New territory

by Musiker

Max has shown Dale the wonders of giving and receiving blow jobs, but Dale has been genuinely afraid to take the next step in his sexual education. Max guides him patiently, and along the way both beast-men discover new ways to enjoy one another’s company, as well as something important about their relationship.

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It had been almost two weeks since I had been turned into a 7-foot-tall Clydesdale-man with muscles that would make an IFBB pro hide in shame and a cock that would make a porn star hide in shame…and I was loving this life. To pay for my incredible transformation, I had pretty much sold myself into slavery. And soon I would be starting my servitude as a permanent exhibit in a sex-themed zoo full of beast-folk like me on display for thousands of free humans to gawk at before going home to their normal lives. I had yet to find a downside in any of that.

I was surprised how quickly I was getting the hang of things. Some of it was easier to adjust to than others. The weight training was a no-brainer, since I had already been an amateur bodybuilder back when I was a human. I just had to get used to the awesomeness of doubling my previous personal records. Stuff that I thought would be tough to adjust to, like eating with my face, or having a tail swinging around behind my butt, or shitting on a strip of grass instead of in a toilet, turned out to feel pretty natural. Even strutting around naked in front of my roommate, Max, and my keepers was surprisingly easy to adjust to.

I was doing pretty well at getting around on my hooves, after a few days of wobbling and falling on my ass more times than I’d like to admit. It didn’t help that the floor of the habitat where Max and I live is completely covered with the same rubberized surface most gyms have in their weight rooms, but I got my “sea legs” after a few days. Snacking on hay was kind of odd, too. I wasn’t used to so much chewing, but two weeks in, I was starting to enjoy having something to chew on all the time.

Mostly, the things I was uncomfortable about were related to being handled by the keepers. They bathed us, they groomed us, the fed us, they kissed our boo-boos. I found all of that really disturbing. All my life I had taken care of myself. I’m proud of the fact that I’m a hard worker and a self-starter. Just standing there while I got hosed down felt lazy, and I wasn’t getting used to it.

Talking, however, was now dramatically easier than it had been. Miss Gail, our speech therapist, had put us through some truly grueling 3-hour sessions. Who knew just breathing and moving your tongue around and making consonant sounds over and over would actually be exhausting? But it only took maybe five sessions, one a day, before Max and I could talk intelligibly most of the time. And, thank God, Max was hardly ever drooling any more. His spitting didn’t bother me, but all his moping about spitting did. Miss Gail was still visiting nearly every day, but our sessions were getting shorter as we got more proficient.

Despite some initial terror, I was beginning to relish the challenge of our acrobatics training. Miss Rachel, my keeper-trainer, is seriously the best in the business. She and Mister Dante had me and Max start out the first couple of days by just having us practice falling into the safety net from higher and higher positions, until we were completely blasé about it. They also had us learn some surprisingly easy poses and routines on the ropes, trapeze and other equipment just inches off the ground until we could do them as smooth as you please. After two weeks of training, they had just started to have us do one routine each and a duo routine at a more impressive height. I watched Max do his, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing my buddy do.

Miss Rachel and Mister Dante told us that it helped a lot that we were both very strong, and that the audience would probably not know we were still beginners at our opening performance. They also said that mixing bodybuilding poses into our routines would add to the excitement without increasing the difficulty. Miss Rachel joked that we could probably just stand on a trapeze and flex our muscles while twenty feet off the ground and most of the audience would be impressed. Mister Dante countered that any experienced trapeze performers in the audience would recognize us for the novices we were, but otherwise they both predicted we were going to wow the crowds.

To my surprise, I had been enjoying blow jobs with Max right from the start. I have always enjoyed receiving them, but I had started to imagine myself burying my face in Max’s crotch at all kinds of inappropriate moments. I was even curious to try tasting other guys’ cocks, though Master had asked the keepers to wait until we’d been there a month before demanding any sex from us. I wondered if I would get in trouble if I begged one of the keepers to let me blow him. Probably not, but I figured I should ask Master first, just to be safe.

