop. Brian waited and listened, but there was no sound. He looked at Kevin, who smilingly arched his brows, as if asking, but Brian shook his head no, which made Kevin’s smile broader.

A minute afterwards, Kevin said it was enough and collected the earphones. Brian felt a bit confused “So… was the test a success?”

Kevin looked away and smiled “Part of it yeah.” He crossed his arms in front of him

That distracted Brian. He noticed the vein in Kevin’s left bicep and the striation in his pecs. “Which part?” he asked, distracted.

“Never mind that, now. Weren’t you going to the gym, stud? So was I!” Kevin smiled even broader when he noticed the unusual attention, but didn’t mention it.

Brian shook his head, he felt silly for checking out his friend’s arms like that, but damn, they looked big! Anyway, he started preparing his bag; a towel, water bottle, clean briefs, deodorant… he hung his bag on his shoulder and approached the door, opening it. Then glanced at his roommate, who was sitting on the end of his bed, one muscled leg crossed over the knee of the other and texting someone. The leg crossed like that made the right calf (being pressed from being by the other knee) huge.

He shook his head, a bit irritated by his constant checking out “You coming?”

“One second.” He stopped texting, then looked at him. He couldn’t help laughing.


“Are you really going to the gym like that? Oh hi, Lester!”

That made Brian realize two things. One, he was still naked. Two, he was still naked with his door open, so that anyone could see him naked—like the guy just passing by who’d stopped in his tracks, too surprised by the display to say a thing.

Brian shut the door. What the hell was he thinking? He went to his closet and dressed. The moment he had his clothes on, he felt kind of irritated and bothered, too warm and trapped. He really liked it best when he wore nothing.

“What is it, dear?” Kevin asked, amused, as he was dressing himself.

“Nothing, I just wish people didn’t give such importance to clothes…”

“So we could be naked everywhere?” Kevin chuckled, then made a surprised face “Why didn’t I think of that before? I mean, I did but only with…” Then he realized he had been speaking aloud and stopped. He finished preparing his things and clothing and jumped excited when he got a text. “Yay, he’s coming!” he flexed his arms and shoved his elbows backwards, in triumph, distracting Brian again.

“To the gym? Who is?”

“Derek Robertson.”

“You mean, Radiofreak?” Brian asked confused.

And he wasn’t being rude or anything, it’s the nickname Derek had. He was doing an audiovisual major and had shared some classes with Kevin. He also was the one usually managing the radio and speakers for messages in college. But what was surprising would be seeing him in the gym, as he was one of the most out-of-shape people Brian knew. And considering Brian’s house back home was next to a donut shop, he had seen more fat guys than he could count.

When Brian asked if Derek would be helping Kevin in his project, Kevin just nodded, but didn’t add anything else.

He didn’t have too much time to ponder about it once they arrived at the locker room to change. Brian got naked in record time and took a deep breath, enjoying his nakedness and the freedom it gave him, then put on his jockstrap and then after a bit of mental struggle, some shorts that reached mid-thigh, revealing his nicely defined quads. Then he took his tank-top and, before putting it on, turned to Kevin, then stayed there staring at him as he stretched, still naked. He couldn’t help glancing down towards Kevin’s cock which looked bigger than ever and was hanging low…

He heard a chuckle, which got him out of it, and looked up towards Kevin’s smiling face. “Happy to see me, stud?”

Brian just stared at him, confused, then followed his roommate’s glance down towards his own crotch which was… tented.

“The hell?!” He sat down looking around, but they were alone in the locker room.

“Must be the heat.” Kevin smiled as if he knew some sort of secret. “You’re gonna train with that?”

“Why, is it unfashionable or something?” he joked, trying to forget the boner incident. Which was hard to do (so to speak). He didn’t know why. He pondered for a second if his sexy roommate might be the cause, but then laughed it off.

“Oh my, you didn’t know? You can workout bare-chested if you wanted, stud,” he said as he only put some skimpy short shorts. They were short and baggy but without anything holding it, his large softie could be perfectly seen going down one of the legs and if it was an inch longer it would be peeking below it.

“Damn, is that even legal?” Brian joked, still not understanding his boner not going down already. He should have jerked off before coming, he thought. Too late now.

“Relax, muffin. Let’s go!” He grabbed his water bottle and a towel around his neck and went out.

Brian was going to do the same, but when he was about to open the door he realized his boner was still tenting his pants. He went back to his bench and sat again. He took a deep breath and then the door opened. He was about to tell Kevin not to rush him when he stopped. It was Derek.

