by Josh Dugan

Richard's pent-up lust generates multiples, who act out accordingly, while Richard himself stays clear-headed and attentive to his driving.

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Richard's hands were on the steering wheel as he drove. They were also on the shifter and the armrest, and a pair of them were holding my hands in my lap. I liked Richard's hands. They were the strong, long-fingered, relaxed and flexible big hands of a natural athlete, beautiful and masculine, the hands of a beautiful, intelligent guy. They would be all over me when we made love. Right now, Richard and I both had pairs of his hands squeezing our shoulders in a pleasant massage as we sat together in the front seat while he drove.

When Richard was this horny his hands were everywhere, which I really liked. So he could keep his mind on his driving, he had two more of him in the back seat, making love like a couple of incredibly handsome body builders. They were the outlet that he needed right now. You could tell how much he needed it because the Richards in the back seat couldn't stop making love. One would get the other to come, then the other would get the first one to come, then they would both come, and then the one would work on the other til he came again, and vise versa.

It might have kept Richard the driver calm, but it really made me horny, just the sound of their laughs and their kisses and, when they came, their groans or shouts, and all the heavy breathing the whole time. They smelled so good, too. All that male body musk, and their sweat. They had hands all over each other, too. Big, beautiful strong Richard hands, holding onto their bodies and squeezing or caressing. Most of the beautiful hands were disembodied, but the Richards would make love with a varying number of arms.

I knew that Richard really wanted to make love to me badly, because one of the Richards in the back seat leaned forward and put his arms around the back of the seat and around my chest, and gently bit the nape of my neck and kissed the side of my face, nuzzling his cheek against mine, while the other Richard kissed his back and began pumping his ass.

Richard the driver was paying full attention to the traffic, watching out for the idiot drivers on the road, who were plentiful as usual. He was a good driver.

I think his extra hands all over me probably contributed to his desire, and certainly contributed to mine. Now both Richards in the back seat were leaning forward and touching me and kissing me. It was sweet to kiss one and then turn my head and kiss the other, but I wanted to save myself for Richard if possible, a prospect that was growing dimmer as I weakened, with two Richards turning me on. My face felt hot and I was sweating, my eyes closed as I sensed the beauty of Richard surrounding me and all over me. I was going to come massively, any moment.

I could barely get the words out, as I tried to speak through my breathing: “Can I wait for you?”

Richard the driver glanced over at me and smiled, and said, “I'd love that.”

A few of his hands gave me a sweet squeeze. The back seat Richards each gave me a quick kiss on the lips and retreated to their lovemaking, to keep Richard's mind clear in his aroused state.

Now I smelled the strong tang of come, along with their sweat and musk. They were growing multiple erections and sucking as many of them down as they could, beating the rest off with their extra hands. They were four-legged and mounting each other's frontal and hind asses, pumping each other endlessly with hot jets of burning come as the vehicle rocked and jounced under their weight and motion, kissing each other passionately with tears running down their beautiful faces.

It was hard to calm down in this atmosphere, but I could because Richard liked me to save myself for him. He looked calm and clear-eyed as his many hands gently moved the steering wheel, and it seemed like we were home in an instant. I squeezed the pair of Richard's beautiful hands in my lap and kissed the pair that gently massaged my shoulders.

We would make love through the night as Richard had his fill of me, with his many hands and with his extra Richards, expending them as he expended his love on me, with us waking the next morning calm and sweetly together, just Richard and I.

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