There was one task that I knew would be expected of me that I had been putting off: getting my ass fucked. It’s never been like me to avoid difficult tasks, but I was positively terrified about being penetrated back there. I didn’t know what to expect, and all the locker room talk I’d heard—all from straight guys, of course—was either of the “why-would-anyone-even-like-that” or of the “oh-hell-no” variety. Intellectually I knew that guys and girls get dick up their ass all the time, and even like it, but I just couldn’t understand why, or how, or….gah! I kept getting myself into these death-spiral anxiety attacks whenever I thought about it.

Part of what was driving my whole cocksucking epiphany was that I was really good at it, at least according to Max. But how could you even be “good” at getting your ass pounded? Weren’t you supposed to just lie there? Or were you? Maybe there was something you were supposed to do for yourself or your partner to make it feel less bad or more good or…something. And what if I wasn’t good at whatever-it-was I was supposed to do? Worst of all, what if I disappointed Max?

I was in the living area with Max on our thirteenth night at The Zoo. The weather was good, so we had our “skylight” open. It’s not actually a skylight, the whole damn roof opens up. It helps keep the habitat from stinking, and the sunlight is good for the patch of grass we use as a latrine. We live in a tropical region, so we regularly get to sleep under the stars throughout the year.

We had finished bedtime snack and our nightly chores, and had gotten permission to watch T.V. for an hour before lights out. We decided to watch the first part of Into the Spider-verse and Max was lying on one of the couches while I sat on the floor next to him. We had already given each other blow jobs before bedtime snack, but I was horny again. I paused the movie before Miles had even met Gwen. It was time to rip off the band-aid.

“Hey…um, Max?” I asked tentatively.


“Um…” Just ask, idiot. He’ll be gentle. He’s your buddy. He said he would help. Take a big breath and just ask! “I want you to fuck me.”

“Really?” Max sat up. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“No,” I sighed. “I’m scared shitless.”

A tiny smile crinkled the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t say what was so funny.

“Okay. I’ll get the lube.” God bless him, he was treating it like it was no big deal.

“Oh, does lube help?” I asked. Because me stupid.

“Yes,” he laughed. “If you don’t use lube it’s called ‘bareback’ and I definitely do not recommend it.” He returned with the lube bottle and a couple towels.

“What should I do?” I felt like I was going to hyperventilate.

“First of all, relax.“ He put a hand on my enormous shoulder with a gentle smile. “It might hurt some, but not as much as you seem to think it will. Plus, it feels good. You do know that it feels good, right?”

“No, actually. I don’t know anything about this, Max!”

“Well, it does. In fact, it can feel so good it makes you cum.”

“What, seriously?” I gaped. “Like, without any…you know, dick action?” Max gave me a lascivious grin and nodded slowly.

“Why do you think bottoms like bottoming, Dale?” he laughed.

“I don’t know, I guess I assumed they jacked off while they got plowed.”

“Well, that’s always an option. But oh, you poor uneducated child. You have missed out on so much! Let’s fix that. Lie down here on the rug.”

I lay back, but worried my tail would start to hurt, so I grabbed a throw pillow and put it under my lower back to give my tail a little space.

“Open your legs,” Max urged gently, applying some lube to his hand. “I’m going to just put one finger in there. It shouldn’t hurt, but it might feel weird.”

“Weird” was definitely the right word. It didn’t hurt at all, it wasn’t even unpleasant, exactly. It was…just…really, really odd. Max started to move his finger around, massaging me in places I had never thought about. He moved his finger in circles, in and out, back and forth. This wasn’t too bad, after all.

“Okay, now I’m going to put two fingers in. Ready?”

I nodded. He slid his middle finger in along with his pointer. Now my ass hole felt a little stretched. I felt myself clench down.

