OnlyFans blow up 2

by UberPump

A football player and his girl star in a medical roleplay. However, the “nurse” has other plans for her patient as his cock starts to blow up bigger than either of them expected. His bloated cock expands with wild abandon as the roleplay goes awry and his cock becomes hyper erect!

OnlyFans Blow Up, #2 Added Oct 2022 4,979 views 5.0 stars (1 vote) 4,015 words

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A Cocktastrophe

Tuning in to one of my favorite adult stars… the live feed starting up with her big boobs and pressing against the suit of her medical gown.

“Ooooo… looks like a hospital roleplay…” I lean back, stroking my long thick cock. It’s 8” long and 2” wide and pulsing wildly in my right hand… I can feel my veins pulsing along its surface as I admire her curvy bust. OnlyFans has become one of my favorite websites for the unusual encounters it has led us to.

“Mmmmm… Come here young man and tell me what’s bothering you? “ she says to someone off screen.

A young, dark-skinned male enters the room. But what enters the room first is a pulsing, dark, and rigid pole of flesh. Then his well-muscled frame bulges into view. His pecs drooping heavily over his taught abs. His arms bulging with thick ham like triceps and bulging melon like biceps. His legs massive and calves looking as if footballs were stuffed under the skin.

“I… I… uh… have a problem with this. It won’t go down.” He sits on the chair… his fat cock wobbling side to side in the air. It’s very thick, slightly thicker than mine at least. But its length is what’s captivating. I pale in comparison to this dark horse cock.

“I see.” She brings herself down, kneeling in front of it with a tape measure in hand. “So stud, how long has it been since you’ve been hard? “ she asks in a mocking medical tone. She gently grips the underside of his cock base near the ball sack, which is also bulging with two massive tennis balls in a tight sack. The dark skin pulses along his cock at her sudden hand placement.

“MMmph.” His hips buck as a thick pulse runs up his massive cock. The head swells as it fills with more blood, the cock getting slightly bigger as he pumps his cock through her hand. “About four hours…” he says, playing along.

“Seems the school’s star football player has bit of a baseball problem…” She winks as she runs her hand over the thickened shaft. She stands, her boobs jiggling through the half-buttoned medical gown. Her bright pink areolas slip out as she moves from her kneeling position, walking over to the camera, and leaning down. She picks up a glass of water and sits it down in front of the camera. Taking two pills, she breaks their gel caps in half in front of us and out of view of our male stallion. The pills contents dissolve into the water almost unnoticeably. Next, the brings the pill bottle into view, winking at us. I catch a glimpse of the brand. She dumps two more into her hands…

“Here, take two of these and drink this glass of water completely. It should calm you down enough to deflate.” She winks at us.

“If you say so…” *Gulp* he throws the pills into his mouth and dry swallows. *Glug* he drinks the glass of water, some of it dripping down his dark-skinned pecs and the cum gutters he calls abs. The thick muscle glistens as his arousal intensifies. His cock is twitching still, uncontrollably it seems as it desperately aims at his target, her.

“Well… I can think of a few things we can do that can help with your swollen situation,” she says grinning ear to ear.

She kneels, the muscular young man biting his lower lip as she grips the shaft of his cock behind the head. The thickness spreading her fingers apart on his manly surface. A thick dorsal vein runs the length of his cock. This long and thick club is turning me on as I see her lick the underside of the turgid head. His plum-like cockhead swells in anticipation as her mouth slowly exhales a breath….

“Uggggh….” he shudders as his cock pulses with a glob of pre-cum forming at the tip of his cock.

“MMmmm…” She licks it off. “I like my coffee with a little….” She bites her lip. “…cream.” She snarls and leans forward. “Is big, bad, beefy boy here all worked up? “ she says in a baby mocking voice.

“Nuhhuh…” He nods. Sweat dripping from his forehead. His pecs and abs glisten in the light. His cock is bucking wildly as she grabs the tape measure.

