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I was only seven when my parents died, but I knew something about my Dad that no one else did. Dad was some kind of super hero. He had to be. He had muscles all over. His arms showed off his muscles with every move. I would hang form his biceps as he flexed his muscle and he lifted me off the floor. His pecs looked like those on a suit of Roman armor with large hard brass nipples. But he had something that the super heroes like superman didn't have. He had hair all over. His chest was covered with black swirls of hair. His pits were black with a deep thick mat. And his legs looked like animal fur covering a satyr's muscular legs.

My fondest memories were the many mornings that I would hear the alarm clock go off and hurry in to shower with my father. As I stood peeing, he would come stumbling into the bathroom, often with his tremendous hard on leading the way. He would stand at the toilet until his fat cock had softened enough for him to piss and he would let a tremendous yellow river flow for what seemed like forever. Then he would shave with his cock lying over the front of the sink. My eyes would dart between that tremendous cock and his giant arms reaching up to his face showing his deep dank armpits. Then came the shower. A seven year old doesn't have lust, but I had love and admiration for my father that was overwhelming. And then, so suddenly, at seven years old, both my parents were killed in a car accident.

I lived from age seven till sixteen with my only living relative, my aunt Libby. She took great care of me. But when puberty started, I began to see a wonderful gift my father left me. He left me his genes for a muscular body covered in hair, and a long fat cock. By age sixteen I was six foot four and already had a fourty-eight inch chest. I worked out some, but the muscles just kept coming even without much work. My legs, ass and pits were as covered in hair just as my father's had been, and my chest was sprouting more hair every day. My cock was already ten inches with a long, loose foreskin. I was the stud of my school and had plenty of offers, but usually masturbated thinking of my Dad and our mornings in his bathroom.

My aunt Libby had a stroke and would have to stay in a rest home. Her lawyer came to me with information about the trust fund that would support me and he also gave me the biggest shock of my life. According to information from my aunt I was now to go live with my brother! My father had a son eight years before I was born. I had never known him, or even that he existed. My mind was spinning with all the changes I was facing. That night my brother called. His name was Nick. He was twenty four years old and worked making custom furniture. He lived way out in the country in the middle of nowhere and had his workshop in his home. That is where I would go to live! This was an awful lot to cope with!

After I got home from the lawyer's office the phone was ringing as I walked in the door. It was the new brother I just found out about. His deep rich voice was amazingly reassuring. He promised me that he would try to keep from uprooting my life and was looking forward to getting to know his only sibling. He suggested that I drive out and visit him at his home. I found the road he lived on and drove through several miles of woods and found the house at the end of the road surrounded by the woods. My heart was pounding in my chest as I walked to the front door and it opened before I could knock. I know it was my brother standing there, but what I saw was my father. He was a couple of inches taller than me, about twenty pounds heavier and the hottest man I had ever seen. His warm welcome made me at home immediately.

His home was one giant room. About half of it was his workshop and the other half had a living room and kitchen in front, a tremendous bedroom in back and a bathroom separating the two. After the quick tour of his home we sat down and talked. As he told me of his life and plans for our future, I could only look at him. He was wearing shorts and had muscular legs that had the same black fur that covered mine. His tee shirt fit loosely, but as he moved I could see the tiny waist, the massive chest, the flaring back and his giant shoulders. His amazing arms were visible showing a power that looked like it could explode at any moment. And around the top of the round neck of his tee shirt there was a row of hair curling up and over the rib knit. His square jaw showed the blue stubble of only one day's growth. His lips seemed always in a smile that could light up any room. His nose is long and straight and his eyes are a pale gray. Nick has jet black hair that cascades to his shoulders. But one of his greatest features is his skin. It is the warm brown of his Italian heritage and looked as if it had never thought of a mole or blemish. Nick continued to talk, but I was filled with lust for the first time in my life. It was like seeing my father, but now he was someone about my age…

The next few weeks I stayed busy closing up my aunt's house and putting her things in storage. I arrived at my brother's with only two suitcases ready to start a new life. Nick showed me the new chest and desk he had built for me. I unpacked, but noticed there was still only one bed. Nick told me that he was building the bed, but we would have to share until it was ready. My knees felt weak.

Our first dinner was late and by the time I had helped Nick clean up it was time for bed. I was so disappointed when Nick came to bed with baggy boxers and a big loose tee shirt. My hope was that we could both sleep in the nude. I changed into a similar outfit and got in the other side of the bed. We said good night and very quickly I heard the relaxed breathing of someone drifting off to sleep. How could I sleep? I was laying on my stomach to smother my hard cock. It was painful to keep my hands off. My whole body shook with lust. I was afraid I would wake up Nick. The whole night I slept fitfully. I awoke just before the clock went off and tiptoed to the bathroom. As I stood at the toilet waiting for my cock to relax enough for me to piss I heard the alarm clock. As my piss started the door opened and in walked Nick with his cock leading the way sticking out of his boxers. Oh my God, it must have been eleven inches long and still covered with the foreskin while it was rock hard. He smiled his Tom Cruise smile and said good morning as he stood beside me at the toilet. As the yellow river shot from his dark cockhead he played a sword fighting game with our streams of piss. My meat started to harden back up so I excused myself, but Nick encouraged me to stay and shave while he did the same. He moved in front of one of the sinks and plopped his slab of cock over the edge just as my father always did. I followed his example and began shaving as well. For the first time when I looked in the mirror I saw my father's presence in myself as well as in my brother. Nick finished shaving and glanced over at me. There is no way he could miss the fact that my cock was not laying on the sink, but snug against a nest of hair on my belly.

Nick got in the shower as I finished shaving and adjusted the temperature of the water. I rinsed my razor and was ready to leave the bathroom. I felt embarrassed that he had seen my lust and was apparently not interested. Just then he told me that the water heater is small and we had better share the shower. Should I go? How would I ever hide my lust. That lust overcame my embarrassment as I stepped into the shower. My brother had his back to me and was busy washing his body. His bubble of an ass was almost black with slicked down hair. My heart beat wildly with my cock keeping time with its beat.

“Here's the soap.” Nick turned around and handed me the soap and noticed my woody as I got to see his cock mirroring mine. “You're like me, I see. Got to jack it before it can rest in the morning. Guess we don't have any need to keep secrets!” With that, Nick's soapy hand reached most of the way around his monstrosity and he began to pump. I watched the foreskin pull back behind the head and then slide to cover it again and again. His balls were bouncing in and out between his legs. Without thinking I grabbed my own and matched my brother stroke for stroke. Nick was breathing hard showing his hair covered abs with each exhale. “My God!” he said. “You are already as big as me. How long will that monster be in another couple of years?” I smiled with pride knowing this sex god was admiring my tool. He laid his cock at the base and shook it wildly. “Let's compare- who has the most?” He held his cock on top of mine. The were identical in girth, but his was a little bit longer. “I win,” he laughed. “That means you have to take care of me”. Nick took me by the wrist and moved my hand to his cock. My hands wrapped around and began the familiar pumping I had practiced for years. Our eyes locked and I felt his hand closing around my cock. We pulled together and our cocks were cradled between us as our mouth joined. Our hands explored every muscle, hair and pleasure zone.

“Oh God, don't let this ever end!” I had said it out loud rather than just thinking it.

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