“This might seem impossible right now, but focus on relaxing your sphincter.” I tried, but it was like telling yourself not to think about pink elephants. Every time I tried to relax, I wound up clenching down again. Max was incredibly patient, freezing every time I clenched and waiting until I relaxed before proceeding. “You’ll get better with practice. At some point you might start to feel like you need to take a shit, but don’t worry about it,” he murmured. “It’s just that your body isn’t expecting anything other than shit in there.”

Yes, every once in a while I got the urge to shit, but only for a second.

“So, next I’m going to take those two fingers and spread them out and move them around. I’m encouraging your ass hole to relax and open up a bit, and I’m looking for a particular spot inside you that should give you a nice, pleasurable feeling.” I was so glad it was Max coaching me through this. I lay there thinking he was the kindest person I’d ever met.

I closed my eyes. Nothing had really hurt yet, just…oh! Oh, that was a very interesting feeling. It did feel pleasurable, but not exactly like cock pleasurable. This was more…I don’t know, unfocused, than the laser-targeted feelings I got from my dick. Max continued to spread his fingers and move them around inside me. It was both pleasant and maddening, because just as he would touch some magic spot inside me, he would move on and the feeling would fade.

“Ready for one more?” Max inquired. I nodded. In came his ring finger.

This time there was some pain. Not excruciating, just enough to make me wince. Max saw and paused.

“Doing okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “I was actually thinking it would hurt worse.” I had expected a tearing agony, but this was more like an ache.

Max curled his fingers a bit and found my magic spot again. I opened my eyes wide and gave a little gasp. He smiled down at me and began to explore that area. If I had had toes, I think they would have been curling. Since hooves don’t curl, I had to settle for arching my back and switching my tail back and forth. He kept his fingers moving around gently in there for a while longer, then stroked my abs with his other hand.

“I think it’s time, buddy. But any time you tell me to stop, I will.” He delicately pulled his fingers back out of me and wiped them on a towel. He applied a fresh blob of lube to his hand and spread it around on his dick. He waddled on his knees so he could position his cock for entry.

“As I’m entering you, it will help if you act like you’re taking the biggest shit of your life,” Max advised. I nodded. I was getting nervous again. “Okay, here I come.”

I felt the pointed head of his dick pushing gently against my anus for just a second. Then he slowly, slowly slid inside me. I winced and pushed like I was crapping. It definitely did hurt, but not even close to as badly as I had expected. It was just a stronger ache than before. I groaned softly.

“You’re doing good, man! And oh-ho-ho, for the record, your ass feels amazing. Oh my God, you feel good.” He had paused about halfway in, and just sat there, leaning on me with his hands braced on my chest. I must have given him a confused look because he explained why he stopped.

“I’m letting your hole open up some more. Hopefully, the pain will fade some.” In fact, the ache was getting less intense. I sighed. “There we go,” Max grinned. “And here I come.” He pushed slowly and smoothly until he was all the way in.

“Fuck, okay yeah, this hurts,” I grunted. Max leaned his torso over mine and I gripped him hard. Our bodies were so thick I only managed to get my hands hooked under his armpits, but once I had him in my grasp we held on to each other really tight.

“It’s okay, Dale. I lo-…uh, I’ll stay here as long as you need me to.” We held onto each other, his dick still buried inside me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had a stray thought wondering what he had been about to say, but most of my mind was far too preoccupied waiting for the pain to fade to give a shit.

After a minute of hard breathing, I did feel things start to relax down there. I took a big breath and sighed it out.

“Dude, you’re doing really well!” Max congratulated. “My tool’s really thick and you took it pretty easily.” I had forgotten about Max having an extra thick cock. I felt better about my moaning and groaning. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. I suspect Master made our asses just a little more accommodating than we used to have. Now! Let’s have some fun!” he exclaimed.

Max pulled his dick partway out and slowly eased himself back in. Despite his enthusiasm, he was still going slow for me. Once he was all the way in again he paused, then pulled out and came in again a little more firmly. Ever so gradually, he picked up the tempo and also started pulling out fractionally more each time.