“First, let’s take some measurements for your medical records stud.” She grips his cock again hard, pressing the 0 end of the measuring tape to his base along the side. Swiveling his chair to the right we see just how fat, arching, and long his cock truly is. This angle gives us an idea of what the angry cock is like from a profile view, seemingly swelling out bigger than I noticed before.

“Oh baby… tell daddy how big he is, “ he growls. His cock pulses. The veins are getting thicker on the surface from all the attention he’s getting. It lurches viciouslyup and down.

“10 inches.” She whistles. “Phew... that’s one of the biggest I’ve examined here. Wanna know how fat it is?”

He’s drooling. Looking at her worship his large cock. His toes curling. His cock pulsing more violently than it was before. An orgasm building just from the stimulation of the whole scene—something I assume was a fantasy of his. His cock bucks hard.

“NNNNhugugh! “ he moans… his hips kegel as another large glop of pre-cum shoots from his bloated cockhead.

“Easy… don’t need you to have a blow out just yet.” She wraps the tape around the thickest part in the middle of his cock. The bloated sausage and its veins, pulsing and shuddering as it becomes full at what appears to be his maximum size. The sinews of his cock’s meat pressing and throbbing against the stretched skin.

“Damn. This a thiccc pole you have here.”

“Yea… but… it… something doesn’t feel right… “ he grunts. A pulse sends a shockwave through his body. His cock goes rigid, with veins becoming more pronounced on his fat cock.

“Well… currently you’re at 2.5 inches wide here buddy…” She looks up at him… the side profile of the camera on his round, thick, bloated cock confirms the girth at 7.8” around. The math works out.

“Mmmph… Fuck… That’s bigger than normal… “ he grunts… a look of concern in his eyes. “NNNNGughhh!” He moans louder now. His manly pole swells with a violent throb. It bulges up first at the base of his cock as a massive influx of blood gushes into his mighty cock. The bulge travels up the shaft, spreading fatter and thicker as it bloats up along his length. The area behind his cock head swells fatter than the shaft behind it. It looks misshapen… it’s starting to have the appearance of an extra-large eggplant with its purple color.

It.. it .. actually grew… Fuck me… That’s like the dude with the balls… I think to myself.

“What! Oh shit! I’m so jazzed right now!” His cock swells fatter… “Uggggghuh….” the tape mearsure slowly expanding around the girth of his meaty cock. Now registering a steadily growing 2.9” … sliding into 3” as it quickly fills with blood.

“Oh god. make it stop! I’ve never been this big before! “ he groans… gripping now the base of his ballooning junk. The veins standing out in bold relief. The cock lurching and pulsing rapidly as it swells up like a water balloon.

“Wow… this stuff is more powerful than I thought. It’s just supposed to make you harder…” She backs away as the cock begins filling up again, looking more and more dangerous and full—too full. The underside part of his dick begins swelling up fatter and thicker. Making his cock round out below just as his cock shaft begins swelling up and around his cock head. The fat, plum-like head is slowly growing fuller and more purple as the dark meat of his cock begins shuddering violently. His cock creaks from the growth as the two cavernosa on the top and the spongiosum on the bottom bulge out against the skin. Veins squirm around, ballooning up along his tight, shiny skin. The sound of growth permeates the background noise with random *Pops* *Creaks* *Groans* as the man’s junk inflates with blood.

Aaaaahhhh! Make it stop, Kathy! I’m not joking! You neeedeeeedddd taaa. Dooo. Something… fuuuuck!” he begs, but she just sits there and stares…

His cock begins lurching as the pulses creep across his turgid surface as his cock meat squirms beneath the surface, pulsing and swelling… cum pouring from his hyper-erect cock. Kathy moves forward.

