Necklace brothers

by Levitate

A pair of undersized twins use a magical necklace to grow themselves—not realizing that the growth came with a price.

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My brother and I are twins. I was Nathan, and he was Charles. We both are 5’9’’ and have a very slender body, with very thin arms and legs. One day we went down for dinner, the table was round. We were eating with my parents, Charles and me. Charles was sitting right in front of me and my parents were sitting at the left and right side for me. Charles brought a bag to dinner, he hid it under the table, my parents didn’t knew it, but I did.

After we’ve finished dinner Charles had to do the dishes, I went to take a shower. I’ve changed my clothes after the shower and went to our room, we had to share a room because we didn’t have enough space for rooms for both of us. Charles came upstairs and sat next to me, I was sitting on the bed reading a good book. I’ve asked about the bag he had. He told me he got it from a retail store on his way home from school. He said what was in the bag was awesome. I didn’t know what he meant, I wanted to ask more but he said I had to shut my mouth and just watch. In the bag was a box, it was not that big. The box was purple with golden painted flowers on it. He opened the box and inside it was a necklace. A golden necklace with a very big red ruby that reflected the sunlight. Charles began to smile as he put it on, I had no idea what’s about to happen.

When the necklace was around his neck, the ruby began to shine very bright, I closed my eyes because the light was too harsh. Then he said to me: “When you hold the ruby and think about physical changes, it will happen to the current wearer of the necklace.” He held the ruby in has hand and it stopped glowing. I thought nothing was going to happen, Charles always had such a big imagination. I asked what he was thinking about, he said he wanted to be taller, as we are twins we are both very small. But unfortunately nothing happened. I said it was time to catch some sleep, we were very exhausted. So we went to sleep.

As I woke up I couldn’t believe my eyes! Charles’s feet were hanging out at the end of the bed, normally his feet were at the half of the bed. I woke him and I told him what I saw, then he stood up. I had to look up to look into his eyes, my head was at the height of his chin. He told me the necklace would work, I asked if I could have it for a moment. He opened a drawer and gave the necklace to me, I put it around my neck and the big red ruby started to glow. My left hand grabbed the ruby and I wished. My mind spoke: “I want to be taller, much taller. I also want to have big muscles. Big pecs, a beautiful eight pack, legs that would be the size of a trunk, gigantic biceps.” I started drooling as I imagined how I’d look if this all came true!

Charles told me the necklace would only work if no one watched at you for at least an hour, so I locked myself in the bathroom and I waited. I got myself a measuring tape with me and I taped it on the wall with some tape, just to see what my size would be! 50 minutes, I was waiting 50 minutes in that bathroom and still nothing happened yet. Until I felt some tingling in my stomach, it didn’t hurt, it was more like some minor cramps. When the cramps were gone I lifted my shirt and I was astonished! My belly, it wasn’t just flat anymore, it had developed an eight pack! I touched my abs, it really gave a good and a relaxing feeling. My entire body was now full of ‘cramps’. I ran to my room to tell this about Charles. He asked what I wished for, so I told him. Charles started to panic and got mad at me: “How could you ever be so stupid?” I didn’t know what he was meaning. He said that everything comes with a price! By the way, Charles shrunk again, because he wasn’t wearing the necklace anymore. Which price did you pay? I asked. He said he shrunk more than he was before he grew. Charles was 5’9’’ before he wished and now he was 5’7’’, he said he was still shrinking. He begged to give me the necklace back so he wouldn’t have to go all through this. As he tried to grab the necklace from my body, I gave him a kick and a slap, I don’t know why. I started to realize that my price was aggression. What was happening to me? I was turning into a monster, my tantrum, it wasn’t meant on purpose! Now I fell down because the cramps were beginning to worsen.

Charles knew it was a side effect, he forgave me. He ran to me and asked if I was alright, but I noticed his clothes were getting a little baggy. I said that he shouldn’t worry about me, but that he should worry about himself. He didn’t dare to grab the necklace again, because he knew what would happen. It’s clearly I’ve passed out. I was laying on the ground and I stood up. Then I looked down, I was astonished, again. I couldn’t see the floor, I looked to my gigantic pecs. “Holy shit!”, I said. Everything in the room seemed smaller, but it was me being bigger. Charles said I looked amazing! I was definitely hitting 6’3’’, Charles seemed like a smurf to me! My legs were glorious! I touched them, squeezed them, I love it. Charles confessed to me he really loves big muscular guys, I confessed I really loved them too. He said he could ‘help’ me, I already understood how!

As he approached me he barely reach my pecs. I said he could worship me, I instructed him to start at my legs. I put the necklace down and laid it down on the desk. Charles started to squeeze them both and softly bite my left leg. It was such a good feeling, I started to feel cramps again all over my body. Charles said it was probably a side effect. I couldn’t believe it, I grew again! My legs started to grow and gain muscle mass. I apparently gained some height too, Charles only reached my waist!

So there was a second price I had to pay, I really didn’t see as a negative effect. If I get worshipped I grow! Wow, I really liked it. Charles stopped shrinking now, he was something like 4’11’’. I told him to go on, he said he wanted to admire my pecs and abs, but he couldn’t reach them, I had to lay down. My bed was too small to lie on, so I lay down at the ground. I was so big for Charles, that he could lay down at me and so he did. He squeezed my pecs, oh my! This feeling, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life! He licked my pecs and started to go to my abs. He just could put a finger between the spaces of my abs, darn I was really ripped. After our fun time we stopped and yes, I felt cramps again.

Charles went to the bathroom and I stayed in our room. I started to flex my biceps to calm myself and I tried not to give too many attention to the cramps. The growing started. My pecs started to swell up, like air was pumped in to it. I stood in front of the mirror and I saw my eight pack developing mass. The space between them increased, water could run through these mountains! My legs were gigantic, they started to show big veins. I felt my feet shaking and I increased in height! I was growing, growing, growing, THUD! My head slammed to the ceiling, I was amazed and I had to sit down, the room was too small!

To be continued…

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