He had known Derek since before college, in middle school. They weren’t exactly friends or anything, but Brian was one of the few people considered to be a jock who wouldn’t bully him just because he was fat. He was still fat, maybe the same weight as Brian, but exchanging the fat/muscle ratio.

“Hey, Derek.”

“Hi.” He nodded back at him and started dressing for the weight room.

“If you’re looking for Kevin he already went in.”

“Oh, okay, thanks!”

“You’re gonna help him with his project?”

“What project? He just asked if it was possible that I let him check on the gym’s radio room for a bit. But even if it’s him who asked… I don’t think I’ll be able to help him… no matter how hot he is…”

Brian shrugged, it wasn’t really his business after all.

But his boner was down, so he was able to enter the weight room, which was surprisingly empty of people. Only Kevin and a couple of girls were there, chatting next to the stationary bikes. Brian put on his earphones and with Korn torturing his ears, he started his all-over workout, starting with leg press. Once he had finished his first leg exercise and had already sat to focus on his quads in the leg extension machine, he noticed Derek entering the weight room and watched Kevin shooing the girls away, who dispersed giggling.

Brian proceeded to do one set and rested. He glanced at Kevin, who was talking to Derek, but Derek seemed sad. Brian did another set and after it, saw Kevin gesticulating wildly with his hands at Derek, who was listening patiently, rolling his eyes. Brian chuckled and stretched his quads before the next set, which was added more weight too and made him moan in the last reps. He couldn’t hear himself with the music in his iPod so high, but knew what he had done. Luckily, only Derek and Kevin were there, apart from him, but…

“Holy crap!”

He stared amazed at Kevin. He was stroking Derek’s leg with his as he kept on talking with one hand on Derek’s shoulder and the other scratching the back of his head, hiding the fact he was flexing his well-muscled arm. Brian was as entranced at that arm as Derek was, and took him a while to notice Kevin’s victim was tenting in his shorts.

It was obvious what was going on there, but Brian was surprised to see Kevin actually trying to seduce the overweight guy to get what he wanted. He then saw Derek nodding and with his shoulders surrounded by Kevin’s arm, they left the weight room, leaving an astonished Brian alone in the room with a tent of his own.

He then looked down and noticed it. He cursed.

“I freaking need to get my load out already.” He shook his head and sighed.

As he resumed his workout and moved on to back exercises, some people started entering the weight room. Most of them were football jocks and Brian realized that was the usual time the football team used the weight room (when they decided to do so). Soon about 20 guys filled the weight room area and Brian started regretting his choice to come here now. Not because the disliked them, quite the contrary, some were friends of his and with his body he looked like part of the team—he more buff than some, actually. But today they were kind of distracting. He had to force his eyes away from some of them, especially the ones who had decided to go bare-chested like him. He was also apparently unable to control his cock, which that day seemed to want to grow and get hard in the worst situations, like when he stared at the flexing muscle of some of the jocks around him.

He saw one of them waving his arm at him and he took out his earphones.

“Hey Brian, can you help me?” Chet Daniels asked him.

He nodded and let his dumbbell down, stretching his arm as he approached the jock. Chet was the quarterback of the football team and one of Brian’s acquaintances. They weren’t as close as some of his own teammates in the water polo team, some of whom were there too, adding to the growing crowd of jocks in the weight room; but they had partied together and had even fucked the same girls. Sometimes one would go out with the girl the other had broken up with just before, but they didn’t compete with each other when it came to dating. They were quite cool about that fact.

Brian reached the bench press where Chet was. “Need a spot, dude?” he glanced at his friend’s pumped pecs and swore to kill his boner once they were back in his room. He was forced to stick out his butt a bit so his boner wouldn’t show so much.

Chet frowned. He looked deep in thought. “That too, but I need advice with Tina.”

Brian chuckled. Tina had been Brian’s girl just a couple weeks ago. “What about her? I already told you she loves the neck kissing.” He put himself behind him, already with his hands on the bar, checking the weight. “Only 300? If you turn into more of a pussy you’ll need to be fucked soon.” He joked.

“Fuck you man, add a couple of 50s, will you? Anyway, I know, and that was a great help but since a couple days ago she keeps bitching when we fuck. I dunno what I’m doing wrong.”

Brian added the disks and got ready to spot him. “You haven’t tried anal with her, right? She hates that.”