“Ya… Ya gotta help me gurl. You got me into this messs…. Damn, it feels like a thousand needles are injecting me with fluid. I can feel it pouring into my cock… it... it’s… so full! “ he pleads with her. His hands running up and down, kneading the huge cock as it grows ever thicker. Never gaining but maybe a couple inches in length. The fatness of it all though… that’s what’s scares me… turning me on fiercely as I and her viewers watch his cock blow up fatter and fatter becoming less of a black man’s cock and that of some beast. The skin running a deeper red as it bloats up bigger and bigger…. He’s squeezing into the meat. The cock so full of growing flesh that it doesn’t even indent when he tries to force the mass back down into his body to no avail as it just get’s bigger…. Filling with more even more blood.

“It’s so tight! It’s just so much! It’s too much…” *CREak* as a leathery sound belts from his skin. “Oh god it hurts! The pressurennnnngugh!!” The dark leathery tight skin stretches over the obesity of his cock. His meat bulges in every direction as it swells violently another time…

“It’s… so hard… and thick…” Kathy, reaching her desk she brings over a bottle of lube. She begins pouring it on the surface in haste, trying desperately to keep the skin stretchy enough to contain the bulging mass of his cock.

“Kathhhhhy… Nnnnghgh… “ he pleads…. A moment of pleasure in his eyes as his trembling hands grab the tape still loosely furled on his cock…. “Measure it… before… before it… before I pop!” She nods… his arousal and her curiosity peaking as the cock is shuddering… occasionally giving into more growth as it swells within the overstretched skin. His shaft is now many times fatter than his cockhead… a bloated watermelon of a cock jutting out from his groin, stretching down and resting firmly on his thighs…. The underside of his cock swelling thick and proud, rounding out as it gives his cock a whale-like appearance pushing up at a higher angle. The cockhead seemingly blends into the shaft around the ridge as his cock pulses up fatter, his cock meat with bloated separations spread out and become individual chambers… the meat screaming as he too moans loudly from the growth.

His cock is ballooning out like an overinflated blimp, his cockhead spreading wider and wider with the shaft as it stretches it out, getting yanked along like a rubber band being stretched. The skin there begins turning white from the pressure as it sinks further into the shaft, being drawn in by a gravity well of massive meat.

“It’s… ngugh.. so heavy.” She grabs what she can, man handling the giant cock.

“Fuck! Not so rough… oomph… ooooooo.. I can feel it Kathy…. It’sss itt’ssss… nnnnghugh! “ he groans loudly…

*BLOOOOOAT* as a massive surge of growth hits his already expanded mega-dong. His cock groans with him. It calms down as it slowly pulses…

Dammn it! I thought that was it…” He’s sweating uncontrollably now… toes curling, his hips kegeling with the pulses of his massive cock. With each thrust it jiggles the bloated flesh. Little squeaks occur as it is forced forward and back against his thighs.

“It’s…s …. so … big….” Her hands are shaking as she looks at the shaft wrapped in the tape measure… its bloated surface marred in thick veins and faint stretch marks on the skin… the cock lurches out wider… pushing the tape along a fatter, veiny surface.

“Mmmphhh… “ he grunts as a stretch mark *POP* on the surface along the middle top from his swollen cock head to the base of his dick. Spreading out like a tree with branches…

“Tell me bitch… you got us in this mess…”

“17 and a quarter inches around… that’s 5.5 inches of thick dick…”

“How long…”

“13 inches exactly…”


This isn’t a cock no more… this is a fleshy bomb… a mass of man meat groaning and expanding… swelling and getting thicker with each painful and audible *STREEEEEEETCH*. The noises are getting deeper and deeper in octaves as it reverberates through the bloated mass.

*CREAAAAAAAK* His cock moans… *STREEEEETCH* as it gets bigger, fucking swollen bigger in the middle as it tapers down at his fat cock head and the trim base of his dick…

His cock lurches with excitement… it begins pulsing more rapidly… the tape measure falls from her hands and she begins rubbing her hands along his taught surface…

“Please… make me cum! Before I… I… oh no… no more. It’s too big already! There’s no more room for more! “ he groans, grabbing onto the base of his cock…

*Thump* *Bloat* *Thump* *Bloat*… his cock rumbling with each pulse as more blood is forced into his overpacked blimp…

“Please… stop! “ he pleads with his ever-growing dick. Not getting longer but gaining girth as his shaft swells and swells with more meat than ever. His cock looking more and more like that of a fire extinguisher wrapped in tight shiny skin, warning anyone nearby that contents are under pressure...