“Remember, the more relaxed you are, the more fun you’re going to have,” Max coached. And all of a sudden, I felt it. I felt intense pleasure, just in a way I had never understood before. As a straight guy, I had always thought of sex as an intensely active event. Even getting blow jobs, I tended to participate by thrusting in rhythm with my partner’s head movements. But with Max’s dick up my ass, I was mostly just there to enjoy the ride. It was hard to wrap my head around at first, and I think that’s why I had not been able to understand the appeal. I wanted to be in control, in the driver’s seat.

For the first time in my life, I was enjoying sex as a more passive, relaxed experience. I was working a little, but mostly I was letting Max make me feel good. And as I lay there staring in wonder at his face, I had a kind of epiphany about life in general. It’s okay to let someone take care of you. I remembered the happier times in my marriage when I was a human, taking care of my wife, bringing her flowers, cooking her favorite dinner, rubbing her back. I didn’t resent her for letting me do those things, I enjoyed doing those things. I finally realized that letting someone take care of you once in a while wasn’t selfish, it was an act of sharing. Of course, all of that took a lot longer to explain than it did to think. In reality I had my epiphany in this blinding flash between Max’s thrusts.

And that’s when I truly relaxed and enjoyed myself. As soon as I did, the pleasurable feelings began to intensify. I could tell it was an approaching orgasm, just like when I was doing the fucking, but it was also kind of different. With my dick, the orgasm is like a flash flood. With my ass, it felt more like a rising tide.

“Oh God, Max, I think I might cum. God, please don’t stop!” I started to beg and babble. My words started to mix with horse noises. I was tempted to grab my dick and start pumping, but I wanted to know what an ass-only orgasm was like. Now that I knew how amazing this all felt, I wanted it all the way.

At last, the rising waters overflowed and I came. I don’t even remember the jizz coming out of my dick; I was too busy feeling incredible. My abs clenched and my face scrunched up and I neighed at top volume. Max slowed down his tempo.

“Don’t stop, Max,” I urged. “Cum inside me. I want to feel it.” If I was going to do something, I was going to do it right.

“Yeah?” he grunted, getting back up to speed.

“Yeah, I want it.”

“I’m close. Oh God. Oh God, I’m cumming.” Max growled deep in his throat for just a moment, then his voice rose to a howl. Warmth bloomed inside me where Max’s dick was thrust to maximum depth. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me; I assumed that was him squirting the rest of his cum. He didn’t pull out even after he finished his orgasm. After a couple deep breaths, he opened his eyes and we looked at each other. He gently placed a hand against my temple; I put my hand on top of it and pressed it there.

I thought, “I could happily be with this guy for the rest of my life.” Then I chuckled because I realized I had signed on for exactly that to happen.

“What’s so funny?” he grinned. I wasn’t ready to say it out loud yet. I thought of something else instead.

“You were right. I wish I’d asked you to fuck me two weeks ago.”

“We’ll just have to make sure we do this every day to make up for lost time.”

“That’s a deal.”

And actually, we did. We still gave each other blow jobs occasionally, but we each made sure to plow the other’s ass once a day at the very least, even if the keepers were there in the habitat. Actually, it was nice when they were there because they could bathe us; we aren’t allowed to use the hose, so to clean off when a keeper’s not there, we have to use the bidet or one of its attachments. Now, in addition to wanting to stick my snout in Max’s crotch at all kinds of inappropriate times, I was also wanting to bend over and lift my tail at all kinds of inappropriate times. And, fuck! Like, every single time Max’s back was turned to me I got hard. It didn’t matter who was around or whether we were clothed or naked, I would just stare at his ass and…boing!

We never fucked when it was time to work, of course, which was a lot of the time. We had a job to do and our debut performance was coming up soon. But every moment of free time we could manage to fill with sex, was definitely filled with sex.

So. It was the very last night of our acclimation period. We’d been beast-folk for 30 days, and our first live show was the next morning. We weren’t that nervous; in fact, we were both dying to get in front of an actual audience. Miss Rachel and Mister Dante had been doing all-day rehearsals with us for a week, and we still had managed to find the energy to fuck during breaks.