He halted the bar after five reps. “What? No! I mean, I haven’t reaaaaaally tried yet, I bet she’s really tight there, but… Heeeey, and how do you know she hates it, you bastard?” He resumed his reps with a smile in his face until he started struggling.

Brian helped him, almost getting lost in the swelling in his pecs in those last reps and helping him rerack the bar.

“Let’s just say…. Yep, she’s really tight. Actually too tight. It hurt her when… hum…”

Chet sat and laughed, then punched him in the shoulder. “You dick! So that’s why she started to bitch when I rubbed my cockhead against her ass. Whooo! Careful there boy. Stop remembering banging my girl!” he joked as he noticed the boner in Brian’s shorts.

“Fuck! I dunno what’s wrong with me today!” He complained as he sat down, waiting for the boner to go.

“Have you started with another girl yet?” Chet asked, adjusting the weight in the bar for a lighter set.

He shook his head. “None since Tina. There is Amy, but I still haven’t…”

“Wait right there, lover-boy! You better not be referring to that cheerleader with the curly ponytails and the bubble butt.”

Brian looked up at his face, confused “Why? Is she taken?”

Chet laughed. “Thank god no! That bitch is no good, man, I tell you. And I heard she caught a bad case of crabs when…”

“Ooook, no need for details, man!” Brian laughed as he went back to his forgotten dumbbell. “You’d better reassure Tina about that anal misunderstanding or she’ll never let go of it.” He reminded him before he put his music back on. There was music in the weight room, but it wasn’t that good. He should have talked Derek about it before… then he remembered what those two might be doing and shook his head, his boner was back. He sighed.

About ten minutes before finishing, as he was working his abs, a guy on the stationary bike moved towards him and tapped his shoulder. He took his earphones off as the other guy suddenly lifted his head and looked up at the ceiling.

“What is it?” Brian asked.

“Sorry, never mind that, the music is back.”

“Was it down?”

“Yeah, for a couple minutes and I hate doing cardio without some sort of music…” He shrugged and went back to his bike.

Brian just checked the bulging tights of the guy, obviously a runner on the track team. He felt his boner coming back, so he resumed his workout for a bit more until he thought it was enough. Unfortunately, as he tried focusing in the exercises more than other things that were distracting him, he had lost track of time and had finished after the other guys, so it was no surprise the locker room and shower are was already full by the time he headed in there, sweating like a pig.

Most of the guys changing were almost down and were leaving but there was a real ruckus going on from the shower. He hoped there was a showerhead empty.

He got his body gel and leaving his towel with his bag, he entered the shower area. It was a large space with no separations between showers and everything was open for everyone to see. That had never mattered to him before, so he didn’t thought much about it that time.

Except… most of the guys were sharing a shower? That was weird. Some were even helping soaping their backs. Some other guys were waiting next to where he was, some with a towel on, some without and all of them in some sort of chat, smiling, joking and horsing around. That wasn’t different than usual, although… he noticed some things. Like those two jocks playing at something that seemed too close to a “slap the other guy’s dick” game, or two guys chatting with each other arms around their shoulders and with the other hand constantly readjusting something bulging under the towel. Or that guy under the showerhead stroking the hair of the other from behind as he frotted his crotch against another guy’s butt. That last guy was moaning as he washed his crotch … maybe a bit too intently to be called “washing.”

Or those two who were, holy crap, actually jerking each other off. He was still in shock when someone grabbed his wrist and pulled him to a showerhead that had just gotten free, between the guy washing the hair of the other and two others helping each other to “wash” their too-soaped crotches. He didn’t have the time to check who had dragged him to shower until the warm water run down them both and he saw Chet’s face inches from him, his back on the wall and Chet’s hands on his pecs.

“You don’t mind, right? It’s the only way of not having to wait that long.” Then looked down and smiled at him “I guess you don’t mind…” He started soaping his showermate’s pecs.

Brian almost cursed when he realized Chet was referring to his boner, but the massage in his pecs felt good, and glancing around, he realized there wasn’t anyone in the shower area without at least a semi, with most of them fully boned, including Chet.

“Fuck! No wonder Tina was scared for her ass,” Brian blurted out. “That thing is even thicker than mine!”

Chet grinned. “Still not as long as yours, buddy.” He emphasized his words by lowering one of the hands from Brian’s pecs to his demanding boner, making the waterpolo jock moan uncontrollably. Then Chet got close to Brian’s ear. “And why am I the one doing all the work here?” he said before biting Brians’ left shoulder and neck, making him moan more, pressing their bodies together, including boners.