“Please just stop getting bigger you stupid thing… nnnghuh… it’s too thick… too big… too fulllnnnnnhugh! “ he moans… drifting into a daze. “Th… tha… pppressure… “ he drools.

The mass keeps piling into the bloated blob, slowly creeping wider as Kathy is face to face with the misshapen monster now filling his lap thigh to thigh… spilling over the sides as his cock becomes a blimp of turgid flesh… cum streaming out in a constant river of ooze-stained red—a sign of the immense pressure the innards of his cock are enduring with the urethra getting crushed by the inflating dick chambers.

She’s frantically texting someone with one hand…

The cock bucks hard… knocking her away as her phone hits the floor…

*Squirt* as a stream of blood oozes from the tip of his cock head… his urethra smashed closed now as the meat swells into itself. Massive amounts of flesh closing off the cock slit as cum begins backing up into his balls… He grunts… his sinewy cock begins pressing out further as a painful stretching sound wretches its way from the meat. His cock chambers now pressing into one another as they fight for space. His skin thin and red… the ridges of his cock fibers visibly pulsing under the skin… a vein bursts as a bruise forms from the backed up pressure in his cock.

*BANG* *BANG* *BANG* “Kathy, open up!”

“Oh god… someone’s here!” He looks at her in a panic… his cock bucking slightly as it fills the space of their room. A bloated inflatable filled with expanding flesh… a blob of meat …. Now a bright purple as the black man’s cock has changed color to more ominous shades of color. The sudden lurch and subsequent bloated mass shifting causes a small tear along the side of his shaft, blood trickling down.

Oh my god! I can feel it ripping apart! “ he groans loudly with the dirigible between his legs.

“Oh, thank god! Sorry, Kurt, but I needed help…”

“What the hell was that you sent us…. holy shit!” the man says …

“You called my team captain!... aww fuck me…” he grunts.

“I… I’m sorry…” she says as they both come back into view…

“Fuck me it’s so big and tight…” the captain says, placing a hand on the side of the massive cock. It pulses, then swells, stretching the tear a bit further like a zipper. The cock meat now visibly pulsing through the opening.

“Geezus.. just fucking help me blow before it does… Fuck! “ he wails as his cock begins trembling… the cock tears more of the skin as it shudders. A *POP* alerts their attention as another tear opens up on the top. The dorsal vein bulging through as it swells with more blood…

“We gotta call 911… What happened?” the captain asks.

“I… I dunno… we are filming a roleplay.. I gave him some supplements, but they were only supposed to make him a little bigger… not this f… fucking huge!”

“Please… nnggghuh.. just make it stop…” His watermelon cock is shaped like a balloon, still swelling fatter as a large pulse vibrates through his shaft. A few more capillaries burst under the surface… the cock streaks with more stretch marks. The two large tears in his skin open and close as his cock pulses and swells.

*GROOOOOOAN* *CREAAAAAK* *SCHLORP* As his cock ominously gurgles bigger. The immensely bloated cock struggles to grow fatter as it swells slightly forward, surging bigger as an ominous rumbling builds. The now rather overblown cock begins blowing up bigger.

With trembling hands, Kurt grabs the tape measure again… the last wish he wants is to see his fat cock’s ever inflating size before its bursts through the skin….

Wrapping it through carefully around his fattest part… the cock pressing into his pecs from its’ swollen overtaxed meaty size… its girth comes into view… with trembling hands…. He reads it aloud…

“It’s…. it’s 36 inches around… fuck… it’s over 11.5 inches wide…nnnnnghuuh…. “ he groans… his cock trembling and shuddering as it pulses against the wrapped tape measuring… pushing further apart… fattening slowly toward its explosive finale… the sound catching the couple’s attention as they are cut off with the 911 operator.