It was after lights out and we were cuddling on the rug by the couches. Max was lying with his head on my chest. Our “skylight” was open again and the moon was at three-quarters full, so we had some nice, romantic lighting. I looked out of the corner of my eye and admired the silhouette of Max’s head. His ear was gently twitching and he sighed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I got this urge. A really powerful urge. I stretched my neck down a little and licked his ear.

Max’s reaction wasn’t disgust, which I honestly expected. Instead, he drew in a sudden breath and his ears went to their “happy alert” position. His body stretched out so that his head was just a little closer to my tongue, as if inviting another lick. I accepted the silent invitation, this time letting my tongue caress his ear for just a bit longer. He let me finish, then sat up on his knees to face me. I got up on my knees as well. We looked at each other hungrily in the cool, dim light for maybe three seconds. Then the dam broke.

I put my hands firmly on each side of his jaw and hungrily pulled us together. Shifting one of my hands to the back of his head, I began to groom every inch of his face with my tongue. His gorgeous, kind brown eyes. His adorably floppy ears. His mouth, always with that eager grin. His powerful nose that always knew exactly who was in the habitat. His fur, so soft and warm.

Max seemed to be just as intensely excited as I was, but he must have had the same urges I was experiencing. He pulled away after a while, giving me a sort of wondering look. We both panted at each other. Then he dove at me and groomed my face with the same frantic energy that I had felt. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of just…being loved. I had been fighting against that word “love” for many days; maybe I had been struggling with it since the very first time I saw Max the dog. It felt so miraculously glorious to give in and simply love. I was in love. I was in LOVE!

We slowed down just a bit and began to take turns grooming each other. We were both breathing hard. We were also both sporting painfully hard erections. This grooming business was an act of love and intimacy, but it also felt incredibly erotic.

It’s funny, stuff that would have felt shocking and scandalous if I had been caught doing them as a human, now felt so normal and commonplace that I didn’t even pause to think when doing them. Eating without hands? Watch me. Crapping on a strip of grass while chatting with my keeper? No big deal. Guests walking in while my roommate is balls-deep in my ass? Hey, come on in, we’re almost done!

So then why did this—licking my lover’s face—feel…naughty? Not bad, definitely not bad! But…wrong. Deviant. This felt like we were giving the finger to all of society’s norms and expectations, and doing something carnal just because we fucking wanted to. And, oh my God, it was so satisfying. And soooooo hot. There wasn’t even anybody else to watch, and it felt naughty.

We started to explore one another with our tongues. Max sucked on each of my fingers. My tongue traveled all the way across his mountainous torso, lingering on his nipples. He licked my armpit totally clean. I tasted the inside of his ass and filed that idea away to explore further another time. I lost track of how long we kept at it, but eventually it turned into a clinging, passionate, sweating, growling, nickering, moaning session of 69.

We each came hard in the other’s mouth, then we lay there a while and caught our breath. I crawled around and straddled Max, letting my low-hanging balls dangle on his abs. I braced myself with one hand on his chest and laid the other hand against the side of his gorgeous, delightful, delicious face. We gazed at each other in the delicate moonlight and knew we were both thinking the same thing.

It didn’t need to be said. And yet, nothing in the world was more urgent.

“I love you so much, Max. I should have said it days and days ago. But I am so in love with you.”

“I love you too, Dale. I’ve been wanting to say that since I saw you on Master’s stretcher, before you even woke up.” I put my muzzle alongside his and we touched foreheads. I’m pretty sure one of us may have shed a tear. To this day, when I think about my love for Max, the memory of that moment is the one I treasure most, among a rich and endless hoard of beautiful memories.

“My love, we need to get some sleep,” Max eventually murmured reluctantly. I sighed in agreement. I grabbed some pillows for the both of us and we got ourselves comfortable, lying on the rug.

Side by side, two boyfriends drifted off to sleep.

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