Brian grabbed his buddy’s face and deep kissed him, to which he wildly responded with his tongue. They rubbed their crotches together, and after being so horny the whole day it didn’t take long for him to cum, his seed drained easily with water. After one last kiss, two of the guys waiting jumped in and sandwiched Chet, which he eagerly welcomed. That made easier for Brian to retreat to the empty locker room. He quickly dressed back in just his trousers, dazed enough by what had happened not to be bothered by his tee shirt. He went back to his dorm room, too confused to reply to anyone who knew him in the way back.

He closed the door and let himself lay on the nearest bed, unconsciously undressing and not caring where his clothes landed. What the hell had just happened? Had he turned gay? Had the whole world gone gay? How was that possible?

He heard the door opening and someone staying next to him.


Of course it was him.

Wait a second. He sat on the bed and stared at his (again) naked roommate as if he couldn’t believe it.

“It was you… right?”

He smiled innocently. “Why are you looking at me as if I had done something wrong? It is you who’s occupying another’s bed.”

He realized he was right and suddenly got up. “Sorry, I was…”

But Kevin pushed him down “Hey, I won’t complain about that, as long as I’m in it too.” He got closer and sat on his lap, his soft huge cock was pressing against his upcoming boner. “Are you feeling… hot in here?” He put a hand on Brian’s chest, forcing him down again. Not that Brian was giving any resistance. That body in front of him was suddenly everything he desired at the moment. Kevin laid on him and kissed him in the lips. Brian extended his hands and started touching the perfect body on top of him, opening his mouth enough for his tongue to meet Kevin’s. He felt his roommate’s bubble butt rubbing on his hard member and with his eyes half closed, felt a rubber being put on it, then it was swallowed by something soft and hard at the same time and tight as well. Both hunks moaned and let their bodies decide what to do.

When Brian woke up, he was hugging a muscled body. The muscled body of his roommate. And it felt so right. He remembered. What he was, what Kevin had probably done. No, he was now sure it had been him.

Kevin stirred in his arms and he also felt something hard poking his abs. He looked down and, despite never seeing it—the day before was a bit of a daze—he knew well the shape and size it had. He resisted the urge to suck it or even touch it. He was too comfortable right then.

It felt right somehow.



“I know what you did.”

“I see.”

“I almost know how you did it.”

“Wouldn’t expect less from you, stud.”

“And I’m mostly sure of the why.”

“Well, what can I say, muffin?”

“Don’t say anything.” He tightened his hug and explained what had happened in the showers the day before. It only made Kevin’s pole to drip pre in more quantities. “I only have one question for you about what you did,” Brian said.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.” Kevin replied, starting rubbing his boner against Brian’s

“When can we go to the city radio station to repeat it?” and he starting sucking on Kevin’s left trap and neck.

Kevin chuckled, moaned, chuckled again and repeated what he had just said. Or almost.

“Anything for my man.”

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The e-journal by hyperboi Tyler’s birthday is not going well: no one can come, not even his parents, and his big brother is being an obnoxious bully as usual. Plus he’s horny as heck. At least his best friend gave him a gift: an e-journal. He decides to write in it not about the way things are, but the way he wants things to be. Added Jul 2018 18k views 4.7 stars (25 votes) 3,597 words •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Multi-balls•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Retcon•Incest•Brothers•Nonconsensual change

Damian and the three muscleteens by hyperboi 5 parts Added Dec 2012 57k views 4.3 stars (27 votes) 8,170 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Straight to Gay•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Age Difference•Incest•Brothers•Father/Son•Twins•Infectious

Cody and Todd by klj Little green pills lead to roommate fun. Added Jun 2005 19k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) 2,654 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Cum inflation•Straight to Gay•Increased Libido •M/M

Cumming of age by Bobby Bobby’s startlingly huge cock had left him inexperienced with sex even at 18, until a side job painting a neighbor’s house led to an unexpected breakthrough. Added Mar 2016 14k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) 4,217 words •Huge Cock

Cybersex 2047 by Unknown Everything’s changed in the future, and that definitely includes what’s possible when it comes to sex. Added Jul 2013 12k views 5.0 stars (2 votes) 2,199 words •Huge Cock•Set in the Future

The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts Added Dec 2013 16k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) 9,337 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

The G by Braun1 Working at the gym in a small town you get to admire the local muscle on the sly. But when someone comes along who’s muscled to the point of being inhuman, all bets are off. 6 parts Added Mar 2013 31k views 5.0 stars (22 votes) 43k words (#83) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Hypnosis

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