The scene morbid and scary. I can’t tear my eyes away as my own cock fills with as much blood as possible. The tears slowly opening wider as more blood trickles out… the meat showing through as the sinews and fibers of this massive skin covered monster pulse and swell into the room, overflowing his lap as it begins dropping over the sides of his thighs.

“What… holy shit!” The captain turns and stares… He runs over to Kurt.. the cock shakes as it struggles to get any bigger. Creaking noises coming from its surface with a spurt of blood from a burst capillary landing onto the floor…

“It’s gonna be all right buddy. The ambulance is on its way…”

“I… I think it’s… it hurts… so much… soooooo packed.”

He leans back as the cock slowly pulses bigger with a final deep guttural *CREEAAAAAAAK* *RIP* *POP* *STTTREEEEETCH* as a few more smaller openings tear open from the stretch marks on his skin.

Quivering to a stop, it quits growing… pulsing still but not as violent… its enormously over-girthed shaft showing signs of giving out with small tears along his cock trickling with small amount of blood as his cock rests heavily in his lap. Any sudden movement dangerous as any change in pressure could cause it to blow apart—completely.

“Hey… I know this’ll be tough for you. But don’t cum! You might pop your… whatever this blob thing is now…”

“Don’t call it a blob… It’s my cock man…”

“I’m sorry Kurt. I’m so sorry…” Kathy leans down, sobbing. Hands trembling as he places a hand on the mutilated, overgrown, superblimp of a cock. The surface scarred with little tears as the two main ones along the side and top bulge with man meat forcing its way through. The pulsing stretching and relaxing the skin as the cock groans… a sigh of relief from its surface as it finally calms down… The medicine having run a quadruple dose through his system.

“I..I…ugh..for…goads—” Kurt’s voice is incoherent. His lack of blood to his brain having found its way into his inflated cock, I’m surprised he has enough to still be alive.

“There they are now…” Sirens begin wailing in the distance… the turgid flesh pulsing as his cock is spared a messy ending for everyone involved.

“So, doctor… how’d my physical look? Swell…?” he winks at Kathy before passing out again from the bloated mass his cock swelled up to, the meat shuddering in the cool air. His balls are swollen from their inability to force cum out through the swollen shaft blue in shade, slightly bigger than tennis balls and pressing hard into the skin of his sack. Most of it used up by the cock as it stretched the skin. The balls crammed onto his groin being compressed in the swollen baseball size.

“EMS! Holy shit…” the men scream… “Sorry… that was unprofessional of us… ahem…” They come into the open door… The football captain and the Kathy moving aside as the three men assess the damage done to this poor boy’s bloated organ.

“Well there’s really nothing we can do but transport him…..”

“MMmph…” Kurt grunts… his eyes flutter open. “Oh, thank you! Get me outta here before… I…. I… expl….. “ he moans.

“Don’t you worry there… we ugh…” He looks at the bloated mass, his hands inspecting the tears in the skin as fresh blood slowly trickles out.

“Get a load of this Terry…”

“I didn’t think a cock could get this big… let alone stretch the skin so much…. Damn he’s huge…”

“How’d this happen again?”

Afraid they’d get into trouble, they lie. “We were doing a roleplay and uh… he had a bad hardon, so I decided to relieve him…. And huh….” Kathy stammers.

“He ugh started complaining about how full his cock felt then things suddenly blew up and out…” Erin the captain says.

“That’s when we called you… and I thought for sure he was gonna explode…”

“Well good thing you did… because… these intra-fascial tears are deep down to the meat of his penis here. Well, what used to be his penis anyways. Fuck me… it’s so big and tight…” He scratches his head as a gurney is wheeled in. Groaning can be heard as the three men plus Erin assisting get him onto it. I can’t tell if its Kurt or the bloated mass between his legs making the noise but the added mass between his legs makes the gurney audibly creak from the weight.

With the camera going dark… I think back to the supplements. Is there a connection between balls guy and now whale dick here? I need to get my hands on some of those and try ’em out for myself.

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